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Arianna on MPL Studios

If you look up ‘awesome perfect tits’ in the dictionary I hope that what comes up is a photo of this chick Arianna from MPL Studios…she has absolutely incredible boobs and a beautiful face to go along with them! There are lots of women out there with great racks but awful mugs but this hottie is definitely not one of those butterfaces….she strips down nude and shows off her lovely breasts, maybe next time she’ll grace us with a good look at her ass as well.



Tara on MPL Studios

I don’t recall offhand seeing this girl Tara before but man oh man consider me a fan right off the bat! She’s gorgeous for one thing and has a fantastic body for another…in this photoshoot from MPL Studios she peels out of her little green tubetop and shows some nice perky little boobies before tugging off her panties (it’s been a day for neon green underwear, hasn’t it) and hanging out in the nude! Often a girl this hot with nice boobs has a horrible ass or some other physical thing going on but not this girl…Tara is fit as a fiddle and hot as blazes from head to toe.

Kalena Doggystyle


MPL Studios Kalena

So the title of this MPL Studios photoshoot is Kalena Gets Doggystyle but there only seems to be one photo of her on her hands and knees with that ass in the air. I’ve gotta say though, one is plenty to blow the mind…this girl is seriously hot as hell! Perky boobies, fantastic butt, gorgeous face, Kalena looks like a dream and you know you’d hit that pussy like the fist of an angry god given half the chance.

Tuck and Roll


Tuck and Roll MPL Studios

I’m a little confused why they decided to call this photoshoot Tuck and Roll, unless this hot brunette is ready to get tucked into bed and go for a little roll in the sheets! She’s gorgeous, with a beautiful face and spectacular nude body as she lounges on the bed…the walls are covered with cushions which makes me think this chick gets absolutely nuts when she’s being fucked, jumping and smashing into the walls and all over the damn place. It seems like it’s worth finding out after checking out these shots from MPL Studios!

Perky little Liala


Liala for MPL Studios

This skinny hottie goes by the name of Liala and she’s having a hard time getting into bed and going to sleep in this photoshoot from MPL Studios. She strips down nude to show off her perky little titties and nice tight butt, then slowly steps into bed with those long lean gazelle legs, stretching and arching her head back! She’s not ready to fall asleep quite yet though so she starts air-humping, pretending some lucky guy is ramming his dick into her tight hole to help her get to sleep…a nice long orgasm is just what the doctor ordered when you need to relax.

Marjana Outdoors


MPL Studios Marjana

MPL Studios presents this hot gallery of beautiful exotic babe Marjana showing off in the great outdoors for all to see! She’s sitting at the top of her front stairs, dropping her dress top to show off her perky boobies and lifting up the bottom to spread her thighs and give us a nice look at her tight pussy.

Zoe Suspended


zoe on mpl studios

MPL Studios presents this gallery of stupendous blonde babe Zoe in a set entitled Suspended In Time! I’m not sure why she’s suspended in time but they can call it whatever they want, since she’s beautiful and completely nude, stretching her long legs out to show off that tight shaved pussy on a concrete structure by the sea.

Yummy Pussy


MPL Studios shaved

I don’t know the name of this gorgeous brunette from MPL Studios but she does in face have a yummy shaved pussy and is showing it off in the great outdoors, bathed in sunlight as she poses naked for all to see! You can almost hear the gentle lapping of the waves as she touches that hot pink pussy, her perky little nipples standing at full attention.

Arianna Is Dreamy


Arianna looks amazing for MPL Studios

There are certain sites where you just know you’re about to see a model that will blow your socks off…in my opinion, MPL Studios is becoming one of those sites! Arianna is the featured model in this gallery and man she does look like a dream come true…she has a perfect body and looks like a supermodel, what more do you want? Did I mention she’s naked?



MPL Studios Zoe in white

Some people say blondes are the hottest women on earth and man after looking at galleries like this one of Zoe from MPL Studios I’m tempted to agree! She’s wearing white pants and suspenders for a minute but then makes the fine decision to strip down, showing off a body that is just unearthly.

