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Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage


Hegre art ejaculation

It always amazes me that there are people out there who still believe that female ejaculation is a myth…well for those poor sad individuals I present this Hegre Art update entitled Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage! If the name didn’t already describe things pretty fucking well I guess I’ll just explain that this teen hottie gets a massage and ends up squirting all over the place. She’s 18 years old and is a virgin who has never had an orgasm in her life, much less squirted…but thanks to the skillful hands and magic vibrating wand of the Hegre masseuse she cums all over the massage table! It’s incredible to watch a beautiful woman orgasming like this but even hotter when it’s an innocent teen who has never cummed before, feeling the sensations run through her perfect tight body for the first time. Absolutely hot as hell.

Bail Money Blowjob


Xxx pawn bail money blowjob

Some women are willing to do pretty much anything for their man…this chick for instance, her husband went to prison and she brought his baseball card collection into the XXX Pawn shop to try and sell it off but it turned out not to be worth anything. Luckily for her (well for her husband) she’s got great tits so the guy swung her the ol’ deal, where if she headed to the back room and gave the shop owner a blowjob he would sweeten the pot a little by increasing the payout she got. She was pretty much at her wits’ end so she agreed to his terms, getting her knees dirty as she dropped down and sucked his cock, taking her huge tits out of her top to grease the wheels, so to speak. I guess she was getting pretty antsy while her man was in the pokey because as soon as she got her hands and lips on that huge cock she demanded he fuck her brains out as well…well you know what happens next, seeing as how this site is on the Bang Bros network!



Ecg gia

It’s not too often on Exploited College Girls that they bring out an exotic curvy hottie like Gia here…she’s a gorgeous brunette Arab teen with nice big titties, a fantastic bouncy bubble butt and libido for days! She gives a great blowjob too which never hurts, and shows off her sucking skills in this update even before the real scene starts. Once it does though she’s all excited and ready to go and immediately whips off her panties to play with that meaty pussy, getting all wet and ready to get fucked…and get fucked she does! Gia puts that juicy ass to work, especially when she gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggystyle, pushing her pussy back onto the guy’s hard cock and moaning away…most of the girls on this site end up taking a facial but that’s not enough for this horny teen, she keeps his cock inside and takes a big messy load deep in her 18 year old pussy for a great creampie finish!

Faye Tinto


Faye tinto on zishy

This girl has the unusual and kind of mysterious name Faye Tinto and she’s posing for this Zishy photoshoot called Runaway Love! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this chick before but that’s not too surprising, a lot of the girls on Zishy are one-offs so to speak and are just doing it for fun or for artistic expression I guess. Zishy lets the girls basically show their personality as well as their hotness, never really giving up the goods or getting gratutious so expect a lot of flashing and teasing but no like cock-sucking or anything like that. Faye did this shoot a few years back so the guy didn’t really remember too much about her but she wanted to be an actress and was playing the part of a runaway as the photographer snapped some shots of her on a park bench dancing around and then at a house flashing her gorgeous ass and teasing a bit as she got ready for a long restful nights’ sleep. I guess the idea is that she was pretending to be a runaway that was invited back to a stranger’s house to spend the night, with the naturally naughty results…

Eden Young


Eden young zishy

This Zishy update was for Mother’s Day so I’m a little slow on the draw in getting it up for you guys, sorry about that. I don’t think you would have known if I hadn’t just mentioned it though so hey I guess it doesn’t really make much difference does it…there’s not really anything having to do with mothers in this photoshoot, just gorgeous freckled hottie Eden Young hanging out in the kitchen in her sheer white bra and panties and a hippy headband…I get the feeling this chick wishes she was in the 1960s, not just because of her hippie accessories but also that her idea of relaxation is to kick back basically naked in the yard smoking a bowl and petting her dog! This chick looks like she’d be fun and relaxing to hang out with, I dig her….plus of course the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous with an incredible ass and a great pair of tits, that definitely doesn’t hurt matters! Zishy is the perfect site for a girl like Eden, she gets to show off her hot nude body but also gets to show her personality a little for us.

Dani Mathers


Dani Mathers For Playboy

Playboy just finds the best pair of tits don’t they?  Best tits, best pussy, best babes I mean they literally have it all.  This is a older scene but I figured you guys wouldn’t mind seeing Dani Mathers naked, even if you have already seen this scene before you probably still want to look at it.  It’s not just a picture gallery either you’re getting a video here too so make sure to check it out.  The gallery starts off with her in this one piece bathing suit which I normally don’t find very sexy but Dani is just one of those girls that makes everything sexy.  She unzips the top to give us a look at her perfect tits, I have no idea if they’re real or not from this angle though you have to say they’re all natural.  They seem just too damn perfect though, I must investigate and so should you.



