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Czech casting


Czech casting

Marie here is only 21 so I figured those big titties of hers would be perky and perfect when she got naked for this casting call photoshoot but man oh man. This is a good example of how misleading clothes can be; she’s cute as hell and with her bra on those boobs look round and plump but when she pops it off, they take a nosedive and turn into saggy pancakes. Maybe that’s your thing with big tits, who knows, I hope so and so does Marie I’m sure! It would be a shame if this hottie didn’t get work in the industry because her tits are taking a shortcut to her knees, becuase she’s seriously hot with very cute freckles and everything.

Alura Jenson Casting


Alura Jenson Casting Couch

Alura Jenson is a big shot she works all day and then wakes up and does it all over again.  She has her fun though being the big show talent manager.  When her son called her to let her know that he send his friend down there who wants to be a actor.  Alura has no time for this shit so she makes the best of it.  In her interview with her sons friend she does her own little casting couch interview.  She tells this guy that if he does please her anyway she wants she isn’t helping with him shit.  Well this guy did EVERYTHING including licking that fat ass of hers.  They fuck right on the couch and once Alura gets her nut off she sends this kid packing and gets back to work, for real this time.  This scene is from Naughty America and is part of their “My Friends Hot Mom” site.

Heather Night Casting


Heather Night Casting Couch X

Every model gets their start somewhere but there is only one site where you get to see the actual casting couch interview and that’s on Casting Couch X!  Here is Heather Night and her very first sex scene.  It was a special scene for many reason but the main one is she is the first girl to ever get a creampie on this site!  She kind of forced this guy to cum in her pussy because she was on top riding him and she just wouldn’t get off when he told her he was going to cum.  She just kept riding him because it felt to good.  Look at this picture that I have for the guy and you get to see the exact moment she had a orgasm while riding him.  You now probably understand why she just let him cum in her pussy because she was just cumming over and over while riding him so she didn’t really want it to stop.  This is definitely not the first time she has been posted on our site (1,2) but this is really the first sex tape she ever did so enjoy it, it’s a great one!

Presley’s Casting


Presley Dawson Casting Couch X

We all know that these pornstars have to get their start somewhere and there is a couple of websites that shows the casting couch interview that they do before they get any porn jobs.  Casting Couch X is one of those sites and they’re definitely one of my favorites.  I think that this talent agent gets these girls jobs at Passion HD and Fantasy HD as their first paying gig but before they do that they have to take the girl for a test spin.  This is the casting couch interview that Presley Dawson did with them and it’s a good one.  She then went on to do Fantasy HD scene and a Passion HD scene, like I said there is a trend with these guys.  Presley is one of those girls who has always liked porn and once she couldn’t get a job thought why not just get into it.  I am glad she did because I like her look and that nice petite body she has.

Holly Casting Couch X


Holly Michaels Casting Couch X

I am quite surprised to see Holly Michaels on Casting Couch X.  I wonder if when you switch agents if you have to go through a interview process once again or something.  Holly comes in wearing some sexy tight white pants and this bring pink shirt that shows off her mid-drift.  The shirt looks great because you can see some great cleavage of those all natural tits of hers.  So I am going to say that Holly is either switching agents or Casting Couch X needed a filler update so they hired her to come in to do a sex scene for them.  Either way it doesn’t matter because you have to see Holly fucking.  This girl is way wild just watch the first like 3 minutes and you will see one of those most wet and wild blowjobs every.  I mean she is sucking on balls deep throating this guys cock just acting like a maniac.  She loves sex and if this video doesn’t shows that off I don’t know what would.  I think producers would hire Holly just by her looks but after seeing her fucking and blowjob skills in this casting couch video they are almost sure to hire her.

Chloe Amour Casting


Chloe Amour Casting Couch X

Here is the first sex tape that Chloe Amour ever did, it’s her Casting Couch interview if you will.  I can just tell what casting site she was on by the couch and the fact that I have seen her on other sites I know that Casting Couch X was the first to fuck her.  They are one of a couple casting sites that actually find girls jobs, the other ones are fake agents the most notorious being Backroom Casting Couch.  Chloe comes into her interview looking stunning wearing white pants because she knows that us guys can’t help but like a hot girl like her in white pants.  She also has on this little matching tube top and a big shirt that goes over it, very trendy and cute I must say.  Who cares about what she is wearing though because in this video you get to see this former Playboy model fucking and sucking!  I guess being a hot model getting naked wasn’t paying the bills so she stepped up to the big leagues and now taking the dick!  If Chloe here sticks with porn I think she is going to be the next big thing, but it seems most girls in porn make a run and then disappear so enjoy her while it last fella’s, because all good things come to a end.

Kennedy’s Casting


Kennedy Leigh Casting Couch X

You guys are about to see one super hot video and I didn’t fuck around and make like a trailer this is pretty much like the full video!  It’s from one of my favorite models Kennedy Leigh.  I like this girl because she has a nice body her tits are what I really like just how full they are and perky.  This is the first sex tape she ever made because the guy who made it with her is her agent.  He also runs a website called Casting Couch X, he probably make more on the site then he does getting these girls jobs.  Since you have seen Kennedy on Passion HD and other sites I can’t really think of right now you know that he has gotten her other jobs.  Let’s go back though and see where it all began!  What a crazy way to get into the porn business I might add.  You would think a girl with get a facial like the one in this video and never want to do it again.  Kennedy loves herself some cum though!

