Dare Dorm Yoga Party

This is a total college thing right here. A bunch of horny college girls all in one room and what else is there to do except experiment. One lucky girl brought out the camera and the girls went crazy doing increasingly crazier stuff. I feel like they were just showing tips on how to masturbate for a bit. One girl brought out her electric toothbrush and showed the girls in the room how nice it was on their clit. From there it just turns into a big lesbian lick fest. This was suppose to be a yoga party but things turned out very different. Another good part is when one of the girls who's room it is breaks out some lube she has that taste like cotton candy. Each girl wants to try it so naturally they put it on another girls pussy when they want to "try it". There is everything you could want in a lesbian scene right here and in Dare Dorm fashion it's all done by amateurs. The girl who submitted this tape was actually paid $10,000 dollars by them, so if you're in college make sure you have a camera you might pay off your student loans, err SOME of your student loans.

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