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Nice Perky Tits


Ex Girlfriends Nice Tits

This girl has a pretty nice rack doesn’t she?  This isn’t even the star of the gallery in my opinion the video is.  The problem is it’s so low quality I just couldn’t get a good screen capture from it.  So I am leading off with the hot ebony girl here.  This gallery is from Watch MY GF and in the video you’re going to see a real deal homemade video of a hot Asian check getting fucked.  It’s like a 20 minute sex session but that’s for members only.  You’re going to have to deal with a little smaller video, but not that small!  As I said it’s now the highest of quality but who likes their real porn high quality not me, I like that shit pixelated and looking at least 20 years old!

American Girl


Gf Revenge American Girl

This girl got into a cute little outfit for her boyfriend a shirt with the American flag that only somewhat covered her tits so you got a really nice underboob moment in the beginning.  She was some what made that he turned on the camera at first but once he started saying how hot she was she was down to keep continuing.  The filmed their entire sex session and let me tell you this girl is hot!  A nice bubble butt and big natural tits how can you not love this American girl.  What I love about GF Revenge scenes is they’re all shot in recent century and not some old ass camera.  You know all those home sex tape you see other places and the video just looks old.  I mean our camera phones shoot better shit then that but this guy has a real deal camera so it’s crisp as shit.  He gets some good shots of her in the mirror apparently these guys like to have sex and watch themselves.  Or she likes to watch herself that is, don’t blame her as I said she is banging.

Dick Tasting


GF Revenge Dick Tasting

This girl was pretty positive that people were going to see them fucking outside.  She was also concerned with the whole camera thing but her boyfriend claimed that he was going to give her the memory stick after they were done.  I am not sure what happened to that plan after they were done, he probably said that he wanted to watch it later or something and she agreed.  Well she should have taken the memory stick and burned that shit because now her boyfriend at the time has sold her sex tape to GF Revenge.  You get to see a nice round ass girl getting fucked in her bedroom in all kinds of positions.  GF Revenge is such a great site because they almost always have really high quality sex tapes, not those sex tapes that look like they were filmed in the 90’s or something.

Theater Sex


Theater Sex

This is a homemade sex tapes you don’t want to miss!  It’s was shot in a theater room either at someone’s super dope house or at one of those apartment complex theater rooms that people have.  I am going to say it’s a apartment complex because let’s be honest those are the type of people who are going to make a sex tape.  The video can be seen on Submitted Porno and it’s a video you do not want to miss!  The girl who is getting fucked has a great body nice rough booty and natural tits to die for!

Slippery When Wet


Slippery When Wet GF Revenge

All three of these people are roommates and they put up a stupid little pool in the back and they had a little fun.  What started out as a girl on girl wrestling match to see who would do the dishes for a month turned into a roommate threesome.  Things are not going to be the same for this guy after he fucks both of his roommates.  He is either going to get laid all the time or he is going to get mad jealous when they bring home other guys to fuck.  I would risk it if I was him too, having threesomes on a regular basis probably is one of the best things ever.  Obviously something did go wrong with this whole setup or we wouldn’t be seeing this tape on GF Revenge.  It could be they all just agreed to put it up there to make a little money for them, or someone got pissed and this is how they’re getting revenge.

Sexy Skater Girl


Sexy Skater Girl

I really think that the sport of skating should be dominated by girls like this.  The reason I think that is that they just don’t have the same fears that some of the guys have to deal with.  When your going on a Rail as a guy you got to make sure you don’t fuck it up or your nuts are going to get owned.  A girl has no such fear.  Anyways, that’s besides the point.  This is a GF Revenge scene with a sexy skater girl that’s the only reason I said that.  She really just doesn’t give a fuck about what people think because she is skating down the streets in nothing but this black g-string thong.  She then goes back to the house and uses that same camera that caught all her “awesome” skate tricks to film her and her boyfriend fucking.  It must not have been her camera because once they broke up the tape somehow found it’s way over to GF Revenge.  Enjoy this hot skater girl getting the business in this home made sex video.

