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Iga on Girlfolio

This big breasted chick Iga on Girlfolio is hot as hell but man, somebody needs to let her know that when she does a landing strip style on her pubes it can’t be the same width as her pussy or it looks like she has a snatch that goes halfway up to her bellybutton! Either shave that business all the way off or grow it a little wider or somethin. That little faux pas aside, Iga is a fucking stunner with big full breasts and a gorgeous face and hips to die for, not to mention a nice round ass that would look great in front of you as you gave that pussy a deep dicking! She’s posing in these photos wrapping herself up in the curtains, which must make for some interesting views for her neighbors outside the house.

Golden Globes


Golden Globes

Remember when the Golden Globes came and went? Yeah me either…I guess it was like a couple months ago, I have a hard time keeping these shows straight where a bunch of millionaire celebrities get together and hand each other prizes. The only really redeeming factor is that some of the hot actresses and singers wear new gowns with their titties popping out…for instance the one I picked here is Sofia Vegara looking like her dress is about to explode from those big bouncy boobies! Awards shows are drivel but damn, the cleavage makes it all worthwhile sometimes.



Lily Met Art

Met Art presents this photoshoot of beautiful classy babe Lily posing just outside a mighty nice house in the hills, taking off her top and hanging out just in her sheer thigh high stockings and garter belt, which frames that perfect ass of hers very nicely…this girl has got a smokin hot body all around, in fact, with perky titties and great legs and of course a pretty face! She still keeps her high heeled shoes on too which is an extra sexy move and one that a lot of girls don’t bother with…I think it adds a touch of class or something, plus with the size of those heels she could stab some fool if he tried to get fresh while she’s hanging out naked like this.



Mila on Met Art

Mila loves taking showers, especially when there’s somebody watching her like in this Met Art photoshoot! She’s got fantastic tits, a beautiful face and of course a great ass and she flaunts it all here, getting dripping wet as she dances around in the water and pressing her butt up against the glass. There’s not a whole lot of room to join her in the shower but she looks like she’s ready for some fun after she gets out from the way she starts masturbating that pussy of hers!



Ela on Virtua Girl

Remember Virtua Girl, those chicks that dance around on your desktop and keep your workday from being a completely snorefest? Well they’re still around and have gotten hotter than ever with chicks like Ela here, all dressed up in her school outfit and nowhere to go so she strips down for you, showing off those huge tits and sexy hip curves, not to mention that sexy little diamond of space between the thighs. You know what I’m talkin about.



Devorah on Cosplay Erotica

If you’re a fan of sexy cosplay make sure you don’t miss this photoshoot because this kind of thing doesn’t come along on here all too often. The shoot is from Cosplay Erotica and features Devorah in a blue cape with a black costume on underneath…I don’t know what character she’s portraying to be honest with you so if you know please feel free to give me a shout. I’ll warn you right now though that I don’t particularly care, especially because Devorah here gets naked under her cape and starts masturbating until that sexy tight pussy is glistening wet! That’s the kind of cosplay I can get behind and man oh man who wouldn’t want to get behind Devorah when she’s all naked and ready to fuck like this?

Shay Laren


Shay Laren by the pool

Once again Shay Laren is here to rock your world with that drop dead gorgeous face and her amazing body! I think a lot of women freak out if their tits are different sizes or point in different directions but Shay here shows that you can have asymmetrical breasts and still be just mind-meltingly hot. She’s spending a little time by the pool, relaxing in her bikini but those boobs just can’t be contained so soon she’s grabbing her titties and then stripping down completely nude to get some sunbathing in! I guess it’s springtime after all, Shay is like a robin or something heralding the upcoming warmer weather.

Sammi Tye


Sammi Tye on Studio 69 TV

There’s something slightly unearthly about Sammi Tye in this photoshoot for Studio 69 TV…if we were living in Blade Runner time I’d suspect her of being a replicant for sure. She does look mighty fine in this photoshoot but you’ve gotta admit there’s something slightly off about her face, like someone manufactured it or something…that said, I don’t know if there’s a straight guy on Earth who would hesitate to fuck her into next week. Those tits are fantastic and perky with tiny nipples and some gravity defying powers as she grabs them and bends over to show an equally sexy ass off.