Casting Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Casting Couch X

Lacy Channing just got her audition sex tape release over at Casting Couch X.  The guy who is her agent always takes his models for a test run before he gets them jobs.  I think once Lacy put her legs behind her head like this while he was fucking her he knew that she was going to be getting a lot of work!  It’s pretty smart doing what he does because not only does he get to bang a lot of hot girls but he also gets to remain anonymous.  Plus he gets a really nice tape to send to other porn producers so they can see just what kind of work these models put out.  If I had to great Lacy I would say she is a perfect 10 and I mean that!

Anissa Kate Casting


Anissa Kate Casting Couch X

Do you ever wonder what Anissa Kate’s first sex scene was?  Well I bet you didn’t know it was from Casting Couch X!  This new site is fucking great because you get to see both amateur and pornstars on their site.  They don’t make everyone a star so there are some girls you just haven’t seen before and then you have the Anissa Kate scenes as well.  In this gallery you get to see Anissa interviewed and during that interview she takes the casting agent that she loves anal sex.  He is like well can we do that today and she is like of course!  Then here we are look at Anissa on top riding cock with it in her ass and that meaty pussy is just quivering with excitement it’s so damn hot.

Dillon Harper Casting


Dillon Harper Casting Couch X

Do you guys ever wonder where pornstars get their start?  Well I have the site for you it’s called Casting Couch X.  There are a lot of girls that you haven’t seen before but there are a couple of faces that will look familiar.  That’s just how the porn business work some girls will make it and some won’t.  I will say that I think Dillon Harper here is one of those girls who made it!  I think it’s those tan lines and her absolutely perfect natural tits that are actually kind of really big for that petite body of hers.  She has a gorgeous looking pussy and a bubble butt everything a porn director could ask for and more.  Before these girls get a job though they have to go through the casting couch to see if they can do it.  The guy always fucks them and it’s really cool to get a behind the scenes look at these girls first sex scene.

Tatum Casting


Hello Tatum!

That’s a nice bra you’ve got there, but I really don’t think you’re going to need it. Yeah, definitely looking better without it. Why don’t you lie down over here and stretch your legs a bit? That’s nice. Perfect. Arch that back a little for me so we can see that cute ass? Thanks.

Alex Mae


Alex Mae

Click to see Alex Mae on Casting Couch X!

This chick Alex Mae just puts it right out there that she has the body and the looks for the porn industry and that she loves sex, so hey she figured why not get into the porn industry! She’s only had sex with one guy before so you know that pussy of hers is tight as a vise…Alex was engaged to another girl for awhile and then dated another one, she’s not 100% lesbian but so far has preferred being with other women. She’s definitely down to give the cock a whirl though as you can tell in this CCX update, getting that tight little pussy drilled hard and riding on top like a championship jockey before getting a load of cum blown all over her snatch! With her good looks, those petite perky boobies and her tight little spinner body Alex is making waves in the industry that’s for sure.




Click to see Lacey on Backroom Casting Couch!

This chick Lacey here has a super cute face, fantastic perky tits and a fun open attitude, she doesn’t come across as slutty or weird or anything like that (unlike some of the girls that come through that door, not naming names or anything), she’s just showing up at Backroom Casting Couch because she has bills to pay and knows she’s got a smokin hot body, so game on! I don’t know if she plans to become a full-time pornstar or anything, if she does she might want to look into the pill because spoiler alert, at the end of her BRCC shoot the guy blasts a load of cum deep inside her drum-tight pussy for a creampie! She is seriously tight as hell all over, super fit and hot and horny, sucks dick well and looks great getting fucked…as you probably already know the Backroom Casting Couch director LOVES anal but this chick is just a no-go, Lacey is just way too tight to even consider anything bigger than a finger back there but other than that this is one red hot hardcore scene!

Skye West


Skye West

Click to see Skye West on Casting Couch X!

You might have seen this chick Skye West before, she’s done a few shoots since this scene but really this was her (re)introduction to the porn world when she did this Casting Couch X scene! Apparently she had tried once before to get into the industry when she was 18 or 19 but had a bad experience dealing with the people involved, but luckily for all of us she was strong enough to give it another whirl and man oh man she’s doin it up right! She’s a tight little spinner with nice tits and an even nicer ass and she gets pretty vocal when she’s getting pounded, especially when she’s bent over the desk taking this guy’s hard cock doggystyle…I don’t know if she took that train to orgasmtown or not but man she sure sounds like she’s at least knocking on the door.




Click to see Iris on Backroom Casting Couch!

This girl Iris is a bit of a nutjob but man does she gives a fine blowjob! Seriously though she’s kind of wackadoo, talking about seeing ghosts and having multiple personalities and stuff like that, Iris is a piece of work alright. She is mighty cute though which I guess is how she’s managed to make it this far being a little off her rocker…she’s a 19 year old Asian with cute perky titties and a mighty fine butt, which she ends up getting pounded for her first anal experience…she also gets creampied, which I guess isn’t something she entirely expected to happen or had planned for if you know what I mean! She’s also got a bit of a hairy pussy so if that’s your thing you’re in for a treat my friend.

Stella Daniels


Stella Daniels

Click to see Stella Daniels on Casting Couch X!

I’m not even sure you guys are ready for this action, I might just not be able in good conscience to hook you up with this Casting Couch X update…well alright since you finished all your chores, meet gorgeous 20 year old Stella Daniels! People she fucked told her she could probably be a pornstar and eventually she was like you know what, maybe I will! So she headed in to Casting Couch X to see what she could do and man, once you get a load of that ass of hers you’ll be thankful that she made that very wise decision! She’s got an incredible butt, not to mention a nice perky pair of titties that look fine as hell as she gets naked and gets fucked, bouncing on this guy’s cock until he blasted a nice facial load that dripped right off her chinny chin chin.