Kira Sinn


Kira Sinn I Know That Girl

This looks like a real deal home video by I Know That Girl.  The only problem is that I would recognize these titties anywhere!  They’re just so unique, Kira Sinn is a girl I could spot from a mile away.  It doesn’t take away from hot good of a sex scene it is!  I just wish I could give you a even longer video then this one is!  I mean it’s long as it but the full video would be better wouldn’t it?  Kira Sinn is a super hot Asian girl with tattoo’s but what I really love are those tits as I mentioned earlier.  She has these big natural tits but they just look different then other girls tits I don’t know what it is but once you see them you will know what I am talking about.

Good Girl Gone Bad


Good Girl Gone Bad

This is a bookworm getting her tight Asian pussy pounded doggystyle in a home video while she was in college.  She was sitting there getting her study on when her boyfriend came in with a video camera and a idea.  He was horny and he knew his little Asian geek girlfriend would totally go for making a sex tape.  She wasn’t hard to convince being that the nympho she was according to the guy who submitted this sex tape GF Revenge.  It’s a nice long video and it gives you a great idea of the quality of home sex tapes you get to see on GF Revenge, it’s really incredible.

Ass So Phat


Black Gfs Ass So phat

If you like black girls there is only really one place you should go to find your porn and that’s Black GFs.  They have a whole collection of amateur homemade sex tape with some hot ass ebony beauties.  This scene is called Ass So Phat and just by seeing this picture I think you can figure out why it’s called that.  This black girl is your typical black chick with just one huge butt.  I mean it’s so big the guy has to have her spread her cheeks just so he can get his dick in that tight black pussy of hers.

Freak Of The Week


Freak Of The Week

The freak of the week is a hot ass blonde with a nice juicy ass and look at that tight pussy just squeezing this guys cock.  The scene is from GF Revenge the best possible site if you like amateurs girls and homemade sex tapes.  The only problem I have with homemade stuff is it’s almost always POV you never get to see a good 3rd  person shot unless they put down the camera on a dresser or something like that.  This one like I said is all POV so you’re just going to have to deal and it’s not actually that hard.  It makes it easier when you get a nice body like this and a girl with a pretty face am I right?

Angelica & Whitney


Angelica Saige, Whitney Westgate

There might be only one girl pictured here but this is kind of a foursome scene from FuckedHardGfs.  The girl you see pictured here is Angelica she is probably my favorite and two.  That is not saying Whitney isn’t hot as fuck by I mean look at this girl!  She is super exotic has nice full tits and just the biggest booty you will ever see!  She is a perfect ten for sure.  The guys don’t switch up and fucked each others girlfriend which is understandable I think.  They probably had a little friendly competition to see who could last longer.  The guy fucking Angelica popped first he rallied though and kept on fucking her even with his cum all over her stomach, you will see it in the video.

Pussy Pump


GF Revenge Pussy Pump

It’s been a while since I posted my last little GF Revenge gallery and I have a very good one for you!  The name of the episode is Pussy Pump and it features this chick pumping gas in her sexy little bikini.   Before I watched the entire video I thought that they just fuck right there at the gas station but now that I have seen it they go off to some secluded area and get their fuck on there.  The girl just hopes over to the passengers seat and starts giving this guy some dope head.  Then as you can see he just leans back and she rides that shit until he cum, what a hot slut this is.  I would have never broke up with her but the guy that got this sex tape ended up breaking up because she couldn’t keep her legs shut.  She cheated on him and ending up getting pregnant by some other guy, lucky it wasn’t you buddy!

Loving Big Black Cock


My GF Loving Black Cock

You know the saying is once you go black you never go back and I wonder if that was the case for this girl.  The guy she is fucking in this homemade sex tape was her boyfriend at the time and she let him tape them getting their bang on.  Once she cheated on him though they broke up and part of the break up was him getting revenge on her by selling her tape to My GF.  The video is a lot of POV and at times they shoot them fucking through the mirror that’s kind of what you see here.  The good thing for the girl though is there isn’t a lot of clear pictures of her so she might remain anonymous for all time, the tattoo does give her away for all those who know about it though.

Natalie Heart


Natalie Heart Naughty Americans

I like when models have a little tattoo like Natalie Heart does (those lips) because then when they’re in amateur scenes like this one from Naughty Americans I can recognize them.  I never thought that’s why I would like tattoos on pornstars but hey I can’t lie.  This is a home sex tape shot by Natalie’s boyfriend she probably told him too but it turned out great.  They sold it to a new site that is open for business called Naughty Americans, I suggest you check it out.

