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Hannah Kinney It Just Works


Zishy hannah kinney it just works

This is Hannah Kinney‘s third time on Zishy, as far as I’ve seen at least, (check out the other ones if you missed ’em, scene 1 and scene 2 are both sexy as hell) and someone she just seems to keep on getting hotter. She’s absolutely fucking gorgeous, has an ass you’ll be dreaming about for years, and apparently has a great fun personality too! In this photoshoot called It Just Works she’s in her college housing trying on some clothes and panties and stuff and rocking out to Guns n Roses at the same time. I know you can’t exactly hear the rock going on in the background in these photos but yep, that’s what she was listening to…the only strike against Hannah here is that big piercing on her cheek, I think those are cute in general but her jewelry is a little too big if you ask me, it sort of detracts from her overall gorgeousness. One sight of that perfect butt though and any thoughts about that piercing go right out the window…man oh man. She’s also got some sexy little panties she shows off too, white and lacy and semi-sheer with a bow or something like that on the front that looks like whipped cream. Anyone care to give it a lick?

Shake Something


Jamie sullivan black gfs shake something

This hot black cup of coffee’s name is Jamie and she’s a bit of a freaky-deaky as she rides in the car with her man at the beginning of this Black GFs submission called Shake Something! She keeps talking dirty and telling him how much she wants to suck and ride that cock of his, I’m surprsied he didn’t get a speeding ticket or two blazing his way home with that thought in mind to be honest. This girl is beautiful too, with nice big tits that she loves to flash and when she gets inside the house and starts stripping down and shaking that booty you get to see just how sexy that round brown ass of hers is! Jamie sucks her man’s cock and gets her pussy eaten out, then spreads her legs to take him deep inside…he’s got a hankering for those big tits of hers so he tittyfucks her a bit before pounding her pussy some more and dropping a massive load of cum all over that wet pink gash!

Lucky Lucy


Gfrevenge lucky lucy

The name of this GF Revenge update is Lucky Lucy but man if you ask me it should be Lucky Boyfriend because this girl is just plain smokin hot! Lucy Tyler is a beautiful blonde with a body straight out of a magazine and is a little hesitant to flash or show off while her boyfriend was filming with his video recorder…well I guess persistence paid off because she agreed to show one boob while they were out on the balcony and once that seal was broken she loosened up a bit, heading inside and getting completely naked! I guess the feeling of privacy was what she wanted because she danced around and showed that absolutely perfect ass and her nice bouncy titties off before giving her man a nice blowjob, sucking his big fat cock and forgetting all about the camera. He recorded the whole thing of course, including when he slid his dick into that sweet tight wet pussy of hers, pounding her nice and hard and then fucking her doggystyle until he busted nut all over that sweet round butt!

Lick It Good


Ccgfs suck it good

Sexy blonde college girl Brandy thought she was gonna be tricky and set up a little video recorder to tape her and her boyfriend getting it on but once he showed up and was feeding her his big hard cock he glanced over and pretty much saw a potted plant with a sign that said NOT A CAMERA, turns out Brandy’s maybe not the brightest bulb in the lamp. He was a little annoyed for a second but then realized he could use it to make a little POV sextape so he grabbed the camera, recording Brandy licking and sucking on his dong before spreading her legs and giving that sweet teen pussy of hers a nice hard deep dicking, then turned her over to pound her doggystyle before blasting a big creamy load of cum all over her pretty face! This Crazy College GFs episode is called Lick It Good and Brandy certainly does that, she might not be the best prankster in the world but she does give a hell of a blowjob and looks hot as hell getting that tight wet pussy of hers drilled!

Hot MILF Banged


Xxx pawn hot blonde milf

This hot blonde MILF Holly just got the business end of the boss-boot at her job and got canned, and she’s scrambling to make a little money while she looks for another office job so she brought some of the crap she snatched from her cubicle and headed to the XXX Pawn Shop! The guy wasn’t interested in the potted plant (who tries to pawn a fucking plant anyway) or any of the other office supply stuff she brought but he knew a potential goldmine when he saw it so he offered this hottie an alternative, namely to suck and fuck his huge hard cock for some spending cash! He offered to match her two-week severance package and after fuming for a few minutes the lady decided a deal was a deal and headed to the back room with the guy. He loves a MILF in a business suit so soon he had his cock buried in her throat and then bent her over to fuck that sweet hot pussy until she was moaning so loud the customers out front probably were laughing about it! She definitely put in the effort for the cash he tossed her way before sending her out the door with her potted plant under her arm.

Spring Cleaning In July


Zishy spring cleaning

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put this photoshoot up since it’s not exactly in the normal Zishy format, but once I got a look at some of these pictures I knew I pretty much had to! The photographer did a little Spring Cleaning so to speak (even though it was Summer at the time), putting up a bunch of pictures that were either outtakes or shoots that were too short to be a full update or who knows what. You’ve got gorgeous girls here like Tilly Hannon, Jessie Andrews, Taylor Salem, Staci Silverstone, Madison Luvv and a few other hotties, so do yourself a favor and take a stroll through these b-sides and see what you think! Zishy is great at doing photoshoots that really let the models’ personality shine through and you definitely get that from these, and of course the girls are incredibly hot and love to tease with their sweet perfect tits and asses in public and in private, all the while leaving a little something to the imagination. I love em and I bet you will too!

