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Oily Lingam Massage


Hegre art oily lingam massage

I had never heard of a Lingam massage before checking out this Hegre Art massage video and I’m sorry for straight up posting a photo of a dick up above but hear me out…apparently ‘lingam’ is the Sankrit word for a cock and a Lingam massage is basically a slow handjob where you focus on your breathing. How cool is that? Especially when it’s being done by a hot chick who has her hands all oiled up like in this video…can you imagine how good that must feel to have your crank slowly pumped by a talented massage therapist while you slowly breathe and relax?

Courtney Laudner


Courtney laudner zishy

She might look incredibly cute and sexy when she’s pulling her top off to let her huge tits out and jump in the pool nearly naked in this Zishy photoshoot but keep in mind that some of the photos in this set show Courtney Laudner straight up licking a razor-sharp kitchen knife. Nobody needs that kind of crazy walking around, even if she is smokin hot with an amazing round juicy ass and a pretty face. Well maybe she’s the fun kind of crazy…it’s hard to tell, so I guess it’s just a question of whether to roll the dice or not. Aw who am I kidding, let’s buckle up and take a trip to crazysexytown!

Mya Lushes


Mya lushes for black gfs

This busty ebony hottie goes by the name of Mya Lushes and in this video clip from the site Black GFs she was just getting some sun in her pink bikini when her boyfriend came up and convinced her to head inside for a little fun…this dude sounded like kind of a dork but she started giving him a blowjob it was easy to see why she kept him around, he’s hung like a donkey! Watch him slide that big thick black cock deep inside her shaved hole, fucking that pussy and making her big round ass bounce in this hot hardcore scene. If you’re into sexy big tittied ebony babes getting ramjammed take a look and see why they call her Luscious Lushes!

Feeling Blue


Feeling blue on nubile films

There’s no reason for feeling blue when you’ve got a beautiful girl on your face like Blue Angel…oh, I get it. Well this guy doesn’t seem too bummed out to be giving Blue Angel’s pussy a ride on his face as he licks that tight hole. Who could be upset with an ass like that right in front of your eyes? This Nubile Films update shows Blue giving this guy some of her best action, despite the fact that he’s wearing tightie whities and they’re in some kind of futuristic lighthouse or something. Blue just spreads those lovely smooth legs and takes his dick deep inside, giving him a little of the best antidepressant in the world. Oh, and if you’re a fan of shrimping, he gives her cute toes a tonguebath as he fucks her, sucking those tootsies to drive her nuts! I’m not sure if she takes a creampie this time but it’s a mighty hot fuck scene nonetheless.

Miracle Watts


Miracle watts on sge

Seeing a girl like Miracle Watts just makes a guy happy…she’s gorgeous from head to toe with sexy dark skin, big round titties, an incredible juicy booty and to top it all off she’s got crazy multicolored hair that just screams ‘I love being a naughty girl’. She doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own but she’s more than happy to share that amazing body of hers with us in this Show Girlz Exclusive photoshoot! This ebony babe has stunning curves and an undeniable sex appeal, so instead of a big elaborate set all she needed prop-wise was a glass stool and a big purple backdrop. Done and done.

Shay Rides Hard


Shay Works That Cock

Here is a big booty black girl you guys all know and love her name is Shay and she and her boyfriend / husband not sure which it is has their own site.  It’s called Roc and Shay and they literally do everything from handjobs to anal sex.  In this gallery you get to see Shay riding Roc nice and hard.  She starts off kind of slow but once things start feeling good for her she picks up the pace!  Roc even gives her a little anal play while she is doing it and that just turns her on even more.  The video ends with Roc on top pretty much power driving that black pussy and right before he is about to cum he pops out of her pussy and cums on her thick thighs.

Nikita Bathroom Sex


Nikita Von James on Naughty America

Here is a very from Naughty America and it’s part of their “Seduced By A Cougar” series.  Nikita Von James is the hot MILF in this gallery who is going over to a rental that she owns because well her shower broke so she is going to use her other houses.  She just walks right in, walks past the guy who she is renting the house to who is sleeping.  She takes off her clothes and then gets to showering.  Her other motive for coming over here is to finally bang this young guy who has ben flirting with her every since he moved into the place.  She lets him catch her naked and once he see’s her gorgeous body he can’t keep his eyes off of her.  She lets him know that she is interested in fucking and then they don’t waste any time just bangin’ right there in the bathroom.

