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Grade A Punani


Grade A Punani

Watch This Black GFs Video!

The guy who submitted this sex tape to Black GFs was pretty confident that this was some grade a pussy that he named is update Grade A Punani. If we are talking…READ MORE

Bad Ass Karma


Bad Ass Karma

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Stunning ebony hottie Karma is looking absolutely incredible in her lacy white lingerie in this hot sextape, showing off those long smooth chocolate legs and shaking her nice perfect perky titties before taking her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then spreading wide open! Black GFs brings you this hot hardcore fuck scene featuring one of the most gorgeous ebony babes I’ve seen in quite awhile…take a look and see for yourself! Maybe it’s just the fact that she’s got a garter belt and sexy white thigh high stockings on but Karma is looking like a dream cum true, and ends up sucking a load of cum out of that dick to swallow down!

In Deep


In Deep

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Now that’s a sexy ass! Molle here is a gorgeous ebony babe with a fantastic booty and I guess her man agreed because he busted out his camera one day and got some footage of this sexy stunner modeling some new lingerie she had bought for their anniversary. Her ass is amazing but man those perky titties of hers are no joke either am I right! She shows off that sexy body before getting down on her knees and sucking him off while he recorded it, then spread her long sultry chocolate legs open to get that tight horny pussy fucked deep…the guy wanted to spread the love to the whole world so he sent the footage in to Black GFs who put it up and now we get to watch in a hot update called In Deep!

Legs Up


Legs Up

Watch This Black GFs Video!

This chick Naomi is a hot black honey with a big round juicy booty that her man just can’t resist…and can you blame him? Especially when she’s wearing a sexy little miniskirt like this around the house…the dude grabbed his camera and started wheedling her into making a homemade sex tape, which she turned down at first but I guess his persistence worked out in the end because she undressed and went to town on his cock in this Black GFs update, sucking him off and then taking off her little white panties to get those chocolate legs up in the air so he could pound her tight wet ebony pussy! That big badonkadonk booty gets into the mix too of course as Naomi got on her hands and knees for a nice doggystyle pussy spelunking expedition, which only ended when the guy busted a load of cum all over her face and into her hair (which she was a little peeved about)!

Slip and Slide


Slip and Slide

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Now this is the way to start a homemade sex tape! This guy knew his girlfriend Armani was in the shower so he headed into the bathroom with his video camera to catch some footage…once he was in there she was like oh well and it made for one of the sexiest shower scenes I’ve seen in a long damn time, see what you guys think. Armani has nice big tits and a fantastic round juicy ass, she squishes em up against the glass shower door as she got all soapy and clean before heading to the bedroom to seal the deal! She spread her legs wide open and after a nice deep blowjob she got that horny chocolate pussy pounded, turning Armani over to fuck her doggystyle with that sexy round ass in the air until he busted a load of cum all over her!

Bouncing Beauties


Bouncing Beauties

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Right off the bat we get to see what Camille‘s packing in this Black GFs update called Bouncing Beauties, since one of her big tits is hanging out of her shirt at the beginning of the video! I guess her boyfriend liked what he saw so he grabbed his camera and I’m certainly glad he did…we get to see Camille flashing those nice big bouncy black boobs of hers and then playing with her pussy, before grabbing her man’s dick and sucking him off (he’s still filming of course so we get to watch in first person perspective)…

Whips the Pussy


Whips the Pussy

This guy knew his girlfriend Adrianna was in the bathroom half dressed getting ready for a job interview so he snuck in wielding his camera, as most guys would I’d imagine! She’s got that sexy ebony body with an ass like a dream, big round juicy firm booty that you could bounce a handful of pocketchange off and come back with a ten dollar bill. Not sure what that meant but hey you get what I’m trying to say right? Anyway he talks her into flashing that incredible butt and soon she’s sucking on his cock as he snaps photos, getting that perfect ass in the air to get her tight puffy pussy fucked doggystyle as well! The dude was so excited about it all that he sent the photos in to Black GFs as a submission and they’ve put em up for us all to enjoy in this update called Whips The Pussy.

Love Legend


Love Legend

Apparently this dude just discovered how much fun a camera could be because he started following his hot ebony girlfriend Loni around the house, snapping pictures as she got dressed…she kept waving him off at first like he was a paparazzi or something but eventually gave in, flashing the goods and thenn geting on her knees with those perky titties popping out of the top of her shirt as she took his dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob in this Black GFs update called Love Legend! She’s gorgeous and has a great body, especially that big bodacious booty…I guess that’s why the guy got her to bend over on the bed so he could fuck her doggystyle, can’t say I blame him!