Shake That Fat Ass


Busty Latina My GF

This guy has it good let me tell you!  First of all he has a big ass, big tit Latina girlfriend.  Second this girl cooks for him and third look at what he gets away with in the sex arena of his life!  This guy just sits back has his girlfriend gets him in the mood.  What you need to check out is this video and see them fucking on the balcony of their apartment.  At least I think they are fucking or he could just be fucking this girls thick thighs I honestly can’t tell.  The video is from a site called My GF.  Many of you have probably heard of revenge sites by now and this is one of those sites.  So if you have a girl you want to get revenge on you can always submit your sex tape to them and MyGF will even pay you!

Banging Farah


Banging Farah

This girl is so damn cute she is just laying out by the pool when her boyfriend comes out with a camera.  Farah doesn’t want to mess around just talking on the camera she tells her man to go to the house so they can play.  She gets down on the floor and spreads her legs open so he knows exactly what she is talking about.  They fuck right there and man does this black girl look good from behind!  You all would totally fuck this girl and now that this guy submitted his sex tape to Black GFs you can pretend to.

Black Guy Pounds Pussy


Black hardcore sex

This cute ebony amateur is getting her pussy ravaged by a huge black guy with supposedly a huge cock…at least from the sounds she’s making I can only assume it’s massive! He’s got himself hilt deep in her tight pussy as she clings onto the mattress for dear life in this amateur hardcore sex video. I feel a little bad for her, I don’t think she’ll be walking right for days!

Does A Body Right


Does A Body Right GF Revenge

When you are dating a girl this hot you probably want to capture it on film because you don’t know if you’re ever going to achieve this level of hottness again.  The scene is from GF Revenge is a real homemade sex tape with a gorgeous exotic girl with a big juicy ass and nice fake tits.  She is outside getting her tan on because that’s just what hot girls do.  The guy brings out the camera just to see if he can get her to flash him some good.  This girl is a little more adventures then that though!  She wants to make a sex tape and well of course he does too so they do it right there on their deck.  He should have probably known that she would cheap on him just from the fact that she wanted to fuck on camera, that’s a whore move right there.

Tattooed Blonde


cute amateur blonde

This sexy teen blonde has discovered that magic combination of a shitty cellphone camera and a bathroom mirror, showing off her perfect ass and those perky little boobies of hers in a nice set of amateur photos! She gets worked up and turned on, fingering her tight shaved pussy and masturbating one-handed while photographing the whole thing and, happily, sharing it with all of us!

Madison Morgan


Madison Morgan I Know That Girl

You guys remember this girl Madison Morgan at all?  I posted a Amateur Allure gallery of her a long time ago and everyone fucking loved it.  Then she was gone I couldn’t find a scene of her anywhere!  Then just today I saw I Know That Girl having this one and I realized it was her!  She can ride a mean dick just watch the video its pretty much of her riding all reverse cowgirl like you see in this picture.  I Know That Girl films most of their stuff like it’s a homemade sex tape so this is just like that, which I kind of like.

Vacation Pussy


Mygf Vacation Pussy

There is like laws when you go on vacation with a girlfriend of yours and that’s that you are getting laid!  It’s not the like everyday at home sex this is the special stuff and that’s exactly what you are seeing in this episode of MyGF.  The girl does just ride him as always she turns around and gives him a view of that perfect ass with a cute little g-string tanline.  She rides nice and good but that is actually after some of the best head she probably has ever given this guy, taking him balls deep and not even choking!

Wife Rides Dick


Wife Bucket Homemade Wife Fucks

This is just a terrible quality video I mean this screen capture makes it look better then it actually is.  That being sad though at least you know this is a real deal homemade sex tape.  The video is from a wife swapping community called Wife Bucket.  They share amongst each other as well as people like you and me who just want to watch these real sex tapes.  This Wife sure knows how to ride a cock and I love that little ass of hers.  She does take a creampie though she gives her husband something way more special she sucks him off and swallows every ounce of his cum!

