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Tight Teen Hanna


Hanna for exploited college girls

I don’t know if it’s something they put in the water or what, but it always seems like when girls from North Carolina show up for these kinds of casting calls (or fake casting calls, as the case may be) they’re almost always hot as hell! Hanna here is certainly no exception; she’s got an adorable hint of an accent, cute brown eyes, a nice pair of tits and if the Exploited College Girls videographer is to be believed, probably the tightest pussy he’s ever fucked. From watching I’ve gotta say, I believe him…she looks like a hell of a fuck with that cute teen pussy as she spreads her lean legs! Unlike some of the girls who show up at these casting calls I think Hanna here might have a career ahead of her in the porn biz, if she keeps her looks and that tight little package in full force…after giving her pink fuckhole a nice going-over the cameraman is so turned on he busts his nut all over her back and man it’s a huge load she gets! Hopefully someone brings her a towel soon but man she’s not going to need any lotion for her back anytime soon with that protein treatment. What’s weird is that apparently her parents encouraged her to get into the porn business, I mean I’m a little removed from society but that’s not normal is it?

Pinup Belle


Belle for amateur allure

Belle is a beautiful 25 year old raven-haired pinup girl from Oklahoma with gorgeous eyes, a sexy ass and a nice wide mouth that is just perfect for deepthroating and catching big creamy loads. She gets plenty of practice at that in this Amateur Allure update, taking two blasts of cum and swallowing them down! It’s not all blowjobs though, she bends over to get that tight wet pussy worked by the cameraman’s big dick, and I think she about exploded when he fucked her doggystyle while fingering her tight ass. She’s enthusiastic, beautiful and sexy as all hell, so overall I’d say Belle is a winner! We didn’t get to see any anal but the reaction Belle had when she got her pucker poked by the guy’s finger makes me think maybe she wouldn’t be too averse to the idea…maybe next time, I hope?

Real Life Part 5


Teen fidelity with lola foxx

It seems like horny teens are just powerless to resist the charms of Ryan, from the way he effortlessly seduces them on Teen Fidelity! Maybe it’s just that massive cock he’s got lurking in his pants or his confident demeanor but these girls are like putty in his hands. In this latest update he’s giving Lola Foxx a nice day out, taking her to the pool so she can spend a little late summer time in the sun in her bikini before heading inside for a little fun, Ryan Madison style! Lola wastes no time in popping off her bikini and popping Ryan’s meat between her lips, sucking him good and hard before spreading those teen stems to let him plunder that shaved pussy of hers. She rode him good and hard, slamming her beautiful round ass up and down on that cock, fucking him proper for this Teen Fidelity update. It’s Part 5 of the Real Life series on the site, and man this guy is a lucky son of a bitch if this is a normal day for him. Lola sure seemed to have a great time, grabbing her perky titties with both hands as she got her hole

BBW Black Girl Fucked


Fat Black Girl Fucked

Talk about cushin’ for the pushin’ this guy might have taken that a little to far because he is pushin’ real hard!  I mean he is beating up this black BBW’s pussy but she seems to like it.  He catches her masturbating while he was walking outside and came in and let her know that he knows big girls need love too.  She is more then happy to substitute her rubbing her clit for a nice dick down.  He fucks her every which way and then nuts right inside of her and she is riding his cock for a ebony creampie.  This scene is from a really awesome black site called Black Ice Pass and there are links in that gallery for more free videos from them if you want to check them out.

Wifey Full Body Suit


Wifey Full Body Suit Wifey's World

I should probably start posting my own Wifey World’s galleries but for now I will just send you to the one’s iMILFs has.  Here is a brand new one that just came out that has Wifey in a full body fishnet suit.  Well it’s not full body because those big natural tits of hers are hanging out.  She is waiting for her man to get home and asks him if he wants to play with her on their new toy.  Their new toy is this wedge shaped thing that helps girls get into comfortable positions while they’re being fucked at the perfect angle.  The two of them fuck every which way and then the bring out the vibrator to get Wifey off and then wifey oils up her hands and gives Hubby a handjob that only a MILF like Wifey would know how to give. I wanted to mention that while iMILFs has a lot of videos of Wifey if you want some pictures to you can check out our buddies section, he has pictures and shit too.

