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FTV Chloe Amour


Chloe Amour FTV Girls

Usually FTV Girls gets the names of their models right when they do a update but this girl they call “Michele” I definitely know her as Chloe Amour.  There is no doubt in my mind that it’s her and Chloe Amour is her proper name.  In this scene you get to see Chloe in a way different light then you have been used to.  You get to see kind of like the model side of her.  The pictures are just down right beautiful and she has literally never looked hotter then she does in this gallery.  The update of course has plenty of video and a lot of it is of her having real orgasms with strong vibrators and what not.  The video I decided to give you guys is at first a little taste of what she does in all 14 of her videos as well as a longer segment at the end of her fucking a really big toy.  I think it’s called the big ten but to be honest I am not up on all the crazy names that FTV has for their toys.

Wilderness Sex


Chloe Amour Fantasy HD Wilderness Sex

Yea I am giving you two Chloe Amour videos today.  I kind of feel like Santa Claus…  This will scratch your itch for seeing Chloe fucked if that’s what you felt was missing in her FTV Girls gallery.  It’s from Fantasy HD and they call it Wilderness Sex.  This guy has taken Chloe a little ways into the woods to have a picnic with him.  He of course knows the secret that picnic = sex is almost every country.  Chloe Amour follows the formula and fucks him after they have eaten their lunch.  She at first sits on his face to get that pussy eat so she is in the mood before she starts to ride him. When she was getting her pussy eaten and sucking his dick she look a little nervous to be doing in this in public.  Once the actual sex started to go down though she could care less if anyone saw her.  Chloe is one exotic beauty and I hope we see her in porn for a long long time but just in case we don’t enjoy every scene I share with you guys cause it could be her last!

Heather Night Casting


Heather Night Casting Couch X

Every model gets their start somewhere but there is only one site where you get to see the actual casting couch interview and that’s on Casting Couch X!  Here is Heather Night and her very first sex scene.  It was a special scene for many reason but the main one is she is the first girl to ever get a creampie on this site!  She kind of forced this guy to cum in her pussy because she was on top riding him and she just wouldn’t get off when he told her he was going to cum.  She just kept riding him because it felt to good.  Look at this picture that I have for the guy and you get to see the exact moment she had a orgasm while riding him.  You now probably understand why she just let him cum in her pussy because she was just cumming over and over while riding him so she didn’t really want it to stop.  This is definitely not the first time she has been posted on our site (1,2) but this is really the first sex tape she ever did so enjoy it, it’s a great one!



Savannah for mom pov

Savannah is a cute Asian with great tits who doesn’t look 45, that’s for damn sure…she’s a stay at home mom with a taste for cock and doesn’t mind being watched so she headed to Mom POV for her first adult sex video! This tasty MILF gives a nice blowjob but it’s those big round titties and her gorgeous ass that really steal the show if you ask me…she obviously loves getting out in public if her bikini tanlines are any indication, and when she gets turned on I bet those perky nipples blast right through any flimsy fabric trying to cover them up! She gets fucked doggystyle and loves it but really gets to moaning when she’s on her back with her legs pulled up so she can take that dick as deep inside as possible…I have the feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Savannah on the site!

So Close Together


So close together on x art

When girls spend a lot of time together, especially when they live together, it’s altogether natural for them to become more intimate…for some women they become more sisterly, but in the case of Kaylee and Angelica from X-Art they get so close together that sometimes they just have to fuck! These are two of the most beautiful lesbians you’ll ever slap eyes on, so kick back and take a seat as they get together for a little playtime. They start out playfully kissing a little and rolling around but after touching lips it seems like a bubble bursts and the sexual tension drains away, leaving two stunning women free to explore each other however they want! Soon they’re passionately making out and the clothes are hitting the floor, with Angelica gently licking Kaylee’s tight pussy and fingering her hole at the same time. I’m a particular fan of Angelica and I bet you are too, so if you wanted to take a look at some of her other scenes on X-art we have a bunch, like here and here!

