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Capri Cavanni


Capri Cavanni for Penthouse

You know, the rich guys can keep their Bugattis, their Lamborghinis, their Hummers or whatever, if you ask me the Volkswagen Thing is a super sexy car! At least it is when Penthouse pet Capri Cavanni is hanging out nude in it, like in this hot photoshoot. Even if you think the car is ugly you’ll love her sexy body, and if you’re like me and dig the Thing, it doubles the pleasure of this set. That, my friend, is what I like to call a win-win situation. Capri certainly seems to love the VW, she’s grabbing her big tits and rubbing her pussy just from behind in, on and around that crazy car!




Now, I know what you’re thinking…you’re looking at that thumbnail and are going ‘hey nice cute little butt, looks like a cute face, hotness’ but don’t be fooled. Unless you’re into the starvation look, this girl might freak you out a bit! Her name is Carina and she’s posing in a cowgirl hat for Girl Folio, but man she really needs to add a few pounds if you ask me, you can basically see right through her. She looks a lot better from the back than from the front, which I guess is important if you plan to fuck this walking skeleton…maybe that’s your thing though, hey I won’t judge. We all have our quirks, maybe yours is hearing bones rattle together when you pound a girl.

Morning Fantasies


Jamie Lynn on Twistys

I’d be hard-pressed to find the hottest spot oin busty Jamie Lynn’s nude body but I think for my money her nipples might be high on the list. They’re just the right size for biting and I think the women who don’t like having their nipples gently bitten are luckily few and far between. Jamie loves it, I’m sure…you can tell by the way she grabs those big tits as she rolls around nude in bed for Twistys, enjoying the feel of that sheepskin or whatever the hell it is against her bare skin. She’s climbing all over the endtable in these photos, not caring if she clunks over the lamp or anything because dammit she’s hot and horny and ready to make some morning fantasies come to life!

Alexis Adams on Teen Fidelity


Alexis Adams on Teen Fidelity

The gorgeous Alexis Adams is straight up killing it in this new Teen Fidelity scene.  I know I just posted Bailey Blue but how much hotter is Alexis I mean really!  She has these perfect perky little tits and such a pretty face, you’re going to love what you see.  If you want to see Alexis getting a creampie I have that, how about her just straight up getting cummed on?  Yep, that’s in there as well.  Ryan is the master of multiple cumshots and I would say the sites he runs with his wife are some of the best in porn.  You could just watch some of the trailers from Teen Fidelity or their other site Porn Fidelity and see that they put a lot of hardwork into these things and it comes out just great!

Try My MILF Shake


Brazzers Try My MILF Shake

I failed with this opening picture not because it’s not hot seeing Syren De Mer fucked in the ass but there is another 2 MILFs in this Brazzers scene.  It doesn’t let you know that you’re also going to see Tiffany Mynx and Alura Jenson.  They’re not just fucking in this update though each one of them is purely just having anal sex and there is one guy that gets to stuff each one of these bubble butts.  The scene is called “Try My MILF Shake” I just wanted to mention that because it was pretty damn witty and gave me a little bit of a laugh.

Afternoon by the Pool


Fantasy hd ariana marie afternoon by the pool

You can see the excitement on adorable schoolgirl Ariana Marie‘s face as she heads out from class early and goes to her guy friend’s house for an afternoon by the pool…when she sees him in his swim trunks though she has to stop in her tracks, staring at that huge bulge between his legs! He sees her masturbating as she watches him and his plans for doing a few laps went right out the window, as he grabs that gorgeous girl and pulls her panties off to do a few laps of a different kind! He tongues her pussy for a while until she’s nice and wet, then slowly eases his enormous dick into her until she’s used to the size…then, Ariana is off to the races! She fucks him like crazy in this Fantasy HD update, riding that meat bat until finally he pulls out and glazes her with a huge facial cumshot up to the hairline! Hopefully she doesn’t jump in the pool afterwards because man that would make a mess of the pool filters.

Romantic Affair


Porn fidelity romantic affair chanel preston

You might remember Chanel Preston on Porn Fidelity from the brutal Get My Belt shoots awhile back, but she’s back and she’s in a whole new kind of scene! This is a softer, more romantic take on things but don’t worry it still has all the hot hardcore action you demand from the likes of Kelly and Ryan Madison. Chanel told her husband that she was having a ‘girls night out’ but in reality she was heading over to meet Ryan at his house for a seductive night of passionate loving! They met up for a classy dinner but soon it was time for dessert so they headed for the bedroom where Chanel took off her sexy black dress and Ryan took off his suit and they fucked all night long! Chanel’s phone started ringing as her husband was looking for her but she was too busy getting deep-dicked to answer or even hear it…with those huge tits and sexy ass of hers can you blame Ryan for wanting to get a piece of that action?

