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Asian hottie


Asian hottie

This gorgeous Asian amateur has perfect tits but Ernie from EHOWA would rather talk about the words on the back of her phone case haha…he sprinkles these nude…(Offsite Gallery)

My Asian Valentine


My Asian Valentine

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The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner and gorgeous exotic Samantha Parker is ready to rock and roll! Her boyfriend went all out this year…READ MORE

Asian Bombshell


Asian Bombshell

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This gorgeous 20 year old Asian babe was super nervous and also super excited when she made her very first adult video, a hardcore sex scene that was just mind…READ MORE

Really Petite Asian


Really Petite Asian

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I do believe it’s been a while since we have seen an Asian girl. I am a stickler for facts so I went ahead and looked it up and sure enough there hasn’t been a…READ MORE

Small Asian Babe on Girls Do Toys


Small Asian Babe on Girls Do Toys

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This 19 year old Texas chick was out in California for her first time…in fact she was in store for all kinds of first times, including making her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn in this scene right here! She’s a cute exotic little spinner with a gorgeous face and a body you’ll be blown away by, but that’s just how Girls Do Porn does things…every single week they have the hottest amateurs in their updates, it’s crazy! They started this site Girls Do Toys not long ago, it features the same jaw-droppingly hot girls and shows them sort of ‘warming up’ before their full hardcore shoot by doing a sexy solo sort of thing, getting naked and playing with all kinds of sex toys. This particular chick doesn’t even own any sextoys herself, so she’s in for a treat…and so are we! After her little introductory interview she gets to work on that tight teen pussy of hers, hopping up on a kitchen counter and penetrating herself with some big vibrating toys, moaning and having a blast…I have the feeling this horny little hottie is going to be stopping at an adult toy store on her way home to make a few purchases! She shows off those perky full breasts, spreads her legs wide open to give a look at her wet tight pussy and has fun fucking herself…and just so you guys know, if you sign up for a Girls Do Porn membership you get access to Girls Do Toys for FREE, so make sure you jump on that deal before they take it off the table!

Morgan Lee Anal Asian


Morgan Lee Anal Asian

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Beautiful Morgan Lee is back and she’s looking hotter than ever…as she dances around in her lingerie if you notice a little extra sparkle in her step it’s…READ MORE

Asian Bombshell BTS


Asian Bombshell BTS

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If you’ve still got a pulse I’m going to go ahead and assume you remember this sexy Asian bombshell from her two Girls Do Porn updates…but hey why not make sure of it, she’s got scene1 and scene2 right there so take a walk down mammary lane but then head back here because I’ve got a little never-before-seen bonus content of this chick! Girls Do Porn did a total overhaul of their members’ area a few months back and one of the new features they set up was a treasure trove of BTS (behind the scenes) content as well as some deleted scenes. This one is a behind the scenes peek at this horny busty Asian hottie as she got ready for her first shoot…she’s got that sexy little black dress on and is ready to blow our minds as she put on her makeup and headed to the shoot! The way the BTS stuff works is that you get to see the chick before her shoot, then during a break midway through when she’s already gotten a taste of the action, and in the case of this Asian hottie we also get to see her mastubating and then sucking dick too. At the end we see her in the shower cleaning up, basically basking in the afterglow of her very first adult video and you can see how happy she is about the whole thing!

Cute Asian Girl Returns


Cute Asian Girl Returns

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

So it was a little while ago I’ll admit but I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys remembered this cute innocent Asian chick’s first Girls Do Porn scene…if somehow it slipped your mind, go ahead and refresh your memory right here and then head on back because she’s making her grand return! This video is actually from a site that’s still in the works called Girls Do Toys, and I seriously can’t wait for it to go live beacuse it’s looking pretty fly I gotta say. Watch this exotic hottie giving her tight little pussy the works with a big thick vibrating toy…she’s got those sweet seductive innocent eyes and long skinny legs to go along with her perky titties and in this clip she’s masturbating right out in public in a few different places. If you’ve been watching Girls Do Porn for awhile you’ll know that they have seriously the hottest amateur chicks on the internet and this girl is no exception…beautiful face, amazing tight little body, perfect pussy, horny as hell, the list goes on so just head on in and check it out!

