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Sporty Girl


Kelly diamond on gf revenge

This guy was lucky enough to be dating sporty girl Kelly Diamond and when he showed up at her house she was stretching out getting ready for a run…she had on her tiny little sexy shorts but didn’t have her sports bra on yet, she had a shirt tied up in a knot and was looking fucking incredible! He had his video recorder and convinced Kelly that they should make a sort of home sextape, and Kelly got naked to basically dive face-first onto his big dick! She gave him a great blowjob, slowly stripping more and more naked before spreading those long legs to get her tight perfect pussy pounded hard and deep! She got fucked nice and hard until the guy pulled out, busting a big load of cum all over her tight stomach. Kelly is one of the hottest girls I think I’ve seen on GF Revenge, which means she must have done something pretty messed up for her boyfriend to dump her and send this footage in for all of us to enjoy! One look at those perky little titties and her perfect sweet round ass and you’ll fall in lust with this girl, I can almost guarantee it.

Fountain Fun


Crazy college gfs fountain funm

Sexy blonde Brooke Summers was spending the day with her boyfriend, they were just hanging out and seeing the sights of their city…Brooke had on her tiny little booty shorts and her man couldn’t stop staring at her ass, can’t say I blame him for that! He made a wish tossing some coins into a fountain and it soon came true in this Crazy College GFs update called Fountain Fun as Brooke gave him a blowjob right out in public and then bent over with her perfect round ass in the air to get fucked next to a chainlink fence, right out where just about anybody could see them. I guess Brooke just loves getting a nice deep dicking and she doesn’t care who sees it, and obviously her boyfriend doesn’t mind being seen in public fucking a sexy horny beautiful blonde! That ass of Brooke’s is a thing of beauty by the way, seeing her get fucked doggystyle like this is like a dream cum true.

Just A Peek


Black gfs just a peek

This guy’s girlfriend Danielle was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out on the town and he was going crazy horny thinking about her wet ebony pussy…he grabbed the video camera and begged for just a peek at those big floppy titties, she teased him a little but eventually ended up caving in and flashing her tits as she slipped on some panties. She got pretty turned on herself by all the attention, dropping to her knees and giving this guy a sweet long blowjob and grabbing her bouncy breasts…her pussy got wetter and wetter and soon she forgot all about leaving the house, bending over to get that perfect round badonkadonk butt in the air for the guy to pound her doggystyle in this Black GFs update! If you like black chicks with wet meaty pussies and big juicy titties that bounce all over when the chick gets fucked this one is for you my friend…I’m not sure about Danielle’s choice of hair color but hey, if she wants to be a redhead who’s gonna stop her?



Daisy on exploited college girls

In her introductory interview, the guy behind the camera points out that Daisy here is one of those rare women who is just basically up for anything and enjoys it all! She’s 21 years old with a sweet body with those perky little titties and a nice juicy ass…she also has a ton of piercings, 22 if I remember right! Having more piercings than the number of years you’ve been alive seems like overkill to me but hey, Daisy enjoys them so who are we to judge. Daisy loves getting fucked, she loves sucking cock (watch the nice deepthroat blowjob she gives the guy here) and absolutely loves getting her ass pounded! Not many chicks really dig anal but Daisy here is one of the exceptions…watch as this hottie gets naked for Exploited College Girls and goes to work on that dick, sucking and fucking it and having multiple moaning orgasms! She takes his cock deep in her pussy and then turns around to get into some hot anal reverse cowgirl pounding before finally taking a nice big facial. Well it was SUPPOSED to be a facial, Daisy is just such a cumslut she couldn’t help but take as much as she could in her mouth and swallow it down! Basically if you only like chicks with huge tits you’re gonna be disappointed but basically that’s the only way this chick will be anything less than stellar.

Running The Wings



This my friends is what we call ‘running the wings’…see these two amateur friends up top? They’re just two pals, maybe sisters maybe just friends, on vacation somewhere warm and sunny and you know they’re both on the lookout for a little action. The thing is, the blonde chick on the left is like ten times as hot so she gets all the attention so the girl on the right has to run the wings…she gets the castoffs, the dudes who come in 2nd  place, the guys who just can’t quite get up the cojones to talk to that knockout on the left (just look at those tits and those hips!). She’s not ugly by any means, she’s got a cute face and a decent body it’s just that by comparison to Lefty there she just falls short…she seems a little glum about that fact too, judging by the look on her face. Oh well wingrunner, you just keep on scoopin up the easy pickins and have a time of it! Hopefully their vacation went well all around. This photo comes to you from Double Viking, they’ve got tons of pictures of hotties and articles about fun stuff, it’s a great place to spend awhile when you’ve got some time to kill at work or whatever!

