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Nati Fata Morgana


Beach whore

We caught this fine little piece of ass frolicking around the beach and told her that we could make her a star if she’d just take her little bikini off. She only had to think about it for a minute. Off it came, the cameras came out and here are the results. We hope you enjoy the show.

Melanie & Natalee


Melanie and Natalee on Backroom Casting Couch

Here is something special on Backroom Casting Couch this week its two girls Melanie and Natalee and they are friends in real life.  Melanie was going to try out on Backroom Casting Couch trying to be a pornstar but wanted her friend to come with her so she felt safe.  Well the smooth talker that the Backroom Casting Couch guy is makes a threesome happen!  The girls eat each other out for the first time and share a dick for the first time as well in yet another amazing scene from Backroom Casting Couch!

Naughty Nurse


Talia Shepard Nurse

This is a wonderful nude gallery of Talia Shepard for you guys today.  She is wearing this sexy nurse lingerie outfit that she soon takes off until she is naked.  Those big tits and petite body are what really get me going!  Talia Shepard is really involved in her site and if you guys join it will be the best money you have spent in a while.



Jessie FuckedHard18

This is one of the best asses you will see this year I am sure about that the girls name is Jessie and she has it all!  You can see her fucking in this gallery from FuckedHard18 in one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen from them.  I really like Jessie because she has that exotic look and well that ass and those tan lines really do it for me!

Jayden on Bang Bus


Jayden Bang Bus

I have a awesome new scene of Jayden James on Bang Bus!  She starts out getting two guys on the bus and they double team her sticking it in every whole she has.  The guys have a hard time holding on to their seed because Jayden just knows how to work it.  Then Jayden picks up a guy and a girl and has fun with the chick taking turns eating each others pussy.  The girl then allows her man to fuck Jayden and he takes that opportunity and runs with it pounding that sweet pussy of hers until he cums on her face.



Jessie Massage Room Seduction

I think this is going to be a great update when it comes to FuckedHard18 but right now you can only view Jessie scene at Massage Room Seduction!  She has a perfect round ass and is very exotic looking and I really like that curly hair of hers.  In this gallery you get to just see part of the video of her but if you want to see the full scene just head on over to Massage Girls 18 and sign up its totally FREE!  You just have to verify you are 18 years old and your good to go so stop messing around and do it already!

Outta Towners


Bang Bus Outta Towners

We have two friends who are out of town visiting Miami and they get picked up by the Bang Bus.  One of the girls this one pictured actually is down to do pretty much anything for the right amount of money.  The hot blonde who you do not see here, well she will only eat out her best friend (because she has done that before) no dick for her!  The scene is awesome a amateur girl getting fucked a male stud, you can tell she has never had sex like this before!

Talia Tan Lines


Talai Shepard Tits

I am a big fan of this chick her name is Talia Shepard and she has such a petite body with perfect huge big tits.  In this gallery you get to check out a little strip show she did on webcam its almost a tease but she does eventually whip out those titties.

Riley R


Riley FuckedHard18

I have a sexy ass 18 year old for you guys from FuckedHard18 today.  Her name is Riley R and she has a nice round ass as you can see from this upskirt shot of her.  She gets a massage which turns her on a lot her pussy is just soaking wet.  The dude giving her a massage gets her to suck his cock until he is hard and then he gives Riley the hardest fuck she has had in her entire life.

Show Me Your Pussy


Show Me Your Pussy

If that isn’t a perfect round ass I don’t know what is!  This is a scene called Show Me Your Pussy and its from the amateur college girl site College Rules.  In this gallery the girls are trying to make a tape worthy of College Rules prize of $10,000 bucks and well it was definitely worthy because its on the site!  There is some lesbian sex as you can seee here as well as some hardcore action its a amazing video and a must see so check it out!



Veronica Amateur Allure

How would you like a gorgeous petite thing like this girl Veronica latched onto your balls like this?  She is so sexy and she has a little bit of Spanish accent which I just love.  Being Latina you probably expect her to have a round ass and well you should because she does!  This is just a awesome hardcore scene and its from Amateur Allure so if you want to see the full video I suggest you join their site.

Mascha Nude


A wood nymph

Wood nymph Mascha got a little too much heat today. It made her tired and careless and she walked right into our camera crew. We immediately started snapping shots while singing hillbilly folk songs, which seemed to please the little woodland creature. Allow us to present her pussy.

Down and Dirty


Gf Revenge Down and Dirty

I like this gallery from My GF the name of the scene is Down and Dirty and I wish this girl was a pornstar because then I could find more sex scenes of her.  Unfortunately MyGF is only amateur sex tapes so this is the only scene we probably will ever see of her.  She has a nice fit body with some small tan lines and she a pretty innocent looking face in my opinion.

Monica Mendez



Seriously, how could anybody get any work done with a girl like this as their office assistant? I’d constantly be dropping pencils for her to pick up, and then I’d find some reason to write her up and tell her that if she sucked me off just right I’d forget about it. I’m a forgiving boss.

Hunt For Cock


College Rules Cock Hunt

We all know those college girls who go out ever Friday night on a cock hunt, well these girls from this College Rules episode do that but instead of just doing it for free they made a video and sold it for $10,000 bucks!  The blonde college girl in this update is super hot and she is the one getting her face sat on in this picture.  The girls get a bunch of guys to come in and show them what they have to offer and a couple guys luck out and get their cock sucked, and two guys even got fucked because you know you have to have sex in order to win the College Rules prize.

Sohpia E


Melon Girl

Don’t come between a girl and her water melon. Even getting her near the water and making her get naked isn’t enough to get her to relinquish her hold on this juicy melon. Now she understands how we feel every time we catch a glimpse of her perfect pussy. Let her eat, then we’ll use her.

Cute Asian Girl


Cute Asian Girls Do Porn

Well Girls Do Porn just stopped naming their models on me so you will no longer be getting names of the chicks on this site its probably for the best though because all of these girls are complete amateurs and this helps keep them more anonymous.  This girl is a very cute Asian girl as you can see and this is seriously the second guy she has ever fucked and its being filmed!  The girl currently has a boyfriend but is doing this sex scene because she wants money so she can shop!

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