Pussy Print


GF Revenge Pussy Print

This is the one time I wished that these sex tapes actually came with high quality pictures or something.  I guess sometimes GF Revenge comes out with those but I couldn’t find anything like that for this “Pussy Print” episode.  I mean from the looks of it this might be one of the best pussies ever, it does make for a great cameltoe!  I mean I am going to give this a 10 out of 10 for sure!  I don’t know the full story with this video but you get to see her fucking her boyfriend in a homemade sex tape.  They ended up breaking up and the boyfriend being kind of broke sold the tape to the worlds best sex tape site that being GF Revenge as I mentioned earlier.

Surfs Up


Surfs Up GF Revenge

This is the new GF Revenge update it’s called Surfs Up.  I think it’s because this guy picks up a drunk chick on the beach and brings her back to his hotel room and bangs her.  I mean this girl looks like she is enjoying the drunk sex for sure.  The girl is wearing this super skimpy red bikini at the beginning of the video that just screams I am a whore and well with such a obvious whore on the beach it wasn’t long before someone picked her up and brought her home for a good bang.

Cameron Dee


Cameron Dee Mofos

This is kind of what the Mofos Network is known for they have a couple real porn sites but other ones just make it seem very real.  This for example is a scene starring a well known porn model Cameron Dee.  She is being filmed fucking on the kitchen floor, on the counter all through like a closet or something.  It gives it that voyeuristic feel as well makes it seem very amateur.  The great thing about it not being a real amateur filming is the film quality is awesome and then you get to see a total babe like Cameron fucking and not some noob that really doesn’t know how to have sex.

Natalie Hart


Natalie Hart Porn Pros

I was hoping to find you guys a nice long video of Natalie Hart riding her boyfriend reverse cowgirl but was only able to find something kind of long.  She shot this video herself and then sold it to Porn Pros.  If you girls out there want to make some extra money it’s pretty easy to do and they pay well.  I mean you just have to set a camera on a dresser and get to fucking like Natalie did in her video.  Natalie has a juicy butt and her man just can’t help but squeeze that thing and she rides him and if I was him I couldn’t resist either!

Ready To Ride


Ready To Ride Black GFs

I have a big booty black girl for you guys from my favorite ebony site and that’s Black GFs.  The name of this episode is Ready To Ride and if you know anything about BlackGFs you know that they don’t really name their models because all of their porn is submitted to them by couples or broke up couples looking to get revenge on each other.  It’s usually the guy who sends in the sex tape just to piss off a ex.  You know you are getting the last laugh when the guy who is currently dating you ex girlfriend gets sent a link to this gallery!  I would love to be a fly on the wall when something like that goes down.

Panty Dropper


GF Revenge Panty Dropper

This is one hot redhead!  She has a perfect round ass and she knows it because she sleeps in the sexiest little panties ever.  Have you guys ever noticed that girls with nice asses always wear hot panties?  I am starting to see the trend now.  Not only are her panties sexy though but they’re also crotchless!  I don’t know why her boyfriend even spend the time to get them off I would have just fucked her with them on.  This scene comes from GF Revenge the only site I know of that buys high quality homemade porn.  They don’t really mess around with that camera phone porn or anything like that.

Evi Cheating


Evi Fox Naughty Americans

This is like all kinds of good because not only do I have a new site I want you guys to check out but also another video of the gorgeous Evi Fox!  Here is a sex tape she made while she was just starting out in porn.  She was cheating on her boyfriend at the time and took a cruise with a guy a filmed it to sell to Naughty Americans.  The sex tape is super hot and well that’s just because Evi here has one of the best bodies I can think of I mean she is exotic looking and her big natural tits are just stupid perfect.

Super Jadis


Super Jadis Black GFs

This is a hot homemade sex tape from Black GFs they call the tape Super Jadis.  I would say this picture right here if you could go in the mind of this dark black girl it would be saying “I shouldn’t be making a sex tape with this guy” but guess what she did.  I mean she was his girlfriend at the time but it didn’t work out and now her sex tape is on the Internet.  I think she should have spent some extra time thinking this one through and thought if she really trusted this guy or not.  Well I hope she doesn’t really care because let me tell you girl you can fuck good, I mean real good!  You should probably become a pornstar because with a body like yours you could go far.