Zoe MPL Stuidos


Zoe in white for MPLStudios

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a woman wear white pants and look hotter than Zoe in this seaside gallery from MPL Studios. She strips out fo those pants and shows off a body that is nothing short of incredible, giving you that smoldering sexy look that she seems to have perfected.

Helena MPL Studios


Helena at the docks on MPLStudios

The ship appears to have come in for Helena as she hangs out in the nude on a blue piece of fabric by the docks in this MPL Studios gallery! She must love driving the sailors crazy because I’m pretty sure they’ve all got to be hanging out on the rails of that boat watching her pose and look gorgeous.

Candice Hot Bod


Candice hot bod for MPLStudios

Lovely blonde Candice was just going to hang out in her bikini but when she saw the way people were looking at her she decided she wanted to go a little further in this gallery from MPL Studios, so she strips down and gets naked, showing off one of her hottest features: her ass! That is one fine booty, you’ve got to admit.

Candice MPL Studios


MPL Studios loves Candice

Candice knows she’s hot and certainly knows that her round booty is one of the hottest parts of her nude body so she’s quite happy to showcase it in this hot gallery from MPL Studios! This blonde stunner bends over and spreads her cheeks, giving us a great look at that tight hole as well as her wet pussy…I’m guessing doggystyle is her favorite sex position, what do you guys think?

Maya Poseidons


Petite Goddess

Maya’s new to showing her breasts but they’re so beautiful that I think she’s going to find herself highly experienced in a hurry. Everyone is going to be chomping at the bit to see more. Those nipples of hers need a little attention, and there’s no reason to stop there once you’ve started.

Sensual Waves


Perfect Blonde

I really don’t think girls come any hotter than this. You need to think carefully before you look at her, she’s so delectable that you’re going to be tempted to give your girlfriend or wife the old heave ho. You can look all you want, but you’ll have to prove yourself to be allowed to touch.

Nastias Fuckable


Fuckable Ass

Apparently Nastia’s ass is “very fuckable”. From the looks of it in this gallery I don’t doubt it. She’s definitely not shy about putting it out there for all of us to enjoy. Guys line up for a shot at girls like this. Make sure you get there early to claim your space so you don’t miss out.

Talia MPL Studios


Talia’s panties

It’s all about Talia and her pretty underwear in this hot gallery. She’s laid out on a comfortable looking bed and wearing some really sexy panties and a matching bra. Of course she gets around to stripping out of those eventually, but just sit back and enjoy the whole show, she’s worth it.

MPL Studios


Rock lounging

I’m not sure why some girls like posing nude on rocks but it seems to happen quite a lot. It can’t be comfortable. But you know what, fuck it, I don’t make the decisions, I just watch the hotties lounge around. And this girl’s fine ass body is well worth taking time to look at.

Sarah MPL Studios


Ready for bed

Sarah here is ready for bed, but I don’t think she realizes that if any of us goes to tuck her in she’s probably not going to get much sleep. I mean, we might tire out sometime just before dawn, but with a girl this hot every single one of us is going to try to go until the sun comes up.

Talia Is Bored


Bored and naked

What’s a pretty young blonde hottie to do when she’s home alone and bored out of her mind? Well, she could start by taking those panties off. Then maybe a little rubbing here and there, put on a porno perhaps, and see where things lead. I wonder if Talia would be interested in this?

Kami MPL Studios


Red and petite

If you like tiny girls then you’re going to love Kami, she’s as petite as they come. Her tight little body just begs to be fucked as she bends and turns and stretches and lets you look at her beautiful curves, and that red hair of hers announces that she’s a feisty little fuck. Come get her.



Brunette nymph

This is Renata and as you can see is she a gorgeous little piece of ass. She looks perfect splayed out with her legs open invitingly, doesn’t she? Would you like to move in for a closer look and see what that tight quivering vagina of hers is like up close and personal? Go right ahead.



