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Hilary Anal Return


Hilary Anal Return

Click to see Hilary on College Girls!

You guys probably remember beautiful blonde Hilary from her shoot back in June right? Well she’s back on Exploited College Girls and is ready to get into her very first anal shoot…and she looks a little nervous about it! She has to warm up a little first of course, she’d probably split in half if she went straight for Jay’s cock so she gets her tight pucker fingered and then gets penetrated with a few toys that range in size getting bigger and bigger until she’s ready for the main event! Hilary gets that ass fucked slowly at first, then gets more and more into it until she’s getting a nice hard pounding…afterwards she moves things back to more familiar territory, getting that dripping wet pussy fucked and then taking a nice big ass-to-mouth facial!




Click to see Sara on College Girls!

This amateur hottie Sara is fucking gorgeous…nice perky titties, sexy tan lines, pretty face, hot girl-next-door personality, and she absolutely loves getting fucked! Sound like a dream cum true? That’s just how Exploited College Girls rolls, my friend…girls like Sara show up ready to get pounded and maybe make their way into the adult industry! They don’t all have bodies nearly as nice as Sara does though, right off the bat she peels off her little black panties and shows those amazing perky boobs before getting her already-dripping-wet pussy pleasured with a toy and sucking the guy’s cock! This is all lead-in to the main event though, she soon has Jay’s big hard cock in her slit riding him and getting all creamed up down south, before he blasts a load of cum right into her open waiting mouth!




Click to see Sofia on College Girls!

This chick Sofia wants to make it as a porn actress and is taking her first steps into the adult industry by way of Exploited College Girls, and hopefully she uses the proceeds to get those choppers fixed up because I’d be afraid of getting a blowjob from that snagglemouth…although Jay seems to be fine with it as he gets a mighty fine deepthroat sucking! Sofia’s boyfriend is waiting downstairs with a bottle of champagne waiting for her to finish up but I don’t know if a little bubbly is going to get rid of the taste of Jay’s spunk from her lips after he gives her the big facial at the end of this shoot! This chick gets her pussy all creamed up as Jay rubs her clit and then uses a toy or two in her pussy before putting his big dick to work, fucking that snatch from above missionary and then turning her around with that cute tight firm ass in the air to pound her doggystyle as well…and then of course he welcomes her to the industry with a cum blast to the chops!




Click to see Jasmine on College Girls!

I don’t know if these chicks have watched Aladdin too many times or what but man, Exploited College Girls sure gets a lot of chicks who want to use the performing name Jasmine! This is I think the third one, at least she’s the third one that I can recall…if you’ve got a thing for Jasmines you can see Jasmine1 and then Jasmine2. Quite an array of hotties. Anyway this new Jasmine has plenty of attitude but gets it fucked right out of her when this dude Jay takes that tight 22 year old pussy of hers for a hard deep ride…she was a little hesitant to give him a blowjob in the car but back in the studio she went to town, tittyfucking him with her big C-cups and then getting her creamy pussy fucked and creampied to finish things off!

Look But Don’t Touch


Look But Don't Touch

Watch This Dare Dorm Video!

These college girls invited their guy friends over to the dorm for a little get-together but when they found out the guys had never seen girls making out together in person much less eating pussy they decided to take the opportunity and put on a little sapphic show, and somebody had the forethought to record it and send the video in to Dare Dorm! The ladies told the guys they could Look But Don’t Touch…but they didn’t say anything about not jerking off! These girls are hot as hell with nice big full perky breasts and sexy tight firm asses all over the place and they really got into this hot lesbian orgy action, kissing passionately and licking snatch right in front of the guys who were all about to pop nut in their pants from the looks of things.




Click to see Brooke on College Girls!

This chick Brooke is a bubbly teen who looks like she’d be first in line volunteering to be yearbook coordinator at school and works as a court stenographer for fun but don’t be fooled, this enthusiastic amateur girl-next-door is most definitely a freak in the sheets and she brings that right to the table in this update for Exploited College Girls! Right off the bat she gives this dude Jay a blowjob in the car on the way to the shoot and gets so turned on by it that she asks if he wants to throw her into the back seat and just fuck her rotten right then and there! He’s a professional though so he holds off on tagging that teen snatch until they get in front of the main cameras, but then just goes to town on that hole fucking her like crazy until she cums on his cock, then busting his own load of cream all over her face!

Ginger Back For Anal


Ginger Back For Anal

Click to see Ginger on College Girls!

Hey do you guys remember this chick Ginger from her Exploited College Girls update a while back? Well if not make sure you check out her first scene but now she’s back and she’s ready to push her envelope bit…or rather, she’s ready to have her envelope pushed! That’s right, this horny hottie is down to give anal a try, she’s gotten some first-hand knowledge about Jay’s big dick so she knows what she’s getting herself into. Ginger starts off easy with a finger or two in her backdoor pucker, slowly graduating up in size until she’s got that big hard cock buried in her ass! She’s a little nervous at first about the discomfort but once she gets used to the sensation you can see this hottie get into the action in a big way, riding that cock and taking it deep in her hole and even gets to orgasm just from having her ass fucked! She goes ass to mouth, sucking that cock off for a nice messy facial to finish things off.




Click to see Kiera on Exploited College Girls!

This chick Kiera is 20 years old and looks great, she’s got perky little titties and a nice girl-next-door vibe to her, plus some dyed red hair for a little edge…and incidentally, if you fuck her hard enough she’s a squirter! She’s a little on the nervous side at first but as usual on Exploited College Girls, once her clothes come off and the guy starts pleasuring her pussy with that toy of his she warms up in a hurry and soon she’s getting that tight amateur pussy fucked expertly. She’s very sexual, in fact just last week she had sex with 4 guys apparently! She gets all creamy down south as Jay tickles her clit with his toy and fingers and that cock of his, and when he gives her a deep reverse cowgirl pounding she squirts all over the place with a huge hot orgasm before taking his load right into her open mouth!

