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Sunny Pics


Sunny pics on gf revenge

When beautiful blonde Sunny Marie here started packing up her luggage for a long solo trip her boyfriend quickly pulled out the video recorder…he wanted to make a hot sextape so he could remember her while she was out of town and it took a little convincing but eventually Sunny agreed to it! She slipped out of her shorts to show how hot her ass looked in her little panties before sucking his cock and getting that sweet shaved teen pussy fucked, riding the guy while he recorded eveyrthing from first person perspective! Turns out that her long solo trip was to meet up with a guy friend of hers and, well, long story short the dude who recorded this ended up sending the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback. This blonde spinner gets a nice hard fuck here so at least he sent her off on the right foot, so to speak!

Graduation Day


Ccgfs with alex chance

It’s graduation day and this one lucky babe named Alex Chance is about to graduation Cum Laudly in this Crazy College GFs update! After talking some of her hot college girl friends to flash their sweet titties for a few pictures she meets up with her longtime friend (but not boyfriend) for a little last-minute fun before they all went their separate ways. There’s always someone you have your eye on through the college experience and sometimes it’s just not in the cards for it to turn into anything, but rather than a lifetime of regrets Alex decides to give into temptation just this once by sucking and fucking his big hard cock in his car (and on his hood!) while he records the whole thing for posterity and future late-night reminiscing, if you know what I mean! Alex is a hottie with a body, that’s for sure…sweet spankable ass, nice big bouncy titties and of course blowjob skills this guy will be thinking about for years to cum. Watch that sweet pussy of hers get pounded before the guy blasts a load all over her!

Italian Beach Babe


Italian beach chick

Say hello again to a gorgeous amateur babe showing off her sweet sexy body, courtesy of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Ernie does an update most days and it’s always worth reading, whether you’re there for the writing or for the smattering of photos of sexy amateurs or what. Most of this update I’m linking talks about the Lets Bring Em Home movement, with a personal anecdote from Ernie about his own experience heading to Basic Training …I guess he meant to post this on Veteran’s Day but either procrastinated or other stuff came up so he ended up not having time to sit down and write this up until today. Every update on EHOWA has stuff worth reading, whether it’s a story about heading to the military for the first time or a heads-up on some great deals on stuff or just some gorgeous Italian babes on the beach like this chick up above! Man, that big juicy booty of hers is a doozie isn’t it?

Amateur Cleavage


Sexy cleavage

The weather is getting cooler and cooler but it’s for the most part not quite frigid outside yet and you know what that means…it’s that glorious window of time where women have sweaters on but not huge thick ones, letting sweater kittens out to play! Check out the awesome cleavage on this gorgeous amateur for instance…those big tits of hers look incredible in her top, the buttons look like they’re about to pop right off, not that anybody would complain. She took this selfie with her phone so part of her face is obscured unfortunately, but it’s a sexy candid shot and obviously she knows she’s got great tits so she put em front and center for everyone to check out! This picture is from Double Viking, they’ve got tons of hotties and lots of cool information and even some fun flash games to waste time with when you’re supposed to be working (not that I know anything about that)!



Czech amateur

If these pictures look a little on the sterile side just keep in mind that these are casting photos, showing every angle and every inch of a sexy busty amateur hottie named Katerina so other sites can see if they want to hire her as a model. The upshot is that you get to see this beautiful woman in her natural state, with little or no makeup and every sexy curve of her body on display! Those big beautiful breasts look incredible and her sweet juicy booty would look amazing up in the air as you drill that tight pussy of hers from behind…this update is from a site called Czech Casting and there’s basically a neverending supply of beautiful Czech hotties interested in making some easy cash in the adult industry! This girl looks a little shy to tell the truth, maybe this is her first time modeling or something but man she is hot as hell so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of work for her.

Lickity Split


Black gfs lickety split

Lovely limber ebony hottie Nina started out this Black GFs update stretching out on the floor in her bikini, getting her sweet long legs stretched out and showing off that big juicy booty! Her man had run off and grabbed his video recorder when he saw her doing it, and taped her stretching out and looking sexy as hell…she demurred a little when she noticed him recording it but then gave in and made it a little show for him, shaking her ass and driving him crazy! He popped a boner of course and she was feeling a little frisky herself so she dropped to her knees, licking and sucking his cock looking up with those pretty eyes of hers. Soon she was naked and bent over with that big round ass in the air getting fucked doggystyle, I guess all the stretching and sucking had gotten her blood flowing in all the right places! Nina got her sweet shaved pussy drilled and then took a facial that dripped all over her perky titties…the name of the episode is Lickety Split and at first I thought she was going to get eaten out a bunch but I guess she did do the splits and definitely did plenty of licking on her man’s cock!



