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Ann Angel XXX


Ann Angel XXX

Ann Angel XXX isn’t messing around with her new comeback!  She isn’t going to tease you guys by showing those amazing natural knockers of her.  Nope she isn’t going to get more hardcore by showing her perfect pussy.  What is Ann Angel going to do you ask?  Oh nothing really, just FUCKING and SUCKING COCK!!!  How long have we waited to see this babe do that?  Well it’s finally here with this brand new site she just opened called Angel Angel XXX pretty clever I know.



Binky Casting Couch X

I have for you a girl with maybe the stupidest fake name I have ever heard!  She wanted to start a porn career under the name Binky can you believe that shit!  No wonder she didn’t make people probably didn’t hire her just because of the name.  You can tell from this Casting Couch X interview that Binky here is a little over her head.  She seems super shy and has only slept with two people in her entire life and one of those was a woman!  At the end of the scene you see Binky taking one epic facial and she is gagging throughout getting her face covered in cum it’s just too damn funny.

Mia Malkova Enjoy!


Mia Malkova Reality Kings

Here is that girl I have been posting so much of recently!  Her name is Mia Malkova and she is just absolutely amazing is she not!  I just can’t believe how freaking round and plump this girls ass is!  It has to be fake right?  I know it’s not though I saw a interview where she said she was all natural.  Anyways check out this Reality Kings scene where you get to see Mia Malkova getting her pussy eaten out as well as well as just straight up fucked.  They do a great job on highlighting her booty, that’s what I think makes this scene so damn good.  I mean she isn’t just hot because of her ass she is pretty everywhere around so if you’re not a ass man you will still like this don’t worry.

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Prelude To Passion


Gianna Prelude To Passion

This beautiful girl right here is Gianna.  She has been in a couple of hardcore sex scenes for X Art which you can see here, here and here.  This one though is just of Gianna.  You get to see her nice little teen ass and those full perky breasts as well.  She is in the shower and gets her white shirt all wet so you can see through and then she strips down until she is naked and showing it all.

Faye Reagan


Nubile Films Faye Reagan

Look at this new Faye Reagan scene!  I didn’t know she was still doing porn.  That’s pretty exciting especially since she is doing a scene for Nubile Films.  Their videos are always so erotic and just so well done!  In this scene you get to see some of Faye’s most passionate sex the name of the scene is Beautiful Stranger and I would say Faye is nothing but beautiful.  Probably the hottest part of this scene is when the guy gives Faye a orgasm by eating her out, there is just something about a girl having a shaking orgasm that just does it for me.  The scene ends with one amazing creampie but you will only see that if you’re a member.

Kimmy Olsen


Kimmy Olsen PAWG

I am a little late getting you guys this PAWG update and for that I am sorry!  It’s a really good one too because they got Kimmy Olsen to be their PAWG this week.  She has a big fat ass and she does anal so that’s always good for you ass lovers out there.  This scene has her in these all white leggings that they guy doesn’t even take off instead he just cuts a whole in them so he can see her big ass and so he can fuck it too!  They fuck in all different types of positions and when he is about to cum he pulls out and puts it all over that beautiful rear end of Kimmy’s.

Rough Rider


Ava Addams Brazzers Rough Rider

In this brand new scene from Brazzers you get to see the big fat ass of Ava Addams getting fucked.  I shouldn’t say it’s fat because that isn’t true it’s fucking perfect!  I love a nice PAWG don’t you guys.  In this scene Ava is playing the role of a dominating hooker but she meets her match in this guy who hired her for the day.  he shows her who is boss by sticking his dick in her ass and pounding it like it’s her pussy.  Ava doesn’t scream or anything because she loves it up the butt we all know that!