Busted In The Act


Busted In The Act

Watch This Dare Dorm Video!

This dude had his girlfriend Cassidy coming over for a bootycall and decided to set up a little camera in his dorm room so he could enjoy the footage afterwards, kind of like how a football team studies their own videos after a game and sees where their problems lie. The guy’s gorgeous blonde girlfriend comes by horny as hell and gets her skirt ripped off, hopping on the bed so the guy could rock that sweet dripping wet college girl pussy with his big hard crank…the only thing is that the guy’s roommates started getting back to the room a little earlier than expected, they messed up the guy’s video but were down to lend a hand holding it (and doing a little fucking themselves) so rather than just getting busted in the act this guy ended up making a red hot sex scene that he sent in to Dare Dorm so we could all enjoy his gorgeous girlfriend’s perky titties and horny shaved cunt!



Exploited College Girls Stacy

Click to see Stacy on Exploited College Girls!

This skinny hottie is Stacy and brace yourself because she’s a big fan of blowjobs and is also a big fan of anal so pretty much anything you’ve got a hankering for is gonna be satisfied with this Exploited College Girls update! Stacy is a cute little spinner so it’s hard to believe she can even take a big hard cock like this in her ass but where there’s a will there’s a way I guess, she manages it just fine. Cute little perky petite tits, nice tight firm ass, cute face, Stacy is built for sex and is ready to try her hand at the porn industry! She starts off with a nice interview and some road head before stripping down and getting busy with that cock, sucking and fucking the guy before lubing up and getting her tight pucker pounded, getting a mighty fine anal pounding before the guy pops a nice facial load all over her lips.




Click to see Anastasia on College Girls!

This chick Anastasia is one hot little spinner…she starts things off enjoying a cup of coffee and having a casual little interview with the Exploited College Girls videographer…she talks about her first girl-girl experiences, her experience fucking guys of various ethnicities, all kinds of stuff. She never really thought she’d be in front of the camera making a porn, but hey here she is, shaking her perky soft titties around and flashing that cute grin! Most girls are pretty nervous their first time on camera but not Anatasia, she’s just excited and mighty horny so they get right to it, spreading this girl’s legs to play with her pussy before she got down to sucking cock and getting fucked and taking a big cum facial!




Click to see Jasmine on College Girls!

The guys at Exploited College Girls described this chick Jasmine as a bit of a butterface but I don’t know, I think she’s kind of cute with her multicolored hair and sort of general girl-next-door awkward vibe, what do you guys think? Apparently a friend of Jasmine’s has been on ExCoGi before and said she had fun so this chick decided to take the plunge so to speak…she’s got some sexy curves to her hips and a pair of fun bouncy titties as she gets fucked, I think she definitely made the right decision! She gets over her shyness pretty fast once the clothes come off and man she gives a fantastic blowjob or three, then lays back to get a nice deep hard pounding…I don’t think she ever quite got to orgasmtown herself but Jay busted nut enough for the two of them, giving her a huge cum facial!




Click to see Larissa on College Girls!

So sometimes you run across a chick who is down to clown but obviously has a few screws loose…that pretty much describes this chick Larissa to a T on Exploited College Girls! She’s got a big ol blonde wig on so that her friends and family won’t recognize her doing hardcore porn (best of luck there) and apparently is riding on top of this guy’s cock and takes a phone call midway through the shoot! She’s definitely a nutball and is cute but if you ask me isn’t cute enough to overlook the crazy…theres always a balance that needs to be struck, the crazier a chick is the hotter she’d better be to make it worth it. This “blonde” amateur chick gets that tight creamy pussy pounded here on ExCoGi before taking a huge facial that blasts her like a fire hose, it’s quite a sight to behold lol!




Click to see Hilary on ExCoGi!

Meet Hilary, she’s a 20 year old hottie who has never watched a full porn in her life apparently…I don’t know if that means she has never been interested enough or just has never ‘made it through’ so to speak! She also says she almost never has an orgasm from sex and that’s just the kind of challenge that Jay from Exploited College Girls likes to hear! Hilary’s got a sweet tight little body with an even tighter pussy, it basically grabs Jay’s big dick like a fist as soon as he slides inside and spoiler alert, he succeeds in his orgasm challenge in a matter of minutes…maybe Hilary’s just never had a fella who knows what he’s doing before! Anyway this horny hottie gets that tight snatch fucked deep and hard, moaning and wrapping her long legs around him to pull him inside until he busts a nut all over her face.




Click to see Ginger on ExCoGi!

Meet Ginger, she’s a 19 year old, well, ginger who has a beautiful face and an even hotter body! She’s a small girl but has a mighty impressive rack of 34C natural bouncy boobs and what’s more, she and this guy Jay from Exploited College Girls clicked right off the bat so there’s plenty of sexy chemistry from the get-go in this update! She starts things off giving him blowjobs in the car and on the terrace at the hotel and that’s before the shoot like officially starts! I think you guys get the picture, this teen redhead is hot and horny as hell and had an instant crush on Jay…he was more than happy to use that to get one hell of a hot update out of this girl! She looked sexy as hell sucking cock but it was when she was getting pounded in that tight teen pussy that she really came to life…multiple real, natural, vocal orgasms all over his big hard cock! After she got fucked and took his big facial she headed to the bathroom to clean up and mentioned that it was seriously the best sex she had ever had…hopefully Jay didn’t just ruin things for any guys she meets at school who won’t be able to measure up!




Click to see Victoria on College Girls!

