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Leah on exploited college girls

Take one look at this sexy skinny amateur hottie on Exploited College Girls and you’ll know you’re in for something special! This girl’s name is Leah and she’s a fucking stunner and a half…hopefully she uses whatever cash she gets from the shoot to finish her chest tattoo because that thing looks pretty amazing if you ask me. If you’re into skinny chicks with small perky boobies, tattoos, nice firm butts and a pussy so tight you’d probably break your fingers off if you tried to slide one in, Leah is going to be the girl of your dreams! She has perfect lips for sucking cock too and shows her skills right off the bat, giving this lucky dude from ECG an incredible blowjob that almost makes him pop his load right then and there. Somehow he hangs on though and proceeds to buzz Leah’s pussy and clit with a couple of vibrators and toys that bring her to a nice wet (although quiet) orgasm. This girl cums pretty easy and often and it’s always nice to see a girl enjoying herself as she gets fucked…Leah definitely qualifies, she loves sex and is just giggling her ass off as she gets her hole pounded! Look at that cute perky butt of hers as she gets her ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle…Leah gets fucked until the guy just can’t withstand the sensation anymore and shoots his load into her cunt but that pussy is so damn tight it doesn’t get pushed back out again for a proper creampie!

Go Team Go


Dare dorm go team go

Now this is some team spirit! Tammy Tyler and some of her cute coed girlfriends are getting pumped up for a big game and invited a few of their guy friends over for a pre-game party where they were going to make some signs and get painted up to support their school. Once these girls started taking their clothes off to get stuff written on their perky titties though and got a few drinks deep, the party started shifting gears and the game was pretty much forgotten! Everyone ended up getting naked and the girls started sucking cock left right and center and soon there were hot naked college babes getting fucked and getting their pussies eaten out everwhere you looked…the footage got sent in to Dare Dorm, hopefully these horny coeds do something fun with the cash for sending in their antics! Go Team Go, and Fuck Girls Fuck!

Jesse Jane Crave


Playboytv jesse jane crave

Gorgeous blonde babe Jesse Jane was feeling a little tight in the muscles so she headed to her favorite masseuse to get a nice rubdown…for some reason she keeps her heels on when she strips nude and hops up on the massage table but hey, maybe she had other things on her mind. For instance, she was anticipating that he’d be sliding his strong hands all over her gorgeous naked body, rubbing oil into her big round tits and tickling her pussy with his fingertips! He took his sweet time oiling up and rubbing down her beautiful body while she got more and more turned on, gasping and moaning and arching her back until he got the hint and dove tongue-first for her sweet pussy! He tongue-fucked her for a bit, tickling her clit and driving her crazy with desire before getting his big dick out to slide into her throat and then fuck Jesse hard and deep right there on the massage table! This is a video clip from Playboy TV and you can certainly tell from the quality and from the hotness of the model…Jesse’s a fucking stunner, no doubt! The name of this series is called Crave in case you wanted to do a little more…uh…research.

Silver Chain Sex


Xxxpawn silver chain

They certainly get all types at the XXX Pawn shop…this hot busty hottie showed up to try to sell off this huge gaudy ugly silver chain, and then a few months later she was back trying to buy it back for half what she was given! I don’t know about you but the math on that isn’t about to add up if you know the XXX Pawn guy at all. Sure enough, he talks her into ‘sweetening the deal’ a bit with a blowjob in the bathroom! She got those big perfect titties out and started sucking him off, and when she started licking and slurping on his huge cock she got so turned on that soon she was riding it, fucking his meat and moaning away as she worked off her debt! This chick has a fantastic set of tits and a great ass, I think she’s a Latina but I’m not 100% sure. She should learn a little more about wheeling and dealing though, her cocksucking skills are only going to get her so far in life.

Jeana Turner


Jeana Turner

Meet Jeana Turner, a beautiful and exotic babe who always figured she’d never pose naked but when Playboy showed up knocking at her door she changed her tune! Can’t say I blame her, they always keep things tasteful and not gratuitous and I guess that’s what convinced her! Well, that and the paycheck I suppose. Anyway, Jeana here has some mighty fine perky titties and an ass that will burn your eyes out with hotness…man that butt of hers is a triumph. With black and white lingerie she looks incredibly sexy but when she strips down totally nude she cranks up the hotness factor by about 20! Maybe it’s those sexy seductive eyes of hers but there’s something about this girl that will just knock your socks off…thanks Playboy for getting her to pose naked, hopefully she’ll be back again for more!

Alice Wonder


Alice wonder on zishy

You might recognize some of the models on Zishy from doing hardcore porn shoots before, like this cutie named Alice Wonder…the nice thing about Zishy is that it gives these chicks the opportunity to relax a little and put aside the hardcore porn persona and just be themselves, having fun in whatever way they like to have fun! Alice here obviously loves hanging out on the beach, she’s in her bright-ass pink swimsuit (or is it just a bra and panties? Hard to say) at first but then when she gets back to the hotel room she pops off her clothes to get completely naked and gets into the hot tub for a little wet relaxation time! Her makeup runs down her cheeks but who cares, she’s having a good time and so are we especially when she starts playing with those huge tits of hers as they float round on top to the water! The name of the photoshoot is Summer Of Wub but please don’t ever make me type that w-word every again.