Brittney on ecg

Alright now this is the fourth ‘Brittney‘ we’ve seen on Exploited College Girls! These amateur cuties are hot as hell but man they’ve gotta get a little more creative with their industry monikers if you ask me. This blonde cutie looks like a Brittney though so I guess she gets a pass…she’s an 18 year old schoolgirl who loves a dick in the mouth and is really damn good at giving a blowjob as you’ll see soon enough when you check out this scene! She takes her time tongueing and stroking and licking and sucking until the guy almost blows his load before even sampling that wet teen pussy of hers! He’s got enough self discipline to prevent that though and soon he’s sinking his cock into that creamy hole, drilling her nice and deep until she has a huge shuddering shaking orgasm (only her 2nd ever with a guy!), moaning and bucking her hips…he keeps fucking her but with blowjob skills like this girl has it would be a travesty not to finish off with a nice sucking and pumping and Brittney works a big facial load out of that dick with pleasure.

Busty Emma Butt


Emma Butt Lusty Beyond Lens

This is a new video that just came out today and it’s from a site a rarely every post.  I don’t post this site not because their porn isn’t good but just because they usually only have thick, big breasted woman and BBWs.  That’s not really what we are going for here but today I thought I would hook you up with this short little clip from Emma Butt.  She has these huge fake titties and she is a total MILF.  In this scene she is picking up her “photographer” and she did it simply but just whipping out her big titties and showing them to him.  He face fucks her but more importantly he gets his dick between her giant melons and gives her a nice good titty fuck she won’t forget. The name of this episode if you want to try and find more of it or something is Lust Beyond The Lens.

Cassidy Ellis


Cassidy ellis on zishy

This beautiful 20 year old is Cassidy Ellis, an absolute stunner who is new to the modeling world so she’s a bit shy in this Zishy update…but given that it is Zishy you know we’ll be seeing some of her personality even through her shyness and man oh man what a woman this is. She’s got a face you’ll be seeing in your dreams tonight I can almost guarantee that, has big perfect breasts and hips made out of sex, not to mention a spectacular ass! She flashes those huge boobs and drops her tiny little denim shorts to show off her long gorgeous legs and that sweet booty in her thong panties…man, this chick is just a stunner at every turn, I just can’t say enough good things about her! To be honest we don’t get to see QUITE as much personality as we usually do with photoshoots on the Zish but I’m gonna chalk that up to insecurity…Cassidy has NOTHING to be insecure about though that’s for damn sure, so I’m looking forward to seeing her get her confidence up a bit and come back for round two to blow us all away.

Lights Camera Action


Cindy starfall on crazy asian gfs

Gorgeous exotic babe Cindy Starfall was going to make her boyfriend a sexy little tape of her showing off that sweet body of hers, but he happened to walk in on her right as she was shaking that sweet booty at the camera! He may have ruined her plans for a surprise masturbation tape but he definitely enabled a much hotter scene as he got his hard cock out to slide it down Cindy’s throat and then fuck her sweet shaved pussy until he came inside for a nice creampie! The original surprise may have gone out the window but hey I don’t think this guy is going to do any complaining after making this hardcore sextape with Cindy…they had so much fun they wanted to share the action with the world so it got sent in to Crazy Asian GFs for us all to watch! Cindy sure doesn’t seem to mind…she knows she’s got sweet tits and a perfect ass so having a video out there of her in action isn’t exactly an embarassment.

Touchy Rose


Touchy rose on gf revenge

Gorgeous college girl Rose Red was just doing a little homework on her laptop but her boyfriend had his video camera out and his cock hard in his pants so he kept pestering her until she agreed to have a little fun on camera! She started out rubbing that sweet pussy through her stretch pants until she was wet and ready to rock…once those big tits of hers came out of her shirt the guy was ready to rock too, and soon Rose had her mouth full of his huge thick dick! It was almost too much for her mouth to handle but she had a much easier time once she got on her hands and knees with that big round juicy ass in the air, getting her pussy pounded doggystyle. She loved getting that big cock in her hole and slapped her ass back on him moaning her head off with those huge tits swaying and bouncing, cumming on his cock a couple of times before taking a big facial! The name of this GF Revenge update is Touchy Rose which is kind of a funny name but hey, if we were near Rose Red we’d be all touchy as well I’d imagine.

Sweet Like Caramel


Bgfs sweet like caramel

Some girls love being recorded while they get down and freaky but some get nervous and irritated when the camera gets on em…girls like ebony goddess Caramel here for instance! As soon as her boyfriend started filming her messing around on her phone she started protesting, saying she didn’t want to be recorded…the guy knew how to sweet-talk her though and soon she was laughing and not worrying about the video recorder. This girl is absolutely gorgeous and she started stripping down to show off that incredible body of hers before taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob, getting hornier by the moment until finally she was pretty much begging the dude to rail that pussy of hers! He was more than happy to oblige, fucking her from every angle he could come up with before she dropped to her knees to pump out a nice big load right into her mouth and all over that beautiful face of hers to finish up this Black GFs submission.

Candace Mazlin


Candace mazlin zishy

Some girls get all kinds of self conscious when they’re about to take some clothes off or flash in public…and then there are girls like Candace Mazlin! In this Zishy update called Park Dares she’s flashing all over the place, showing off that sweet sexy round ass by pulling up her cute little skirt a bit…she’s got on a skimpy pair of thong panties and doesn’t mind letting the world know, bending over to touch her toes and then letting her dress hike way up as she lays in the grass in a park! Can you imagine going for a run in the park and seeing a girl this gorgeous laying there relaxing with her ass hanging out of her dress like this? You’d run right into a damn tree is my guess. Zishy loves to show off a girl’s personality as well as her body, I’m guessing Candace here has an exhibitionist streak a mile wide and just needed a fun outlet for it!