Sometimes when you run across a girl this hot with a body this nice she can be super bitchy because she knows she can get away with it, but this girl Victoria is somethin else…she is cute as hell and man oh man those 34D titties are incredible, but she’s also friendly and nice with an open fun personality and that just adds to the overall hotness in this Exploited College Girls update! She also gives a magnificent blowjob and puts those skills on display here as she sucks this guy’s crank…apparently she has like zero gag reflex so Jay puts that to the test and I guess she passed the inspection so to speak! When those big perfect perky breasts come out it’s time to get serious though and soon Victoria is getting that sweet 22 year old pussy pounded…it’s that fine ass of hers that Jay’s got his eye on though and that brings us to yet another checkmark in the win column for this girl, she’s down for anal! Sadly that didn’t work out quite as well as hoped but hey, she gave it the ol’ college try (pun intended) so they go back to her pussy and he fucks her to orgasm in multiple positions…finally she gets on her knees and takes a facial, she’s not a huge fan of those but hey that’s how the cookie crumbles!

Melony and Kylie


Melony and Kylie

Click to see Melony & Kylie on College Girls!

Usually on Exploited College Girls it’s basically a one-and-done kind of thing where a chick shows up, makes her update and heads out the door. Well sometimes a girl is so sexy and horny that they bring her back, and if you’re SUPER lucky they’ll bring back two former models at once for a red hot hardcore threesome! Well my friend today is our lucky day because ECG is bringing back gorgeous redhead stunner Melony and Latina anal fanatic Kylie for an encore performance and they’re definitely down to have some fun together and with this dude Jay. The girls hang out and talk for awhile about butt sex and comparitive pussy attractiveness and stuff like that, just getting more comfortable with each other and hanging out, but before long that turns into the chicks kissing and making out and soon they’re licking pussy and getting pounded like crazy! This is one amazing threesome featuring two of the hottest babes ECG has to offer, it’s definitely not to be missed…Melony loves having her pussy railed and gets plenty of that, and of course Kylie gets the anal pounding she’s been craving until finally they get a nice big double facial cumshot to share and bring this hotness to a close.




Click to see Hayley on College Girls!

Meet Hayley, she’s 22 years old and is fucking hot as hell…she’s got a fresh face and legs for days, and has that sexy girl-next-door look going that just drives a fella crazy. She showed up at Exploited College Girls hoping to make a few extra bucks and maybe even get into the adult industry…she might look like a perfect angel but don’t let that fool you, Hayley has a naughty streak a mile wide and I get the feeling her boyfriend at home isn’t scratching that itch quite enough if you know what I mean! She goes to town on Jay’s cock, deepthroating him while the cameras catch every angle…she really knows what she’s doing with a dick apparently, giving a fantastic blowjob here before getting that tight wet pussy drilled! Jay can barely hold himself together after her expert oral action but he’s a professional, he keeps that load intact while she licks him up and down, and then gets a little payback by fucking that sweet cunt of hers nice and hard, making her cum all over his cock…and then she gets to be on the receiving end of a patented Jay geyser, taking a huge jizz facial to welcome her to the ECG fold!




Click to see Lacey on College Girls!

When you think of a site like Exploited College Girls you don’t really think of a glamorous drop dead gorgeous pornstar-to-be, am I right? You think more of a girl like Lacey here, a cute but very real teen with a girl next door type of sexiness to her, nervous to shoot her first video but excited to make that money and have a little fun in the process. Lacey here is definitely nervous but once she starts opening up about her sexual fantasies and the kind of stuff she’s into she gets more comfortable, so by the time she’s naked and getting that sweet teen pussy of hers pounded she’s all in! Lacey loves to masturbate with a shower faucet so she’s really into clitoral stimulation, so when she’s getting fucked and Jay is tickling her clit at the same time with a vibrator it’s like a round robin of orgasms and is wicked hot to see. She gets fucked in reverse cowgirl (her favorite I think) to missionary to doggystyle and everything in between and this hot horny amateur teen is loving every moment of it! Eventually Jay just can’t take any more fun and shoots a big facial on her, coating that cute smile with a frosting of cum to remember him by on her way out the door.




Click to see Demi on College Girls!

Brace yourself because in this Exploited College Girls update we’ve got the cure for what ails ya, as long as what ails ya is a lack of gorgeous slim tattooed redhead amateurs! Meet Demi, a sexy ginger with long legs, perfect perky breasts, a cute tight little butt and an incredibly sexy attitude…the ECG guy describes her as one of the sexiest girls he’s ever had on the site and I’ve gotta tell you, I don’t disagree! This girl is red hot, pun intended, and she’s excited to do this hardcore fuck scene…from begging the guy to grab her hair and slam his cock deep into her throat to the fact that she’s a bit of a squirter (although I didn’t see that happen to be honest), Demi is a vision of gorgeous in this update! Exploited College Girls has had plenty of women on both sides of the ‘hot’ line and Demi here jumps wayyy over onto the good side of that…watch this cutie gives a great blowjob, grab those sexy bouncy b-cup titties, then ride that big hard dick as hard as she can manage while rubbing her clit at the same time! For such an innocent looking girl this 20 year old coed is a beast in the sack, her pussy getting dripping wet as she takes that dick deep inside again and again before finally sucking out a big messy cum facial. If you’ve got a hankering for a beautiful redhead sexpot, Demi is gonna be right up your alley that’s for sure!




Click to see Fanny on ECG!

Sometimes when a girl shows up at Exploited College Girls you just know they’re gonna hit it big in the industry…they just have the right body, the right personality and the right enthusiasm for the job. Then there are girls like Fanny, here! She’s not ugly by any means, she’s cute and has got a fine body with a great ass but I just have a very strong feeling this is going to be a one-and-done type of scenario with this girl. She’s shy and quiet and isn’t super adventurous in the sexual arena (apparently she tends to only have sex a handful of times a year), and it’s a shame because that ass of hers is fucking gorgeous and it would be great if she was down for a little anal pounding action but Fanny calls a stop to the backdoor proceedings about two seconds in. One nice saving grace, though, is the fact that this Latina honey is seriously ball-crazy! She loves to fondle and suck and lick balls and takes care of this guy’s pouch like a champ before getting that birthmark-crowned pussy of hers drilled…Fanny takes a nice pounding making those perky titties of hers bounce, then gets a nice big cum facial to see her on her way out the door!