Chloe Brooke


Chloe brooke on amateur allure

This is Chloe Brooke, 5’5 of pure hotness from Minnesota and she’s ready to melt the cameras of Amateur Allure…luckily we’re invited along for the ride! Chloe has been around a little by now but when she filmed this footage she was still pretty shy, but like so many girls once her clothes started coming off her shyness melted away and she was ready to rock and roll. She loves playing with a big dick and got her wish as the cameraman fed her a hard prong and she took her time playing with his balls and licking him from base to tip before pulling up her dress and bending over to get banged from behind in true Amateur Allure style. She took not one but two big creamy loads on her tongue, swallowing it all down with a smile…I’d say she’s a natural in this industry!

Resident MILF intro


Resident milf intro mom pov

If you’ve been checking out Mom POV at all you may have seen a couple of scenes featuring the “Resident MILF“…well, this here is the very first update she did and right off the bat she was ready to rock a cock like never before! She has those big bouncy round titties and a mouth that isn’t happy unless there’s a big fat dick in it, so the cameraman quickly fills that need and shoves his crank in her face for a nice blowjob. She sucks him off and plays with her pussy to get nice and wet before spreading those long tanned legs to get her pussy fucked! Being a MILF a skinny little sharpie-dick just won’t cut the mustard, it would be the old ‘hot dog in the hallway’ thing so it’s a good thing this guy is well-endowed…he works that hole of hers, making her gasp and moan before dropping to her knees and taking a big facial cumshot while she plays with her big breasts.

Serina Cardoni


Zishy serina cardoni

Serina Cardoni is the kind of girl you dream about running into when you head to the hotel pool and end up having a wild and carefree one- or two-night stand with, never to see or hear from again. She’s drop dead gorgeous and looks like she’s pretty high-maintenance so maybe you don’t want a long-term relationship but man, that ass is just incredible. Check her out in these shots from Zishy where she unfortunately doesn’t get completely nude but she does do some wicked teasing as she lounges in her bikini poolside, pretending like she dropped something over the wall so she just happens to bend over with her sweet round ass right in your face. Dirty pool, Serina…I like it.

Shower Sex


Fantasy hd veronica radke

Lots of girls love fantasizing about sex in the shower but Veronica Radke thinks of basically nothing else! I mean it’s not hard to blame her, she’s got a body that is absolutely perfect for a good hard fuck and when she’s in there with the water running down her perky tits and sluicing the lather off her ass and legs, well certain thoughts just sort of come to mind! In this Fantasy HD update we get to see what she’s thinking about as she has some hot and steamy shower sex with some dino-dicked dude who knows every inch of her body and can bring her to the peaks of pleasure. I guess it wouldn’t be any fun to fantasize about someone who’s all sloppy in the sack, would it?

Clean and Wet


Clean and wet x art

When they hop into the shower together, stunners Clover and Anneli love to get nice and clean and wet, but they’re not talking about just getting wet from water spraying on them! These beautiful lesbians know how to please each other up and down, running their hands over each others body as they kiss in this hot X-art scene, working up a lather as those hands drift down for a little mutual masturbation and fingering followed up by a nice relaxing water jet massage. I don’t know if they were dirtier going in or cumming out of this photoshoot but I think we all might need a cold shower ourselves after this steamy scene!

God Bless America and Anal


Mr anal gabriella paltrova

Independence Day has come and gone but here’s a hot shoot from Mr. Anal starring the gorgeous Gabriella Paltrova and her big round juicy ass! God Bless America and Anal is the name of this episode and also coincidentally my life motto, so watch the stars and bars do some work as Gabriella sucks cock and bends over to take that big thick dick deep in her ass. I bet she’s seeing some fireworks of her own as she gets her rump pumped, but this isn’t the first time she’s been on Mr. Anal so I guess she already knew what she was in for! She’s beautiful, horny, loves America and loves taking it in the kiester so she gets a couple of big thumbs-up from me and hopefully you too…now are you ready to stand up and salute yet? You don’t even have to use your hands.