Shower Sex Tips


Shower Sex

If you’ve ever actually tried to have sex in the shower you probably know already it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…in the porno pictures and videos and stuff it looks amazing but in real life it’s awkward and can even be hazardous to your health, from slipping risks to dehydration! That’s why an article like this from sex dot com is so handy, it gives plenty of great tips and tricks to help maximize pleasure and minimize danger from doin it in the ol’ washing-up closet. That’s what I call showers now, in case you were wondering. Personally, I’ll stick with it just being a spectator sport.

Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco

Alright let me just say right off the bat that I think the show Big Bang Theory is fucking garbage…it’s a stereotyping monstrosity of geeky nerdy culture at best and seems like some kind of freakshow where the norms can laugh at how quirky and off-beat those darn nerds are. It’s infuriating that it has caught on so much. Anyway, this chick Kaley Cuoco is the hot girl on the show and she’s giving herself a hand bra at the Golden Globes, and hey I’m not one to ever fault a girl for grabbing her big tits in public so I’ll give her a thumbs-up. Am I hypocritical? Sure, deal with it.

Silvie Delux


Silvie Delux

This of course is the well-known Euro model SIlvie Delux, doing a photoshoot for Wow Girls in her neon green bra and panties that she thankfully strips out of right off the bat to just hang around by the pool naked except for her sheer white thigh-high stockings. She’s got some kind of waterproof outdoor lounge chair that she’s all over in this hot set, grabbing those perky titties and masturbating as she stretches across both arms! Wouldn’t it be a shame if that chair toppled over and dunked Silvie into the water, getting every inch of that gorgeous body all sleek and dripping wet?

Jayden Taylores


ALS Scan Jayden

Jayden Taylores (or Tayloress or Taylor if you will) looks great in a pair of those cute thigh-high tube socks that are pretty popular nowadays in this photoshoot for ALS Scan, but she’s not content just spreading those long legs and showing off her pussy…she’s just gotta play and she has two vibrators ready to go! She doublefists it, buzzing her clit and spreading her pussy open with both toys at the same time as she masturbates in this hot photoshoot. From the look on her face she’s ready for more too, maybe she needs a third hand or something!

Blonde Grace


Grace on wow girls

This Wow Girls site always has hot chicks on it so the fact that blonde cutie Grace is a model for them is no surprise at all. She’s hot as hell wtih her ringlets and perfect perky boobies, and in this photoshoot she’s taking off her sheer pink…uh…tutu? and her candystriped panties to masturbate, fucking herself with a big vibrator as she tickles her clit. A hot horny blonde with great tits, a great ass and a nice wet pussy is just what the cocktor ordered on a cold winter’s Friday!

Janice Griffith


Janice Griffith ATK

I think these pictures are from the ATK network but I’m not 100% sure…what I do know is that Janice Griffith is one of the hottest up-and-coming pornstars out there right now and in this photoshoot you see why! Just look at those perfect full perky breasts…not too big, not too small, and they go well with her beautiful face and that sexy smile. I don’t really get the dermal piercings that she has at like her hips but hey, it gives her a little big of an edginess and that’s always sexy so I’ll give it a pass! Watch Janice strip down and play with herself as she poses on a chair…a simple idea, a simple photoshoot, but the girl makes it smokin hot.

Krystle Lina


Av big tits

Hahahah ‘Krystle’? Really? Well, alright…but only because you’ve got huge perfect tits. This chick from Alluring Vixens is named Krystle Lina and apart from her ridiculous porn name she’s fucking stunning…I mean I’m always down for a gorgeous blonde with big tits but throwing in a beautiful busy brunette now and again brings some variety to the mix and that’s what life is all about. Enjoy these shots of this beautiful babe stripping down to her polka dot granny panties and squeezing those huge boobs together while giving you a very intense look with those big seductive eyes of hers.



Mango Met Art

When I hear the name Mango I immediately think of the saturday night live sketch so that’s a little distracting when dealing with a naked teen beauty like this girl from Met Art! Her name is Mango as I mentioned and she’s very cute with piercing eyes, very nice perky boobs and a great ass and pussy combo…Mango is hanging out completely nude on a beach in what looks like Italy or France or something, and you can tell she does this pretty often because she’s well-tanned but doesn’t have a whole lot of tan-lines going on. She’s kind of like the mythical Siren, ready to lure sailors to a watery grave if they try to sail their ships to her rocky shores…I sound like a poet or something huh?