Helen Flanagan


Helen Flanagan

I tend to have to look up a lot of these celebrities that Taxi Driver Movie posts LOL!  I just don’t actors / actresses very good at all.  Especially if they are coming from across the pond like Helen Flanagan here.  She is showing off her sexy little black panties in this see through skirt.  She had to know when she left the house that her dress was see through.  I mean she wore full back panties so she is still keeping it classy but man is it sexed up by being see through am I right or what!  Since I had to look up who this girl was I may as well tell you so you don’t have to figure it out as well.  She is a Actress from the UK and is best known for her character Rosie Webster on a soap opera called Coronation Street.

Sharon Lee Fingering


Sharon Lee Babes Network

If there was like the Jeopardy of porn or something along those lines I think I would kill it.  I mean I had a buddy send me this picture and I guessed it was Sharon Lee.  I can tell this girl just by her perfect tits!  I have watched enough of her porn videos for these boobs just to be engrained in my brain.  The gallery I am sending you to today is from a solo scene she did for Babes Network.  You guys know me I tend to only post the hardcore stuff that they do but they have a tons of just masturbating stuff that I think you guys would like as well.  In this picture gallery you get to see Sharon fingering her pussy and ass.  She not only has a great set of breasts but her pussy is just perfect.  I think most Asian girls have really tight pussies it’s one of their many advantages to being Asian.

Jenna White Bikini


Jenna Alluring Vixens

I was surfing around another site when I saw that they did a ranking of the best Spank Bank girls from Gorilla Mask.  So I thought I would post you guys the #1 girl and see what you thought.  The number one chick is Jenna of course from Alluring Vixens.  I mean I can really argue with the rankings because Jenna here would be my number one as well.  That pretty face, perfect body and big tits I couldn’t turn her down ever! The only probably really with this gallery is that she doesn’t get naked! I would say it’s more Alluring Vixens bad then GorillaMasks but still I want to see that pussy and tits and then I would be set.

Eva Karera Loves Anal


Eva Karera Loves Anal Naughty America

It looks like Naughty America is starting up a new fantasy series on their site called “My Girlfriend Loves Anal”.  Here is one of the scenes that I found from it.  It’s over at a friends site and it’s just a video but it’s a long one so I figured I would hook you guys up.  The video stars a nice fake titty MILF named Eva Karera and she is French, you will figure that out once you hear her talking.  Anyways this American guy has kind of fallen in love with her while he was visiting over there.  She was just using him for the good sex but she thought it would be nice to give him a going away present.  She let him know how much French girls love it up the butt and he got the idea where this was going.  He held nothing back when he was fucking his mature woman in the butt and she fucking loved it, check it out for yourself!

Dana Vespoli and Chloe Foster


Dana Vespoli and Chloe Foster MILF SOup

I like what Bang Bros is doing to their MILF Soup site.  Last week you had Lisa Ann and Casey Calvert having anal and this week it’s Dana Vespoli teaching Chloe Foster how to have anal.  I have never seen a anal sex scene with Chloe before except for a little double penetration she did with toys on FTV Girls.  Other then that she has been all about the pussy sex.  So in order to get ready to start doing anal more she called up one of her porn friends who has been in the industry a while Dana Vespoli to be her anal teacher.  They of course had it filmed by Bang Bros so you guys could enjoy the training session.  I think it was a pretty good session Chloe definitely got some pleasure out of it especially when she was being fucked in the ass and the big hitachi wand was on her pussy.  That looked like it was her jam!  Anyways hopefully we will continue to get videos like this from Bang Bros because they’re definitely dope.