Nice Floppy Asian Boobs


Nice Floppy Asian Boobs

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Alright I got a nice video for you guys from GF Revenge of this boyfriend filming his girlfriend getting ready. She is in like these super tight white yoga pants and in this top that is just definitely not going to hold in those big floppy tits of hers. The boyfriend isn’t really doing a good job of getting in her pants he seems to be annoying her more then anything else. I guess he knows his girl though because it works out for him, she is on her knees blowing him and he’s fucking while filming it all. This girl has some awesome big tits as I mentioned and then you are going to love her tight shaven pussy as well. The video is kind of shitty quality but that’s what happens when a guy is filming while fucking.

Asian Seduction


Asian Seduction

Click to see Morgan Lee on Passion HD!

Get ready for some Asian Seduction courtesy of beautiful exotic Morgan Lee! She’s lounging on the futon at the beginning of this Passion HD update, just waiting for her man to show up and unleash that big uncut cock on her…soon he’s licking her sweet little pussy, getting her all turned on before pounding that hole with his huge dick! Check out those nice bouncy boobies of hers as Morgan gets fucked in this, her second update on Passion HD. She was on once before and looked mighty hot (if you missed out it was a scene called Flowers And Candy so check it) but I’ve gotta say, she looks even better here! Gorgeous body, beautiful face, long dark hair, Morgan is a stunner for sure.

Asian Bombshell Returns


Asian Bombshell Returns

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

Hey do you guys remember this Hot Asian Bombshell from her first Girls Do Porn shoot? Of course you do, that was a rhetorical question (and it’s right here if you’d like a reminder)…who could forget that stunning exotic face or those big perfect breasts, or of course that perfect tight firm ass of hers! I guess she made as big an impression on the Girls Do Porn guys as she did on the rest of us because they’ve brought her back for another smokin hot hardcore sex scene…as you guys probably know, they only bring back the hottest girls for a second (or sometimes even third) time and when they do, they always have the girl push her boundaries a bit and do something new, I mean you gotta keep things fresh am I right? This Asian cutie’s first shoot was spectacular but this one might just take the cake, because this time she’s down to take a load of cum in her pussy! That’s right, this exotic knockout is ready for her very first creampie, but first she’s just gotta get her lips on that cock…after her introductory interview (in which she mentions having banged 3 and a half guys since her last GDP shoot…how did she get the ‘half’? You’ll just have to join up and see for yourself LOL!) she drops down to the floor and pulls the guy’s pants down, grabbing that cock and sucking him off with those soft pillowy lips. From the sounds she’s making you can tell she’s been thinking about this moment all day long, some girls just absolutely love to suck dick and are fantastic at it and this chick is certainly one of those! So we already know this stunner is taking a creampie, but that’s not the only trick up the sleeve so to speak…after riding that dick and getting those big sweet titties of hers bounced around this Asian bombshell pulls out all the stops and gets her ass fucked, taking a hard anal pounding before the guy moves back to that wet pussy and blasts a load of cum inside for a perfect creampie! A beautiful Asian exploring anal sex plus taking a creampie? Is it my birthday or something?

Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS


Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS

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Man I really do love the BTS (behind the scenes) footage that the guys from Girls Do Porn put up in their new members’ area…it really gives a nice fun inside look to how a shoot went, from seeing the girl be all shy and nervous and anxious beforehand and then all comfortable and into it during a break in the actual shoot, and then of course cooling down and relaxing with a nice steamy shower afterwards! This BTS video in particular features the gorgeous Asian 19 year old hottie from a few months back…you remember her, she took on that big cock and sucked and fucked it like a champ, taking a truly epic facial cumshot for her efforts. In this extra video footage they were nice enough to provide you get to know this girl a little better…she’s 19 and is working her very first job at the mall so she talks about that a little, talks about some of her sexual experiences and how she’s feeling about her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn…apparently there was some trouble with the cops beforehand due to the guys parking in a handicapped spot or something, which is pretty funny. This girl though is a knockout with fantastic perky titties and a sweet firm pert little butt that she loves to shake, and we see her here sucking cock and getting all dripping wet in the shower…if you somehow missed out on her actual shoot I’ve got it right here for you guys, so make sure you check that out and stay tuned because GDP always has the sexiest amateurs on the net if you ask me!