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Let's Try Anal

Kennedy Leigh just got out of the shower and her boyfriend makes her super horny by playing with her nice little pussy.  He then brings her over to the bed and she suggest that they try anal and guess what he is all about it!  Kennedy not only has a plump round ass but man is she pretty just look at that face, and she has full natural tits as well.  This scene was shot for the best amateur anal site in the entire world it’s called Let’s Try Anal.  If you like seeing hot girl fucked in the ass check out their tour and you will just see the quality of chicks they get to have anal sex.



Devon Porn Fidelity

This is one of the few pornstars that can just go by one name and that name is Devon.  She is in this extremely erotic new scene from Porn Fidelity in which she takes a little bath and then gets rised down in cum!  That’s right Ryan comes in and gives Devon the fucking her pussy is needing.  Devon gets herself all wet by using the bathtub facet as a toy having the water hitting her clit and turning her on.  Then at the end of this video Devon is getting her face fucked and Ryan cums right in that mouth so she can swallow his cum and some drips down on to those big tits.

Dulce Cherry


Dulce Cherry East Coast XXX

Nice tight pussy, bit tits, pretty face I think we have ourselves a winner.  This girl was just inseminated in a new video from East Coast XXX.  Her name is Dulce Cherry and she is thick and quite a sexual person once you watch this video.  She gives quite a good blowjob taking this guy balls deep and then she rides him until well he cums in that tight pussy pussy of hers.

Season 1 Episode 3


Swingers Playboy TV

I have a nice little video from Playboy TV from their series called Swingers.  Basically what they do is they get submission from couples who are complete amateurs and want to try out the swinger lifestyle.  They pick a couple and send them to a swingers house where basicallyt here is just like 6 couples who are all “professional” swingers.  They then take them to the sex room and each of them switch partners fucking whoever they want.  So you get to see a couple cheating on each other basically but they don’t care that they other one is fucking someone else, seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Deadra Dee


Deadra Dee Porn Star Spa

In this awesome little massage porno you get to see Deadra Dee getting rubbed down and fucked!  Deadra is kind of new I think I have only watch like 4 or 5 of her videos but she is pretty damn hot.  I love the nice big fake tits and the fact that she doesn’t look like every other pornstar out there.  She has a lot of tattoos and as you can see she has her pussy pierced.  I don’t even know what you consider that piercing right above her pussy, do you guys?  Anyways she has that badass look and whenever I see those type of girls I just know that they’re a freak in the sheets.  This scene comes from Porn Star Spa a entire massage site thought up and produced by the guys at Bang Bros.

Vacation Fantasy


Vacation Fantasy

I have a super hot creampie scene for you guys today it stars a model you have never heard of and might never see again her name is Susie.  This scene was shot for X Art so the quality and the erotism is going to be off the charts!  The name of the scene is Vacation Fantasy and I am pretty sure this is what guys dream about and girls dream about!  You just have to be on the same page and you can make porn like this in your real life!  I have no idea where this couple is but fucking poolside definitely sounds like fun to me what about you guys?

FTV Alice


Alice FTV Girls

How cute is Alice here?  She is all red in the face blushing so damn cute!  She has nothing to be ashamed of though I mean those tits of hers are just amazing.  They are seriously HUGE but somehow they’re not as droopy as you think they would be.  This girl walks into a room and pretty much makes every other girl look flat chested I bet chicks hate her.  In this gallery from FTV Girls you get to see her flashing her tits in public but my favorite part is when she goes running with those huge tits out and they are just bouncing around every which way I am surprised she didn’t get a black eye from them!  I also liked seeing her orgasm but a babe like this who wouldn’t!

Chrissy Teigan


Chrissy Teigan

I don’t actually know how famous this hoe bag is but I know that she really wants to be famous!  Her name is Chrissy Teigan and she is married to someone that probably like 15% of you know.  His name is John Legend he plays that music that you bone your girl to, and that you probably got for free.  Anyways besides the point!  Just check out Chrissy wearing a super skimpy bikini and enjoy because this girl has quite the body on her.