Twerk and Fuck


Austin taylor on pawg

Skinny chicks with flat or concave asses need not apply…PAWG wants those Phat Ass White Girls with the big juicy booties and blonde pornstar Austin Taylor definitely fits the bill! She’s packing a nice round caboose that looks like a hell of a cushion for slamming into as you rock her pussy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Austin starts out getting a little sun on the patio in her jean shorts and a blue top, but once she heads inside her big titties come out and that round bouncy ass is unleashed on the world! Her lucky costar gets to lick her twat through a hole in her crotchless fishnets before sliding into her wet hole from behind, using that plump round pair of peaches as a landing pad while he fucks her. Nobody can withstand sensations like that for long though and this guy is only human, so eventually he just has to bust nuts and does so in style…he gives Austin a nice facial to remember him by and the overspray drips all over those big round breasts as well!

Claudia Sampedro Back!


Claudia Sampedro Is Back

I really wish I could have included Claudia Sampedro face in this sample thumb because she really is the complete package.  She has a perfect body with just amazing tits I think they’re natural but I am not going to lie they seem to perfect for that.  She is wearing a skimpy little bikini in this gallery while posing for Mixed Magazine.  She doesn’t just do pictures though as you will see in this gallery there is also a video of her from a different shoot.  She has been on Mixed Magazine one other time and that was also really good you can see that gallery here.  This is a site really just for babe lovers so if you like to see beautiful woman then you will really enjoy mixed magazine, if you want harder stuff I would suggest looking else where.  That being said though I am a member of Mixed Magazine and absolutely love it!

Craving Creampie


Amateur creampies craving creampie

This sexy amateur was craving creampie and her boyfriend was more than happy to oblige! He even offered to videotape the whole thing so they could send the footage in to Amateur Creampies and maybe make a few bucks off it, and she was so horny she just said to do whatever it took. He accepted her challenge, eating out her pussy and making her moan before he slid his dick inside her fuckhole and stirred her pot awhile, making those big boobies of hers bounce as he gave her whatfor. She spread her legs wide open to take him to the hilt and I guess that was the sensation he’d been waiting for because he started increasing the power of this thrusts, slamming into her cunt and finally shooting his load deep inside her pink wet hole! She squeezed it out a little for a nice traditional creampie finish, hopefully she doesn’t come down with babyitis so she can do some more of these hot homemade sex scenes…that babyitis is a hassle, I hear stage 1 can last for 9 months or so and then stage 2 lasts for about 18 more years!

Anal Bouquet


Cherie deville in the crack

When I first took a look at this In The Crack update featuring Cherie Deville I thought she was doing some kind of theater in the park or performance art piece or something, but I guess this is just how she rolls when it’s time to masturbate! Watch this busty blonde sexpot offer up an anal bouquet as she slides not one, not two, but three ribbed dildos in that tight backdoor of hers (it might not be quite as tight after she’s done here)! She loves playing with her pink wet pussy with her fingers and toys of course but sometimes a little anal exploration is just what’s needed on a warm summer’s day under the backyard gazebo. What’s nice is that since it’s an In The Crack photoshoot you know you can expect some high quality up close and personal shots of all the naughty bits, and they don’t fail to deliver here that’s for sure!



Becky for backroom casting couch

Becky is a 20 year old with pigtails, an attitude, and a spectacular ass. She’s trying to bust her way into the porn world by getting on camera at Backroom Casting Couch but from the way she sounds she could already be a seasoned pro! She’s fine with getting naked and sucking cock, not to mention bending over to get that pussy fucked as the videographer’s balls slap against her beautiful round ass. From the sound of things she’s not as good at giving a blowjob as she thinks she is (most girls aren’t, I’d imagine, not that any guy in his right mind would tell them that), but man that ass is a thing of beauty. The cameraman cums in her pussy not once but twice, although I think she only knows about the second time…lucky for him she was ok with getting a creampie, because she already had her cunt squirted in by then!

Her First Hitachi


Sexy pattycake hitachi wand

It’s a match made in heaven…I can’t believe Sexy Pattycake had never owned a hitachi magic wand vibrator before but apparently this is her first experience with one! From the looks of things I don’t know if she’ll ever go back to any other kind of vibrator…hell, she might still be in that bed buzzing her clit with that big toy even as we speak. This sexy blonde has an intriguing look, for lack of a better word…she’s hot as hell with a gorgeous curvy body and she’s very open about sharing it, getting nude and masturbating without a care in the world! From what I understand she was always that way but figured she might as well make a little money off it by opening her own website, where she shares videos like this one! If you’re in the mood for a sexy blonde with big tits and an incredible ass masturbating, today’s your lucky day.

