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Lana Zuyeva


Lana Zuyeva

This shoot was from New Years but hey, nothing wrong with a beautiful pregnant woman any month of the year am I right! She’s certainly had her kid by now but in this shoot Lana Zuyeva is just bellied out and looking radiant, her breasts swollen and full as she poses in a flowery dress in public, flashing her big round juicy ass before heading inside the hotel room and stripping down to gives a good look at her tummy and that booty of hers. Some guys are super into preggo chicks, so if that’s your thing this girl Lana is going to blow your mind wide open…I’ve gotta say I don’t really get the fetish but hey I guess that’s why they call it a fetish! I just appreciate a beautiful woman in beautiful photos and that’s just what we’ve got in this Zishy shoot.

Geri Burgess Damn Delight


Geri Burgess Damn Delight

This chick Geri Burgess has been on Zishy more than a few times now, she’s obviously become one of the photographer’s favorite models…if you’ve got a hankering and want to see her past updates, take a look right here for her Zishy archive. This time around she’s looking like a Damn Delight in the morning light as the sun filters through some diaphenous curtains to bathe her perfect body in light…this girl is an absolute knockout with a supermodel face, perky breasts and a spectacular tight little ass that we get a nice view of as her sheer white top rides up over her hips…Geri is standing in front of the window giving anyone outside a mighty fine view if they look up!

Jazz Reilly


Jazz Reilly

I don’t think I’ve seen this chick Jazz Reilly before but man oh man I am about ready to join her fan club after checking out this photoshoot from Zishy! She’s absolutely beautiful and let’s not beat around the bush here folks she’s got huge natural perfect tits that she loves to flash and tease and I don’t mind telling you I’m a big fan of that, maybe you are too. Zishy always has great photos, I love the style the guy has as he snaps shots of these incredible hotties like Jazz…in this update she’s at a Vegas hotel exploring and playing and teasing, kicking those long legs and bending over to give a glimpse of her gorgeous round juicy butt, and of course grabbing her big beautiful boobs with her nipples straining against the thin fabric of her top…

Samantha Rone Pool Noodle


Samantha Rone Pool Noodle

I’m sure you guys all remember the beautiful fun bouncy blonde Samantha Rone right? She’s been on Zishy before in this scene so check that out if you’re not already well acquainted…Samantha is gorgeous and fun and always makes wherever she is into a party and that goes double on a hot sticky summer afternoon when she takes a dip in the pool! She’s got her bikini on looking hot as hell but loses her top so those perky boobs of hers are splashing around and she’s looking like an absolute dream. Afterwards she heads inside to towel off and of course the Zishy photographer follows her so we get to see that as well, every inch of this girl is pure hotness and you’ll find that out for yourself if you check out these sexy photos!

Harmony Gaston Returns


Harmony Gaston Returns

The dream of loveliness that is Harmony Gaston is back on Zishy and is looking hotter than ever…in this update she’s all geared up to head to the mountains for some fun on the slopes, but before that she’s down to have a little fun in front of the camera! Harmony has nothing on under her puffy vest so she unzips and flashes those perky sexy titties, but really the star of the hour is that sexy tight firm butt of hers… Harmony keeps her buns in shape with plenty of skiing and snowboarding, she loves looking hot in her tight pink pants so she makes sure to keep fit and trim. Zishy loves to tease so get ready for Harmony to drive you nuts as she strips down in the hotel room and gets that sweet beautiful booty in the air! We’ve seen Harmony on Zishy once before so make sure you check that out too, she’s a stunner head to toe.

Dee Dee Lynn Natural Media


Dee Dee Lynn Natural Media

I’m sure you guys remember redheaded girl-next-door hottie Dee Dee Lynn from her previous Zishy appearances (check em out here if you missed out: scene1 and scene2) and now she’s back looking even hotter than before in her skimpy little crotcheted peach bikini that barely covers those big full breasts and of course hugs that stunning sexy ass of hers like a dream! Dee Dee is a work of art herself but in this photoshoot she’s hanging out by some paintings and playing inside a sculpture and stuff but cmon who are we kidding, nobody is looking at hte artwork when a tall beautiful freckled redhead is flashing her boobs and butt nearby! Dee Dee heads outside to take in a little fresh air but she wisely stays in the shade, I’m sure she would burn to a crisp in about ten seconds flat.

Chelsea Waltzer


Chelsea Waltzer

Some sites out there buy into the formula of just getting these itty bitty waifish models that are rail thin and parading them around like it’s an explicit version of a fashion show or something…and then there are sites like Zishy here that actually give you a glance into the personality and fun of a real amateur hottie such as Chelsea Waltzer! She’s got some actual sexy womanly curves, a nice big round juicy booty that looks spectacular in and out of clothes, and she’s inviting you along for the ride as she shows off nearly every inch (gotta leave a LITTLE to the imagination) posing in her hallway. Chelsea is a force of nature, no doubt…she makes her way to the kitchen for some wine, some of which makes it into her mouth and some onto those bouncy jiggly titties of hers!

April Grantham Hiking


April Grantham Hiking

It was a hot summer day and the woods were dry as hell when gorgeous April Grantham and the Zishy photographer went for a hike but that didn’t stop her from peeling off those tight black yoga pants and going for a little nude caper among the trees! This chick embodies the idea of the hot girl-next-door, she’s got a mighty cute face and a fun open bubbly personality and of course an incredibly sexy body with nice perky breasts and a perfect ass! She strips down and puts on a sheer top, shaking her boobies around a little and then going for a walk in just that top and a pair of little panties…this girl is somethin else, she’s got a fun open attitude and you can really feel the personality coming through as well as her obvious hotness and that’s where Zishy really excels!