Adolisca Cooley Stare Well


Adolisca cooley zishy

While most sites in the adult industry go for gratuitous one-upsmanship trying to be the most extreme or show the hardest hardcore they can manage in every angle they can swing it, sites like Zishy are a breath of fresh air! Zishy sticks mostly to photos which is unusual in this day and age…they have videos occasionally of course but by and large the site is full of photos. They also don’t try to get the camera into every hole a girl has or give away the farm, so to speak, they tend instead to show a girl’s personality, letting her do whatever they feel like doing that makes them feel sexy and comfortable…the girls are drop dead gorgeous and it comes through even stronger with photoshoots on the site, so if you’re in the mood for a nice change of pace definitely check it out! For instance this shoot features Adolisca Cooley spending the day with us, giving some nice upskirt shots and flashing her panties before heading indoors to change clothes and tease with those big perfect tits as she rolls around laughing on the floor! You might remember Adolisca from her first scene on Zishy, if not you should probably check that one out right about now.

Sara Luvv His Jersey


Sara luvv on ccgfs

Gorgeous Sara Luvv was getting ready to head to soccer practice but her boyfriend had some better ideas…she got gussied up in his football jersey and a pair of thong panties, stretching out to put that perfect tight ass on display and drive her boy crazy! Speaking of crazy, this update called His Jersey is from Crazy College GFs and Sara definitely goes nuts for his nuts as she sucks him off and then gets her sweet tight pussy pounded until she has a huge orgasm that had her head back and eyes closed, moaning like crazy before her guy finally pulled out and busted nut all over her tight nubile body! She might have gotten in trouble with the coach for being late but I’m sure they can figure out an appropriate punishment…but that’s a story for another update sometime I guess!

Feeling On Angelina


Feeling on angelina cagfs

I guess this video submission to Crazy Asian GFs was supposed to be a private anniversary sextape but for one reason or another it got sent in and now we all get to enjoy the fun! This site is pretty new but it has some of the hottest Asian cuties around fucking their boyfriends, usually in first person persepective…in this update called Feeling On Angelina this girl was getting ready in the bathroom in front of the mirror in her little panties and a tight pink top. I guess her guy pal liked the looks of things and he had his video camera out so he started recording, trying to talk Angelina into doing a sextape…she resisted a little at first but soon she was stripping down to show off that tight sexy body, flashing her perky titties and sliding her hands down to play with her pussy and masturbate! Soon she had his hard cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob before bending over with that perfect round smooth ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle before he pulled out and shot a load all over that beautiful nude body!

Bottle Safety


Steel bottle

Not only does Ernie’s House of Whoopass bring you the latest news and collect some of the awesome stuff that happens each and every day on this crazy planet of ours, they also give some handy health tips! For instance, a stainless steel drinking bottle can be safer than a plastic one because they’re non-reactive and don’t poison you with BPA or whatever plastic ones can have in the liner. I learned that and also got to see the above photo of a gorgeous amateur with nice big tits drinking out of just such a bottle as a demonstration! EHOWA has all kinds of whatever that they talk about in their daily digests, it’s always worth taking a look…be careful of today’s installment though, there’s a video of some jackasses getting whalloped by a train. Also today is voting day, if you’re an American citizen make sure you get your ass to the polls or you are forbidden from bitching about politics! Do your part.

Kirsten Diatta


Kirsten diatta zishy

With that bright-ass pink skirt I don’t get the feeling that Kirsten Diatta is exactly averse to getting attention and in this Zishy photoshoot that goes double as she starts flashing her perfect round ass and prancing around with those thigh high white nylons on her sexy legs! Kirsten is gorgeous as hell and has a fun personality to boot…Zishy always brings out the best in their models and really shows a little of who they are and what they love to do rather than just focus on their tits. Not that they don’t spend plenty of time showing the sexiest bits of these women mind you, Kirsten flashes her perky titties and of course gets that perfect butt in the air as she rolls around in the grass letting her skirt hike right up over her back! This is Kirsten’s first sting on Zishy but she looks fucking stunning in these shots, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back for some more fun in the future. Those sexy pigtails don’t hurt matters none either! 

Fit And Hot


Fit hottie

Say you’ve got a little time to kill at work between meetings or something and you want to, I don’t know, look at some photos of sexy women and read about whether a tiger or a gorilla would win in a fight and then play some flash games. Well my friend all you need is Double Viking, they’ve got all that and way more (well I don’t know if they have an article about the tiger vs gorilla thing but hey it wouldn’t surprise me if they did)! For instance I found the above photo of that absolutely gorgeous and fit girl on the site…they have tons of beautiful girls and tons of fun stuff to read and learn about, it’s one of those sites that you should probably bookmark and check whenever the urge to do a little internet surfing hits you…you know what I’m talking about, when you don’t really have an agenda but you want to see something interesting somewhere.