Tea Time



Alright folks, time for another installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Each and every day (well as often as I’ve checked, at least) Ernie busts out a daily digest of news and interesting general shit, and sprinkled into the mix is a dose of tits and ass so your brain and your dick are both entertained, who can ask for more than that. The pictures of ladies such as the blonde amateur above with the big juicy ass are like a treasure hunt in themselves as to how they fit in with what’s being talked about in the article…for instance can you find the reference in the thumbnail up there to Teekanne? I could, you blind bastards…look tear your eyes from that ass and look just west of the girl’s tits and you’ll find your little tea-Waldo. Ernie knows how to keep a guy’s attention as he clues you in on things like new motorcycle models, football, all kinds of random whatever that he runs across and gussies up for us. Keep fighting the good fight, Ernie, we’ll keep checking it out.

Self Loving Massage


Hegre self loving massage

Come along for the journey as incredibly gorgoeus babe Charlotta takes some time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to get to know herself better in this Hegre Art video called Self Loving Massage! Charlotta is completely nude and lays on a yoga mat type table or something, exploring every inch of her body with her fingers and finding spots she didn’t even know she had that thrilled her with chills and shudders of pleasure…but that was nothing compared to the sensations she had with her favorite toy, the magic wand vibrator! Her eyes fluttered closed and her back arched as she moaned and brought herself to some huge orgasms, bringing us along with her to the peaks of pleasure as she made her clit sing. Figuratively speaking. This girl is incredibly beautiful with a perfect body, there’s just no other words for it…stunning from head to toe and without a hint of self-consciousness or shame about masturbating in front of us, it’s a beautiful scene and definitely worth checking out!



Lexi for exg

Some girls just know how to present themselves…does that make sense? I mean like some chicks are just kinda meh, they’re hot or they’re not, but some girls have a kind of natural elegance and just hold themselves differently; they could be shoveling dogshit into a bucket and still look good somehow. That’s pretty much how Lexi here is, she’s tall and slender and elegant and just hot as hell from toe to tip even while she’s getting pounded doggystyle in this Exploited College Girls update. Long dark hair, long smooth sexy legs, sweet bouncy bubble butt and perky little petite titties, she could be a supermodel or something if she wasn’t busy getting her pussy tapped! Her vagina is already wet as the guy tugs off her panties and he wastes no time before slipping his cock into her mouth and then giving her a pussy pounding she won’t soon forget, and neither will we! She gets fucked nice and hard before getting a cumshot that sprays all over those small breasts and also onto her face, which she’s a little put out about I think because of her makeup and stuff…but hey, sometimes a facial is just in the cards and this is one of those times!

Naughty And Nice


Nikki belle dare dorm sweater party

Well, to be honest, checking out this Dare Dorm submission I saw a whole lot of naughty and not much nice…but that works out pretty well if you ask me! These college kids are having an Ugly Xmas Sweater party and some of the girls look damn hot in them…of course that might just be because all they’re wearing is the sweaters, no pants or panties down south! Soon everyone starts making out and this one naughty elf gets the bright idea of giving Santa a blowjob and at that point man all bets are off…luckily one of the people at the party had the cameras rolling so we get to watch all the college girl tits and asses all over the place and this sexy brunette Nikki Bell sucking and fucking this dude dressed up as Santa (who hopefully gets some little blue pills in his christmas stocking if you know what I mean)…I bet she’s his favorite present to unwrap!

Beer Can Bingo


Ehowa beer can

Welcome to another installment of Ernie’s House of Whoopass as you get your daily fix of the news with a few pictures of sexy amateurs thrown in for good measure! As always Ernie talks about the beer in the photo above instead of talking about that big round sexy ass in our face, but hey that’s what I’m here for. She also apparently sticks her cigarette in her can tab which is pretty gross if you ask me, what if you forget it’s there and just straight up stick your lit cigarette in your eye when you try to take a sip? Especially after eight or nine of those beers and double-especially if there’s a hot blonde around showing off her badonkadonk like there is in this picture. Anyway Ernie always talks about some fun stuff, not just useless celebrity gossip like most sites but about shit that is actually worth reading about, it’s a fun time and it’s out like every day so if you have your phone and are sitting on the toilet or something it’s perfect…just don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Latina Euro Trip


Xpawn think mink

This hot Latina girl Amber showed up at the XXX Pawn shop to try to unload a coat, she needed cash with a quickness for a trip to Europe and figured hocking her grandma’s old coat was a good way to rake in some money. Unfortunately it turned out to be synthetic mink and was basically worthless! Fortunately the pawnshop guy had a ‘big heart’ so he offered her a different deal, he’d slide her some coin for her trip if she’d head to the back room with him to suck and fuck that big fat cock he’s got swinging in his pants! She was in a tight spot so of course she said yes, either that or she just has a soft spot for big dick…either way she made the trip to the back office and proceeded to rock that cock, bending over the desk with that cute Latina booty in the air to get her sweet tight college girl pussy pounded from behind before taking a facial! He made it rain money after making it rain cum on her, but this hottie definitely had to work for that plane ticket.