Ana Foxxx Aint Star Trek


Ana Foxxx Aint Star Trek 3

I thought I should probably revive my porn parodies category and I will start with some porn from This Aint Star Trek 3!  If you guys didn’t know Hustler puts out a shitload of porn parodies it’s fastly kind of becoming their thing.  They have been really successful with it consider that this is the third “This Aint Star Trek” that they have done.  I picked a scene for you guys with this cute black pornstar Ana Foxxx.  You guys probably remember her from that X Art scene I posted of her a while back.  In this gallery you will actually see two different scenes she did for this Hustler DVD.  The video has her fucking some guy on the space shit and in the pictures you get to see her in a hot threesome with two guys. She works both of their cocks and gets a face full of cum.  If you like what you see then take the hustler tour and see all the amazing porn they offer, it’s really a top shelf site.

Jessica Robbin and Lily Love


Jessica Robbin and Lily Love

I thought this gallery with Jessica Robbin and Lily Love was just way too good to pass up on!  It was shot for a site called Big Naturals you probably haven’t really heard of that site but you have heard of Reality Kings.  If you join Reality Kings you get access to Big Naturals so you pretty much should always just do that.  These two busty pornstars just don’t eat each other out in this video even though there is plent7 of lesbian sex.  No, they actually fuck the same guy and how jealous I am of him!  I am big fans of both these girls as you have probably figured out by now just because I post them all the time.  The site I am sending you to has a ton of Jessica Robbin porn if you want to stay around there and take a look I wouldn’t blame you.

A Star on the Bang Bus


Bang bus luna star

You know when a hot Latina honey like Luna Star hops on the Bang Bus you’re in for a load of fun…and Luna is in for several loads of fun if you catch my drift! She’s already looking pretty sexy in her miniskirt and see-through top to show off her titties and let her round booty peek out but she doesn’t want to just show off, she wants to get some dick in her! They pick up a few guys who try their best to satisfy that hot wet hole as the bus drives around but apparently they didn’t quite satiate her appetite because she also fucked herself with a marker between dudes…that’s a bad sign for your dick size if you ask me. She does get some nice big loads all over her face and big tits though!

Emily Work Out


Photodromm emily work out

When you see a body like this you might just assume it’s a lucky stroke of nature but man it takes some maintenance so stay that hot! Or so I’m told. Anyway, this set of pics from Photodromm features Emily, a stunning busty brunette stripping down to get in a good work out on the elliptical. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chick work out while wearing high heels before, though…must be a secret technique I’m not privy to.

Selena Star Handjob


Selena Star Handjob

I picked this gallery and then I started thinking about how silly I am for picking this handjob scene.  Selena Star is a really hot busty Panamanian chick and I am not even showing her tits off int his gallery.  I will make it up to you guys by sharing the honey hole of Selena Star porn!  If you head there you’re going to find pretty much every video she has ever done.  Back to this gallery though you get to see this sexy bitch giving this guy a handjob and kind of teasing him every so often.  She ends up letting him fuck her big natural titties because if she didn’t that would have just been cruel don’t you think!  The scene comes from Tugjobs a site you get access to when you join the Bang Bros network, hope you enjoy!

Rachel Roxxx Housewife


Rachel Roxxx Housewife 1on1

Rachel Roxxx is playing the part of a housewife in this new Naughty America video.  She is just vacuuming away in a skimpy little outfit with her headphones on without a care in the world.  Her husband comes home a little early from work and see’s his wife just doing work herself.  He doesn’t want her working on the house though he wants her in the bedroom riding his dick!  So he makes his presence know and these two fuck like they just recently started having sex.  It’s probably because you have to be excited when you’re fucking a girl who you know is really really good in bed!  Rachel fucks him every which way and the scene ends with him fucking her in this missionary position and then when he is about to cum his wife drops to her knees and takes a mouthful of his cum.  I guess he his on his own for dinner now.

The Key


Mima A Sex Art The Key

I was checking out this video from Sex Art with this model Mima A.  She has a really really nice rack and I am not 100% sure it’s real, the more and more I look at it I think they’re not but I see no like titty job marks on her.  The video just straight up starts off with them in a fit of passion kissing each other and getting ready for a nice little fuck session.  He carries is petite girlfriend to the little day bed and starts to eat her out.  She is just loving it and returns the favor and then the two of them start to fuck.  When Mima gets on top you are going to be in heaven.  Sex Art does just an amazing job with their porn it’s very unique if you ask me.  It’s still in this erotica niche but there videos just somehow seem a little different.  It’s like they’re sex scenes from a movie more then some glamed up erotica site.