Fucking Your Girl


Fucking your gf on xxx pawn

I’m always surprised at the old busted crap people bring in to pawn shops trying to make a few bucks, usually asking for wayyy more than the things are worth. This couple for instance was trying to hock a busted up old-ass TV set that’s maybe worth a buck and a half! They weren’t about to pull the wool over this guy’s eyes though because this is the XXX Pawn shop and the clerk knows what’s gonna sell! He’s not interested in that dinosaur of a television but he is interested in this sexy edgy chick’s sweet pussy so he strikes a deal, the couple both headed to the back room and the guy had to watch his girlfriend getting naked and sucking the pawnshop guy’s massive cock…I guess these two must have been really hurting for cash! The dude even makes the chick’s boyfriend hold the camera while he fucks her in front of him, cold as ice but pretty funny…she’s got a nice tight sweet body too with a great ass and doesn’t seem to mind having this guy’s big thick dick in her mouth and pussy in this update called Fucking Your Girl.

Mesmerizing Penis Massage


Mesmerizing penis massage on hegre art

This guy is enjoying a magnificent rubdown from a beautiful nude woman…Charlotta here is a great masseuse with strong talented hands and a body like a dream! It’s hard to imagine being relaxed with those big perfect breasts in your face but I guess the rubdown this guy is getting is so wonderful that he’s enjoying it on like ten different levels. This Hegre Art update is called Mesmerizing Penis Massage and it is pretty mesmerizing watching this beautiful woman stroking and rubbing and teasing the guy’s huge hard black cock, making it stand at attention and pumping and stroking the guy until he…well, you’ll just have to see! Seeing her lily white fair skin against his dark oiled body is already pretty erotic so having her give him an incredible dick-rub is just icing on the cake. Hegre Art always has the hottest massages, I don’t know where they found all these gorgeous masseuses, Charlotta here is truly a goddess!



Ecg golden

This first timer is Golden, a cute and curvy 21 year old who says she loves anal sex and gets super strong orgasms from it…well if you know Exploited College Girls you know she’s speaking their language! Golden gets her tight pussy fingered and gives a nice blowjob but it’s pretty obvious Jay can’t wait to slide his hard cock in that juicy round booty of hers…soon enough he’s banging her ass from behind ready to give her a nice anal pounding! That big (but as the ECG guys say, not TOO big) round ass of hers is a thing of wonder, she loves to get fucked from behind but bit off a little more than she could chew with this guy…she took his big cock in her ass but soon couldn’t quite swing it any more so the guy has mercy and switches over to her dripping wet pussy, fucking her hole until he shot his load inside for a nice creampie. For someone who loves anal sex as much as Golden does I’m surprised she couldn’t handle a big hard dick, maybe she just got a little shy from being put on the spot for this hot hardcore scene.

Spilling Out


Almost out

I tell you what, give this hottie a few more drinks and something is gonna be spilling out! It’ll either be her cocktail onto the floor from dancing a little too hard, or those big perfect tits of hers will come spilling out of her loose tshirt or dress or whatever that is! This picture comes to you courtesy of Double Viking, they basically aggregate a ton of stuff like funny photos, articles about cool shit, flash games to distract yourself from a boring work day with, and of course lots of pictures of beautiful amateur girls and celebrities and who knows what all. This particular girl looks like she’s at some kind of fancy party that has gone on into the wee hours, and man oh man her tits look amazing in that outfit. I don’t know what I did wrong but I never seem to get invited to these types of parties with gorgeous half-naked fashion models cavorting around with their tits popping out of their outfits, it’s just plain not fair. Well, at least Double Viking is there to back us up!

Halloween Fright


Ehowa tits

I know I know, with a title like Halloween Fright you probably expected to see a photo of some college girls in sexy nurse outfits making out or something and not a couple of MILFy hotties flashing their tits. They’re pretty great tits though huh? Anyway this photo is from EHOWA, better known as Ernie’s House of Whoopass, and today’s collection of awesome is mostly about horrific shit that has happened on Halloween! From a dude who poisoned some candy in the 70’s to people accidentally dying and their friends not realizing for hours because they thought it was a halloween prop, Ernie has collected some true and truly awful things that have happened on what is basically the best holiday of the year. It’ll put a tingle up your spine and then you’ll get a tingle in your pants when you check out some of the pictures like the one above! Ernie loves to have little find-the-object type things where he’ll talk about an item and then post tits with that item in the background but he also has challenges like the one above where, given no other clues besides the photo, you have to figure out what town or location the picture was taken. Pretty tough, considering the distraction factor of those beautiful boobs.

Lauren Clare Knock You Down


Lauren clare knock you down zishy

This is I think the third time blonde spinner Lauren Clare has been on Zishy, and suffice it to say she gets hotter each time! The Zishy photographer usually sticks with implied nudes or tease shots but this time we get to see every inch of Lauren’s sexy nude body from her lovely face to those nice perky breasts to her perfect tight ass and of course that shaved fuckable pussy! Lauren’s absolutely beautiful and you can tell she just loves being naked, the personality of these women always comes through in Zishy photoshoots and this one is no exception. If you missed out on Lauren’s earlier scenes you can see them here and here, feel free to peruse the hotness after you check out these sexy pictures! Man, I just can’t get over that butt of hers…Lauren’s ass is tight as a drum and her sexy bikini tan lines just accentuate that even more for this photoset called Knock You Down.