One Piece Fuck


One Piece Fuck

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Alright so you guys are in business with this scene. Its of an amateur black girl and she is on the beach with her boyfriend. She is looking pretty hot with her curly hair and that one piece white bikini. It doesn’t quite fit her good enough, but that ass of hers is looking good. The two of them jump back in the car and start heading back to the house when this cute black girl gets a little horny. She starts to give him some road head but has to have her stop because he’s about to cum. So once they get home they pick up where they left off bu the keeps that bathing suit on just pulling it aside and fucking her. Then eventually she takes it all off and he pounds her doggystyle until he is about to cum.

Hottie Nadia


Hottie Nadia

Watch This Black GFs Video!

When this guy saw his girlfriend Nadia hanging out in the bathroom about to get undressed he immediately grabbed his video camera and came back to record it for posterity! She was a little annoyed at first but soon she was on board, flashing those big pierced tits and showing her itty bitty waist with that sexy gorgeous round ass on the south side of it…this chick is a knockout and her man knows it, keeping the camera rolling as he took a nice tour of her entire body! Hottie Nadia ends up taking his dick in her mouth for a blowjob in this Black GFs update, sucking the guy and taking that big cock in her mouth before going for a wild hard ride, taking him deep in her horny pussy before sucking out a nice big facial load!

Bounce It


Bounce It

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Summer is gradually starting to wind down and the temperatures outside are starting to trend cooler, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still hot as blazes here on Black GFs as this chick Adriana shows how incredible she looks in her bikini! They’ve had some hot ebony babes on the site but this girl Adriana is quite possibly the hottest if you ask me…she was lounging out in the yard in her skimpy little thong bikini and it looked amazing on that sexy round brown butt of hers. I guess her man thought so too because he grabbed his video camera to record some footage of her laying around, then followed her into the house as she slipped out of it…and somehow he talked her into making a sex tape as she sucked his cock and then went for a ride on top, bending over with her perfect ass in the air to get that sweet pussy drilled doggystyle in a red hot hardcore fuck scene called Bounce It!

Juicy Jayla


Juicy Jayla

Watch This Black GFs Video!

I’m sure you guys have heard people talk about having eyes in the back of one’s head, right? Well how about having eyes on the back of one’s ass! I guess that could be considered hindsight, am I right…anyway this Black GFs update features Juicy Jayla with a face painted on her ass as she sucks cock and gets fucked, so enjoy! It’s a little nightmarish at first seeing that clownish face shaking around but once you realize that it’s on a big round juicy ebony booty that looks sexy as hell it’s all better…Jayla loves a nice deep pounding and her man is down to provide the cock, recording the whole thing as he fucks her from behind and then drops a nice big facial on her that drips down over those cute perky breasts!

My Girl


My Girl

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Got a thing for sexy, thick black chicks who get horny as hell? This girl Chanel was in the kitchen whipping up something tasty but this guy had a different kind of appetite raging…he came in with his video camera and tried to talk her into doing a homemade sex tape, it took him a few minutes of wheedling and stuff but hey when you’re with an ebony hottie this smokin hot a little begging is worth it! Soon she was pulling off her tight pants to take her man’s big hard cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting that tight wet pussy pounded…she loves a good deep fucking and this guy was more than happy to provide the cock for it, sliding in and out and recording the whole thing to send it in to Black GFs for this update they called My Girl!

Bootiful Bailey


Bootiful Bailey

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Be careful when you check this scene because this chick Bailey is about to pop your top right off…she was just hanging around the house topless at the beginning of this Black GFs update called Bootiful Bailey, wearing a pair of tight stretchy spandex pants that looked absolutely incredible on her tight firm ass! The guy was recording her with his little video camera and of course he wanted her to make a sextape with him…she took a little convincing but after a few minutes Bailey agreed to strip down on camera, getting pretty excited by it and then taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! She got on her hands and knees with that sexy tight ebony ass in the air, getting fucked doggystyle and then taking a facial load of cum that dripped down onto those titties of hers!

Pussy Power


Pussy Power

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Man, Black GFs has been just killin it lately! The last few updates have been hot as hell and this one called Pussy Power is just as sexy featuring Julie here in her loose black shirt. I thought it was an old school Batman shirt at first but that’s because I didn’t look too closely at the insignia on it, I was too distracted by those big juicy titties of hers that were peeking out! Her boyfriend was distracted too, he grabbed his video camera and got some footage of her looking hot and then talked her into doing a sextape, starting out with Julie playing with a magic wand vibrator until she came hard, then too the guy’s cock in her mouth and rode him deep in that sweet tight pussy with her big juicy titties bouncing up and down and all over the place!

Sexy Diamond


Sexy Diamond

Watch This Black GFs Video!