Dharma Webb


Zishy with dharma webb

She flew out to LA from Philadelphia but sexy skater chick Dharma Webb brought her East Coast cool along with her as she rides around on her longboard on the beach, catching some sun before heading out onto the sand in her bikini to relax by the surf! The Zishy cameras were rolling as this cutie flashes and teases with her nice big titties, grinning at us and putting on quite the show for anyone who happened to cruise by! The beaches out on the west coast are a whole different scene than back east, with nice warm soft sand and blue skies and warm sunny days…perfect for a chick like Dharma to go for a cruise on her board, turning heads everywhere she goes with her sexy personality and even sexier voluptuous body! Dharma doesn’t seem to mind too much being watched either, she enjoys the attention and loves to tease a boy or two…you can tell she’s got plenty of experience doing that!

Calico Cats



Man, every time I head to this site Ernie’s House of Whoopass I learn a little something new…sometimes there’s big international news going on that Ernie talks about in his own inimitable style, and sometimes you learn a little about what a calico cat is. That’s where the thumbnail above came from, did you notice the calico cat on the bed? Yeah me either, at least not for a little while during which I was entirely fixated on those sweet soft beautiful titties that amateur babe is packing in her selfie. Apparently calico just means a cat has a spotted coat that is mostly white but partially tabby or black and oh man who cares, just check out those sweet sexy hips up there! There are some more hidden gems so to speak in every day’s writeup, the pictures always have at least something to do with what’s being talked about but usually breasts or asses are the focus and that suits me just fine.

Holly Michaels


Playboytv holly michaels

Have you been missing Holly Michaels lately? Maybe you just have a hankering for some big perfect breasts and an ass you could eat off of, well my friend Holly has got all of the above and more and is looking just fucking incredible in this Playboy TV video clip. I mean of course you’re going to get great quality video from Playboy with a gorgeous model but they went above and beyond in this hot scene, Holly is a dream come true as she strips down and makes hot passionate love with her lucky guy friend! He grabs those big boobs of hers and slides into her sweet tight wet pussy from behind, making Holly moan and gasp as she impales her hole on his meat again and again. I think the name of this series from Playboy TV is Digital Diaries but I could be wrong on that, so don’t quote me…just sit back and enjoy this stunner getting pounded.

Karla Meyers Returns


Karla meyers floor show zishy

Brace yourself because stunning redhead vixen Karla Meyers is back on Zishy in this hot photoshoot called The Floor Show! You’ll see soon enough why it got that name as Karla gets down and dirty on the carpet, rolling around with that perfect butt in the air and throwing some naughty looks over her shoulder at us. This girl is a stunner, she has an unusual look but the more you watch her the sexier she gets…maybe it’s those big natural breasts of hers or that sweet round smooth ass but there’s just something incredible about this ginger hottie! It’s like when you see supermodels, more often than not there’s something captivating and slightly unusual about their look…Karla definitely has that going on and in all the right places as she lets her hair down and lets those panties slide down her long pale legs for this hot Zishy shoot! If you missed out on Karla’s previous shoot for the site don’t fret I’ve got it right here for you guys, so enjoy this knockout with the knockers.

Nude In Nature


Sienna on gf revenge

There’s something about being in nature that just drives some women wild and this guy was lucky enough to be dating one! He took Sienna Day here on a picnic in the park and figured he’d bring his videocamera along knowing her proclivity for getting nude in nature…and when you get a look at Sienna’s big perfect tits you’ll be sending him thank-you letters for sending the footage in to GF Revenge! Sure enough, she starts losing clothes as soon as she feels the grass under her feet, showing those big boobs and of course her sexy round ass before kneeling on the pic-a-nic blanket and giving her man a nice POV blowjob. She sucked his cock until it was raging hard, then bent over to get her nice wet shaved pussy fucked while the camera kept on rolling! If I was this guy I’d be taking her on a camping trip every weekend, she loves feeling the wind on her naked body and hey who are we to deny her that pleasure.

Amateur Sex


Amateur Sex

There’s a fine line for this kind of photoset between showing a bunch of hot amateur babes getting naked and fucked, and just plain rubbing it in. But hey who cares, these chicks are hot as hell (well most of them) and love the cock and or the pussy, and they’re down with having pictures of them enjoying said cock and pussy with the world! Keep an eye out for the chick getting her nipples sucked by another girl while a guy stands by with his cock at the ready…the chick in the middle of that fuck sandwich looks like her brain is just boiling away right now and she couldn’t be happier! It’s like a sexy paradise and these are all real people just having a blast.