Click to see Diana on Backroom Casting Couch!

If you’ll remember from just a few days ago, the last chick to be on Backroom Casting Couch ended up walking out early…it’s been a rough couple of updates here on BRCC, unless you’re into GILF sex of course! This new update features a 50 year old with huge tits named Diana who thinks being a cam-chick a decade ago gives her the gumption to make it in the adult industry so she came in to do her on-screen ‘audition’ so to speak. She sucks cock well and gets that mature pussy pounded hard, but man I just don’t see this lady making it in the world of porn do you? Maybe I’m just prejudiced against GILFs with big fake tits, I don’t know. Better luck next time, BRCC.

Brandie Walks Out


Brandie Walks Out

Click to see Brandie on Backroom Casting Couch!

So just in case some of you might think sites like Backroom Casting Couch are total fakeouts or whatever, I figured I might as well put this update on here…usually things go great at BRCC but sometimes a chick shows up wanting to be a pornstar but as soon as the clothes start to drop the ol’ butterflies start acting up and sometimes the girl just has to walk out! Brandie here is a cutie with dyed hair, perky titties and a nice butt and she seemed like she was down to get into the business but as soon as she starts masturbating to show her body on camera she starts getting cold feet and ends up taking a hike, which is a shame because like I said she’s not hard on the eyes.

Aubrey Gold


Aubrey Gold

Click to see Aubrey Gold on Casting Couch X!

It’s always a pleasure to check in on Casting Couch X and see what gorgeous newcomer they’re ushering into the business…this time around it’s gorgeous blonde 18 year old Florida hottie Aubrey Gold, she’s cute as hell and has a nice fresh teen body and can’t wait to get busy in the porn industry! She starts out with a blowjob and I think is a little nervous because she has a bit of a gag problem, but she laughs it off and it’s all good. Blowjobs aside though this chick does great, she’s got a nice tight pink pussy that she gets pounded with her perky little boobies bouncing to the rhythm, and she goes for a nice hard ride on top before getting a huge facial and a big mouth full of cum! She’s got a great attitude and a great body, I think Aubrey’s gonna do fine in this industry.




Click to see Addyson on Backroom Casting Couch!

So this is a bit of a departure for the Backroom Casting Couch…usually the guy just rails the girls sans rubber and leaves them with a load in their pussy or their ass to remember him by but this chick Addyson has her own rules that he has to follow. I get the feeling that he would have sent her out the door if she hadn’t been so damn hot! This girl is a knockout, she’s a self-described submissive sex slave and certainly loves getting that teen pussy pounded, she looks sexy as hell in her glasses and keeps them on the whole time that she’s getting fucked…she also gives great head, sucking and licking and slurping on the casting director’s dick, but hey the joke’s on her at the end I guess after she swallows his cum, thinking he’ll get her some contacts in the industry, turns out he’s just a dude who lies about being a casting director!

Lyn Hoyt


Lyn Hoyt

Click to see Lyn Hoyt on Casting Couch X!

Meet Lyn Hoyt, she’s an 18 year old blonde cutie with a sexy body and an adorable face, she’s trying to make ends meet while she goes to school and decided to make her way into the adult industry…and what’s more, she apparently never masturbates! She does have a nice tight teen pussy and gets it worked over nice and hard to introduce her to the kind of workload (so to speak) that she’d have working as a pornstar! It’s kind of refreshing actually to see a girl who is only in it for the money, she doesn’t have any kind of illusions about the industry and just figures it’s an easy way to make great money while she’s young and tight and fresh…I guess Lyn probably won’t be sticking around for a super long time but hey that just means we’ve gotta see what she’s got going on right here and right now on Casting Couch X!




Click to see Nikki on Backroom Casting Couch!

Meet Nikki, a gorgeous 21 year old college girl with smooth chocolate skin, a tight firm sexy fit body and an ass you will not believe! She headed to the Backroom Casting Couch under the impression that it’s a real casting company and that if she did a ‘sample’ there she’d be getting calls left and right from other porn sites looking to hire her for a grip of cash, but sadly (well, sadly for her, not so much for us) this is just a horny dude with an office who loves getting sexy amateurs naked and fucking them on camera! It’s been awhile I think since BRCC has featured a black girl, I could be wrong on that but honestly I’m too lazy to go back and check. What I do know is that Nikki here is a knockout and that there’s no way this guy could resist that booty of hers! Sure enough he crams his cock inside her backdoor for a nice anal pounding (it might be her first time, not sure) before dropping not one but two loads all over that pretty face! Nikki has plenty of energy and puts it to work here as she gets that pussy drilled and takes this dude’s cock in every position she can manage…I just hope she’s not waiting by the phone for any callbacks!

Asha Marie


Asha Marie

Click to see Asha Marie on Casting Couch X!

The first thing that’ll hit you about gorgeous Cali girl Asha Marie will probably be her sexy big open smile! She works as a retail manager but had the mighty fine idea of getting into the adult industry and making that sweet porn money, and she’s doing it by updates like this one on Casting Couch X! She does a little introductory interview talking about who she is and what she does, she mentions doing sports like basketball but when the CCX casting director asks what position she played she blanks, so that might have been a bit of a fib. Anyway it doesn’t matter much, she’s fucking gorgeous and has a nice tight fit body that she puts to work in this Casting Couch X scene, getting that pussy drilled so hard it made her perky little boobies bounce and made Asha squeak as she held her legs up in the air! She got that cute little cunt of hers fucked hard, holding on for dear life and bending over the desk to take it from behind, and then getting a huge gooey facial that frosted her up from her chin northwards.