Click to see Kylie on College Girls!

So as you guys I’m sure already know, anal is one of those things that tends to be pretty polarizing; either a chick is really into it or really, really hates it! Well guess which one this chick Kylie is…here’s a hint, it’s not the second one. Yep, she is an absolute fiend for anal and in this Exploited College Girls update she gets her fill of getting filled if you follow me. She’s cute, has a slightly exotic look to her and man oh man this is a dirty girl…she loves to talk dirty while she’s getting fucked and she is like I said absolutely CRAZY about taking a deep hard rough anal pounding! If you’re squeamish about seeing people do anal you might want to jog on but if you’re into the buttfucking this will be like a dream cum true as Kylie gets that cute teen booty pummeled…Jay gets a blowjob to start things out but you can tell from the fact that she’s already got two fingers in her keister that Kylie is just getting things out of the way before moving to the main event! Jay pounds her ass nice and hard and deep, goes ass-to-mouth for her to suck him for a few seconds and then bam, back into her backdoor…she loves it so much she cums multiple times just from getting her hole fucked before he blasts his own load deep in her ass! He gets her to push it out which is rolling the dice if you ask me but hey it worked out this time, making a great anal creampie. Sometimes the stars align, so to speak!




Click to see Giselle on Exploited College Girls!

This girl Giselle is a 19 year old cutie with blonde hair and plenty of self confidence…as a matter of fact, as the Exploited College Girls director himself put it, she’s a solid 7 but is certain she’s a 9.5 and carries herself like it! Usually that’s a good thing but when it comes to a girl who doesn’t give a good blowjob thinking she’s giving an amazing blowjob, well, it can be a little awkward. But hey cmon man, even a bad blowjob is still a fucking blowjob and when it’s being given by a cute teen blonde it’s not like you’re gonna complain am I right! Jay sure doesn’t waste any time though before popping her face off his cock and sliding it into that cute tight little teen pussy of hers, fucking that hole nice and hard in all kinds of fun positions. After a quick break to tinkle she came back and put that tight little ass to work, getting drilled in like a sideways doggystyle until Jay busted a HUGE load of cum into Giselle’s sopping snatch for a massive drippy messy creampie! This teen hottie ended up with a drawerful of jizz to take home with her from her ECG shoot, looks like she had a good time and it damn sure looks like Jay did too.



Anastasia goth on exploited college girls

Fans of gorgeous gothy type chicks rejoice, because I’ve got a doozie here for you today on Exploited College Girls! This is the second girl named Anastasia who has been on the site, the first one was a blonde so we’re about to swing in the exact opposite direction with this raven-haired hottie. She’s got piercing blue eyes, some cute piercings and of course some tattoos here and there, and also just happens to have a perfect butt. Check it out as she hops on the bed on her hands and knees, that ass is hot as hell and Anastasia here loves to get fucked doggystyle! She’s got a nice soft meaty pussy that gets dripping wet and she loves taking a deep hard pounding apparently, wrapping those long sexy legs around the guy and getting her tight cunt drilled until the guy shoots a load of cum inside her hole that drips out for a nice creampie finish! If you only like chicks with huge tits you might be a little sad since Anastasia has small perky boobies but otherwise this girl is going to rock your world…get ready to go goth and get gooey!



Alice on exploited college girlos

Meet Alice…she’s 22 years old, has a cute smile, nice big tits, a nose ring and a fuzzy bush, and from the sound of things she’s just the kind of girl you dream about running into while on a vacation! She talks about wanting to just be naked whenever and have that be alright, she’s not a big fan of the prudishness in America and I’ve gotta say I have to agree with her, especially when women are as adorable as Alice here…also you can tell there’s definitely some flirtation going on between her and Jay the cameraman from Exploited College Girls, more so than with just any old update, so you know the heat is cranked way up so to speak! Once this chick gets over her initial shyness she’s sexy as hell…you can tell she just loves to fuck and with that tight body of hers she’s a welcome partner in the sack. During her introductory interview she mentions being a fan of some kinky stuff like breathe-play (which is like choking, things like that) but I don’t remember seeing them get into much of that in this hardcore scene, which is a bit of a shame. Alice doesn’t seem to mind too much though, she’s going wild as Jay tickles her clit with his fingers and some vibrating toys and then gives her a nice pounding, fucking that pussy front and back and then slipping his cock into her ass for some anal fun and this girl is loving every minute of it. At last he gets Alice on her knees and blasts a huge creamy load into her mouth, somehow also getting it on her arm…the guy’s a loose cannon!



Exploited college girls melony

This red hot babe Melony seriously looks like a chewing gum commercial…absolutely perfect smile, bright piercing blue eyes and of course a tight sexy little body! Melony has only had sex with a handful of guys (pretty much literally; this is only her fifth dude in bed) so she’s still tight as a drum. She’s skinny and athletic but man oh man does she have a sweet butt on her! Right off the bat once Melony gets naked and starts getting her little pussy fingered and played with by this cameraman she’s squirming and squeaking and getting dripping wet…while she can still see straight though she gets down on her knees, sucking Jay’s cock in her own style that’s a little slower and more intense than most women on Exploited College Girls. Jay just had to get his hands and cock on that tight creamy pussy of hers though and soon she was on her back, legs in the air, getting pounded so hard and moaning so loud they got a call from the front desk asking them to keep it down! Melony tried to keep a hand over her mouth and keep the screaming and moaning to a bare minimum but it was hard while she was getting fucked this deep and hard…finally she gets on her knees, taking a massive facial that pretty much glues one of her eyes shut!