Jasmine on ecg

Have you ever seen a girl with all kinds of attitude taking a selfie and doing a duckface and wanted to just fuck her brains out and shoot a load of cum onto her face? Well you’re in luck because you can make that fantasy come true here on Exploited College Girls with Jasmine here. She’s got attitude that’s for sure, but at least she is still willing to get naked and get the cameraman’s cock into her mouth and once she does she gets a little more warmed up and willing to have fun! She’s got a great ass and perky little boobies, the guy tries to get her to do some anal and he almost talks her into it but it doesn’t work out, fail anal is the worst anal. She does get her shaved pussy pounded nice and hard though, spreading her legs to get drilled until the guy gives her a nice facial to remember the day by!

Horny Harley


Blackgfs horny harley

This vision in teal is Horny Harley, a beautiful ebony babe in glasses doing a little studying at the beginning of this Black GFs update! She’s cute as hell and has an ass you will not soon forget…her boyfriend sure doesn’t want to forget it and he wants us all to get a nice look at it so he pulls her dress up a bit to show off that bouncy juicy booty! Soon she gives up on her bookworming and drops to her knees to take care of her man for awhile, taking her glasses off to give him a nice blowjob…she sucks him for a bit, licking and slurping her way down his big hard meat, but that’s only the intro to the main event! After a bit she lays on her back, spreading her legs to get that sweet pussy pounded and making her perky round titties bounce with the rhythm. She’s apparently having a blast, giggling her head off as she gets fucked, but what her guy really wants is to pound her doggystyle, not that I can blame him. Soon she’s on her hands and knees, getting drilled from behind until the guy shoots his load all over her butt!

Tag Team


Gf revenge tag team

So the sort of main girl in this GF Revenge update called Tag Team is blonde hottie Tucker but man just look at the tits on her friend Jazzmine there…holy shit. I just had to pick a thumb that featured how gorgeous those big breasts of hers are, even if it doesn’t show both Jazzmine and Tucker getting fucked by this lucky camera-wielding dude which is exactly what happens! The girls are getting ready to go tanning together but before they leave they decide to get naked and play with each other, making out and grabbing each others tits and eating pussy like lesbians while the guy films the whole thing! He wasn’t down to just spectate with these two hotties though, he joined in and they took turns sucking him off and then fucking him for this hot hardcore threesome. I don’t know how GF Revenge got the footage, Tucker doesn’t seem like the jealous type of girlfriend but who knows what happened, maybe the guy and Jazzmine decided to get together without inviting her along to the party!

Public Nudity


Busty chick in public

The weather is finally nicer and warmer and it’s time to start keeping an eye out for chicks sunbathing in the parks! This blonde with glasses loves to get a little sun on her skin (not much sun though from the looks of things, she looks like she just crawled out of a cave after a few years in the darkness) and she loves to get naked in public so she pops her huge tits out of her top and then takes off her shorts and panties, laying on a towel in a field with her ass out for anyone to see who happens to walk by! I don’t know what’s with the hourglass though, maybe she’s daring herself to stay naked in public until the sand runs out or something, as a sort of exhibitionist game.

Marina Visconti


Marina Visconti

This busty naughty nurse is Marina Visconti and she’s taking really good care of her favorite patient in this photoshoot from DDF Busty, stripping down to show off those huge perfect tits and then taking the guy’s blood pressure readings by sliding his big cock into her mouth! She gives him a nice blowjob and then slides his dick between her huge boobs before mounting him and riding her way to orgasm, letting her breasts bounce all over the place as he plunges his meat into her sweet wet hole! This big breasted honey loves a nice hardcore fuck and that’s just what she’s getting here, I’m starting to think maybe she doesn’t really take her job as a nurse very seriously, call it a hunch.

Sexy Beauty


Ccgfs sexy beauty

Some people can handle separation for a bit from their significant other and some can’t…Nysha here gets so pent up from being away from her boyfriend for extended periods of time that she just can’t stand it and has to make a little video to send him and let him know she was horny as hell and thinking of him! I guess that’s preferable to going out and fucking some other guy I guess…especially since this way we get to see the footage that got sent in to Crazy College GFs! This girl is sexy as hell to begin with but add to that her accent and she’s just unstoppable…watch Nysha strip out of her big tshirt-slash-dress and hang out naked in the shallow end of the pool, splashing water all over her perfect breasts and that sweet fuckable ass! I guess she set up the camera on a tripod, otherwise she had some friend of hers hold it or something. This girl is hot as hell, her boyfriend is nuts if he spends a single minute more than necessary away from home if she’s waiting there naked and horny like this.