Tub Love


Marina angel on gf revenge tubtime

Sexy Latina babe Marina Angel was getting ready to take a bath, stripping out of her purple bra and panties, but her boyfriend heard her in the bathroom and figured it was the perfect time to waltz right in with his video camera to record her! Marina was less than thrilled at first and tried to shoo him away but when he started stroking her legs and telling her how sexy she looked she started warming to the idea of making a sex tape, and soon she had his cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then bent over with her perfect ass in the air to get her tight teen pussy fucked from behind! This dude got to fuck that sweet tight hole of hers front and back and record the whole thing, including when he finally pulls out and shoots a load of cum into her mouth…too bad for her she cheated on him at some point and he was so mad he sent the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback! Now that Marina is a full-fledged pornstar I’d imagine she’s not too angry about having another hardcore shoot online, so that worked out alright for her.

Candace Mazlin Returns


Candace tight schedule on zishy

We saw our first glimpse of beautiful blonde Candace Mazlin on Zishy a few months back (the photoshoot is right here if you missed it) but now she’s back and is rocking the hell out of this pair of tight black sheer stretchpants! Candace has one of the nicest asses around and is defending her title in this photoshoot called Tight Schedule, peeling her pants down a little to flash that butt and slip a hand inside to play with her pussy! I guess she loved getting her picture taken so much she got turned on and just had to masturbate…we get some pictures of Candace stretching out and doing a little yoga, which I guess is how she manages to keep that sweet tight firm figure! Zishy always brings out a girl’s personality in their shoots, that’s one of the things that they always do really well…between that and the gorgeous amateurs and the high quality photography they bring it’s easy to see why they’re getting more and more popular even in this era of streaming video and whatnot! If you’ve ever seen a hot babe on the street in stretchpants and wondered what her ass might look like, well now you can put that mystery to rest because Candace is doing just that!



Ecg lexi2

Some girls get self-conscious about their bodies and want to keep things under wraps so to speak but then there are women like sexy little goth spinner Lexi here! She’s got a set of fake tits that she obviously loves and probably the sexiest thing in the world is a woman who loves her body. Lexi shows off her blowjob skills as she gets those big titties out, licking and sucking the guy and taking him deep in her throat before spreading her legs to get that tight little pussy drilled! Her favorite position of this Exploited College Girls update is when she sits on the guy’s lap, riding him and bouncing her tight little ass up and down as she takes every inch of that meatstick in her hole. The guy rocks her snatch front and back and left and right before getting pinned to the bed and fucked to orgasm…she cums all over his cock and I guess the guy got so turned on that he was ready to bust a nut too, giving her a huge facial that dripped off her face onto her big fake boobs!

Olive Southard


Olive southard on zishy

Ready for a little look into the world of Olive Southard? It’s a lazy Sunday in the Suburbs and Olive is doing a little shopping…she’s an adorable amateur with a cute smile, pretty eyes, great legs and nice big tits. She also loves teasing and flashing and that makes her perfect for Zishy…check out the fun as Olive relaxes on a public bench outside a stripmall, lifting up her long legs to give a tantalizing glimpse of those cute little panties with some upskirt looks…then she heads to the park to relax on the grass, letting her dress ride up and teasing with her pussy and that sweet round ass of hers! Olive even lets her big tits peek out a little and looks sexy as hell…one of the things Zishy does great is to keep some things in the imagination, it can be a little frustrating at times but really it’s way sexier if you ask me than if the girls were just flat-out naked and showing every inch of their tits and pussies and whatnot! I do wish though that we got to see a little more of Olive, she’s got a great body…maybe next time.

Candace Leilani


Candace Leilani

Candace Leilani here is beautiful and elegant and sexy as hell, but would you expect any less from a Playboy cybergirl of the month? I never really liked that title much by the way, it makes it sound like the girls are half robots or something. As cool as that would be, it’s not quite as sexy as a 100% flesh and blood hottie, so it’s a good thing the title doesn’t match the content. Candace here is hanging out on a plush shag carpet (are those still around? crazy) in her white high heels and that’s about it, showing off her huge perfect breasts and sweet round ass, not to mention her sexy shaved pussy as she spreads her legs and slides her hands over her skin! Glossy black hair, gorgeous face, amazing body, this girl’s something special alright and it’s no wonder Playboy is featuring her on their site.



Penny on exploited college girls

This tall busty blonde hottie is Penny and she’s ready to do her first scene here on Exploited College Girls! She pulls off her top to show off those beautiful perfect firm D-cup breasts and can hardly wait to get her pants off before sliding her hands down between her thighs to play with her pussy! This amateur bombshell nympho loves having fun with a hard cock and definitely gets her fill in this update, giving the guy a nice blowjob and then taking the cock between her boobs for a little tittyfucking action. Some girls you can just tell they absolutely live for sucking dick and Penny here licks that fuckstick like there are diamonds in the middle of it! Somehow the guy holds in his load through this amazing oral action and is able to give her the hard pussy pounding she was begging for, spreading those long smooth legs to penetrate her shaved hole as deep as he could…Penny moaned her way to orgasm and then drops to her knees to pump out a load of cum onto her face for a little self-inflicted facial to finish off this hot ECG update!