Right away this chick Diamond is looking incredible in this Black GFs update, hanging out in her skimpy little white bikini that showed her ass perfectly…her boyfriend recorded her, I guess he wanted to save it for posterity as she scampered around looking so damn hot! She was a little shy about the camera at first but was down to tease a little, flashing those perky pretty titties of hers before getting on her knees to suck her man’s dick and then spread her long skinny legs to get that wet ebony pussy pounded! I guess she got super turned on from all the attention and her man was definitely into the idea of making a hardcore sextape, and she got that tight perfect pussy absolutely drilled doggystyle before taking a big cum facial.

Panties Down


Panties Down

Watch This Black GFs Video!

This chick Adriana is if you ask me one of the cutest girls that has appeared on Black GFs, and as you know if you’ve been following along on this journey that’s definitely saying something! Adriana is hot as hell and also has a dream of a body, which we see right off the bat in this update called Panties Down as she lounges in her tiny red shorts which was basically driving her boyfriend crazy…he begged her to make a sextape with him but she would only do so on the condition that he never, EVER showed it to anyone else. So, he taped this hot hardcore fuck scene and of course sent it in to Black GFs lol! Adriana has a spectacular ass and sucks cock like a dream, she also has a pussy as tight as a vise so it took a little effort for her man to even slide that dick of his into her hole…those big tits of hers go for a nice bouncy ride, make sure you check this one out!

Pussy Katt


Pussy Katt

Watch This Black GFs Video!

This guy’s girlfriend Katt was in the shower washing up and he was feeling a little on the devilish side so he grabbed his video recorder, geting some footage of this hot beautiful black babe with her big amazing titties all dripping wet and looking fine as hell! She got out of the shower and caught him in the act, but she was more turned on by the attention than angry at the intrusion…soon they started talking about making the sextape they had both wanted to make, and this was just the perfect time! His cock got hard and she pretty much dove on it, sucking him off and giving some amazing head while he filmed away…but after a nice blowjob she really wanted her horny wet pussy pounded so they headed to the bedroom where he fucked her like crazy, making those huge tits bounce! Soon he was frosting those big black tits with a splash of white, and they decided to send the footage in to Black GFs for all of us to enjoy.

Sexy In Sweats


Sexy In Sweats

Watch This Black GFs Video!

I can’t say I blame this dude for grabbing the video camera when he saw his girlfriend Skyler stretching out in the back yard…that ass of hers looked amazing and every time she bent over he could see right up underneath her loose sweatshirt and catch a glimpse of her mighty fine ebony titties! She didn’t mind that he was recording her, she knew how good she looked and soon she let her titties pop right out of her sweatshirt! Both she and teh guy got pretty turned on and soon they were both inside naked and fucking like jackrabbits for this hot submission to Black GFs. Skyler gave his cock a nice wet blowjob before getting on her knees with that sexy round ass in the air to get her dripping wet pussy fucked doggystyle! She took his cock like a champ until finally he busted, giving her a nice cream facial to finish off this submission called Sexy In Sweats!

Just Naughty


Just Naughty

Click to see Nina on Black GFs!

At first I really thought this chick was putting on a skin tight pink spandex costume to fulfill some kind of fetish that her boyfriend had but apparently it’s a dance costume or something like that! This curvy black hottie Nina was getting ready to hit the stage later on but when her man saw how sexy she looks in her stretchy costume he just had to get a nice handful of that big round juicy booty of hers. Soon Nina was peeling out of that skin-tight suit and getting her sexy bouncy booty in the air, wiggling her butt on her hands and knees to tantalize her man and get him to fuck that wet pussy from behind doggystyle! He didn’t exactly need much encouragement, I’m pretty sure he was busting a boner as soon as he got a look at that ass of hers…this is a super hot Black GFs update and Nina looks great with those big jiggly titties going for a nice bouncy ride as she spread her ebony legs and got her slit pounded!

Sexy Snap Shot


Sexy Snap Shot

Click to see Mandy on Black GFs!

This guy walked in on his sexy ebony girlfriend Mandy in the bathroom getting ready and she kicked him out, but just before we gave up on this as a dud of a video he mentioned that it was only a couple of days before he left town for a business trip and suuuure wished he had something to watch to think about her! That changed her mind right around and she gave in, flashing those big sexy titties and then pulling off her pants to shake that bouncy jiggly juicy ass of hers…originally she was just going to flash the camera a little and call it good but when he got his lips and tongue on those nipples she got so turned on that she just had to get that hard cock of his in her hands! They ended up fucking like crazy in this Black GFs update called Sexy Snap Shot, with this chick getting her dripping wet pussy pounded…especially when she got that big booty in the air so he could drill that snatch as deep as possible! He ended up shooting a load of cum all over that sexy brown body of hers, looks like he’ll have quite the memory to enjoy while he was out of town for business.

Sexy Suit


Sexy Suit

Click to see Diamond on Black GFs!