Orgasmic Ashley


Ecg ashley2

Ashley here is a 19 year old college student who doesn’t exactly wow with her interview skills but man oh man, when the clothes come off and she starts getting her pussy pleasured all bets are off! This girl is mega-orgasmic, cumming like a freight train when the Exploited College Girls cameraman buzzes her clit with a rabbit toy and brushes against her g-spot. She’s got a very nice body with perky tits and a nice tan and a bubble butt like you wouldn’t believe! With her skinny frame you’d expect her to have that white-girl inverted ass thing going on but nope, this girl has a fantastic juicy booty and loves to show it off as she gets her pussy filled up with cock from behind, making her orgasm again and again before she finally takes a big facial finish…turns out she hates facials but looks like that information would have been more useful earlier because it’s too late, she got that ooey blooey all over her cheeks! I hear it’s good for the skin, at least, maybe that’ll soften the blow so to speak. This update just goes to show, sometimes it’s the quiet introverted ones who end up turning into a sexual dynamo when the right buttons get pressed!

Been Caught Stealing


Xxx pawn two thieves

If I was going to choose a place that seemed like a good idea to rob, a pawn shop certainly wouldn’t be near the top of the list…anywhere that has guns for sale in the cases almost certainly has guns behind the counter too, know what I mean? These two would-be thieves don’t exactly seem like a brain trust though, so it’s no wonder they gave petty theft a try and it’s definitely no wonder they got caught in the act. When the cops showed up the girls freaked and that’s when the shop manager took the opportunity to give them a deal…if they came to the back room and the cuter one sucked his cock and got fucked he’d let them off the hook! They took the deal of course and hence we get this XXX Pawn update from the Bang Bros network as this big booty Latina got pounded while her friend sat and watched!

Naughty Nala


Black gfs naughty nala

With an ass like that you know naughty Nala here has gotta be hitting the gym on the regular and in this update from Black GFs we get to see what she likes to do when she gets home with her body all tingling from exertion and her heartrate still pumping! She starts out in the bathroom taking some selfies in her little purple top and tight panties as her boyfriend set up the videocamera to catch all the fun…soon she got tired of playing by herself and grabbed his cock, giving him a nice deep blowjob as she played with her pussy, getting it ready for the hot hard fuck that was in the works. She looked incredible getting pounded and sounded incredible too with super hot moans and gasps as she rode her man’s crank with that tight wet hole of hers! She wanted his load right on her face and he was more than happy to oblige, frosting her tongue to finish up this hot hardcore fuck session.

Pussy Peeper


Gfr pussy peeper stacie

This blonde college cutie Stacie was just taking a nap and looking hot as hell when her boyfriend busted out his video camera and started recording her…she looked great in her white tank top and panties and I guess her guy thought so too because he started tickling and teasing her pussy, getting her all worked up until she agreed to suck his cock! The lights were a little bright though so she pulled the covers up over her head while she gave him head, bobbing that pretty face up and down on his big thick dick for this GF Revenge update. He wasn’t about to be satisfied with just a blowjob though, spreading her long white legs to fuck that sweet tight college girl pussy of hers in this update they called Pussy Peeper! Either they broke up or this chick wasn’t actually his girlfriend if you know what I mean, because the footage got sent to GF Revenge for us to enjoy!

Claudia Quattrone


Claudia quattrone garage zishy

You might not expect a beautiful blonde bombshell like Claudia Quattrone here to be down to get a little dirty and have fun when she looks so put-together and flawless, but that’s the kind of thing that a site like Zishy brings out in a girl! The models on the site have the opportunity to show their personalities a little more than is usual for adult sites, especially for glamour type models like Claudia here. She’s hanging out in her cluttered up garage just having a ball, and showing off that perfect ass as she lifts up her dress outside next to a beat-up old van (might be hers, I don’t know). It can be easy at a glance to dismiss chicks like this as being too prim and proper and fussy to kick back and have fun but you’d sure as shit be wrong in this case, Claudia is goofy and beautiful and down to have a good time, and doesn’t care if she’s stomping around in dirt and grass in her high heels while she does it! Did I mention she has a perfect butt? I sure hope so…it’s a shame she doesn’t flash those perky titties a little more in this photoshoot but hey, we definitely get some great ass shots so I’m not about to start complaining, are you?

Amateur Sex


Amateur girl fucks

Usually we have professional pornstars doing their thing on these updates I make but once in awhile it’s nice to have a girl on who is obviously completely amateur and has no plans to make a career in porn or anything, she just loves getting naked and loves to fuck, and that’s just what we’ve got here…this Latina honey sucks her boyfriend’s small dick and then goes for a ride, taking him as far as he can manage into her pussy (it’s a good thing she shaves that thing by the way, you can tell it would ordinarily be a friggin forest down there) before licking her own big titties and masturbating for us. These photos were taken in 2011 in her bedroom, hard to say if she’s done anything since then but I’m sure she’s still lovin the cock whenever she gets the chance!