Cassie Becker


Cassie becker seethrough zishy

Sexy amateur babe Cassie Becker loves showing off those huge tits of hers like in this Zishy photoshoot…she’s got a very sheer white top on that does nothing to hide those big beautiful breasts! I don’t know about the Pocahontas boots she’s sporting but man those titties are incredible…she’s done a few shoots for Zishy and she looks hot as hell in all of them. We’re all still waiting for her to go fully nude though…I get the feeling that she just loves teasing us all with photos like these, she knows how crazy she drives the guys! I guess that’s a pretty common thing though with naturally beautiful girls…everyone loves attention and man when you’ve got breasts like this you get a whole lot of attention I’m sure.

Pornstar Vines


Pornstar vines

The world is becoming a sexier, more fun place every day if you ask me…every new piece of technology seems to have porn-related applications! For instance, take Vine…if you haven’t used it, basically it’s like Twitter but instead of a certain amount of characters you take a 6–second video with your smartphone for everyone to see. Some people suck at it but pornstars appear to excel at this new way of showing off those crazy titties and sexy pussies…check out this little roundup of some hot pornstar vines, with appearances by some of your favorites like Dani Daniels, Siri, Kendra Lust and Natalia Starr! It’s always hot to see them behaving sexy in their everyday lives and not just in front of the cameras for a website…these girls just love having fun and love getting naked for everyone to see!

Miley Cyrus Nude


Miley cyrus nipples

OK so what is it with the tongue thing for Miley Cyrus? She’s still coasting on her fifteen minutes of fame and is getting more and more nude with every photo, which I heartily approve of. She’s an attention-whore but holy shit does she have a nice tight body…check out these photos, you can see that she doesn’t even have weird-looking nipples or anything, she’s hot from head to toe! From photos ranging from a sheer see-through top that shows those perky tits to a completely topless shoot with fishnet type stockings to a picture of her giving herself a cameltoe with her red leotard outfit Miley is showing she’s not afraid to bare it all, which puts her in the upper echelon of sexy celebrities if you ask me. I still don’t get the tongue thing though…and man she has a hella long tongue, just imagine what she could do with it!



Camilla Show Girlz Exclusive

I am posting this because yes Camilla is smoking hot I mean look at those big natural tits of hers!  The exotic look, I love it!  The real win though is seeing this video that BabeUnion put together.  It’s the super hot series of a bunch of different Show Girlz Exclusive models.  I won’t name them all because that would take too much of my time, you guys can google them if you want to find more.  You can check out my category for them or BabeUnion’s.  I don’t really care we both have dope sites, I might be a little bias.  This scene was shot for Black Lingerie #18 a series that Show Girlz Exclusive has had for some time now as you can probably tell from their being 18 of them haha!



Teen fidelity bailey blue scavengers

After the bombs have fallen and the shit has really hit the fan, the people who are left are going to have to become scavengers if they want to survive. The human spirit endures though, and that goes double for our desire for sex! The destruction of major cities didn’t do much to dissuade Bailey Blue and Ryan Madison from surviving and she’s more than happy to keep him happy with that wet teen pussy of hers. The update is from Teen Fidelity and it shows a couple living off the grid (or what’s left of the grid), with sexy blonde Bailey spreading those long legs to get her hole hammered! Actually I just assumed this was a post-apocalyptic thing, maybe they’re just living like hippies or something. All I know is that this hot blonde teen is getting her pussy rearranged by that big cock and she’s looking sexy in her striped socks!

Nurse Julia


Julia nurse porn goes pro

Nurse Julia Anne isn’t into making housecalls for just anyone but if you can foot the bill, she’s got a hell of a bedside manner! Watch the stunning blonde pornstar get naked and get fucked in this Porn Goes Pro update, pulling her huge tits out of her nurse top and spreading her long legs to take your cock deep inside in this hot POV scene. Porn Goes Pro loves to play with different fantasies you might have and the nurse play fantasy is a tried and true one…I’ve gotta say, the outfit definitely suits Julia for this update! With her stethoscope she checks to see if your cock is still alive and from the way it springs to life at her touch I’d say there’s some pep in its step for sure. She finishes things off by taking a nice facial, pumping out your load onto that pretty face of hers and dripping it onto her tongue. Now, time for the patient to get back to bed…Nurse Julia will be back by later to give you a sponge bath!