Busty Latina Fucked


Latina MyGF

You get a nice little homemade sex tape this morning from me and I hope I get a lot of thank emails!  This scene is from My GF and it features a gorgeous busty latina girl.  Those are not fake tits those are just super nice perky big tits.  The guy just sets down the camera on the night stand and fucks his girlfriend how he normally would and I think that’s what makes a good amateur sex tape.  There is a lot of scenes that My GF has that is POV and that shit is always really hard to watch because the guys holding the camera and total amateurs and they’re not to concerned with quality as it is filmed for their own eyes.  Well My GF ends up buying these tapes from people and that’s how we are able to watch them, so if you have a tape you want to sell to either get revenge or just make some money send it in and see if they give you a offer.

Sweet and Sexy


Jessa GF Revenge

Sweet and Sexy is how I would describe this new girl that got a sex tape of hers sold to GF Revenge.  She has a plump little ass a lot of tattoo and just the cutest face.  Small tits on this broad but those small tits that are cute and not sad, you know what I am saying?  If you like high quality amateur porn this is definitely the site for you guys they have it all!  The girls name on this site is Jessa and it’s the only tape they have of her but that’s pretty typical of the site.  I think they always just buy the best of the sex tapes that are sent to them and never multiples of the same girl.  It’s all about variety on GF Revenge.

GF Bathroom Blow


Rub A Dub Dub

This girl is quite the little cutie wouldn’t you guys say?  She is taking a bath when her boyfriend walks in with the camera and coaxes her out of the tub on on to the floor.  She puts down a towel for her knees and the guy definitely knows he’s getting his dick sucked.  She is really good with that tongue and can get him balls deep which is when you know you’re having a good blowjob.  She pays attention to his nuts rubbing them and sucking them.  The video is of just her giving head I am not quite sure what happens in the rest of the scene for that I would have to find it in the members area of MyGF and yes, I am a member there.



she devils felicia

Batten down the hatches because Felicia is going to rock the hell out of your brain when you get a look at her magnificently massive titties in this She Devils update! She’s sporting a sidepony that isn’t doing any favors but man one look at those huge boobs and you won’t even notice it…they’re like a singularity of hotness.

New Fake Tits


Birdwatching collection

If this is what birdwatching is, I’m sorry I made fun of them for so long…in this version you get to peruse a whole slew of photos of this amateur brunette getting her fake tits out on camera. I think she might have used a coupon for her boob job though; those definitely aren’t a top shelf pair of melons if you ask me! She’s still pretty hot though.

Pounding Black Pussy


Pounding Black Girl

This guy is getting some serious leverage while fucking his petite cute black girlfriend. This is a very amateur video so the quality is not there.  Don’t get all high and mighty on me if it isn’t up to your standards.  The video is pretty choppy but it’s always hot seeing a real couple having sex.  This guy is getting after this pussy like he is trying to impress her so they probably haven’t been going on long.  He pretty much pounds that pussy in missionary for as long as he can and then he gets tired and flips her over doggystyle so he can finish up.

Broad Opening


Broad Opening GF Revenge

When this beautiful blonde gets fucked there is a broad opening because she loves to spread those legs as far a part as they possibly will go because she likes that dick deep.  This is a amateur sex tape that was stolen and then bought by GF Revenge.  I am not sure if the guy was trying to get revenge on her or it was really stolen but to be honest I don’t really care.  This girl is freaking cute and I love watching homemade sex tapes like this that are super high quality.  It means it was shot within the last 5 years!  You know when you see those old ass videos that are super grainy, I mean my cell phone shoots better video then that shit now.

Off The Hooks


Black GFs Off The Hooks

This girl is pretty freaky cute isn’t she?  Nice thick body nice round ass and a damn pretty face.  She is on this site called Black GFs I have posted a lot of their galleries in the past and this is just another great one that you guys are going to enjoy.  She isn’t just showing uss her ass and tits nope in this homemade video you get to see her fucking her boyfriend right on their bed.  She rides him reverse cowgirl almost the entire time because you guys know how much black guys love asses!

Pussy Prepping


GF Revenge Pussy Prepping

There is “the walk of shame” and I think there should be “the shower of shame”.  The shower of shame is when a girl gets a little to much cum on herself and instead of just whiping it off she is like I have to take a shower.  This girl is doing exactly that after she let her boyfriend fuck her in the bathroom while filming it all.  When he first walks in and films her Pussy Prepping it seems like she is super pissed and if she would have just stayed pissed she would have never ended up on GF Revenge.  This sex tape never would have happened, I guess it’s a lesson learned but I am glad it took this sex tape for her to learn it.