Used Car For Sale


Xxx pawn car for sale

I don’t know what some of the chicks are even thinking when they roll up to the pawnshop, they try to sell some of the worst things…take this country bumpkin of a chick for instance, she’s trying to get money for a piece of shit car and is hoping to pay off all her bills with it! She’s lucky the guy doesn’t charge her to take it off her hands, especially after going for a test drive in it and finding out it’s basically falling apart. Since this is the XXX Pawn shop though and is run by the Bang Bros network, they’re willing to swing a deal…they’ll take the car off her hands if she throws a little road head in with the deal! She’s willing to give a blowjob so it’s basically game on once they get back to the pawnshop, offering her more money in exchange for fucking on camera which she decides of course to do! What she lacks in terms of big tits she more than makes up for with a sweet bouncy ass as she gets her pussy pounded in this hot scene.

Anika Shay


Anika Shay Playboy

Be warned guys this site I am sending you is one of those sites where the video just automatically starts playing.  It’s music that made my ears hurt that’s why I had to say it.  It’s not everyday you get a Playboy video so that’s why I wanted to hook you guys up and especially cause this Anika Shay girl is smoking hot.  She is just kind of dancing taking off her clothes in the video so it’s not everything you would hope for and then some.  I actually prefer the pictures but I always do when it comes to Playboy.  These guys get the cream of the crop for babes, so if you like big breasts, tight pussies and extremely hot faces I mean there is really only one place to go and that’s Playboy.

Latina Tries To Sell Phones


XXX Pawn Selling Phones

Here is a nice set of boobs for you guys to oogle at.  Her name is well we will never know because she is some random girl off the streets who cam into a pawn shop, XXX Pawn to be exact looking to sell some cellphones.  I can only guess at why she has 10 different phones she is trying to pawn, I think she has some friends that like to steal from people.  This pawn shop owner has some class though because he doesn’t like dealing in stolen goods.  So he flashes some cash and this sexy Latin babe and tells her she should come in the back with him if she wanted some money.  Once he gets her in the back he starts to work his magic on her.  He gets her to show those tits and then he goes for it all and asks her what it would take for her to fuck him.  It doesn’t take much at all in fact I would have paid 10x that amount to get in this sexy little pussy.  Like all Latin woman this girl knows how to ride a cock especially in the reverse cowgirl position.  You get to see this sex from all sorts of “spy” cam angles because as you can imagine when you run a pawn shop security is a real concern.  The guy totally blurs out his face all the time so that’s pretty annoying but if he keeps him turning out these amazing porno’s I say keep on doing what you’re doing brother!

Ellena Woods


Ellena woods for zishy

Sweet and sexy teen cutie Ellena Woods is from the Pacific Northwest so she doesn’t know a whole lot about hanging out on the beach in the sun! The Zishy photographer took her to Muscle Beach and was able to take these adorably hot photos of Ellena before she was turned into a cinder…her skin just wasn’t ready for the rays of the sun, that Washington state weather made her susceptible to becoming charcoal. Before that untimely event though Ellena had a blast in her Beach Casual outfit, consisting of tiny white shorts that she tugged down to show off her nice teen ass, and a pink tshirt that was easy to lift up and give us a little sneak peak flash of those perky titties! Can’t wait to see this girl come back for more shots, she seems like a sweetheart and that body of hers is mighty fine too!

Coming Clean


Zishy lilith lust coming clean

Some girls just get it in their minds that what they want to become is a human Barbie doll, doesn’t matter if it makes them look like an alien or what (since the Barbie has such freakish proportions when turned into actual human sizes)…I don’t know what the appeal is but I guess Lilith Lust is one of those girls! Luckily there are sites out there like Zishy where they love to have girls on and just allow them to show their personalities, because Lilith (you might also know here as Rainia Belle but not so much) is cool as hell, and just so happens to have an incredible body and a beautiful face! With her sexy blue spandex top and panties she looks fantastic already but it’s when she strips down entirely nude that she really shines through…those huge tits of hers are pretty much perfect and she also has an incredible ass that she shows off here in this photoshoot as she hops in the shower and gets all squeaky clean. In fact the name of this photoshoot is Coming Clean if that tells you anything…can’t wait to see more from this hot redhead!

Tattoo Girl Gets A Deal


Here is a fine ass girl in a g-string in what you probably think is like a hidden camera site and you would be some what right. This scene comes from a site called XXX Pawn. The whole idea of this site is that when girls that are somewhat good looking (they’re all not perfect 10’s here) and need some extra money are given a rather unusual option. That option is the guy who owns the pawn shop says they can go in the back and take a couple of nude pictures with their item them want to sell and he’ll throw in a couple extra hundred bucks. This is like some of those other sites where once they get the girls top off they keep offering more and more money until the girl finally agrees to fuck on camera. Since this is a real deal pawn shop there is camera’s everywhere in the place so you get some really cool angles of the sex. The guy also holds a camera so you get some POV shots which are nice. It is especially nice with this round ass Latin girl. When he tells her to sit down reverse cowgirl on his cock the video switches to his view and let me tell you it’s a site to be seen. This girl has ridden a dick or two in her day that’s for sure. So far from taking their tour it looks like all these girls are real amateurs so this could be one of those real deal porn sites, we can only hope right!

