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Big John


Big John

The name of this photoshoot featuring Talia Shepard from her own website is Big John, I am guessing that the dildo she’s sucking and fucking was modeled after the cock of the one and only John Holmes but I’m not 100% sure. What I *AM* sure of, though, is that this chick is a fucking stunner! Talia’s got a gorgeous face and of course those big soft bouncy boobs, and she’s showing off her deepthroat blowjob skills as she takes as much of that huge dong into her mouth as she can manage before going for a nice hard ride on top of it. We might not get to see Talia getting fucked by a real live cock but hey at least we get the next best thing, she looks incredible taking that dick in her snatch and from the looks of things she’s big fan of sucking cock too!

Ass Toy


Ass Toy

I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago that beautiful Talia Shepard here was a Hustler magazine cover girl at one point…good for her! I mean I’m not exactly surprised, she’s gorgeous and has a fucking fantastic body as you can see, I just didn’t realize. Anyway this photoshoot is from her own website, it looks to be screencaps from a video clip she put up and she’s in a hotel room all by her lonesome, and you know what that means…yep, she’s busting out one of her big vibrators and going to town on that sweet tight wet pussy! Talia licks her toy and lays back on the bed, spreading her legs with one stem in the air as she slid that toy in and out of her hole and buzzed her clit. She wasn’t gonna make do with just one toy though so she pulled out another one, sliding it into her ass for a little anal pleasure while she gave her clit what-for with the other toy…it’s a red hot photoshoot, I guess Talia doesn’t need any company to have a fun time in a hotel bed and I’m sure whoever was next door probably had fun listening as well!

Talia Shepard Shower Dildo


Talia Shepard Shower Dildo

The busty and always beautiful Talia Shepard has a couple new galleries I will be going through.  The first is her in the shower doing a strip tease / wet t-shirt thing for her members.  She didn’t come into the shower alone  she actually brings in a glass dildo that is ribbed so she can give that pussy a little loving while she is in there.  I also wanted to mention do you guys see that her tattoo’s are almost gone?  That’s pretty amazing I must say, I guess that whole lazer thing really does work.  Talia has had her own site for some time and she is kind of a freak inside the members area.  She has a face like she should be a good girl, the tits obviously make you question that though.  Inside the members area though you see her masturbating, anal play all types of stuff you just have to join this amazing girls site!

Hitchhiking Masturbation


Talia shepard car masturbation

Tell me you wouldn’t slam on the brakes and pull your ass over like lightning if you saw a gorgeous girl like Talia Shepard hitchhiking along a hot and lonely desert road. In this photoshoot from her own website Talia repays you the driver for picking her up by giving you a nice little masturbation striptease in the back seat, pulling those huge soft full breasts out and sliding her shorts down her legs to get her fingers into those panties and play with her pussy. She gives quite a show, even pulling her panties up between her pussylips for a little cameltoe action and licking her perky nipples as she plays with herself. Talia is a beauty no matter what but this photoset really shows it off and she looks like she’s having a damn good time doing it! Hopefully she’s on a cross-country hitchhiking journey and will have plenty of time in the car…I wonder how she’ll repay you for gas?

Talia Fingering Herself


Talia shepard Fingering Herself

This gorgeous body belongs to a girl you guys should all know by now Talia Shepard.  She is one of the few girls I have a membership to and there is a reason for that.  I like being a member of her site because unlike a lot of other sites out there being a member you get exclusive stuff.  Like there are some other sites that if I wanted to find a video from their site I could and it’s free.  Well with Talia Shepard here if you wanted to find a video from her site you’re not going to be able to!  The site is locked down pretty tight!  So there is actually a point on paying for her site, that’s what I like!  Weird I know, but I thought I would share that with you guys.  Here is a picture gallery with her where she pulls down her tight pants and fingers herself you are going to like it.  Those who are members you can go watch a video of her masturbating that’s like 20x better I think!