Sydney and Brittania


Sydney Brittania Backroom Casting Couch

I am not going to lie I don’t know which girl is named Sydney and which one is named Brittania in this Backroom Casting Couch gallery but I know what is way hotter then the other!  This girl right here is the good looking one the other girl has so many tattoos and that face just isn’t doing it for me.  One thing about that tattoo girl is that she loves anal sex I mean loves it!  When Rick brings it up if they are willing to do it she goes off on like a 2 minute tangent about how awesome it is.  Well at that point I knew Rick was going to fuck her in the ass and he does just that. What surprises me though is that he is unable to get the other girl to try it! He does get these two to eat each other out having just met I feel like that’s a pretty big deal.

Couch Surfing


Jenni Lee Pure Mature Couch Surfing

Did you guys know banging on the couch is called “couch surfing”?  I didn’t know that either, made me feel old…  Anyways here is Jenni Lee and she is doing some serious banging she must have really needed some cock the day this Pure Mature scene was filmed.  She is a staple on that site and how can she not but!  I mean that body of hers is unbelievable and she is consider a MILF so you know she has to be some one a little “older”.  If you want to check out more Jenni Lee scenes from Pure Mature just check out the related section of this post.

A Special Visitor
Love Stroll
Afternoon Cocktail



she devils felicia

Batten down the hatches because Felicia is going to rock the hell out of your brain when you get a look at her magnificently massive titties in this She Devils update! She’s sporting a sidepony that isn’t doing any favors but man one look at those huge boobs and you won’t even notice it…they’re like a singularity of hotness.

Nancy Delolio Upskirt


Nancy Dellolio Upskirt

Alright I had no idea who Nancy Dell’Olio was before seeing this paparazzi upskirt shot but now I know she’s a lawyer who married the manager of the England national football team, which we in the States would know better as ‘soccer’ or better still as ‘that one sport with all the running’. She’s not looking super hot to me but if you’re into MILFs and you’re a fan of hers, you do get to see a little peek at her panties!

Ass Fingering


young legal porn ass

I don’t know if this adorable brunette teen has ever had a finger in her perfect ass before, much less two like she does in this update from Young Legal Porn…she is looking hot as hell though as her tight backdoor is breached, with a look of shock and pleasure at the same time. If you’re into cute teen girls showing off their nude bodies and getting anal fingerbang action, this gallery will be right up your alley!

Quartet Of Hot


watch 4 beauty quartet

Prepare yourself for a quartet of four incredibly gorgeous girls walking around wearing nothing but their shoes and a smile! Watch 4 Beauty is the site you have to thank for this collection of photos as these stunning lesbians take a stroll around the grounds. I’m a particular fan of the redhead on the far right…good grief what an ass.

Melissa Manning


Melissa Manning Scoreland

Ready to get knocked out by knockers? Blonde bombshell babe Melissa Manning is ready to send you to the moon as she flashes her incredible cleavage in a hot photo gallery courtesy of Scoreland, and she’s doing it with that knee-weakening smile of hers. This busty beauty is stacked and knows just how to work it!

Khloe’s Nipple


Khloe Kardashian Nipple

If you guys missed the episode where Khloe Kardashian was basically showing off her nipples then here ya go!  I know that nobody watches that god forsaken show so I may as well just hook you guys up so you don’t have to go through the brainless bantar just to see a Kardashian nipple!

Inside Paradise


Misty Stone Inside Paradise

The super cute Ebony goddess Misty Stone is being picked up and fucked in this scene from Joymii called Inside Paradise. The scene is pretty incredible and I know because I am a member of Joymii’s website! The name of this scene is inside paradise and I am pretty sure that paradise is a place where you just bang Misty Stone all day long so I am buying what they’re selling!

Tatiana Hope


Butt Buddy

I have never seen a gallery with Tatiana Hope before but after seeing this new scene from Round and Brown I am down!  This girl has a perfect big round ass and her tits, her tits are seriously huge and all natural too!  If you like black chicks then you’re going to love this girl cause she is fine by every bodies standards!  I am sending you to a black porn tube so if you like to see amateur black porn or just more stuff like this then surf around you will find it.