Alicia for ecg

Whoah there monobrow, pump the brakes…well, you guys, I hope you don’t mind a pretty weird lookin set of eyebrows because this chick Alicia has quite the pair! The guy from Exploited College Girls said she looked like a comic book supervillain and I about lost my shit laughing…it’s pretty accurate. Anyway apart from her Frida Kahlo impression this Latina is pretty sexy with a nice big round juicy booty for you guys to enjoy, and she definitely loves riding cock so buckle up and get ready to roll! Alicia gives Jay a fantastic fucking blowjob, she about sucks his soul out through his cock, then goes for a ride on his dick in reverse cowgirl so he can watch that badonkadonk butt bounce with every thrust! Of course he gets her on her hands and knees too for some doggystyle, that’s pretty much a given when a girl has an ass like this. Alicia gets fucked left right and center, her legs in the air like antenna waving as she moans her way to orgasm after orgasm and then gets her face frosted with a huge cum facial!



Candice on exploited college girls

When I picture a chick leaving a trailer park to get into the porn industry I’ve gotta admit, I think of a girl a whole lot like Candice here. She’s 21 years old, is a big fan of big black dick, is blonde and sassy and has a butt you’ll be dropping your jaw over! There’s no doubt about it, Exploited College Girls has featured plenty of girls hotter than Candice here but she’s got a fantastic personality and way of speaking…she’s a hood rat with a fun body and in this scene she does her best to make Jay bust a nut just from her blowjob! This isn’t his first rodeo though, that’s for sure, and he takes that suck job just fine…he couldn’t shoot a wad before getting a chance to tag that pussy from behind and sure enough, he spun Candice around and started pounding her doggystyle, slapping against that juicy round ass and making Candice’s titties bounce and jiggle! She takes a big facial load to finish things off, hoping for a shortcut into the adult industry but apart from that she just plain loves getting a load of cum shot on her face from the looks of things.



Bella for exploited college girls

This girl Bella looks like she headed straight from her job at Hot Topic and headed directly over to this Exploited College Girls interview! She’s a Cali girl from head to toe, from her wild dyed hair to her tattoos and tan to her piercings this chick is a trip! She’s got tons of energy and is already getting wet and frisky when Jay starts tickling and teasing her pussy with a vibrator. As soon as she drops to her knees and starts going to town on his cock we can see what she does with all that energy Bella’s got cooped up inside, she gives a fantastic blowjob and the dude very nearly busts a nut then and there! He holds on though, lucky for us (it would have been a mighty short update otherwise) and starts pounding that sweet tight little 18 year old pussy of hers while she plays with her clit…Jay couldn’t resist the sensation of that teen snatch for long and soon he was giving Bella a big cream facial to finish off her ECG update. Next time you’re at the mall and see a cute 18 year old scene girl with tattoos and piercings all over and her hair dyed who-knows-what color, think back to Bella here and in your mind’s eye imagine seeing them getting naked and getting drilled!



Kim on exploited college girls

Lovers of perky, erect nipples rejoice because Kim is here to blow your mind on Exploited College Girls! She’s a fit, exotic amateur with round firm titties (with the aforementioned eraser-head nipples that could take an eye out if you’re not careful) and a raging libido who is ready to make her first adult hardcore shoot…Kim whips off her clothes, grabs that big hard cock and goes to town on it, sucking the guy and licking it up and down and taking it between her boobs for a little tittyfucking before going for a ride in the guy’s lap. I think Kim is a Filipina, that’s my best guess…she’s also got a bit of a double-standard, she says she doesn’t particularly like sex toys or makeup because she doesn’t like ‘fake things’ but hey at the same time she’s sitting there with a pair of pretty damn fake titties hanging off her chest! Anyway, she gets that pussy spread open and fingerbanged and licked and fucked, taking Kim to the peaks of ecstasy in a massive shuddering screaming orgasm. She sucks Jay’s cock, giving him a mighty fine blowjob before going for a ride in his lap with some cowgirl fun (she’s from the south so I guess they figured she’d naturally dig on some cowgirl action), getting her pussy jackhammered until she came all over it! Jay follows suit blasting a big facial on her, spraying cum all over her face and those fake titties to finish things off here.



Bella for exploited college girls

There’s no way this is the first chick on Exploited College Girls to go by the name Bella, I think it’s at least the third. Anyway she’s a cute Latina with a girl-next-door type of look to her, not incredible in any one particular area but a thumbs-up all around if you understand what I’m saying. Cute face, cute butt, cute tits, Bella isn’t going to blow your mind but she does get into some fun sexy action in this hot scene! One of her best features if you ask me is that mouth of hers, she’s got dick-sucking lips for sure and puts them to work here as she licks and sucks this guy’s cock…it must feel like having a couple of pillows wrapped around your dong to have this girl suck you off. She gets her amateur pussy tickled and penetrated by toys and fingers and then takes on Jay’s dick, getting fucked good and hard before having a fantastic very natural orgasm while he was pounding her doggystyle! She cums all over the guy’s cock and then gets a nice juicy load of cum shot into her hole for a creampie…if she wants to make it as a pornstar instead of just doing a one off she’ll need to get used to that!



Ecgirls anastasia

This chick Anastasia starts out her Exploited College Girls update on a mighty fine note if you ask me…she was putting on makeup and doing her hair and stuff and the guy lifted up her skirt to reveal that cute perfect little butt of hers! I’m a sucker for a sexy ass and I bet you are too…and I damn well know the ECG guy is too, that’s for sure. I never really understood why these girls spend so much time getting all gussied up and doing their hair when they’re just going to get their faces pushed into the sheets and their hair grabbed as they suck cock, but hey who’s gonna argue? This cute blonde teen spinner has sweet perky titties, she’s a little shy to start off with (and maybe doesn’t have a ton of experience sucking cock, from the look of things) but soon warms up and makes for a very hot update…that sexy little butt of hers is like a secret weapon, just wait til she gets her ass in the air and takes this guy’s dick doggystyle! She gets that tight little teen cunt rocked by Jay, he’s probably the first guy to fuck that hole who knew what he was doing, and then drops to her knees to get a massive creamy facial finish! This cute freckled amateur is adorable, and from the sounds she’s making as she orgasms she had a blast in her ECG debut.