Bubble Bath


Bubble bath for ccgfs

When you were a teenager growing up did you ever have your parents go out of town and invite your friends over, do you remember how freaked out you were about keeping the house clean and not letting your folks know you broke the house rules? That’s basically what’s going on in this Crazy College GFs update as Chloe invited her cute college girlfriends over and they ended up getting naked and hopping into the tub for a Bubble Bath. One of the girls mentioned she had never been naked with other chicks before and had certainly never taken a bath with other girls, so her friends took the opportunity to introduce her to all kinds of things as they all ended up making out and fingering and licking pussy in this smokin hot sapphic scene! These lesbians all ended up tongue-deep in poontang and having the time of their lives…it’s a good thing it was rainy out that day so the girls had to stay indoors and it’s definitely a good thing one of the chicks had a video camera to capture the whole thing and send it in to Crazy College GFs for us!

August Ames Seashells


August ames seashells zish

I’m sure you remember seeing August Ames on Zishy before, if not here’s her first scene…remember now? Yeah, the absolute fucking stunner with the big natural perfect tits, that’s her. Anyway she’s back and since she had never done much public play she decided to give it a whirl, showing off that perfect ass in her sexy little black thong panties out on the street one bright sunny day! Can you imagine driving down the street and seeing a girl as hot as August showing off her butt like that? I’m pretty sure 99% of us would just plow right into the next parked car and not even notice. She might look super glamorous but this chick is down to earth and sometimes downright goofy, for instance check out the pictures of her playing with some seashells she had lying around…in the full photoshoot she even pretends to be a dog taking a leak on a fire hydrant! Now that’s the kind of girl who would be fun to hang out with, not all stuck up and fancy like so many of the girls with those caliber looks. If you fell in love with August after checking out these shots, and I can’t say I blame you if that’s the case, check out plenty more of her stuff right here!

Black Girl Needs Money


Xxxpawn gym rat

This fit chick walked into the XXX Pawn shop one day hoping to sell a piece of gym equipment, I guess she was a personal trainer who had fallen on some hard times or something like that because she really needed the cash. Well the pawnshop owner is always on the lookout for a sweet deal so he asked her to demonstrate how the thing was used, I think he just wanted to get a look at that sweet ass of hers though! My theory got confirmed when he offered her a little extra cut of cash to do the demonstration in the nude…he was going to film it because there was no instruction manual and can you imagine how much more they’d get for the thing in the shop if it came with a demo tape featuring this hottie in the nude showing how the thing works? Well the shop owner got a huge boner watching her exercise like that and soon she had his cock in her mouth and then was getting her pussy pounded with that big meat before getting a huge facial.

Awakening The Senses Massage


Hegre art awakening the senses

At its core a good massage is all about awakening the senses as well as relaxing and comforting sore muscles, and in this Hegre Art update we get to see a beautiful woman getting her mind and body aligned and awakened! It’s a joy to behold too because this girl is absolutely incredibly gorgeous with a perfect body as she lies there nude on the massage table, getting oil rubbed into her skin and having her senses tickled and tantalized by Bara’s skilled hands. Seeing this girl Katia in all her glory with those perfect breasts and equally perfect ass getting rubbed and oiled and squeezed and caressed is unspeakably sensual and at the same time relaxing, just the way the massage itself should be! Turn the lights down a bit and grab a glass of wine and just enjoy this soothing and also incredibly hot lesbian massage, courtesy of Hegre Art…they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to body pleasure.

Whoopass for the Day


Daily whoopass

Take a look at that picture up above of that naked amateur hanging out in the yard. What do you notice right off the bat? Probably those sweet titties of hers, followed by her cute butt and maybe those dorky sunglasses she’s sporting, right? Well did you notice the retractable awning up in the top-right of the picture? Of fucking course you didn’t, because you’re not Ernie’s House of Whoopass. Not only did they notice the awning but they wrote up a little informational paragraph about it with a helpful picture link that goes to this hottie…pretty hilarious if you ask me. Ernie’s House of Whoopass is like a daily digest of some of the wacky shit that goes on all around the world on the internet, for instance in this update there’s a chick in Russia who rides around on her motorcycle and dishes out some swift retribution when people litter, by throwing their shit back into their car windows or taping an empty bottle to this one chump’s mirror, pretty funny. You never know what you’re going to find out or read about but hey that’s just how life is sometimes, so enjoy it.

Booty Rock


Bgfs booty rock ricki

Sexy ebony hottie Ricki is incredibly attractive no matter how you slice it, but really you don’t get the full effect of her hotness until she turns around and reveals that incredible round ass of hers! This Black GFs update is called Booty Rock and I’m sure her boyfriend is always down to rock that booty, especially in her tight little stretchpants like she’s wearing at the beginning of this update! Ricki loves twerking and shaking that ass and her man loves filming it, and this time her little impromptu dance-off turned into a hardcore fuckfest and we get to enjoy the footage! Ricki stripped out of her pants and that little yellow thong as she sucked her bf’s cock until it was good and hard, then hopped up on top of him and started working her pussy on his stick with those big tits in his face. If that was enough, she finished him off by bending over and getting pounded doggystyle, he turned into a rabbit in heat as he pounded away at her hole until he shot his load all over her for a nice facial finish!