Jynx and Kristina


Jynx Maze anal Brazzers

I have the perfect round ass of Jynx Maze right here and that perfect pussy but the girl you are not seeing is Kristina Rose.  Kristina is all a pornstar who’s booty is off the charts amazing.  In this scene you get to see both Jynx Maze and Kristina Rose having anal sex.  The name of the scene is Fucking My Conscience and it’s from Brazzers.  The whole story is that this guy is thinking about cheating on his girlfriend when his conscience comes into play.  It just happens that his good and bad angels are super hot so he fucks them instead of cheating on his girlfriend.

Briana Halloween


Briana Lee Extreme Cupid

Yea Yea Yea, I know Halloween is over you bunch of jokers but look at that pussy shot!  Tell me you are mad I am posting some “dated” shit!  Anyways this is what Briana Lee Extreme was for Halloween the costume is so so but what is awesome is well the green arrow is pointing it out.  I don’t know how many times I have said this but Briana Lee has a perfect pussy and you just have to join her site, it seriously the best solo site you could possibly join!

Macy Cartel


Macy Cartel Casting Couch X

You want to see how Macy Cartel got her start being in porn?  Well here it is!  It was shot for a talent agency who just opened up a site called Casting Couch X where they put out these first time videos.  You get to see Macy come straight from the plane to the office even carrying in her luggage.   At this point in her career she had only slept with three guys each of them being her boyfriend at some point!  This is lucky number for and I think he puts her through a series of blissful experiences because lets be real this guy has a couple notches on his belt and knows what he is doing.  While the guy who fucked Macy in the past did not.

Moist Physique


Holly Michaels Moist Physique

I think that Passion HD needs to hire someone just to think of titles for their scenes!  I mean this new Holly Michaels scene is called “Moist Physique” ewwww!  I don’t even know what that means but I am not banging a girl who has a moist physique.  Only way that is okay is after a good sex session and she is all sweaty that I can kind of deal with but I like my girls not sweaty LOL!  Alright enough with that now because this is very hot I mean how can it not be with this set of perfect natural tits right?  There is a reason they have Holly Michaels on their site so much and that’s because she has a killer body and man does she make a good porn video.

Warm Hands


Madison Ivy Warm hands

This is kind of like a massage porn scene but it’s from Passion HD so it’s a little more erotic then most of the videos you have probably watched.  The gallery stars one of my personal favorite pornstars and that’s Madison Ivy.  Madison has a banging body that you can tell she takes care of to the T.  She has a perfect tan those fake tits she got she probably paid top dollar for them because they are just perfect.  Passion HD has been updating their site like crazy so if you like regular updates and them all be top quality this site is definitely a option for you.  The name of this scene in particular is Warm Hands and that’s because Madison here like everyone else wants warm hands rubbing down her body, cold hands that’s just rude.

Casana Lei 2nd Visit


Casana Lei Casting Couch X

I didn’t really wait around when I watched this new Casana Lei video to figure out why she is back on Casting Couch X for her second time.  To be honest I don’t really care.  Only thing I care about is seeing this hot ass babe getting fucked!  She has such a awesome body with perky tits, no tattoo’s a hour glass figure.  I mean what more could you ask for?  I am going to guess that they wanted her back because the first scene was filmed in a hotel room and that’s just too classy.  Casting Couch X likes their videos filmed on a dirty leather couch in a office, that’s just how they roll.

Marilyn Mayson


Marilyn Mayson XL Girls

Big purple coming through! Marilyn Mayson is a sexy BBW who knows a thing or two about pleasing a man…if you’ve got a chubbychaser streak in you, make sure not to miss this one! It’s a hot update from XL Girls as Marilyn gets her chubby pussy pounded by some lucky guy, spreading her thick thighs wide open with an alluring gaze.