Amateur Fucking


Amateur hardcore

Behold, another cornucopia of sexy amateur chicks getting naked and getting fucked! This isn’t studio-set porno action, this is what’s really going on in the bedrooms and bathrooms and living room floors all around the world. Some of these girls are hotter than others of course but that’s just how life works…they’re all real and they’re all horny and most of them are getting fucked in one form or another, whether it’s a good old fashioned bang or a blowjob or even a nice hard anal pounding! Some of these chicks have pretty spectacular bodies, too…and I guess they don’t mind showing them off if these photos are out in the wild on the internet!

Darisha Lookin For A Ride


Darisha Watch 4 Beauty

I don’t usually post just pure nude picture you guys know me.  This though needs to be posted because this girl is fucking hot isn’t she?  Nice full titties and that face of hers is super cute.  She has an amazing body and you guys will enjoy seeing her naked that’s just a fact.  She has done a couple of scenes with them just click on her name in the upper left of this gallery if you want to see them.  Watch 4 Beauty is a site that has been around for a long time and I have kind of forgotten about them.  They have like a bunch of European girls and a lot of them are fresh faces.  Or at least they are to me but like I said I don’t spend much time on these type of sites.  I forgot to mention this chicks name her name is Darisha, you should see that up in the title of this post but thought I should put it hear just for those of you who just looked for the build words on the text.

Car Ride


Moxxy gfrevenge car ride

Beautiful Moxxy here was in the car with her boyfriend on her way to an awards ceremony, apparently she had won an art competition or something and was mighty excited to get her prize! Her boyfriend was excited too, and being alone in the car with his sexy girlfriend was almost too much for him…he had the camera out already for the occasion and figured he’d try to talk her into a quick sextape right there in the car! She turned him down of course but I guess his persistence paid off because she flashed her big tits a little and then before you know it they were parked on the side of the road and she was sucking his cock! She gives a great blowjob but he really wanted to get a piece of that sweet pussy so they leaned the seat back and she went for a ride on his cock with that sexy round ass facing him…I guess the car was just a little too cramped because eventually these two got so horned up they got out and just started banging away in the park before he shot a nice facial load of cum all over her! Looks like Moxxy is gonna get TWO prizes today…too bad they broke up later on because the footage made its way to GF Revenge for us to enjoy!

Midnight Snacks


Hot blonde oven

When you’ve had a few drinks and have been up all night hanging out with your sexy girlfriend there’s nothing better than a nice late-night snack…check out this hottie, she’s putting in a tray of nachos or something and bending over to show off that round perfect ass of hers! This is from Double Viking, they’ve got a ton of gorgeous women and funny photos and all kinds of awesome articles about pretty much anything you might be interested in. They’ve even got a nice collection of games you can play so pretty much if you’re bored at work there’s basically any kind of distraction you might be after! Wanna play some video games? Covered. Got a boner and want to check out some sexy amateur hotties with incredible bodies? Double-covered. Want to read about how badass Vikings used to be? They’ve got that covered too! I know there are a few sites out there that collect all kinds of stuff like this but Double Viking is one of the best if you ask me.

Skyrim Cosplay


Skyrim cosplay

I’m not sure if these two hotties are doing a little Skyrim cosplay or if they’re getting ready for Halloween, but either way it’s friggin hot as hell. This picture comes your way from Ernie’s House Of Whoopass of course, your daily digest of all things awesome…check out those perky titties and gorgeous faces! I guess the girl in the back is the housecarl. Anyway, Ernie’s always has a ton of great info about all kinds of shit you’re probably interested in, but of course my favorite part is when Ernie talks about a random weird item or concept and then links it to a photo of a hot nude amateur chick with that item somewhere in the back like a hidden object puzzle…thing always heat up around Halloween and I’m glad Ernie is getting in on it. I wonder if people really into cosplay are annoyed around this time of year at all the amateurs getting into the scene?



Hailey on exploited cg

19 year old cutie Hailey here is just plain adorable with a nice body that’s curvy without being too curvy and a personality you’ll fall in love with right off the bat in this Exploited College Girls update! She’s also crazy about dick so when the conversation hits a lull on the drive to the studio the dude pulls over and has her give him some great head right there in the car, which she is apparently fantastic at! Once in the safety of the studio she strips down to show off those big bouncy teenage titties of hers and her nice round ass and is excited right off the bat to get into some hot hardcore action for this scene! It’s been awhile since she had sex so she was already champing at the bit and once the guy starts penetrating and buzzing her with his toy to warm her up she starts working her way up to orgasm after orgasm. It can’t all be just her having the fun though so soon the guy climbs on board and fucks that sweet tight little pussy of hers and makes her moan her head off as she just keeps cumming! She isn’t the only one, either…as she rides him cowgirl style using her hips to stir that pot he shoots his load inside her hole for a nice creampie finish that Hailey loves.