Sensitive Stimulation Massage


Hegre art sensual masasge

I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had a rubdown where the masseuse grabbed my balls between her hands and rubbed them like she was polishing some fine china or something, but then again I’ve never had a Hegre Art type massage like this! They call this update a Sensitive Stimulation Massage and yeah I can imagine it can get pretty sensitive…I suppose it helps that the masseuse is Charlotta and she’s gorgeous and completely naked sitting on the guy’s chest; if I was gonna have my berries rubbed like this I’d want it to be eased by the sight of a gorgeous perfect tight ass in my face too I guess. There’s no sex in this video clip, just a dude getting a full-body massage by a beautiful girl who pays extra special attention to his most senstive of areas with both hands and I’m sure it feels incredible but man oh man I’m glad for once that I’m watching the video and not partaking in the fun.

Amateur Pussy


Amateur Pussy

Some women just love to show off, and that goes for couples too! When a couple of lovers get an exhibitionist streak to them some fun things can happen, like this set of photos of some amateur MILFy looking babe showing off her pussy. She’s got nice puffy lips and a great ass, but what she doesn’t have apparently is a decent camera because the quality is horrible on these. There’s not really any excuse for that in this day and age, even cheap-ass cellphones have cameras on them that can take better pictures than this, and it’s a shame because we all wanna see that pussy in higher detail, especially in the ones where she had just been fucked and creampied!

Nicolette Shea


Nicolette Shea

Beautiful busty blonde babe Nicolette Shea was hanging out in her bedroom admiring herself in the mirror when the Playboy camera crew showed up to do the admiring for her! She had on her sexy white lingerie but honestly I think she looks better without it, that thing looks straight out of the late 1980’s but hey maybe that’s the look she was going for. I don’t know if boob jobs worked as well back then as they do today so her huge round titties sort of spoil the time-travel illusion…Nicolette looks hot as hell though and doesn’t mind getting down and dirty on the floor apparently because she ends up rolling around down there, running her hands over her sweet nude body!



Layla on ecg

20 year old hottie Layla here has some fine things going for her such as her pretty face, her incredible tight ass and her sweet perky titties…what she doesn’t have going for her is a big fat bank account so she headed to Exploited College Girls (or Ex Co Gi for short) to get a little extra spending cash by means of getting her hole fucked! She’s horny as hell and is already fingering her twat during the introduction interview so you know this chick is going to be a winner…that ass of hers is amazing so it’s almost hard to wait til she bends over doggystyle but it’s worth checking out the whole scene as she gets fucked with a vibrator til she orgasms and gives a nice wet blowjob too! From the looks of things Layla can grow a pretty mean bush so it’s nice that she’ll have enough cash to keep her razor stock up and keep that forest tamed. She gets fucked in all kinds of fun positions and rides dick, moaning and cumming all over the place until she jerks and sucks a big load out of Jay’s cock and gets a nice facial!

Nasia Jansen


Nasia Jansen Sex Goddess

I don’t know if I would say this girl is SUPER hot but she is pretty good looking I mean if that tit job was just a little better she might be really fucking hot.  I am just saying that because this scene comes from Playboy and I am pretty critical of these guys.  I mean Playboy is at the top of the porn charts if you know what I am saying.  They will also get the hottest models so their models should be judge a little harder then the rest.  Now if this girl was on anyone elses site I would be talking about how amazing she is. Her name is Nasia Jansen if you were wondering…  This is kind of just a simple gallery you get to see her posing nude next to this gold statue and then the video is a boring one of ther just posing.  I am doing this more for the pictures I wouldn’t blame you if you paused the video.  I mean that music is just annoying isn’t it?  Playboy is still a really great site to join, if you guys don’t know you’re not just going to get nude girls in the members area they have hardcore stuff too.  Trust me I joined their site, it’s worth every penny.

Whitney Westgate Wet


Zishy whitney westgate bathtub

Sweet sexy Whitney Westgate is back on Zishy, I guess she just can’t get enough and they can’t get enough of her! She’s been feeling a bit dirty lately so she decides to hop in the bubble bath, looking like a dream with the foamy suds just barely covering her nipples as she splashes around! Lots of girls would rather punch themselves in the face before doing a photoshoot with no makeup on and wet hair, but not Whitney…she’s all natural and freckled as she shows off those big tits in this update called The Late Soup! I’m not really sure where they got that photoshoot title but hey who cares because Whitney is looking stunning. Zishy is always great at showing the personality of the models and if there’s a girl whose personality shines through like a beacon it’s Whitney Westgate. Wouldn’t you love hopping in the tub with this naked hottie as she teases with those boobs and her sweet tight pussy?