Click to see Lola on Backroom Casting Couch!

Would you just look at those magnificent titties…I mean it, just sit back and relax and bathe in the glow of those big perfect all-natural breasts, you’ve got all the time in the world. Alright welcome back…meet Lola, she’s the newest update on Backroom Casting Couch and is ready to get a start in her adult film career, unfortunately she grabbed the wrong ad out of the newspaper because this casting company is just a front for this guy to get hot amateurs naked and fucked on camera for his horny members to enjoy! No callbacks, no paid gigs, I sure hope this chick has some a little backup plan in mind. For now though let’s enjoy the fun as this busty beautiful 21 year old nursing student gets naked and has that delectable pussy drilled hard and deep, bent over on the desk! She’s got a great ass to go along with those perfect huge boobs so the ‘casting director’ takes the opportunity to introduce her to the sensation of getting fucked in the ass, it’s her first time doing anal and from the expression on her face it might just be the last time!

Gia Love


Gia Love

Click to see Gia Love on Casting Couch X!

So usually on Casting Couch X they’re welcoming a brand new girl to the adult industry but this time it’s a little different, at least it sounds like it to me…this chick is Gia Love but she also goes by the name Jasmine Delatori so if you want to look for more of her scenes she’s done that’s where to go…in fact I’ll link that for you right here, she hasn’t done a ton of stuff but there you go! Anyway she’s here on Casting Couch X and I don’t remember seeing her on the site before but the dude talks about it being good to see her again, so hey who even knows anymore. What I do know is that this tall sexy drink of water is one nasty slut, and I mean that in a good way! Once her clothes come off and those big titties come bouncing out this chick just starts talking dirty and I do mean dirty, practically begging the guy to drill that wet tight pussy of hers. She looks like she could be the captain of the cheerleader team or something who is all sweet and smiles on the field but once she gets into the locker room she’s on her knees getting that tight cunt fucked so hard and rough it makes her moan loud enough that the coach comes in to get his turn behind her too! Gia gets a nice deep rough pounding and ends up with a big cum facial, and from the looks of things she couldn’t be happier about it.




Click to see Goldie on Casting Couch X!

Cute Latina honey Goldie here was a dancer for quite awhile so you know she knows how to work that tight little body of hers…she’s doing her hottest in this Casting Couch X scene, showing off her lapdance skills grinding that pussy on the casting director’s lap in the nude before taking his cock in her mouth! She had been a stripper for a while but as she put it, she was ‘ready to go balls deep’ so she decided to make her way into the adult industry with this Casting Couch X hardcore scene! She’s a cute little exotic spinner with small tits, a sweet juicy round ass and a cute face…I don’t know if Goldie was her stripper name or not but it suits her with that blonde hair she’s rocking. Watch this little hottie get naked and get that little pussy rocked as she rides this guy like crazy, gets bent over and holds onto the desk as she gets pounded doggystyle! Goldie ends up with a nice facial that frosts her from chin to hairline as a sort of welcome to the adult industry…I doubt she ever got a facial as a stripper, unless there’s some crazy ish going on in the VIP rooms that I don’t know about!

Miranda Miller


Miranda Miller

Click to see Miranda Miller on Casting Couch X!

When I first saw this chick Miranda Miller I just thought she was so so, but the scene really is a great job. This is the first sex scene and well you can tell. The thing that turned the scene around for me is the Casting Couch X guy cumming in her pussy. I mean when a girl is as innocent as Miranda here you know that she will take that surprise creampie and say it’s okay. Lucky for him she is on the pill so he doesn’t have to worry about in little Casting Couch X’s running around. Miranda here is getting into porn because she is trying to not get into the real world quite yet. She wants to just have a little fun before that. So she is going to travel around and bang guys and make a decent living doing it until she wants to settle down and go into the “real world”.

Kimmy Granger


Kimmy Granger

Click to see Kimmy Granger on Casting Couch X!

Her name is Kimmy Granger and she’s 19 years young, has no college plans or anything like that and is down to make some good money so the adult industry was right up her alley! Plus she loves sex so that’s a plus too so she headed to Casting Couch X to take her first steps into the industry…I’ve seen her on a handful of other sites since this scene on CCX was shot so I guess she impressed the right people and it’s easy to see why, she’s fucking smokin hot and is smokin hot fucking too! From the moment she shows up in her little blue dress and then starts peeling off her clothing you can tell she’s a winner, fantastic perky little titties and a body tight as a drum and an ass like a goddess…she even does some squirting as she buzzes her clit with a magic wand vibrator, it’s hot as hell and not something you see every day on Casting Couch X…Kimmy goes to town on this guy’s cock, sucking and slurping and riding him and taking every inch in her tight teen pussy before dropping to her knees to get the patented CCX facial cumshot that somehow miraculously doesn’t get in her eyes!




Click to see Marie on Backroom Casting Couch!