Some Car Fun


Lucy tyler ccgfs

This hot blonde college girl needed a ride from her friend but there was a price to pay…you know how it used to be ‘grass gas or ass nobody rides for free’, now it’s ‘show me your hole is the name of the toll’! Actually I just made that up but it’s pretty fuckin catchy if you ask me, maybe that’ll catch on and make me a million dollars from bumperstickers and whatnot. In the meantime though until that check shows up in the mail let’s watch this update from Crazy College GFs as this guy has some car fun with his hot horny friend! She was willing to show those perfect perky boobies before the ride and flashes her pussy during the ride, and when the driver pops wood she seals the deal to get a ride across town by grabbing his crank like a stickshift and then sucking him off as he drove around (secretly he was probably going around the block over and over). Seems like a fair price to pay, especially when the guy submits the video to this website for us to enjoy!

Desperate Nurse


Desperate Nurse XXX Pawn Shop

Here is a girl who walked into a pawn shop just trying to get 200 bucks.  It seems like such little money especially to go in the back and suck the owners dick but that’s what this exotic nurse ends up doing.  She doesn’t just suck his dick she also fucks him as well as does some other crazy things on camera for him.  The videos from this XXX Pawn shop are pretty real I am not going to say it is for sure real but I mean it looks like it’s a operational pawn shop in my opinion.  This girl probably ended up fucking this guy just when she saw how big his dick is.  He pulled that thing out and she probably was like “okay I will fuck him”.  She is a nurse so you would think money wouldn’t be a problem but you always spend what you make I think.  This is the first time I am posting this site but I can guess this won’t be the last time you see the pawn shop.

Irene Quinn


Irene quinn on zishy

There is no doubt about it, Irene Quinn is a stone fox in this Zishy photoshoot! She starts out ahead of the curve already with her beautiful face and incredible body but with an outfit like this it just brings things above and beyond the call of hotness duty…she’s got a semi-sheer top that lets her nipples show through just enough to drive a fella crazy, and a skirt that looks like what a horny secretary might be wearing in those dreams you have. She’s just checking her mail at the bottom floor of the apartment building you share with her, maybe you’ve seen Irene from a distance as she brings groceries home or whatever but never got the gumption up to talk to her. Well now’s your chance big guy! I guess whatever small talk you two made did the trick because soon Irene is hiking up her skirt to show off that perfect ass in her thong panties and her perky nipples are straining against that thin fabric. Zishy loves letting a girl show her personality in their photoshoots and Irene here has a blast walking around town with the cameraman flashing and teasing away!

Haley Gladwell


Haley gladwell for zishy

Who doesn’t love seeing a beautiful girl having fun and showing her personality while she teases with some glimpses at her sexy body…now take that same question and add the word ‘redhead’ in there and you’ve basically got this hot Zishy photoshoot featuring Haley Gladwell as she goes for a hike in the scrub brush! She loves walking around in nature but I guess the heat got to her pretty quick (redheads aren’t exactly known for their UV resistance if you follow me) because she started stripping off her clothes and pouring water all over her body! It’s pretty damn hot but I guess a little TOO hot for Haley because she heads back home pretty soon to hang out with her adorable new puppy. That dog has pretty good taste in finding a place to sleep, it ends up konked out draped over Haley’s sweet firm butt! Hahah…I just took a look at the puppy’s expression in the thumbnail I picked out, that’s fucking classic. Haley’s got quite a beak on her but she’s hot as hell, I don’t know if that’s in spiite of her nose or because of it because she has a lot of personality to her face that’s for sure.

Brooke Wylde


Brooke wylde on zishy

Surely you’ve seen beautiful busty Brooke Wylde before but if not, take this opportunity to peruse her little archive right here. Once that’s finished (it’s basically a homework assignment) come on back and check out this Zishy photoshoot as she shows off that fun personality! On Zishy the girls don’t just get naked and spread their pussies wide open or whatever, they actually keep a little to the imagination which is a rarity in the industry these days but is hot as hell…plus the girls get to do things they enjoy and show a little personality for once and it’s always fun to see these hotties genuinely enjoying themselves. Brooke here is a good example of today’s youth, having fun exploring her sexuality and wearing whatever the hell she wants while she listens to EDM (in this photoshoot she’s got a sheer leotard on that shows off those big perfect tits very nicely!). Time to let this girl have fun and play and enjoy the pictures!