Deep Pressure


Passion hd deep pressure holly michaels

When Holly Michaels asked for a long hard massage she made sure to request some deep pressure to really get her kinks out, so to speak…I guess the masseuse took her at her word because in this Passion HD update he gave her the full service! First he oiled up that beautiful nude body of hers, spending a littl extra time on her huge tits and round ass, before slipping his cock into her mouth and pussy. She still felt a little tight though so soon he had Holly on her hands and knees, easing his big dick into her tight ass for some awesome anal action! She’s got an incredible butt and it looks like it would be a dream come true to fuck that sexy round ass like this. Some guys get all the luck. Holly certainly seems to be enjoying her day at the ‘spa’ though, as she pounds that cock harder and harder until he shoots his load into her ass for a nice anal creampie finish!

Ria up close


Ria rodriguez in the crack

Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal to gorgeous exotic babe Ria Rodriguez? In this photoshoot from In The Crack we get the grand tour of her beautiful body as she tugs off her little jean shorts to show her incredible bubble butt, then climbs up on the windowsill like a mountain goat to shake that tushy and spread her sexy pink twat! She even masturbates for us, getting her pussy nice and wet with a milky sheen as she fucks herself with a big rubber dildo. It’s closer than you ever thought you’d get to this stunner, but what else would you expect from a site called In The Crack? Careful you don’t get your nose wet when you get all up next to that sexy wet pussy of hers…you might smear it on your monitor and that’s a pain to clean off from what I hear.

In Charge


X art carrie in charge

Do you guys remember the old TV show Charles In Charge? Well this X-art update is like that, except it’s Carrie In Charge and, well, it’s completely different except for part of the name. Carrie decided that today she got to call the shots so she put her boyfriend right where she wanted him; namely, on his back on the floor so she could ride his face! After teasing him a bit with her perky titties and that sexy pussy on his mouth she took his clothes off and grabbed his cock, sucking him and then going for another ride…except this time, it was his dick in her pussy instead of her pussy on his face! With all that teasing her boyfriend was ready to burst so after grabbing her to fuck that hole from behind he shot a big creamy load all over her beautiful round ass to finish off this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Bound for Love


Passion hd bound for love carmen sara

When you’ve got a couple of gorgeous lesbians like Sara Luvv and Carmen Callaway sleeping on the bed in their panties together you know you’re in for a treat…the dude lying in bed in the other room didn’t know how big of a treat he was in for, though! These two horny girls came into the bedroom and tied his wrists to the bed before basically jumping right on him, grabbing his big cock out of his boxers and sucking him off before taking turns fucking him there on the bed. Sara took that big meat deep in her tight hole before passing the reins over to lovely blonde Carmen, who bent over to get penetrated doggystyle. Sara was the lucky recipient of the creampie cumshot though, getting her wet hole filled up with cum for Carmen to lick up as a sexy finish to this hot Passion HD update called Bound for Love! Sara is quickly becoming one of the hottest models in this industry and it’s because of hot sets like this…she loves eating pussy and she loves getting fucked and that’s just a winning combination if you ask me!

Cirque de CoCo


Porn fidelity episode cirque de coco

Short-haired brunette CoCo was in the circus tent dreaming about days gone by when she was a circus clown and cabaret dancer, smoking a cigarette and thinking about all the fun she used to have. When she takes a peek into her looking glass though, her fond memories and fantasies come to life as she relives a hot rendezvous with her favorite couple, Kelly and Ryan Madison from Porn Fidelity! They get into a hot hardcore threesome under the bigtop as CoCo has her hairy pussy eaten out and fucked by Ryan as Kelly gets those huge tits of hers out and plays with both of them. The days of the past can’t come again but Ryan sure can, and he gives both of these beautiful showgirls a good hard pounding as they take turns riding his cock and riding his face one after the other! This shoot looks like it was part of the 500th Episode spectacular but this is the first I’ve seen of it. Coco is looking hot as hell, though, the costume and circus makeup looks fantastic on her!

Sexy Dress


Jayden Jaymes sexy dress

Now that’s a sexy dress! Beautiful buxom brunette Jayden Jaymes is showing off her newest outift, a blue dress with a bunch of slits in it so you can see those big sexy titties right through it, but just in case your vision isn’t so good she takes the dress off and hangs out completely nude in this photoshoot from her own website. Jayden’s got those glorious breasts coupled with a sexy big juicy ass and a stunning face, which combine forces like Voltron to make a pornstar babe who is in a neck-and-neck race with the sun for hotness. I can’t decide if she looks hotter in the dress or in the nude, but lucky for us we don’t have to pick one or the other as she gives us both!

