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Keira Heart The Surprise


Keira Heart The Surprise

Click to watch this Keira Heart video!

This guy is into feet in a big way and today his girlfriend Keira Heart is ready to give him the surprise of his life after she comes home from shopping…she’s…READ MORE

Easter Bunny Beauty


Easter Bunny Beauty

I’m just a little late posting this one for the season but hey let’s enjoy the gorgeous Danielle FTV dressed up as the easter bunny! She’s got her ears on and is…READ MORE

Bunny C Toe Sucker


Bunny C Toe Sucker

The busty and beautiful MILF Bunny C is looking super sexy in her thong panties and black bra, but just wait until she gets into some foot fetish fun because…READ MORE

Summer Brooks


Summer Brooks

Click to watch this Summer Brooks video!

This stunning blonde Summer Brooks is a headturner for sure, so it’s no wonder she caught the eye of this dude who approached and asked her about getting a free…READ MORE

Always Be Closing


Always Be Closing

Click to watch this Paige Owens video!

Beautiful real estate agent Paige Owens is determined to sell this guy on an expensive house so after showing him around the place they relax on the couch for a…READ MORE



Tic Tac Toes


Brookes playhouse tic tac toes

Fans of the feet, time to felebrate! I mean celebrate. What I’ve got for you here is a photo and video shoot from Brookes Playhouse of the girl herself stripping out of her sheer lingerie thing and showing off her cute feet, not to mention those big perfect breasts and her stunning round ass, and then giving her lucky-ass boyfriend a footjob rubbing his cock up and down with her feet and between her toes until he came all over her tootsies! The name of the set is Tic Tac Toes…I’ve never been a huge fan of feet as a fetish but this girl has some undeniably cute feet to go along with the rest of that gorgeous body of hers. Brooke always has fun stuff going on in her site and updates multiple times a week, it’s like an adventure every time you head inside the members area and this girl is just plain red hot! There are plenty of sites out there that center around a solo girl but not too many like this one where the chick has a solo site but also gets into some naughty hardcore action with a real guy besides showing off and playing with toys and stuff. I guess Brooke is just a diamond in the rough!



Blazing 21 Naturals

You guys are in for a nice little treat with this new scene from 21 Naturals.  It’s a foot fetish scene actually but the thing is when you join 21 Naturals you get access to their foot fetish site called foot art.  It’s a really good deal and I must say it is kind of a weird pairing.  I don’t actually know how popular that fetish is but I can tell you that most of you don’t seem to really dig it.  You do however love Victoria Blaze because I have seen you guys eat up that last scene I posted of hers.  They’re both from the same site, I like finding galleries here just because it’s a super clean site and it’s pretty easy to navigate.  Like most of the 21 Natural galleries you guy see this video is very long.  I don’t get how anyone actually makes money in porn anymore because pretty much everything is free LOL.  This girl Victoria has such a nice pussy she is definitely going in our Perfect Pussy category, about at the 4 minute mark you get to see her hips turned to the side and she gets fucked in that position and that pussy of hers looks like heaven.

Victoria Blaze


Victoria Blaze 21 Naturals

I am sure that I have seen this girl before someone but searching the site there is no Victoria Blaze.  She must have gone by another name at some time or a porn site just named her wrong.  This scene is called “Blaze” because well Victoria’s last name is that it’s a new erotic scene from 21 Naturals.  When you join this site you not only get access to girls with all natural tits but you also get access to 2 other sites that are more of a niche site in 21footart and that’s exactly what you think it is a site for people with a foot fetish.  The video is really long that I am sending you too and it’s edit nicely too because you get some parts that are slowed down so you can check out her face and just her reaction in general to being fucked so hard.

Feet Trained For Love


Satin Bloom 21 Naturals

This is kind of a foot fetish gallery but it’s not all completely that if that isn’t your thing.  The camera definitely takes the time to get the feet in certain shots but to be honest it’s hot.  The girl in this 21 Naturals scene is named Satin Bloom and you guys should know her pretty good!  Take any chance I can to post a new gallery of here.  For the lucky few who actually read my little blogs about each gallery you are going to get a extra video of her.  That one is nothing more then her masturbating though.  In this scene you get to see the guy sucking on her feet and then she shows off her skills by giving him a footjob.  I think the way a lot of these kinds of scene end is the guy cums on their toes.  I don’t know how he could ever pull out of that perfect pussy that Satin has but you will see for yourself I won’t ruin it for you.

Hot legs and feet


hot lesbians licking

If you’re into hot legs and feet, not to mention pretty lesbians eating out each others pussies you’re going to dig this photoshoot from the DDF network…these two lesbian schoolgirls were hanging out after class and decided it was high time to find out just what they could do with those tight shaved holes of theirs, so they pulled off their plaid skirts and tugged off their panties and got to licking on those clits and slits! They both definitely have hot legs and feet and those long stems and cute toes get a nice working over as well in this sexy sapphic scene. You’ll take one look at those perky titties and those cute butts in the air and want to join in on the fun I’m sure!

Foot Fetish With Zoey


Zoey Paige Foot Fetish

You don’t get much foot fetish stuff on this site because well it’s not really popular as far as I can tell.  I will however always post a new Fantasy HD video and this one just happens to be a foot fetish type of gallery.  The model who is in this update is Zoey Paige and she has her toenails perfect manicured and even has some jewelry on a couple of toes.  I am sure this is going to make some of you very happy.  Zoey has sex with a guy during the scene and the her feet are focus a lot during the video.  She gets into weird positions where her feet are in view and the video even ends with her getting her feet covered in this guys cum.  Zoey is a super cute girl and I think I can tell that she has nice feet, but like I said it’s not my thing so I could be wrong.