Ashlynn on ecg

There’s something magical about this frizzy amateur blonde Ashlynn on Exploited College Girls, maybe it’s her beautiful face on that sexy body of hers or maybe it’s just some kind of aura of sexual energy and fun approachable personality that’s doing it but this girl is just magnificent! She looks kind of like Daryl Hannah in that mermaid movie so if you ever had a fantasy about seeing that chick get naked and get fucked this is your chance to live it out pretty much. Nice perky titties, long gorgeous legs and a butt that will make you cream your jeans, not to mention being super excited to strip out of her clothes and get down to it! She gives a fucking incredible blowjob, taking her time to lick and kiss and caress her way up and down Jay’s cock before he slides it into that tight pussy of hers. She loves getting that sweet perfect hole pounded and closes her eyes as she smiles and giggles her way to orgasm, then grins up at Jay as he rewards her with a massive cum facial to finish things off! She even licks his cock clean and thanks him for the good time…this chick is just a sexual angel, definitely brightens up a gloomy day.

Amateur Pussy


Amateur Pussy

I don’t know if anybody spilled the beans to this hot amateur blonde or if she just somehow knew right off the bat but that look of high heels and a skirt with no panties on is pretty much one of the hottest looks a girl can have if you ask me. She’s showing off that shaved clam as she bends over to ‘look for something’, and apparently has to grab her ass cheek for balance and spread her butt and pussy wide for us to stare at! One question though, in that last picture what the hell is plugged into the power strip? It’s like a power cord going to one half of a pair of headphones or something, what a mystery.

Luna Sauvage


Luna Sauvage

This beautiful piece of brunette ass goes by the name of Luna Sauvage and she’s rocking the house for a Playboy photoshoot…that’s right, Playboy got a model who is very pretty and has a smokin hot nude body, who would have ever imagined such a thing could happen? Oh wait, everyone on fucking Earth, they get pretty much the cream of the crop. Anyway Luna looks incredible in her little white panties as she strips out of her shirt and bra on the couch, showing those nice big round titties and a sweet tight pussy with a landing strip of pubes above it. Pointing the way to glory, is what that’s doing!

Pawnshop Confession


Xxx pawnshop confession on xxxpawn

This chick rolled into the wrong damn pawnshop trying to unload what she swore up and down was an authentic civil war horn that her grandfather proudly bore when he fought for the North or South or wherever she decided he was from! This is XXX Pawn and after the guy called her out on her bullshit it turned out she had stolen the thing from the wall of a restaurant that had given her some walking papers earlier that day. At that point she had admitted to stealing on camera and was stuck, the guy gave her the option of either getting reported to the cops or else heading to the back room to help take care of his raging hardon and get $200 out of the deal as well! Guess which one she picked…well after she unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick she was pretty impressed, that was a major league piece of meat there that she gave a nice going-over with her hands and then her mouth after a little urging. Once this big breasted MILF had that huge cock in her mouth it was all gravy from there, she got her juicy round ass out and her big tits and ended up getting bent over the desk and had her tight pussy pounded! Keep an eye out for when he’s railing her from behind and starts tooting the trumpet, it’s fucking hilarious. The name of this update is Pawnshop Confession and this busty hottie ends up with a nice big facial of cum!

Bailey Rayne


Bailey rayne on zishy

Well the World Cup is over but if you’ve still got that ol’ soccer fever you might want to do yourself a favor and check out this hot Zishy photoshoot called Copa Dream featuring the gorgeous redhead Bailey Rayne! She’s fit as a fiddle and is showing her skills dribbling a soccerball and kicking a few goals in, demonstrating her athletic prowess and of course teasing us with that perfect firm tight ass and her sweet perky boobies! She’s hot as lava and doesn’t mind an audience so when the guys at the other end of the field were whistling and hooting during this photoshoot it only got her more turned on! Zishy always loves to show a girl’s personality in their photosets and they definitely did so here with Bailey…this is actually Part 1 and Part 2 of this set combined, I made a sort of greatest hits compilation for you guys to enjoy, I hope you appreciate it.

Team Spirit


Crazy college gfs episode team spirit

Now this is what I call a tailgate party! These college kids were celebrating their team with a nice big party at the park, grilling up some food and having plenty of drinks and the girls showed off their titties to get team spirit in full effect. In the middle of the party this chick Tara snuck off with her guy pal and when some guys with a video camera headed out to see where he went they found the two out on one side of the cars with the guy balls-deep in Tara’s mouth! They recorded the blowjob and then the guy turned Tara over to fuck her from behind on the hood of a car, pounding that sweet tight amateur pussy in this Crazy College GFs episode before busting his load of cum all over her! If you’re in the mood for hot horny college girls showing off their perky tits you’re in luck because these girls love being watched and have the bodies to back it up…and if you’ve got a hankering for hot hardcore fucking and sucking action Tara took care of that for you too!