Wake Up Bitches


Haze her wake up

There’s no such thing as rest for the weary when you’re a college girl trying to make it into the Haze Her sorority! These cuties had no sooner closed their eyes and started to dream about upcoming classes and boys when all of a sudden they were awoken by masked girls screaming Wake Up, Bitches! One girl was too slow to get out of bed so they stripped her panties off and carried her down the hall to where they had assembled a task force of ruthless lesbian ladies ready to put these girls through their paces of licking pussy and getting fucked by strapons and other assorted fun stuff.

Pool Party for Three


X art pool party for three

This guy’s dreams are coming true even as we watch…he’s at a pool party for three with two of X-art‘s hottest models, namely Baby and Gianna and he gets to fuck both of them! They make out passionately while he watches, getting harder and harder as they strip out of their bikinis and lick each others pussy before taking turns sucking his cock and fucking him by the pool in this sexy threesome update.

Irina Shayk bikini


Irina Shayk bikini

Finally, a celebrity I recognize! Here’s Irina Shayk, a gorgeous Russian babe who has been in the SI Swimsuit edition for the past few years and was even on the cover in 2011 so you know she’s no slouch. I guess you could probably tell that anyway from these paparazzi shots of her bangin body almost popping out of a bikini as she walked up the beach! I think I must be going to the wrong beaches because most of the ladies I see coming out of the water look like the ought to be dragged right back in before they beach themselves.

Cassie Becker


Cassie Becker for Zishy

Be still my heart…and my pants! Cassie Becker is a smokin hot blonde with a great ass and an incredible rack, which she only deigns to partially show off in this set of photos from Zishy. Apparently she has aspirations of becoming an actress and doesn’t want to give away the goods too early…well with huge round perfect tits like those I guess she can afford to make people wait a little!

Mya Barrymore


Mya Barrymore on Playboy

I thought for a moment that Mya Barrymore here had some kind of crazy armored shorts on at first but thank goodness it was just my eyes playing tricks. She has some kind of stretchy gray metallic-looking shorts on though so who can blame me…she also has a gorgeous ass and is giving herself a hand-bra in this Playboy update, so check her out! I feel a little bad for her in the later photos because apparently someone came by and stole her neck, which is pretty rude if you ask me.

Kimora Lee Simmons


Kimora Lee Simmons topless

I’ll be straight up with you guys, I had no idea who the hell Kimora Lee Simmons was until I looked her up and I still don’t really know who she is. Apparently she used to be a fashion model and then came out with her own line of clothes or something? Who knows…all I know is that she’s a cute Asian babe with big full titties and some paparazzi photographer caught her walking around topless on a yacht and posted the pictures for us to enjoy. Nice hat, by the way.

Teen Steam


Steam teen passion hd

Heather Night and Ariana Marie both have a crush on a guy at their school in this Passion HD update called Teen Steam and are checking him out in the yearbook when they can’t resist each other anymore and just have to make out like lesbians! Heather has first dibs so when he came by to visit she rushed to his arms to kiss him but soon Ariana was getting into the action too, kissing him as Heather took his big dick out and give him a nice slow wet blowjob. These two gorgeous girls give this lucky dude the full treatment as they licked him up and down and took turns fucking him together…I guess best friends really do share!

Bath Time


Passion hd bath time

Ah, it’s the best time of the day for Holly Michaels…namely, bath time! Not because she tends to get dirty, she just likes to get naked and get her gorgeous body all wet and slick. If her guy friend happens to be in the tub at the same time, well that’s just a bonus! Or more like boners…he pops wood of course as anyone would if a nude Holly hopped into their tub with her big perfect breasts and that gorgeous face, and slides his dick into her mouth before heading to the bedroom to really get down to business and fuck like beasts in this hardcore update from Passion HD!