Evi Fox Cum Eating Cuckolds


Evi Fox Cum Eating Cuckolds

Well Evi Fox just became a very very dirty girl!  She is on a boy / boy / girl scene but the guy isn’t just fucking her they are also fucking each other.  That’s right we have a red alert for some gay porn so watch out!  I do like me some Evi Fox though and I figured there might be one or two of you around the site here that might enjoy seeing this gay get humiliated by Evi.  The guy is suppose to be her husband and he is quite the bitch doing everything Evi asks for including letting her get fucked by another guy and of course having him suck that guys cock and eat his cum!  The site is called Cum Eating Cuckolds and they have a lot of really famous pornstars who have been on their site, which is pretty surprising I must say.

Door To Passion


Britney Amber Pure Mature

This is a scene from Pure Mature called Door To Passion but if I was naming these scene it would be window to passion.  You see how much better mine is then theirs?  I do believe that this is the first scene Britney Amber has done for Pure Mature and it remind me a lot of Lisa Ann’s first scene with them.  I mean they definitely both did this sitting on the guys face while looking out the window it’s the same location and everything.  Pure Mature is a great place to find erotic MILF porn and actually if I think about it, it’s the only place to find it!

Rainbow Toes


private school jewel rainbow

Follow Private School Jewel’s rainbow socks to the end to get to the pot of gold! Well, she’s wearing yellow panties, which is pretty much the same thing. To tell the truth if I had to choose between a leprechaun’s pot of gold and what Jewel is packing in those little panties I might have to think on it for awhile…

Gracie Foot Job


Gracie Footjob on X Art

Here is the gorgeous Gracie who I now know is a woman of many talents.  Just check out this new X Art gallery called Foot Fetish.  Gracie is able to jerk her boyfriend off with just her feet and she actually makes him cum!  How impressive is that shit?  I really love this site and I think you will too if you just give it a chance and take the tour so please do that after you have check out this very erotic gallery.

Janessa Is Waiting


Janessa Brazil Waiting

I just really like this gallery from Janessa Brazil because you get to see her riding on a cock.  I wish she would just do it for real, maybe someday maybe not.  Either way she really knows how to talk dirty which is good enough for me.  You guys are able to chat with her live over webcam every single week if your a member of her site.  Back to this gallery, in it you get to see her beautiful naked body and then in the video she is riding a big dildo cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

Polka Dot Stockings


Just Lovely

This lovely little brunette is pretty eager to get naked, we had to tell her to slow it down and do some teasing! Thankfully she hit the swing of it just right; by the time you’re through with this gallery you’re going to be feeling some serious blue balls so go ahead and do what you have to do.



Katie Banks Red Riding Hood


Katie Banks as Little Red Riding Hood

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, I love Halloween. Katie Banks respects the time honored tradition of turning a fairy tale from our childhood into a slutty porno set. Little Red Riding hood, come test out my beds! I’m sure we’ll find one that suits your need.

Horny Rimmed Glasses


Sexy Pattycake Retro Pinup

Sexy Pattycake keeps taking these retro style pics. Back when women loooked like women. Not like today, where the in thing is to have a girl built like a boy with oranges installed on her chest. The public eye seems to have lost it’s taste for that which makes a woman so amazing. Hips, juicy butt, nice tits, and an innocense that makes you wonder if there is more under that cute little smile… Keep shooting em Pattycake, I’ll keep posting em.

Annalisa for FTV Girls


Pantie stuffing Annalisa from FTV Girls

Sleepy FTV Girls Annalisa gets woken up early for another day of shooting and they don’t even make it out the door. After slipping into her dress, high heels, and thong she falls back into bed and peels off her panties. After a few quick rubs she’s wet and decides to stuff her panties into her pussy and then pull them out using the spike of her heel. Hot stuff for your foot fetish and panty stuffing fans out there.

Krissy Lynn


Krissy Lynn Massage Girls 18

This hot babe is Krissy Lynn and you get to see a nice long video of her getting banged out on Massage Creep today!  She loves to fuck you can just see it on her face when a dick is inside her its like she is in a permanent orgasm.  This site is all about getting hot pornstars nice and relaxed with a massage and then fucking them silly.

Ava Addams


Foot job

Here’s a little something for all you foot fetishists out there. Ava Addams works this guy’s cock with her feet and shows surprising skill at it. I wonder how easy it is to find someone to practice that. I suppose a foot job is just as good as a hand job. Watch her feet take a load!

Stockings Fuck


She needs it now

Sofia Saint is always horny and down to fuck like it’s her job (hint: it is), but this time she was so wound up she couldn’t even bother taking her clothes all the way off. There’s something hot about frantically lowering clothing just far enough to get your dick in, don’t you think?



Roxy Incharge


Lesbian lust

Here are two very horny lesbians just flat out rocking each others worlds with their tongues, fingers, and any available toys. They work each other like champs until they’re completely exhausted, then tuck themselves into bed and snuggle up, resting up so they can again the next morning.

Phoenix Marie


Phoenix’s feet

Here’s one for you foot lovers out there! Phoenix is an amazing looking blonde with slim petite feet and she’s using them to maximum effect in this hot scene, grabbing and stroking a cock to completion. It’s a skillful display and she’s rewarded with a hot load all over her sexy feet.

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