Lick Lick


Ccgfs lick lick kimmy lee

Best friends Kimmy Lee and Bree were going to make a dance video to put on some social media site or whatever but the video they ended up making in this Crazy College GFs submission called Lick Lick was way more fun! Kimmy had always had a bit of a lust-crush on her friend and seeing her tight body moving and bouncing around was driving her crazy…soon she couldn’t take any more and decided to go for it, popping her big juicy titties out of her top and daring her friend to follow suit! Of course Bree did and soon the girls were making out like they’d been lesbian lovers for years, kissing and caressing each other and then taking turns licking each others wet pussy! These two both have sexy tight bodies with nice round asses and shaved lickable pussies, and Kimmy has those big bouncy titties going on as well…Bree’s tits are nice but aren’t quite so big, so I guess you get a good little variety here from CCGFs! These coeds just couldn’t resist licking slit, and since the camera was already rolling we’re in luck! Or should I say in lick?

Carlee Delima Returns


Carlee delima zishy

Man oh man would you get a load of those sexy hips? Beautiful befreckled college girl Carlee Lima is back for another hot Zishy photoshoot and she’s looking somehow better than ever! If you missed out on her update before, check it out right here and then head back quick…the name of this photoshoot is Frat Slayer and I’m sure if this sorority girl wanted to she could decimate a frat, breaking hearts member by member until she stood triumphant! She seems pretty nice and studious though as she takes off her glasses and peels out of her tight black yoga stretch pants to show that tight ass (with some sexy tan lines no less), teasing us with a glimpse or three of her pussy as she plays with her little panties. Carlee is just a stunner from head to toe with her tight lean teen body…she obviously takes good care of herself with yoga and exercise but she doesn’t let her mind stagnate either, excelling in class and just having a blast throughout her whole college experience!

Inside Queens V


Bgfs inside queens v

This hot ebony babe is named Queen, fittingly enough…she was working out at home one night in her tight blue spandex leotard or whatever you call them and some sexy thigh high tube socks when her horny boyfriend showed up with his video camera to try and talk her into making a sex tape with him! He started flattering her, talking about how hot she looked stretching out those long gorgeous legs and how sexy her ass was when she bent over to touch the ground and I guess it worked because she started getting pretty turned on herself! Soon she was getting those big full titties and that juicy booty grabbed by her boyfriend and was dropping to her knees to suck him off while the camera rolled, giving him a hell of a blowjob before bending over to get her wet pussy pounded doggystyle! It’s her favorite sexual position and I can’t imagine the guy was complaining either with that sweet round badonkadonk in front of his face bouncing around as he fucked her…Queen took him hard and deep before flipping over to spread her legs and take him to the hilt, orgasming as he thrusted into her hole before shooting his load inside for a nice creampie! They sent the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy, the update is called Inside Queens V and that’s exactly where his cum ended up for this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Sexy Stella May


Sexy stella on gfrevenge

Beautiful brunette Stella May was minding her own business doing her homework and stuff when her boyfriend strolled into the room toting his new video recorder…she was looking hot as hell and he had a hankering to record some naughty footage! Sexy Stella took a little convincing but soon she was into the idea, pulling off her shirt to show off her perky little boobies and pulling off her shorts and panties to masturbate! She loves slipping her fingers into her pussy and as it turns out loves to be watched, I guess she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her because that camera made her horny as hell! I guess it worked for her boyfriend too because soon he was slipping his cock into her mouth while she rubbed her clit, getting him hard as hell before he fucked that sweet wet little pink pussy of hers. Apparently things went sour for these two at some point because the footage ended up on GF Revenge, but who knows what happened!



Ecg morgan

If you’re a fan of blowjobs this Exploited College Girls update is one you’re just plain gotta check out…20 year old Morgan here gives a blowjob for the ages, so hot that the guy edited in a sort of side-by-side replay as she licked and sucked his cock, looking up at him with those big brown eyes of hers. She gets fucked nice and hard too, it’s not just about the suckjob…that ass of hers is just incredible! She rides his cock with that wet pussy of hers, rocking her hips as her hole slides up and down on his shaft and moaning her way to orgasm…the guy cums at the same time, shooting his load into her tight pussy for a nice creampie finish! Morgan’s cunt and ass are amazing but man that blowjob really gets the spotlight in this hot update I’d say.

Kyra Hot


Kyra Hot

Apparently this chick’s name is Kyra Hot, it’s no surprise how she got her last name because this girl is smokin! This DDF Busty photoshoot shows off those huge tits of hers to perfection, and even zooms in nice and close on that tight pussy of hers when she tugs her little pink panties off. I’m a big fan of that tiger shirt she’s wearing at the beginning of the photoshoot by the way, and not just because of those big breasts hanging out up above it with that sexy cleavage! It’s just an amazing shirt, if you saw someone on the street wearing that you would just have to give them a high five, it’s the law.




Some women have dinosaurs battling and gunfights raging around them in their photoshoots to make them exciting but women like Micha here can just hang out next to an empty bookshelf leaning against an empty cabinet and look incredible, assuming of course they’re completely naked like she is here in this MC Nudes set! This blonde hottie has huge perfect tits, a stunning face and a very nice ass and she’s pouting her way into your heart with this set of stills as she gives a guided tour of her body while wearing just a pair of sexy black high heels.

