Black Patrol Domestic Disturbance

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Apparently this dude had been visited by the cops a few times already for domestic disturbance reports but this time the cops had had enough...they showed up and the wife didn't want to press charges but the guy threw his hat at one of them so they hauled him off, but not to the station! Since this is Black Patrol they took him to a more private location where the two hot lady cops had him eat their ass and then fuck them both with that big black cock he was packing in his pants! Apparently their tactic was to show the video of him fucking the two of them to the guy's wife so maybe next time there was a disturbance she'd be a little more willing to have the guy these two lady cops are sexy as hell, too, especially the blonde with the nice big round juicy ass who is riding that cock in this shoot! If you have a thing for women in uniform you're about to have your mind blown I swear.`

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