Chanel on ecg

Meet Chanel, a beautiful girl with a permanent grin and an ass you will be dreaming about for weeks to cum after you check out this Exploited College Girls update! This gorgeous teen starts out strong with a nice blowjob as she gets naked and the hits just keep coming as she spreads her legs to get her pussy penetrated, then flips over to unleash that incredible round booty on the world!  Chanel’s ass is round and smooth and she knows just how to shake it to drive a guy wild…watch this ebony hottie get her teen pussy fucked doggystyle with her long dark hair flowing in her face and her bouncy titties going for a ride with every thrust of the guy’s hard cock. Chanel wanted to make a little extra spending cash so she headed to the studio to make this hardcore fuck session but she sure seems to be enjoying herself, maybe she’ll make this her full-time career after she sees the checks start coming in! I figure hey if you like getting fucked and you’re as hot as Chanel here why not make some quick easy money on the internet!

Fun Times


Crazy college gfs fun times

Imagine you’re at a party having some drinks and having a good time, you’ve been hitting on this sexy blonde girl all night and things seem like they’re going pretty well, you hit it off and have been talking and whatnot and as the party winds down it doesn’t look like she’s planning on going anywhere. People are starting to pass out all over the place but this girl is getting more and more into you and suddenly she looks around and asks if you want to have some fun! OK imagination time is over, that’s probably never happened to you and damn well never happened to me but it DID happen to this guy and luckily he videotaped the rest of the night! His blonde girlfriend got on her knees and gave him a nice blowjob right out in the open and then got more brave, bending over with that sexy ass in the air and inviting him to fuck her doggystyle right then and there until he shot his cum all over that sweet pussy of hers! This party girl is always up for some fun times and I’m glad the footage got sent in to Crazy College GFs so we could all check it out too.

Gabrielle Bradley


Gabrielle flag zihsy

I think this Zishy update was originally shot for Independence Day so I guess I missed the mark on that one a bit but hey, it’s still mighty hot so why not post it in September, is what I always say! Well, I said it this time. This photoshoot features Gabrielle Bradley as she spends the 4th  of July on the beach with the Zishy photographer, letting Old Glory fly in the breeze (although she does let the flag hit the ground, which is a no-no if you ask me) and lighting up some sparklers to celebrate. I guess the spirit moved her because soon she was peeling out of her bikini or panties or whatever those are and showing that nice round ass of hers, as well as a nice look at her perky boobies! It’s not too frequent that you get an all-out look at a model’s breasts on Zishy, usually they opt to do more of a tease by having her cover up with her hands and whatnot…I’m glad they decided to show Gabrielle’s titties in this photoshoot though because man they’re nice. She looks like a fun chick to spend an evening on the beach with, that’s for sure!

Eden Young


Eden young sunday worship

Freckled bespectacled beauty Eden Young is hanging out in front of a house of worship in this Zishy photoshoot and if any of the congregation sees her flipping up her polka dot skirt to flash that perfect round ass of hers they’ll definitely have a bit of a crisis of faith, so to speak! Eden is always hot as hell, you saw that in her previous update on Zishy, but she’s looking even sexier this time around if you ask me. Maybe it’s the warm sunshine pouring down and making her skin glow soft and pink, maybe it’s those soft beautiful breasts that she flashes as she presses them up against a cold iron fence, maybe it’s just her lovely face who knows, there’s just something about this girl that’s irresistable! Eden gives some tantalizing glimpses of her boobies and of course that lovely booty of hers before calling it a day…I love the way the personality of the model always shines through in a Zishy photoshoot, I get the feeling the models have more of a say than the photographer in deciding what the shoot is going to be like!

Kimber Cox


Kimber Cox

I always wanted a house among the trees with a nice big sitting room with huge windows…I’m more than a little jealous of the one that Kimber Cox is hanging out in for this Playboy shoot, it almost distracts the attention from her big round titties! Almost. Kimber is looking sexy as hell with her long blonde hair and those big boobs, I thought she was wearing some kind of wacky granny panties or something but I guess it’s just a leotard that she pulled down under her tits…soon though she gets totally naked and is relaxing on a chair, showing off her sexy body and looking like she’s ready for a nice big dick to show up and give her a pounding to while the afternoon away! I always think it’s kinda sexy when a girl keeps her high heels on during a shoot like this too, by the end of the shoot she’s just wearing her heels and a smile and looking like a million bucks.

Kristine Simmons


Kristine Simmons

Girls as gorgeous as Kristine Simmons here probably get pretty sick of all the pickup lines and ‘sure-fire tricks’ guys use to try to get in her pants…she says in her Playboy interview that she likes when a guy just looks her in the eye and asks for her number, no games no fuss. I’d imagine that would weed out a lot of the chumps, she’s so fucking hot it’s probably intimidating for a lot of guys especially if they’ve seen these photos of her getting completely naked and showing off an incredible body wiht those perky tits and her perfect tight ass! Man, when she gets that butt in the air ready to get fucked doggystyle it’s hard to imagine even forming words when you talk to this girl!



