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Rena on Field Of Gold


Rena on Field Of Gold

Beautiful busty Rena loves nothing more than heading out to a wide open wheat field and enjoying the sunshine on her bare skin! She slips out of her flowing blue…READ MORE

Linda A All For You


Linda A All For You

Click to watch this Linda A video!

Summer is quickly turning into Fall now but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it! Beautiful Linda A here is relaxing on the white sand beach in this hot…READ MORE

Nika A Take Me


Nika A Take Me

At first I thought this chick Nika A was in prison or something but I don’t think wearing just a tshirt with no panties on underneath is approved prison attire,…READ MORE

Sabrisse Come All In


Sabrisse Come All In

Have you ever had a bed with a canopy or netting over it like this? Sabrisse seems to love it but I feel like it would drive me nuts unless there were a bunch of…READ MORE

Davina E Stay Here With Me


Davina E Stay Here With Me

If you were hanging out on the beach with beautiful Davina E and were getting ready to leave but she said ‘stay here with me’ and started slipping out of her…READ MORE

Joanna I Love Riding


Joanna I Love Riding

Joanna here is a farmer’s daughter with a downright perfect body if you ask me…go ahead and take a look at her and tell me you disagree, you’ll be wrong I…READ MORE

Delina G Voluptuous


Delina G Voluptuous

Sexy voluptuous Delina G is here in her lacy sheer white nightie, giving some little teases and then revealing those huge perfect soft firm full boobs of hers to…READ MORE

Acacia On The Rocks


Acacia On The Rocks

How about a big glass of Acacia on the rocks? That’s this gorgeous girl’s name, she’s a blonde with big perfectly shaped breasts and nice sexy hips, and she’s…READ MORE

Mur My First Time


Mur My First Time

Apparently this leggy blonde’s name is Mur, I’m not sure what kind of name that is but hey I do know that she’s super smokin hot and is hanging out naked on a…READ MORE

Kylie G All You Need


Kylie G All You Need

A stunning blonde with a tight fit little ass and surprisingly big firm tits is all you need am I right? Well Kylie G here is ready to make that come to life as…READ MORE

Heidi Romanova Extremely Attractive


Heidi Romanova Extremely Attractive

This leggy redhead Heidi Romanova stars in a photoshoot with the title Extremely Attractive but to be honest that’s kind of a redundant title..I mean you can…READ MORE

Lauren in Portugal


Lauren in Portugal

I can’t say I’ve ever been to Portugal but from the looks of things it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth…or maybe it’s just because Lauren here is…READ MORE

Anikka A Here I Am


Anikka A Here I Am

What better way for a girl like Anikka A to say ‘here I am’ to the adult industry than by spending a relaxing naked afternoon in the forest and putting the…READ MORE

Lorena G A Great Day


Lorena G A Great Day

It’s a great day to spend outside with a gorgeous slender stunner like Lorena G here…she’s relaxing in the nude on a rocky shore, scampering around in the sand…READ MORE

Xana D Take This Chance


Xana D Take This Chance

Some girls just have enough natural hotness that they don’t need fancy settings or anything like that…Xana D here is a slender blonde knockout who has on her…READ MORE

Malena F on Vacation


Malena F on Vacation

Gorgeous exotic stunner Malena F is on vacation and is loving it as she relaxes on a patio chair, kicking out those sexy long legs but her white shirt and pink…READ MORE

Niemira Hello Stranger


Niemira Hello Stranger

Man, what could be sexier than hanging out with a gorgeous redhead with big tits like Niemira here as she relaxes on the shore of a secluded lake…in this…READ MORE

Gloria Sol No Escape


Gloria Sol No Escape

It’s a little hard to tell but from the looks of things, beautiful brunette Gloria Sol took a boat to this little secluded island and is taking the opportunity…READ MORE

Angel C Get Naked


Angel C Get Naked

This gorgeous curly haired hottie Angel C looks pretty excited to drop her top and get naked, so she does so almost immediately in this hot photoshoot lol…I…READ MORE

Vika P is Kissable


Vika P is Kissable

Want a great way to beat the heat in the middle of summer? Come hang out with beautiful blonde Vika P as she relaxes at the edge of a lake…she starts out in…READ MORE

Ready To Play


Ready To Play

It certainly appears that beautiful Sabrina G is ready to play in this sexy photoshoot…she’s relaxing on a small couch in the nude and is in the mood to give…READ MORE

Nasita in Premiere


Nasita in Premiere

There’s nothing better in the summer, at least for Nasita here, than heading to the forest and dropping all the clothing to hang out naked on a blanket! She…READ MORE

Arina F Summer


Arina F Summer

Everyone has a favorite season and for Arina F it’s definitely summer…she loves nothing in the world more than hanging out in the nude in a beautiful natural…READ MORE

Li Moon In Full Bloom


Li Moon In Full Bloom

Click to watch this Li Moon video!