Sexy Bi Asian BTS


Sexy bi asian bts girls do porn

One of the highlights of the week in the porn world as far as I’m concerned is when Girls Do Porn puts out a new update…the amateur chicks on that site are always and I mean ALWAYS super smokin hot, the sex is great and it’s just a fun time all around. One of the big new changes with the new members’ area they’ve come out with recently is the addition of bonus content (like stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor so to speak), and especially the BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage! It’s great to get an inside look at the personality of these girls, the BTS videos have stuff from before the shoot when the girls are (usually) still super shy and nervous, and stuff shot during the actual content while they were taking breaks and whatnot and the girls have gotten into the swing of things and are having fun, and finally footage shot after everything is said and done and the chick is showering up and relaxing and talking about her experience on the site. Apparently a taxi almost ran into these guys before the shoot, and it’s that kind of thing that you just don’t know about until seeing BTS footage…the clip I’ve got for you guys today is from this girl back in July, she’s a Sexy Bi Asian and I have the feeling she’ll seem mighty familiar if you’ve been a fan of Girls Do Porn for a while; she would be hard to forget with that beautiful face and bangin’ body, not to mention her open fun enthusiastic sexy attitude! This BTS video has footage from when she first showed up (after the close call with the taxi) as well as scenes of her sucking cock and of course the after-shower which ended up being at like 3am…it’s some fun footage of a drop dead beautiful woman and if you like Girls Do Porn (and I can’t really imagine someone not liking them) I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Hot Asian Bombshell


Hot asian bombshell girls do porn

Very nervous, and very VERY excited…that’s how this beautiful Asian describes her feelings at the beginning of her very first adult video! She’s a full-time student and has done a little modeling here and there but nothing like this, mostly just promotional photos so I would guess bikini and whatnot…basically, nothing near the level of Girls Do Porn! They’ve got hands-down the hottest amateurs on the net and this gorgeous exotic 20 year old is a perfect example. She’s got a little black dress on to show off those mile-long legs of hers, and her eyes are just incredible…a very beautiful girl and even just relaxing on the bed with her clothes on doing her interview you can tell she’s got a great body and plenty of enthusiasm so you know you’re in for a hell of a treat! After talking a little about her experiences and fantasies, just sort of getting to know this girl a little, she gets up close and personal with this guy’s cock and gives him a very nice blowjob, accentuated by the fact that she’s looking up at him with those beautiful almond eyes! When her dress finally hits the floor you can see this girl has bigger breasts than you might think for such a tight lean frame, they look mighty mighty fine on her too! This girl is seriously smokin hot…from the way she arches her back and neck as she gasps and moans while the guy slides his cock in her pussy she’s just emanating sexuality! If you’ve got a thing for Asian women this Girls Do Porn scene is going to be an absolute dream cum true but it’s not just about her being Asian if you follow me; she’s just utterly beautiful and has a body that looks like it was transferred to Earth directly from a dream! This girl holds on for dear life as she gets her wet tight little pussy drilled, going from a slow deep penetration to an all-out rabbit fucking and everything in between…I don’t know how this guy kept it together, in any position this girl was in he had either those big perfect boobs or that sweet tight ass or her beautiful exotic face to contend with and any one of those would have done in a normal man in twenty seconds flat! This guy’s a pro though, he gave this chick a nice thorough pounding before she dropped to her knees, sucking his cock one last time and then getting a big creamy facial that just about glued one eye shut before scampering off to the shower.