The weather had finally turned warmer so this hot curvy ebony babe Diamond was taking her new swimsuit out for a spin in the pool! Her boyfriend liked what he saw so he grabbed his video camera, begging Diamond to flash a little titty…she was down for some fun and soon she was putting on quite a show! Her titties were out and she was showig off that big fat ass when her bf whipped out his cock…Diamond swam over and started sucking him off, giving this guy a nice blowjob before heading inside and bending over with that big round brown ass in the air to get her sweet black pussy fucked doggystyle for this Black GFs update called Sexy Suit! She gave him a nice look at every tattoo on her skin, lifting those legs up and getting fucked as deep and hard as the fella could manage before he blasted a load all over those titties of hers…she shook her braided hair around a bit with a mighty proud grin, holding onto those tits like a couple of trophies!

Super Fit


Vicki in super fit on black gfs

Sometimes it seems like the only reason to go to the gym is to have a front row seat view to the super fit chicks in tight workout gear…that’s certainly the case here as gorgeous Vicki stretches out on the yoga mat, popping that absolutely incredible butt of hers straight back while her boyfriend recorded it with his video camera! She caught him in the act and looked like she was about to kick his ass, and with that tight muscular fit body of hers she probably could have…instead she kept working out and he kept recording! He wanted to make a sextape right there at their gym but she wasn’t having it….at least at first. Persistence worked out for this dude and eventually she gave in, sucking his huge black cock before laying back on the yoga mat and taking it to the hilt in that tight little pussy! I’m baffled how she managed to fit that big dick in her petite hole but hey, where there’s a will there’s a way and at that point Vicki was dying to get her cunt pounded. She looks cute as hell in this Black GFs update getting penetrated right on the floor in the workout room, her red extensions bouncing around behind her head! Vicki’s got that incredible bubble butt so the guy just had to bend her over and fuck her doggystyle before shooting a load of cum all over her sexy ebony body.

Booty on Brie


Booty on brie on black gfs

Get ready for your cock to stand up and salute the patriotic stretchy tights this chick Brie is sporting in this red hot update from Black GFs called Booty On Brie! She’s got an absolutely incredible ass and she knows it, so she put on some tights that show off every curve she’s got bangin back there, taking osme selfies with her phone. Her titties were no slouch either but man oh man that booty of hers is for the win! Her boyfriend thought so too, walking in and grabbing that big bouncy badonkadonk…she was a little freaked for a second getting caught taking sexy pictures of herself but she said she was sending them to a girlfriend who had the same outfit. Sounds a little fishy to me but hey, this guy told her the video he was taking was just for him so I guess everyone involved was doing a little stretching of the truth! We get to see this hottie stripping down and getting on her knees, sucking this guy’s big hard dick and then getting bent over and pounded doggystyle right there in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom…the guy finishes things off with a little fireworks display so to speak, blasting off with a big shower of jizz all over this ebony hottie as Brie took his load all over her titties and stomach!

After Shower Sex


After Shower Sex on BlackGFs

I think all girls know what is up when they’re boyfriend or husband breaks out a camera while they are in the shower.  Yea, they want to film you naked but they want way more then that and this girl from Black GFs pretends not to know what is up at first but as you see from this picture she gets it eventually.  She takes the shower that her boyfriend gave her and then he tells her he wants to fuck.  She is kind of mad you can see because she JUST took a shower and she knows how he likes to finish all over her face.  So she isn’t too into it but a little fingering and then she is sitting on her knees sucking his dick so she can take that little white dick of his for a ride.  She does a lot of the fucking being on top, it’s where black girls feel most comfortable I find it.  That’s why they’re so good at riding dick they have bene on top for most of their sexual lives LOL.  Anyways the video ends just how I said with him cover that pretty face of hers in cum.

Sweet Harmonie


Sweet harmonie on black gfs

This chocolate goddess Harmonie was just hanging out at home, doing some dishes and cleaning up and stuff, nothing too exciting…however, she was doing it wearing just a little tight shirt and a thong and holy smokes that ass of hers is gonna blow you away! I guess her boyfriend was blown away too because he grabbed his video camera to get some footage of that big round juicy ass bouncing around, and he was kind enough to send the video in to Black GFs so we could all enjoy it. If that big butt wasn’t enough, Harmonie also gives a hell of a blowjob as you can see…she gets on her knees and takes her man’s hard cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him up and down before peeling off her little panties and getting that big brown ass in the air to get her dripping wet pussy pounded doggystyle! I guess all the attention had gotten this chick mighty turned on because she’s down to get fucked on camera, I don’t know how much she’d be into the idea of the footage getting released out into the wild, so to speak, but hey what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her!