Friends with Toys


Passion hd friends with toys

It’s always nice to have friends with toys, especially when they’re happy to share them! In this Passion HD update we see Ariana Marie and her girlfriend Sky Light (really? Sky Light? ok) sharing kisses as well as vibrators, fingering and eating out pussy like lesbians on the couch before the biggest toy of all shows up…Ariana’s boyfriend, who she is nice enough to share as well! Both girls get to enjoy sucking and fucking that big cock, taking turns licking and impaling themselves on his huge meat. He shoots his load all over Ariana’s face as she closes her eyes, enjoying the warm wet facial finish to this hot scene. Sky might have a goofy porn name but man she knows how to pleasure a pussy and a dick, and that’s what’s important here! She also obviously knows the importance of sharing with a friend, so everyone ends up satisfied in this sexy threesome.

Georgie Downblouse Loving


Georgie cleans for downblouse loving

Man have I got a treat for you guys today…it’ll tickle your fancy in particular if you’ve got a thing for English accents, but even if you hit the mute button you’re sure to dig on this chick’s huge titties. Her name is Georgie and this gallery comes from the site Downblouse Loving…she’s cleaning the window and a radiator at the bottom of the stairs and her huge tits are basically falling right out of her top! She’s got a serious rack and we get some great peeks down her shirt as she scrubs. From the looks of things she wouldn’t mind having a hand slip down her dress and cup those big breasts, but this is just a bit of a tease to whet your whistle. She’s hot as hell though, and is handy with the cleaning products so hey what’s not to like…even if she doesn’t fuck you, you’ll have a sparkling clean house by the time she’s through!



Samantha mc nudes

Good gravy…this girl Samantha is one of the hottest chicks I’ve come across (so to speak) in a good while! She’s beautiful to begin with, having a supermodel face with perfect dick-sucking lips, not to mention those huge beautiful breasts that she’s showing in this MC Nudes photoshoot by the fireplace! The fire is turned off but Samantha is putting out almost enough heat by herself to melt those bricks she’s sitting against. The only part of her incredible nude body we don’t get to see is her ass but if the rest is any indication it’s just as gorgeous as the rest of her. It’s probably a good thing they kept her butt out of the photos, or they’d be going through cameras like candycorn as they melted lens after lens. Big ups to MC Nudes for finding such a hottie and getting her clothes off so we could all enjoy those rude-ass titties.

Justine Miller


Justine for playboy

Get ready to let your inner animal out when you see sexy Justine Miller in this photoshoot from Playboy! She’s got her leopard print bra and silky panties on and is ready for action, posing on a white chair and showing off that amazing ass! She’s thin as a rail but has a nice round ass…and what’s more, she doesn’t mind showing it off! There’s not a whole lot of scenery to this photoshoot but there doesn’t really have to be, sometimes the model herself brings more than enough to the set. To make things even hotter, Justine has what looks like a death metal band name or something tattooed on her back…she’s a rocker chick and likes to live fast, fuck hard and look hot! Can’t argue too much with that…thanks Playboy for bringing us these photos of a spectacular hottie.

Skip the Date


Jenna ross passion hd skip the date

Jenna Ross and her boyfriend were getting ready for a hot night out but when he saw her in those sexy panties of hers he got so turned on he just had to get his hands on her then and there! They decided to skip the date and go right for the entertainment as Jenna took his huge cock in her mouth. I guess she was pretty happy to stick around at home and fuck that huge meat of his, bouncing up and down on his cock and running her hands over her perky boobies before getting a facial that about blasted her head clean off to finish up this Passion HD update. Hopefully they didn’t have a reservation anywhere nice, it looks like date night will have to wait!

I Love James Deen


X art tina i love james deen

It’s a story that has happened countless times over the years…a girl with a crush on a guy, lying in bed and thinking about him. Maybe they’re dating, maybe he already has a girlfriend, maybe she’s just seen him and thought he was hot but whatever the case, Tina just couldn’t get James Deen out of her head! She couldn’t sleep for thinking of him and soon she found her hands wandering down to her pussy, touching herself as she fantasized about feeling his strong arms around her and his hard cock pressing against her thighs as they kissed! That’s how this X-art update starts and soon we get to see her fantasies come to life as Tina took his cock in her mouth and spread her beautiful legs to get fucked by that big dick. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow she’ll be writing ‘I love James Deen’ in her college textbooks!

Jessica I Have A Wife


Jessica Robbin I Have A Wife

Jessica Robbin has done quite a few Naughty America videos now it seems like she is just making her way through all their sites.  I wonder how they’re going to fit her into those MILF sites that they have… Anyways here she is in a scene from I Have A Wife.  Jessica is seducing a married man but it seems that she is probably doing him a favor.  I actually watched the non sex part of this video and let me tell you pornstars are not actors LOL!  It’s bad, it’s so bad that it’s actually funny.  Things start getting series though when you see this gorgeous babe getting fucked.  I am a big fan of those big natural tits of hers and the camera from Naughty America is as well.  They get some really good shots of her riding this guys dick and those big floppy tits are just going everywhere.  Another hot part of the video is when Jessica is getting her pussy eaten out and she is just squirming with pleasure.  I think she has a really sensitive pussy or something because at times when it’s being played with it’s almost like she is about to bust up laughing or something.



