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Mai Naked


Mai Ly

Mai Ly’s bringing Far East action to the western world in this one. She’s a beautiful piece of art from Asia and she definitely deserves all the attention that I’m sure she’s going to get. How could anyone not want to see more of her? Check out the fully gallery and see for yourself.

Outta Towners


Bang Bus Outta Towners

We have two friends who are out of town visiting Miami and they get picked up by the Bang Bus.  One of the girls this one pictured actually is down to do pretty much anything for the right amount of money.  The hot blonde who you do not see here, well she will only eat out her best friend (because she has done that before) no dick for her!  The scene is awesome a amateur girl getting fucked a male stud, you can tell she has never had sex like this before!

Casey James


Casey James I Know That Girl

I love this ass and it belongs to a very hot blonde babe her name being Casey James.  You can see the full amazing hardcore scene she did with I Know That Girl if you just follow the links.  This girl knows how to work her butt as you will see in the video were she is riding this guy reverse cowgirl she knows how to work her ass on a cock that is what I am getting at!

Lexi Swallow Sextape


Lexi Swallow Sex Tape

Here is a sex tape of Lexi Swallow and her boyfriend, they sold the tape to Real Ex Girlfriends so thats is were you can see it.  Lexi had some work done on her tits and I think they look better then ever, and in this gallery you can see her having some loving sex, and giving head as well.  The videos on Real Ex Girlfriends are kind of low quality but what do you expect from real sex tapes you know?

Briana Lesbian Scene


Briana Lee Online Lesbian

Here is a brand new scene from Briana Lee Online and she is doing a little lesbian action now!  Its fun to see how far she has come, before she wouldn’t even show her pussy in promo stuff now she is doing lesbian scenes!  There is no girl better then Briana Lee Online and you really get your moneys worth when you buy a membership to her website, you get live cam shows with her is there anything else you really need?

Hot Masturbation


Gf Masturbating

This is a hot masturbation scene from My GF and it features this sexy little thing!  The site as a whole like a girls you will not recognize many of them are super hot and most of the sex tapes have been sold to My GF from guys just trying to get revenge on cheating girlfriends.  This scene shows a girlfriend that is just trying to turn on her boyfriend by fucking herself really good with a dildo.

Just You


Dare Dare Just You

I totally forgot to post this scene as soon as it came out my bad guys!  Dare Dorm is one of my favorite sites in the world so I always like to update our Dare Dorm category as soon as a new scene comes out but I failed.  This one is called Just You and it has a girl with a nice bubble butt as you can see here as well and big natural tits and a perfect pussy.  Its always fun seeing real college students having sex so this one is no different a college couple in love and trying to make $10,000 bucks from Dare Dorm you can’t blame them!

Bianca Strips Naked


More Bianca

Nobody can get enough of Bianca Beauchamp and this gallery is a perfect example of why. Check out that awesome body of hers; tits like those are the kinds of things men would go to war for and the rest of her is just as flawless, beautiful, and useable. Tapping that ass is a dream come true.

Katie Self Pics


Katie’s vagina

Katie Banks isn’t even really trying to stay covered up in this one. I mean she takes it all off of course, but even with it on she’s not hiding a damn thing. It’s a good thing, though, because we all know the only reason we look at her is because we want to see her pretty little pussy.

Ekitti Outdoor Nudes


Farmgirl fun

This innocent little country gal has never had a boyfriend, so when our van broke down and we came by asking to use the phone she wasted no time in luring us out to the fields and showing us what her pussy looked like. We liked what we saw so we took some good pics and here they are.

Ass and Titties


Pretty in pink

This gorgeous little piece of ass just turned eighteen four days ago. We’ve had our eye on her since she was sixteen, so of course we were ready to go as soon as she was legal. She was ready to go too, eager to take her clothes off even though this was just supposed to be a dry run.

Bryci Lacey Lingerie


Brcy Pink and Black

Here is a sexy gallery of Bryci and she is wearing pink and black lingerie in this one.  She takes it all off but if you want to see that pussy of hers (which is amazing) you are going to have to be a member.  I love Bryci’s site its really high quality and she is just such a sweet chick you guys should definitely check her out.