Angel Del Rey Anal


Angel Del Rey Mr. Anal

I am not going to lie I was about to not post this gallery!  It’s not because I didn’t think you guys would like it or anything I just thought I had already posted it!  This girl who is in this Mr. Anal scene looks like Lyla Storm to me and I had just posted her Mr. Anal scene not to long ago.  So it was fresh on the brain and I just was like oh already posted her move on.  Glad I actually looked at it though and figured it out!  Because this scene is much better then Lyla’s I think Angel Del Rey here is way cuter and she doesn’t have on that stupid make-up that Lyla did.  Angel Del Rey here is a really cute Latina who just by her size you wouldn’t thin actually likes anal.  I am not sure if the guy fucking her in the ass is just better at teaching girls who Angel just naturally likes it but she looks to be really enjoying herself throughout this video.  I mean just look at this picture and see how big that guys dick is compared to her.  Can you even belive that she is able to take him balls deep?  I couldn’t but hey I watched the video so I saw it happen.

Entice with Paula


Paula for nubile films

I guess when you’ve got a body like Paula it’s no big challenge to entice a guy into taking his clothes off…but that doesn’t make it any less fun! Paula convinces her boyfriend to stick around the house a little longer and be late for work by pressing her big breasts against his face, feeling his cock stiffening in his pants before taking it out and sucking him for this Nubile Films update. Soon he had given in completely to her whims and was sitting on the bed nude, where she mounted him in reverse cowgirl and went for a little ride! It’s pretty trendy now to have a nice clean-shaven pussy and Paula is no exception, I don’t know if it makes her a little more sensitive down there or what but it certainly looks like she’s enjoying the hell out of it. All too soon the guy couldn’t take it anymore and just had to bust a nut, which he did all over her beautiful boobs to finish this hardcore fuck session off right!

Sea of Green


Babes network gina devine

The first thing I think of when I hear the phrase ‘sea of green’ is the Beatles Yellow Submarine movie, but after checking out this hardcore fuck scene from the Babes network I might just have a new mental association! This episode features gorgeous brunette Gina Devine and her perky perfect titties as she strips down and gets her body worked over by her bald-headed boyfriend. He licks her pussy to get her all turned on (there’s something magical about those lips of hers, they look cute as hell when she moans in pleasure) before sliding his big dick inside her pink hole. A hot chick with a great body getting her pussy plundered on a sea of green sheets? Sounds like a plan to me!

Busty Madeline


Madeline on backroom casting couch

Say hello to Madeline, the newest girl to come face to face (or face to cushion, more like) with the Backroom Casting Couch. The ‘casting director’ found her working at a shop in the mall and told her about the fame and riches that can come from being a part of the adult industry…being not the brightest spark in the plug she believed every word of it and stopped by for her ‘audition’, which of course consisted of her stripping down nude and getting fucked on the guy’s desk! She’s got big round fake tits and a nice ass, and he takes advantage of the latter by getting her to try out some anal sex…she takes it up the keister and then has a big creamy load shot in her mouth before she’s sent packing with the old “don’t call us we’ll call you” action. Who knows, maybe she’ll make it big in this business!

Blowjob Contest


College rules blowjob contest

At this College Rules blowjob contest everyone’s a winner…well at least all the guys are! These ladies are hot and horny and love to gobble knob so they line up and see who can give the best suck job to four lucky frat guys. They get all turned on by having those cranks between their lips though so they of course ending up getting fucked like crazy in what turns out to be a hot college orgy! Keep an eye out for the cute redhead with the perky tits riding a dick and making out with her girlfriend at the same time. She’s not exactly a pro at getting fucked on camera but she is cute as hell and is obviously having a blast as she gets her shaved pussy worked. There’s more hot college ass here than you can shake your stick at…but I bet you’ll put that to the test!

Big Latina Tits


Latina my gf big tits

This Latina honey has some curves on her like a real woman and she likes to have her body worked by a real man! That’s just what she gets in this home video submission on My GF after showing off those big round titties of hers. With a magnificent rack like that if she’s on this site on the Bang Bros network you know she’s going to be putting out like a champ and sure enough, soon she has her mouth full of cock followed in short order by her tight meaty pussy as she rides her way to ecstasy. Her boyfriend likes being ridden but likes that round juicy ass of hers even better so he flips her around to fuck her doggystyle to finish off this hot amateur fuckfest!

