Black Patrol episode Chop Shop

Home / Black Patrol - Made November 30th, 2016

Ready to see a couple hot lady cops taking on some big black cock? Well you're in luck my friend because this neighborhood chop shop is about to get busted and these ladies from the precinct are ready to teach the shop owner a lesson he'll never forget in this update from the site Black Patrol! They bust the guy and tell him if he wants to avoid getting thrown in the pokey he's gotta do a little pokey of his own, after sucking and licking their pussies...well he's pretty much out of other options and besides, these cops are smokin hot haha! We see him licking those slits and then getting his big hard cock sucked off before the cops ride him to orgasm...I don't know if this counts as teaching him a lesson or not to be honest, I have the feeling he won't exactly stop his black market business if this is the kind of 'punishment' he's in store for!

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