Sexy Teen Asian


Gdp sexy teen asian

As I’m sure you guys already know, Girls Do Porn has easily the hottest amateur girls on the internet, that’s just science right there. The girls on the site are always ridiculously sexy and if you ask me it’s even hotter when they bring in an exotic cutie like this sexy teen Asian from this latest update! By the way if you haven’t checked out their new members’ area already it’s definitely worth a look, they’ve taken what was already the hottest material on the net and made it even better with new features like behind the scenes shoots and deleted scenes and more download options, all sorts of stuff. Anyway, back to this hottie…she shows up in her little pink dress looking sexy as hell and that’s for good reason; she works as a model doing promo shoots for companies and things like that and as far as her boyfriend knows, this shoot is no different! She didn’t tell him she was going to be getting a mouthful of cock and getting that tight little teen pussy pounded, he’s sitting down there in his car just twiddling his thumbs waiting for this ‘modeling’ gig to be over with so he can go back to watching TV or whatever. Meanwhile this Asian hottie is upstairs showing off those sweet perky titties and her tight perfect butt as she gets naked, showing off her blowjob skills and then getting laid down on the bed to take an incredible pounding, moaning her head off as she gets that tight little teen cunt fucked! She was of course a little nervous at first but she was excited too for the adventure of it, and that makes for one red hot hardcore shoot if you ask me. Apparently it’s been awhile since this hottie has been fucked this hard and this deep, after getting a big cream facial she’s in the bathroom washing up and the guy asks her what her favorite part of the experience was, and I think her answer goes for pretty much all of us as she says “Everything!!”.

Morgan Lee Asian Delicacy


Exotic 4k morgan lee

Are you in the mood for a nice Asian Delicacy? Morgan Lee here is an exotic beauty from the east with a slammin body, a pretty face and attitude for days…and she’s ready to put it all to work in this Exotic4k episode for us, shaking that perfect round booty right in our face! She starts out doing a little sultry slinky dance on the bed, stripping down and driving us nuts before the main even when she takes her man’s big hard cock in that sweet little pussy, and since this is Exotic4k it’s all filmed in incredibly high resolution! Seriously, when you check out the full videos in the highest quality it’s just mind-blowing not to mention load-blowing. Speaking of blowing loads, after the guy pounds her sweet shaved snatch with that big ol sausage of his he blasts her with a big facial of cum that drips down onto those soft round boobs of hers! Morgan Lee loves a good facial, it keeps her skin soft and moisturized…just look at that smile on her face at the end of this steamy hardcore scene.

Horny Asian Teen


Gdp sexy asian

Most girls that show up on Girls Do Porn tend to be pretty nervous but not this horny Asian teen! She’s pretty confident for someone who hasn’t ever done an adult video before, but I guess some girls just love the whole idea of it…maybe she just knows she’s hot as hell and has an incredible body so she figures she’s got this in the bag! With her long black glossy hair and smooth graceful legs she’s already got a headstart on being utterly sexy and backs it up when she starts stripping down and showing off those gorgeous perky boobies, dropping to her knees to give this guy a very nice blowjob! The real star though is that tight shaved pussy of hers, she’s only been with a couple of guys before so her vagina is tight as a drum and she loves getting drilled by this guy’s big hard cock. Girls Do Porn just keeps on wowing us with the chicks they bring in, I don’t know how they do it but these girls are just incredibly hot update after update! Some other sites could definitely take a page out of their book, that’s for damn sure. If you’ve got a thing for tight cute Asian asses this girl is gonna blow you away as she gets on her hands and knees for some doggystyle fucking action before taking a big load of cum in her mouth, swallowing every drop!

Sexy Bi Asian


Sexy bi asian on girls do porn

This hot Asian 20 year old babe isn’t doing her very first adult video for the money or fame or anything like that, she just wanted to try something new and push her envelope a little, so she packed up and headed to Girls Do Porn after letting her boyfriend know! Usually these amateur hotties play it on the downlow with their boyfriends, telling them they’re doing a modeling shoot or something without going into the details, but this exotic brunette seems like more of a straight shooter so she just stone cold told him she was going to go make a porn and he was like ‘well, okay!’ and off she went. This girl is pretty sexual, she says she watches porn pretty frequently both with and without her guy, especially lesbian and threesome and gangbang shoots…apparently she’s got some bisexual leanings and is definitely open to getting into some fun with a girl on camera, hopefully she comes back and does a girl-girl or threeway video sometime soon! For now though she’s ready to just dip her toes into things, but man oh man after seeing her skills handling a cock I was blown away and I’m sure so was the cameraman…she gave him an amazing blowjob, licking his big hard dick up and down and getting facefucked before stripping down naked for the main event. This girl is smokin hot as you can see when she gets naked, with her sweet exotic face and perfect perky breasts…she tries to play things cool a little when the guy first starts sliding his cock into her hole but soon she’s moaning away, giving in to the pleasure of a nice hard fuck without any kind of self-consciousness and it’s just plain sexy as hell. The guy finishes things off with a nice creamy facial to give her a souvenir for her first adult hardcore scene, but I have the feeling this is only the beginning for this sexy Asian amateur.