Katie Kox


Katie kox on tonights girlfriend

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Katie Kox back in the day with much smaller tits, maybe that’s just my imagination though. What’s not my imagination is that this chick is hot as hell and she’s Tonights Girlfriend! This guy must have coughed up a pretty penny to get this filly over to his hotel room to fuck his brains out all night long but man from the looks of things he got his money’s worth and then some! We come out the big winners though because we get to watch all the action from the comforts of our own homes or wherever…watch this hottie tittyfuck and then pussyfuck this guy to kingdom come after tugging off her tight blue dress! She must have caused a hell of a stir just walking around in that, those huge tits of hers are eye-catching to say the least. This curvy blonde knows a trick or three for making a fella feel special and she uses them all in this hot update as she rides this guy, showing off a magnificent round booty.

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence

Alright so this isn’t exactly a nipple slip or celebrity sex tape or anything like that but it did make me laugh and hey there’s something to be said for that. This photo is at some awards show or other and it shows Jennifer Lawrence photobombing and totally stealing the spotlight from Taylor Swift, running up towards the red carpet and making her best monster face. I dig a girl who can live life without taking things too seriously and so antics like this really rub me the right way…of course it doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous (Taylor Swift is no slouch either, incidentally) and she looks great in a white dress with her boobs just barely peeking over the top! Makes me want to watch more award shows, almost. Almost.

Eufrat Titties


Eufrat teen models

I’ll be honest here I definitely dig Eufrat but there are two things…for one her name is fucking weird, let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. For another thing though and more pertinent to this photoshoot from Teen Models, she looks way better just natural and without much makeup as opposed to these pics which have her all gussied up looking glamour style or something. This girl is fucking smoking hot and she doesn’t need to be slathered up to look good, especially with those wicked nice titties she’s packing! It is always hot to see this girl masturbate though so keep an eye out for when she busts out that purple vibrator of hers.

Daisy Watts Only Tease


Daisy Watts only tease

I hope Daisy Watts here knows that Christmas has come and gone like awhile ago now…she’s all decked out in her holiday elf costume in this photoshoot from Only Tease, hanging out at work and shirking on her responsibilities as a secretary in order to show off that fantastic ass and those nice big tits of hers! She does her work on a Mac though apparently so I guess she’s not really missing out on much by just getting naked and shaking her booty in this hot set. I do definitely like what she’s got going on here with the thigh high white sheer stockings and garter belt and panties though, definitely worth a look!

Tina in Yellow


Tina yellow shirt

I don’t know who Oliver is but if this chick Tina in her yellow shirt is any indication, Olivers Girls must be a hell of a site! This chick looks like she just stepped out from a truckstop diner in her yellow checkered tied-up top and jean skirt…she unbuttons that blouse and grabs her perky titties, before sliding her hand down her skirt and playing with herself! Soon she’s totally naked and on all fours with a very nice ass in the air…she looks like any midwest college quarterback’s wet dream come to life in this hot photoshoot.

Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth

I didn’t know who Kate Bosworth was so I had to look her up, she’s an actress who has apparently starred in a whole bunch of shitty movies I’ve never seen. She was in Blue Crush and I think I remember seeing her in a bikini looking fucking smokin hot but time has not been kind apparently, she’s got a kind of meth-head look going on if you ask me…anyway she’s topless in this movie Big Sur and she’s got pretty decent little boobies although it’s not the best view of all time. I’m just disappointed that she’s not Brian Bosworth’s daughter or something, that would be awesome. In cooler news, she does have two differently-colored eyes which is pretty wicked!

Shae Summers


Shae Summers Twitter Pictures

I don’t know if Twitter is still as popular as it used to be but if you do use it and you’re not following Shae Summers, what are you even doing with yourself? She posts some of the hottest pictures behind closed doors, so you get to see a bit of the girl behind the image if that makes sense. Plenty of personality, plenty of good looks and of course those big beautiful perfect titties, it’s like the reason Twitter was invented in the first place if you ask me! It’s like she’s inviting you into her home and to her parties to hang out and stuff, and she even plays around with some of her hot friends on camera.

Rena Thorne


Rena Thorne

Now, I will go on the record as saying that I think the word ‘swag’ is utterly retarded unless you’re a fucking pirate but I will eat my words with this gallery because Rena Thorne is wearing a SWAG shirt that barely covers those huge tits of hers and she’s covered in suds from a carwash or something…she strips off the top and soaps up those big boobs and just looks absolutely smokin hot in this photoshoot from Jordan Carver’s site! Huge tits with bikini bottoms is a fine fine combination…and actually I guess Rena doesn’t even strip off the shirt, she just sort of pops it over her head so it becomes a kind of backpack slung around her arms, which is just fine by me. She might be squeaky clean after all that bubbly soapy foam but she’s definitely bringing around some dirty thoughts…

Leanne In White


Leanne Crow white lingerie

If you know Leanne Crow I think you already know what this little writeup is going to be about…and if you don’t know Leanne Crow, one look at her pictures will probably give you a good idea! In this photoshoot from her own website Leanne is showing off her pride and joy, those two enormous melons she has hanging in front of her, as she strips off her white bra! I always feel kind of sorry for Leanne’s bras, their life expectancy must be measured in hours instead of months…I mean how can just a flimsy piece of fabric hope to hold up against huge beautiful tits like hers?