Ariel exploited college girls

22 year old Ariel here might be a bit of a mumblemouth and is certainly not going to be doing any acne medication commercials anytime soon (unless they have an opening for the Before example) but she does have huge 36D titties and loves to play with her pussy, making her a natural for Exploited College Girls! She also is a bit of a submissive, loving to just lay back and take care of a big hard dick in any way her man wants…that works out well for Jay here, who gets to slide his cock into her mouth and tease her pussy with a vibrator before ramjamming his dick in her hole! She didn’t cum from the vibrator tease but has a big shuddering orgasm while he’s pounding away at her hole so apparently it’s just the sensation of having a cock in her snatch that does her in…seeing those big full titties of hers bouncing around would drive any guy crazy and sure enough Jay fucks the hell out of her, then has Ariel drop to her knees to take a huge cream facial that leaves her frosted up from hairline to chin, dripping down onto those magnificent big breasts! ECG has had a nice streak lately of hot amateurs with nice big boobs, I hope they keep it rolling…



Alyson on exploited college girls

If you’re in the mood for a pair of big natural juicy titties this chick Alyson is about to make your day with her Exploited College Girls update! Alyson’s a fairly MILF-looking 25 years young with big double-D’s swinging in front of her and a smile that just makes the sun rise. She’s not the most drop dead beautiful girl they’ve ever had on but just has this sunny disposition that makes this scene a joy to watch as this horny amateur strips down to the bare essentials and has multiple orgasms before she even gets face to face with Jay’s big hard cock! Big tits, huge shaking orgasms, cute face, nice soft ass, what more could there be…oh how about a very enthusiastic deep blowjob? She gives him one of those, deepthroating his dick before getting flipped over and pounded doggystyle and reverse cowgirl for even more orgasms! Jay was getting a little jealous of all her cumming so he figured it was high time for one of his own, fucking that hole a bit more and then blasting her with a big facial that sprayed all over those huge soft perfect breasts as well! Hopefully the chunk of change she made for doing this hot hardcore Exploited College Girls update will pay for some bras, I’d imagine she goes through them like most people go through chewing gum!



Goth mia for exploited college girls

Get ready because this may come as a surprise, but this chick Mia wearing the black clothing with black lipstick and a collar on is into BDSM fun! I know, alert the press and get out a mop because people just had their minds blown by that piece of news. She’s cute as hell and is here on Exploited College Girls to get that sweet tight pussy blasted and have a good time, and she definitely gets her wishes fulfilled in this scene! Mia starts out getting her pussy tickled and teased, having a very vocal real orgasm as the guy slips his fingers and a vibrator onto that quivering clit…and this is before he even introduces her pussy to his big hard cock! This horny beautiful teen gets the pounding of a lifetime here on ECG, getting her g-spot tickled and poked and prodded making her cum again and again on that dick until finally he returns the favor by shooting a load of cum into her hole for a creampie finish! This amateur cutie has a lovely face, beautiful titties and a nice tight young body that looks fantastic as she gets her pussy wowed here in a red hot hardcore scene. She might look like she could be a backup dancer in a goth music video but man this girl is white-hot!



Anna for exploited college girls

It’s always a bit of a variable when a new girl shows up at Exploited College Girls to make her first adult scene, sometimes they’re just a trainwreck or chicken out when it comes down to it, but then again sometimes you get a girl like Anna here! She’s a cute 22 year old blonde with a thirst for cock and an ass that demands to be fucked…and if you’ve seen ECG in the past you know they don’t exactly shy away from anal! If a girl is up for it this dude is all about giving her a backdoor bang and Anna here was definitely up for it. She’s skinny as hell so hopefully she uses whatever pocketfull of cash they gave her for this update to go buy a few cheeseburgers…somehow though even with her skinny frame she’s got a nice round ass, making that tight pucker back there even more of a tempting target. Anna also sucks cock like a champ, her gag reflex seems pretty much non-existent so she’s able to deepthroat that cock more or less effortlessly. There are girls who tolerate anal and there are those special few who LOVE anal, and then on top of that stack there are the golden girls like Anna who like it so much they orgasm from it! She gets her pussy and face fucked but you can tell she’s really craving a nice hard anal pounding and the guy is more than okay with getting to that dessert, pounding away at her balloon knot until she goes ass-to-mouth and sucks out a nice big load that frosts her from chin to hair!



Felicity for ecg

Prepare your socks because they’re about to get blown off by this chick on Exploited College Girls, the drop dead gorgeous Felicity! She’s beautiful, has a downright perfect body, she loves to dance and has big natural tits that look incredible in clothes and out of them…she also is a huge fan of sex and her enthusiasm certainly spills over into the bedroom as you’ll soon see! A lot of the amateur girls they get on ECG are cute or have nice bodies or sometimes both but it’s pretty rare to get a girl who goes above and beyond on both of those…Felicity is one of those rare exceptions so sit back and relax and enjoy because you’re getting some of the cream of the crop here. This 22 year old hottie starts off with a little dance to show off her cute animal print bra and panties before unleashing those big glorious breasts and that sweet tight firm ass, sculpted by yoga and dance to perfection! After stripping down naked Felicity takes this guy’s big dick in her hole, moaning her way to multiple orgasms as he pounds that sweet tight pussy before she climbed onto his lap, riding him nice and hard with those big tits bouncing in his face like a pair of dreams…no man on Earth can withstand that for long and soon he’s blasting a huge facial all over those lovely features of hers…easily among the top Exploited College Girls updates of the past few months.