Giselle Locke


Giselle locke on zishy

Did you ever see that scene in American Beauty where the cheerleader chick does a dance and strips down nude? Keep that in mind when you check out this Zishy photoshoot, it features gorgeous cheerleader Giselle Locke as she invites us into her boudoire as she stretches out after practice, brushing her hair and flashing her little gray panties before stripping down, showing an absolutely perfect tight firm ass and teasing with her teen titties…all that kicking and jumping does wonders for a butt apparently! Zishy always shows a girl’s personality in their photoshoots and we get to experience a glimpse into Giselle’s everyday life here…her messy bedroom, her after-school cheerleader experience and that adorable sexy shyness as she gets naked and relaxes on her bed! It’s a little voyeuristic but Giselle obviously doesn’t mind, she seems to downright enjoy the attention as she shakes that sweet tight ass for us!

Smell The Rose


Smell the rose on gfr

Beautiful babe Rose was lazing around in bed, relaxing and trying to snooze the day away but her boyfriend knew she had an interview she had to get ready for! He also knew there was only one way to get her to wake up and hit the world and that was to pester her mercilessly…he came into the bedroom with his video camera and kept bugging her til she got up to take a shower, so I guess that worked out pretty well. Once she got up though and he caught a glimpse of that sweet booty he changed his tune, he wanted to make a sex video with her and the interview went out the window as he helped Rose out of her clothes and onto his cock! This girl is fucking gorgeous, lean and tall with nice tits and a sweet perfect ass, and she loves sucking cock too! We get a great view of the blowjob in this GF Revenge update called Smell The Rose, not to mention a perfect viewpoint for watching her get that tight wet pussy drilled. I don’t know what she did later on to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge, maybe her ‘interview’ was actually code for her going off to fuck his best friend!

Elegant August Ames


August ames returns to zishy

I’m sure you remember beautiful August Ames and her big perfect breasts from her first couple of Zishy shoots but just in case, here’s scene 1 and scene 2 from the site. She’s back for a third round and I know we all couldn’t be happier about it…this is one incredible woman and she just has an aura of elegance about her at all times! In this photoshoot she’s relaxing poolside in a white top and panties, enjoying the fresh breeze and letting those big tits fall out into the daylight…at first she’s a little shy about showing them off but soon she gives in to the temptation and gives us some nice peeks at her breasts and that sweet ass of hers too! August is just a cut above the rest, she’s a stately incredible beauty and the fact that she does hardcore shoots is icing on the cake. I just hope she keeps doing shoots for sites like Zishy too, it’s nice to see her just relaxing and showing off her natural beauty!

Mrs Security Guard


Mrs Security Guard XXX Pawn

You guys are in for a mother fucking treat here! I got you a super hot Latina from XXX Pawn, she is a complete amateur because well this is a reality site. Basically what this guy does is he finds those desperate woman that are coming in to pawn something and tells them he will give them some money without having to sell anything. This chick is trying to sell her gun that she uses during work! I mean I am pretty sure you’re about to lose your job if you’re doing this but this chick is kind of short sided let’s be honest. The girl doesn’t speak much English I mean she is straight up Latina guys. She has that big fat round ass and she knows how to work it on this country bumpkins big dick. He takes her in the back and just gets her naked so he can look at her full titties and round ass and once she is naked you throw a little more money her way and she is totally down to suck his dick and fuck him. Even letting him film it isn’t a big deal because it’s for his “personal collection”.

Rose Belford


Rose belford on zishy

I absolutely love seeing a new redhead on the scene…and what better way to introduce a cute new ginger than on Zishy with great photography and the freedom of showing her personality as well as her good looks! This is Rose Belford, an 18 year old redhead with a tight sexy body, hairy pussy and quite frankly a bit of a disturbing bedroom. She’s got a dollhouse and plenty of stuffed animals and stuff like that all over the place, do most 18 year old girls have that? Rose could use a good trim down low but hey if you’re into hairy natural vaginas this girl is gonna rock your world! Rose is hanging out in her bedroom in her little sheer pink panties and a white bra that you can pretty much see her breasts right through…this is a great opportunity to be introduced to a cute ginger just on the cusp of adulthood, ready to leave behind the trappings of the past and move into a very exciting adult future! Seriously though, someone send her a razor or something to tame that fiery forest.

Elizabeth Ostrander


Elizabeth Ostrander

Drop dead gorgeous babe Elizabeth Ostrander might be absolutely fucking lovely but she does seem to have problems putting on and taking off her coat because she does so like twenty times in this photoshoot. Underneath she’s wearing pretty much nothing though and has huge perfect titties so I’m not exactly complaining, know what I mean? These photos were taken for Playboy which is no surprise, they have some of the hottest girls in the world if you ask me and Elizabeth here looks amazing…big boobs, stunning supermodel face and did I mention she has big beautiful boobs? Oh I did…trust me though they’re worth mentioning again and again. At first she takes her coat off and puts it back on while wearing a sheer little black number, then later she takes her coat off and puts it back on while totally naked underneath!

Meghan Leopard


Meghan Leopard

This chick Meghan Leopard picked the right name given the leopard print tattoo she has on her hip…well either that or she actually is named Leopard and picked the tattoo based on her name, either way. She is absolutely fucking gorgeous and stars in a Playboy cybergirl photoshoot here, showing off those perky breasts and her nice tight firm ass! How did she get that perfect butt, you might be asking? Well apparently according to her she does MMA and it keeps her in great shape…I’m guessing she just works out and punches the bags though without getting into actual bouts, or else she’s got great reflexes and has never been popped in the face because she is just flawless! Absolutely beautiful face, perfect breasts, perfect ass, sounds like Playboy material alright.