All That Booty


Black gfs kennedy all that booty

This ebony hottie Kennedy has a dream of someday being on the dance team for a professional sports team in Miami that will be left unnamed just in case! In this BlackGFs update she starts out doing a little interview to introduce herself…she asked her man to record her and she shows off some of her skills, doing some exercises and stuff to display her athleticism and fitness. The guy was pretty turned on watching her, as well he should be, and was able to convince Kennedy to turn things into a little private sex tape for him after the interview! She was down to clown and stripped down to be totally nude, showing off that sexy fit body with her big round perfect brown ass in the air…she saw his cock getting harder in his pants and soon had him in her mouth, licking and sucking that cock and taking him balls-deep in that dripping wet pussy! He fucked that snatch of hers nice and hard, particularly enjoying having all that booty in the air in front of him while he pounded her doggystyle until finally pulling out and busting his nut all over her face and those perky titties. Hopefully he didn’t forget to edit the sextape part out before sending the interview to the team, but he definitely made the right choice sending the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy!

Undressing Rio


Black gfs undressing rio

Like pretty much any reasonable person I hate cleaning house…really the only redeeming quality (besides I guess having a clean house afterwards) is that when you’re cleaning with a chick she’s probably wearing the rattiest little clothes she has in that bottom drawer that maybe don’t really fit too well or are too revealing to wear out in public, know what I mean? That’s what Rio here has on in this Black GFs update called Undressing Rio, with her little torn-up football top and itty bitty shorts that cling to every curve of her big juicy ass! This guy didn’t spend much time cleaning, though; he got one look at that sexy body of hers and grabbed his video camera to make a little recording as he grabbed that juicy ass, pulling down her shorts and thong panties for us! Rio was a little reluctant at first but soon she got pretty turned on by the attention, slipping her shorts off and then taking her man’s hard dick in her mouth for a blowjob! Soon Rio had those perky little titties out and her big round ass in the air, getting fucked from behind for this hot hardcore Black GFs update until the guy pulled out and busted a nut all over her! The house might not be any cleaner but she seems pretty satisfied nonetheless.

Big Booty Anya


Big booty anya on black gfs

This dude was getting ready to head out of town and his girlfriend Anya was pretty bummed about it…to cheer her up he grabbed his camera and talked her into doing a little sex tape with him for them both to watch while he was on the road! It got sent in to Black GFs so we get to share in every minute of it as this gorgeous ebony babe stripped down and did a little dance for the guy and rubbing her pussy to get all wet and hot and bothered! The guy recorded the whole thing, loving every second of it as she showed off that sexy body but when she took her panties off and showed offf that sexy round ass of hers he couldn’t take it anymore and had to whip out that big hard cock of his! This update is called Big Booty Anya and you’ll soon see why as she got bent over and pounded doggystyle with her sexy spankable juicy booty up in the air…hot as hell. If you’re a fan of ebony hardcore action this site has tons of great scenes and this is a fine example of it! Anya isn’t all ass though, she’s got nice big tits too and a lovely face so no matter how she’s getting fucked this chick is hot as blazes…she even has a cute smile when she takes a big load of cum in a facial finish!

Lovely Lola


Lovely lola on black gfs

When this guy caught sight of his girlfriend Lola in the bedroom hanging out in her little pink panties and tight little white top he ran to go grab his camera to capture it on tape! She looked sexy as hell and was just taking some selfies for fun, but was a bit shy about making a homemade sextape like the guy wanted to do…after some persistence and ass-grabbery though she gave in and we got to see every inch of that gorgeous nubile ebony body of hers as she stripped down naked and spread her long chocolate legs! This horny hottie took that big dick of his nice and hard, moaning as he slid in and out of that tight wet cunt…she got her sweet round ass in the air so he could pound her doggystyle, and man oh man there’s just nothing better than a gorgeous black girl with her butt in the air, especially when she’s as cute as Lovely Lola here in this Black GFs update! Lola rode the guy ragged, taking his cock and having her way with it in a few of her favorite positions before the guy had to pull out and bust his nut, giving her a facial and frosting those nice bouncy titties as well!

The Crush


Aries crush on black gfs

This curvy ebony hottie Aries was just hanging out on the bed working on some homework or something with her titties bouncing around in her tank top…she looked cute as hell and I guess her boyfriend thought so too because he grabbed his video recorder and started begging her to do a sextape with him! Aries wasn’t interested at first but he kept persisting, complimenting her on her hotness and of course on her tits, asking for just a peek at those boobs and her big round sweet ass…after flashing a little for the camera she started getting into the idea and soon she was getting that shaved black pussy of hers pounded with her juicy boundy titties dancing around with every thrust of his hard cock! The footage got sent in to Black GFs for this update called The Crush, either he just had the bright idea to send it in for fun or she got off on the idea of the public watching her get naked and get fucked, I guess either way is equally likely. She took his cock between those big soft breasts and eventually he busted his nut all over her tits, can’t say I blame him for that one!