Anya Amsel Returns


Anya Amsel Returns

It’s pretty common knowledge that Venice has it goin on in terms of sexiness, am I right? From beautiful women to sweeping architecture to a long history of love and art and just plain awesomeness (besides the gross parts like the canals and whatnot) but this Zishy update really puts the top on that jar of jellybeans! Beautiful Anya Amsel is here looking incredible walking through the city in her white tanktop and black skirt, and then changing into her skimpy little bikini for a stroll on the beach. But wait, what’s this? She cut out the bits covering her cute pert pierced nipples and is also letting her bikini bottoms slip down to give us just a glimpse of that perfect firm butt of hers! You might remember seeing Anya once before on Zishy, this girl always looks incredible.

Bristol Everett Returns


Bristol Everett Returns

Sometimes a girl has a bit of a severe look to her but isn’t nearly as intimidating or annoyed as she looks…that’s the case with this stunning blonde Bristol Everett, she might have a pretty good case of the ol’ resting bitch-face going on but she’s got a great fun personality and Zishy always excels at putting a girl’s personality out on display as well as her beauty! In this photoshoot Bristol is slipping out of her silky robe to show off those sexy little sheer panties and cute pink bra that is barely holding those big perfect tits in check…she’s a little on the conservative side so she’s not going to give away the farm so to speak but it’s nice seeing her tease with those big boobs and of course her gorgeous round sexy ass!

Frankie Sedona


Frankie Sedona

Click to see Frankie Sedona on Zishy!

Gorgeous Midwestern teen Frankie Sedona looks adorable in her duck dynasty pajamas but just wait til she starts slipping them down her legs in this Zishy shoot! She shows off her tight cute little butt and then gets totally naked, sliding off her shirt and her little thong panties…there are also shots of Frankie outside in the grass, showing off her legs and ass in some stretchy pants but really this shoot is all about the pajamas ass…Zishy is really good about giving you a look at the personality of their models as well as their hotness, and one look at those PJs and I think you’ll have an idea of Frankie’s personality! I don’t particularly like duck dynasty as a show but I am 100% behind Frankie wearing those pajamas of theirs, especially when she lets them fall off!

Felicia Davies Lather Lover


Felicia Davies Lather Lover

Some women get off on leather but some prefer lather! Check out this hot Zishy photoshoot featuring the very lovely Felicia Davies…she’s a feisty redhead (are there even any other kinds?) with big round fake tits and a sweet sexy ass and in this shoot she’s hopping in the shower to get all kind of dripping wet for us! She’s playing around the whole time, grabbing boobs and pressing them against the glass or just letting the water cascade over her face…eventually before she prunes up completely she gets out and towels off, taking the opportunity to flash that spectacular butt and stretch out on the bed, arching her back like the sexy minx she is! Zishy always gives you a great look into the personality of their models as well as showing their beauty and this is a good example of that if you ask me. Enjoy!

Paris Moffer


Paris Moffer

The photographer from Zishy wanted to get an early start on this photoshoot and wanted to get a look at the way beautiful elfin Paris Moffer here wakes up so he showed up at pretty much the crack of dawn…we see Paris just barely out of bed, relaxing and stretching out before enjoying her morning coffee, showing off her cute little panties and her sexy perky little boobies before heading back to her bedroom, hopping onto the bed and rolling around looking incredibly hot! I’m not sure if she’s planning to get back to sleep or if she’s just having fun but man, don’t you want to join this girl on the bed as she rolls around, getting that perfect butt in the air and flashing her tits and tight little pussy? She’s got legs for days, an adorable face and a mighty sexy body in this Zishy shoot called Morning Xhilaration.

Cassidy Ellis


Cassidy Ellis

I guess this photoshoot for Zishy was taken right before things took a change for the wintery, so I’m a little late on the draw on this one, sorry about that! That meant there were fewer people walking around and more clothing being put on but hey, that last part definitely does not apply to beautiful Cassidy Ellis in this photoshoot! She’s got on a tiny little purple skirt that she keeps letting ride up to flash her cute little panties and is always sporting a top that shows off those big awesome boobies of hers too. Cassidy is a sight to behold any month of the year, especially when she’s getting daring and flashing her tits and ass in public like this! Watch as this chick goes into a grocery store and lets those sweet titties out in the fruits & nuts aisle…imagine turning the corner and seeing those boobs staring you in the face! Cassidy has been on Zishy a couple of times before, so if you’re in the mood for more (and who could blame you), make sure you check them out right here: scene1 and scene2. You’re welcome!

Candace Mazlin Hotel


Candace Mazlin Hotel

In this Zishy update we get an intimate look at beautiful Candace Mazlin as she relaxes in her hotel room…she starts out admiring herself in the mirror and man, there’s certainly a lot of hotness to admire so I can’t exactly say I blame her for taking her sweet-ass time! Speaking of sweet asses, check out the booty on Candace…she tugs her little panties down to show off that sexy round juicy ass, cocking one leg up on the countertop as she shows her flexibility and muscle control. Well, Muscle Control is the name that Zishy gave this photoshoot and that’s the only thing I can think of that would make sense…heh. Anyway, Candace peels her little panties off and slides them down her legs before hopping onto the bed wearing just her high heel shoes and a smile, giving us a great look at her sexy curves! We’ve seen beautiful Candace a couple of times before on Zishy, for instance this was one of her shoots…she always looks amazing, doesn’t she?