FTV Sophia Returns


Sophia FTV Girls

Sophia has made a return visit to FTV Girls!  Its not a full update so the guys at FTV combined it with another girl who just had a couple of videos and pictures name Arianna.  I liked Sophia a lot more so I am just posting pictures and videos of her.  Sophia has a perfect round ass and seeing her masturbate is amazing, she is everything you guys want so check her out today!

Talia Tan Lines


Talai Shepard Tits

I am a big fan of this chick her name is Talia Shepard and she has such a petite body with perfect huge big tits.  In this gallery you get to check out a little strip show she did on webcam its almost a tease but she does eventually whip out those titties.

Mary Jane X-Art


X Art Mary Jane

This is a extremely erotic scene of one of my favorite models out right now her name is Mary Jane.  This scene comes to us today from X Art and they call it Young Love.  It starts out with Mary Jane giving her man a blowjob and he returns the favor and eats her out for a bit.  Her boyfriend then fucks her until he cums in that sweet pussy of hers.

Lizzy London


Lizzy London on Fuck Team 5

Here is a Fuck Team Five gallery for you guys with Lizzy London, Britney Stevens and Lyla Storm.  The name of the scene is AlleyWay Dumpster Diving and I have no idea why its called that I kind of skipped the story like and went straight to the fucking.

Riley R


Riley FuckedHard18

I have a sexy ass 18 year old for you guys from FuckedHard18 today.  Her name is Riley R and she has a nice round ass as you can see from this upskirt shot of her.  She gets a massage which turns her on a lot her pussy is just soaking wet.  The dude giving her a massage gets her to suck his cock until he is hard and then he gives Riley the hardest fuck she has had in her entire life.

Cara Costillo


Beautiful ebony

Bringing you some more ebony love this time around. Cara Costillo definitely wants to get her name out there and having had the privilege of seeing her naked I can say with authority that she’s going to go as far as she wants to go, and I’m pretty sure she wants to go all the way.

Rachel and Brynn


Home depot girls

These two are construction contractors but they’re actually a little slow to get the job done because everytime one of them bends over to hammer something in the other one mounts up and hammers HER instead. If you’re willing to be behind schedule though, they’re just great.

Sarah on DD Girls


So pretty

It’s almost a shame that a girl like this is getting naked for the camera because she’s so super smoking hot that you really want to get to know her and earn the right to see that perfect ass of hers. But her beautiful body is indeed on display and I don’t blame any of you for looking at her.

Diamond Kitty


Diamond Kitty Pornstar Spa

I bet this is Porn Stars favorite site to go on just because they get a sensual massage before they are fucked nice and hard and that has to be nice.  So Diamond Kitty got a turn on Porn Star Spa and she didn’t squander it at all!  She got her massage that she wanted and then a amazing erotic fuck as well that ending in her pretty face getting splattered in cum.

Callie Seduced


Callie Massage Room Seduction

Here is the free video from Massage Room Seduction of Callie.  If you guys still haven’t check out this site you should you can join for free you just have to verify your age and your in!  You get some really long video and you get really hot chicks to see fucking in those videos just like Callie here!

Nadia Nash


Nadia Nash Massage Creep

This is Nadia Nash and she looks a lot like Charley Chase in my opinion but that could just be me.  She has big natural tits and a big ole ass that you can see in this picture right here.  She is quite throughout most of her sex scene on Massage Creep but you can tell she enjoyed it just from the sound of that wet pussy of hers.

Tug It


Tug It Happy Tugs

Big fat guys need a Asian girl to fuck them every once in a while too so don’t hate!  This scene from Happy Tugs is called Tug It and this cute Asian girl gives this guy the massage of his life I think.  She seems to be fighting the battle of him not being hard the whole time they are in their session, but she wins out sooner or later jerking him off until he cums was the trick.