Kate Upton


Kate Upton black and white

If you’ve been living under a damn rock for awhile you might not be familiar with Kate Upton, but we’re about to change that with this collection of photos…she’s one of the hottest celebrities out there with that beautiful ass and her big perfect titties, not to mention her supermodel face! In these photos she’s getting classy, going black and white in her frilly bikini lingerie in a very stately house or mansion or something. It’s like if Masterpiece Theater was actually interesting and had sexy half-naked celebs parading around showing off incredible long legs, long wavy blonde hair and everything else that Kate is showing off in these photos.

Beverly Ass


Beverly for Twistys

Oh man, please tell me you’re a fan of Asian chicks and a fan of big round juicy asses…if that’s the case you’re about to hit the jackpot with this Twistys update featuring Beverly taking off her pink dressing gown and blue lingerie to let that big round bubble butt out to play! She’s not just another gorgeous ass though, she’s got a beautiful face and sexy perky titties with perfect perky little nipples that are standing erect from the cool air as she gets naked and spreads her pussy lips for us. A beautiful Asian with a sexy body getting naked and masturbating? Sounds like a hell of a good time to me, and I guess Twistys agrees!

Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene cameltoe bikini

I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies but from what I understand they were kinda popular for awhile. Ashley Greene here played the character Alice in the Twilight movies, which I’m sure was her big break but also maybe her big career-stopper as everyone will only ever think of her as that character, if at all. Anyways she’s hot as hell and some quick-fingered paparazzi snapped a shot of her on the beach in a wet top and wet bikini bottoms that are slightly pulled up inside her pussy for a cameltoe. Pretty sexy no matter who she is or what shitty movies she’s been in, if you ask me! Those bikini bottoms look like they’re ready to have a hand slipped right down the front of them, and I’m gonna go ahead and call dibs.

Marloes Horst


Marloes Horst for CelebMatrix

OK this blonde model Marloes Horst is drop dead gorgeous but these bra photos look like they’re straight out of a K-mart advertisement or something. Boring bras in a bunch of different colors, the only thing they have going for them is the sexy body they’re encasing! Marloes has a stunning face with piercing eyes and of course those perfect breasts…I just wish those stupid bras weren’t in the way so we could enjoy every inch of this beautiful model. The bras aren’t even different designs really, it’s like they just took one bra and photoshopped a bunch of pictures just changing the bra color between each one. Oh well, better luck next time.

Fuckin Thick Hoe


Pounding Thick Hoe

This might be a real deal hooker after watching a little bit of it.  She is kind of all business with this thug.  She asks if he has a condom tells him he can lay back and enjoy if he wants.  When he picks up his phone she is like put the phone down.  Not saying, just saying ya know!  She is on the BBW side and seems to be a little lazy for a real deal hoe, being that he puts in all the world on top pounding that pussy of hers in doggystyle and missionary.  This video comes from a black site called Private Black Couples, it’s a community where people upload videos of themselves so people can enjoy real homemade porn.

Dani In The VIP


Dani Daniels In The VIP

I highly doubt that this is the first time that Dani Daniels has been on a In The VIP update.  I do however thing this is the first time that she has ever taken the dick.  You guys have to remember that Dani Daniels for the longest time only did lesbian sex stuff.  She did a ton of scenes for We Live Together and had a close relationship with Reality Kings hence why I think she was in some In The VIP scenes before.  Now that she is doing hardcore though Reality Kings has had her on every one of their sites you can think of except for this one!  Dani looked stunning in this little dressed that showed off that big white ass of hers.  She shook it ont he dance floor, seduced a couple of chicks and then was finally ready to get fucked by Jmac.  He fuck that PAWG really good I mean just look at the smile on her face in this screenshot!

The Best Blondes


X art best blondes charlotte catie

If you’re challenged to find the best blondes in the business it would probably be a great bet to head straight for X-art! They’re chock full of stunning models and the blonde girls on the site are second to none. I’m honestly not 100% sure which girl is Charlotte and which is Catie but I didn’t really bother to find out because hey it doesn’t matter! They’re both incredibly beautiful and it would be impossible to decide which one is sexier so as far as I’m concerned they’re just The Best Blondes. Watch these beach beauties strip each other out of their colorful bikinis and kiss passionately by the seaside, licking each others’ nipples and hopping on the nearby couch to give their pussies some much-needed attention with fingers and tongues until they’ve both brought each other to orgasm multiple times and are ready for a nap on the sand before they do it all over again.