Jen Exploited College Girls

I have a nice petite college girl for you guys from Utah of all places.  She doesn’t exactly go to college at least I think, because from her interview I gather she is a private party stripper.  To me that’s the girl you find on craigslist that comes and strips at your house.  Jen here is like 9,000x hotter then any craiglist stripper I have ever seen that’s for sure.  She has a great little petite body on her and her pussy is so small I am surprised it fit this guys finger, let alone his dick.  He gives her some crazy hard orgasms before they even start fucking with some toys he has and then just by finger banging her.  These are not clitoral orgasms these are g-spot orgasms so her body is just going crazy while she is cumming.  The video has a lot of great sex positions and that small pussy of hers ends up hurting in the long run you can just see it in her face when she gets a little sore.  During her interview she talks about how guys that she fucks never last longer then 15 minutes and the Exploited College Girls guy asks her if she has that magic pussy.  She thinks she does but after about the 45 minute mark of her getting fucked I think she realizes she is not in Utah anymore LOL!

Sultry Genesis


Bgfs sultry genesis

Sexy sultry Genesis was getting ready for work when her man came strolling in with his video camera in tow, complimenting her on that sexy beautiful ebony body of hers as he filmed her in her sheer nylons and underwear! She’s a sucker for flattery and soon she was showing off that sexy round juicy booty, teasing us with her cute little titties and sucking the guy’s cock in this first person submission from Black GFs! He’s understandably proud of his girlfriend and wants to share her with the world, letting us enjoy this footage of Genesis giving him a nice blowjob before bending over with her caboose in the air to get fucked doggystyle! She takes that cock in her sweet wet hole and spreads her legs wide to take him as deep as possible before dropping to her knees and getting a nice cream facial that just about glues her eyes shut! Looks like she might be a little late for work but she doesn’t seem too worried about it if you ask me.

All About Abbi Roads


Abbi on gf revenge

This girl Abbi Roads here was getting all dressed up to head to her friend’s wedding while her man goofed around with his video camera but once he saw how sexy she looked in her sheer nylon stockings with those perky titties and that sweet ass of hers he convinced her they had plenty of time before she had to leave! She was pretty horny too I guess so they started fooling around and before you know it she was on her knees sucking his cock and then fucking him while he filmed the whole thing! I don’t know if she cheated on him at the wedding or what but for whatever reason he wanted a little payback for something so he sent the footage of this fun spontaneous hardcore fuck session to GF Revenge and now we all get to see his ex girlfriend getting banged. It’s a win-win pretty much right? Well, as far as you and I are concerned it is! The name of this episode is All About Abbi, by the way, and yeah after checking this chick out it’s definitely all about Abbi.

Vegas Hotel Fuck


Vegas fuck

I’ve heard about plenty of people getting fucked in Vegas but usually it’s because of the slot machines…this girl on the other hand is just getting railed right in front of the window of her hotel room, bent over and getting pounded doggystyle while the guy pulls her hair! It’s damn hot and the fact that just anyone looking up would be able to watch makes it more so…the site I got that picture from is called Ernies House of Whoopass and it’s sort of a daily collection of awesome things whether it be science news or movies or what have you…I know there are a few sites like that out there but this one caught my eye with a series of photos of amateur girls getting naked and getting fucked in their Las Vegas hotels. And I mean cmon, who doesn’t like to see a hot chick with a smokin body getting fucked doggystyle, especially when the picture is in POV style first person perspective? This girl’s got a nice tight ass and from the reflection in the window you can see that she’s got a nice set of perky boobies as well, her face is blurred but damn that’s a nice body. I’ll be keeping an eye on this Ernies site, you guys should too…always nice to get some info with your titties, a perfect way to start a day along with a cup of coffee!

Marley Kunis


Marley kunis for zihsy

I’m not sure why Marley Kunis was hanging out in the parking lot of the local Sheriff Station at the beginning of this Zishy update but since they called the set Daughter Issues I’m going to guess that her dad works there and she’s getting a little rebellion on by teasing us with those perky teen breasts and her sweet tight ass! Marley pulls down her shirt a bit to show off some cleavage but she really just wants to strip totally down naked, it’s a little public to do that at the cop shop (among other reasons) so she and the Zishy photographer headed back inside for a little more privacy. This spunky teen has a fantastic body with a nice bouncy firm ass…her butt might be her favorite part of herself judging from the way she keeps grabbing at it and flashing by tugging at her little pink panties, she even gives us a glimpse of that tight shaved pussy! This girl is hot as hell and gives the impression of just starting to explore and play with her sexuality as she becomes an adult, and it’s mighty nice of her to invite Zishy (and us, by extension) along for the fun!

Amateur Sex


Amateur Sex

Ready for another gaggle of horny amateurs getting naked and getting fucked? Check out these horny hotties, maybe you’ll recognize somebody from your French 101 class or even a neighbor, who knows! There’s more fine-ass amateur poontang here than you can shake your dick at and you can imagine some of the situations going on here…sometimes it’s just one girl, sometimes it’s a group sex session or an all out orgy, some of the girls are fucking gorgeous and some I’m sure have great personalities if you know what I’m sayin. Like that girl in the first picture…yikes. Don’t let that bad start dissuade you though, keep on scrolling south and you’ll see some nice blowjobs and titties and asses and pussies getting fucked!