Ella Milano


Ella Massage Girls 18

I have a sexy thick babe with nice full tits and a round ass her name is Ella Milano and she is on Massage Girls 18 for you guys today.  She is dressed all sexy in this little red dress which she starts out the massage in.  She slowly undresses as she is giving the guy his massage until she is naked and thats makes his manhood a little hard so she whips it out and puts it in her nice tight pussy.

Lizzie Ryan White


Hot in white

Lizzie Ryan is showing off my favorite color in this gallery. Girls in white just have an innocence about them that makes them imminently fuckable and Lizzie’s no exception, although to be fair she doesn’t keep her clothes on very long in this one. Enjoy this hot body, gentlemen.

Sinful Goddess


Polly showing off

We met this girl at a film festival and she was so hot we just had to take her aside and ask her if she wanted to make a little money. She inquired how and we said all you have to do is let us see your ass. She laughed, bent right over, and asked us if we’d help her get her panties down.

Nikki’s Playmates Nudes


Beautiful blonde

I wish I had a girl like this just lying around my garage in her panties waiting to be fucked. This is America isn’t it? Land of the free, home of the brave, and we can have anything we want right? So if you’re blonde and willing to be a nice little fucktoy find a willing guy and go for it.

Panty Girlfriends



We rounded up thirty college hotties and told them whoever had the best ass was going to be given a contract a made a star. They wasted no time in dropping their pants and letting us investigate. It was too close a race to call so we’re putting them out here for you guys to see.

Alissa White


Hummer girl

The hummer is really unnecessary in this shot but I suppose it doesn’t help you to realize just how petite this smoking little piece of fine ass is. You could probably fit in her a suitcase but it’d be a waste to hide her like that, you’re much better off having her dance around naked all the time.

Alanah Rae


Alanah Rae Tonights Girlfriend

This is a brand new site that came out and I want you guys to check it out its called Tonights Girlfriend.  I will be posting a bunch of gallery from it today the best one in my opinion is this one of Alanah Rae that’s why its number one.  The whole thing about the site is its some guy who hires some pornstar hookers to come over and do whatever he wants them to do because well they’re hookers.

Rihanna Rimes


Ebony love

Here’s some ebony beauty for you guys to enjoy. The dark girls definitely don’t get enough attention in the industry and it’s a damn shame because there are some mighty fine pieces of ass out there. Rihanna Rimes is definitely one of them, check out her sweet body and tell me I’m wrong.



Bridge hottie

Evginia pretty much shut down this pedestrian bridge by staking out the middle of it and getting naked. There wasn’t a single person passing by who didn’t stop to admire her, and more than a few of them had to excuse themselves and head to the nearest restroom to whip it out.

Brunette Hardcore


The hottest gallery

Three words we all love to hear in this industry in this one: revenge, brunette, and hardcore. These three words come together to make the kind of thing that we all dream about but are reluctant to admit to dreaming about. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to spank to this gallery.

Robyn Strips


Bath time

Roby’s feeling a little unclean, mostly because it’s so fucking hot outside. She doesn’t realize that it’s about to get hot inside too, because the moment she takes her clothes off and steps into the tub we all start getting hard and horny and drooling over her precious tits as she soaps them up.

Gracie & Kagney


Kagney and Gracie Glam

I am surprised this is the only threesome on Tonights Girlfriend I mean its a amazing one with Kagney Linn Karter and Gracie Glam but that is every guys fantasy to have two girls and that is what this site is all about!  The girls start off by eating each other out and when the guy is hard he comes over and takes turn fucking this amazing pornstars.  He finishes by spreading his load over both this pretty pornstars face.

Jayden James


Jayden James Tonights Girlfriend

This perfect round ass belongs to Jayden James and she is on Tonights Girlfriend in this scene.  She rides this guy night and good all while wearing some sexy black fishnet stockings.  My favorite part is where he flips Jayden over so she is flat on her stomach and spreads that bubble butt apart and fucks it nice and good.

