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Lilith Lust & Sienna Day


Lilith Lust and Sienna Day

I am going to start called Rainia Belle “Lilith Lust” now because she changed her Twitter name to LilithLustXXX so that would mean that’s the porn name she is going with now.  I don’t know why she started off as Rainia Belle it was all quite confusing.  Now that it’s settle though we can move on and enjoy her amazing porn videos.  This one is a play on Game of Thrones I do believe.  Little Finger in that show owns some brothels right well here is Little Finger for Brazzers teaching his new whore Lilith Lust and Sienna Day how to be good little sluts.  It’s a whore instructional video if you will.  He tells the girls what the should be doing throughout the videos to please their clients the best.  The clothing and hair in this is a little weird but with a body like Lilith and Sienna has it’s really easily overlooked.  Both of these girls have awesome chest and you can tell they spend quite a bit of time in the gym with tight asses and stomach’s.

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