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This gorgeous leggy hottie is a manager at a salon and spa, which I guess explains why she has a great haircut and looks like she's been pampered from head to toe haha...well except for the bruises on her inner thighs, which give away the fact that this chick is a lot of fun in the bedroom! You guys probably remember seeing her very first adult video back on Girls Do Porn, but if you forgot or need a reminder I've got it right here for you don't worry...this girl has legs a mile long and nice perky titties and she's putting on a show in this hot Girls Do Toys shoot! They are basically a warmup before the girls go and do the full-on hardcore shoot at GDP...here at Girls Do Toys they get used to being naked on camera and fucking themselves with all kinds of toys and man these girls are easily the most smokin hot amateur chicks on the net I kid you not. This girl here for instance looks like she could be a supermodel walking the runway, doesn't she?

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