Stephanie Musso



I love seeing a girl get to do her first adult work in public… Stephanie Musso here is a total knockout with a dream body but had never really done anything adventurous in public like this befor eso she was pretty exhilarated by it! She might have been a little nervous at first but once she got going and flashed that big round sexy ass of hers a few times she really got in the swing onf things in this Zishy photoshoot, having a fantastic time playing around and showing off that gorgeous body. She’s got a little peach skirt that she loved flipping up to flash her thong panties, either bending over to give a look at her ass or just spreading her legs for some upskirt views, and you can tell how excited she was getting by the fact that her nipples were straining against the thin fabric of her tight top as she walked around on the street! She’s a knockout and has tons of personality, and that’s the one-two punch that Zishy brings to the table so often…they’re different than pretty much any other site out there, it’s definitely refreshing.

Wynne Leonard


Wynne Leonard

Seattle has a whole lot more to offer than just coffee and Nirvana and rainfall, as you can see from this Zishy photoshoot they call That Seattle Place! The photographer was in Seattle for the first time to meet this cute model, Wynne Leonard, who showed him around the city and gave him some great opportunities to shoot in public at the same time. They went to the public market on the waterfront where Wynne kept teasing and flashing as she lifted up her skirt to show off that sexy round ass and her big full breasts when nobody was looking…or maybe they WERE looking and she just didn’t give two shakes about it! They shot all over downtown, on the street and in some shops and even by the famous chewing-gum wall which is pretty gross but pretty cool to look at at the same time…especially when there’s a beautiful blonde in front of it teasing with her titties am I right! I have the feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more from Wynne on Zishy, she’s got a great personality to go along with all that hotness and that’s a combination the Zishy photographer seems to just love.

Nina Gitch


Nina Gitch

What happened at this Zishy update was almost tragic…we’ve got beautiful Nina Gitch here showing her stuff in one of her favorite little bikinis and then in her skimpy string lingerie but they had only just gotten started really when the door opened and Nina’s boyfriend got home from work a few hours early! He didn’t like punch out the photographer or anything like that but things definitely got awkward, with Nina trying to crack a few jokes and break the tension and failing completely…it’s a damn shame too, this girl is seriously smokin hot and a great model, she loves showing off her beautiful body and is just a knockout with a great personality so really she’s perfect for Zishy, but I’m guessing we won’t be seeing this chick on the website anytime soon unless she breaks up with her guy. For now, we just get to enjoy the sight of that round juicy booty and her perky beautiful breasts as she flashes and gives a tantalizing glimpse of what could have been!

Victoria Lynn Showers


Victoria Lynn Showers

Sometimes on a hot sticky sort of a day there’s just nothing in the world better than taking a nice cool shower, rinsing off the dust and sweat of the day and in this Zishy update we get to watch beautiful Victoria Lynn doing exactly that! She takes off her dress and hops in, letting the water cascade over those big perfect breasts and her gorgeous ass, feeling it splashing all over her face as she scrubs up and rinses off. She doesn’t mind an audience and looks amazing here, stepping out of the shower afterwards and taking us along to her bedroom to towel off…she wanted to dry off that long dark hair so she ended up bent over with that sweet butt in full view, it’s one hell of a way to finish off a hot photoshoot if you ask me! Victoria has been on Zishy before and always looks amazing, but this might just be the most revealing shoot she’s had on the site…if you want to see this hottie hanging out wearing glasses or in her bright-ass yellow pants click those galleries to see those shots, this girl is always fun to watch!

Tracy Mitchell


Tracy Mitchell

I’m reaching back into the past a bit here, you can call it #tbt if you want…actually I hope you do because that sounds a whole lot better than me just being slow! This is a Zishy photoshoot from last Halloween and it features the lovely Tracy Mitchell showing her stuff, usually the people in the costumes get the treats but this time it’s the other way around, Tracy is giving everybody else at this carnival a nice treat! She lifts up her skirt and flashes that sexy ass of hers and is just running around having a blast, kissing strangers and posing with sexy girls, just plain having a fun hot time! I’m not super sure what Tracy is dressed up as, it’s like a cross between Superwoman and Homestar Runner or something with that chest star and her red and blue clothing. What I am sure about is that Tracy is a fun chick, she loves playing and dancing and just having a good time and is down to share that sexy body with the world! Check out the expressions of the people walking around near her as she flips up her skirt and does some high kicks, it’s pretty hilarious.

Dharma Webb Returns


Dharma Webb Returns

Welcome back beautiful Dharma Webb to Zishy as she hangs out in her flowy pink pants, every curve of that big round juicy ass perfect defined by the sheer clinging fabric. We’ve seen Dharma before on the site in this photoshoot right here, and it’s nice to have her back! She’s sexy as hell and loves to tease, flashing little glimpses of those nice big titties and of course tugging off her little black thong panties to show off her sexy bouncy booty! I love how much personality comes through in the photos on Zishy, you get a great idea of just who Dharma is…I get the feeling this is her bedroom and she’s inviting us into her inner sanctum so to speak…plus it looks like she’s getting ready for a shower or something, peeling off her panties and sliding off her top to give a look at those sexy juicy jiggly natural breasts of hers!