Valentina Nappi


Valentina nappi for mr anal

It’s rare to find a beautiful girl who loves getting fucked in the ass but the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal seems to have it on lockdown! Valentina Nappi is the guest of honor in this latest update and she is a huge fan of getting her backdoor plundered. She starts things off by stretching her pucker out with a big black toy, taking that buttplug slowly into her ass to get good and ready for the deep dicking that is in the works. When her guy friend shows up she’s so horny she can barely wait for him to get his pants undone before she’s got his huge cock in her mouth, sucking and licking him good and hard before oiling up and bending over to get to the main event! She spreads her legs and takes him deeper and deeper into her ass, smiling the whole time and looking like she’d be into having a cock in the mouth at the same time! This cock-hungry slut can’t get enough dick in her ass but this guy is more than willing to test that out with his big thick slab of meat. Looks like Mr Anal has picked out a winner once again!

Anal Trainer


Pure mature anal trainer zoey portland

I’ll be honest, with a name like Zoey Portland I thought this girl would be a lot more on the alternative side of things, with more tattoos and piercings and whatnot. Oh well, she’s a horny blonde with big fake tits and a raging libido and you can’t really go wrong with that right? In this update from Pure Mature her personal trainer becomes her anal trainer as she takes his big cock in her mouth, pussy and ass in quick succession after their workout was over. Getting her pussy pounded wasn’t enough so she took him in that backdoor, going for an anal ride while she almost fisted herself at the same time! She slipped four fingers in her cunt while that meat was in her ass…I guess she just can’t be satisifed by having one hole filled at a time. In the mood for a busty blonde MILF who loves getting fucked in the ass and taking a facial? Look no further, my friend.

Hanna Lay


Hanna lay for casting couch x

Hanna Lay is a North Carolina girl who’s taking some of her first steps into the adult entertainment world here on Casting Couch X, but if you’ve got sharp eyes you might remember her from her update on Exploited College Girls a little while back! She’s trying her hand at porn not to make a big name for herself or get a ton of money or shake up the industry from within or anything like that, she just likes having sex and likes getting paid for it without having to do anything unsafe or beyond her boundaries. Can’t fault her for that, and since she’s got sexy perky little boobies and an incredible ass she can stay as long as she wants as far as I’m concerned! Watch her suck cock and then bend over to get fucked good and hard and deep in this hot update, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

Veronica Weston


Veronica Weston Zishy

I just love the girls that Zishy is able to find for their site!  Here is a really hot model named Veronica Weston.  She has a perfect body and look at that round ass of hers I mean DAMN that’s nice!  She not only has a great ass but look at her all natural tits in this update from Zishy you even get to see a little bit of a nipple slip plus a cameltoe.  Zishy is a very tame site so if you expect to get in the members area and see really dirty stuff you will be wrong.  This site is really cheap to join and inside you will get really high resolution pictures of some of the hottest girls in the world, serious about that!  Most of these girls are real amateurs but from time to time you will get girls you recongize like when Zishy had Mia Malkova.

French Kiss


Babes network chloe amour french kiss

There’s not much hotter than a French Kiss, as Chloe Amour well knows…she’s spending time on the French countryside with her boyfriend and on a beautiful warm spring day they just can’t help but let their passions run over them like a wave! They kiss on the veranda and her nipples spring to life as well as his cock as they both get so turned on they can barely stand it. Soon they’re both nude and making love on the couch, her large breasts bouncing as she rode him in her favorite position, the reverse cowgirl…she takes him as deep as she can, moaning and grinning with lust and with pleasure until finally he has to pull out and shoot his load all over her stomach! This hardcore update comes to us from the Babes network so you know it’s gotta be hot.

Lusty Exchange


Moms bang teens lusty exchange

You hear about wicked stepmothers all the time in fairy tales but it’s pretty rare that you hear about a girl’s horny stepmother! I think Lola Foxx is pretty happy she has the latter in this update from the Reality Kings site Moms Bang Teens, though…her stepmother India Summer has taken quite a shine to her and is prepared to teach her the ins and outs of love by the poolside! She starts off by showing her what it feels like to have her tight teen pussy eaten out as she licks her like a lesbian, then gives Lola’s eager boyfriend a little instruction on how to give (and receive) oral. The two ladies lick and suck the guy’s big thick dick and I think Lola is getting the hang of things as she works the shaft and sucks his balls like a pro. Soon it was time for the main event and Lola bent over to take that cock deep in her hole while India kept a close eye on things, guiding them as need be and licking Lola’s cunt and ass to drive her crazy. She wasn’t about to do all this instruction for free though, she had to get her own needs taken care of so India gets her end of the lusty exchange by going for a ride of her own on that younger guy’s dick!