Asian Sin With Alina Li


Alina Li Evil Angel Asian Sin

This is a awesome new Evil Angel scene starring one of my favorite new pornstars Alina Li.  Alina has such a nice tight pussy, I mean it’s perfect.  That big fat ass of hers on her petite little body don’t know how you can’t like this girl.  She is one of the hottest Asian pornstars out right now and I love her cute little accent.  She has done some amazing scene probably my favorite though would be the one she did for Teen Fidelity.  This one is good too don’t get me wrong I like that she is wearing these fishnet stockings and is all dolled up.  The video doesn’t have much fucking though because the guy kept complaining about almost cumming as soon as he put his dick in that tight little hole.  I mean you can see he is trying not to blow his load he keeps pulling out after like 3 puts.  Alina Li has sone a bunch of scene for Evil Angel all of them part DVD’s they put out.  That reminds me I need to tell you guys how much of a deal you’re getting by joining Evil Angels site.  You know usually a DVD cost like $59.99 well you can join Evil Angel for $29.95 a month or $7.95 a month if you pay for a full years membership up front.  That’s one hell of a savings I would say.  Alright now the other DVD’s that Alina Li has been on are: Slurpy Throatsluts 2, Strap Some Boyz 2, Brand New Girls Scene #3, Santa’s Little Helper, Asian Fuck Faces 3.

Epic Facial on Asian Girl


Gorgeous Asian Girl Gets Epic Facial

Girls Do Porn is just the best site in the world are they not?  Just take a look at their category and look at all the girls and tell me they’re not the hottest chicks compared to ANY other site.  On top of that they’re all real amateurs not pornstars like every single other site.  So this girl they found today is a super cute Asian girl who weighs all of 94 pounds.  She is fucking a dick that is probably as big as her forearm and you can tell she has a hard time handling it.  She does take it though just look at the part of the video where she is riding him I mean she takes him balls deep! Now let’s talk about how this video ends.  You know Girls Do Porn goes between creampies and facials and this facial is bigger then all the rest.  I mean it was so big the guy who runs Girls Do Porn couldn’t help but laugh, “he glazed you like a donut” was his exact words HAHA.  Anyways as always an amazing scene from the best porn site there is so don’t fuck around and just join their site already, you won’t find anything better.

Asian Amateur


Asian amateur

This amateur Asian cutie looks like a girl you’d just run across on the beach and stare at, wondering just what she looks like naked…well thanks to this crop of totally nsfw photos we get to satisfy that curiosity and more! Watch this hottie strip down out of her sexy lingerie and suck cock, taking a big creamy facial all over her lips and up to the hairline.

Beautiful Asian MILF


Mompov beautiful asian milf

This 38 year old MILF has a little bit of a younger look than many of the models but I think in general that holds true for Asian women. She’s been supplementing her income for awhile with some implied nude modeling but I guess the combination of not being hardcore enough coupled with the excitement of being in front of the camera with strangers watching made her want a little something more! This is her first time doing adult videos and Mom POV was a fine choice for her debut if you ask me. She’s got a great body and a great attitude, obviously loves sex and obviously loves having the spotlight on her as she’s filmed sucking cock and getting fucked! This horny babe loves riding dick and even slips a finger or two in her ass while she slides the guy’s hard cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. The years have been kind to this sexy mama and hopefully she cums back to Mom POV for round two, or three, or ten! She certainly seemed like she had a good time with this update.

Asian Girlfriend


Mygf asian broad

I don’t know what kind of life lottery this asshole won but he’s got a huge cock and a sexy Asian girlfriend who is horny as hell and doesn’t mind the fact that he’s recording them having sex! She starts out by popping his dino-dick into her mouth for a nice blowjob before turning around and riding him good and hard, bouncing her hot round ass up and down as she slammed herself onto his cock! I don’t know what this hottie did to piss the guy off, maybe she cheated on him or something because she seems super horny all the time, but he sent this footage in to My GF as an exclusive so we all get to see this amateur chick get her hole nailed.

