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Hot Amateur


Hot amateur

This amateur chick might have some pretty bad fake tits (they look like somebody whacked a cantaloupe in half and glued the two parts on her chest) but man she is smokin hot and obviously loves sucking cock so pretty much all is forgiven at that point. She also has a great smile and very pretty eyes, not to mention an ass you could bounce pocket change off of…watch as we get a nice grand tour of her body before she spreads her legs to get her pink MILF pussy fucked!

Big Black Dildo


Huge black dildo

Holy shit you guys this is one of the biggest, thickest dildos I think I’ve ever seen and this horny camchick is trying to stuff it in her little cunt! I don’t know how she can possibly think she can take that big black dick but she’s giving it the ol’ college try…hopefully there were a bunch of guys watching her camshow to make it worth the pain and difficulty walking that I’m sure she had for a few days after this masturbation scene!

WTF Russia


Crazy Russians

OK I’m not all that sure what’s going on with these but it’s a few videos of crazy Russians and that’s like worth ten of any other country’s crazies if you ask me. We’ve got a first-person video of some lunatic riding his dirtbike through a subway, a guy pepperspraying some other dude who got pissed off at him in traffic (oh man how many times have I wanted to do that) and some other wacky shit. No tits or asses here but if you want to just kick back and see some weird video action from our brothers in the Motherland this one’s for you.

Bath to Bedroom


Amateur bathtub sex tape

This amateur couple takes it from the bathroom to the bedroom in a hot sex tape that might not have been intended to see the light of day on the net! This girl loves giving head so while the two were taking a bath together she started licking and sucking his cock and things progressed from there…it’s mostly in POV but you know sometimes amateurs don’t really know how to work the camera so there’s a lot of footage of her hair slopping around in front of the lens while she gives him a blowjob. They head to the bedroom when they started to prune up a little from the water, hopping onto the bed where the guy proceeded to lick, finger and fuck his girlfriend’s pussy while her perky boobies bounced up and down! The quality of the video isn’t the best in the world but you can tell she’s pretty cute and looks like she’d be a fun fuck, so it’s worth checking out if you ask me.

A Desired Gate


Wow Girls a desired gate

This episode is called A Desired Gate but if you ask me it’s hot exotic brunette Luiza who is desired here…maybe it’s a translation slip-up. Speaking of slip-ups, her sunglasses-clad guy friend slips his hard cock right up into her pussy as they fuck in the alley by the gate, completely exposed to whatever member of the public might happen to stroll by!

Super Sexy Panties


Blue Panties and Heels Xo Gisele

Pretty much everything XO Gisele does is hot right?  Here she is wearing some super sexy panties that like have gems going around her flat stomach and the panties are a little g-string thong.  She teases you in the video with her ass and then she brings out a dildo that hopefully later on in this video she fucks.  I am not sure if she does or not because I am ashamed to admit it but my membership to her site has run out!  One more nice little touch that Gisele did do you notice that her panties match her super high heels?  That right there is just classy and sexy all at the same time!

Female Agent Creampie


Female Agent Creampie

The tables have finally turned now male want to be stunt cocks are being tricked over in Europe somewhere.  This is the Female Agent and she gets males and females to make their first sex tape for free.  It’s pretty much the ole I will get you a job trick but there is no job trick.  This girl is dominate she does what she wants to the females and males alike.  This guy gets his face sat on and she just has her way with his cock.  In the end she is riding him super hard and she he says he is about to cum and she tells him don’t you dare cum in her pussy.  He doesn’t heed her warning though and lets her keeping going and cums right in that pussy.  He says he is sorry for doing it afterwards though so that makes it all okay right?

Jada Stevens and Diamond Kitty


Dorm Invasion Jada Stevens

This drunken fratboy was having a birthday and decided to make it the party to end all parties, so he got Jada Stevens, Jynx Maze and Diamond Kitty to come by to get things really jumpin! These horny babes brought the Dorm Invasion camera crew and proceeded to tear the roof off the joint, getting naked and eating out each others pussies before fucking the hell out of the birthday boy in front of all his friends.

Nadia N.


Nadia N. Massage Girls 18

Nadia N. is on a episode of Massage Girls 18 you are probably going to like to see.  I made a nice long video for you guys of some of my favorite parts of the massage she gave this guy.  Nadia is going to be one of the best massage girls there have been just for the fact that she lets this guy cum inside of her pussy.  I mean it’s little sketchy if you’re fucking a happy ending massage girl raw dog and she is okay with you cumming in her pussy but hey these are things you think about later right?