Right off the bat you can tell this teen amateur babe Marie is a happy girl in general…she’s just all smiles and is ready to do what it takes in this Backroom Casting Couch episode to show she’s got what it takes for all the high-paying adult modeling jobs that are surely to come! Too bad for her that it’s BS, this guy from BRCC just poses as a casting director to get impressionable horny young amateur girls to get naked on camera and give his cock all the action he could ever want. It’s a pretty good scheme especially when a girl like Marie comes into the studio, she’s 18 and hot as hell and has a fantastic little spinner body! This dude is crazy about anal so when he meets a girl like Marie who is down for pretty much anything he really goes hog wild…this girl gets her pussy pounded, her face fucked and of course takes a hard deep anal drilling that has her holding onto the desk for dear life! She’s a cute Latina teen with a fantastic ass and an even better attitude and in this Backroom Casting Couch update she puts it all on the line…I almost feel bad for her but hey, maybe some executive will actually see this if I put it up here and she’ll get some more work. With a body and a face like she’s got, Marie would do well in the adult industry if she actually DID go to a casting company instead of just getting railed on camera and taking a huge messy cum facial after going ass to mouth!




Click to see Angelica on Backroom Casting Couch!

This 23 year old girl Angelica is of Armenian-Russian descent and is apparently taking a break between relationships so she decided to try her hand at the adult industry! She’s worked as an exotic dancer and has the flexibility to prove it, not to mention an awareness of her body that makes her sexy as hell in any position she puts her in. She came to the Backroom Casting Couch hoping they’d be able to put out the good word and get her some work, but unfortunately for her this is the end of the road so to speak since they’re not a real casting agency! They just love getting gorgeous amateur girls naked and fucking them on camera, and the guy has a special penchant for anal…and as it turns out so does Angelica so she gets that tight sexy ass fucked here before she has to give in, I guess it was a little too much to handle this time! She was open to taking this guy’s load pretty much anywhere except for her hair, so take a wild guess as to where he shoots his load…hahah you got it right! She’s probably pretty angry at the end here but not as angry as when she figures out the guy’s not a legit casting director but just a horny dude with a hard cock.




Click to see Adriana on Backroom Casting Couch!

So this tiny Latina spinner is named Adriana and she’s giving it the ol’ college try in this Backroom Casting Couch update! She’s got a tight firm little package but doesn’t have a whole lot of experience…she’s only slept with a handful of guys and just hasn’t learned enough about taking care of a cock yet to really blow the casting director away, not that that’s going to stop him from pounding that hole of hers from here to Kalamazoo. She also doesn’t do too hot at anal which is a shame because she’s got such a tight firm little butt, it would be pretty amazing to see her take a real pounding…she might not be quite ready for the adult industry prime time so to speak but man oh man what this girl lacks in experience she definitely has in looks and body and gets a nice hard pounding here, even taking this guy’s big load of cum inside her pussy for a creampie finish! I don’t think she’d be getting any callbacks from this ‘audition’ which actually kind of works out since Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a casting company at all but just this guy who loves to fuck amateur pornstar wannabe’s on camera and put the footage up for us to enjoy!

Jessie Law


Jessie Law

Click to see Jessie Law on Casting Couch X!

Jessie Law here is 21 years old from Manhattan and is ready to bust her way into the adult industry! She grew up in a rich family and went to Harvard, and I think she was getting a little bored in a safe privileged life, and was ready to do her own thing…luckily for us that means putting that tight gorgeous body to work and getting fucked on camera! In this Casting Couch X update we get to see every inch of that body, from her sweet fresh face to those perky bouncy boobies and of course her tight firm ass and sexy little shaved pussy. Jessie loves sex, she says she doesn’t understand the preconceived notions people have about the porn industry…she just plain loves to make love and never minds having an audience for it! Watch this horny beautiful newcomer doing her thing, getting naked and getting fucked on camera for a casting video that I’m sure will be getting her plenty of work in this industry! Plus, Jessie doesn’t mind taking a nice big facial so she ends up with a faceful of gooey cum as she sucks out whatever is left over…it’s a super hot Casting Couch X update and I can’t wait to see what this girl does in the porn world!

Anal Aubrey


Anal Aubrey

Click to see Aubrey on Backroom Casting Couch!

Meet Aubrey, a beautiful brunette waitress who is hitting the bottom of her bank account and ready to make a little extra cash in the jizz biz, as some people call it! She headed to Backroom Casting Couch which in this update might as well have been called Backdoor Casting Couch, because even though she says she’s never done any anal before she’s got a fucking stupendous ass and this casting director gives her butt a royal pounding! Aubrey keeps a dildo in her pussy the whole time that she’s getting her ass fucked and that cunt is so tight it holds onto that big toy…she gets her balloon knot drilled nice and hard here, looking stunning as hell and taking every inch of this guy’s cock deep in her hole. It’s pretty impressive for a first timer and she even takes the director’s load of cum in her hole for an anal creampie, it’s one hell of a way to welcome a chick to the adult industry, even if this isn’t a real casting studio and she won’t be getting any callbacks about this admittedly hot hardcore fuck session. I just can’t stop staring at that ass of hers, can you? It’s no wonder this guy wasted no time before burying his dick in that tight pucker, it was just too tempting even though her pussy looked tantalizing as hell!




Click to see Reighlei on Backroom Casting Couch!

When this bubbly blonde Reighlei was asked why she wanted to get into the adult industry she says she loves that physical thrill and wants to have fun, and with a body like hers she won’t have any problem finding that! She’s single and wants to play and is graduating from being a cam girl to being a full on hardcore actress…her hair is blonde but is actually blonde, not off the shelf of a store like so many chicks in this industry! I guess she’s the perfect type for this fake casting director…Reighlei is beautiful, has a great smile, a great body and is ready to prove she’s got what it takes to make it in the biz. Backroom Casting Couch isn’t exactly a real casting company though, it’s not like this girl is gonna get any callbacks from other studios or whatever but hey she’s getting a taste of what the adult industry is like and is on the internet now for everyone to enjoy! This girl says she LOVES anal and that about blew the lid off the joint…I think this BRCC guy pretty much fell in love with her at that point. Soon she was sucking him off and then had her long sexy legs in the air, getting that nice tight pink little pussy of hers fucked and even doing that cute point-the-toes thing when her feet were pointing up if you know what I’m talking about! Of course the guy fucks that sexy horny ass of hers for a nice anal pounding, then this hottie ends up taking a big load of cum in her pussy for a nice creampie finish.