Sturdy Curvy


Brooke wylde sweater hottie zishy

If you’ve ever heard the term Sweater Puppies and wondered just what exactly it meant, now’s your chance to find out because Brooke Wylde is a perfect illustration of it! In this Zishy update called Sturdy Curvy (which makes her sound kinda heavy, I don’t really get that) Brooke has a long sweater or maybe a dress made out of sweater type material, who knows, but she looks incredible in it with those big tits and her sexy round ass. She teases us in classic Zishy style, lifting up the hem to let her butt peek out and then pulling her collar down to show off those huge perfect boobs, even sitting on a public bench in a park and spreading her legs to flash her little white panties! I don’t know if she drew a crowd or just felt like losing a little clothing but Brooke headed inside and started stripping down, ending up in her panties and bra and looking like she’s about to make those vanish too! The body on this girl is amazing and she’s starting to make a pretty good name for herself in the adult industry…check out some of the related galleries on the right inside this photoset and see what I’m talking about!



Charlotte for ecg

Say hi to Charlotte, a sweet and sexy 22 year old coed with a great attitude who is very open about her sexuality, talking about things like her recent threesome experience in her introductory interview for this Exploited College Girls update. She also says she’s got great blowjob skills and that’s not something this dude Jay can just let slide, he’s gotta experience it and judge for himself! First though she pulls out her ‘neck massager’ and puts it to work, buzzing her pussy until she comes to a huge squirting orgasm that will blow your mind! The sheets don’t do too well with the squirting but Charlotte is loving every second of it and of course Jay is too as he records the whole thing. ECG isn’t a spectactor sport for this dude though so soon he has his cock buried in her wet pussy, pounding away and making her moan before he shoots a nice facial onto that cute grin! It’s no ordinary facial though, instead of shooting his load while the girl just kneels there with her eyes closed letting it spray a little onto her cheeks while she tries to avoid the brunt of it, Charlotte here takes over and grabs Jay’s cock, pumping that load out directly onto her face until she’s pretty much frosted from chin to forehead! She loves a nice big load of cum I guess and that’s just what she gets in this hot hardcore fuck scene.

Vanessa Rivas


Vanessa rivas on zishy

This hot Latina teen is Vanessa Rivas and she’s doing her thing in another hot photoshoot from Zishy! They excel at bringing you a little portal into the personality of their models, and in this shoot we can see what Vanessa is passionate about…she’s fit as hell, a big fan of sports (playing as well as watching) and her body tells the tale of that with her tight ass and those lean strong legs that look like they could take your head off if you were eating out her pussy and she tightened her thighs as she orgasmed! Anyway Vanessa plays with a basketball, teasing with those perky breasts and her sexy ass before stripping down naked as she gets changed…Zishy never gets super explicit in their photoshoots which actually works pretty well, it leaves a little to the imagination but shows just enough to keep things steamy as hell. Enjoy this hot athletic teen, the title of the set is Sporty Spice and this chick is definitely a spicy babe!

Comfortable Living


Piper candless swimming pool zishy

Apparently this shoot was done in Palm Springs where swimming pools are basically warm bathtubs…Piper Candless loves it there though and she makes a comfortable living doing modeling and whatnot which allows her to basically relax most of the time, going for a swim in her sexy sheer swimsuit like this with her perky nipples showing right through! Zishy did a great job with this photoshoot but that’s pretty much a given with them, their photography is always really well done and tends to show more of the models’ personality than most sites do. It never feels like the girls are forced into doing something or playing a role, it more has the feeling like the models are just doing whatever they’d be normally doing anyway and the photographer just happened to be there! Piper here loves to swim and loves to show off that sweet tight body of hers with her pierced nipples and sexy butt…she starts out in her see-through swimsuit but then just takes it off and splashes around in the pool completely naked!

Amateur Ass


Amateur Ass

If you’re not an ass fan you might want to give this one a miss, because that’s about all you get to see in these pictures! If you are a fan of the booty though come on in, this one’s for you…this sexy amateur has a great ass and decided to share it with the world, sliding her wet panties down as either her own camera took a picture on a timer or her lucky lover snapped some shots…either way that’s a hell of an ass, I wish we could see the rest of her body but hey if you’re gonna put pictures of one part of yourself on the internet I’d have to say the butt is one of the finest ones to choose! Easily in the top 5, that’s for sure.

Nicolette Shea


Nicolette Shea

This sexy buxom blonde is named Nicolette Shea and she’s looking gorgeous in her Playboy photoshoot, doing a bit of a boudoir picture set as she shows off her sexy white lingerie, then strips down to reveal her nice round ass and of course those sexy big breasts of hers! She’s been spending some time in her bikini lately apparently, judging from the difference in tan on her tits as opposed to the rest of her…interestingly she doesn’t seem to have much of a tanline around her pussy, maybe she hangs out on the beach bottomless or something! One can only hope. Watch Nicolette playing with those big tits, she seems to love exploring her own body! Can’t say I blame her.