Pounding Heart


Teen fidelity natalie heart

It looks like Ryan took hot brunette Natalie Heart for a beautiful day out, walking in the sunshine and kissing and talking but when they got back to the house it was all business as he took her into the bathroom and proceeded to drive her crazy with lust! He ripped her pants off and slid his big dick in that tight teen pussy, fucking her until he…well, I guess it’s not really a creampie per se but he came into a cup and injected it with a syringe into her cunt so I guess it all ends up in the same place after all! This update comes to you from Teen Fidelity and it’s called Pounding Heart, so take a look and watch her get her hole railed on the bathroom countertop. Natalie has been keeping herself busy lately, hasn’t she? What a naughty teen hottie! I hope she keeps it up.



Webyoung megan salinas

Megan Salinas is hot enough that she could have basically any guy she wanted, there’s no doubt about that but I guess she just couldn’t whip up the confidence to go seduce the poolboy she has her eye on in this Web Young update, and had to retire to the hot tub for a nice intimate masturbation session to fantasize about his undoubtedly big dick sliding into her tight shaved pussy! We get to enjoy ever minute as she caresses that perfect body of hers…the poolboy doesn’t know what the hell he’s missing, I tell you what. I’m also pretty sure any of you guys would have thrown that pool net right in the water and gone inside with her!

The Girlfriend Exchange


The Girlfriend Exchange

I have been finding more and more hot videos from Digital Playground for you guys!  Here is another 3 videos from a DVD called “The Girlfriend Exchange”.  If you guys have never been in the market for a DVD before they usually run you about 70 dollars for a DVD!  Finally though Digital Playground has owned up a online site where you can view pretty much all their DVD’s except for the newer ones in one place!  It’s not even close to 70 dollars either!  In this series you get to see couples trading their girlfriends with each other.  You ever get tired of just fucking your girl and wished you could swap.  Well in this DVD thats excatly what happens!  The three scenes I have for you are the first one which you can play by clicking on the cover which stars Riley Steele. Then you have scene 2 with Chanel Preston and then Scene 5 (3–4 are skipped) with both Jada Stevens and Chastity Lynn!

Daydreamer Janine


Janine Daydreamer Janine

I didn’t cut off Janine’s head here because she isn’t good looking that’s far from the case just wanted you to get a look at her sexy ass legs and of course those big tits of hers.  This was shot for one of my favorite babe site of all time Photodromm.  The named this episode “Daydeamer” and you’re going to like it.  Janine starts off in a little white cardigan and then she ends up with nothing but a little sheer sheet at the end.  Photodromm doesn’t hide the goods from you guys never has never will.  They have the hottest babes of anyone else I can think of and you just have to visit their site to see proof of that!

Eva Karera Real Life


Porn fidelity eva karera

Man, the stories those walls at the Porn Fidelity house could tell! This is the scorching hot Part 6 from the Real Life series and it features Kelly Madison and her husband Ryan making sure Eva Karera has a visit that will leave her with a hell of a lot of memories. I don’t think there’s any danger of her forgetting what went down here as she spreads her long legs and gets fucked with a toy, with Kelly’s tongue and of course Ryan’s big hard dick! Eva and Kelly both have huge round titties that they love to play with so it’s a feast of hotness from head to toe in this hardcore fuckfest. If Eva’s big fake tits look familiar you might have seen them bouncing around before, so how about a little memory-refresher?

Ava Devine Ass Fucked


Ava Devine Anal Sex Naughty America

Ava Devine has always had a thing for anal sex!  I told you guys that when she was on Tonight’s Girlfriend!  Here is yet another scene with her getting fucked in the ass.  This time the scene is from Naughty America and is for their My Friends Hot Mom series.  This guy goes over to his buddies house to pick up his laptop that he left there.  Ava Devine is getting ready to go out and her mind is in a cougar mindset.  She is hunting for a young guy to fuck and one just happens to come to her door.  It’s like a throwing a sheep to the wolves.  This busty Asian MILF has no problem convincing her friends son to fuck her especially when he hears that she wants it up the ass.  She takes off her clothes and is already in some sexy stockings and lingerie type underwear.  They fuck all over the house and then it ends with Ava getting a facial and then scooping it off her face and swallowing it.  Horny MILFs are just the best are they not!

Up Close and Personal


X art up close and personal

I don’t know if this counts as voyeurism or just hot sex or what but Jake and Leony let you get up close and personal with the action as they fuck on top of the aquarium table, which acts as a sort of glass bottom boat! We get to watch from below as gorgeous Leony gets penetrated from behind, Jake’s hard cock sliding into her wet pussy as they almost float above us. It seems almost unearthly but is undeniably hot as hell…leave it to X-art to come up with a creative, artistic and downright sexy hardcore scene like this!