Exploited college girls toni

This cute short haired teen is Toni, and she’s making her way to Exploited College Girls to film her first adult hardcore scene! You know, it’s nice when chicks show up at ECG for the paycheck and the promise of a future in the adult industry, but it’s ten times hotter when the girl is doing it because it just sounds like fun! That’s what Toni here is up to, she loves getting a hard cock in her pussy and man with a cute tight body like hers the pleasure goes all around, so to speak…this teen is hot as hell, especially that sweet round bubble butt of hers! She gets a good hard pounding in this sexy update, even getting a little surprise squirting in when she rides that cock in just the right way for her sweet bushy pussy! That’s right, she’s not clean shaven like 99 percent of the girls in the porn industry nowadays, she has a little natural hair down there and it looks great on her. Toni gets a fantastic pounding, bending over to get her pussy filled up with cock doggystyle and then taking a big load of cum in her hole for a creampie finish!

Coco Rose Returns


Coco rose zishy bikini

We saw beautiful Coco Rose once before as she showed off that perfect ass of hers in white stretchy pants, giving just a tease in a Zishy update called White Seed, but now she’d back and is hanging out on Venice Beach in a hand-knit bikini that she made herself! It’s not exactly the most modest of garments if you catch my drift…the day was a little cloudy but the guys that happened to make it to the beach that day were thanking their lucky stars they made THAT decision after getting an eyeful of beautiful Coco as those sweet tits of hers peek out behind the knitting…not to mention that ass of hers I already talked about, but this time there’s pretty much nothing left to the imagination as she walks around in those skimpy little thong bottoms, breaking hearts and pitching tents left right and center! Coco loves shooting with Zishy and we certainly love seeing her, so I can’t wait for this chick to make a return visit.

Artistic Ass


Artistic ass

If you read these posts I make pretty regularly you know I’m a big fan of the site Ernie’s House of Whoopass…the dude posts nearly every day somehow and talks about interesting stuff, and interspersed with information about whatever strikes his fancy that particular day he puts in some pictures of red hot amateurs flashing their titties or, in the case of this thumbnail I picked out, asses! He wrote about the painting here on the wall, turns out it’s by Raphael who it turns out is not just a ninja turtle, so I’ve already learned a little something today. I guess the naked women in the painting inspired these horny amateurs to drop trow and see if they’ve got the butts to compete with the painted ones, and man oh man how about that ass on the far right? I guess it’s a matter of taste but I’d say that chick has by far the nicest butt in the picture…tight as a drum and she’s got nice legs and a cute face to boot. Anyway, what I meant to say was that EHOWA is worth checking out every single day!

Double Trouble


Double trouble on crazy asian gfs

This dude had things pretty figured out…he knew his girlfriend Alina Li was going to be in the locker room after swim practice and that the only other person down there was her hot friend Marica Hase so he headed in with his video recorder! They asked him to leave at first since they were in their panties getting changed but he somehow talked them into this hot threesome you see here! Alina and Marica had been eyeing each other up for months and the guy was just the catalyst they needed…soon the girls were making out and getting those sweet titties out and the guy was whipping out his cock so the girls could take turns licking and sucking it! He fucked those tight Asian pussies one after the other, giving his girlfriend a nice doggystyle pounding with her head in a locker and then fucking Marica before pulling out and busting his load all over that pussy and Alina’s gorgeous face for this hot Crazy Asian GFs update called Double Trouble!

Kerstin Dorsia


Kerstin dorsia

This blonde knockout is Kerstin Dorsia and this is I think her fifth shoot on Zishy…I took a quick look and it didn’t look like I’ve put her shoots up before for some reason so you’ll just have to join up on Zishy to find em! They’re worth it too, especially the one of Kerstin in her swimsuit…man oh man. This girl is a stunner from head to toe and looks classy as hell in this photoshoot, hanging out in her little pink panties on the couch and stretching out those long beautiful legs as she flashes her perfect ass and gives a little hint of those sweet perky titties too. By the way, in her spare time Kerstin is a cage dancer at raves, which is about the sexiest thing she could possibly do…can you imagine this hottie half-dressed dancing all night long with the lights flashing, shaking that ass in your face? She’s got a butt that just won’t quit and I guess all the dancing is what did the trick…Kerstin has a sort of air of elegance about her too, it’s hard to put your finger on it but this girl is just awesome. Enjoy.



Rachel for exploited colelge girls

Sexy Rachel here used to be quite a bit heavier and fucked quite a gaggle of guys to boost her self esteem a bit but now she’s more comfortable with how she looks, she’s lost some weight and is fucking hot as hell if you ask me! She’s here on Exploited College Girls making her first forays into the adult industry, so I guess she’s VERY comfortable with her body…not that there’s much to take exception with; she’s got a sweet round ass and perky little boobies and loves getting her tight wet pussy played with. In fact she loves it so much that she has a big squirting orgasm as the guy ‘warms her up’ so to speak with a vibrator, before she even gets her hands around and lips on his big hard cock! After a nice blowjob she spreads her legs and lays back to get drilled, taking that big dick to the hilt and moaning, getting fucked nice and deep until the guy shot his load inside her hole for a nice creampie that oozed right out of her sweet shaved snatch!