Just A Peek


Black gfs just a peek

This guy’s girlfriend Danielle was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out on the town and he was going crazy horny thinking about her wet ebony pussy…he grabbed the video camera and begged for just a peek at those big floppy titties, she teased him a little but eventually ended up caving in and flashing her tits as she slipped on some panties. She got pretty turned on herself by all the attention, dropping to her knees and giving this guy a sweet long blowjob and grabbing her bouncy breasts…her pussy got wetter and wetter and soon she forgot all about leaving the house, bending over to get that perfect round badonkadonk butt in the air for the guy to pound her doggystyle in this Black GFs update! If you like black chicks with wet meaty pussies and big juicy titties that bounce all over when the chick gets fucked this one is for you my friend…I’m not sure about Danielle’s choice of hair color but hey, if she wants to be a redhead who’s gonna stop her?

Tasting Tamra


Tasting tamra black gfs

Beautiful black babe Tamra was just working on her computer when her man came busting into the room with his video camera…she wasn’t having any bit of it at first but luckily for all of us he was able to talk her into it, persisting until she agreed to make a sex tape with him! She got her little orange pants tugged off and her white thong panties so her man could lick every inch of that body and she took his big black dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob, before spreading her legs to get that huge dick buried in her sweet wet hole! That big round juicy ass of hers is a thing of beauty, there’s no doubt about that…she puts it to work in this Black GFs update called Tasting Tamra too for sure, sliding her hole up and down on his cock and moaning as he rocked that sweet pussy! She ends up with a nice creamy load on her face and looks mighty proud of it, rubbing it into those sweet perky chocolate titties to finish this one off.

Killer Curves


Brandy foxx black gfs killer curves

Sexy Brandy Foxx was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out when her boyfriend came walking in with his video recorder…I mean can you blame him though? Brandy is fucking hot as hell and was just wearing a thin little top and a pair of panties and was snappy a few selfies at the time. She asked her man to stop recording but you could tell she didn’t really want to stop, she started flashing and teasing a little and before you know it she was making a sex tape with her man in this hot Black GFs update called Killer Curves! Brandy has a body that is tight as a drum, spreading her long smooth legs to get that pussy pounded and her mouth filled up with cock as we watch her moan her way to orgasm…keep an eye out for when she gets that nice round ass in the air to get pounded doggystyle, her butt is fucking incredible! Brandy gets pounded nice and hard before dropping to her knees to suck and lick a load out of that dick, getting a nice big facial that gets in her eyes a little but also gets on those nice perky chocolate titties.

Lickity Split


Black gfs lickety split

Lovely limber ebony hottie Nina started out this Black GFs update stretching out on the floor in her bikini, getting her sweet long legs stretched out and showing off that big juicy booty! Her man had run off and grabbed his video recorder when he saw her doing it, and taped her stretching out and looking sexy as hell…she demurred a little when she noticed him recording it but then gave in and made it a little show for him, shaking her ass and driving him crazy! He popped a boner of course and she was feeling a little frisky herself so she dropped to her knees, licking and sucking his cock looking up with those pretty eyes of hers. Soon she was naked and bent over with that big round ass in the air getting fucked doggystyle, I guess all the stretching and sucking had gotten her blood flowing in all the right places! Nina got her sweet shaved pussy drilled and then took a facial that dripped all over her perky titties…the name of the episode is Lickety Split and at first I thought she was going to get eaten out a bunch but I guess she did do the splits and definitely did plenty of licking on her man’s cock!

Sweet Like Caramel


Bgfs sweet like caramel

Some girls love being recorded while they get down and freaky but some get nervous and irritated when the camera gets on em…girls like ebony goddess Caramel here for instance! As soon as her boyfriend started filming her messing around on her phone she started protesting, saying she didn’t want to be recorded…the guy knew how to sweet-talk her though and soon she was laughing and not worrying about the video recorder. This girl is absolutely gorgeous and she started stripping down to show off that incredible body of hers before taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, getting hornier by the moment until finally she was pretty much begging the dude to rail that pussy of hers! He was more than happy to oblige, fucking her from every angle he could come up with before she dropped to her knees to pump out a nice big load right into her mouth and all over that beautiful face of hers to finish up this Black GFs submission.

Shake Something


Jamie sullivan black gfs shake something

This hot black cup of coffee’s name is Jamie and she’s a bit of a freaky-deaky as she rides in the car with her man at the beginning of this Black GFs submission called Shake Something! She keeps talking dirty and telling him how much she wants to suck and ride that cock of his, I’m surprsied he didn’t get a speeding ticket or two blazing his way home with that thought in mind to be honest. This girl is beautiful too, with nice big tits that she loves to flash and when she gets inside the house and starts stripping down and shaking that booty you get to see just how sexy that round brown ass of hers is! Jamie sucks her man’s cock and gets her pussy eaten out, then spreads her legs to take him deep inside…he’s got a hankering for those big tits of hers so he tittyfucks her a bit before pounding her pussy some more and dropping a massive load of cum all over that wet pink gash!