Taste Me Taste You


Twistys cassie and hayden

It’s easy to see where the name of this Twistys lesbian scene came from…it’s called Taste Me, Taste You and features Cassie Laine and Hayden Hawkens as lesbian girlfriends in a hot and steamy fuck session on the bed! Watch Hayden pull Cassie’s panties off with her teeth before spreading those legs to lick her pussy, receiving a clit-tongueing of her own in return before these sexy sapphic sirens passionately kiss…it’s always a pleasure to see beautiful lesbians getting intimate with each other as if the cameras weren’t even there.

Kitchen panties


Zishy kitchen hottie

OK, so this is quite likely the hottest woman you will see all day, I’m just calling that right out of the gate. She is absolutely stunning and I think a big part of that is the fact that she’s obviously not trying too hard, she doesn’t have a ton of makeup on or anything like that, she’s just hanging out in her shirt and panties in the kitchen having breakfast or something. This girl from Zishy is absolutely stunning though, with perky little boobies and a great ass, and I wish we’d get to see her nude but it’s not meant to be…at least not yet!

Holly Brooks Is A HomeWrecker


Holly Brooks Is A Homewrecker

Holly Brooks goes over to her friends house and she knows damn well that she isn’t home.  The thing is like all girls she see’s her friend with a good guy and says I want THAT guy.  She doesn’t want a guy LIKE that but THAT guy… Girls!  Anyways she comes over to her house pretending like she is going to hang out by the pool with her.  The real reason is that she wants to shows off her big tits to her boyfriend and seduce him.  When the boyfriend tries to send her on the way that’s when she makes her move saying that the two of them should be boyfriend / girlfriend!  The guy can’t turn down a hot babe like this especially when those big plump lips are about to be wrapped around his dick.  Holly gives him head and titty fucks him in the pool until she wants him to enter that sweet MILF pussy of hers.  So Holly brings him in side and fucks him every which way.  He pulls out in the end and covers those huge tits in cum… It’s what we would all want to do if we saw boobs like this!

Kelsi Monroe Facial


Kelsi Monroe on Bang Bros

Here is a new model I think we should all keep our eye on.  Her name is Kelsi Monroe!  She has a big fat ass and she is a real deal Latina as well!  In this Bang Bros scene you get to see her fucked and facialed!  Which is good because the last one she did for them she was just eating pussy and that was good but this right here is fucking great!  I love seeing a girl with a nice slim waste and a big fat ass because it’s just so damn rare.  Kelsi here knows that she has a lot of junk in the trunk and loves to show it off.  I mean she is in porn after all but she loves it a little more then the other girls who venture into this industry.  Just check out these cute little pictures she did behind scenes in which she shows off how flexible she is as well as her amazing big booty.



Net video girls maddi

With the way they get girls to show up for their fake ‘calendar’ casting call, you never know what you’re going to get with Net Video Girls…it’s nice when they hit one out of the park like this, getting beautiful Maddi to show up and gradually work her way from a would-be implied nude photoshoot to taking her clothes off and masturbating, and finally to sucking dick and getting fucked on camera! They have some tricks up their sleeves, that’s for sure…I think it all hinges on keeping the girl comfortable and feeling safe throughout the entire shoot. Whatever their hook is, I hope they keep doing it because seeing a hot amateur babe show off her perky little tits and long lean legs and get fucked like this is like a dream cum true!

Make Me Feel Beautiful


X art make me feel beautiful

Guys pay close attention…you might think women just want presents and whatnot but the single most important thing to remember is, a woman loves to feel beautiful and if you’re in a relationship with a woman that is your number one job! Chocolates and whatnot are great but if you look a girl in the eye and let her know that she is absolutely gorgeous, chances are things are going to be just fine. Look what happens with this guy when he makes Jessica feel pretty in this X-art update, if you have any doubts! She was relaxing in the nude on the bed and when he came into the bedroom he just couldn’t take his eyes off her…she loved the attention he was giving to her neck and legs as well as her perky breasts and of course her perfect pussy, getting more and more turned on as he visited every inch of that body with his fingers and tongue. Soon she was sucking his cock to get him good and hard before mounting him, riding his dick with passion in this update entitled Make Me Feel Beautiful!