The flowers are in full bloom and so is beautiful brunette Li Moon as she wanders through the garden, enjoying the natural surroundings and then laying on the…READ MORE



Katya on Femjoy

This lovely and very sweaty creature is Katya and she’s showing off her tight nubile body in this Femjoy photoshoot as she relaxes in a sauna, letting the heat soak into her bones and letting her pores open up as well as her pussy! She gets all slick with sweat and looks amazing, which juust isn’t even fair if you ask me…usually when I get naked and sweat the last fucking thing you want to do is take pictures. Anyway Katya does not share that problem, she looks great head to toe and from the looks of things she’s getting nice and relaxed! Soon it’ll be time to hit a nice cool shower afterwards, hopefully she’ll take some shots of that too.



Susann at the river

Spring is warming up towards summer already and Susann is out in the woods enjoying it! Check out these Femjoy photos of this beautiful and naturally busty babe hanging out completely nude by the riverside, grabbing her big tits while the breeze rustles through the canopy overhead and makes her long kinky hair wave and flow. She’s got a body that is absolutely stunning, I mean I can’t even really express how fucking how hot it is you’ve got to just take a look for yourself. Big tits, great ass, beautiful face, what’s not to like? This Femjoy photoshoot will have you heading to the woods to commune with nature, or at least to hope to run across a nymph like Susann sunning herself stark naked on the rocks!

Edessa G


Edessa G

I don’t know if the Huge Fucking Metal Ring is an olympic sport now or not but I tell you what I would watch this event a hell of a lot more closely than anything I saw from the winter olympics this year, or at least I would if the girls in the competition were anywhere near as hot as Edessa G in this Femjoy shoot! She’s got those nice perky little titties and a sweet ass, not to mention a great pair of hips…Edessa is swinging around a little on the ring which, if she wasn’t naked, would get her like a max score of about 6 in the olympic finals.



Angie on Femjoy

It’s a golden morning on Femjoy as beautiful brunette Angie lounges on a chair in the bedroom in her panties and a throw-on shirt…soon the throw-on becomes a slip-off as she lets it drop down to show off those big beautiful breasts with a smile, spreading her legs and taking her panties off to give us a nice look at her shaved pussy! This girl is seductive as hell and with a body like that she can basically get any man or woman she wants! There’s something about those eyes that just draws you in and there’s definitely something about her tits and ass that will keep you there once she’s got her hands on you!

Sexy Arina


Sexy Arina on Femjoy

This girl is pretty hot I guess and has a great body but there’s something unspeakably creepy about her expression…I don’t know if it’s her haircut that makes her look like a murderous doll or the way she stares but ugh I’m not into it. I am, however, into those nice tits and sweet ass she’s packing in this Femjoy photoshoot so the whole thing is a raging storm of conflict for me! As long as she’s bending over and offering up that tight pussy like this, all is well…if she looks over her shoulder like that though I’m running out the door for my life. Enjoy.



Miela for Femjoy

When a girl is as hot as Miela she doesn’t need much in the way of props or setting to make a hot photoshoot…as you can see in this Femjoy photo set, all she needs is a wall and a chair and she’ll handle the rest! She’s completely nude, grabbing those big breasts and shaking her perfect juicy butt as she kneels on the chair, swinging her long blonde hair back and forth. A great body on a gorgeous girl with a penchant for posing au naturale, can’t go wrong there if you ask me.

Ivana E


Femjoy ivana e

I’m sure she gets this all the time but with that little smirk and her glossy lips, not to mention her skinny sexy body, this chick Ivana E reminds me a lot of a redheaded Paris Hilton! This girl is probably not a megamillionairess though, so that’s too bad…other than that she seems superior in every way! Ivana is hanging around in the nude outside on the patio in this Femjoy shoot, spreading her long lean legs and bending over to spread her ass and show us every inch of that hot tight body.