Aubrey on ecg

The guy from Exploited College Girls says this girl Aubrey might just be the hottest one he’s ever had on the site, I don’t know if I agree with that but hey I guess he would probably know better than I would with his firsthand experience and Aubrey is undeniably sexy as hell! I guess part of it is her personality, she seems like fun and man oh man she gets into some dirty talk like you wouldn’t believe…I’m surprised this guy didn’t shoot his load all over her the instant she opened her mouth and started begging him to fuck her in the ass! He does so of course, so if you’re an anal fan this update will stir your pot but good…actually if you’re pretty much any kind of fan of hotness this girl will tickle your fancy, she’s got some tricks up her sleeves and has a body like you dream about with her big firm breasts and an incredible ass! I don’t know if she’s ever been on the receiving end of a deep-dicking like this, the ECG cameraman goes above and beyond the call of duty as he he pounds her face and ass and pussy, making her cum multiple times before he finally shoots his load deep in her hole for a nice creampie! Aubrey gets a 10 out of 10 for sure, I’m not sure if she’s looking to branch out in the adult industry or not but if so I’m sure she’ll be a big hit wherever the hell she goes…I just hope we’re invited along for the ride, so to speak!

Ecstatic Vaginal Massage


Noma massaged hegre art

It’s been a little while since I’ve given you guys a massage scene from Hegre Art, so I figured it was high time and that you’d suffered enough withdrawal, it’s time to get your relax on and take a load off. Join Noma here as she gets her perfect body taken to the heights of pleasure, courtesy of the skillful hands of the Hegre masseuse! Some sites you’ll see do massage scenes that look about as real as a video of Bigfoot waterskiing but not here, Hegre has the real jam and their masseuses obviously legitimately know what they’re doing! I’m not sure which masseuse is doing the work in this ecstatic vaginal massage but Noma looks like she’s being taken to a whole other plane of existence as she gets her tight pussy gently fingered and rubbed and expertly pleasured until she has an incredible earth-shaking orgasm (or five)! Keep an eye on her face as she gets taken to the heights of physical joy, it’s pretty amazing.

Vine Porn


Vine Porn

I’m not even sure if this petition is still going since it’s been a couple months now but hey, I figured it was important enough to pass the information along! Have you ever used Vine, which is basically the video version of Twitter with 6-second clips? Well there used to be a good amount of porn and nudity but now the terms of service have been changed and it’s no longer allowed…this petition is to fight for the personal freedom where folks can be nude if they want and post naked videos if they damn well want to! If they had forbidden nudity from the beginning I guess it would be a bit different but to allow it for awhile and then all of a sudden say NOPE is a bit of a slap in the face. Who doesn’t like 6-second naked clips of a hot horny babe?

Miley Cyrus Lookalike


Miley Cyrus lookalike

Usually when there’s a popular celebrity and a ‘lookalike’ appears on a website or whatever the resemblance is fleeting at best…in this case though it’s pretty spot-on! This girl from Playboy is a Miley Cyrus lookalike and dammit she does look just like Miley, even down to the shaved sides of the head! She’s got her hair dyed red though and doesn’t have the same tattoos so yeah it’s not actually Miley. You can let your fantasies play out here though, this girl is a dead ringer and is getting completely nude…and her body is fucking smokin hot from head to toe regardless of who she looks like in the face! Great ass, nice perky boobies, sexy hips, beautiful face…I approve.



Susann at the river

Spring is warming up towards summer already and Susann is out in the woods enjoying it! Check out these Femjoy photos of this beautiful and naturally busty babe hanging out completely nude by the riverside, grabbing her big tits while the breeze rustles through the canopy overhead and makes her long kinky hair wave and flow. She’s got a body that is absolutely stunning, I mean I can’t even really express how fucking how hot it is you’ve got to just take a look for yourself. Big tits, great ass, beautiful face, what’s not to like? This Femjoy photoshoot will have you heading to the woods to commune with nature, or at least to hope to run across a nymph like Susann sunning herself stark naked on the rocks!

Victoria Blaze


Victoria Blaze

I love the USA but sometimes I wish people would get the sticks out of their butts about public nudity…I mean if someone wants to run around naked in public who is it really harming, assuming they’re not like trying to attack someone? It’s photoshoots like this one from W4B featuring Victoria Blaze that make me think of that, she’s in Romania or something and is riding the tramway completely naked…there are other people on the train and they don’t give a rat’s ass if Victoria is hanging out naked or not, maybe it’s because she’s hot as hell but it seems like it’s just a case of personal freedom and open mindedness.

Whitney Westgate is Back


Zishy love you sun

Spring is in full swing and is well on its way towards summer…some places are hitting the 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s and it’s just barely into May! Everyone has their way of shaking off the winter doldrums and welcoming the warmth and light of spring, and Whitney Westgate is showing hers in this Zishy update called Love You Sun! She’s doing yoga outdoors in the morning rays of the sun, stretching out in her yoga pants (I didn’t even realize yoga pants were still a thing but man she looks fucking gorgeous in them) and doing a little impromptu photoshoot at the same time! This is what, her third time on the site I think, and she has looked gorgeous all three times now, we can always expect something new and top-shelf from this honey! If you somehow missed out on the previous ones, here is scene1 and scene2 from Zishy for you to enjoy…Whitney sure looks like she’s enjoying herself in them! I can’t wait to see what she gets up to this summer, I foresee plenty of hot sunbathing and bikini action in the works but that’s just a guess.