Black Body Suit


Talia Shepard Body Suit

You get to see all of Talia Shepard in this nice little gallery from her personal site.  She is wearing this completely see through body suit throughout the gallery but does take out her tits to show you guys the good.  At the end of the gallery she has also torn a hole in the crotch for easy access.  I am surprised a piece of lingerie like this doesn’t already cum with the crotch cut out.  I mean when else is a girl going to wear such a thing except for right before she is about to have sex?

Cam In White Lingerie


Talia Shepard White Lingerie

I know you have seen Talia Shepard wear lingerie before but really can it ever get old?  I don’t think it can and I bet the majority of you think like me.  Here she is doing a webcam show for her members in a little white lingerie piece.  She shows every inch of her amazing body but gives extra boob time to the camera, because those are her money makers!

Talia’s Bikini


Talia Shepard Bikini

When you look this good it’s like required that you have a super skimpy bikini.  Talia Shepard is turning heads in this bikini I mean I couldn’t help it if I tried.  She is such a hot babe an dyou if you guys like solo girl sites then you just have to check hers out it’s one of the best for sure.  You don’t find video of her on the Internet not because she doesn’t have any but it’s strictly reserved for members only.  Talia has just a hot pair of tits and that ass matches those titties being perfect and all, I just can’t say enough about her!  Make sure to show some support for her and at least visit her site.

Talia Perving


Talia Shepard

I really like these like almost amateur picture galleries of Talia Shepard where she doesn’t have much make-up on and there isn’t like a lot of “thought” behind where she is and all that.  Don’t get me wrong I like that stuff too because well that’s what makes her so hot.  This kind of amateur stuff is my favorite though because you know that this little outfit is something she wears normally and she has just taken off her pants so she can rub her pussy and look at her good friend Bryci on the computer.

Talia Lingerie


Talia Shepard Lingerie

I mean how great do Talia Shepard’s tits look in this picture!  I remember when she first got her boob job people where just in a outrage I bet those voices have sure died down.   Here is a new picture gallery that was released and she is looking hotter then ever especially because she is wearing sexy lingerie!  I just love a girl with the full get up, the stockings to the corset she looks amazing.

Talia Green Bikini


Talia Shepard Bikini

I have a couple of just straight up babe galleries for you today and Talia Shepard is definitely one of those.  She is wearing this little green bikini and man does it show off that perfect body of hers.  It’s been a while since she released promo content for sites like ours but she recently did so you will be seeing more of her.  Talia is one of my favorite solo models there are because she does full masturbation and I mean you can not deny how hot she is!  Those tits are just amazing and I don’t even care that they are fake I know some of you will but those who do care I have one thing to say to you and its here.



Getting After It


Talia Shepard Masturbates

Talia Shepard is getting after it in this gallery for her site as you can see.  She is using this fancy little toy that looks just like a rabbit but like more pimped out.  I haven’t seen such graphic masturbation porn from Talia Shepard before so this is really a good thing.  Talia has awesome huge tits and just the cutest little body I don’t know how you can’t like her.

Talia Rides Dildo


Talia Shepard Huge Dildo

This is a really short gallery because you are only allowed to use these five video screen captures to show off this new video that Talia Shepard did.  I mean really, how mad can you be at me when I give you a picture that is this hot?  Talia takes this huge dildo nice and deep and she gives you a little show about how she would give this dick head.

Talia Glass Dildo


Talia Shepard Glass Dildo

I like that Talia Shepard started sharing her pussy with all of us in her promo material don’t you guys!  This is a really awesome update from her, I mean how hot does she look in this picture right here?  She is a total babe and you get to see her playing with a big glass dildo teasing her pussy for something that is about to come.

Kat from X Art


Kat X Art

I was just browsing through X Art‘s members area and saw this chick and was like DAMN how have I know posted her, so here we are.  Kat is her name and she has like the most perfect set of natural tits you have ever seen.  I think this might be Talia Shepard but I am not 100% sure so I will not confirm or deny that it is.