Lesbian Couple


Lesbian Couple Pawn Their Pussy

There is a lot of WTF moments in this new XXX Pawn update the first one being that these two girls are trying to sell a Moose head I shit you not.  I guess from the sound of the guy who runs this pawn shop they’re from the south somewhere so okay they love their hunting and guns down there.  The other thing that had me all confused is that these two are a couple!  The girl on the right there not riding the dick is a full on lesbian who has never ever been with a man before.  When he tells the girls that he isn’t going to be paying the $1500 they need for the moose head but he would if the two of them wanted to get with him.  He has never been with a lesbian couple before and wants to have a first.  The girl on the right though had the bigger first because she hasn’t been fucked before, sucked a dick or anything.  She has been munching on pussy since the beginning.  She tries to keep it that way but when the guy from XXX Pawn tells her she has to suck on his dick and fuck too or there is no money she goes with it.  She does a pretty good job at blowing a guy for never doing it before and if you are a member of XXX Pawn you can watch the full video and see her being fucked.  The girl might do this more often because she did like that dick inside of her.  These two probably aren’t going to last because the blonde here riding was really enjoying it.  She was like into it tell him to fuck her harder and what not.  Then when she gets on top and rides him she actually has a orgasm!  I bet her parter was so jealous LOL!

Amateur Fuck


Amateur Fuck

It’s always a shame when you see a collection of photos like this of some amateur chick with a smokin hot body getting her pussy pounded but you can’t see her face, but hey I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles here. At least we get to check out that sweet ass of hers as she pulls her blue starry night panties aside before taking her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth and getting fucked! This chick has a nice pussy, a fantastic ass, and a pair of nice big tits, I just hope she has a pretty face to go along with it but I guess we’ll never know.

Geri Burgess Returns


Geri burgess docks zishy

We’ve seen this hottie Geri Burgess on Zishy before and it’s always a treat to have her back…this time she’s looking sexy at the harbor, flashing that perfect butt as she walks down to the waterfront and hops up on some rocks to let the cool bayside breeze ruffle her long hair…this looks like an early morning shoot or something, the fog and clouds are rolling over and there doesn’t look like a lot of foot traffic yet. Geri’s got her tight striped stretch pants on and looks like a million bucks as she lounges on a rock like a siren ready to lure some sailors to their doom as they crash their ships trying to reach her! Geri loves to flash those sweet perky tits of hers, we don’t get much of a look at them naked in this photoshoot but she does have a very tight white top on that shows those nipples poking against the fabric! This is what, her 5th  time on the site? Something like that…if you’d like to check out her previous appearances you can get to em right here: scene1 scene2 scene3 and scene4!

Adolisca Cooley


Adolisca cooley zishy

I seriously am not sure if Zishy has ever had a girl on the site who was this pretty…her name is Adolisca Cooley and the name of this photoshoot is Home Magnet, I guess because when Adolisca is at your house it’s pretty much like a magnet pulling you back home from work or whatever else! She’s showing off her nice sexy red dress and cute glasses before stripping down and getting up on the countertops in the kitchen with that sexy round ass in the air with her white thong panties creeping up between her soft pussy lips! Big perfect breasts, nice spankable ass and a supermodel of a face, this girl Adolisca is seriously a dream come true and I think pretty much any guy would be more or less helpless to her personal magnetism! Hopefully this girl comes back for more updates on Zishy and maybe other sites as well, we’ll just have to see.

Pool Party


Pool party on crazy college gfs

Now this is what a hot summer pool party should be! Crazy College GFs presents this submission from a dude named Zach who went to this pool party and met a hot college girl named Zoey Cortez …they hit it off and made plans to meet up later that night but soon they were making out by the poolside and when a wet tshirt party started in the water everyone was looking the other way so they took advantage, with Zoey getting down and giving him a blowjob right out in the open! I don’t know if anyone was the wiser but they might have gotten caught or something because the footage cuts to the hotel room later on, where Zoey continued sucking him off until he busted nut all over her face. We get some great footage of the wet tshirt contest too as these hot horny honeys stripped down and showed off their perky titties and sweet round asses while the music bumped!

Anika Shay


Anika Shay Playboy

I mean guys come on this girl is a total babe you have to see her naked!  The pictures are of her completely naked of course but it’s playboy so you don’t really get any up close shots.    Her name is Anika Shay and she is fucking amazing.  You can tell she has a perfect tight pussy and look at those perky little tits of hers.  They might be real or fake I just can’t really tell.  This Playboy gallery isn’t just pictures though the guy who made this went above and beyond because he has video on it!  She has done a bunch of updates for the Playboy site so if you like what you see join their site and take a look around.  I mean there isn’t a more trusted name in porn then Playboy.  On top of you getting to see more Anika you will also see girls that are actually hotter then her.  I can’t believe I am saying that but it’s a fact I mean just check out Lindsey Pelas here and tell me she isn’t also fucking amazing.