Booty Rock


Bgfs booty rock ricki

Sexy ebony hottie Ricki is incredibly attractive no matter how you slice it, but really you don’t get the full effect of her hotness until she turns around and reveals that incredible round ass of hers! This Black GFs update is called Booty Rock and I’m sure her boyfriend is always down to rock that booty, especially in her tight little stretchpants like she’s wearing at the beginning of this update! Ricki loves twerking and shaking that ass and her man loves filming it, and this time her little impromptu dance-off turned into a hardcore fuckfest and we get to enjoy the footage! Ricki stripped out of her pants and that little yellow thong as she sucked her bf’s cock until it was good and hard, then hopped up on top of him and started working her pussy on his stick with those big tits in his face. If that was enough, she finished him off by bending over and getting pounded doggystyle, he turned into a rabbit in heat as he pounded away at her hole until he shot his load all over her for a nice facial finish!

Sultry Genesis


Bgfs sultry genesis

Sexy sultry Genesis was getting ready for work when her man came strolling in with his video camera in tow, complimenting her on that sexy beautiful ebony body of hers as he filmed her in her sheer nylons and underwear! She’s a sucker for flattery and soon she was showing off that sexy round juicy booty, teasing us with her cute little titties and sucking the guy’s cock in this first person submission from Black GFs! He’s understandably proud of his girlfriend and wants to share her with the world, letting us enjoy this footage of Genesis giving him a nice blowjob before bending over with her caboose in the air to get fucked doggystyle! She takes that cock in her sweet wet hole and spreads her legs wide to take him as deep as possible before dropping to her knees and getting a nice cream facial that just about glues her eyes shut! Looks like she might be a little late for work but she doesn’t seem too worried about it if you ask me.

Inside Queens V


Bgfs inside queens v

This hot ebony babe is named Queen, fittingly enough…she was working out at home one night in her tight blue spandex leotard or whatever you call them and some sexy thigh high tube socks when her horny boyfriend showed up with his video camera to try and talk her into making a sex tape with him! He started flattering her, talking about how hot she looked stretching out those long gorgeous legs and how sexy her ass was when she bent over to touch the ground and I guess it worked because she started getting pretty turned on herself! Soon she was getting those big full titties and that juicy booty grabbed by her boyfriend and was dropping to her knees to suck him off while the camera rolled, giving him a hell of a blowjob before bending over to get her wet pussy pounded doggystyle! It’s her favorite sexual position and I can’t imagine the guy was complaining either with that sweet round badonkadonk in front of his face bouncing around as he fucked her…Queen took him hard and deep before flipping over to spread her legs and take him to the hilt, orgasming as he thrusted into her hole before shooting his load inside for a nice creampie! They sent the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy, the update is called Inside Queens V and that’s exactly where his cum ended up for this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Shake That Ass


Blackgfs shake that ass

If there’s one thing Cherise knows how to do it’s get naked and shake that ass to drive her lucky boyfriend crazy! After getting home from her workout at the gym she grabbed her guy’s videocamera and headed to the bedroom to give it a whirl, setting things up and doing a little striptease for the video before her man was allowed into the bedroom (she wanted a sextape they could watch together later so she made that part as an extra treat). She’s got nice black titties and an incredible round juicy booty that she loves to twerk and bounce, grinning over her shoulder as she bootyclapped! Soon her guy couldn’t resist whipping his cock out and fucking that ebony pussy from behind, fucking her meaty hole until he came all over her big full titties. I’m just glad they decided to send the hot hardcore footage in to BlackGFs so we can watch it all go down!

Sexing Bria


Sexing bria black gfs

Beautiful ebony babe Bria here has an ass that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks I’m guessing…she’s got her bikini on in this Black GFs submission, showing off that sexy body as her man admired and filmed her. Soon he had his huge cock out and she couldn’t help but take him into her mouth, this girl just can’t resist a big black dick! Bria’s big tits fell out of her bikini top while she got her pussy filled up with that massive dick…her big round ass is incredible but those tits are no slouch either as she rides her lucky boyfriend, taking his massive dick to the hilt and riding him hard and deep for this hot scene called Sexing Bria! Nothing hotter than a round juicy ass slamming up and down and a gorgeous girl moaning away like in this hot scene.

Joy Ride


Black gfs joy ride

Get ready to strap in and head out on the town with this hot ebony babe who decided to make a little video for her man while he was out of town! She calls it going for a joy ride and I can see where she gets the name; she drives around in public with no pants or panties on and her tits out, sliding her hand down between her smooth chocolate thighs to finger and tickle her pussy, masturbating for us before heading back home to where her guy was waiting! After he saw that hot little scene she filmed for him he was ready to work that sweet pussy, getting his big black cock out so she could suck him and then spread her legs to take his cock deep inside! Her clit was all pink and glistening and poking out as he worked her hole with that big dark stick, flipping her over to drill her doggystyle before shooting his load all over her big round spankable ass in this hot Black GFs scene!