Sexy Selfie


Lana on crazy asian gfs

This gorgeous hottie from the East is Lana, and she was going to make a private little video for her man to remember her by when he was out on the road for work…too bad she made it so damn hot though, he couldn’t resist showing it off to a few friends and before they knew it this video made it onto Crazy Asian GFs for all of us to enjoy! Lana is all sexed up in her fishnet lingerie, spreading those long legs to show off her sweet tight pussy, tweaking her nipples and then buzzing her clit with her favorite magic wand vibrator…Lana loves to masturbate and knows she’s red-hot so she plays it up for the camera, showing off every inch of that beautiful exotic nude body as she plays with her pussy! If you’ve got a thing for hot Asian babes masturbating and flashing sexiness this Crazy Asian GFs action will be right up your alley.

Caroline Ray


Caroline ray zishy

This exotic honey Caroline Ray is a nice combination of beauty and booty as she shows off that sexy body on Zishy in an update called Courage Lobby! She’s got a cute red dress on but no panties underneath, which she makes very clear as she lifts up her hem to flash that big round bubble butt and gives a couple glimpses of her pussy too! So many girls in the adult industry nowadays have shaved down south which makes it kind of a nice change of pace to see a girl like Caroline who has a little hair down there (but not TOO much). Caroline loves to tease and play and she’s got a great personality so she has lots of fun with the Zishy photographer, anyone walking around the lobby near her was certainly getting an eyeful of that beautiful body of hers! It doesn’t look like there were too many people around though to bother them as they shot, which is nice. It’s always a shame when some prudish security guard gives a sexy shoot the boot.

Wet T Shirt Contest


Wet tshirt contest

I love a good amateur wet t-shirt contest…you’re not seeing a beauty pageant where girls are all unbelievably gorgeous with perfect bodies and pre-rehearsed scripts about world peace, you’re getting real women with real bodies who just love having a good time! Plus most wet t shirt contests are held in bars which introduces a whole new level of fun. Anyway this hottie here isn’t the most stunning girl ever face-wise but she’s got nice big soft round titties and sexy womanly curves and she’s flashing that hotness after getting her shirt soaked through! By the end of this photoshoot she’s dancing around the pole onstage next to some other hot amateurs, you get big tits and small tits and everything in between with sexy shows like this. I don’t know if this girl ended up winning but she had a blast and we got to see those nice big breasts so it sounds like a win to me!

Storefront Ass


Drug store

Usually when I post a picture from Ernie’s House of Whoopass it’s a sexy amateur with some random object in the background that gets fixated on in Ernie’s writeup. Well this time it’s just a chick naked in front of a drugstore, she’s got a nice ass and all but hey the point is really to get you guys to check out EHOWA (that’s shorthand for Ernie’s House of Whoopass if you didn’t know) because trust me, it’s worth your time! The writeups are always great, Ernie loves to talk and usually keeps things on a theme…this time he’s talking about Christmas gifts and stuff, about buying bb guns for your kid or crappy knockoffs of famous characters from stores and stuff. If you’ve never seen the photo lists of hilarious knockoff fails do yourself a favor and check it out, I was cracking up…and of course Ernie sprinkles in a few photos of hot naked amateurs, so keep your eye out for those as well!

Tasting Tamra


Tasting tamra black gfs

Beautiful black babe Tamra was just working on her computer when her man came busting into the room with his video camera…she wasn’t having any bit of it at first but luckily for all of us he was able to talk her into it, persisting until she agreed to make a sex tape with him! She got her little orange pants tugged off and her white thong panties so her man could lick every inch of that body and she took his big black dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob, before spreading her legs to get that huge dick buried in her sweet wet hole! That big round juicy ass of hers is a thing of beauty, there’s no doubt about that…she puts it to work in this Black GFs update called Tasting Tamra too for sure, sliding her hole up and down on his cock and moaning as he rocked that sweet pussy! She ends up with a nice creamy load on her face and looks mighty proud of it, rubbing it into those sweet perky chocolate titties to finish this one off.

Florence Milo


Florence milo on zishy

This beautiful Italian girl is Florence Milo, and she seems to take her modeling career pretty seriously…a little too seriously maybe in fact; Zishy always loves to let their girls cut loose and show off their personality as well as their beauty but Florence seems to have some guards up if you ask me. Maybe that IS who she is though, it’s hard to say…all I know is that it’s not exactly going to detract from anything, this girl is an absolutely knockout! She’s walking around town wearing just a button-down shirt…putting a belt on it isn’t fooling anybody Florence, that’s not a real dress and you know it! She does love showing off those incredible legs of hers though…long and smooth and sexy as hell! Back at her house she opens up a little, changing into a little nighty and pair of panties and even letting a smile or two find her lips as she teases with those sexy perky breasts and nice firm round ass!