Exploited college girls sunny

Beautiful blonde Sunny here is a curvy gorgeous amateur who has a lot of assets, it’s hard to say what her sexiest feature is…oh hell no it’s not, her sexiest feature is that huge pair of natural tits she’s packing! She’s got a great personality too and just seems like a lot of fun, not to mention that plump booty and wet pink shaved pussy, but it’s those titties that really steal the show and I’m sure she knows it. She’s had plenty of sexual experience with both boys and girls and she brings her A-game in this Exploited College Girls update, giving my main man Jay an incredible blowjob before hopping up onto the bed to get that tight bald pussy pounded…she seems to love being pushed facefirst into the bed, getting pinned and having her pussy drilled from above, and I guess Jay likes it too because after he gives Sunny a hard pounding like that he can’t take anymore and unleashes a massive cumshot that gets all over her face and of course all over those big breasts of hers! You don’t think ECG would have a girl with tits like this and not end up shooting cum onto them, do you? This isn’t exactly their first rodeo, if you follow me.

Kennedy Summers


Kennedy Summers

I don’t know if this blonde chick Kennedy Summers is a celebrity or a model or what but I do know she’s looking fine as hell in this photo collection from Playboy! She’s got huge tits, a pretty face, a nice ass and most importantly she’s got tons of personality and is just chock full of sexy energy as she puts on all kinds of different outfits here. From being completely nude to wearing just a man’s suit jacket to hanging out in a panties and lingerie, Kenndy looks incredible from head to toe the whole time! I was trying to think of someone from popular culture that she reminds me of but you know what, I think Kennedy stands on her own…she reminds me of herself and that’s the best way to be if you ask me.

Bounce And Lick


Crazy college gfs bounce and lick

Have you ever driven past a kid’s birthday party and seen a huge bouncy castle and been like ‘damn I wish I could play in a bouncy castle, especially with some naked lesbian hotties’? Well your day has come, because Miali and her friends Dakota, Ashlynn, Mia and Abby got into a bouncycastle sometime and started bouncing around in their panties, but as soon as one girl started taking her top off the nudity began and the party kicked up about ten notches! As these naked nubile hotties bounced around they got all sweaty and worked up and soon they were eating each other out and licking each other up and down…hopefully their neighborhood isn’t too quiet because a gaggle of hot moaning lesbian beauties would wake up the neighbors for sure! Not that I think they’d mind seeing these girls nose-deep in each others’ coochies…I know if I was one of the neighbors I wouldn’t shut the party down, I’d be more likely to grab a bag of popcorn and a lawnchair and go check out the fun! I don’t know if the boyfriend of one of these chicks cheated on her or got mad that she was licking twat or something but apparently the footage of this bounce and lick party got sent in to Crazy College GFs, at least now we can enjoy it too!

Shake That Ass


Blackgfs shake that ass

If there’s one thing Cherise knows how to do it’s get naked and shake that ass to drive her lucky boyfriend crazy! After getting home from her workout at the gym she grabbed her guy’s videocamera and headed to the bedroom to give it a whirl, setting things up and doing a little striptease for the video before her man was allowed into the bedroom (she wanted a sextape they could watch together later so she made that part as an extra treat). She’s got nice black titties and an incredible round juicy booty that she loves to twerk and bounce, grinning over her shoulder as she bootyclapped! Soon her guy couldn’t resist whipping his cock out and fucking that ebony pussy from behind, fucking her meaty hole until he came all over her big full titties. I’m just glad they decided to send the hot hardcore footage in to BlackGFs so we can watch it all go down!

Dripping Barbie


Gf revenge dripping barbie

Jordie and her friend Barbie were getting ready to head out on the town and were both in the bathroom showering when Jordie’s boyfriend came in with his video camera rolling, catching both of them naked! They were a little upset at first but then they decided to give him a little show and started making out, then sucking each others nipples and eating each others pussy out like lesbians! He got a boner obviously from all that hot action and they took turns sucking him and then fucking him until he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s friend’s ass! I guess after some afterthought Jordie didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend fucking her bestie doggystyle and cumming on her sweet round ass so she broke up with him and in response he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so we could all enjoy the hot threeway action! Pretty nice of him, eh?

Summer Carter


Summer carter zishy

So normally when someone is playing basketball and says ‘and one’ it means they just made a shot and also got fouled at the same time so not only do they get the points for the bucket, they get a free-throw as well…since Summer Carter here is playing by herself I’m not sure how that could happen but hey, if she wants to name this Zishy photoshoot ‘And One’ she can go right ahead, as long as she shows off those perfect breasts and that nice round ass of hers like she’s doing! Summer is pretty cute but not like supermodel-hot if you follow me, but man those tits of hers more than make up for that, they are seriously fantastic as you can see in the thumbnail up above as she gets changed to play some b-ball! After shooting some hoops for awhile the sun starts to set and soon Summer was on the ground showing off that ass and teasing us with her sweet tight athletic body!