Bad Schoolgirls


Bad schoolgirls fantasy hd

Show me a heterosexual guy who says he’s never had a fantasy about fucking two chicks dressed up as schoolgirls and I’ll show you a damn terrible liar…there’s just something irresistably hot about a hot girl (of legal age of course) in a schoolgirl outfit, I don’t know if it’s the idea of innocence or what but naughty schoolgirls are always in style! That’s where Natalie Heart and Heather Night come into play in this Fantasy HD update entitled, of course, Bad Schoolgirls! The girls are in pigtails and Heather has these thigh high tube socks on that will blow your mind as well as your load. Watch them both suck and fuck this lucky guy in a hot hardcore update that will hopefully bring some of your own fantasies to life!

Round and Brown


Cocoa Destiny Dymes Round and Brown

This guy is getting almost more chocolate booty than he can handle…almost! Cocoa and Destiny Dymes strip out of their skimpy bikinis and show off those juicy ebony booties in this hot update from the Reality Kings site Round and Brown! They’re all oiled up and ready to rock and so is this lucky dude, getting his big hard cock out and sliding them up and down on his shaft one after the other in a hot interracial threesome. If you’re a fan of big round bouncy black asses you have GOT to take a look at this, believe me.

Pamela stripes


Pamela on Femjoy

I was trying to decide whether to make a joke about Pamela’s striped black and white shirt looking like a zebra or a referee or a convict or a Foot Locker employee but man I got a good look at her and it all went out the window! She’s just plain smokin hot whether she’s got a wacky striped shirt on or not, although personally I’m glad she stripped out of it to show off those perky little boobies because it was starting to mess with my eyes and brain.



Candace Alluring Vixens

Candace is definitely an Alluring Vixen as she shows off her huge tits and sexy hips in her polka dot panties and bra in this photoshoot! She’s hot from head to to and she looks like she’s giving an invitation to come sit down in that antique loveseat with her…it doesn’t look very comfortable but man if Candace asked I’m sure almost any guy would be willing to sit on whatever the hell she pointed out as long as she joined him and her big breasts were popping out like this!

Cindy Starfall


Cindy Starfall In The Crack

Watch exotic babe Cindy Starfall hit you with that juicy bouncy bodacious booty with a grin and a twinkle in her eye in this photoshoot from In The Crack, bringing you closer than you ever thought possible to that tight sexy pink pussy and her very fuckable ass as she pulls off her panties and masturbates! She’s hot as hell and knows it, but doesn’t seem arrogant about it she just wants to fuck and suck and have a damn good time, and who can argue with that?



Kimber fucked hard 18

Ringlet-haired Kimber loves a good rubdown and nobody brings more satisfaction than the horny masseuses of Fucked Hard 18! It must be nice to have a ‘hot horny teens only’ rule at your massage parlor…you get girls like Kimber here, getting her perfect titties out and getting oiled up before grabbing the masseuse’s hard dick in her mouth and then getting fucked right on the massage table. This horny teen will be back with a ‘sore back’ pretty soon I bet dollars to donuts!

Blonde Rachel


Rachel massage girls 18

Ever see Stormshadow, the ninja all dressed in white from GI Joe? Well that’s kinda what Rachel here looks like when she’s all dressed up in her white getup on Massage Girls 18 but luckily the clothes don’t stick around too long…soon she’s peeling out of them as well as her lacy black panties and bra, getting those perky titties out to help with her unorthodox massage technique. Instead of just using her hands she likes to use her mouth and pussy as well, giving the guy the full service rubdown and earning a hell of a tip I’m sure! She’s got a great ass and must have been a fun time on that massage bed because the guy busts nut all over her cute chest to finish this hardcore fuck scene off!

Sweet Meeting


Porn goes pro allison moore

Don’t even try to tell me you’d be able to resist a girl as hot as Allison Moore showing up at your place in this sexy lingerie, showing off that soft round juicy booty as she bends over like she’s doing in this Porn Goes Pro update entitled Sweet Meeting! It’s your chance to get a POV look at what it’s like to fuck a horny, voluptuous pornstar with huge tits and an insatiable appetite for dick. She rides his (your) dick like a pro in this video update because, well, because she’s a pro! If you haven’t seen Allison before do yourself a favor and check out some of her other galleries…she’s hot as hell and knows how to work that pussy to make a man basically explode with lust.