Double Decker Blow


Double decker blowjob ccgfs

It’s fun sometimes when you’re in a city for the first time, or even if you’ve lived there for years, to take a bus tour and get a new perspective on things! Gorgeous Lola Foxx and her boyfriend were riding around town on a double level bus checking out some of the landmarks of their beloved hometown…the guy got a little bored though and figured hey, he’s got his video camera going anyway, why not have some fun! He asked Lola to suck his cock and seeing as how she gets off on being naughty in public she soon had his dick in her mouth as she pumped him up and down, getting him hard as a rock. Lola loves giving a nice oral session and in this Crazy College GFs update she gives this guy a Double Decker Blow, letting the wind whip through her hair as they rode around with the other tourists on board completely oblivious! Or maybe not so oblivious, as you can see in the thumbnail above…just don’t tell Lola that everybody around them knew she had her perky tits out and sucked her man off until she got a mouthful of cum to swallow!

Killer Curves


Brandy foxx black gfs killer curves

Sexy Brandy Foxx was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out when her boyfriend came walking in with his video recorder…I mean can you blame him though? Brandy is fucking hot as hell and was just wearing a thin little top and a pair of panties and was snappy a few selfies at the time. She asked her man to stop recording but you could tell she didn’t really want to stop, she started flashing and teasing a little and before you know it she was making a sex tape with her man in this hot Black GFs update called Killer Curves! Brandy has a body that is tight as a drum, spreading her long smooth legs to get that pussy pounded and her mouth filled up with cock as we watch her moan her way to orgasm…keep an eye out for when she gets that nice round ass in the air to get pounded doggystyle, her butt is fucking incredible! Brandy gets pounded nice and hard before dropping to her knees to suck and lick a load out of that dick, getting a nice big facial that gets in her eyes a little but also gets on those nice perky chocolate titties.

Brooke Wylde Not Sleepy


Brooke wylde not sleepy on zishy

She might be all gussied up for bedtime in her pajamas but Brooke Wylde is definitely not sleepy from the looks of things in this hot Zishy photoshoot! If anything she’s getting more and more excited, showing off those big perfect tits and that incredible round juicy ass as she lets her pajama bottoms slip down her legs, flashing the cameraman and teasing the hell out of us with that sexy body. Brooke has been on Zishy before, in fact this is her third update on the site…if you missed out on the other two, check out %3



Hazel on ecg

Meet Hazel, an 18 year old cutie who has a hell of a forehead and forgot her eyebrows at home but man oh man that body of hers is absolutely perfect! Nice bouncy teen titties, a sweet round bubble butt, tight little pussy that gets dripping wet and a craving for cock in every way she can get it! She’s here on Exploited College Girls to make her entry into the adult industry and man she does it with a bang here, getting that tight hole fucked nice and deep until she’s having squirting orgasms all over the bed! The sheets might be a lost cause but this chick is one of a kind…you’re going to blow your mind when you see this girl’s breasts and ass and the way she fucks, even if she gives a somewhat evil look as she gets rocked. Hazel takes this guy’s cock nice and hard, riding him and getting fucked doggystyle until she gets a big messy creampie finish! I get the feeling the guy had planned to give her a nice facial but just couldn’t resist cumming inside that dripping wet tight pussy, and can you blame him?

Subway Ass


Subway ass

When you get hammered and pass out or just plain fall asleep on the subway you’re putting your own dignity on the line, as you can see in the thumbnail above…this chick dozed off and before you know it her friend in the yoga pants is flashing her ass next to her face and getting another friend to take their picture! A nice keepsake and of course that ass is pretty impressive…but Ernie from Ernie’s House Of Whoopass chooses instead to focus on the poster behind them advertising some new app to send money around or something! Ernie loves fixating on some minor detail and ignoring the hot amateurs in his pictures, it’s pretty funny. Plus, every day he updates on the site he talks about interesting stuff, it’s always worth checking out even if you don’t count the hot girls with tits and ass flashing that he always posts! If you’ve got a batch of sites you check on the daily make sure you add this one to it, you’ll thank me pretty much every single day.

Samantha Rone


Samantha rone on zishy

We’ve seen beautiful blonde Samantha Rone on a few other sites but she always shows her fun bubbly personality so on a site like Zishy you know it’s gonna be extra fun! Samantha is gorgeous of course and loves showing off her body in public and apparently has a thing for Japanese culture, she took the Zishy photographer to a place called Mitsuwa Market and had fun shopping her way down the aisles and flashing her perfect ass and of course those sweet perky breasts…she finds some fun stuff to play with but just can’t seem to keep her hands off herself, lifting up her red dress to tease us mercilessly. They called this update Japanese Acid, I’m not sure why but I guess in those shops a lot of times it feel like you’re on something with all the colors and adorable characters all around…apparently Samantha got a little overstimulated by all the sights and sounds because she headed back to the hotel room, taking a nap on the bed and letting her dress ride up and show her sweet butt again!