Claudia Shy Girls

Here is a new site for you guys called Shy Girls.  It’s something I have never seen before and I actually can buy why girls would go on this site.  Some chicks may want to make some extra money by doing porn but they don’t want other people to find out right.  Well Claudia is one of those girls and Shy Girls figured out a way!  The girls who don’t want to show their entire faces don’t have to they can wear one of these masks.  This girls Claudia actually is doing this with her boyfriend knowing, he likes to see her fucked by other guys.. Hey it’s some peoples thing I guess.  Well she does get fucked by another guy and he cums in her pussy not once but twice!  This girl has an amazing set of natural tits and she is a natural redhead, so there is a lot going for her enjoy this video I know I did!



Net video girls morgan

This update from Net Video Girls isn’t by the Maestro, who usually does these…this one is by a guy named Jeff who is apparently like an intern almost, he does some shoots but they’re just plain not as good yet. The girl in this video is cute as hell though, her name is Morgan and she’s got a little tinge of a Southern twang to her voice (although not as strong as Jeff’s drawl) and she shows up for a calendar shoot but figures out pretty quick that there’s more to it than that. She starts out just posing for the camera, then her top comes off and Jeff starts playing with her nipples that turns her on enough to want to grab his cock from his pants and start tugging it. He wasn’t satisfied with just that though and she really wanted to get the ‘calendar job’ so to seal the deal (or so she thought) she gave him a blowjob before going all the way and getting fucked in her tight pussy! The guy is more than a little on the creepy side I’ve gotta admit but hey the girl is hot and she gets fucked so it’s worth checking out.

Karla Kush


Karla kush bang bus

Sometimes the women the Bang Bus guys pick up are, well, the kind of women you’d expect to see getting into a stranger’s bus to get naked and fuck. This episode though features a seriously hot girl, by the name of Karla Kush! She’s got that hair that’s sort of in the middle between being redhead and brunette and blonde, a cute smile, pretty eyes and a smokin hot body that she shows off for the camera after only a little time of hesitation and reluctance! Either the guy in the drivers seat was really persuasive or Karla was just plain horny as hell…I suspect the latter. Anyway Karla starts off a little slow with some flashing of her big titties and taking her pants off to rub her pussy through her panties, but once her confidence is up she’s getting naked and masturbating before taking Brick’s hard cock in her mouth and giving him a nice mobile blowjob! Soon she’s on her hands and knees getting fucked in that wet pussy as they drive around the neighborhood with unsuspecting people only a few feet away as she gets pounded and takes a facial, trying to stay sort of quiet. It’s pretty hot to think that the Bang Bus crew from the Bang Bros network might be driving around anywhere…makes you want to take a look around during your next commute huh?

Never Have I Ever


Dare dorm never have i ever

Man, college kids nowadays…back when I was in school when we played Never Have I Ever it was things like ‘never have I ever eaten two bags of Doritos in a single sitting’, but now it’s a whole new ballgame! Dare Dorm brings us to the front lines as these horny coeds sip their sizzurp and list off some things they’ve never done. Things start out pretty tame when a girl is like “never have I ever made out with another woman” and they kiss like lesbians, but when another girl says “never have I ever had a threesome” the part really starts jumpin! They decide to rectify this threesome drought and soon the girl is getting her tight pussy pounded while licking the cunt of another hot college girl with both of them moaning like lesbians. If you’re in the mood for hot college babes with nice round asses and perky titties getting fucked, this update will be just the ticket!

Blow Pop Strip


Dare dorm blow pop strip

I’ve got to admit, this is a pretty sweet idea for a college party where you want the girls to get down and dirty…you have balloons all over the place with messages inside them and you have to pop balloons and do whatever the message says. Most of them are pretty tame so we start out with some goofing around and dancing and stuff, but then one of these horny college coeds pops a balloon with a message that says “give a blowjob” and things are off to the races! She corners some lucky nearby freshman who had already stripped down to his boxers and sucked his cock, which got all the rest of the girls hungry for some dick too. All of a sudden girls were getting naked and blowjobs were being given and pussies were getting fucked left right and center…it’s how college parties should go and Dare Dorm is bringing you this hot hardcore shoot!