Kiss Lick Sip Bang


Daredorm marina angel

If there’s one thing a gaggle of college kids are good at, it’s getting a party going in the dorms…that’s why it’s no surprise these dudes somehow got a hot tub into the dorm room and filled it up with bubble bath, and invited some of the hottest girls on campus to come have some drinks and let it all hang out! The booze was flowing and the titties were bouncing by the time one of the chicks got the idea to start sucking one of the dudes, and at that point of course everyone had to get in on the action with the girls sucking whatever dick was nearest to them and the guys basically high fiving. You get to see these horny college chicks getting soapy, getting drunk and getting fucked in this hot Dare Dorm submission called Kiss Lick Sip Bang! The title was basically the order of operations in this scene except the ‘sip’ should be first and last and, well, between every other word.

Keisha Grey Zishy Killers


Keisha grey stripes zishy

If you’ve seen any photoshoots or hardcore scenes before with Keisha Grey you know she’s got one hell of a fun personality to go along with her incredible good looks and that makes her perfect for Zishy! She’s been on the site a couple of times before and looks incredible each and every time…Zishy doesn’t focus on getting girls naked so much as as showing who they are and what they love to do so this shoot has Keisha in some kind of stripey swimsuit or something as she rocks out on some kind of…I don’t know what that is, a lute or something? The shoot is called Zishy Killers, I’m not sure why they gave it that name but hey who cares, because Keisha is just fucking smokin hot. Big tits, beautiful face, great ass, and throw in a fun awesome personality to bring this girl to the top shelf! Who wouldn’t want to rock out on the couch with this hottie in her swimsuit with those big boobs just barely held in check?



Ehowa proteus

If you’ve been following this site over the past few months you’ve probably noticed me posting about Ernie’s House of Whoopass…it’s basically a daily digest of what’s up around the world, for instance today of course the news is all about that asshole who went on a shooting spree in Canada yesterday. Ernie gives a succinct and informative writeup on what went down, so if you’re like me and barely have time to read the news a site like EHOWA is right up the ol’ alley. The best part though, at least in my opinion being a poon-hound, is when Ernie starts writing about some random-ass thing you just know that when you click the picture of what he’s talking about there’ll be some hot amateur babe wearing nothing or next to nothing alongside it! For instance the cutie in lingerie up above with her big juicy ass sticking out over those thigh high black stockings? The writeup Ernie did was about that piece of gym equipment over on the left. Pretty good eh?

Sit And Spin


Gfrevenge sit and spin parker brazil

This guy was thanking his lucky stars that he had a video recorder on hand when his girlfriend Parker and her friend Brazil got back from the sex shop and started showing off this new toy they bought! They decided to demonstrate it a little so they pretended it was a real cock, sucking it and then stripping each other down naked getting more and more turned on! The dude with the camera decided to join in on the fun and finally got his chance to fuck his girlfriend’s bestie, taking turns banging both of these hotties and getting his cock sucked in this hot GF Revenge scene called Sit And Spin. Brazil and Parker have gorgeous bodies with nice big tits and a juicy round ass and this lucky cameraman gets to sample all of the above…I suspect he got a taste for Brazil’s pussy though because this footage ended up on GF Revenge, meaning he’s…ahem…no longer together with Parker!

Michaela Isizzu


Michaela Isizzu

Say hi to Michaela Isizzu in this Playboy photoshoot…you know the book (and movie I guess) 50 Shades of Grey? Well Michaela is showing you at least ten shades in this shoot as she strips out of her grey lingerie and grey socks in a room with grey wallpaper…the chair she’s lounging on is green so that doesn’t quite count. This girl has a gorgeous body with a nice tight ass, sweet perky boobies and an absolute knockout face…she seriously looks like she could be a supermodel strutting the catwalk but instead she’s showing her gorgeous lean tight body for Playboy, how lucky are we am I right? This chick has been in a good few shoots for the site and man I certainly don’t blame them for being repeat customers.

American Gladiators


Ehow glads

Take a nice long hard look at that thumbnail just above this here…where do your eyes go? Not to the chick on the right’s American Gladiators tshirt, I’ll damn well bet the farm on that…but that’s exactly what gets mentioned on today’s installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! He loves to fixate on some minor detail and show a picture with some sexy half-naked amateur (or a couple of them as you can see here) as ‘illustration’ for whatever the thing is. Pretty funny all around, and if you read em through on the daily you’ll actually be learning some pretty cool stuff. For instance in this update (the guy updates daily as a sort of digest) Ernie not only talks about the American Gladiators, he also talks about the velocity of an arrow fired from a crossbow as opposed to a longbow as opposed to a 9mm bullet. Pretty interesting stuff and always well-written…the site has quickly become one of my daily reads so I figure once in awhile I should pass on the word to you guys to check out as well.