Koya Ward


Koya Ward

I wouldn’t have pegged this chick Koya Ward as a goth type girl but she sure has a soft spot for cemeteries evidently! In this Zishy photoshoot she wanders around the grounds of this cemetery, running through the sprinklers to get all soaking wet beforehand…Koya’s just got a little pair of thong panties on under her skirt and she lets her ass peek out, flashing her butt to anyone lucky enough to be walking around at the same time…I’d imagine she improved the day of some grieving guys (and probably girls too)! I think eventually she and the Zishy photographer got booted by security because they called this shoot “kicked out of cemetery” but before that we definitely got some mighty fine looks at that sexy juicy round ass of hers, and even got some hot downblouse shots to take a peek at her nipples as her top slipped down a little. This girl is hot as hell and doesn’t mind getting a little freaky-deaky from the looks of things…it’s always the quiet ones that are the strange-os!

Yvette Nolot Returns


Yvette Nolot Returns

We saw Yvette Nolot once before on Zishy as she spent a little time on the U of A campus, if you missed out on that one check the pics right here! She’s back and is on an eveningtime adventure with the Zishy photographer, having some dinner and then playing around on the grounds of the swanky hotel they were staying at. Turns out Yvette loves the feeling of nylon stockings but didn’t really feel like wearing panties so she’s doing all kinds of fun flashing as she lets her dress ride up those sexy legs of hers! She flashes her hairy pussy in the lobby, spreading her legs open to give anyone showing up a nice glimpse at her hair pie and then heading outside to climb up over one of the walls with her ass in full view! She’s got one hell of a nice butt, too, which works out well for us…she loves to show off that booty and eventually she’s scampering around just wearing her nylons and a pair of high heels and that’s it!

Irene Quinn Third Time


Irene Quinn Third Time

I love when a woman who has a great ass KNOWS that she’s got a great ass, and loves to show it off…that’s certainly the case with Irene Quinn here as she does her third photoshoot for Zishy! We’ve seen her a couple of times before showing off that cute butt, not that I’m complaining…a fine ass never goes out of style. In this shoot she’s just lounging on a gray couch in her tight blue shirt with no panties on, rocking the side ponytail before heading to her bedroom and trying on some new lingerie she picked up recently…it’s hard to say what’s hotter, being all gussied up with thigh high stockings and a little bra with that ass just barely peeking out from under her little panties, or hanging out wearing just the top! Actually I take it back, I vote for the shirt-only look any day of the week but hey that’s just me, maybe you guys are way into lingerie. Either way it’s a fucking hot shoot of a gorgeous girl with a great body, and that’s something we can all agree on!

Kenna James



Obviously this Zishy photoshoot was from back in Autumn but it’s definitely a winner, with beautiful Kenna James along for the ride as she and the photographer headed to a pumpkin patch for the quintessential fall celebration! They made the long drive out to the farm but Kenna didn’t seem overwhelmed by it; I know that I get pretty grumpy after a long-ass drive and the last thing I would want would be to get my picture taken…I guess Kenna has more patience than I do because even after traffic and a long ride she was perky and fun and having a good ol time flashing that sweet sexy ass from under that long white dress! She explores the pumpkin patch, flashing and teasing all along the way and looking for the perfect pumpkin for her jack-o-lantern…from getting lost in a corn maze and climbing a haybale pyramid to flash her panties, this girl is sexy as hell and looks like a ton of fun just to spend the afternoon with! That’s one of the great things about Zishy, they’re really good at bringing out the personality of a model so you get to know them apart from their obvious outer beauty.

Keisha Grey



This is certainly not the first time Keisha Grey has been on Zishy (for instance this hot photoshoot right here) but you always know you’re in for something special when she comes around! You can obviously find Keish getting fucked all over the place in the adult industry if you search around but if you really want to see what this girl is like when she’s having fun naturally you’ve gotta check out her Zishy shoots. Here for instance she’s goofing around in the shower, getting all dripping wet and showing off that round juicy perfect ass as well as her big beautiful titties! Usually a girl gets partially nude and teases but Keisha is showing off pretty much all over that incredible body of hers…she definitely doesn’t mind an audience, especially when she’s all wet from head to toe and looking sexy as hell! I love the way the Zishy photographer has very artistic uses of lighting and camera tricks but also shows Keisha’s amazingly sexy body to its best advantage…hopefully she drops the soap, if you know what I mean!

Catie Parker in LA


Zishy catie parker la

This blonde hottie named Catie Parker has been on Zishy at least once before right here hanging out in the library, and now she’s loose on the streets of LA enjoying the sun on her skin! I guess in her stretchy pants and little top she just wasn’t getting enough sun-to-skin contact for her liking so she started flashing her cute tight butt, not to mention pulling up her shirt and giving us a glimpse of those sweet titties of hers. Zishy is a softcore site if you’re not familiar, they’ve got some pretty awesome photos and I really do like the way they tease without giving away the farm so to speak…you get a real sense of the personality of these women without it getting super gratuitous. You’ll see what I mean, it’s hotter sometimes leaving a little to the imagination and when you’re dealing with a girl like Catie, your imagination and fantasies are going to go into overdrive! After her flashing in public she headed back indoors and changed into her stockings with the ass bits missing, so its basically like a thong with legs if you follow me. Sheer nylon thong chaps, I guess…I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that her ass looks fantastic in em!