Oily Lily


Lily love for fantasy hd

Lily Love certainly loves to get nice and wet…she starts off this Fantasy HD update hopping into the shower with her guy, who was more than happy to let her grab his big dick and rub him hard before doing a little rubbing of his own, massaging her big full breasts with soap until they were squeaky clean and all lathered up! For such a soapy clean girl she sure has some dirty thoughts, soaping up her guy’s cock and tittyfucking him clean before taking him to the bedroom for a little Nuru massage, using her body to rub him down. It’s a good thing they have a tarp down on the bed because they get good and messy with the oil, pouring it all over themselves as they fuck! Lily has a look of absolute glee on her face as they slip and slide together, her boobies bouncing with the rhythm, until finally he shot his load all over her face and into her mouth, though it’s a little tough to see where the cum ends and the oil begins! I don’t even know how they got out of that bed afterwards, they might still be slipping all over each other and unable to get out…someone better go lend a hand or at least throw them a towel!

Caprice on Showy Beauty


Showy beauty caprice

This blondie’s name is Caprice which I think is a fairly poor choice…I mean if you’re going to pick a porn name why pick one that already has a super popular model associated with it? This girl could have gone with Gazongas Supreme or Megan Ockers (get it, like Mega Knockers)…those are just off the top of my head and they are fucking genius. Anyway if you’re a fan of big tits you should take a look at Gazongas Supreme here, because she’s got titties so big and heavy they slide away from each other when she leans back, giving cleavage you could drive a mack truck through. She’s pretty cute though, there’s no doubt about it, especially when she lifts those long legs up in the air to show off her pussy.



Justine for alluring vixens

I’m not sure what nationality Justene here from Alluring Vixens is…Thai maybe? What I do know is that she’s gorgeous and has huge full soft titties that are being barely covered by a pink bikini that doesn’t even look legal. She’s basically baring every inch of skin that she can without giving away the goods, stretching her arms up and showing off that smooth mocha skin and her beautiful face. I bet she has a fantastic ass too but there’s only one shot of it in this photoshoot…what you can see though is top notch. This is a girl who would interrupt conversations on the beach just by walking past them with those huge boobs jiggling as she stepped and smiled. Man I love summer.

Supermodels nude


Supermodel fur porn

I know PETA might get up in arms about this set featuring nude (or nearly nude) supermodels with fur draped on and over them for a fashion magazing, but damn it is hot as hell. If you like your girls to have a good bit of meat on their bones keep on joggin because these girls are skinny as rails, but they’re all gorgeous with those long gazelle legs and perky little boobies. I know some of these girls are Victorias Secret models but I think not all of them…I’m pretty sure Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanpoel and Alessandra Ambrosio are all in here showing off those firm round boobies but I’m not sure about some of the other ones. They’re all gorgeous though, you can take that to the bank. Speaking of the bank, most of these chicks are multi-millionaires so if you run across one in the club you should always have a ring in your pocket to pop the question and catch her by surprise! That’s my handy get-rich tip of the day, write that one down.

Round Ass MILF Rides


Wife Rides Dick on Wife Bucket

Here is a homemade sex tape for you guys from Wife Bucket.  They’re a community of exhibitionist if you will who like to share there sex tapes with each other.  There is of course a lot of lurkers and you can be one too if you really want.  This video is pretty simple is a hot MILF with some tan lines and a great plump ass.  She rides this guy really good and he cums in her pussy and the screenshot you see right here is after he is done nutting and they sit there and kiss.  That right there is proof that this is a real porn and not some fake shit.



Jess Fake Agent UK

I think I might start posting some galleries for you guys from this series.  It’s from a site called Fake Agent UK.  They are all imposters of Backroom Casting Couch but this one is actually pretty well done.  All the other ones that I have seen have been in a different language and you have to read as you’re watching porn and come on who watches porn with subtitles!  Well this video actually has subtitles but that’s just because British people can be hard to fuck to understand and these girls and the fake agent for that matter are quite hard to understand.  One thing for sure is they get some hot models check out Jess here.  She is half Asian which makes her very exotic looking and then you see that ass on this babe!  He fucks her every which way and then cums on her ass and then just sticks his dick back in and keeps on fucking LOL!  He didn’t even ask if it was cool to fuck her again with a cum covered dick… She didn’t seem to mind one bit though this girl is a straight up freak.

Noelle on VV


Noelle Easton Vince Vouyer

This is a site you’re never going to be able to type it because its called “Vince Vouyer” and not Voyeur.  It’s so hard for my to type it that way I can’t even explain it to you.  I figured it out though once I saw this picture of Noelle Easton and then went out found a video for you!  It’s not exactly long and you don’t actually get to see much hardcore.  You do get to see her playing with her perfect big natural tits and making them bounce though… That is usually good for most people, if you want the hardcore you can either look at the pictures on this gallery or you’re going to have to do the unthinkable a pay a couple of bucks to get inside the members area!

