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Mia Ryder Doesn’t Settle


Mia Ryder Doesn't Settle

Mia Ryder is about to settle on giving herself another orgasm with her toy when she hears something downstairs.  She goes down there and see’s her sons friend is in the house and he is going into her sons room.  She goes in after him in nothing but a dress shirt and her bra and panties.  She thinks she is catching him stealing or something but as it turns out he is picking something up for his buddy (her son).  This is already getting too complicated LOL but anyways Mia tells him to come upstairs because she has an idea.  She isn’t going to settle for her pink vibrator this day instead she is going to get the real thing.  She knows seducing this college guy is going to be a piece of cake when your a hot MILF like Mia getting a guy is never the problem, timing always is.  It’s a perfect time right now because she knows her son and husband are out at a boat show and she is going to have enough time to bang this guy out and then send him on his way.

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