Batter Up


Nikki sims batter up

Now this is how to do a shot! Nikki Sims shows us the proper use of a shotglass as she cups a couple onto her nipples, getting her big tits grabbed and her panties pulled up into her pussy by the lucky photographer in this photoshoot from her own site. This girl is hot as blazes, I’m sure you’re familiar with Nikki but if not this is a hell of an introduction…she’s got her Batter Up shirt on and that means it’s a party night as she takes a shot from between those boobs and downs it, getting ready for a little afterparty when the bar shuts down. I don’t know who let her behind the bar in the first place, she doesn’t seem like she’d be a very efficient bartender with all the breast-grabbing and cameltoe-tugging and nipple pulling, but man oh man I bet she gets some crazy big tips! Batter up, party down indeed. Hopefully you don’t do so many shots that you forget what happened at the bar, but I guess if that happens you at least have these photos to remember your crazy night by.

Shy Blonde Returns


Girls do porn busty blonde

This busty blonde wannabe porn star has been on Girls Do Porn once already (we have the link right here if you’d like to see more of this amateur hottie) and was pretty shy and nervous, but apparently that’s just her natural state or something because she’s still a little skittish in her second shoot for the site! Maybe it’s the fact that this time to push things a little she’s letting the guy shoot his load inside her which I guess she’s never done before, but luckily her nervousness doesn’t get the best of her and she gets down and dirty. Oh man, once her dress is off and that dick is in her mouth it’s like a switch is turned on, she turns into a horny cock-hungry slut at the drop of a hat! Watch this babe suck cock and spread her legs to get her insides rearranged by that big meatbat, rubbing her own clit and urging him on to fuck her harder and faster until finally he cums deep inside her wet hole for her very first creampie! This girl needs to overcome her shyness and embrace her inner slut if she wants to make it in this business I think…after a performance like this I’d say she’s halfway there.

Last Day of School


Passion hd last day of school

It’s the last day of school and these two horny schoolgirls are ready to play! Ariana Marie and Keisha Grey have been waiting for this moment all week but have had finals and everything to keep them busy. Now the school year is over and it’s time to get down to business…as soon as they get home their backpacks get emptied, their clothes come off and their inhibitions are left at the door as these two lesbians start making out, grabbing each others’ perfect tits and licking pussy until they’re both so turned on they can hardly stand it! Luckily at that moment their guy friend came by and was happy to join in for a nice Passion HD threesome, fucking both of those holes and letting everyone start their summer break on a high note. Who cares about finding a summer job when you’ve got a hot horny friend or two like Ariana and Keisha? I love seeing these girls get those tight twats hammered, don’t you? Ariana always looks spectacular, I’m not as familiar with Keisha but man she is making a great first impression if you ask me.

Keisha Grey


Keisha grey for casting couch x

It’s always a pleasure to see a new hottie making her first steps into the porn world on Casting Couch X but it’s ten times better when the chick is not only sexy and hot, but has a great charismatic personality too! That’s the case with Keisha Grey here, who already has a leg up on the competition by having huge perfect breasts, a great juicy booty and a pretty face…in addition to that she’s funny and slightly goofy, as you can see by that crosseyed face she pulls when she takes a big creamy facial. Most newbies shut their eyes and flinch a bunch when they get frosted but not Keisha, she takes it and is ready for more! She’s got a little more curve to her body than most girls in this industry, which I think works in her favor. She’s not fat or anything, just has some softness to her body and it’s pretty damn hot to see those huge boobs swinging as she gets her pussy slammed in this hardcore fuck scene.

Mountain View


Marilyn Mountain View

I am really hoping these tits on Marilyn from Femjoy are fake.  Cause if they’re real my world has just been shaken.  I didn’t know tits could be so damn perfect!  I thought I had seen it all but then this model comes around.  They have to be fake right?  I just can’t tell someone please let me know!  This was the only gallery I could find of her but as soon as more comes out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will find them and post them.  The name of this scene is Moutain View, I don’t know if they mean those mountain of tits or the actual mountain she is on.  I know nothing anymore.

Evi Has A Orgasm


Evi Fox Fucking Machines

There hasn’t been a girl who has been on Fucking Machines and not had a orgasm I am just putting that bold statement out there.  I have watched a lot of videos from them and I have to say I just have not seen a girl go ont here, get fucked by a machine, have a vibrator on her clit and not even orgasm.  It’s impossible they should start a service for those woman who think they can’t have a orgasm to come on their site and they will crack that nut.  Alright I digress, let’s get back to the hot Latina on hand and her name is Evi Fox!  The site I am sending you off to is a whole site dedicated to her.  When you’re as hot as this pornstar that shit happens all the time.  Evi has a nice big round ass, amazing natural tits and her orgasms are just fucking hot there is no two ways about it!