Ashlynne on ecg

This gorgeous 23 year old redhead Ashlynne apparently just because a mother before her Exploited College Girls shoot (proof is in the pudding, so to speak, as she squirts out a sploosh of milk from her big full titties) so she’s a young and stunning MILF apparently! She’s ready to do a red hot hardcore shoot for a little extra cash…having a new kid can be a financial nightmare I hear! She realized that she’s a knockout with a hot and sexy body and puts it to work in this scene as she gives the casting director guy a fantastic blowjob…she says she loves sucking dick and from this update I’d say she wasn’t lying about it! This girl is just hot as hell all around…a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, cute hair, incredible fit body, great personality, just a win-win all over the damn place and ECG is lucky enough to be able to fuck her on camera! Speaking of the fucking, Ashlynne orgasms all over the place in almost all the positions this guy pounds her hole in and then takes a big load of cum directly into the mouth to finish off this red hot hardcore action! Fans of lactation, fans of big tits, fans of redheads, and just plain fans of beautiful horny women are gonna get their days made by this girl, check it out and see what you think.



Jade on exploited college girls

One look at this gorgeous Asian babe Jade and you’ll see why she just about blew this guy’s mind in her Exploited College Girls update…she’s a stunner with a beautiful lean body, has nice perky b-cup breasts and a cute little ass that looks like a dream! Her pride and joy though is that incredibly tight little pussy of hers…when Jay slides his big rock-hard dick inside that wet hole he can barely keep from blasting her right off with an instant cumshot like a paper wrapper on a straw when you blow into the other end! Somehow he holds on and gives Jade a nice (albeit pretty brief, for him) hard pounding before finally blasting off and giving her a nice deep creampie. She could probably have pulled his cock right off his body with that tight little cunt of hers, but luckily she had mercy and resisted the temptation! This girl is certainly one of the hottest models I’ve seen on Exploited College Girls, and if you don’t believe me just look at those sweet titties of hers as she gets that vicegrip of a pussy fucked.



Sophia on exploited college girls

This chick Sophia has a big round juicy booty and a big appetite for cock as she makes her introduction to the porn world via Exploited College Girls here! She’s an absolute horndog and starts things off by telling some of her sex stories as she does her hair, describing how for example one time she was the meat in a brother-brother sandwich. I’d say that makes her just the right type of girl for ECG, wouldn’t you? Sophia undresses and hops on the bed, showing off a ton of tattoos and her perky little titties before sucking this guy’s cock and then bending over to get her wet amateur pussy drilled! She had been playing with herself the whole time, dipping her fingers in and out of her cunt to drive herself crazy and get the juices flowing. That big round ass of hers looks incredible when she’s on her hands and knees and we’re watching in first-person POV as the guy pounds that pussy from behind…she gets a nice hard pounding in this scene, finally dropping to her knees to take a big facial frosting! Now I mean let’s not dance around it, this girl isn’t gonna win any beauty contests anytime soon but hey when her face is buried in the pillows and that big booty is up in the air she’s pretty hot!



Morgan on exploited college girls

I have never seen a pair of tits this big on a chick in an Exploited College Girls update, these are one of a kind…or two of a kind, I guess, since it’s a pair! Meet Morgan, a sexy amateur blonde with a cute face, nice round ass and, buckle up for safety, 36DDD titties that look incredible! Some chicks have huge boobs but they look terrible once they’re out of the bra, sometimes the breasts are hanging down to their knees or maybe they just have some huge weird looking areolas or whatever, but not Morgan here! Her tits look incredible in and out of her clothes and she obviously loves them, squeezing them together and playing with them in her ECG introduction interview…she knew the guy was staring and was almost mesmerized by them too obviously, she kept talking about how big and soft and bouncy they were and I’m sure if she had told the guy to walk off a cliff at that point we’d be down by one cameraman! Morgan strips out of her red bra and panties to start things off here, getting her pussy buzzed with a vibrator bringing her to orgasm already and trust me when I say, this girl is very very turned on…you can hear how wet her pussy is as the guy pounds away at her hole, making her moan as those big gorgeous tits of hers went for a hypnotic sort of a dance with every thrust! Finally she came again on top of his cock before he pulled out and hosed her down with a big cum facial.

Penny and Daisy


Penny and daisy for ecg

It’s a rare day to find a threesome on Exploited College Girls…in fact I don’t even think I can remember a single other one! Two of the hottest updates in recent ECG history, Penny and Daisy, are teaming up to take on this hard cock in a threesome that will leave you sweating bullets! If you missed out on either of them, Penny has her solo scene there and here is Daisy in her red hot update just to catch you up on things. As you can see these girls are both hot as hell so you’re in for a special treat when the two of them get together to join forces like some kind of sexy Voltron! It turns out the girls were friends so the ECG guy had the very clever idea of bringing them both back at the same time and of course they had a blast…these girls went back and forth having orgasm after orgasm, making out and 69ing each other as well as of course sucking and fucking the dude’s hard cock and taking some nice anal poundings! Penny and Daisy both love eating pussy and both love getting fucked and Daisy in particular gets off on having her balloon knot poked so she was the recipient of the hot hard anal fuck session while Penny licked her cunt. To finish things off with a bang, Jay positioned both girls at the foot of the bed so they could both work his cock over with their hands and lips and tongues before finally blasting them both with a nice big creamy double facial to remember their special day by! I wouldn’t be surprised if these two horny hotties got together outside of the site as well after a session like this, they both love a little lesbian experimentation and obviously have a hell of a lot of chemistry between them!



Ecg angela

I don’t know what it is but that combination you see above is just unspeakably sexy…I know most women prefer to have a matching set of bra and panties but if you ask me, a little mix-and-match like Angela here is sporting is way hotter. Anyway, Angela is ready to make a bit of extra cash here on Exploited College Girls as she strips down and lets out her inner cumslut! She’s a midwestern blonde 21 year old hottie with cute perky a-cup titties and a butt you could bounce pocket change off of and she looks innocent and inexperienced at first glance but once she starts deepthroating this dude’s big dick you’ll see her true form! Angela just plain loves getting pounded and is already wet in her pussy when she strips down naked on the bed for Jay to play with her snooch. Soon he’s got her cumming all over the place by way of his fingers and some toys and that’s before he even gives her hole a pounding! This cute petite blonde is fucking adorable and sexy as hell, and I think the dude doing the fucking in this ECG update kinda fell for her a bit. Are those wedding bells I hear? It’s hard to tell over the sound of Angela having these massive moaning orgasms.