Casey Calvert returns


Casey calvert returns to mr anal

Horny brunette Casey Calvert was on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal once before maybe a year ago or so, and I guess it took her a whole year for her ass to recover from the pounding it received! She wanted to return for some more of that sweet big dick back door hardcore and she’s learned a thing or two since last we saw her…watch this horny babe spread her legs and get her tight pucker pounded by that big hard meat! Some girls just love getting reamed in the ass and Casey is definitely among them but don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t let the opportunity for a good facefuck go by as she grabs that big hard meatbat and gives it a little blowjob attention, slurping as much into her throat as she can handle before her eyes start to water. Her ass is a lot tighter than her throat but she takes that deep anal thrashing with a grin like a champ before dropping to her knees and getting a nice big facial to finish off the afternoon, job well done.

Digital Love


X art digital love bree

This girl Bree Daniels has shot for X-art before but you might not recognize her right away…you might remember her as a blonde a while back like in this gallery on her own, but I think being a redhead like in this latest update suits her pretty well. She’s hot as hell though, she could probably dye her hair any damn color and she’d look amazing with it. This update is called Digital Love and it sure does look like Bree is falling in love (or at least lust) with her vibrator as she licks and caresses it before sliding that lucky toy deep inside her wet pussy to shake rattle and roll! She’s got a fantastic pair of tits, a nice pink pussy and of course her pretty face and smooth round ass…all in all, the perfect package as she masturbates, rolling around in the white bed as she imagines a real guy fucking her pussy instead of her toy. Actually since this is Digital Love maybe she’s fantasizing about a robot or something, who knows!

Lisa Ann Little Black Dress


Lisa Ann Little Black Dress

I might be the only person in the world that didn’t know this but did you guys know that Lisa Ann has her very own person site?  That kind of blew my mind when I found that out today.  Here is a simple little picture gallery from that site to show you guys a sample.  It looks like good stuff but all Lisa Ann porn looks good doesn’t it?  I meant hose big tits her perfect plump round ass you just have to love this MILF.  She will do anything to please a man from anal to wearing a sexy little black dress like you see here.

Turning Point


Sex art turning point

Redhead beauty Denisa Heaven and her guy were kissing and running around happily on the beach when they hit a turning point, after which their kisses got less playful and more intense and they decided to head indoors where the guy gave Denisa’s ass and pussy a nice thorough licking and tongueing before turning her sideways on the couch and fucking that sexy pussy of hers. This hot Sex Art update is a nice look into the lust and adventurous play of a new couple exploring each other and just enjoying the feeling of being alone…the girl is hot, the sex is hot, and this redhead definitely knows how to suck a cock from the looks of things! She does such a good job giving him a blowjob that she doesn’t even have time to take her high heels off before he dives headfirst into her twat, licking and teasing her clit to drive her wild.

Busty schoolgirl


Bryci schoolgirl masturbation

There are a billion sexy schoolgirl pictures out there with the little plaid skirts and pigtails but man, Bryci just brings a little something extra to the mix with this photoshoot from her own website. Not sure what it is but I have a strange suspicion that it might be linked to that amazing pair of big juicy titties she’s got busting out of her top…call me crazy if you like. I’m pretty sure the pair of sheer black see-through panties Bryci has on aren’t standard issue for any school but hey I’m not exactly going to complain you know what I mean? Let’s just sit back and watch Bryci get those big boobs out of her sexy bra, sit down in the hallway and masturbate with a huge pink dildo, closing her eyes in pleasure as she fucks her shaved pussy.



Christy Mack Wonderlust

I do what I can to find the good porn for you guys and I think I really killed it with this scene.  Not only is it really a HD scene but it’s from Wicked Pictures.  One of the best adult companies in the world in terms of the quality of porn they put out.  In this scene you get to see Christy Mack getting her pussy eaten and then getting fucked.  Not only do you get to see her though you also get to see Bailey Blue… Not going to lie that Christy Mack is the big draw but just in case you don’t like tattooed woman you still have Bailey.  Oh, wait she has tat’s too you’re just fucked.

Presley Dawson


Ftv girls jody presley dawson

You might know her better as Presley Dawson now but in this shoot from FTV Girls she was just Jody! She got up to some hijinks in these photoshoots, too, which is no less than we’d expect from a hottie like this. Watch Presley…er Jody, show off some sexy lingerie, caper around nude in public, fuck herself to orgasm with a variety of toys, even shove a hose in her pussy for some water squirting action! She obviously had a great time and hit all the FTV high points, and if you’ve been to the site before you know they have top notch photography and video quality…if you like girls with thick booties and dangerous curves Jody might not tickle your fancy but if you have a thing for skinny chicks with petite boobies and firm pert little asses you could bounce pocket change off of, you’re going to lose your damn mind at this update. I tried to gather a nice array of shots for you to check out the hotness, hopefully this will whet your appetite for the main feast that awaits in the FTV Girls main site. Speaking of feasts, somebody get this girl a cheeseburger!