Kim Brown Creampie


Kim Brown Creampie Ebony

This is a pretty shitty screenshot and for that I am sorry.  I can’t even blame it on this free site that I am sending you too because it’s not even his bad.  The video is from Creampie Ebony and they are done by the same people who do Amateur Creampies.  If you know anything about these guys you know that they don’t like to upgrade their camera equiment!  They like that really amateur feel and that’s what you’re getting in this scene.  The round ass ebony models name is Kim Brown.  She starts off by getting her pussy eaten out, which I think is more for the guy to get hard then it is for her pleasure.  I have watched a couple of scenes from this site now and they all start off that way…  Anyways they then get to fucked on this couch, they each take time putting in some work but I think Kim really shows him up when she gets on top and rides his dick.  She is a great dick riding and I am surprised he didn’t put all up in that pussy as she was riding him!  He held out that and gave her a epic creampie that you creampie fans are going to love!

Cuckolding Brandi


Brandi Love Cuckolding

Brandi Love is going to put a end to her neglectful husband in this episode from Brazzers.  She just isn’t getting the dick she used to when they first were married and for that she is going to make him watch as she fucks another man.  At first he thinks that Brandi is going to give him so really freaky sex by the way she is dressed and asking if she can tie him up.  She wraps him up in some plastic and he pretty much is going nowhere.  She takes him into the bathroom bound and gagged and lays him down so he can peak up to the bed.  Then she calls in room service and waits.  The guy comes up and he will do just fine so being dressed in her lingerie showing off her amazing body it wasn’t hard to seduce this young guy into fucking her meaty MILF pussy.  He fucks her not knowing that she is married and the husband is watching, once it’s all over she lets him in on the secret and the bell hop leaves.

Jodi goes anal


Jodi taylor on bang bros pawg

She’s gorgeous, has great tits and a sexy pussy but what really gets the motor running for PAWG is that big round perfect ass of hers! Beautiful redhead Jodi Taylor is the Phat Ass White Girl guest of honor as she shakes her booty in a sort of spiderweb stocking thing that she spreads apart to give us a nice look at her balloon knot before oiling up and getting ready for her co-star to show up. He is immediately blown away by that sexy round pair of peaches as she sucks his cock until it’s huge and hard as a rock and ready to fuck. It’s not enough to pound her wet pussy though, he’s gotta go for that butt and ends up sliding his dino-dick into her back entrance for the sexiest anal hardcore scene I’ve seen in awhile! The Bang Bros network is high fiving themselves after this update I bet…and I’m sure Jodi has gathered more than a few new fans to her corner. What an ass! And I mean that in the best possible way.

Teen Jenna Fucked


Fucked hard 18 jenna

Jenna has that sexy teen body that most guys only get to dream about, but lucky for us she was in the mood for a nice deep-tissue massage and headed to Fucked Hard 18 for the rubdown! You can tell right off the bat that with those huge bouncy titties and pretty face she’s going to be a winner, and as things turned out that’s exactly right. She starts out stretching and shaking things out (shaking her big boobs at the same time) before stripping down nude and hopping into the massage table, already relaxed. She’s all the way out from New York, taking a visit to California and making a splash with her time there! Things start out innocently enough with some oil and a nice backrub but soon the sheets get tugged down and the masseuse’s hands wander down to that sexy tight ass and her even tighter pussy, rubbing and fingering her clit until she’s moaning and is getting more and more wet in that hole! The guy seizes the opportunity and slips his cock inside and Jenna pushes back, taking him as deep as she can and loving every second of it. Soon he’s joining her on the table and is pounding that teen pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her body until her moaning reaches a fever pitch! Jenna finishes this hot rubdown off with a nice big facial after she cums on his dick, and from the grin on her face I’d say she’s going to be a repeat customer at this massage parlor.

Je Taime Chelsea


X art je taime chelsea

If you don’t aren’t French or maybe just weren’t paying attention in high school French class, let me just inform you that the title of this X-art gallery, Je T’aime Chelsea, means “I love you Chelsea”. You maybe already guessed when you took a good look at this newcomer though, she has a face and especially a body that is easy to fall in love with. Huge perfect breasts, tight little spinner body, gorgeous ass, stunning face with a nice smile and eyes that are pretty and relaxing at the same time, what’s not to love? We already saw a nice hardcore scene with her IRL boyfriend in the update called First Loves, and now we get to see her actual first time in front of the camera in this solo masturbation photoshoot! She seems confident and relaxed and why shouldn’t she be, she’s got every guy who meets her in the palm of her hand!