Daisy on exploited college girls

In her introductory interview, the guy behind the camera points out that Daisy here is one of those rare women who is just basically up for anything and enjoys it all! She’s 21 years old with a sweet body with those perky little titties and a nice juicy ass…she also has a ton of piercings, 22 if I remember right! Having more piercings than the number of years you’ve been alive seems like overkill to me but hey, Daisy enjoys them so who are we to judge. Daisy loves getting fucked, she loves sucking cock (watch the nice deepthroat blowjob she gives the guy here) and absolutely loves getting her ass pounded! Not many chicks really dig anal but Daisy here is one of the exceptions…watch as this hottie gets naked for Exploited College Girls and goes to work on that dick, sucking and fucking it and having multiple moaning orgasms! She takes his cock deep in her pussy and then turns around to get into some hot anal reverse cowgirl pounding before finally taking a nice big facial. Well it was SUPPOSED to be a facial, Daisy is just such a cumslut she couldn’t help but take as much as she could in her mouth and swallow it down! Basically if you only like chicks with huge tits you’re gonna be disappointed but basically that’s the only way this chick will be anything less than stellar.



Ecg lexi2

Some girls get self-conscious about their bodies and want to keep things under wraps so to speak but then there are women like sexy little goth spinner Lexi here! She’s got a set of fake tits that she obviously loves and probably the sexiest thing in the world is a woman who loves her body. Lexi shows off her blowjob skills as she gets those big titties out, licking and sucking the guy and taking him deep in her throat before spreading her legs to get that tight little pussy drilled! Her favorite position of this Exploited College Girls update is when she sits on the guy’s lap, riding him and bouncing her tight little ass up and down as she takes every inch of that meatstick in her hole. The guy rocks her snatch front and back and left and right before getting pinned to the bed and fucked to orgasm…she cums all over his cock and I guess the guy got so turned on that he was ready to bust a nut too, giving her a huge facial that dripped off her face onto her big fake boobs!



Penny on exploited college girls

This tall busty blonde hottie is Penny and she’s ready to do her first scene here on Exploited College Girls! She pulls off her top to show off those beautiful perfect firm D-cup breasts and can hardly wait to get her pants off before sliding her hands down between her thighs to play with her pussy! This amateur bombshell nympho loves having fun with a hard cock and definitely gets her fill in this update, giving the guy a nice blowjob and then taking the cock between her boobs for a little tittyfucking action. Some girls you can just tell they absolutely live for sucking dick and Penny here licks that fuckstick like there are diamonds in the middle of it! Somehow the guy holds in his load through this amazing oral action and is able to give her the hard pussy pounding she was begging for, spreading those long smooth legs to penetrate her shaved hole as deep as he could…Penny moaned her way to orgasm and then drops to her knees to pump out a load of cum onto her face for a little self-inflicted facial to finish off this hot ECG update!



Exploited college girls toni

This cute short haired teen is Toni, and she’s making her way to Exploited College Girls to film her first adult hardcore scene! You know, it’s nice when chicks show up at ECG for the paycheck and the promise of a future in the adult industry, but it’s ten times hotter when the girl is doing it because it just sounds like fun! That’s what Toni here is up to, she loves getting a hard cock in her pussy and man with a cute tight body like hers the pleasure goes all around, so to speak…this teen is hot as hell, especially that sweet round bubble butt of hers! She gets a good hard pounding in this sexy update, even getting a little surprise squirting in when she rides that cock in just the right way for her sweet bushy pussy! That’s right, she’s not clean shaven like 99 percent of the girls in the porn industry nowadays, she has a little natural hair down there and it looks great on her. Toni gets a fantastic pounding, bending over to get her pussy filled up with cock doggystyle and then taking a big load of cum in her hole for a creampie finish!



Rachel for exploited colelge girls

Sexy Rachel here used to be quite a bit heavier and fucked quite a gaggle of guys to boost her self esteem a bit but now she’s more comfortable with how she looks, she’s lost some weight and is fucking hot as hell if you ask me! She’s here on Exploited College Girls making her first forays into the adult industry, so I guess she’s VERY comfortable with her body…not that there’s much to take exception with; she’s got a sweet round ass and perky little boobies and loves getting her tight wet pussy played with. In fact she loves it so much that she has a big squirting orgasm as the guy ‘warms her up’ so to speak with a vibrator, before she even gets her hands around and lips on his big hard cock! After a nice blowjob she spreads her legs and lays back to get drilled, taking that big dick to the hilt and moaning, getting fucked nice and deep until the guy shot his load inside her hole for a nice creampie that oozed right out of her sweet shaved snatch!



Hazel on ecg

Meet Hazel, an 18 year old cutie who has a hell of a forehead and forgot her eyebrows at home but man oh man that body of hers is absolutely perfect! Nice bouncy teen titties, a sweet round bubble butt, tight little pussy that gets dripping wet and a craving for cock in every way she can get it! She’s here on Exploited College Girls to make her entry into the adult industry and man she does it with a bang here, getting that tight hole fucked nice and deep until she’s having squirting orgasms all over the bed! The sheets might be a lost cause but this chick is one of a kind…you’re going to blow your mind when you see this girl’s breasts and ass and the way she fucks, even if she gives a somewhat evil look as she gets rocked. Hazel takes this guy’s cock nice and hard, riding him and getting fucked doggystyle until she gets a big messy creampie finish! I get the feeling the guy had planned to give her a nice facial but just couldn’t resist cumming inside that dripping wet tight pussy, and can you blame him?

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