Evelyn Bishop


Evelyn bishop on zishy

Sexy amateur Evelyn Bishop here is from the Bay Area which will probably not surprise you when you get a look at those underarms of hers…she doesn’t shave her pits so she’s got a good bit of a forest under there but hey, if that’s what she wants to do, more power to her. I’m just glad she keeps her pubes trimmed, she’s still got some hair down there but it’s nice and neat and actually sexy as hell in this era of clean-shaven pussies galore…Evelyn dances to the beat of her own drum and in this Zishy photoshoot she shows it! From her bright-ass red dress to her apple lunch to her mason-jar drinking glass this girl is saying screw protocol, I live life how I want and I think if more people did that this world would be a way more fun place. Evelyn flashes her sexy tight body here, giving some glimpses of that sweet pussy as her dress flips and rides up, and she also shows off a mighty fine looking ass as she giggles over her shoulder! This photoset will make you want to go antique-shopping with this quirky, sexy girl before heading back with Evelyn to the house and letting nature take its course.

Ellena Woods Returns


Ellena woods returns to zishy

Remember this cute fair skinned girl Ellena Woods from her previous shoot on Zishy? Well she’s back for more and if you ask me she’s looking even hotter here, maybe she’s a bit more comfortable at her second photoshoot here…it would make sense, she trusts the Zishy photographer a bit more and knows that he’s gonna come out with some awesome pictures so maybe she felt a little more free to let her personality shine. She’s hanging out at a small airport or something here, letting her flowing sheer white skirt fly up and give a tantalizing glimpse of that sweet round ass of hers! She loves getting that sun on her skin but she’s so fair that she can only handle it for a few minutes before she’s at risk of burning to a crisp…it’s a good thing she lives in the Pacific NW, if she was in Florida or something she’d be a crispy critter! Anyway after hanging out on the landing strip for a bit she gets in the back seat of the car and does some stripping of her own, peeling off her panties to show off that butt and flashing her nice perky breasts too as she looks at us with those big beautiful brown eyes of hers.

Bailey Rayne Returns


Bailey rayne new lingerie on zishy

As we all know from Kindergarten (or maybe TV shows), sharing is caring…that’s an important life lesson that should hopefully stay with us for the duration, and it’s nice to see a girl like Bailey Rayne who still loves to share! In this Zishy update for instance she has bought some sexy new lingerie and wants to share it with all of us, which I think is a mighty kind gesture. Particularly because this girl is smokin hot! Bailey has a very cute face, some nice perky breasts and a tight shaved pussy but if you ask me the real star of the show so to speak is that perfect smooth sexy ass of hers. Her new lingerie includes a pair of thong panties and they set off that butt just right, clinging to every curve and making things even hotter than they already were as the Zishy guy keeps busy snapping away with his camera! You might remember seeing Bailey on the site before showing off her cute little soccer uniform, but if you missed it somehow do yourself a favor because this girl is looking amazing…I’ve got it right here for you so check it out when you’re done staring open-mouthed at that red hot body of hers in this shoot!

Harmony Gaston


Harmony gaston on zishy

Meet beautiful Harmony Gaston, she’s a Wisconsin chick who loves to get out into nature and isn’t afraid to flash a little skin when she’s feelin frisky! She’s the perfect girl to find on Zishy, she’s got plenty of personality and a beautiful body and in this photoshoot called Prime Real Estate she’s walking the streets in her cute little teal skirt that she tugs up to flash her skimpy purple lacy panties, giving any passersby a nice upskirt surprise that will I’m sure make their day. Plenty of sites out there show sexy amateur girls getting naked and taking you basically inside their pussies but Zishy goes a different route, leaving a little to the imagination while showing the sexiness of these girls inside and out. We get a look their personality as well as their tits, and sometimes what isn’t shown is the sexiest part of the photoshoot! Harmony spends a nice sunny afternoon teasing with that sweet round ass of hers as she lets her skirt hike up, then gets so turned on by the fun that she starts slipping her hands into her panties to play with that tight little pussy of hers…prime real estate indeed!

Veronica Weston


Veronica weston on zishy breakfast

Some girls have to get dressed up and get in the right frame of mind and in the right setting to be sexy as hell, and then there are girls like Veronica Weston! She’s just naturally gorgeous 24 hours a day and from the moment she wakes up and rolls out of bed (eventually…she tends to roll around IN bed for a bit!) she’s got a smile on her face and is ready to meet the day. In this Zishy photoshoot called Blonde For Breakfast we get to see just that, spending the morning with Veronica as she gets out of bed wearing just her little sheer white panties flashing her sexy perky breasts, and if you’re wondering what those little flashes of color on her ear are it turns out she was wearing little plastic giraffe earrings, it’s just how this chick rolls. She’s got a perfect ass and great tits and flashes both of those as she brushes her teeth and takes a shower and starts getting dressed, with the Zishy guy taking pictures the whole time. It must be a blast to spend a day with this chick but man I bet it would be exhausting to be this bubbly and happy and energetic all the damn time! Once in awhile it’s nice to hide out in a closet and frown at the darkness but hey I guess we can’t all be Veronica Weston.