Sarah Honeywell


Sarah Honeywell

Who the hell is Sarah Honeywell? Well according to Wiki she’s a TV personality in the UK and has also been a dancer and acrobat and aerialist which I guess explains why she’s got such a bangin body even if she’s obviously a little older. She’s having a ball in these paparazzi photos jumping topless off a yacht to go snorkeling or whatever…must be weird to have boats following you on vacation with guys just snapping all these photos. I admire Sarah’s don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude, that’s for sure.

Lydia on Eternal Desire


Lydia Eternal Desire

Everyone has a morning routine, some people like to hop into the shower and wolf down breakfast and scramble out the door to work and then there are people like Lydia in this photoshoot from Eternal Desire as she leisurely sips at her mug of coffee as she sits by the window. Her top slides off her shoulders exposing those huge perfect breasts but she doesn’t mind, in fact she likes it, sliding her hands over her tits and touching her pussy as we watch in this sexy seductive gallery!

Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara

Say hello to Sofia Vergara at a couple of Golden Globes parties as she shows off her own globes in a sexy dress with a plunging neckline! For the life of me I couldn’t rattle off a single movie she’s been in but man I know a great pair of tits when I see them and I’m staring at a fantastic set right now. Plus she’s hot and, presumably, rich so I guess she’d be a hell of a catch no matter how you look at things.

Lilly Roma


Lilly Roma on Studio 66 TV

If you’re looking at Lilly Roma here and your jaw isn’t dropping to your knees at the sight of those huge perfect tits, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Lilly is posing by the poolside in her flowing skirt topless for Studio 66 TV and lawdy she does have a pair of the nicest big breasts I’ve seen in a long damn time. Congratulations Lilly! I’d imagine that if she hopped into that pool she wouldn’t have to worry about getting her makeup messy, her boobs would keep her afloat like a life preserver.

Lady Gaga Nude


Lady Gaga naked

I don’t think she’s having her day in the sun quite so much anymore now that a new girl has come along and taken the megastar sex symbol trophy away (cough Miley cough) but Lady Gaga still has some gas in her tank and she’s experimenting more and more with her sexuality like in these photos shen she’s bound and suspended in the nude! Hopefully she’ll release a book of sexy photos just like Madonna did.

Emma Watson Bikini


Emma watson in a bikini

Now, I’ve never been much of a Harry Potter fan but I know there’s a whole thing about people falling in love with Hermione, aka Emma Watson…sounds a little weird to me because wasn’t she super young at first? Well now she’s all grown up and legal so it’s ok to drool over these photos of her in a bikini scampering around on the beach with her fella. Speaking of which, I like how he keeps sucking in his gut when the camera is on him…we don’t give a rat’s ass about your abs buddy, just get out of the way so we can take a good long hard look at Emma’s juicy booty! Well juicy in relation to the rest of her body, that is. She’s pretty thin.

Iggy Azalea


Iggy azalea

If you haven’t checked out Iggy Azalea yet, you might want to give her a whirl! If you’re into hip-hop she’s actually got some pretty hookin’ songs and if you’re not into hip-hop she’s got a big round juicy booty and some big tits and loves to shake everything she’s got. She’s like Lady Gaga but with a ghetto booty and seems like more fun to hang out with…what we’ve got here are some photos from a recent concert of hers where she came up to the photographer and shoved her big round ass in his face! Must have been nice to be a photographer that day I tell you what.

Cara Delevingne


Cara delevigne wakeboard

Now Cara Delevingne might not be the hottest supermodel in the world if you ask me (plus her name is a royal pain in the ass to type) but she’s super popular right now so you might be interested in this paparazzi shoot of her on vacation in Barbados. She’s doing a little wakeboarding in her bikini so you get some shots of those long skinny legs and her lack of an ass but what really cracks me up is that she keeps faceplanting into the water which is always hilarious. If you ever want to feel superior to a supermodel who probably makes more in a week than you or I will in ten years, watch her eat shit on a wakeboard for some giggles!