Red beauty

Red heads don’t get enough love and I am making it my mission to change that, starting by presenting Milana here. She’s a perfect example of how red isn’t dead. Petite, pale, beautiful, and definitely down to fuck anytime, anywhere, you don’t want to miss Milana now or ever.



Barely legal

This girl looks so young I bet she just turned eighteen yesterday. If you like tiny little petite cuties you’re gonna love this one. Her little snatch is so tight you’d probably lose a finger if you left it up in her for too long. But hey, I can’t think of a better way to lose a finger, can you?

MPL Oxana


She wants you in

Oxana just arrived in the country and one thing she immediately noticed is all the hot guys running around. She’s going to do her best to take them away from their girlfriends by opening her legs and inviting them all to see what Eastern European girls feel like from the inside.

Iveta MPL


Iveta’s nude!

Rock nymph Iveta was caught frolicking across the mountains and we asked her if we could take a few candid photos. Rock nymphs don’t speak English so she didn’t know what the hell we were saying, but she didn’t seem to care that we hung around scoping out her awesome tits.

Talia Nude Body


A perfect girl

This girl’s name is Talia and she is quite simply the greatest thing to happen to the industry in the history of ever. I want to see more of her and I know you all do too, so be sure and let everyone know how much you love her. With any luck we can get her to take some dick in a vid soon.




Amelie is yet another girl who got careless with the nudes and then went through a bad breakup. Usually that’s a bad thing for the girls, but this one was happy when her photos got leaked, because it’s been her first class ticket to stardom. She’s going to go right to the top, I’m sure of it.



Blonde ex

Look, another blonde who got careless with her nudes and had them wind up on the internet after she broke up with her boyfriend. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Enjoy viewing this girl in intimate poses; she’s definitely worth spanking a few loads out to. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Renata Wet


A girl in a tub

This girl, unlike some of the others I’ve blogged about lately, is actually going ahead and bathing in the bathroom instead of just getting caught up posing for the camera. This is a good thing because hot naked girls are even hotter when they’re soaking wet and their skin is glistening.

Alissa MPL Studios


White panties, hot body

Alissa’s dressed in white and looking to attract some men. A quick look through this gallery makes me think she’s not going to have any trouble. You should check it out yourself and see what you think, but I know you’ll agree. A body like this deserves all the attention it can get.

Sasha Grid


Sasha’s body

Sasha’s got a pretty, petite body and some great small tits that are definitely going to get the attention of any man. Hell even straight girls want to give this hot slut a try in bed. She’s always willing to explore and be explored and it’s that boldness that makes her such a catch.

MPL Sasha


Sasha in the woods

This lucky tree gets to have Sasha’s nude body pressed up against it for hours while she poses and rubs herself for the camera. She’s a beautiful sight, strutting her stuff in the wilderness like some kind of primitive sex faerie waiting for a man to pass by so she can fuck him.



Hot bitch

This hot bitch looks so ready to fuck it’s unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve seen any babe this ready for a little action since my wife on our wedding night man! And she wasn’t as ready looking as this babe here in the pictures. Enjoy yourselves friends, you deserve a sexy babe!




You know, I always kind of thought that irises looked like pussies, and seeing the two of them right next to each other, I’m pretty damn certain of it now. Gabriella poses with a yellow iris on various body parts, accentuating her sexy body for MPL Studios.

MPL Studios Babe



MPL Studios has this gorgeous babe named Maya that looks just amazing in a pair of stockings, so when I got ahold of this gallery, I had to put it up so that the rest of you could get a good look at what I’m talking about here. This babe just has the perfect body to flaunt and damn if she doesn’t do it.

Lily MPL Stuidos


Lily at Midnight

Lily, from MPL Studios, is another one of those sexy and skinny girls with small tits and a nice round ass. She poses erotically in a black backdrop like a white lily in the dead of night. If it’s one thing this blond has, it’s great curves and wow does she know how to show them off, too.