Latina Stewardess


Xxx pawn latina stewardess

I always wondered what happens to the clothes and stuff that gets left at the Lost & Found in the airport for too long…I don’t know how common it is but this hot stewardess brought a whole suitcase full of clothes to the XXX Pawn shop hoping for a little extra cash, so I guess that explains that little mystery! The clothes were pretty much worthless but the Latina flight attendant that brought them in was fucking gorgeous so the pawnshop dude gave her a counteroffer, if she was to come to the employee bathroom and suck and fuck his big hard cock she’d get a nice chunk of change! This smokin hot stewardess was a bit shy about it but I guess she really needed the cash because she gave him a blowjob behind the counter, then went to the back and stripped down showing off a beautiful pair of big jiggly titties and a spectacular ass, taking the guy’s huge dick in her mouth and then going for a ride on it! The dude could hardly believe his luck with this Latina beauty, usually the chicks that show up trying to make a couple bucks look like Gilbert Gottfried on a Monday morning but man oh man this girl is smokin hot from head to toe and looks like a blast to fuck.

Come Suck It


Sayeh in come suck it on cagfs

This guy came home from work early and heard his girlfriend in the bedroom moaning away…naturally he assumed she was in there fucking some other guy so he grabbed his video recorder and busted in to catch her in the act, but as it turned out she was just in there masturbating! Not one to let a great opportunity slip by he told her he just wanted to make a sextape with her and whipped out his cock telling her to come suck it and look up at the camera. Sayeh looked incredible as she gave his big thick cock a tonguebath, licking him up and down as she played with her big round titties before bending over with that perfect ass in the air to get pounded from behind! She loves a nice deep dicking from behind and this dude was more than willing to provide it, sliding his cock into that sweet hole and making her moan even louder…and it’s all on camera for this Crazy Asian GFs submission!

Buy Ammo Day


Buy ammo day

Did you guys know today was National Buy Ammo Day? Apparently that’s a thing and yeah, apparently it’s today so hey why not stock up am I right. That is just one of the things I’ve learned from reading Ernie’s House of Whoopass on the reg…Ernie always posts interesting stuff and hey even if you don’t like to learn things it’s worth sticking around for the sight of gorgeous amateur babes showing off their tits and asses! Ernie doesn’t just throw tits at you either, it’s usually like an easter egg hunt for some small detail in the picture or a scavenger hunt type thing where you have to figure out where the picture was taken given the setting and stuff. The thumbnail I posted above here for instance, he’s asking where the bus stop is that this gorgeous babe is hanging out and flashing her perfect butt!

Tawny Henderson


Tawny henderson on zishy

When you think about sexy articles of clothing I would imagine that overalls aren’t super high on the list but after checking out this Zishy photoshoot you might just change that! At least I think that’s what Tawny Henderson here is wearing…with a name like overalls you’d think that the fabric was over all, but Tawny’s big titties can’t be contained! You get plenty of sideboob action and flashing fun as she hangs out by a cruise ship flashing and teasing a bit, until the security officers had to crack the whip because of her big juicy titties basically hanging right out in public. Doesn’t seem super problematic and I would bet that the security guards weren’t really too enthusiastic about asking Tawny to leave but leave she did, heading to the park to roll around in the grass and pretty much strip down naked! Zishy always has incredible photos of beautiful models that not only show how hot they are, but give a little insight into their personality. Always great to see, especially when the girl is this gorgeous!

Bury The Bone


Gf revenge taylor whyte

This dude walked into the bedroom while his girlfriend Taylor Whyte and her friend were hanging out relaxing in their panties…they were pissed and threw pillows at him not only because he just strolled right on in, he did it while recording the girls with his video camera! As it turns out Taylor and her guy really wanted to have a threesome with this chick Brooklyn but didn’t want to come right out and say it so they staged this little ‘incident’! Soon the girls were pillowfighting and then making out and Brooklyn started sniffing out what these two were up to…she resisted at first but soon she was feeling horny enough that she figured it might just be a good idea so she started getting naked and playing with the couple, and soon they were all naked and fucking on the bed while the guy recorded the whole thing! I don’t know what the circumstances were in the days and weeks after this hot hardcore threeway but somehow or other the footage got sent in to GF Revenge and turned into this update called Bury The Bone!

Amateur Hotties


Amateur Hotties

Brace yourself for another sexy cornucopia of hot horny amateur babes getting naked and getting fucked! These next door hotties love to take a cock in the face, in the ass, and of course in the pussy…check out all this hardcore sex as woman after woman spreads her legs and gets pounded…some of them have better bodies than others and of course some of them are maybe not exactly beauty pageant material face-wise but hey, that’s just how the world works. You do get quite a selection here in terms of body type, hair color (keep an eye out for the gorgeous redhead) and preference of how to get pounded, so strap in and enjoy!