Candice Swanepoel


Candice swaepole

South African hottie Candice Swanepoel loves getting naked and man oh man I can understand why…if you had a body as absolutely perfect as this one wouldn’t you want to share it with the world? She’s totally nude in this Vogue photoshoot, lounging on a canopied bed with some sort of wack-ass headdress or something on, but look at those hips and those tits…this woman is completely and utterly smokin hot. It’s probably a good thing South Africa has all that violence and all those killer maneating sharks around or everyone would want to go there and see if they could score a gorgeous girl like Candice!

Freckles Hottie


Freckles for Amour Angels

Yes, skinny tall chicks can have big tits too! Maybe this tall drink of water got a boob job but it doesn’t look like it to me, those look like natural breasts and man they are gorgeous. So is the rest of her though, she looks like a supermodel with her freckles and tight firm ass and legs that stretch for days…in this photoshoot she’s relaxing in a big open fiefld, feeling the wind blow across her nude body and hearing the whisper of hte grass rustling in the breeze. Nice relaxing and very sexy natural photoshoot featuring a downright smokin hot chick!

Samantha Bentley


Samantha bentley

I’m not usually a fan of interviews, I’d rather get straight to the action, but this one with Samantha Bentley is certainly an exception. She talks about all kinds of shit, including some of her favorite sexual experiences. If I may read a quick passage, ahem…”He then pulled me off the hood and ordered me to get on all fours in the mud on the side of the road, I did and he continued to fuck me, my knees were cut and I was covered in mud and it was freezing, but I was so turned on I didn’t care”. If that doesn’t make you want to read this interview on I don’t know what will.

Cora Keegan


Cora keegan topless

I’ve gotta admit I had no idea who the hell Cora Keegan was about ten minutes ago but man oh man I am a fan now! This blonde piece of gorgeousness is apparently a supermodel and is like 6 feet tall with tits you might just blow your mind looking at. They’re seriously perfect and she’s got a face like a dream in these topless photos she took a few years back, I don’t know if they were for a modeling agency or if they were just some fun candids for whatever asshole band lead singer she was banging at the time with that undoubtedly incredibly pussy she’s packing. She’s a vision though that’s for damn sure, so take a look!

Ria Rodriguez


Ria Rodriguez In The Crack

I don’t know what it is about potted plants that gets beautiful exotic babe Ria Rodriguez all turned on but just the site of these yellow pots with aloe plants or whatever in them just drives her wild in this photoshoot from In The Crack! Soon she’s stripped down nude and is up on the windowsill, spreading her legs to give us a nice close-up view of that sweet tight pink pussy as she masturbates with a big thick dong. With perky titties and an ass like that I’m sure she’d have no problem finding guys willing to take over for that dildo…just sayin.

Arianny Celeste


Arianny Celeste

Word on the street is that Arianny Celeste looks great in a bikini…well no shit Sherlock, she’s a UFC ring girl so you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s got a fucking fantastic body and that it would naturally look incredible in a skimpy little bikini! I don’t know if these were paparazzi photos or if she had a friend nearby with a nice camera but either way they’re pretty hot and are guaranteed gonna make you miss summertime.

Jamie Lynn


Jamie Lynn on Twistys

Jamie Lynn is ready to make all your morning fantasies come true in this Twistys photoshoot…she lounges on the comfy fur bedcovers, stripping off her white panties and then moving onto the nightstand, spreading her legs wide to give us a nice look at her very fuckable pussy! She’s seductive, horny and downright smokin hot so take a look at every inch of that sweet and sexy body of hers. Can you imagine walking into the bedroom and seeing this gorgeous creature spreading naked on the sheets?

Silvie in Purple


Silvie purple dress

Silvie has always been pretty as hell and that hasn’t changed but man I’ve gotta say, in this Met Art photoshoot she’s looking a little on the too-skinny side with those stick arms and dandelion-stem legs of hers…even her cheeks look sunken in like she forgot to eat for a few weeks as she slips out of her purple dress. If you’re into hearing ribs crack when you hug a girl this photoshoot might be for you but if you prefer a healthy-looking woman you might want to pass on this one. Sorry Silvie but it’s the truth…have a cheeseburger or three and we’ll talk.