Dee Dee Lynn


Dee dee lynn on zishy

Dee Dee Lynn isn’t your average redhead, she has a look that’s just strange enough to make her memorable and intriguing without going so far over the line that she’s just funny lookin’…she’s getting ready to play a game she calls Atomic Golf in this Zishy photoshoot, which basically consists of her hanging out on the golf course teasing and flashing those sweet round perky breasts and her incredible ass! Her butt is really somethin special, no joke…she’s skinny and tall and lanky but somehow she doesn’t have that weird flat-butt thing that most girls with her body type end up with. This girl is tall and lean and spattered with freckles and is down for a little adventure as you can see in these shots, she takes over a rake and writes her name in the sandtrap before pulling down her white daisy dukes and flashing that sweet booty! Just think, next time you play a round of golf and end up in the sandtrap you might just be in the one that Dee Dee carved her name into…it would help cushion the blow if you ask me. Zishy is kicking ass at bringing girls onto the scene whom you might never have seen otherwise, and showing their sexy bodies while keeping a bit to the imagination!

Plaid Twins



It’s getting towards Halloween and yep, that means you’re in for an ass-ton of hot babes getting sexied up in slutty costumes…the ever-present schoolgirl uniform is always well-stocked this time of year, as you can see in the above photo featuring a naughty-and-nice schoolgirl twins pair. I got the picture from Ernie’s House of Whoopass, if you haven’t been following the posts I’ve made already you can go back through some of em right here…Ernie comes out with a daily digest that clues you in on some of the goings-on in the country and in the world and there are always a few pictures of hot nude amateurs scattered around like a little treasure hunt. If you can tear your eyes away from the tits and asses on display you can usually see a reference in the photos to something Ernie was talking about, so there’s always some kind of connection no matter how remote. Definitely worth a look, the guy’s writing is funny and the chicks are obviously worth checking out too!

Hannah Kinney It Just Works


Zishy hannah kinney it just works

This is Hannah Kinney‘s third time on Zishy, as far as I’ve seen at least, (check out the other ones if you missed ’em, scene 1 and scene 2 are both sexy as hell) and someone she just seems to keep on getting hotter. She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous, has an ass you’ll be dreaming about for years, and apparently has a great fun personality too! In this photoshoot called It Just Works she’s in her college housing trying on some clothes and panties and stuff and rocking out to Guns n Roses at the same time. I know you can’t exactly hear the rock going on in the background in these photos but yep, that’s what she was listening to…the only strike against Hannah here is that big piercing on her cheek, I think those are cute in general but her jewelry is a little too big if you ask me, it sort of detracts from her overall gorgeousness. One sight of that perfect butt though and any thoughts about that piercing go right out the window…man oh man. She’s also got some sexy little panties she shows off too, white and lacy and semi-sheer with a bow or something like that on the front that looks like whipped cream. Anyone care to give it a lick?

Shake Something


Jamie sullivan black gfs shake something

This hot black cup of coffee’s name is Jamie and she’s a bit of a freaky-deaky as she rides in the car with her man at the beginning of this Black GFs submission called Shake Something! She keeps talking dirty and telling him how much she wants to suck and ride that cock of his, I’m surprsied he didn’t get a speeding ticket or two blazing his way home with that thought in mind to be honest. This girl is beautiful too, with nice big tits that she loves to flash and when she gets inside the house and starts stripping down and shaking that booty you get to see just how sexy that round brown ass of hers is! Jamie sucks her man’s cock and gets her pussy eaten out, then spreads her legs to take him deep inside…he’s got a hankering for those big tits of hers so he tittyfucks her a bit before pounding her pussy some more and dropping a massive load of cum all over that wet pink gash!

Lucky Lucy


Gfrevenge lucky lucy

The name of this GF Revenge update is Lucky Lucy but man if you ask me it should be Lucky Boyfriend because this girl is just plain smokin hot! Lucy Tyler is a beautiful blonde with a body straight out of a magazine and is a little hesitant to flash or show off while her boyfriend was filming with his video recorder…well I guess persistence paid off because she agreed to show one boob while they were out on the balcony and once that seal was broken she loosened up a bit, heading inside and getting completely naked! I guess the feeling of privacy was what she wanted because she danced around and showed that absolutely perfect ass and her nice bouncy titties off before giving her man a nice blowjob, sucking his big fat cock and forgetting all about the camera. He recorded the whole thing of course, including when he slid his dick into that sweet tight wet pussy of hers, pounding her nice and hard and then fucking her doggystyle until he busted nut all over that sweet round butt!

Lick It Good


Ccgfs suck it good

Sexy blonde college girl Brandy thought she was gonna be tricky and set up a little video recorder to tape her and her boyfriend getting it on but once he showed up and was feeding her his big hard cock he glanced over and pretty much saw a potted plant with a sign that said NOT A CAMERA, turns out Brandy’s maybe not the brightest bulb in the lamp. He was a little annoyed for a second but then realized he could use it to make a little POV sextape so he grabbed the camera, recording Brandy licking and sucking on his dong before spreading her legs and giving that sweet teen pussy of hers a nice hard deep dicking, then turned her over to pound her doggystyle before blasting a big creamy load of cum all over her pretty face! This Crazy College GFs episode is called Lick It Good and Brandy certainly does that, she might not be the best prankster in the world but she does give a hell of a blowjob and looks hot as hell getting that tight wet pussy of hers drilled!