Jayden Taylors Returns


Jayden taylors zishy cream

You might have thought Jayden Taylors looked hot as hell in her first scene on Zishy but in this new photoshoot she looks downright good enough to eat! Jayden is showing off her cream fashion line for the upcoming autumn season in this private runway show, otherwise known as spraying whipped cream on her perky nipples and sweet tight pussy and rolling around on the bed and making a damn mess! I’d hate to be the cleaning crew after this Zishy set but man it’s hot as hell while she’s doing it…Jayden just can’t seem to keep from licking up the cream and letting her nipples peek out more than is usual for the site, and loves the feeling of that sugary treat between her thighs as she rubs her pussy and fingers her ass! With her tight little butt in the air it looks like Jayden could use a helping lick or two, anybody care to volunteer?

Mia Lelani


Mia Lelani

Mia Lelani was at a restaurant and ordered a hotdog, but when it showed up she picked up that little piece of meat and just laughed at it…no way was a little floppy piece of pork getting into her mouth! Luckily the quick-thinking waiter saved the day by plopping his ‘foot long’ into a bun for her, serving up his cock on a silver platter so to speak…Mia was way happier with that big swingin’ dick, licking and sucking the guy and getting her pussy eaten out before going for a ride on that massive thick dick. Those huge tits of hers make a nice appearance too, bouncing around as she pops off her bra and takes that dick in her wet hole for this Penthouse photoshoot!

Olive Southard


Olive southard for zishy

I’m sure you’ve heard of the old porn trope where there’s a sexy 18 year old babysitter with a naughty side to her…well that’s exactly what Olive Southard here is but this is her real life, not just an old used-up pornstar trying to look like a teenager! Olive is the real deal, a beautiful and innocent looking 18 year old in stretchy pants that are pretty much sheer when you look at them closely…her ass is absolutely fucking hot as hell, too, so the pants are like a frame on a beautiful painting! This photoshoot from Zishy is basically what happens when the kids are asleep and the babysitter is just relaxing with her boyfriend, doing a little sexy posing and flashing some ass and tits for us…I’m pretty sure most guys had a crush on their babysitter at some point or other or at least had some kind of secret fantasy as a parent about the sexy 18 year old watching their kid, I don’t know what it is but I’m sure there’s a psychology behind it that I’m not interested in. All I do know is that Olive here is cute as hell and has a great tight teen body and she’s teasing us to hell and back with it in these photos!

Skin Diamond


Skin diamond playboy tv

Tired of the same old same old, ready for a little something extra? Well take a look at this Playboy TV episode featuring the gorgeous Skin Diamond, it’s like a fun cinematic experience but with the extra added bonus of some hot hardcore action! Skin is an African Queen pleading with a conquering ruler to spare her people, but he’s not interested in any money or riches so she offers up something a little more his style…that sweet ebony pussy! As it turns out the leader of the invading armies has quite a sword in his sheath so to speak, so Skin Diamond takes his massive cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob before slipping off her little skirt and sliding that big hard meat in her wet hole! Skin is absolutely gorgeous and looks even hotter than usual in costume for this role, bending over the throne to get fucked nice and deep from behind and moaning her head off…if anything is going to convince this guy to bypass her lands and not slaughter her people this has gotta be it! Plus since this is Playboy TV you know you’ll be getting plenty of production value, it’s not gonna be filmed in some guy’s garage or something like that.

Katie Vernola


Katie Vernola

Say hi to your new obsession, Playboy playmate of the month Katie Vernola! She’s absolutely beautiful and has huge perfect tits to boot…and speaking of boot, that booty of hers is banging as hell as well! She’s spending a hot summer day indoors, cooling off by rubbing a popsicle on her tits and getting naked to show off and touch herself a little but since this is Playboy you know they’re gonna keep things classy. That’s the amazing thing about that site or magazine or whatever you want to call it…Playboy has some of the hottest women in the world of course and they make them even hotter by not being gratuitous and maintaining this air of elegant sensuality!



Ecg anni

If you’ve got a thing for true first timers, this girl Anni is going to blow your socks clean off…she’s an 18 year old cutie and is super shy and giggly and nervous, but at the same time is excited and ready to try something new and naughty so she headed to Exploited College Girls! She keeps her arms folded over those petite b-cup boobies at first (I’m trying to avoid overusing the word ‘cute’ in this post but this girl is just plain cute, deal with it)…apparently she’s never used a sextoy before which is hard to believe in this day and age but I guess there are still some innocent ones out there! Anni finally overcomes her shyness enough to spread her legs and show off that tight teen pussy and is rewarded with a vibrator sliding in and out of her cunt, making her moan in spite of herself…soon she’s on her knees giving him a pretty damn fine blowjob and then getting fucked in her tight hole, looking sexy as hell! She gets her pussy pounded for awhile until Jay just can’t take the tightness anymore and busts a load all over her for a nice facial finish to this hot first timer’s debut appearance.