Aria Amor


Twistys Aria Amor

Gorgeous brunette Twistys girl Aria Amor was doing a little book learnin but what she really wanted to do was get out of her clothes and show off her sexy lingerie, then strip down naked and spread her pink wet pussy! This girl loves a good book but is overdue for a good fuck if you ask me.



Susie on Evas Garden

Sexy Susie is the model for this hot update from Evas Garden but look, she’s got a wedding ring on her finger! Looks like you just did a little virtual adultery, for shame…just kidding, her husband knows about it and is probably loving the idea of so many guys lusting after his hot lady.

New Fake Tits


Birdwatching collection

If this is what birdwatching is, I’m sorry I made fun of them for so long…in this version you get to peruse a whole slew of photos of this amateur brunette getting her fake tits out on camera. I think she might have used a coupon for her boob job though; those definitely aren’t a top shelf pair of melons if you ask me! She’s still pretty hot though.

Skinny Allie Rose


Allie Rose on Little Mutt

Allie Rose is hoping you brought her a cheeseburger or three, since this skinny teen just can’t seem to keep her pants on with those little hips of hers! In this gallery from Little Mutt she shows how easily her clothes and panties slide off her tight frame, showing off her perky little boobies and that bald pussy. She looks like she’d be painful to fuck but man she’s way too hot to say no to!

Fashion Show


Victoria Secret Show 2012

Just in case you missed the Victoria Secret 2012 Fashion Show I thought I would hook you up with the best parts.  Well I am not going to hook you up but the Drunk Stepfather is.  It’s the only time of year you get to see serious super models pretty much naked I mean look at this girls panties she may as well be wearing nothing!



Nekane Ass Cum Louder

Cumlouder has a lot of pretty girls and some of them have a very nice ass. Between these asses you can find small and tight asses, big and hard or even huge. But among all of them there’s one that stand out over the others, this is the Nekane’s ass. This cute girl is in another world compared with the rest of Spanish girls. Something so brutal and sensational as the other parts of her body. In the past we enjoyed her hands, her mouth, her wonderful natural tits, the heat of her pussy but now we are going to enjoy her ass, those soft white buttocks. I hope that someday we will fully enjoy her ass with her first anal scene but until that day we have to be content with her splendid butt.

Evi Fox


Evi Fox Reality Kings

I don’t know about you guys but that is one perfect pair of tits if you ask me!  They belong to a gorgeous model named Evi Fox.  She has only done a couple of scenes but if she keeps with it I think she is going to be huge!  You don’t see that many hot Latinas in porn and I think Evi should change that.  This scene was shot for one of my favorite “big” porn sites and that’s Reality Kings.  It was actually done for their site Big Natural a site dedicated to models lwho have all natural big breast, it’s all hardcore and it’s awesome.

Pounding Black Pussy


Pounding Black Girl

This guy is getting some serious leverage while fucking his petite cute black girlfriend. This is a very amateur video so the quality is not there.  Don’t get all high and mighty on me if it isn’t up to your standards.  The video is pretty choppy but it’s always hot seeing a real couple having sex.  This guy is getting after this pussy like he is trying to impress her so they probably haven’t been going on long.  He pretty much pounds that pussy in missionary for as long as he can and then he gets tired and flips her over doggystyle so he can finish up.

Teal Conrad


Teal Conrad FuckedHard18

In this weeks update from FuckedHard18 you get to see Teal Conrad getting a nice hard pounding!  I love this site and if you guys visit us often you probably know that but one thing I do not like.  This is considered a creampie gallery but in reality he just kind of pulls out and frost her pussy!  I hate that if you’re going to do a creampie scene then put it deep inside of her and let that slide out!  Anyways it’s still a awesome scene and if you haven’t seen a Teal Conrad scene before this is a really good start!