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella Ford

Click to see Gabriella Ford on Casting Couch X!

Chances are if you’ve been paying attention in the adult industry you’ve seen this perky little cutie Gabriella Ford already on a site or two, and when you get a look at her introductory video on Casting Couch X you’ll understand why! She’s drop dead gorgeous with a perfect tight little body, not to mention a sexy exotic look…also it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s a 19 year old with a fun open friendly personality! She’s from Hawaii and absolutely loves to surf, she also plays soccer and runs track and all kinds of stuff which explains why her legs are so sexy and fit and her ass is so tight I guess! She doesn’t go overboard with the moaning like a lot of chicks do in this industry especially when they first start out, which is nice…Gabriella feels real and sexy and enthusiastic and is just hot as hell all in all! I’d love to see her on a surfboard, you just know this chick looks good in a bikini…but for now I guess we’ll just have to somehow make do with this Casting Couch X footage of this stunner getting completely nude and getting that tight little teen pussy of hers pounded! Gabriella stares up with those beautiful dark eyes as she sucks the casting director’s cock, getting her mouth filled up with cum at the end of her debut shoot…hot as hell, and I’m glad she’s out there getting plenty of work in the industry now.

Cadence Carter


Cadence Carter

Click to see Cadence Carter on Casting Couch X!

Seeing a gorgeous brunette teen newbie like Cadence Carter here all excited to make her way into the adult industry is like a breath of fresh air…she’s a stunning brunette 19 year old with perky tits, a sultry voice and a spectacular ass! She does her initial interview and sounds like she’s definitely got a head on her shoulders, I like her views on sexuality and the porn industry…she strips down afterwards and then we really get down to business! She certainly puts some truth to her name in this Casting Couch X update, keeping a nice steady cadence to her gasps as she rides the casting director’s big hard cock, getting bent over the table to get that sweet wet teen cunt drilled from behind and laying on her back with those sweet breasts bouncing and jiggling with every thrust! I love the curly soft look to her hair and that adorable face of hers, I have the feeling she’s going to do just fine in this industry…she gets fucked nice and hard and then takes a big facial that gets all over her cheeks and onto her tongue, and from the looks of things she’s in the mood for plenty more! That look in those pretty brown eyes of hers as she looks up after getting a load of jizz on her face pretty much says it all.




Click to see Dane on Backroom Casting Couch!

If there’s one thing that gets the engines roaring over at Backroom Casting Couch, it’s when a cute ex-stripper shows up and happens to mention that she cums from being fucked in the ass! This chick Dane let those words slip out of her lips and unsurprisingly this BRCC update turned into a red hot asstravaganza! She’s got a great butt, too, no doubt about it…all that dancing kept her ass and legs nice and fit and toned I guess. Dane has dyed hair, a cute face, gives a fantastic blowjob (well the casting director guy at least said it was one of the most incredible BJ’s of his life, although that could have just been the anticipation of the anal that was soon to cum) and has a nice tight pink pussy with labia like flower petals! Even a hard pussy pounding is just foreplay though when you’re presented with an ass like Dane’s and soon the guy is balls-deep in that balloon knot, fucking that ass and making Dane go absolutely crazy…she definitely wasn’t lying about loving anal so much! I thought for sure the guy would blast his nut into her ass for an anal creampie but nope, he pulled out and dropped his wad into her open mouth to finish this outstanding update off.

Sophia Grace


Casting couch x sophia grace

When you’ve got an idea of a cute 18 year old girl ready to bust her way into the adult industry, this North Carolina teen hottie Sophia Grace is probably what pops into your mind! She’s an ex cheerleader, she loves to dance and even demonstrates her twerking skills a little in this Casting Couch X scene! After stripping down and showing off those sweet sexy titties and a nice tight firm ass (I guess she earned that butt from all the dancing and cheerleading and twerking!) this hottie gets to work on the casting director’s cock, sucking him and then spreading those long legs to get her 18 year old pussy fucked! Just imagine having that gorgeous firm ass in the air in front of you ask you fuck a gorgeous teen…well actually don’t even bother imagining it, you can just check out this Casting Couch X action and see it with your own two eyes! You get a nice close look at this tight body as Sophia gets pounded nice and deep, taking that cock in her hole and going for a ride like she’s a jockey in the Kentucky Derby…things finish on a hot note too as she drops to her knees, getting absolutely frosted by a big creamy facial that drips down her face and off her chin!



Sierra on backroom casting couch perfect tits

She’s a bit on the nervous side for her Backroom Casting Couch update, hence all the giggling, but when sexy 21 year old girl-next-door type Sierra takes off her top you are going to forget all about any giggling and possibly forget your own name at the same time…that’s how perfect those all-natural breasts of hers are. Sierra’s got a knockout of a body and is pretty sexually adventurous; she and her boyfriend are in an open relationship and obviously she’s here on BRCC getting fucked, so you can tell she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to erotic antics! What’s more, this chick is definitely down for some anal fun, getting that ass pounded by this guy’s hard cock in what he describes as one of his favorite castings in recent memory…Sierra’s got beauty, a fantastic body, plenty of enthusiasm and loves to fuck, but what she DOESN’T have is a real casting director, seeing as how Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a real casting company for the adult industry but a site where this horny dude records himself fucking hot amateur newbies and puts it up on the web! It’s a good thing Sierra isn’t looking to make a real career in the porn industry, this seems more like a one-off just to blow off some steam so to speak. She finishes things off getting a load of cum up her ass for an anal creampie by the way, so if butt lovin’ is your thing this girl is going to make your day!