Flash Drive


Gfr flash drive christina snow

This GF Revenge video submission starts out great right off the bat as hottie Christina Snow was driving around with her boyfriend and he talked her into flashing her big tits as she drove! Those titties are fucking amazing…remember those bugs bunny cartoons where he would turn into a wolf and bounce in the air going AWOOOOGAH when he saw a woman, his eyes bouncing right out of his head? That’s about what’ll happen when you take a look at Christina’s breasts, is my guess, so be ready for that. Also be ready for her to head inside and get naked, sucking her boyfriend’s cock and then pulling her red thong panties aside, getting her tight pussy pounded nice and hard and deep while he recorded the whole thing! They called this update Flash Drive but really the titty flashing is just the beginning of the sexiness so make sure you stick around through this whole update.

Shanna McLaughlin


Shanna McLaughlin

Playboy is who to thank for this photoshoot featuring lovely Shanna McLaughlin relaxing in her bikini and lingerie in a seaside cabana, showing off those huge tits and her beautiful smile…oh and by the way she doesn’t have any bottoms on for most of the shoot! That’s right, you get to check out her nice shaved pussy and that sexy tight ass of hers as she gets more and more naked. If there’s a photographic representation of paradise I’m pretty sure this is just about it, a beautiful busty babe getting nude in a tropical paradise as the day turns into night! All it needs is a couple of margaritas being served up or something and we can all just die happy.

Phoebe Keller


Zishy phoebe keller

There’s something incredibly sexy about an intelligent woman, especially one as hot as Phoebe Keller as she spends an afternoon reading in the park in her short little dress that lets her panties peek out and gives a tease of those big breasts of hers too! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone so happy to be reading Dostoevsky, he’s kind of a bummer if you ask me but Phoebe is enjoying herself as she lays on the blanket in the grass, paging through a book of stories and flashing her sexy butt to anyone who happened to walk by! She does that thing where she lays on her stomach and kicks her pretty feet around as she reads, giving a great upskirt view of that sweet round ass. Zishy loves showing off a girl’s personality and Phoebe here is one smart cupcake so she loves to do plenty of reading!

Ultimate Penis Massage


Ultimate penis massage on hegre art

Well they call this the Ultimate Penis Massage on Hegre Art and for the most part I can’t disagree, with Charlotta looking hot as hell and giving this guy some cock attention he won’t soon forget, sliding her hands over his dick and playing with his balls and basically bringing him to the edge of ecstasy again and again to drive him nuts and relax him at the same time! Some of the techniques she uses are a little, uh, unusual if you ask me, like when she smacks his cock with a paddle or when she ties a cord around his balls to give them some gentle tugs while she plays with his crank. Apparently she gets pretty turned on herself and ends up masturbating her dripping wet pussy…not very professional for a masseuse if you ask me but hey I guess I’ll let it slide just this once.

Revenge Fuck


Revenge fuck on xxx pawn

They say revenge is a dish best served cold…well after finding out that this sweet sexy college girl had been cheated on by her now ex-boyfriend the XXX Pawn guy figured he’d help her get a little payback, taking her to the back room and helping her out of her clothes! She had been trying to pawn off a promise ring the guy had given her but it was basically worthless, so he had the upper hand in the negotiations so to speak…she was down with getting a little revenge on her ex so she agreed to suck the guy’s cock, but when she got her hands on it she was pretty much blown away! It was the biggest dick she had ever seen by far (although to be fair she had only fucked her ex before) and she was being introduced to a whole new world of pleasure in this hot episode from the Bang Bros network site. She gave him a surprisingly decent blowjob and then bent over with that cute tight ass offered up and he was more than happy to pound her sweet college girl pussy doggystyle before shooting a big cream facial on her! Turns out it was her first facial but from the smile on her face I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Irene Quinn


Zishy irene quinn red show

I mean usually when a girl is showing off her ass in some photos for an adult site they’re either completely naked or she’s got a thong or gstring, but in this Zishy update Irene Quinn has a full on bodysuit! From the sounds of things she told the Zishy photographer that she had a bodysuit that looked good on her butt and he was a little skeptical until she put it on and showed him and his mind about exploded! That big round ass of hers looks amazing in this thing, the update is called The Red Show and I guess that’s because all eyes are on Irene when she puts on her red bodysuit and starts climbing the stairs! You can’t keep that butt under wraps forever though so soon she slipped her bottoms down over those curves and about lit the camera lens on fire with her hotness!



Erika for exploited college girls

This girl Erika here is about to scratch any itch you might have for a skinny blonde with small titties who have tons of real orgasms at the drop of a hat (or more like the flick of a clit)! She starts out tame enough but once her engines warm up so to speak she lets her inner freak out, not only doing stuff like sucking cock and getting her tight wet pussy fucked but also getting down and dirty as she gives the guy a rimjob, licking his balloon knot and then getting choked while she takes a savage pussy pounding until finally the guy blasts his load deep inside her hole for a nice creampie finish to her Exploited College Girls scene! Erika here must have had at least a half dozen orgasms through the course of this hot hardcore fuck session so it looks like everyone’s gonna be leaving happy…she might not be the most smokin hot chick ever on the site (not that she’s bad looking, she’s just not stupendous) but she just exudes sexuality and is a blast to watch as she gets drilled.

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