We Love Ourselves


Xart we love ourselves

Prepare your eyes for Jenna‘s first on-camera anal sex scene as she and her costar James passionately kiss and touch in this X-art update entitled We Love Ourselves. She’s got a fantastic body with perky little petite boobies, a great (and very fuckable) ass, even a cute gap between her front teeth to give her a little personal touch as she moans in ecstasy with a cock deep in her pussy. Then as promised she lets him slip that big dick in her back door, and she takes it like a champ…I think she might have been practicing off-camera for her big anal debut, but maybe she’s just a natural! It looks like she and James both had a hell of a good time. Jenna and James have gotten together before in a hot hardcore threesome with Scarlet entitled This Really Happened, and I guess they liked each other enough to want to do another hardcore update for just the two of them.

Look Back At It


Gf revenge look back at it

When you’ve got an ass as hot and round and firm as this chick on GF Revenge you can’t help but look back at it, so I can’t say I blame this chick for admiring her ass and taking photos of it with her phone while her boyfriend filmed the whole thing. It looks like they’re in a public bathroom or something but this girl has a chair pulled up to the counter so I’m a little confused…what I’m not confused about is how her boyfriend got hot and bothered enough by her juicy booty to pop wood and convince her to suck him off on camera! She gives him a nice blowjob before giving what he really wants, which is for her to turn around and bend over so he could fuck that tight pussy of hers. She gets her wet fuckhole pounded and takes a load across her cheeks…guess she shouldn’t have cheated on the guy, maybe then he wouldn’t have sent in the footage to us.

Wife Bucket redhead


wifebucket redhead

This redhead MILF has big juicy titties so she’s already got a pass unless she’s truly butt ugly, which she’s definitely not, but she went the extra step and put on her sexy black lingerie which puts her fully into hottie town! This guy and his wife love being watched as they fuck on camera, so they sent the footage in to Wife Bucket and I’m sharing it with all of you guys. Watch those big boobies bounce as she braces herself on her hands and knees and takes his dick from behind! I wish more amateur vids were like this, usually there’s like one position and hardly any sound but this hottie knows how to fuck as she takes it doggystyle and then mounts his cock to ride him in reverse cowgirl. I don’t know if she got a creampie or not but it looks like she at least came on him.

Sophia Fiore


Sophia Fiore Round and Brown

What on earth is going on with Sophia Fiore and her wasp waist in this Reality Kings hardcore update? Somebody please tell me that’s photoshop or a fisheye lens or something because there’s no way a human could survive with a waist you could put a padlock around. Sophia brings it with the booty though, shaking those round and brown cheeks as she gets kissed and touched before taking her guy’s big hard cock deep in that wet pussy for this update. Hopefully next time they ditch the fisheye because it’s a little nightmarish, but other than that this is pretty hot stuff.

Amateur Black Sex


amateur fucking video

So we can’t all be Stanley Kubrick in the directors chair…sometimes it’s enough to just capture video of a scene, and that’s just what we get in this shitty amateur video of this guy fucking his ebony gf with his big black cock. I mean it looks like they’re having fun and all but be ready for a lot of footage of the guy’s ass as he pounds her pussy…it’s kind of like stop-motion, I don’t know if they bought their webcamera in 1996 or what. The girl is pretty hot too with a nice round booty so its a shame we don’t get a better look at her, but hey thats what amateur video is all about. It’s pretty funny how the dude just up and bails with like 5 mins left in the video though.

Macy Cartel


Macy Cartel Digital Desire

They gave this Digital Desire update featuring Macy Cartel the title ‘choose carefully’ which I don’t really get, maybe they’re saying you better choose carefully if you’re going to stick your cock in her pretty mouth or that tight wet pussy first? Not sure…she’s hot as hell though with her perky titties and that gorgeous face, she reminds me a little of a less-buff Xena which isn’t a bad thing. Watch Macy put on her red lingerie and then slowly take it off again, shaking her boobies and laying down to give us a nice rear view of her ass. Something keeps distracting her off-camera though, she needs to keep her eyes on the prize here!