Naughty Nurse


Talia Shepard Nurse

This is a wonderful nude gallery of Talia Shepard for you guys today.  She is wearing this sexy nurse lingerie outfit that she soon takes off until she is naked.  Those big tits and petite body are what really get me going!  Talia Shepard is really involved in her site and if you guys join it will be the best money you have spent in a while.

Talia Tan Lines


Talai Shepard Tits

I am a big fan of this chick her name is Talia Shepard and she has such a petite body with perfect huge big tits.  In this gallery you get to check out a little strip show she did on webcam its almost a tease but she does eventually whip out those titties.



Talia Anal Play


Talia Anal Play

If you haven’t ever checked out a Talia Shepard video then that’s because you are not a member of her awesome site!  The videos are there and you can see some of the hottest stuff you could even imagine.  Just check out this picture gallery of Talia sticking a dildo in her ass.  She is a big fan of anal I guess because this is the second time I have seen her putting something in it, happens once she is exploring happens twice she likes it!

Talia Selfshots


Talia Shepard Selfshots

I mean some people were really pissed when Talia Shepard got her tits done but just looking at this picture I don’t see how you could be!  Here are some self shot nude picture Talia uploaded to her personal site that I think you guys will enjoy.  What I really like about this gallery is that Talia Shepard is drinking some Captain Morgan’s which just makes me respect and like her even more.

Leather Outfit


Talia Shepard Leather

I have a new gallery for you guys from Talia Shepard this time she is in a little bondage type uniform.  She has such awesome huge tits and is really the total babe in my opinion.  You will not find any videos of her anywhere because they are reserved totally for members only.  This girl is just so damn hot and I think when you look at this gallery you will love her too!

Talia Nudes


Talia is so hot

Talia Shepard is one of my personal favorites and she’s looking damn good in her slinky blue dress. Underneath she’s got some provocative black panties that beg to be pulled down with your teeth. Thankfully she takes all of this off and lets us see her beautiful ass and pussy.

Train Tracks


Train track hottie

Come watch Talia Shepard take off her clothes on the train tracks. It’s an artistic setting for a shoot and she’s a statuesque goddess with some amazing tits and cute panties to share with anyone who wants to see. Don’t miss one of the more stunning sets out there right now.

Talia Thong


Pink checkered hotness

Talia Shepard’s dressed to the nines in pink and black checkered stocking and a g-string, and believe me this is one gallery you do not want to miss out on. She poses beautifully for the camera, revealing her tight wet snatch that desperately needs to be filled with a cock.



Met Art Talia


Cute ex

Pics of this slutty brunette ended up in my inbox after she cheated on her boyfriend. She’s showing off her tits, ass or pussy in every single one of them, and not only are they gorgeous, but she’s really flexible. I can’t really blame her for cheating, a girl this hot needs more than one cock.

Talia Shepard


Talia’s awesome

Gorgeous Talia Shepard isn’t afraid to show her body and we’ve got tons of examples to prove it. Come check out this perfect slut’s galleries and take in as much of her perfect curves and tight pussy as you can stand. Take my word for it fellas, this is one jerk worthy girl.

Talia Shepard Nude


Talia Shepard is ready

Talia Shepard took a while to warm to the idea of this sort of modeling but when she finally loosened up a little she was perfect for the job. There isn’t much more that this babe could have done to help the cameraman out actually; besides giving him a blowjob I suppose!

Talia & Bryci


Talia Shepard and Bryci

I have a very sexy Gallery of Talia Shepard and Bryci in sexy bondage leather.  The girl kiss and grope each other.  Bryci seems to be the dominate girl in this gallery while Talia just sits there and does whatever she wants.

Talia’s Boobies


Talia Shepard

Talia Shepard has some new boobies and I thought I would share them with you guys. Some of you will say hey, her boobs were perfect before, well I think they are better now so I win.  In this gallery she is completely naked and showing off the new tits, and let me tell you this gallery is very erotica just check it out.

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