Lexi Belle


Lexi Belle

Say hello to gorgeous blonde Penthouse pet Lexi Belle as she gives you a nice tour of her new black and white panties and bra! She‘s got a hell of a body and this lingerie of hers shows it off mighty nice, especially her sweet round ass! The panties are pretty sheer, you can see her butt right through the thin fabric…the bra isn’t quite as see-through but it’s sort of a moot point because she pops it right off and lets those perfect perky boobies out as well. I’m not sure that blonde is really her color but she is looking hot as hell in this photoshoot.

Felicia Davies The Bends


Felicia davies on zishy

Sexy redhead Felicia Davies is back on Zishy in a hot photoshoot called The Bends! I guess it’s not just an album, although it’s a little hard to figure out why this shoot got that title…I guess she does some deep knee bends and stretches out a bit. Anyway she’s got her sexy blue lacy lingerie bodysuit on which is basically see-through and clings to her perfect ass amazingly. This girl is sexy as hell with a beautiful face, nice long kinky red hair and an incredible body, not to mention plenty of personality! It’s that last bit that Zishy particularly does better than most sites, letting the girls they shoot do things they enjoy and just have a good time because if there’s anything sexier than a beautiful nearly nude woman, it’s a happy and relaxed beautiful nearly nude woman! If you missed out on Felicia’s earlier Zishy scene don’t worry, I’ve got it right here for you ready to go.



Madison on ecg

This curvy cutie (she looks Latina to me but that’s just a guess, I don’t know for sure) is named Madison and she’s ready to start pushing her sexual boundaries and try some new things…she’s a teen cutie with nice big tits and a juicy booty but not a whole lot of experience, which is pretty apparent if you ask me in this Exploited College Girls update! She says she’s tried giving blowjobs before and it’s not something she likes to do which as you can imagine is quite a disappointment to the cameraman but she does her best, sucking his cock and trying not to gag or anything like that. She does love to fuck though, so he lays her back on the bed and takes that teen pussy for a test drive, working her hole doggystyle and sideways and missionary, making those big titties bounce with the rhythm like bongo drums! After fucking her for awhile he’s ready to give her a facial, but she turns her head like he’s about to shine a flashlight in her eyes. She takes a face full of goo though and doesn’t seem too thrilled about it….tough titties, sister, if you want to make it in this business beyond just a one-off for some extra cash you’ve gotta learn to roll with the spurts!



Farrah for ecg

You might remember seeing a small update with this hot redhead Farrah here not too long ago, she was pretty sore from getting fucked like the day before her shoot and I suspect it might have been this Exploited College Girls shoot that did it! Once she gtets naked here and shows those bouncy titties and that sexy curvy ass of hers all bets are off, she’s on her back cumming like a freight train with a banshee in it and the cameraman is mentally high fiving himself for having what must be just about the greatest job in the world as he fucks her hard and deep! Farrah looks fantastic getting that pink pussy penetrated in this hot update but all good things must cum to an end and this guy shot a big creamy load all over her face and in her hair to finish things off.



Miriam on MC Nudes

The site MC Nudes presents these pictures of perennial favorite Miriam, a gorgeous MILF with huge natural perfect tits, relaxing in a soaker tub and running her hands all over her nude body…I mean who could resist cupping and squeezing those breasts and running their hands down those long legs to touch that pussy? Not Miriam, that’s for sure, she’s just as susceptible to her charms as the rest of us are apparently! She gets into some sloshing as she rolls around in the water while her bath fills, fantasizing about having her legs spread open and a big dick slid into her hole. It’s not often that you get even dirter in a tub than you were outside of it, but Miriam here is putting on a clinic with these gyrations!

Stefanie Knight


Stefanie Knight

Meet Stefanie Knight, a Playboy cybergirl with a penchant for getting all wet and wild…and she’s certainly got the body for it! Watch this chick undress and hop in the shower, letting the water get that long dark hair wet down her back as she runs her hands over those big perfect breasts…she must live in Seattle or something, it doesn’t look like the sun has toasted that creamy skin of hers in a very long time! Stefanie is an unearthly beauty and once again Playboy has done us all the favor of hunting down one of the hottest girls on the planet (well, you know what I mean) and getting them naked for us. And I haven’t even mentioned her perfect ass yet!

Tawny Henderson


Tawny henderson zishy

Stunning Tawny Henderson doesn’t usually get naked or show off that gorgeous body which is a damn shame if you ask me, but luckily she was approached by Zishy and once she took a look at the kind of photos they shoot she was all for it! You won’t be getting any fully nude gratuitous scenes with these guys but what you do get is a slew of gorgeous girls like Tawny showing their personality and teasing the hell out of us with some barely-clothed pics like these! Tawny here is wandering the town in her high-waisted shorts (since when did those come back anyway, I always thought they were totally unflattering and awful) before heading indoors to the library where she reads some books on anxiety and strips down to her thong, lying on the kitchen counter and looking fucking sexy as hell! Maybe she had been anxious about showing a little skin and that book convinced her to face her fears…if so I’d like to send a thank-you letter to the author.