Rainia Belle Anal


Rainia Belle Anal Sex

I like a lot of what is going on in this video!  It’s from Let’s Try Anal a site that we have posted a lot of videos from and then it’s of this gorgeous redhead you guys all know well Rainia Belle or Lilith Lust whatever you know her by.  She has nice big fake titties and just a perfect tight pussy so good that this guy passes up a lot of anal just so he can pound that thing for a little bit.  It looks like Rainia isn’t too stoked about anal it looks more like painal but she is a champ for trying isn’t she?  The only problem I have with the video is it’s fucking shaky cam POV that shit drives me crazy after a while… I can’t be the only one that wants a nice wide angle, sure you can get up in there every once in a while but the POV gets old after a while.  Or you could even do that Porn Goes Pro does and have that camera strapped to a guys head at least that looks better.

Jennica Lynn


Jennica Lynn XL Girls

Man oh man that is a lot of woman right there…if you’ve got a hunger for a girl with plenty of meat on her bones, Jennica Lynn might just blow your mind! This curvy BBW sexpot is hanging out in her favorite place, the kitchen, pulling the top of her dress aside to play with those enormous natural boobs for XL Girls! She rubs herself with fruit, showing how her titties absolutely dwarf a couple of apples, then squeezes a little juice on her titties for a refreshing morning beverage. There’s no better way to get your vitamin c than by drinking fresh juice off a pair of huge breasts, I always say! Well, that’s what I always say from now on, at least.

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone

When I caught a glimpse of this Rolling Stone issue featuring Miley Cyrus my initial instinct was ‘oh god here we go, more of this attention-whore’ but then I remembered she’s fucking smokin hot and loves teasing her body around so hey, go ahead and take a look. There’s no real nudity mind you, just some hand bras and the like but she is cute as hell, attention-whore or no. One question though, did she really tattoo the words ‘rolling $tone’ on her feet? What a terrible idea.

Layla Monroe 2 Cocks


Layla Monroe Takes Two Cocks

I mean that ass is so damn big I might actually think it was photoshopped but I got this picture and didn’t touch it, so it is what it is.  Her name is Layla Monroe and she has a couple other scenes over at Blackz that you can check out to see proof of her big ass.  This one is from Reality Kings once again and she also has a Bang Bros video you guys will like.  Back this the video that most of you will probably be clicking on it’s a threesome with two guys.  Layla never takes it in her ass so that mean there is no DP but who cares she works those dicks really well with one in her mouth and the other giving that nice pussy of hers a pounding.  What is it about bigger girls always having such great pussies?  It’s a trend I see they almost always have a “innie” pussy.  That’s the technical term for it guys, trust me I am a professional HAHA!

Kate Upton


Kate upton

Oh Kate Upton…just ridiculously hot from head to toe, even when she’s just goofing around on the beach and kicking her legs around. Luckily for us there was a horny paparazzi snapping shots so we get to see some nice peeks at her panties or bikini bottoms or whatever you want to call them as she lifts her legs…tell me you wouldn’t drink her bathwater if she asked you to. In a world full of stunning blondes Kate is one of the stunningest of them all, and she’s nice enough to give us these sexy sneak peeks once in awhile!

Laying in the Surf


laying in the surf

They entitled this photoshoot from Glamour Models Gone Bad “Lying in the Surf” but it looks more like Lei-ing in the surf to me! Alright, bad jokes aside what we’ve got here is a gorgeous brunette wearing nothing but a lei as she sits at the edge of the sea, letting the waves wash over and around her with a beautiful smile. The water might be a little chilly if her perky nipples are any indication but she looks like she’s having a great time showing off those big breasts and getting nice and wet!

Maitland Ward


Maitland Ward

I guess this chick was in the re-release of Wizard of Oz, her name is Maitland Ward and man oh man has she got some wicked nice cleavage going on! She must have been the hit of the red carpet that night in her sexy red dress…each tit is so big it needs multiple straps to hold it in so she ends up looking like she’s got suspenders on or something but it’s still pretty sexy. Did any of you guys see the new version of that movie? I assumed it would be a Tim Burton thing with Johnny Depp in it, hopefully that’s just in my head and not really what it is.

Hot Amateur


Hot amateur

This amateur chick might have some pretty bad fake tits (they look like somebody whacked a cantaloupe in half and glued the two parts on her chest) but man she is smokin hot and obviously loves sucking cock so pretty much all is forgiven at that point. She also has a great smile and very pretty eyes, not to mention an ass you could bounce pocket change off of…watch as we get a nice grand tour of her body before she spreads her legs to get her pink MILF pussy fucked!

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