Horny Harley


Blackgfs horny harley

This vision in teal is Horny Harley, a beautiful ebony babe in glasses doing a little studying at the beginning of this Black GFs update! She’s cute as hell and has an ass you will not soon forget…her boyfriend sure doesn’t want to forget it and he wants us all to get a nice look at it so he pulls her dress up a bit to show off that bouncy juicy booty! Soon she gives up on her bookworming and drops to her knees to take care of her man for awhile, taking her glasses off to give him a nice blowjob…she sucks him for a bit, licking and slurping her way down his big hard meat, but that’s only the intro to the main event! After a bit she lays on her back, spreading her legs to get that sweet pussy pounded and making her perky round titties bounce with the rhythm. She’s apparently having a blast, giggling her head off as she gets fucked, but what her guy really wants is to pound her doggystyle, not that I can blame him. Soon she’s on her hands and knees, getting drilled from behind until the guy shoots his load all over her butt!

Naughty Nala


Black gfs naughty nala

With an ass like that you know naughty Nala here has gotta be hitting the gym on the regular and in this update from Black GFs we get to see what she likes to do when she gets home with her body all tingling from exertion and her heartrate still pumping! She starts out in the bathroom taking some selfies in her little purple top and tight panties as her boyfriend set up the videocamera to catch all the fun…soon she got tired of playing by herself and grabbed his cock, giving him a nice deep blowjob as she played with her pussy, getting it ready for the hot hard fuck that was in the works. She looked incredible getting pounded and sounded incredible too with super hot moans and gasps as she rode her man’s crank with that tight wet hole of hers! She wanted his load right on her face and he was more than happy to oblige, frosting her tongue to finish up this hot hardcore fuck session.

Kili Sextape


Kili masturbates for black gfs

Beautiful ebony babe Kili just wanted to do her patriotic duty by making a little solo sextape for her man serving in the armed forces overseas but somehow it ended up getting sent to Black GFs and man oh man we oughta be thanking our lucky stars for that! This girl is a stunner with big perfect tits (with pierced nipples, no less) and a fantastic ass that she shows off before rubbing her pussy with her fingers and then fucking herself with a big dildo that she had handy! I guess she loves a big thick cock in her hole judging from the size of that toy as she fucks herself, all I know is that she’s hot as blazes and doesn’t mind showing off for the camera!

Teanna Trump


Teanna trump on black gfs

This guy was always blown away when his hot ebony girlfriend Teanna Trump stretched and worked out, so one day he decided to film it for us and send it in to Black GFs! Sure enough she looks fucking amazing and is flexible as hell, doing backbends and splits and making each ass cheek bounce individually…if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, he talked her into a hot hardcore fuck session once they got back inside the house and she rocked his world with that incredible body, not to mention her gorgeous face! Understandably enough the guy couldn’t hold out too long when she turned around and had him fuck her doggystyle and soon he was frosting that perfect round ghetto booty with his creamy load. Her headband makes her look a little like a nun at some parts of this video but she’s far from innocent!

Touchy Feely Mia


Mia touchy feely on black gfs

Some girls are just able to pop right out of bed and immediately look fucking gorgeous, and horny ebony babe Mia is definitely one of em…she tosses off the covers and starts talking to the camera that she had set up for her boyfriend while he was out of town. Wearing just her panties and a goony happyface cut-off shirt she told him how much she missed him, then gets all touchy feely running her hands over her perky tight body with a beautiful smile and pulling out some of her favorite toys to show her guy just what she was thinking about while he was on the road for work! She spread those long legs and tossed her bouncy shoulder-length hair around as she buzzed her clit, bringing herself to a knee-shaking orgasm in a very hot solo shoot for Black GFs. Great perky little boobies, perfect shaved pussy and a fantastic ass, not to mention a beautiful face and of course the libido to want to masturbate on camera, this girl Mia is hot as hell!

Thick Mocca


Thick mocca on black gfs

Some guys love a nice thick juicy booty on a black girl and this guy certainly ranks among their number! Mocca here is aptly named with her sexy dark skin, shaking her big bouncy ass and big tits in her thong and sparkly lingerie before bending over and getting her wet pussy pounded. Black GFs always has hot ebony babes but they hit a home run with thick Mocca here (I keep wanting to type Mocha). She’s cute as hell, has some great cuves, sucks cock like a champ and fucks like a beast in this hot hardcore update. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice and this honey looks like she’s got some awful sweet juice.

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