MPL Studios Mischa


Nude Mischa

MPL Studios has a great deal of really hot babes like Mischa. This girl really seems like the kind of fun and shy girl that you could take out into the countryside for a camping trip and while she might put up some playful resistance, she’d end up strutting her hot ass around in the nude for you.

Mischa MPL Studios


Nude Warehouse Teen

The midwest may be full of empty warehouses and empty fields, but this warehouse certainly isn’t empty! Erotic Beauties brings us a bronzed teen that is not afraid of a getting a little dirty. With legs that go on for miles, this petite blonde babe poses nude and works her curves wearing nothing but a garter.

MPLStudios Misha


MPLStudios Misha

Straight from MPL Studios comes the sexy beach babe, Misha. After spending time down at the beach, this sexy blond enjoys her bungalow in the nude. Here, where we get a nice view of her hot tits while she stretches out across her bed. A bed that we would definitely enjoy sharing with her!

Sexy Brunette


Sexy Brunette

This long haired girl from Daily POA. knows how to work a wall like no model I have seen. She shows off her big sexy ass and even gives us a view of just what she would look like up against a wall. She is definitely the kind of babe I would want to pound away at until she begged me to stop.

MPL Studios Mischa


MPL Studios Mischa

Closing out today is a really nice girl from MPL Studios named Mischa. The’s got hair that I can only describe as elegantly long, some nice boobs, and some tanlines that look pretty intriguing too. Her tits aren’t gigantic and sloppy the way I like them, but they’re nice and parky and look like they’d be pretty good handfuls. Also, she’s wearing a pink pearl necklace, and I have no idea how the heck to interpret that.

MPL Studios Masha


MPL Studios Masha

I like MPL Studios galleries because they feature nice scenery, yet it doesn’t feel overdone like some sites do. This set is pictures in front of a lighthouse, which would be a really hilarious phallic metaphor if I were the sort of guy that indulges in metaphors, but I will spare you so you can enjoy Masha’s lovely body instead. She’s quite petite, but also has nice boobs, and that cute little ass looks nice and slappable.

MPLStudips Emilie


MPLStudios Emilie

Lastly today, we have a set from MPL Studios featuring a very cute girl named Emilie. I think that’s a pretty cute name, actually, and I don’t usually have opinions on names when I can see the girl naked. She’s got a pretty nice butt and a happy looking grin, with that air of innocence that I like seeing in my naked women. Her boobs aren’t spectacular, but they’re also not huge plastic orbs, which is always a plus.

MPL Studios Maya


MPL Studios Maya

Maya is dressed for success in this MPL Studios gallery, and by dressed, I mean she gets completely undressed! She has really nice, proportionate boobs and a tight little ass that looks really slappable, especially because we get our first peek at it out the bottom of a really short miniskirt. It looks great when she bends over, too, but what ass doesn’t? Oh, and her pussy has a nice landing strip.

Yummy Teen


Yummy Teen

The thing about my partner at Exgirlfriend Market, he names his galleries however he sees them. He decided that this gallery would be “Yummy Teen Waiting in Bed”, and I’ll be damned if that’s not exactly what I see. I’d take a bite out of that ass for sure.

MPL Studios Karine


MPL Studios Karine

My pal over at HQ69 called this gallery “Over and Under”, and I think I can see why he did. I’m head over heels for this girl Karine, and I can’t think of anybody else I’d rather be under this very moment! This blonde babe from MPL Studios looks amazing as she’s topless in jeans.

Yummy Teen


Yummy Teen

Here, we have some rare photos of that most elusive specimen, the Mountain Teen. How can you identify this mysterious creature? Well, it’s simple. You pretty much just have to look for a naked girl on a mountain. If she’s got really dark, puffy nipples, and she’s hot as hell, then that, my friends, is a Mountain Teen.

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