Nicole on brcc

This 23 year old amateur college babe is Nicole and she’s not about to fall for the usual ‘demo tape’ song and dance that Backroom Casting Couch usually slings to their victims…errr…models. However, she does have a bit of a dirty side behind those glasses and brains so when the fake casting director told her about the adventure and excitement and of course possible cash that the adult industry held she was swayed over to the dark side, so to speak! Usually it’s just the one guy on BRCC but this time he has his sidekick TC in the house to handle some of the camera duties and of course to fuck this horny redhead amateur! Nicole has a nice body despite a few questionable tattoos, and she gets fucked nice and hard on the couch in this scene. TC slides his cock into her tight ass for a nice anal pounding, giving it to her hard and deep until she pretty much screamed for him to stop, she couldn’t handle any more! TC obliged, fucking her in the pussy and face instead until busting a load all over that cute face of hers…Nicole took the facial and then licked it up to finish things off, it’s a mighty hot scene and I think you guys will like it!



Roxy on net video girls

Meet Roxy, a gorgeous tattooed babe with amazing eyes, fantastic tits and a mighty fine ass, not to mention a sexual libido a mile long! She showed up at the Net Video Girls studio for a calendar girl shoot audition and before you know it she was getting naked and making out with the camera girl, showing that she was comfortable being nude with another woman…comfortable my ass, she was outright going lesbian on it as these two rolled around in each others’ arms, kissing and caressing and grabbing tits and eating each other out like crazy! Something tells me this wasn’t Roxy’s first time going south of the border with another girl, she licked twat like she was a champ, looking sexy as hell…the next day she came back to continue the ‘audition’, sucking and fucking the casting director’s big hard cock! She gave a nice sucking on that dick but kept gagging when she deepthroated him and seemed like she was in a bit of pain when he was pounding that sweet wet pussy, I guess maybe licking another chick’s pussy was more her thing. Oh well, she looked hot getting fucked and hey maybe she’ll even pass the audition process! Oh wait, the whole thing was a setup just to get another gorgeous amateur naked and fucked on camera for Net Video Girls…those rascals!

Marry Lynn


Marry lynn on casting couch x

This is of course the one and only Marry Lynn (also known as Mary Lynn apparently, maybe at the time this was shot she hadn’t made up her mind on the spelling yet) when she was taking her very first steps into the adult industry! Casting Couch X did this shoot when Marry was 21 years old and fresh from Florida, excited and enthusiastic to make her way into the porn world! Maybe it’s my imagination but she seemed a little…I don’t know, let’s say mellow, during this shoot! Anyway she introduced herself and started stripping down, taking off her shoes and those stripey shorts to reveal a toned, tan and tip top shape body with a great ass and nice tight pussy! Marry laid down on the couch and started masturbating, spreading her legs and rubbing that clit and making her nipples get all hard and perky as the guy filmed it all. He couldn’t resist getting in on the action, sliding his hands up her thighs to finger that sweet snatch and then whipping out his dick to get his balls sucked and his cock blown before bending Marry over and fucking her doggystyle! She got one long sexy skinny leg cocked up on the counter as she held on, taking that hard cock deep in her pussy before dropping to her knees for a nice big facial.



Valerie From Backroom Casting Couch

Well guys we might be seeing a end of a era in this new Backroom Casting Couch update.  Rick the guy who started this whole is trying to find his replacement I think.  The guy didn’t do any of the talking or anything like that he was just the one that got to fuck this girl Valerie but still in the members area he says he is looking for someone to take over.  So if you don’t like this guy you’re going to have to join up just so you can vote in the members area.  Anyways this girls name is Valerie I mentioned that and she is from Georgia and I think she is a natural redhead.  So she has that super cute girl next door accent that I think all of you are going to like.  She is a ticker girl with a nice round ass that you do get to see fucked in this update.  She doesn’t let him fuck it long but at the end she did say she enjoyed it once she listened to Ricks tips.  The girl has some nice puffy tits, they’re not big they’re not small they are nice though.  She usually just sucks a guy off a swallows his cum during sex but today she is getting a facial something she wasn’t too stoked about but she did it anyways for a chance to get some jobs that pay her $1000 to $5000 dollars a day.  The sad thing though Valerie if you’re reading this.  There is no job sorry.

Zoe Wood


Casting couch x zoe wood

The first stop for a model in the adult industry pretty often takes place at Casting Couch X and this 18 year old Seattle chick Zoe Wood is following in those footsteps! Zoe seems like a cool chick, she’s into art and used to be a tattoo artist (although she doesn’t have any tattoos of her own) and has a fantastic tight little teen body too! She strips down out of her little shorts, showing off those perky titties and nice tight little butt, sucking this guy’s cock and then going for a nice hard ride! I don’t know that I’d want to get a tattoo from someone who doesn’t have any of their own, but maybe she flashed that cute smile at guys and bounced her boobies around a little and they sat right down in her chair, not to mention giving her a nice tip at the end! She gets way more than just the tip here on CCX though, taking every inch of this guy’s cock as she leaned over on the desk and held on, biting her lip and moaning through her teeth as she got fucked from behind and then got on her knees to get hosed down with a nice big facial.