Hot MILF Banged


Xxx pawn hot blonde milf

This hot blonde MILF Holly just got the business end of the boss-boot at her job and got canned, and she’s scrambling to make a little money while she looks for another office job so she brought some of the crap she snatched from her cubicle and headed to the XXX Pawn Shop! The guy wasn’t interested in the potted plant (who tries to pawn a fucking plant anyway) or any of the other office supply stuff she brought but he knew a potential goldmine when he saw it so he offered this hottie an alternative, namely to suck and fuck his huge hard cock for some spending cash! He offered to match her two-week severance package and after fuming for a few minutes the lady decided a deal was a deal and headed to the back room with the guy. He loves a MILF in a business suit so soon he had his cock buried in her throat and then bent her over to fuck that sweet hot pussy until she was moaning so loud the customers out front probably were laughing about it! She definitely put in the effort for the cash he tossed her way before sending her out the door with her potted plant under her arm.

Spring Cleaning In July


Zishy spring cleaning

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this photoshoot up since it’s not exactly in the normal Zishy format, but once I got a look at some of these pictures I knew I pretty much had to! The photographer did a little Spring Cleaning so to speak (even though it was Summer at the time), putting up a bunch of pictures that were either outtakes or shoots that were too short to be a full update or who knows what. You’ve got gorgeous girls here like Tilly Hannon, Jessie Andrews, Taylor Salem, Staci Silverstone, Madison Luvv and a few other hotties, so do yourself a favor and take a stroll through these b-sides and see what you think! Zishy is great at doing photoshoots that really let the models’ personality shine through and you definitely get that from these, and of course the girls are incredibly hot and love to tease with their sweet perfect tits and asses in public and in private, all the while leaving a little something to the imagination. I love em and I bet you will too!

Tea Time



Alright folks, time for another installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Each and every day (well as often as I’ve checked, at least) Ernie busts out a daily digest of news and interesting general shit, and sprinkled into the mix is a dose of tits and ass so your brain and your dick are both entertained, who can ask for more than that. The pictures of ladies such as the blonde amateur above with the big juicy ass are like a treasure hunt in themselves as to how they fit in with what’s being talked about in the article…for instance can you find the reference in the thumbnail up there to Teekanne? I could, you blind bastards…look tear your eyes from that ass and look just west of the girl’s tits and you’ll find your little tea-Waldo. Ernie knows how to keep a guy’s attention as he clues you in on things like new motorcycle models, football, all kinds of random whatever that he runs across and gussies up for us. Keep fighting the good fight, Ernie, we’ll keep checking it out.

Self Loving Massage


Hegre self loving massage

Come along for the journey as incredibly gorgoeus babe Charlotta takes some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to get to know herself better in this Hegre Art video called Self Loving Massage! Charlotta is completely nude and lays on a yoga mat type table or something, exploring every inch of her body with her fingers and finding spots she didn’t even know she had that thrilled her with chills and shudders of pleasure…but that was nothing compared to the sensations she had with her favorite toy, the magic wand vibrator! Her eyes fluttered closed and her back arched as she moaned and brought herself to some huge orgasms, bringing us along with her to the peaks of pleasure as she made her clit sing. Figuratively speaking. This girl is incredibly beautiful with a perfect body, there’s just no other words for it…stunning from head to toe and without a hint of self-consciousness or shame about masturbating in front of us, it’s a beautiful scene and definitely worth checking out!



Lexi for exg

Some girls just know how to present themselves…does that make sense? I mean like some chicks are just kinda meh, they’re hot or they’re not, but some girls have a kind of natural elegance and just hold themselves differently; they could be shoveling dogshit into a bucket and still look good somehow. That’s pretty much how Lexi here is, she’s tall and slender and elegant and just hot as hell from toe to tip even while she’s getting pounded doggystyle in this Exploited College Girls update. Long dark hair, long smooth sexy legs, sweet bouncy bubble butt and perky little petite titties, she could be a supermodel or something if she wasn’t busy getting her pussy tapped! Her vagina is already wet as the guy tugs off her panties and he wastes no time before slipping his cock into her mouth and then giving her a pussy pounding she won’t soon forget, and neither will we! She gets fucked nice and hard before getting a cumshot that sprays all over those small breasts and also onto her face, which she’s a little put out about I think because of her makeup and stuff…but hey, sometimes a facial is just in the cards and this is one of those times!

Naughty And Nice


Nikki belle dare dorm sweater party

Well, to be honest, checking out this Dare Dorm submission I saw a whole lot of naughty and not much nice…but that works out pretty well if you ask me! These college kids are having an Ugly Xmas Sweater party and some of the girls look damn hot in them…of course that might just be because all they’re wearing is the sweaters, no pants or panties down south! Soon everyone starts making out and this one naughty elf gets the bright idea of giving Santa a blowjob and at that point man all bets are off…luckily one of the people at the party had the cameras rolling so we get to watch all the college girl tits and asses all over the place and this sexy brunette Nikki Bell sucking and fucking this dude dressed up as Santa (who hopefully gets some little blue pills in his christmas stocking if you know what I mean)…I bet she’s his favorite present to unwrap!

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