Jayde Is Back


Jayde FTV Girls

I have for you a drop dead gorgeous teen model and you guys might be thinking to yourself “I have seen this girl before”.  Well you are probably right because she has been on FTV Girls once before and she was so popular that they had her back for a second visit!  This time you get to Jayde her doing a little anal play and of course tons of masturbation videos.  If you guys are not a fan of solo masturbation scenes or lesbian sex you should just move on.  If however you like seeing beautiful girls orgasm then please check out FTV Girls they’re simply amazing!

Jayde’s First Time on FTV Girls

Kim Kadashian Bikini


Kim Kardashian Bikini

With the elections over I thought it would be appropriate to post a Kim Kardashian gallery as she is all that is wrong with America probably.  She is doing a little bikini shoot for some magazine her reality camera’s are probably hiding in the win.  Anyways enjoy this huge ass and big tits, its how she became famous.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Layla Storm


Layla Storm In The Crack

This fine little ass belongs to Layla Storm from In The Crack!  It’s been a while since I hooked you guys up with a gallery from this awesome site.  They don’t have any hardcore they just have beautiful woman, amazing photography and even better videos!  I can’t share any videos with you guys because that’s for members only.  I think their pictures are so good though that you guys wont mind.  In this gallery Layla is in a stunning location and she is using a really strong vibrator to give herself a orgasm.  Not just any orgasm though the camera captures her having a squirting orgasm.

Summer Passion


Summer Passion Nubile Films

I have for you the gorgeous Leyla Black in a scene from Nubile Films called Summer Passion.  When you watch these nice long videos you are going to find out what erotica is all about.  This isn’t just your typical porn, nope there is passion behind the dick sucking and fucking.  It’s definitely not going to be for everyone but I think this type of porn you can your girl coudl watch together if that even happens in real life.  Leyla here is flawless except for that big stupid tattoo on her shoulder AND on her side!  I bet that is a life regret but this porn might be too one day.



Mali Massage Girls 18

I have another scene from this super hot chick named Mali.  She is giving a guy a massage and then a happy ending for a episode from a website called Massage Girls 18.  It’s the sister site to Fucked Hard 18 and they have the same background / massage table but the real difference is that Mali is giving the massage in this video.  The other big difference is that Mali starts off this video dressed in some super sexy clothes, I like that a lot because a girl in sexy clothes just sets the mood I think.



Madison Casting Couch X

What do you think this girl Madison is thinking right now!  She is on a desk getting fucked by a guy that she has just met because she wants to be a pornstar!  I bet you that she has decided right around now that this wouldn’t be so bad.  The thing is once a girl goes home that’s when you lose them and they don’t want to do it anymore.  As you will come to find out and Casting Couch X already knows it’s easy to get a girl to do her first sex scene but making her a pornstar is the hard part.  This girl Madison never quite made it but I think if she would have just stuck with it she could have been big!  I hope you enjoy her one and only porn scene I know I did.

Shake It up


Anissa Kate Pure Mature

You guys are getting a pretty awesome day of updates if you ask me!  Two Anissa Kate galleries I mean it doesn’t get much better then that!  This one is from Pure Mature the sister site of Passion HD where they only have on hot MILFs.  I wouldn’t say that Anissa is a MILF but she sure fucks like a older girl.  In this update she is wearing all eight and man does white look good against that tan skin of hers.  She shakes up a drink for her younger man and her big natural boobs just bouncing around makes it so he wants to fuck instead of having a drink.  Anissa being the horny MILF she is can’t say know and fucks him right there on the couch.

Holly & Anissa


Anissa Kate Holly Michaels

I have a nice titty gallery for all you boob lovers out there!  This scene is from a super erotic site called Passion HD and it stars Holly Michaels and Anissa Kate.  They are not just having lesbian sex nope these two have two different guys to fuck.  They take turns riding whatever cock they feel like and then when the guys are about to cum they put their faces together and both take facials from both guys.  I guess these girls really do believe that sharing is caring.  The name of this episode is Private Show if you where looking to find more from this update.

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