Carlee Delima


Carlee delima on zishy

I’m always amazed at the caliber of girls they get on Zishy to show off and hang out in public (and in private)! I think part of the appeal for the models is that they’re not really required to play a character like they would be on most hardcore sites or anything like they, they just do what they love to do and get to show their personality as well as those spectacular bodies. For instance Carlee Delima here in this photoshoot is absolutely stunning and is just relaxing on her college campus wandering the grounds and teasing the hell out of us with that perfect ass of hers. She looks like she might be part Asian but it’s hard to tell, all I know is that she’s completely beautiful and has some freckles and a great body, and knows how to tease with it! Hopefully she’ll be back for more scenes on this site, I get the feeling that she loves showing off almost as much as we love watching her.

Ass Flasher


Ass flasher on ccgfs

This would have been a hell of a day to skip class…this gorgeous college babe walked up to the professor’s desk and tugged her panties down, pulling her skirt up and flashing her perfect ass for the whole class to see! Everyone pulled out their cellphones and tablets and whatever else they had handy to capture the moment! She has an amazing butt and a very nice looking pussy and you just know she’s going to fuck pretty much every classmate in there at some point or other! That’s just how this chick rolls and is how she got on Crazy College GFs…and there were plenty of photos from all her classmates, not to mention video, to send in as a submission for the site! I guess this girl is just an exhibitionist to the core, she loves it when her friends see that round juicy peach of an ass and loves the thrill she gets knowing her teacher is none the wiser as he talks to her about her crappy homework.

Lindsey Pelas


Lindsey Pelas Playboy

Well this girl is just drop dead gorgeous isn’t she?  She is from Plaboy and those tits right there you are seeing are all natural.  Usually you see fake tits on Playboy nowadays (I don’t mind that) but they found someone real special in this chick.  Her name is Lindsey Pelas and I found a gallery of hers from Playboy with a matching video, you are really going to enjoy this.  I tried to find this girls Wikipedia entry because I figure she had to be famous.  Anytime I see a girl this hot I think she has to be married to someone famous or famous in her own rights Lindsey however isn’t she is just a Playboy model.  Mark my words though, she will marry someone important someday this girl is too fucking hot not to.

Geri Burgess Type Oh


Geri burgess type oh zishy

This is her (I think) 4th  time on Zishy and Geri Burgess just keeps on getting more and more gorgeous if you ask me! Apparently some asshole linked a bunch of her Zishy sets to her modeling agency and she got the boot which is a damn shame and a stupid move on their part because this girl is just stunning from head to toe. This shoot is called Type Oh and if you missed the first few photoshoots of her I’ve got em right here (1, 2, 3) so you’re welcome for that. This time she’s just hanging out in the bedroom in a button-down shirt and a pair of panties and some cute glasses, goofing around and just being herself…and then she gets totally nude! The body on this girl is incredible and she certainly seems to love teasing us with it…can’t wait til the next update, she seems to be well suited to the type of pictures Zishy likes to do.

French Nude Beach


French Nudists

Man, now that’s the way to have fun on a nude beach! This French couple were hanging out at the nude beach and got a little horny and the blonde MILF with the huge tits just straight up started giving her man a blowjob right there in front of everybody because they don’t give a flying fuck who sees. Maybe that’s how it’s done in France, I don’t really know but man I hope so because I always wondered why there wasn’t more sucking and fucking on a naked beach with all those sweet tits and asses around (and floppy dicks for the ladies). I guess this video clip goes to show, there’s plenty of sucking at least going on…I can’t tell if the people walking by are like shocked or if they just don’t care, maybe they’re too polite to stare but I’m glad there was at least one perv on the sand with a camera so we could check it out here.

Shannon Stewart


Shannon Stewart

Sexy big breasted blonde Shannon Stewart stars in this Plaboy shoot…things start out normal enough with this gorgeous babe showing off her tits and long legs in a swanky bedroom but then when things head outside it gets a little strange if you ask me. Shannon has on just this weird sheer fabric thing with a bunch of feathers jammed into it, it looks like the kind of thing you’d see on a 14 year old’s Etsy store or something. Shannon has this thing wrapped around her and is sitting on a wooden swing, drifting back and forth probably getting all kinds of splinters in her bare ass. That would be a shame too, that ass is pretty damn nice as-is and it’s horrible to picture it with a bunch of slivers sticking out of it. Weirdness aside this girl is hot as hell and Playboy did a good job of showing off her boobs to their best advantage! It’s like they’ve done this before or something.

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