Caroline Ray Returns


Caroline ray strip mall on zishy

I don’t know if it’s as popular in this day and age as it was while I was growing up but back in the day, the thing to do as a teenager was to go hang out at the mall! You wouldn’t actually buy too much but you’d just sort of wander around with your friends, it was a good time. That’s what sexy amateur cutie Caroline Ray is up to in this photoshoot from Zishy at her local mall, taking every opportunity to flash that sexy round ass and her nice perky breasts, not to mention her sweet teen pussy with a nice natural bush! A girl with a bush is a rare thing to find nowadays in the adult scene, I guess a relative newcomer of a model like Caroline is more likely to be sporting the natural look like this…Zishy loves leaving things to the imagination but we get a look at pretty much all of this cutie’s sexy body, she doesn’t mind showing it off in the dressing room and even in the parking lot at the mall for anybody driving by to admire! We’ve seen Caroline once before on Zishy in her sexy red dress and it’s nice to get another look at this hottie with the body, so enjoy. I love the photography on Zishy btw, I know it’s all about the videos in this day and age but Zishy pretty much sticks with photos, and they’re able to bring out the personality of the girls really well in the still photos somehow…check em out, you’ll see what I mean.

Geri Burgess Is Back


Geri burgess make it last on zish

The one and only Geri Burgess is back on her favorite site Zishy and is looking sexier than ever! If you missed out, her last shoot for Zishy is right here but you’ll have to do your own homework if you want to see the others. Here’s a hint, type her name into the search box up at the top right here on Imagepost and hey presto you’ve found them! Anyway, this time she’s in a shoot called Make It Last and is showing off her sexy sheer little panties as she teases with that tight perfect butt of hers, putting on some makeup and playing with her perky titties…I think the backstory was that her roommates always wanted to go out and party but Geri was trying to settle down a little and was on the cusp between being a party girl and being a ‘good girl’ so to speak. All I know for sure is that she’s looking sexy as hell, she’s got that girl-next-door look like a babysitter who you caught playing around in her underwear one night when you came home early from the movies or whatever. She’s got a pretty face, nice tits and a downright amazing butt, as I’m sure you already agree! I don’t really know what good that itty bitty little stool she’s standing on is, though; maybe Geri is just tiny in general apart from being a skinny spinner and needs a little stepstool to get books off the top shelves and stuff.

Chelsea Waltzer


Chelsea waltzer on zishy

If you’re a fan of the photography on Zishy but wished they feature more girls with a bit more curve to their swerve so to speak, this update is for you! It features Chelsea Waltzer, a sexy bubbly blonde with a big round juicy ass and some nice soft womanly curves…she spent the day with the Zishy guy, wandering around town and showing off her sweet booty whenever she gets the chance! Chelsea poses on the hood of the car, letting her skirt ride up to flash her panties while the wind blew her hair all over the place…she gave plenty of people an upskirt peek that day from the looks of things…she hung out on the stairs with her skirt flapping up, got on her hands and knees with that round ass in the air, making the day a whole lot hotter for anyone in the park who happened to look over! Eventually she even pulled off her clothes entirely, grabbing her soft squishy breasts and flashing her pussy too. Chelsea is big, curvy, loud and opinionated, a true force of nature having a good time with life and it’s awesome to see these sexy shots of her in the wild!

Bree Daniels


Bree daniels cupity

This red haired hottie Bree Daniels looks absolutely fucking incredible in this Zishy update but hey you don’t need me to tell you that, just look up at that thumbnail! She’s got a stunning face, piercing beautiful eyes, perfect firm perky breasts and a spectacular ass…she’s been on a few different sites in the adult industry but this Zishy shoot is possibly the hottest one I’ve seen of her. She’s basically putting her lacy sheer pink stockings through a stress test, bending over in public with that cute ass in the air and then heading inside to slowly peel them down her thighs to reveal that round butt and flash a tantalizing glimpse or two of her sweet tight pussy as well! She ends up in the corner next to a mirror and when she catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection she can’t help but start making out with her own lips…can’t say I blame her for THAT reaction, can you? This girl could easily be a fashion model walking the runway at a show in some ridiculous and overpriced gown but instead she decided to explore her own fantasies, dabbling in some red hot adult shoots so Zishy was the perfect choice for her!

Coco Rose Blue Dress


Coco rose weird blue dress

What a weird dress…apparently the Zishy photographer found this little number at a thrift store (just imagine, some poor fool donated this treasure if you can believe it) and figured that his friend Coco Rose would be just the girl to model it for a photoshoot at Venice Beach. Coco Rose has been on the site before a couple of times, the most recent one beingthis little homemade bikini that showed off those sweet titties of hers! Now she’s got another weird outfit on, this time the blue dress with sections that are basically see-through so you can get a glimpse of her nipples peeking through the fabric. She also never wears panties apparently so while Coco was walking around in public she would lift up the hem to show that sweet round ass of hers, flashing anyone who happened to be looking in the right direction! She’s a sweet beautiful girl with a great body and a fun sense of adventure who always seems to be up for a little naughty action on Zishy.