Julia Ann


Julia Ann Tonights Girlfriend

Julia Ann is a freak in this scene from Tonights Girlfriend.  She tosses the guys salad and then sucks on his balls for a super long time.  That’s what the guy asked for and that’s what happens on this new site Tonights Girlfriend.  The girls come over get paid and then the guy just starts telling them what he wants.  Julia Ann is a really hot MILF with those big fake titties and man does she spread her legs wide when she is getting fucked she just wants as much dick as she can get.

Madelyn Marie


Madelyn Marie Tonights Girlfriend

This is Madelyn Marie and she is on Tonights Girlfriend getting her fuck on like all the other pornstars that visit the site.  This site is really high quality the videos are amazing and I have a nice long one on this gallery for you guys to enjoy as well.

Phoenix Marie


Phoenix Marie Tonights Girlfriend

This is a anal scene from Tonights Girlfriend featuring the Queen of anal herself Phoenix Marie.  I think Phoenix almost perfers it up the butt.  This guy gives it to her nice and good thats for sure and look at the leverage he is getting in this picture.  If you want to see a amazing high definition sex scene then make sure to watch this video!

Show Me Your Pussy


Show Me Your Pussy

If that isn’t a perfect round ass I don’t know what is!  This is a scene called Show Me Your Pussy and its from the amateur college girl site College Rules.  In this gallery the girls are trying to make a tape worthy of College Rules prize of $10,000 bucks and well it was definitely worthy because its on the site!  There is some lesbian sex as you can seee here as well as some hardcore action its a amazing video and a must see so check it out!

Pinup Files Lela


More Lela

We all know and love Lela Star but since nobody can seem to get enough of her we are once again bringing you a stunning gallery of this hot little piece of ass. Check out that hot bronze body and just sit back and think about all the things you could do to it if you only had twenty minutes.

Dani Daniels


Masturbate for us

Dani Daniels is fairly new to the industry but she’s coming at us like gangbusters and we’re certainly not going to discourage a girl this hot from doing whatever she wants to do. This time it’s a nice little strip tease followed by some gleeful masturbation and we’ve got some great shots.

Rhian Sugden Plaid


Hillbilly girl

People often skip over the redneck looking girls because they figure they can’t be any good, but Rhian Sugden is here to put that stereotype to rest once and for all. Who wouldn’t want to take a ride on a blonde who’s stacked like this? Bellies like that were made to be jizzed on.

Smooth Zuzana


She wants dick

This is Zuzana Zeleznovova and she is what we call a blonde hottie. She’s only had sex a few times in her young life but it’s given her quite an appetite for dick and so she asked us to take a few photo spreads of her showing off her pussy in the hopes she’d attract some hard cock.

In The Crack Melanie


Melanie Jane In The Crack

I have always wanted to get In The Crack of Melanie Jane so when I saw this update from their site I was in Hog heaven.  This girl is just a sexy ass Columbian chick with a perfect petite body and a nice ass as you can see here.  She has the whole package and her masturbation scene with In The Crack results in multiple orgasms!

Welcome To The Club


Dancing Bear Welcome To The Club

Sometimes on Dancing Bear there is a hot chick like this girl and they never actually touch any dick or anything like that.  So when I saw her I was like please don’t let her be one of those girls but she gets down and dirty when a male stripper comes her way.  The guy likes her so much he stays with her until he cums on that gorgeous face of hers.  I don’t think she appreciated that very much but its her fault she sucks a mean dick!  The name of this episode is Welcome To The Club and you should definitely chick out the full version by joining their website.

Hot and Steamy


Hot and Steamy

I have no idea how this sex scene came about but it was submitted to GF Revenge and I kind of like it.  I think its just three slutty chicks who get a little horny while in the hot tub so the fuck the same guy.  This is one lucky dude because we all dream of a threesome but this guy gets a foursome its almost to much to handle.

Garden of Dreams


Silvie Garden of Dreams

This is a lovely gallery from X Art called Garden of Dreams and it features one of my favorite models from their site Silvie.  In this gallery she is just posing naked from the start against a white wall, and then she gets comfortable in a chair and starts to masturbate.  That is kind of where the video takes over so check out the pictures then watch the video.

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