Rachel Car Wash


Rachel Starr Car Wash Day

Rachel Starr along with 3 other friends Monique Alexander, Kirsten Price and Madison Ivy are doing a little car wash for Brazzers.  The cars they are washing aren’t Honda’s that’s for sure but when you have 4 pornstars shooting a scene together these are the only cars you can have because that shit is ballin!  This picture right here is probably the best pictur ein this gallery because well Rachel Starr is just hot as fuck and look at that perfect ass of hers.  The video is super sexy it kind of reminds me of that one Carls Jr. commerical with Paris Hilton.  Except in this one we get to see all the girls fuck of course!  There is only one guy and 4 girls so he takes a turn in each ones pussy and of course these girls are real deal pornstars so they just don’t sit around and wait to get fucked they’re eating each other out and doing all kinds of things, because they’re trying to get a orgasm too!

Alyssa Arce


Alyssa Arce

I just don’t get to post super hot babes like this that often!  Here is your July 2013 Playmate of the month.  Her name is Alyssa Arce and I have actually two galleries for you I have this one you see here just click on the picture to see it.  Then I have this other one that has a video on it so you might want to check that out.  As you can see Alyssa has just a banging body with perfect natural tits and look at that pussy.  Tight as all hell and perfectly shaved, or photoshopped whatever it is I don’t care!  Playboy is probably the biggest site in the world so I don’t really need to explain what’s going on that but as you probably know by know if you visit our site when you’re a member of their site you don’t just get hot nude babes you get all types of porn!  Just check out our Playboy category for proof of that!

Housewife Kelly Swallows


Housewife Kelly Blowjob

You just had to know that Housewife Kelly swallowed.  I mean she is just a good wife isn’t she!  This is a site that’s really done by the couple you see in the videos so it has that real homemade fell to it hence the really grainy picture I have here.  The whole video I have for you is just Kelly on her knees giving her husband a blowjob and then swallowing his loud.  Nothing to fancy but it’s still very very hot.

Insane Ass


Natalie Bang Bros Ass Parade

I have posted pretty much every gallery that Bang Bros has done with Natalie so I thought why not stop now.  I didn’t make my own gallery because I found this one first and I just didn’t feel like it.  Here she is again a scene called “Insane Colombian Booty” they got that title spot on right?  It’s the same Bang Bros guy that has been in Colombia for a while now it seems and he keeps coming back to this gorgeous girl Natalie.  He has fucked her 4 times now and I bet there will be more then that!  I mean she is really good at what she does and if you’re a ass man it just doesn’t get much better then this bubble butt!

Kiara Knight


Kiara knight on casting couch x

Oh, those Southern girls…Kiara Knight here is a gorgeous 20 year old blonde from Alabama with an adorable accent and of course a fantastic body and has flown out to try her hand in the adult biz! Her first stop is Casting Couch X and she’s being eased into the industry in this update. She was born and raised in Birmingham and I’m not going to say she’s a little sheltered but this was her first time on an airplane so draw your own conclusions. She’s got a nice personality but let’s be honest, what we really want to see is that sexy ass of hers and man she certainly doesn’t disappoint. She shimmies out of her jeans and is off to the races, showing off an incredible body with nice perky little boobies and a great smile. Kiara gives a nice blowjob and isn’t shy about making noise when she gets bent over and has her pussy worked from behind…I think she gets off on having her hair pulled while she’s fucked, which is always hot. She even does well with getting a facial and swallowing jizz, so that’s a leg up if you ask me!

Anal Play


Briana lee extreme anal fun

Exotic hottie Briana from Briana Lee Extreme just can’t seem to keep her hands off her own ass! Not that I can blame her…she’s got a nice sexy round booty and after trying anal sex Briana found out how good it can feel to have her tight back door played with. So, she found a vibrator and proceeded to slide that toy inside her pucker, moaning as she fucked herself in the ass with it! Did I mention that she’s got her cute white thigh high stockings on while she masturbates? Well, now I did.

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