Pregnant Asian Rya


Rya for exploited college girls

Alright so here’s the thing…I don’t really find pregnant chicks very sexually attractive. That said, I know there’s an audience out there that goes absolutely bananas over a preggo girl getting naked and getting fucked, and who am I to judge? The bonus here is that if you’re into Asian chicks you’re about to blow your load all over your damn keyboard, because Exploited College Girls had Rya in the studio for a hardcore fuckfest…she’s a few months pregnant and is just starting to really show so she’s got a little bit of a belly and her breasts are starting to look like preggo breasts. That’s certainly not stopping her from being horny as hell so she came in to get her pussy taken care of, and definitely got her wish! She sucks cock, gets penetrated with toys and orgams good and hard, then gets fucked until the guy shoots his load deep inside. I guess there’s not much danger of her getting pregnant from the cumshot, right?

Asian goes Anal


Mr anal with london keyes

We’ve got a treat for you butt lovers today…the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal gave us this update featuring London Keyes, a gorgeous Asian pornstar with a nice big juicy booty and nice big titties as well! It could be just my imagination but it doesn’t seem like we see a whole lot of Asian hardcore anal porn…maybe it’s a cultural thing or something but hey this is 2013, let’s bring the world together with the power of butt sex! London warms up by using a few toys on her ass, getting ready for the big cock to come. Soon enough that dick is there but she’s gotta prep it (there’s a lot of prepwork involved in an anal fuck session!) by sucking and licking it until that dick is big and hard as a rock…so much so that she can barely fit it into her mouth! How in the world will she fit that meatbat into her tight little puckerhole? Well I don’t know how she did it but man she took that dick like a pro, which I guess she is, getting fucked from behind with an easy smile before he shot his load all over her cute face and big tits.

Hot Asian, Tight Pussy


Hot Asian, Girls Do Porn

I think Girls Do Porn should just start up a Asian site already or something!  I mean they find some hot ass Asian girls there is no doubt about it.  If you want some proof take a look at a couple of these, [Gallery 1], [Gallery 2], [Gallery 3], [Gallery 4], [Gallery 5], [Gallery 6] I mean tell me they are not just killing it when it comes to recruiting these Asian chicks, they all are perfect 10 out of 10’s!  Well they have done it again with this girl.  She is nice and spunky and loves to have “kinky sex” whatever that mean.  She is really good at pretty much everything and of course her favorite position is doggystyle.  She talks about this fuck buddy she has who just happen to take her virginity right.  She says she had a hard time fucking him for about a year cause his dick was so big.  Well I think she knows what a big dick is like after fucking this guy.  He was a little too much for her to handle at time and how can you blame her.  I mean her tight little pussy was stretched to the max and you can just see it when she is riding him.  She says that her stomach is probably going to hurt from all the hard doggystyle, can you believe that shit!  Talk about a great body too, nice and skinny with some super cute little titties, you’re going to love this Asian girl so check it out already!

Asian Back For Anal


Big Booty MILF Asian Back For Anal

Mom POV got this Asian MILF back for another round of some fucking.  This time though he didn’t just fuck that tight little pussy of hers he oiled up that big tan-line ass and gave her anal sex as well.  She pretty much loved it, I even think she had a orgasm while he was fucking her missionary with his dick in her ass and she was rubbing her pussy.  These two have definitely got comfortable with each other and I suspect we could have another regular on the site with this mom!  She loves getting fucked but I guess she has no game to pick up younger men.  So why not just go to the porn guy who knows what he is doing right, makes sense to me…  The video ends with her giving him a handjob / footjob and then sucking him off so he blows one of the largest loads ever right on her face, I mean DAMN, check out picture 45 for proof of that!

Asian Rose


Asian Rose The Black Alley

The Black Alley doesn’t sound like a site where you’d be able to find some of the hottest nude Asian hotties around but man, it definitely is! For instance take this photoshoot of lovely Rose (or Tokyo Rose, if you will), an exotic beauty with sexy red lingerie and super perky gumdrop nipples taking off her clothes for us to enjoy. If you’ve got a thing for Asians with beautiful faces and amazing bodies you can consider this your lucky day.

Asian Housewife Fucked


Asian Wife Banged

I have for you a hot little Asian wife that is just getting mini jack hammered by her husband.  I mean he is Asian so he’s not very big but it seems like enough to fill his wife tiny little hole.  They don’t fuck in too many positions and it ends with him giving her a creampie just like you see here.  This is totally a home video and I would love to hear the story of why they ended up putting it out on the Internet wouldn’t you?