Hello Again


Carisha Femjoy Hello Again

Yea you’re going to click on this I know.  Great tits, pretty face how can you not!  Femjoy has a bunch of galleries of Carisha actually and they’re the only ones who have this girl as far as I know.  She really has it all not just those tits and face I mean her pussy is perfect and she has a round ass too.  I love how hairless that pussy is of hers, perfect shave job!  It has been quite some time since Carisha has been on Femjoy hence the reason why the name of the episode is called “Hello Again”.

Marilyn on Femjoy


Marilyn for Femjoy

A pretty platinum blonde with huge tits hanging out naked in the great outdoors, letting the sun shine down on her sexy nude body? Sounds like a winner to me and it sounds like a Femjoy gallery to boot…well, you’d be right on both counts. Say hello to Marilyn as she poses nude on a pile of rocks (careful of your ass, Marilyn!), pulling her long blonde hair back and letting those huge round titties out to play. She even does a backbend, which is just crazytalk on those sharp rocks.

Medina for Femjoy


Medina on the rocks femjoy

It’s time to take a trip out to the sea, not to a white sandy beach but to the jutting jagged rocks that sailors always fear…and fear with good reason, because there are beautiful sirens on the shore that would call to them and draw seamen to a watery grave! You can imagine how easy that would be for Medina from this Femjoy update, she is absolutely gorgeous with a perfect nude body and a beautiful innocent fresh face as she lounges on the rocks and basks in the sun. Her perky breasts and sexy round ass shine like beacons in the sunlight, so she’d better be careful or she’ll cause some shipwrecks herself! Unless that’s been her plan the whole time…I knew that face looked a little too angelic to trust!

April on the rocks


April on Femjoy

Tell me you wouldn’t steer your ship right onto the rocks if you saw this nude blonde siren hanging out on the shore like this! April here is relaxing at the water’s edge for Femjoy, enjoying the sunshine on her skin and spreading her legs wide open to give us a nice view of her sweet pussy as well as her big perky breasts for these hot photos! If someone photoshops a fish tail onto her she’d be a hell of a mermaid, but then you’d miss out on her pussy and her very nice ass…this blondie loves a nice natural setting and loves doing what comes naturally when she starts feeling frisky, from the looks of it!

Mountain View


Marilyn Mountain View

I am really hoping these tits on Marilyn from Femjoy are fake.  Cause if they’re real my world has just been shaken.  I didn’t know tits could be so damn perfect!  I thought I had seen it all but then this model comes around.  They have to be fake right?  I just can’t tell someone please let me know!  This was the only gallery I could find of her but as soon as more comes out you can bet your bottom dollar that I will find them and post them.  The name of this scene is Moutain View, I don’t know if they mean those mountain of tits or the actual mountain she is on.  I know nothing anymore.

Ride The Train


Carisha Ride The Train

I thought we should tone it back a little today and just enjoy the female body. So I went on over to one of my favorite erotica sites and found this gorgeous babe for you guys.  Her name is Carisha, we have featured her a couple of times now on the site it seems that she only likes to pose naked for Femjoy.  These guys are real classy so I could see why a girl would just stick with them.  Carisha here has one of the most perfect set of natural titties I have ever seen and look at that shaved pussy I mean she is just really hot am I right or what?



Josephine on Femjoy

So the name of this Femjoy photoshoot is apparently Josephine’s Sexy Ass but I mean really there’s only one photo of her ass. It’s a great butt don’t get me wrong, but if you ask me I think this photoshoot should have been called Josephine’s Sexy Tits! She’s got huge round perfect boobs and looks phenomenal walking up and down the stairs in the nude…and unlike many girls you see nowadays in the porn world this chick actually has hips! An actual woman who looks downright incredible? Who would have thought??

Hold Me Sofie


Hold Me Sofie By Femjoy

Here is Sofie and you guys better know this girl because she has some unbelievable tits!  As always you don’t get to see her doing anything hardcore because this chick is way to classy for porn.  I bet she thinks she is like a Playboy model.  She definitely could have been if Playboy found her first I mean those tits will get her into just about anything.  The name of the scene is Hold Me and it starts off with her naked and ends with her naked and in my mind that is a really good Sofie gallery.

Sofie Boob Cruise


Sofie boob cruise on Femjoy

Avast, thar she blows! Sofie is on a boob cruise in this Femjoy photoshoot but she’s certainly no sea hag…much the opposite, she’s drop dead gorgeous with one of the finest nude bodies you’re likely to see, and she’s taking in a little sun on the high seas, hanging out completely nude! From relaxing on the rigging to swabbing the poop deck to squishing her big tits up against the cabin window, Sofie is incredibly hot, so get ready to batten down your hatches, and other sailing references.