Amateur pussy play


Amateur masturbation

There are plenty of women online masturbating and fucking and showing off but it’s still pretty hot to see an amateur get down and dirty…I mean this chick isn’t ugly but she’s not super hot, she could be your neighbor or classmate who knows. She’s pretty horny though and is taking pictures of herself masturbating on the kitchen floor or something with a toy that looks like a combination between a vibrator and some kind of sadistic torture device with spikes and nubs and whatnot. She seems to like it though.

Sophia Lares


Sophia Lares on Studio TV

Studio TV apparently has some good taste because they’ve got gorgeous big titty babe Sophia Lares showing off that great body of hers in these sexy photos! She doesn’t quite get completely nude but she does pull off her top and let those big melons hang free, giving great face and shaking her juicy booty in her sexy blue panties, or whatever those are that she’s wearing.

Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden

Hot blonde celebrity babe Courtney Stodden is only 18 and has already been married for two years, to one of the guards from Shawshank Redemption and the guy who could squeeze through a ventilation grate in X-files. Anyway she was 16 and he was 51 when they married but apparently it’s the real deal, and I can’t say I blame him…take a look at this hottie leaving the plastic surgeon and see for yourself! I guess she got a boob job and from the looks of things the guy did a good job, she got her moneys worth.

Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz X Art

Lesbian sex isn’t just some wham bam thank you ma’am, it can be a veritable Sapphic Waltz as shown in this X-art photoshoot featuring Kaylee and Clover! These two girls are both stunningly hot and look great in their lingerie as they passinoately make out on the bed, kissing and undressing each other, letting their fingers and lips wander all over each other until they’re both gasping and moaning and reaching the peaks of ecstasy. With talented lips and tongues and fingers like these who needs a dick to have fun? Not these girls, at least not ALL the time.

Brittania Booty


Brittania on Show Girlz Exclusive

Exotic long haired hottie Brittania has a hell of a body and has been dying to show it off, so when she got the opportunity to pose for a site like Show Girlz Exclusive she pretty much jumped at the chance! I think we can all agree that it’s a damn good thing she did, too…take a look at this beautiful mocha-skinned woman with that round sexy ass, big full breasts and heavenly hips and see what you think. There aren’t many men out there who could say no to a butt like that.

Passion Dance


Passion hd dani jensen passion dance

Lay back and let gorgeous redhead Dani Jensen regale you with a little thing she likes to call the Passion Dance! She wanted to give her man a little something special so she put on her favorite song, slipped on her thigh high legwarmers, lacy panties and tiny top and gave him the lapdance of his life for Passion HD! She slid her ass up and down on his crotch, feeling him get harder and harder until finally they both gave up on the clothing and got into some hot hardcore action right there in the living room. She worked her pussy up and down on his big dick, sliding effortlessly into the heights of ecstasy until with a strong moan he came deep inside that wet hole for a nice creampie finish! She dipped her fingers into her pussy and licked them clean to have a taste of his seed, already planning out her next seductive dance number. Dani has been on Passion HD before too, and her scenes are always incredibly sexy…see for yourself!

Juicy Fruit


Pure mature juicy fruit janet mason

Sexy MILF Janet Mason has it all…plenty of money, a huge gorgeous house and of course her amazing body with a beautiful face, big full breasts and a downright delectable ass! All she needs is a big hard dick to share it with…and here he comes! This guy comes bearing gifts of bubbly champagne and juicy fruit but Janet is more interested in his huge thick cock (which is somehow multicolored, so I’m pretty sure the guy’s name must be Neapolitan) which she gleefully takes in her mouth for a nice blowjob before bending over on a blanket in the garden to get fucked from behind, moaning as her big tits are bounced with the rhythm for Pure Mature.