Gulliana Alexis


Gulliana Alexis Latina Sex Tapes

Gulliana Alexis is on a episode of Latina Sex Tapes a site you get access to when you join Mofos.  She has a perfect round butt as you can see and I mean look at that face?  She is super hot the video is nice and long but it’s mostly POV and her betting fucked doggystyle.  She is one of those Latin girls who likes to rub her asshole while she is being fucked in that position, what a freak!

Hot Russian Babe


Hot Russian Babe

Sorry for the super bad image but it’s a screenshot I had to take of this video over at a buddies site.  You probably think this is just some hot chick dancing on top of a car but you would be wrong.  This is a hot chick dancing on a MOVING car!!  Crazy ass Russians I tell you what is going on here.  I need to make it over there so I can just roll around in a car for a week and see all the crazy shit that goes down…  Have you guys ever seen all those crazy Russian driving videos?  Well just chalk this up as another one of those videos but probably much much better.

Wet T-Shirt Orgy


Wet T-Shirt Contest Turned Orgy

What you guys are seeing here is what happened after a wet t-shirt contest that this house full guys threw.  You know in college everyone is trying to throw the must epic party ever but I think these guys actually did it.  They had these girls doing the contest and man they just didn’t give a fuck.  They were stripping down to nothing and shaking those money makers and showing off their nice perky college tits.  The video is now up on College Rules in a episode they called “Wet T-Shirt Contest Turns To Orgy”.  This cute little black girl didn’t make it in the video just because it happens at the very end of the video but trust me if you’re a member you will get to see all these girls fucking, or at least the only ones that really matter.

Hazing Games


Haze Her Lesbo Party

These sisters are mean spirited!  They have these pledges play some pretty funny games like a strap on cock fight.  Then they have them play pass the double sided dildo and the list goes on and on.  Then they have the pledges each each others pussy.  That isn’t a game where I am from, but these pledges seem to not even care they want to be part of the sorority so bad they start going down on each other like they do it all the time.  I can totally see how a girl is super into their sorority have going through hazing like this.  I however would like to know if these girls still like their sorority now that this tape has been like to Haze Her.  I understand that it is made so that they will never go against the sisters, but now that this sister have went against them what can they even do?  Quit the sorority?  It’s probably way to late for that for many of the girls as they already graduated.

Marica Hase Anal


Marica Hase Anal

I still remember seeing Marica Hase on Happy Tugs and thinking that that girl should be a pornstar.  Being the smart Asian girl that she is she took my advice and is now getting her super tight ass pounded by who looks to be the biggest dong in the entire world.  You don’t see many Asian pornstars I feel but maybe that’s just because I am not up on my Asian porn game.  Marica Has has been on a couple of big site now but this is by far her best scene and it was shot for Bang Bros of course!  The scene isn’t just for any old Bang Bros site though it’s for their awesome anal site called Mr. Anal.  Enjoy this nice long video and then check out the tour!

Webcam Ride


Briana Webcam Ride

Part of the reason you join a solo girls site like Briana Lee Extreme is because you get to cam with them.  That’s what is going on in this picture set that Briana Lee also streamed live to her members.  She is using this nice big clear dildo and she finds all kinds of different ways to fuck that amazing pussy of hers.  The video doesn’t exactly match for this gallery but I just had to show you guys the strap-on sex scene had with this cute black girl named Coco.  They are friends in real life and it looks like the decided to become fuck buddies!

For The Bride To Be


Dancing Bear Dicksucking Orgy

I really do hope that the bride-to-be in this Dancing Bear video is the girl wearing those red dick glasses because then at least there is a chance her husband will never find out.  If it’s not though someday one of his buddies is going to show him something he doesn’t want to see.  His wife sucking on some male strippers dick.  Or maybe she was one of the couple of girls who didn’t even touch the male strippers cock.  I doubt it though, it looks like every single girl got in on the action.  There was even one who straight up showed off all her goods by lifting up her skirt.  She wasn’t wearing panties, which means she was very prepared to have a night full of booze and strippers.

Seeing Double


X Art Seeing Double

This is a scene called Seeing Double from X Art.  The models who are having the threesome are Addison (the girl getting her pussy eaten) and Gianna.  It starts off with just Gianna and the male stunt cock having a little fun poolside.  I don’t know if it was planned or if Addison was just on set of X Art doing other scenes and she saw what was happening and wanted to get in on it.  Either way this impromptu threesome goes veryw ell for the guy he has two chicks are are super hot and they almost looking like twins!  Hence the name of the scene.

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