April Grantham


April grantham for zishy

If you’re a little confused about the GICU branding on the photos in this Zishy shoot featuring April Grantham, it stands for Girls In Cute Underwear and apparently it’s the blog of a friend of the Zishy guy who asked for a photoset to promote his stuff with. We get to enjoy the shots here as well, so basically everyone wins! The letters GICU are done in like ransom note style with the letters stuck onto April’s perfect breasts and ass and legs…this girl is a stunner, no doubt about it! Apparently she describes herself as a fairy/pixie girl so hey she’s got a bit of a weird streak to her, that’s fine…at least she’s hot as hell and loves to show off her tits and that big round juicy ass of hers! Her butt is bigger than you’d think given the rest of her body being slender, although I guess she’s got pretty big tits too so who knows anymore. All I know is that she’s smokin hot and is throwing a little slumber party with us here as she hangs out in just her thong panties showing off nice sideboob and her adorable grin!

Dasha Krasova


Dasha krasova on zishy

I’ve noticed over the last few years that we’ve seen more and more hotties from Russia making their way to the adult industry in the US, and I for one am all for it! Just think, if the Cold War was still in full swing we’d probably never even get to see gorgeous blonde Dasha Krasova here…she’s doing a photoshoot for Zishy just before sunet in her little daisy duke shorts flashing a little glimpse of that perfect ass before stripping down to her bra and panties, letting it all hang out! Zishy never really gives away the farm so to speak, they leave some to the imagination and love to tease so don’t get your hopes up on seeing every inch of this hottie’s sexy body…but you do get plenty of tantalizing little glimpses of her nice full titties and that sexy tight pussy! Dasha loves a nice warm sunset, she might be used to having to head inside when the sun starts going down back in Mother Russia but a warm muggy LA evening is right up her alley apparently as she relaxes in the hammock looking gorgeous!

Dee Dee Lynn Returns


Dee dee lynn returns to zishy

Sexy stunning girl-next-door redhead Dee Dee Lynn is back on Zishy in this hot photoshoot showing a bit of a road trip she was taking in her new car! She had her cute short flowery dress and a pair of sunglasses and a full tank of gas and was ready to go find adventure…we get some fun upskirt shots as she plays around in the desert, running around and giving everyone at the rest area a peek at that perfect ass in her thong panties! This redhead is cute as hell with a nice tight body, it’s no wonder they asked her back for a second shoot here on Zishy…if you missed out on the first one don’t fret your little head, I’ve got it right here for you enjoy! Watch in this shoot as Dee Dee makes a stop at a pet store, flashing her big perfect breasts and playing around with some of the animals. It’s just a fun day out on the road having an adventure with a cute ginger babe with a sexy body, how can you go wrong with that! Imagine going on a day trip with this girl and seeing that butt peeking out of her skirt every time she bent over…lawdamercy.

Helena De Sesa


Helena de sesa on zishy

Now, I know the high-waisted shorts are all in style now but I seriously don’t get why they’re popular…it’s like momjeans but cutoffs and if you ask me they’re fucking hideous and are a damn shame when they’re worn by a chick with a great ass like Helena De Sesa here! She starts out in her uglyshorts but hang in there fellas, soon she slips them off and reveals a very sexy little bikini as she hangs out by a hotel pool. Apparently, according to the Zishy photographer they got interrupted by a security guard but unlike 99% of the time this guy was cool and let them keep shooting, even keeping watch for them so nobody would stumble on them while the guy shot these red hot photos of Helena in her little swimsuit! She teases us like crazy but that’s the Zishy style…Helena has those nice sweet big round tits that look amazing in her bikini especially when she grabs them with both hands. She’s also got a nice round juicy ass that she flashes, pulling her bikini down to give a tantalizing glimpse at that sweet butt before heading inside to take a shower! Zishy shoots always show the girl’s personality as well as her hotness and we get a nice look at Helena’s shy but still adventurous inner self here in these very sexy shots that keep a little to the imagination.

Summer Home Coming


Summer carter homecoming

We saw beautiful blonde Summer Carter on Zishy once before in this update called And One but now she’s off the basketball court and is getting ready for the Homecoming Dance, showing off her sexy little black dress on a beautiful sunny day! Summer has a hell of an ass and she lifts up her skirt to show it off, flashing that round juicy butt and giving us some nice upskirt views as she teases the hell out of the Zishy photographer. I have the feeling that her date isn’t even going to make it to the dance, not when he gets a look at that sexy ass and her nice perky round titties when she flashes like this! Zishy is great at showing the personality of their models in these sexy photoshoots, and they keep things exciting by teasing and showing a little glimpse of the goods here and there without giving away the farm so to speak, getting all gratuitous like so many other adult sites do. Summer looks magnificent and beautiful and has a fantastic body so it’s a win all around!

Cassidy Ellis


Cassidy ellis black label on zishy

We’ve seen beautiful exotic Cassidy Ellis once before on Zishy, if you missed out on it check it out right here, but now she’s back and is ready to blow your eyes out of their sockets again! Usually on Zishy they do a whole lot of teasing without showing all the goods but in this photoshoot Cassidy is just hanging out totally nude and looks like an absolute dream! She’s got huge perfect tits, a fantastic sweet ass and the face of an angel as she walks around the house, feeling the sunlight through the windows pouring onto her smooth skin and looking wonderful. I’m not sure about those little yellow shoes she puts on at one point but if you let your eyes wander northward from those banana boots you’ll get to see that incredible ass and those big breasts of hers too! The name of this photoshoot is Black Label and this girl is definitely top shelf whiskey, so to speak. Always a treat to see Cassidy doing her thing.