Dillion Harper


Dillion harper zishy all wet

I guess this is like the 4th  time lovely Dillion Harper has been on Zishy but I think this is the only one I’ve done so far…those guys update really often so it’s not like I can get all the updates! I do what I can though, so I hope you enjoy this hotness as Dillion shows off in a bikini for this photoshoot called Gotta Be Fresh…she’s spending a nice hot sunny day outdoors, goofing around in her bikini with her big perfect tits pretty much falling right out, blowing bubbles and whatnot before she gets too hot and takes advantage of a nearby fountain to spray water all over herself, getting soaking wet and soaking right through her shorts before she decides to just get completely naked and explode the heads of any guys nearby who were lucky enough to glance over and see that perfect female form! Zishy always shows the personalities of their models as well as their beauty and this is a perfect example…I mean if there’s a model out there with a fun personality it sure as hell is Dillion Harper!

Needs Tuition


College Girl Needs Tuition

So this college girl brings in a antique book and she is looking to get a couple hundred for it to pay tuition.  When she hears the XXX Pawn isn’t going to pay her the money she thinks her book is worth he throws out the idea of her being a exotic dancer.  She thinks a lot of herself and rips him a new one and leaves the shop.  She of course comes back later though because it wouldn’t be a porn if she didn’t.  She agrees to give him a lap dance, booty shake that type of stuff.  She definitely is good at dancing and looks pretty good during her strip tease you can tell she doesn’t do it for a living or anything.  The shop owner pulls out the recorder to record the dance and she is freaked out by that but when he says basically no deal if he can’t film it she agrees.  After the lap dance the pawn shop owner tells her that he wants to fuck her.  She flips her shit again and starts telling him there is no way in hell she is fucking him but about 2 minutes later she is reverse cowgirl riding this guys dick.  She just really needed some money and college girls love big dicks that just a fact.  After he busts his load on her face he sends this bitch packing because he got what he wants.



Marilyn on ecg

Golden haired Marilyn here has an amazing rack, let’s just point that out right off the bat…beautiful round C-cup titties that are so perky a boxer could use them as speedbags, and Marilyn knows they’re fantastic as she cups and grabs and massages her tits throughout her Exploited College Girls video. Well I mean she does so when she has the chance, like when her hands aren’t occupied with holding this guy’s cock while she sucks it and while she isn’t on her hands and knees with that perfect round incredible butt in the air getting fucked deep in her pussy doggystyle and moaning her head off! This amateur hottie is grinning and giggling and just having a blast the whole time this is going on, and speaking of blasts she gets absolutely coated with goo as this guy shoots a huge facial load of cum onto her! Add to this chick’s hotness the fact that she gives a great blowjob with deepthroating and everything and you’ve got pretty much a perfect 10!

Amateur Tits


Amateur Tits

I’m not so sure I understand this persistent trend of amateur girls willing to show off their tits and ass and pussy on camera but keeping the face anonymous. I mean on one hand I get it, you want the thrill of exhibitionism without your friends and neighbors recognizing your face, but on the other hand it’s not like they won’t recognize the bedroom or your tattoos or whatever anyway! Oh well, at least we get to check out some sweet amateur titties like the lovely pair being shown off by this girl, as well as her admittedly fantastic ass and a pussy that just begs to be fucked from behind as she bends over for us!

Kinky Katerina Kay


Gf revenge kinky katerina

Apparently kinky Katerina here had done a sexy video for her boyfriend at some point before so he rolled the dice and straight up asked her to do a hardcore sextape with him…luckily for him (and for us) she said okay! This girl is hot as hell too which we get to see even better the more clothes she loses, that ass of hers is just fucking incredible. She drops down and takes his cock in her hands to slide it into her mouth, licking and sucking him like a champ and then climbing up to take just the tip into her pussy while he played with her clit. Soon Katerina was riding him in earnest, sliding up and down that hard dick forwards and backwards, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with her perfect ass facing us (the whole thing is shot in POV style of course) and looking just nova-hot! She gets fucked for this hot scene until the guy shot his load all over her stomach…maybe he wasn’t supposed to show anybody this tape and she broke up with him so he sent it in to GF Revenge, maybe she cheated on him, who knows!

Sexing Bria


Sexing bria black gfs

Beautiful ebony babe Bria here has an ass that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks I’m guessing…she’s got her bikini on in this Black GFs submission, showing off that sexy body as her man admired and filmed her. Soon he had his huge cock out and she couldn’t help but take him into her mouth, this girl just can’t resist a big black dick! Bria’s big tits fell out of her bikini top while she got her pussy filled up with that massive dick…her big round ass is incredible but those tits are no slouch either as she rides her lucky boyfriend, taking his massive dick to the hilt and riding him hard and deep for this hot scene called Sexing Bria! Nothing hotter than a round juicy ass slamming up and down and a gorgeous girl moaning away like in this hot scene.

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