Massage girls 18 with alison

Teen hottie Alison says she likes to please the boys, and in this update from Massage Girls 18 we get to see just how she means! She’s got a sexy tight little petite body and a cute face that actually reminds me of the singer Jewel back in the day, and she is ready to give her version of a massage. She doesn’t beat around the bush, so to speak, and goes right for the guy’s cock through the sheet, rubbing and squeezing him and pulling off her top to show her perky little boobies to get him good and hard! She might be a teenager but she knows how this massage game works as she bobs her head up and down on that hard shaft. I think you can tell that she maybe doesn’t have a whole lot of experience yet with guys, but she’s eager to learn and to try new things so I think she’s only going to get better in this industry. Not the massage industry mind you, her rubdowns suck, but she does look like a good time in the sack!

Amazing Megan


Hd love amazing megan salinas

From the title of this HD Love update you’d think Megan Salinas was a magician named The Amazing Megan…well, actually after watching the scene it’s not too far from the truth! She certainly does a good disappearing trick using her boyfriend’s big thick cock as a prop, making it vanish into her mouth and then into that tight wet pussy of hers. As a grand finale she conjures up a nice big wet creamy facial, and if there was a crowd in the room I bet she’d be getting a standing ovation! This girl is seriously hot, I’m sure you’ve seen her on a couple other sites lately and there’s a good reason for that…with her flawless face, perfect big full breasts and sexy tight butt there’s nothing stopping this girl from reaching the top, especially if she keeps doing hot hardcore scenes like this one! If you’ve got a hankering for a sexy Latina it’s like an extra bonus but nationality aside she is just objectively beautiful so I think pretty much anybody will have their heads explode when they check her out here.

Quality Assurance


Chloe amour quality assurance hd love

I don’t know about Quality Assurance but man, Chloe Amour definitely has a quality ass, that’s for sure! She strips out of her swimsuit and shows it off at the beginning of this HD Love update before diving into the pool for a nude swim, toweling off and heading inside where man is about to have the best day of his life! Imagine a hot horny exotic babe like Chloe strolling nude through the door to grab you and start sucking your cock…this guy is one lucky bastard. After she sucks his cock good and stiff he gives her cunt a nice tongue bath, licking her pussy to get it ready for a nice hard pounding! She straddles him and goes for a ride, taking that dick of his deep in her wet hole as those beautiful perky boobies bounce with the rhythm. It’s a hot scene featuring one of the most gorgeous girls in the adult industry right now in my opinion, definitely worth checking out.



Ftv girls model nicole

Wow…I’ve gotta say, FTV Girls has a lot of hot girls come and go on the site but Nicole is one of the cutest I’ve seen on there in awhile. She’s got big perfect firm breasts, a great round ass that’s just the right size, a pretty face, great attitude and that pouty bottom lip that could get her basically anything she wants if she makes it quiver a little. She doesn’t seem high maintenance though, she’s happy and outgoing and loves getting nude in public, so maybe she has a taste for a little danger! She did some great photoshoots for her FTV debut, getting into some bikini hula hooping, masturbating to a squirting orgasm, shaving her tight pink teen pussy, playing on a playground sans panties for some nice upskirt shots, and all the while she’s showing those big beautiful tits and her sexy ass. It’ll be nice to see her blossom as she gets into her porn career (if she chooses to do so) but for now it’s fantastic to see this first timer having such a great experience at FTV. Now, if she can just learn not to make the duck-face quite so often…

Blake Rose Anal


Blake Rose Anal

I didn’t know Blake Rose had it in her to do anal sex!  I think thought she was just one of those pretty pornstars that was only going to do hardcore for those erotica sites like the one she did for Passion HD.  I guess I was wrong because Blake Rose is obviously taking it up the butt in this new anal sex scene she just shot for Brazzers.  She did it for their site Dirty Masseur, their version of massage porn.  Blake has a great body with big fake titties and her as isn’t bad at all now is it!  She comes into the massage room wearing something that a secretary would wear.  A mini skirt with some black stockings on underneath.  She strips down to just her stockings and then gets the massage.  The guy doesn’t even bother taking them off instead just wrips them apart to get to that pussy and ass that he fucks.

Rihanna Off The Sex


Rihanna Off The Sex

Rihanna is off the sex ladies and gentlemen so if you decided to get some tattoos and go after this ebony superstar good luck.  She has retired from her life of fun to just being straight up boring.  At least that’s what the guys over at the sex blog are telling me.  Remember the days when everday you would wake up and think “I wonder what Rihanna did today” well that shit is over you know why?  She is off the booze.  She stopped going clubbing and shit, that’s probably why she broke up with Chris Brown.  She got sober and was like “Oh, Hey that’s the guy that whooped my ass”.  Anyways enjoy this little write up about our favorite crazy singer and then there are some sexy pictures of her round ass as well, enjoy.

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