Surfer Chick


Girls Do Porn Surfer Chick

This is one laid back chick right here.  Well literally and I mean her personality too.  She is the newest 20 year old to make it on Girls Do Porn and you’re going to love her!  She has some nice golden brown skin a super sexy face as you can see and some full natural tits.  She loves to fuck too, when the guy from Girls Do Porn asked her when the last time she had fucked she said 2 days ago!  This girl likes a dick in her pussy!  So much so she doesn’t even own a dildo because in her own words “She would rather the real thing”.  Also a thing you might like to know is that she loves to have rough sex.  I thought she had came to the right place but they didn’t even really give it to her that rough compared to other girls I would say.  She did get fucked pretty hard throughout the gallery and in the end she gets a facial.  Well the guy kind of just hoses her down drop some everyone including her mouth which she swallows no problem.  She would be a good friend to have I think because you could totally bang this chick with no strings attached she is just that type of girl.

Connie Carter Skinny Dipping


Connie Carter Skinny Dipping

Just love this body that Connie Carter has!  This is her first time doing a scene for Passion HD can you believe that?  She has done so many erotica sites that I almost couldn’t believe it when I went to find her other scenes that she did for them.  In this gallery she is getting a creampie and a whole lot of dick!  The video starts off with her and her boyfriend kind of just getting in the mood while they skinny dip in the pool and then go to the shower to wash up.  The shower is really where things started to heat up, Connie gave him some shower head and then got dressed and waiting on the couch for him to get out.  The fucked and Connie got a creampie while she was in the doggystyle position.  Connie has such a awesome body and it’s all natural.  She is like just the perfect size, has the perfect natural tits and then her pussy.  That has just the perfect amount of hair in my opinion, absolutely one of my favorite models.

Spinner Skylar


Exploited college girls skylar

Skylar is a hot brunette 21 year old with a very nearly perfect ass and pussy. I would have said her ass was perfect myself but the videographer described it as ‘nearly’ perfect and he’s the one fucking her so what do I know. Anyway, she’s a cute little spinner in need of cash and looking for a way to bust her way into the adult business…she’s not mind-blowingly gorgeous but from the sounds of things she gives herself 20-30 orgasms in a single marathon masturbation session and that’s just good entertainment if you ask me! After stripping down and warming up with a couple of toygasms she sucks cock and then finally bends over to get her tight little pussy fucked with her legs shaking as she cums all over the guy’s dick! I don’t know about 20 or 30 but she does have a good few orgasms in this Exploited College Girls update. A fun girl all in all from the looks of things!

Sink Sitter


Zishy sink sitter

There are better places to take a bath in a house than by sitting in the damn kitchen sink, girl…the bath tub, for instance. This girl might not know the first thing about sinks but she is hot as hell and is in her bra and panties for these Zishy photos, playing around in the kitchen and showing off those big tits as well as her shelf of an ass! By the mischievous look on her face you can tell she knows exactly how hot she is, so maybe she’s just testing us out by seeing how we react to her climbing into the sink and getting all wet.

Karen Tilefakos



Oh man…if you’re in the mood for a chick with an absolutely perfect body look no further than this Errotica Archives photoshoot featuring Greek hottie Karen Tilefakos! She has the right to look so cheerful when she’s been blessed with an amazing pair of tits and a downright scrumptious ass. I know a lot of girls get gushed over when they look any kind of alright with no clothes on but man, Karen seriously has a traffic-stopping body and her face is no slouch either. Check out these shots as she relaxes in the nude on a couch, pulling her hair up and rolling around to show off every inch and every angle!

Lacy on Holly Randall



Talk about being red hot! Lacy Channing looks incredible in her sexy red lingerie and loose fitting top, relaxing on the edge of a bed or something by the crackling fireplace. Her bra and panties leave very little to the imagination but still, it’s mighty nice when she decides to strip down completely nude and masturbate with a glass toy! Lacy has an amazing body and isn’t afraid to show it off, spreading her ass to give us a look at her winking rear-eye and licking the round tip of her toy as if we didn’t already know what she was planning to do with it. This photoshoot comes courtesy of Holly Randall’s site, and is definitely worth a look if you’re feeling a little chilly and blue.