Kendra Sunderland


Kendra zishy

I don’t know if you guys have already read about this chick but this is Kendra Sunderland, who has been making some headlines lately because of a video she recorded in the University of Oregon library! She wanted to make a camgirl video to make a little extra cash but someone snitched on her and she got in some legal trouble…hopefully the publicity she’s gotten has given her career the boost it needs to offset her legal fees, and I would imagine it has because holy shit this girl is hot! Absolutely beautiful with huge full breasts (with pierced nipples, no less) and a mighty fine ass as well…I found this photoshoot on Zishy, and if there’s a website out there that’ll not only show you a girl’s hotness but also her fun personality it’s Zishy! In these shots she’s hanging out on the rainy city streets flashing those big round tits and bending over to give a peek at her ass, and also some shots back at her house taking off her towel to show that incredible nude body. There’s even a picture of her in a library, which is I’m sure a nod to the stuff she got in trouble for in the first place! By the way if you hadn’t heard about this video she got busted for I’ve got an article about it here, she gives a pretty decent interview about it as well.

Yvette Nolot


Yvette nolot on zishy

Say hi to adorable Yvette Nolot as she traipses around the U of A campus in this Zishy photoshoot! This girl is cute as hell and has a sweet tight sexy body, which we get to see some tantalizing flashes of as she jumps around with her skirt flying up to show off that round ass and panties, and pops open her shirt to flash those perky teen titties! Yvette has that cute girl-next-door look and has a great time bouncing around, showing off her flexibility as she spreads those long lean sexy smooth legs…Yvette loves to flash her panties and doesn’t mind when passersby stare at her and in this photoshoot she’s getting plenty of attention. I don’t know why U of A doesn’t use this photoshoot as a recruitment brochure or whatever for prospective freshmen, I would think their enrollment would go through the roof!

Kimmy Diedrick


Kimmy diedrick for zishy

We saw stunning Kimmy Diedrick one other time on Zishy, she was acting pretty crazy in The Arizona Room but now she’s hanging out by the poolside in her sexy skimpy bikini for a hot wet photoshoot called Swim Like Hell! This girl is absolutely stunning, she’s got a perfect tight little ass and nice perky breasts to go along with her beautiful face and that fun adventurous and slightly off-kilter personality! Kimmy goes for a dip here to get all wet and relaxed and then has some ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ on her way out of the pool, her bikini bottoms untying to flash that cute butt and almost flash her pussy by accident…Kimmy catches it just barely in time though so we get just a tantalizing glance before she slips into the jacuzzi area to relax in the warm steamy water! Heading back inside after her swim her bottoms are pretty much falling off, giving a nice look at that ass as she towels herself off and heads back for her hotel room. Another beautiful sexy Zishy style photoshoot in the books, I can’t wait for this ginger beauty to come back for more!

Vanessa Rivas Returns


Vanessa rivas on zishy

We’ve seen beautiful Latina babe Vanessa Rivas on Zishy once before (her photoshoot was right here in case you missed out on it the first time ’round) and now she’s back, hanging out on the mean streets of Los Angeles just wandering around and taking some photos and of course flashing that sweet ass and her panties with some upskirt shots, as well as teasing us with those nice big round titties she’s packing in her top! Vanessa loves the city and loves exploring, taking her time wandering around some parking garages and bus stations and taking every opportunity she can to flash us, letting that little skirt ride up her hips with her panties peeking out. She finishes things off with some high-kicks, letting that sweet pussy of hers get a little time out in the open! Well actually she keeps her panties on but hey they’re pretty skimpy so it’s basically like she’s flashing that snatch for us. Zishy always lets the girls show their personality in their shoots as well as their beauty and Vanessa here definitely lets her inner self out for these hot photos!

Claudia Quattrone Returns


Zishy quiattrone 2

We’ve seen beautiful Claudia Quattrone once before on Zishy and she’s back and is looking hotter than ever! She’s got that sexy glamour look even when she’s just hanging out like this in her sheer white top and little panties and socks…some women just have that sexy sort of aura about them and Claudia definitely fits into that category! The name of this photoshoot is Sun Wrestling, I don’t know how much wrestling she’s doing in these shots but she is basking in the sun like a cat at first…after that she does a little meditating and then relaxes on the couch, getting those big perfect breasts out and sliding her panties down her thighs to flash a little tantalizing look at that sweet pert ass and her adorable tummy! This girl is sexy as hell and the whole shoot gives the feeling of a relaxing sunny quiet afternoon, and what better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out with a hottie like Claudia Quattrone?

Anya Amsel


Anya at the store on zishy

Beautiful tall vegan hottie Anya Amsel stars in this Zishy photoshoot as she and the photographer headed to the store to have a little fun! Anya got naughty flashing that perfect ass in the parking lot as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper and ‘accidentally’ let her skirt ride up, then went inside and flashed her sweet perky titties and flipped up her skirt again to show off her panties! Anya loves having a little harmless fun and had a great time making this normal everyday shopping trip into a hot naughty photoshoot…Zishy always has great high quality photos and loves to let a girl’s personality shine through instead of just showing her outer beauty (although there’s plenty of that too!), and we get to see Anya in all her glory here. This daring vixen even tugs her panties down to flash that tight perfect trimmed pussy of hers! She is hot as hell, with legs like a gazelle and a face you’ll fall in love with immediately. Looks like she found the perfect site to shoot for!

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