FTV Lilian

Im happy to be here in my first solo video with a website I can trust. Im shooting a lot of nude photo work with so many photographers and they always want to touch my breasts or fondle me. Its really comforting that the photographer for the website wasnt doing that. At least for me it made me more comfy about the whole experience. The day was actually a lot of fun for me. Ive never done anything like this where I show my boobs outside but I liked it and always wanted to do something like this where I can see it on video later. Sorry if I dont talk much but Im not really a supertalker. Some guys like girls to listen more than talk, right? So what do you think of my breasts, since they are my best feature? I might be 18 but I have a fake id to go to clubs & bars and I get hit on by guys all the time. They all think my breasts are fake until I show them when I lift my shirt. Only the lucky guys who I want to kiss get to look. I dont have a boyfriend right now but Im looking. You might know my cousin, shes Christy. Shes the one who set me up with the shoot in the first place! The more I got into the whole touching myself thing I was feeling like I wanted more and the whole masturbating thing came naturally. Vibrators work best for me and I have a collection with all kinds of attachments and stuff. I used one that goes on my clit but I like vaginal stimulation together with the clitoral part.
FTV LilianFTV LilianFTV Lilian
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FTV LilianFTV LilianFTV Lilian
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