Made For Each Other


Xart made for each other kaylee

There’s no doubt that Kaylee and Kyle were basically made for each other…they almost share names even! In this X-Art update he gives her pussy the attention it deserves, dropping to his knees to worship at her shaved temple with his lips, fingers and tongue. I guess he does a good job teasing and licking that clit because she trades him places, giving him a very nice blowjob before spreading her long smooth legs to take his cock to the hilt! I don’t think this outdoor kitchen has ever seen hardcore action on the tables like this…it’s gotta be nice to fuck in the open air like that though!

I Need Love


Babes aaliyah I need love

I’m sure in Aaliyah Love‘s household the shout of “I need Love!” is a pretty common occurrence…not in an emo sort of way though, more like in a lets-fuck-right-now kind of way! In this update from the Babes network the stunning blonde temptress is in bed with her lucky guy pal and from the looks of things he definitely needs Love and he needs her right now. He strips her out of her teal bra and panties, kissing her all down her beautiful body and making her giggle before turning those giggles into gasps as he penetrates her shaved pussy! It’s a nice hardcore fuck session that looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon if you ask me.

4RealSwingers Swallow


4 Real Swingers Blowjob and Swallow

Here is a MILF that just loves to suck cock.  She doesn’t even get fucked or anything she is giving her husband the full treatment in this homemade video.  She gets naked gets on her knees and gives him some amazing head.  No hands, tip to balls you couldn’t ask for it any better.  Well you could and she delivers on that too she swallows his huge load like all girls should.  The only problem with this video is the fucking techno music going on in the background I mean really who in their 30’s 40’s listens to that shit!  I thought they were going to break out some glow sticks or something LOL!

La Dolce Vita Cinquecento


Sex art valentina

My Italian is a little rusty but after checking out Valentina Nappi in this Sex Art update I am pretty sure the title of the scene, La Dolce Vita Cinquecento, means “holy shit look at those fine ass titties”. If it doesn’t don’t tell me because I’ll be sorely disappointed…you wont be though when you check out this hot hardcore shoot! Valentina starts out in a sexy red dress with black high heels and thigh high stockings…what is it about thigh highs that is so fucking sexy? I guess her guy friend feels it too because soon he’s fingering her pussy and licking that slit before sliding his cock inside her, fucking her on a wooden table that honestly doesn’t look too comfortable. Valentina is hot as hell with big tits, a nice round ass and a supremely fuckable pussy so take a look, it’ll make her happy.

Amateur couple


Watch my gfs liono

There’s something hot about having people watch you fuck, especially strangers…most people feel that allure I think but not everybody has the balls to fuck in public or invite their friends over to watch. This amateur couple went even a step beyond that though, keeping the cameras rolling as they rolled around in bed and then sending the footage in to Watch My GF! This big tittied amateur babe takes it from behind by her boyfriend’s big dick, letting that long hair swing and her boobs bounce with every thrust. I’m not sure sure about the belly button piercing though, it looks like her stomach is drooling or something.

The Seduction


Teal Conrad In The Seduction

Teal Conrad is driving and text at the same time this I cannot recommend but she was just too damn horny going over to this guys house.  She wanted him to know that she was ready to fuck as soon as she pulled up to his house.  He of course had no problem with that because from the looks of it he just got to lay on his back and enjoy the ride that Teal Conrad gave him.  This video is really really well done it kind of seems like a movie.  It was shot for Erotic Snap and the video ends with Teal getting a huge facial.  Looks like she swallowed a little bit of it too, she probably just couldn’t resist!

Sexy Chloe


Curvy chloe on backroom casting couch

Skinny chicks might be nice to look at once in awhile but who wants to fuck a burlap sack full of chicken bones day in and day out? Not the casting director at Backroom Casting Couch, that’s for sure…when a girl with actual womanly curves like Chloe shows up this guy thanks his lucky stars, it means he won’t get bruises on his thighs from fucking that pussy! Chloe has a pretty face, the aforementioned curves, and a beautiful ass that is just right for bending over and fucking. Sure enough, soon she has her elbows down and is taking that dick from behind but I guess it hurts a little too much because soon she begs him to take it out. Despite her not being able to handle the buttsex she does love going doggystyle and even takes a creampie finish for this hardcore fuck session!