Brooke Myers


Brooke myers on casting couch x

With her pierced nipples and tight teen body I’m pretty sure this casting director was already stoked to see Brooke Myers getting naked, but this girl is way more than just a pair of tits! She’s a fucking stunner and absolutely loves sex, especially sucking dick…she says she’s given more blowjobs than she can count and from the way she’s slurping on this dude’s pants-goblin I am inclined to believe her. This is Casting Couch X by the way if you hadn’t already guessed…we’ve seen tons of famous pornstars make their start at CCX and I would bet that Brooke Myers is going to be among that number! She’s definitely no one-off, she loves to fuck and has an incredible body and that is one hell of a combination in this industry. What happens is a girl shows up at Casting Couch X, does a hardcore session on camera with them and then other porn sites see how she looks and how comfortable she is on camera and then get in contact and then you start seeing these girls all over the place. It’s great to have a front row seat to the ‘initiation’ though, especially with a horny hot teen sexpot like Brooke Myers! She gets pounded nice and hard here, taking that guy’s cock deep in her dripping wet hole and then pumping and sucking out a huge cream facial…from the sounds of things the casting director was more than impressed with her skills!

Leigh Rose


Leigh rose on casting couch x

This busty beautiful 18 year old Texas girl is Leigh Rose, she’s open and fun and loves to talk and has a body like a fucking dream in this Casting Couch X update! She’s done a few sites since this was shot and it’s no wonder she got attention from other pornsites; she’s got those big perfect titties with pierced nipples and a nice round smooth ass and she loves to get fucked, and that makes for one red hot combination in this industry! This teen redhead hottie puts those big beautiful breasts to work here, getting her tits grabbed and her pussy fingered and her mouth filled up with cock before spreading her legs and getting her tight little pink pussy pounded! Like I said Leigh loves sex, that’s one of the big reasons she got into the industry in the first place, and she has a blast taking on this guy’s cock, getting fucked deep and hard and gettign on her knees to take a big cum facial! She gives the ol’ double thumbs up at the end, looking up at us with cum dripping down her face grinning ear to ear like she just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!



Chloe on backroom casting couch

This stripper chick Chloe has been taking that inexorable march into MILF territory, there’s no doubt about it…she’s obviously fighting it every step of the way and still looks damn hot but there’s no turning back the clock so she’s taking advantage of her still-tight body to make a bit of extra cash in this Backroom Casting Couch update! She usually doesn’t let guys fuck her in the ass but is down to make a special exception here, I guess as she gets a little older she has fewer and fewer limitations so to speak…I would have guessed she was a pornstar to begin with but apparently not, she just has that sort of look and sexuality about her but never really took the plunge into the industry if you catch my meaning. Chloe strips down (plenty of practice doing that in her line of work) losing her blue skirt and her top to show off those soft big titties and her nice shaved pussy that she starts flicking and rubbing with her fingers. Soon she’s balls deep on this guy’s dick with her mouth, sucking him off (again, probably a good bit of practice in her line of work) before bending over the table and getting her ass pounded! She even has an anal orgasm, I guess she loves getting poked in the back door which makes it kind of surprising that she’s so hesitant about doing so. She ends up on her back on the couch with the guy standing over her, making it rain on her with a big facial load of cum!



Kate on backroom casting couch

Amateur cutie Kate here is a fitness fanatic, no doubt about it…plenty of girls like to work out to keep slim and trim and feeling fit but Kate goes above and beyond, even bringing her own homemade meals to her Backroom Casting Couch studio so she wouldn’t throw off her diet regime before a fitness competition of some kind or other! Given that you can probably guess that this chick has a pretty fantastic body and you’d be right, she’s also a ton of fun both personality-wise and fun to fuck and you get to see plenty of that in this hot update. Kate even agrees to try anal, getting that tight firm ass of hers fucked…she digs it a bit more than most of the anal newbies on BRCC, holding onto the desk as she bent over to get that hard cock in her back door. So this girl does anal, she’s got great tits, she’s fit as a fiddle, cute as hell and even has Batman and Joker tattoos, sounds like a winner all around if you ask me! Kate ends up taking a facial but is definitely not a big fan of that, it’s her first cum facial and she looks like a kid in a sprinkler trying to keep her face from getting sprayed down…better deal with it, Kate!

Rachel James


Rachel james on casting couch x

One of the nice things about a site like Casting Couch X is that you never really know what you’re gonna get…sometimes the girl will have huge tits and a nice round ass, and sometimes you get a girl like Rachel James here with her small titties and tight teen pussy! She’s a 19 year old cutie from Mississippi who works as a timeshare salesperson…she loves selling things and is really good at it, you can tell by the way she’s selling that tight nubile body of hers as she strips down in this hot hardcore update from CCX! She’s got a magnificent tight little ass and gets it up in the air here, shaking her tight teen pussy around before taking on this guy’s cock…and did I mention she’s hot as hell? This girl is a winner from head to toe, she sucks cock and gives this guy a rimjob and then gets her tight little cunt drilled in a red hot casting session…I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Rachel on a few other sites since this Casting Couch X scene, so she’s already making a name for herself in the industry. You can tell she loves to have fun and is a motivated self-starter, which will serve her well in the porn world if you ask me! Rachel’s a tight horny smokin hot cutie taking her first steps into this new career and makes one hell of an update, ending up with a nice big facial to remember her pounding by.

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