Pamela stripes


Pamela on Femjoy

I was trying to decide whether to make a joke about Pamela’s striped black and white shirt looking like a zebra or a referee or a convict or a Foot Locker employee but man I got a good look at her and it all went out the window! She’s just plain smokin hot whether she’s got a wacky striped shirt on or not, although personally I’m glad she stripped out of it to show off those perky little boobies because it was starting to mess with my eyes and brain.



Sandra for Femjoy

Busty blonde bombshell Sandra is making her debut on Femjoy and from the looks of things she’ll be a big hit with all their members! She’s gorgeous but really the stars of the show are those two huge round full perfect breasts and she knows it, so she poses to make them look as appealing as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing more Sandra, and I bet you are too!



Love Spirit Femjoy

I don’t post enough of these just classic nude galleries.  So I will try to make a better effort with this starting today.  Today I give you Marga E. from Femjoy.  I love her body especially her full natural tits.  The fact that she is a redhead doesn’t hurt either.  I don’t think she is a natural redhead but she might be I mean she does have that pale skin.  The gallery is just a simple nudes as I said but man it just proves that porn doesn’t have to be hardcore when a girl gets naked and looks this hot, it’s just fun to see.

Beau in lingerie


Beau for Femjoy

Now this is what I’m talking about…no pretension, no gimmicks, just a gorgeous girl with perfect breasts wearing black lingerie (and then taking it off, of course). Beau has an absolutely fantasic rack in this Femjoy photoshoot, with a sultry come-hither smile on her pretty face that goes very nicely with those see-through panties and her thigh high black stockings. Sexy as hell without going over the top? Yes please!

Beatrix nude


Beatrix for Femjoy

Gorgeous Beatrix looks like the kind of dame that would stroll into a private investigator’s office and ask for his help in tracking down her bum of an ex-husband. SHe’s got the gams, she’s got the looks, and she’s definitely got the tits to pull it off! Enjoy this artful photoshoot from Femjoy as she shows off her beautiful nude body, hanging out in front of a fan to not only keep cool but also to make her long wavy hair blow alluringly…it’s the oldest trick in the book. With an ass like that, though, I don’t think she needs any kind of trickery!

Angelic Jennifer Macka


Jennifer Macka for Femjoy

I don’t know if it’s the look in her eyes or her pouty lips but there’s something incredibly alluring about blonde stunner Jennifer Macka’s innocent look! She’s posing on the couch for Met Art in her sexy white lacy lingerie, spreading her legs to show off a nice tight pink shaved pussy, but I think the eye automatically gets drawn to her perfect breasts with those sexy tan lines. Looks like she spends a lot of time in a bikini…I wonder how many guys have seen her on the beach and fantasized about her being nude and ready to fuck like this?

Redhead Marga in bed


Marga for Femjoy

There’s not much hotter than a sexy redhead, and Marga is hot as blazes! She quickly loses her pink panties and bra in favor of just hanging out completely nude which is a decision I applaud in this Femjoy update. This sexy redhead has perky titties, puffy nipples and a shaved pink pussy that she loves to play with, as evidenced by some of the finger action she’s got going on in these sexy shots. Who doesn’t love a hot redhead who loves masturbating? Especially with pretty eyes and a mischievous smirk like Marga’s got in full effect.

Jacquette on the edge


Jacquette for Femjoy

Lovely blonde Jacquetta apparently doesn’t have any kind of fear of heights as she sits on the edge of the balcony in the nude for Femjoy! She also doesn’t appear to have a fear of being naked in front of anyone either, as she’s in full view of any neighbor who happens to look over…she’s got a gorgeous face and huge tits with a nice round ass, so if I was her neighbor I’d spend most waking moments looking out the window and hoping for a scene like this one!

Karol for Femjoy


Karol poolside for Femjoy

I just love seeing all these springtime photo updates! Everyone gets all cooped up all winter so when the sun starts shining a little the clothes come flying off even if it’s still kind of chilly outside. Karol headed outdoors to take in a little sun by the pool in this Femjoy update but you’ll notice she doesn’t go into the water…it’s probably freezing still. The cold is making the nipples on her big tits stand out like bullets though, so it’s definitely not a bad thing! She’s got a great body as she poses nude, even bending over and showing us her round fuckable ass and that tight pussy with a freshly-trimmed landing strip.

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