Gloria Paquette


Gloria paquette zishy

If you’re a fan of tights and leggings this Zishy photoshoot is going to rock your world…it stars beautiful Gloria Paquette as she hangs out in a couple of her favorite pairs of tights, tugging them down to flash that perfect ass of hers…at times she doesn’t even need to pull her tights down, she can just bend over and the stretched fabric is so sheer you can see her butt right through! Gloria also has a very nice pair of boobs and she doesn’t mind showing them off…she’s a beautiful girl who gives the impression that she loves just hanging out on a quiet afternoon enjoying the day, she doesn’t need to have a zillion things going on at a time to keep her mind occupied, she’s comfortable with who she is and confident in her beauty inside and out. Zishy is really good at showing the personality as well as the hotness of the girls they shoot, and this is a perfect example.

Sunny Pics


Sunny pics on gf revenge

When beautiful blonde Sunny Marie here started packing up her luggage for a long solo trip her boyfriend quickly pulled out the video recorder…he wanted to make a hot sextape so he could remember her while she was out of town and it took a little convincing but eventually Sunny agreed to it! She slipped out of her shorts to show how hot her ass looked in her little panties before sucking his cock and getting that sweet shaved teen pussy fucked, riding the guy while he recorded eveyrthing from first person perspective! Turns out that her long solo trip was to meet up with a guy friend of hers and, well, long story short the dude who recorded this ended up sending the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback. This blonde spinner gets a nice hard fuck here so at least he sent her off on the right foot, so to speak!

Graduation Day


Ccgfs with alex chance

It’s graduation day and this one lucky babe named Alex Chance is about to graduation Cum Laudly in this Crazy College GFs update! After talking some of her hot college girl friends to flash their sweet titties for a few pictures she meets up with her longtime friend (but not boyfriend) for a little last-minute fun before they all went their separate ways. There’s always someone you have your eye on through the college experience and sometimes it’s just not in the cards for it to turn into anything, but rather than a lifetime of regrets Alex decides to give into temptation just this once by sucking and fucking his big hard cock in his car (and on his hood!) while he records the whole thing for posterity and future late-night reminiscing, if you know what I mean! Alex is a hottie with a body, that’s for sure…sweet spankable ass, nice big bouncy titties and of course blowjob skills this guy will be thinking about for years to cum. Watch that sweet pussy of hers get pounded before the guy blasts a load all over her!

Italian Beach Babe


Italian beach chick

Say hello again to a gorgeous amateur babe showing off her sweet sexy body, courtesy of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Ernie does an update most days and it’s always worth reading, whether you’re there for the writing or for the smattering of photos of sexy amateurs or what. Most of this update I’m linking talks about the Lets Bring Em Home movement, with a personal anecdote from Ernie about his own experience heading to Basic Training …I guess he meant to post this on Veteran’s Day but either procrastinated or other stuff came up so he ended up not having time to sit down and write this up until today. Every update on EHOWA has stuff worth reading, whether it’s a story about heading to the military for the first time or a heads-up on some great deals on stuff or just some gorgeous Italian babes on the beach like this chick up above! Man, that big juicy booty of hers is a doozie isn’t it?

Amateur Cleavage


Sexy cleavage

The weather is getting cooler and cooler but it’s for the most part not quite frigid outside yet and you know what that means…it’s that glorious window of time where women have sweaters on but not huge thick ones, letting sweater kittens out to play! Check out the awesome cleavage on this gorgeous amateur for instance…those big tits of hers look incredible in her top, the buttons look like they’re about to pop right off, not that anybody would complain. She took this selfie with her phone so part of her face is obscured unfortunately, but it’s a sexy candid shot and obviously she knows she’s got great tits so she put em front and center for everyone to check out! This picture is from Double Viking, they’ve got tons of hotties and lots of cool information and even some fun flash games to waste time with when you’re supposed to be working (not that I know anything about that)!



Czech amateur

If these pictures look a little on the sterile side just keep in mind that these are casting photos, showing every angle and every inch of a sexy busty amateur hottie named Katerina so other sites can see if they want to hire her as a model. The upshot is that you get to see this beautiful woman in her natural state, with little or no makeup and every sexy curve of her body on display! Those big beautiful breasts look incredible and her sweet juicy booty would look amazing up in the air as you drill that tight pussy of hers from behind…this update is from a site called Czech Casting and there’s basically a neverending supply of beautiful Czech hotties interested in making some easy cash in the adult industry! This girl looks a little shy to tell the truth, maybe this is her first time modeling or something but man she is hot as hell so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of work for her.

Lickity Split


Black gfs lickety split

Lovely limber ebony hottie Nina started out this Black GFs update stretching out on the floor in her bikini, getting her sweet long legs stretched out and showing off that big juicy booty! Her man had run off and grabbed his video recorder when he saw her doing it, and taped her stretching out and looking sexy as hell…she demurred a little when she noticed him recording it but then gave in and made it a little show for him, shaking her ass and driving him crazy! He popped a boner of course and she was feeling a little frisky herself so she dropped to her knees, licking and sucking his cock looking up with those pretty eyes of hers. Soon she was naked and bent over with that big round ass in the air getting fucked doggystyle, I guess all the stretching and sucking had gotten her blood flowing in all the right places! Nina got her sweet shaved pussy drilled and then took a facial that dripped all over her perky titties…the name of the episode is Lickety Split and at first I thought she was going to get eaten out a bunch but I guess she did do the splits and definitely did plenty of licking on her man’s cock!

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