Asian Swinger


Older Asian Swinger on Mom POV

I know that I just updated our Mom POV category but they had this 31 year old Asian MILF I wanted to share with you guys.  She is a swinger so her husband knows that she is off shooting a porn with some random guy.  I bet he didn’t know his wife would be getting fucked this good!  She is totally beside herself with this sex session, you can just tell from the excitement in her voice whenever she talks.  She is from the Philippians so she has that accent which is pretty cute especially when she is screaming fuck me harder LOL!  He literally fucks her in every position you can think of but some of the best parts of the video is when she is reverse cowgirl and you can get a look at her perfect little round Asian ass.  The scene ends like most of the Mom POV scene and that’s with this girl getting her face literally covered in cum.

Asian MILF Creampie


Carissa Creampie Mom POV

This Asian MILF has been on Mom POV a couple of times I do believe but this is the only time that she has gotten a creampie.  The other times she was just getting a facial or swallowing cum.  What we did learna bout this girl here is that she is a freak for sure.  Not like a freak freak but just a super sexual person who is down for just about anything.  This MILF wants nothing more then to be fucked by 5 guys at the same time, yep that’s a true story.  When she was told that he was going to be cumming in her pussy she was stoked. BUT BUT she did say that would what make it better is if a guy would eat it out of her pussy, true story guys.  When a girl gets older there just comes a point when they can never get enough dick and Carissa is definitely at that point and far beyond it.

Small Asian Babe


Petite Asian Babe Girls Do Porn

This girl is seriously small I mean she has to be like less then 100lbs or some where along those lines.  She is being fucked for my favorite amateur site of all time Girls Do Porn.  She is a Asian chick that speaks pretty good English but she definitely has a accent.  She seems really stoked to be doing her first sex tape but if she could choose a guy or a girl I think she would rather have a chick licking her pussy.  It’s like her ultimate fantasy but she hasn’t made it happen yet.  I imagine it would be pretty easy I mean this girl is fucking hot there is no way to dispute that!  The guy she is fucking is the most well endowed guy she has ever boned, she comes off as a girl who probably only dated Asian men.  Once she got this fucking though I am not sure if she will ever go back!

Nerdy Asian


Nerdy Asian Girls Do Porn

I am not being mean calling this Asian girl from Girls Do Porn nerdy, I think it’s cute.  She has some amazing big natural tits that you just don’t see on such petite Asian girls much.  That in itself makes her cute but I think the glasses are what really do it for me.  Girls Do Porn went outside their box on this one and got a girl who has only been living in America for 3 years so her English isn’t that good but you still learn a lot about this girl through her interview.  She is definitely one of those chicks that you wouldn’t suspect is a freak in the sheets but she actually is.

Asian Barbie


Asian Barbie Girls Do Porn

This is one hell of a update from Girls Do Porn, you guys are simply going to love it!  This girl is so damn hot she is Asian with a perfect bald pussy and look at that pretty face.  As if the girl doesn’t have it all right there with those two things she also as big natural tits and a amazing tight round ass.  This girl is for real 18 years old and she wants to do porn because well she likes porn!  In the video you will see her telling the girls that she loves watching one particular girl and that girl is Tanner Mayes not a bad choice I would say!

Sex Asian 18


Asian hottie

Nana Ogura’s freshly eighteen and looking to score herself a sugar daddy. She figured the best way to do that was to let everyone see what she’s got. What she’s got is a seriously hot set of a tits and a pert little ass that is in dire need of a harsh spanking and a harsher fucking.

Asian Girl Big Tits


Busty Asian

The Asian stereotype of their girls having small tits is going to be laid to rest with this one. This beautiful Japanese piece of ass definitely has the petite cuteness that we know and love about Asian girls, but she’s also got one fine set of knockers for you to spray your load on.

Asian Chick


Girls Do Porn Asian Chick

Here is a super cute amateur chick from Girls Do Porn I don’t know her name because well he stopped naming the chicks!  It doesn’t really matter to me though because I am member so I get to see all the hotness and don’t have to find it online like you guys.  In this gallery you will see a girl who loves to fuck and is pretty damn happy to be getting paid for doing it.