Mandy Morbid


Mandy Morbid on Crazy Babe

Just what the hell is going on in this update from Crazy Babe? I mean sure Mandy Morbid has an eyepatch on and everything but the setting is the crazy part here, not so much the babe herself. Watch this busty edgy punk chick get naked and sit on a wheelchair to spread those long legs, just asking for someone to lick her tight shaved pussy and fuck her so hard she’ll need that wheelchair afterwards! The lighting is all blue and artsy, so if you’re in the mood for something a little wacky this might be right up your alley.



Nympth Dane Jones

It’s been a bit since a last posted a Dane Jones video for you guys so here you go a brand new scene called “Nymph”.  The girl who stars in it is a really cute European girl named Candy.  She has cute small tits and the best thing about her is just how orgasmic she is.  She has a strong orgasm while her pussy is being eaten out and then once the sex begins she just can’t help but cum a couple more times.  This guy most of felt pretty encouraged from all the orgasms he was having because he was just banging that pussy so hard you would think he would run out of energy but he just kept going like the energizer bunny!  If you like this Dane Jones sites I would go ahead and join up, they are a honest site with no hidden charges or anything like that and they update like clock work.  I try to only post sites I think you guys should join but Dane Jones is at the top of that list.  Especially since they allow me to post such long videos joining would be a nice thank you to them.

Callie Calypso


Callie calypso casting couch x

She didn’t hop into the porn world until 21 but Callie Calypso definitely loves getting fucked…she says she only started having sex recently before this Casting Couch X update and you can tell by the energy she brings that she really loves getting her pussy worked. This girl isn’t afraid to let you know too, as she moans and screams her way to orgasm with a big dick deep in her wet hole! Callie makes a great first impression at the ol’ casting couch and you’ve probably seen her around at a few other sites by now so you know she got the big thumbs up. With a cute face and perky tits and an ass like that though who wouldn’t give this girl the seal of approval? Watch this hottie have fun sucking cock, giving a rimjob and of course getting her tight wet pussy slammed as she rubs her clit with her other hand. She seems a little out of breath by the time she gets a big wet facial, can’t imagine how that could have happened!

Anna fucked


Anna for fucked hard 18

Oh man…Anna must have just come from giving a dissertation on particle physics and advanced string theory, look at the size of the brain on that girl. Or maybe she just has a huge fucking forehead, I guess that could be too. Anyway, fivehead here decided to get a rubdown at the Fucked Hard 18 massage parlor so she whipped off her pink shirt and got her perky tits out, and oh man when she turned around that ass of hers shot her way up in the ranks of hotness. Anna had a good time getting her body all oiled up and having her breasts rubbed, not to mention that juicy booty of hers. I can’t say I blame the masseuse for popping wood when he got his hands on that butt, sliding inside and fucking her right there on the massage table. I don’t know if it’s her first massage so she thinks this is the way things normally go or what but Anna is definitely into getting her pussy pounded! Face down she’s as hot as they cum and I guess if you flip her on her back you can watch a movie on her forehead while you fuck her so it’s basically a win-win.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh massage girls 18

If you walked into a massage parlor known for the masseuses having a tendency to fuck the clients and you saw your massage therapist was Kennedy Leigh tell me you wouldn’t just cream your jeans right then and there. Well that’s the scene for this Massage Girls 18 update as gorgeous Kennedy and that incredible smile of hers shows her skills in the rubdown arena, lifting her skirt to show her lack of panties before the guy even lays down! He of course lets his hands wander over her big tits and that round fuckable ass of hers as she went through the motions of giving a massage. It was the happy ending the guy was after though so soon his cock was poking out from the towel covering him and Kennedy couldn’t help but suck that big dick! She whipped the towel off and mounted up, riding that lucky fuck forwards and backwards before laying back and spreading her long legs to get penetrated to the hilt.

Adriana Malao


Adriana malao black gfs

This ebony cutie Adriana Malao is hot as hell from head to toe, especially those bangin hips of hers! She starts out giving her boyfriend a nice sexy blowjob in the kitchen, sucking that cock before bending over to get fucked in her bouncy black booty. She’s got a nice jiggly ass that’s not too big and not too small, just cushion for the pushin as the guy kicks a leg up Captain Morgan style and slams that wet shaved hole of hers doggystyle before fipping her over and fucking her from above as well. She’s sexy as hell with that tight cunt of hers and definitely loves getting fucked, so check out this hot POV scene from Black GFs! Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than a black girl with a juicy booty bending over and getting her fuckhole railed, and this is one of those times. I’m glad her boyfriend was convincing when he talked her into getting naked and getting naughty on camera, she seemed a little timid and unsure at first although she obviously knew what he was up to and fully expected to end up on her hands and knees in the kitchen. Maybe she’ll be down to make a sandwich afterwards too, who knows!

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