Better than Cheating


Passion hd better than cheating threesome

They’d been dating awhile and Sara Luvv and her boyfriend were both getting the old wandering-eye syndrome…although I can understand it way more on Sara’s party; her boyfriend has her waiting in bed for him and he’s dreaming about other pussy? What’s wrong in his head? Anyway these two communicated and figured out a solution that was way better than cheating…they decided to invite their friend Chloe Amour over for a hot hardcore threesome on Passion HD, that way nobody would get jealous and everyone was satisfied! Chloe and Sara got to explore their lesbian fantasies as they made out and licked each others pussy and Sara’s dumb boyfriend got to fuck two incredibly hot girls at once.

Asian Rose


Asian Rose The Black Alley

The Black Alley doesn’t sound like a site where you’d be able to find some of the hottest nude Asian hotties around but man, it definitely is! For instance take this photoshoot of lovely Rose (or Tokyo Rose, if you will), an exotic beauty with sexy red lingerie and super perky gumdrop nipples taking off her clothes for us to enjoy. If you’ve got a thing for Asians with beautiful faces and amazing bodies you can consider this your lucky day.

Brandy in Monaco


Sex Art Brandy A

I believe this blonde hottie’s name is Brandy and her photos are being taken in Monaco by Sex Art but that’s just my incredible detective skills coming into play. It doesn’t exactly take a Sherlock Holmes though to see that this girl is hot as hell, peeling out of her clothes by the window as the city bustles below to take a little time out for herself, letting her hands wander down south to masturbate on camera for us! Sex Art has some incredibly hot women on the site and Brandy is a fine example of this.

Rachel Wilde


Rachel Wilde Body in Mind

The photographers for this site definitely had Body in Mind when they selected busty hottie Rachel Wilde to get in front of the lens! She’s got quite the bangin body, from her pretty face and long hair to her big round perfectly-shaped breasts to a very cute and very spankable butt as she poses in the nude on top of some bales of hay in a barn. If this is a ranch hand remind me to pack my bags and move to the farmlands, she’s gorgeous and looks like she’s in need of a good cowpoke!

Phoenix returns


Phoenix Marie tonights girlfriend

She’s been the guest of honor before on Tonights Girlfriend and I guess Phoenix Marie enjoyed the experience quite a bit! Or else she just enjoyed getting a big fat fistful of cash to play with in exchange for a good hard fuck…it’s a little hard to say. What is easy to say though is that Phoenix is a stunning blonde with an amazing body that looks great in lingerie but also looks phenomenal when she’s stripped down to just her thigh high stockings and garter belt, getting that meaty pussy of hers penetrated on the hotel bed!

Cody Love VIP Area


VIP Area Cody Love

Cody Love is a sexy blonde with what appear to be perfectly round fake tits…she loves to show em off too, as you can see in this VIP Area photoshoot! She strips out of her blue bra and those see-through blue panties, letting her tits out to play and also giving us a look at her cute ass. I think what she has going for her most is in the eyes, though; they’re smoky and sexy but also have just the tiniest bit of shy nervousness that helps keep things interesting. Know what I mean?

Busting Loose


Ellie on gf revenge

She already had me at the Batman shirt but this blonde girl Ellie has a cute face and huge soft round tits busting loose to boot! Her boyfriend surprises her in the bathroom in her thong and bra putting on some makeup and just won’t leave her alone with his camera…she doesn’t seem serious though when she tells him to gtfo and sure enough, she’s soon getting those big titties out and sucking his cock on camera. Maybe not the best idea ever for her, since now the footage is live on the internet on GF Revenge for all of us horny fellas to enjoy…nothing better than seeing a cute amateur blonde with nice curves strip naked and get her meaty shaved pussy fucked!

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