Cute Asian Girl


Cute Asian Girls Do Porn

Well Girls Do Porn just stopped naming their models on me so you will no longer be getting names of the chicks on this site its probably for the best though because all of these girls are complete amateurs and this helps keep them more anonymous.  This girl is a very cute Asian girl as you can see and this is seriously the second guy she has ever fucked and its being filmed!  The girl currently has a boyfriend but is doing this sex scene because she wants money so she can shop!

Thick Asian Exgf


Busty Asian Real Ex Girlfriends

Here is a busty Asian chick with a nice thick body on Real Ex Girlfriends.  If you have never checked out their site before I suggest you give it a go they really have some amazing stuff and I love the variety of exclusive amateur porno they have.  A lot of the tapes are bought by Real Ex Girlfriends from real couples and then their are a few that are submitted to them in order to get revenge on a cheating ex girlfriend or to make some extra money.

Asian Girl Fucked


Submit Your Bitch Asian Ex Girlfriend

Here is a nice piece of Asian ass for you guys to check out its from Submit Your Bitch one of the only places to see and sell sex tapes.  This girl is pretty freaking cute, but the there is kind of a problem with the video being too dark.  I really lighted up the pictures so you can see whats going on there, but the video your just going to have to deal with I am sorry.

Asian Amateur


Submit Your Bitch Asian Chick

This is the second gallery I have posted of this beautiful Asian college girl from Submit Your Bitch.  This one has this girl begging her boyfriend for the cock, he of course is going to give it to her the whole time, but makes her do a little strip tease for him before he lays the pipe.  If you like real amateur porn there is only one place to go right now on the Internet its Submit Your Bitch.  If you are trying to make a bunch of money fast just submit your sex tape to them and they will pay you for it.

Banned Asian Celebs


Far East beauty

More hotness from Asia, here’s Sora Aoi posing cutely and showing her body off to the camera in a variety of outfits. From lacy black panties to a cute cowboy hate, she does everything with a smile and a flirtatious wink that lets you know you can have more if you want it.

Sexy Asian


Asian goddess

Like Asian beauties? Hikaru’s just the girl for you. She represents everything that’s sexy about the Far East. She’s got dark almond eyes, a petite body and perfectly smooth skin, and a nice little black bush that frames her tight, eager young vagina. She’s a treasure.

Sexy Asian


Sexy Japanese Model

Exotic and fae-like, this hot Japenese babe flaunts her big tits and hot ass around outside in the daylight. She’s clearly okay with public nudity so just imagine how easy it would be to get her to let you fuck her out in public too.

Asian Teens


Asian Girlfriends

Normally you don’t see many Asian girlfriends, which is why we took the time to put together an entire gallery of them. They’re mainly non-nude pictures, because it’s hard to find Asian girls who will get completely naked on camera, but there are some seriously cute faces and asses in this gallery.

Asian Coeds


Dare Dorm Asians

I have some hot Asian pussy for you guys in this Dare Dorm episode called “May I Ride”.  The two girls know about Dare Dorm and decide that if they both fuck their boyfriends in their dorm room and film it they could probably win.  Well, they won for a reason because this girl I have pictured right here can ride a mean dick you will see just check out the free video!

Sexy Asians


Asian Girlfriends

Normally you don’t see many Asian girlfriends, which is why we took the time to put together an entire gallery of them. They’re mainly non-nude pictures, because it’s hard to find Asian girls who will get completely naked on camera, but there are some seriously cute faces and asses in this gallery.

Perfect Asian Pussy


Mazaki Nene

I know we don’t always feature a lot of Asian girls but that’s because I only want to bring you the best of them, like Mazaki Nene here. She’s a short, cute girl that while she looks like she’s just the fun kind of girl. she’s got a lot of sex appeal and she’s even got some nice tits for her size.

Asian Suzie


Topless Suzie

Suzie from ActionGirls is taking a day off and spending it out in the clear waters of the Carribean. Why go so far to enjoy herself? Well, Suzie likes the exotic, because it matches her so well. That, and she can wear whatever she wants and whatever she doesn’t want. Enjoy this gallery of Suzie playing around topless in the sand!

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