Roc & Shay Oil Fuck


Roc Shay Oil Fuck

This is the new update from Roc and Shay.  They are one of those couples that make their own sex tapes and put them up on the Internet.  This one Roc oils up Shay fat roun dass and then he bangs her right there on the floor.  I guess that really can’t go anywhere else because that’s where they put the tarp down.  Shay takes her turn on top and then gets banged doggystyle until Roc cums.

Sexy Coed Selfpics


Russian amateur

This Russian brunette might have the eyebrows of a supervillain but has a hot and sexy body as she sets up her camera to take some amateur self shot photos to send to the web! I don’t know if she’s trying to break into the adult world or just has an exhibitionist streak but man I hope it continues. It’s always refreshing to see a totally amateur girl showing off a naturally sexy body without camera tricks or heavy makeup or anything like that!

Booty Check


Booty Check Black GFs

That is a real ass right there it isn’t photoshopped or she doesn’t have a butt implant it’s just real!  The scene that you are about to watch is from Black GFs and don’t worry you don’t just get to see Jaydan here getting naked or masturbating.  In this gallery you get to see her bent over the and fucked!  Her boyfriend likes the view from back there and I can’t blame them.  This black girl is quite the find I mean look at her when she is giving him head she she works those balls magically!

Whitney Fucked


Whitney FuckedHardGfs

Check out this scene from FuckedHardGFs that has Whitney Westgate here waking up and fucking her boyfriend while they were away on vacation.  Whitney is just a gorgeous girl she takes the time to get a nice brown tan and then her natural beauty makes everything better.  Whitney is very petite yet she has these awesome big natural tits that you guys are going to love seeing flopping everywhere as she is fucked.  When the guy gets on top and pounds her missionary he goes until he cums leaving her with a creampie.

Bathroom Beauty


Lily Love GF Revenge

I really hate when GF Revenge gets a super hot girl like this on their site!  Because odds are this is the only place we are going to see them and it’s usually just one scene!  This girl has a perfect body I mean look at those big natural tits aren’t they just awesome?  I also like the tan lines and if that isn’t enough she has a super cute face!  What I would do to just see more sex scenes with her.  I guess I can look on the bright side and be happy that GF Revenge even paid the big bucks to obtain the homemade sex tape because without them would probably we never haven seen this.

Nude Beach Babes


Amateurs galore

Take a trip to the beach in this hot corncopia of sunbathing amateurs, ranging from gorgeous big-tittied brunettes holding sea urchins to cute blondes with perky boobies just hanging out in the sand at the topless beach.

Morning Sex


Morning Sex My GF

I have for you a amateur sex gallery that will definitely make you wish that you had a girlfriend like this guy did once upon a time!  This girl wakes up her boyfriend with a camera in his face telling him to start recording her because she is going to suck his dick, no brainer he grabs the camera and she goes to town.  Head isn’t enough for this guy so he puts down the camera and gives his GF a good bang.  If you would like to see the full video of this then just head over to MyGF the #1 site for ex girlfriend porn.

Futon Fuck


Karina White Submitted Porno

Here is a homemade sex tape for you guys featuring a girl who definitely knows how to ride a cock!  Those butt cheeks are all red because this girl likes to be spanked a little while being fucked she likes it rough I think.  This scene was actually secretly filmed and once it was found by this girl boyfriend he had no problem putting it on the Internet.  This site is a place that you will find a lot of videos like that so take a look around I think you will like what you see.

Easy Acess


GF Revenge Easy Access

I mean it’s pretty well known that girls fall for sleazy / bad boys a lot.  This guy though just takes the cake!  I mean I don’t even see his face but I bet he is hella greasy.  This cute girl just likes have a foreign boy toy I think and doesn’t think much of letting this guy film the fucking in his car.  She probably just though he was going to go home at some point and she wouldn’t ever have to think of him again.  Well that’s not going to happen now because they will be forever linked together because she is in a new scene on GF Revenge called Easy Access that was submitted by this very guy you hear in the video.

Tweet Your Pic


Tweet Your Pic is a new social networking tool through twitter where you can share yourself or share another persons pictures. At you will be able to find tons of hot babes, and absotuletly anything to peak your interest. Get on and share your favorite tweets, and pics. All the hottest girls on twitter await a shoutout!

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