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Amirah Adara


In the crack amirah adara

I don’t recall seeing Amarah Adara before and I’m pretty sure I’d remember, because this chick is hot as hell with a sexy exotic sort of look to her and a smokin hot body…in fact in some pictures like the one I chose for the thumbnail right above she looks a little like Britney Spears back in the day, doesn’t she? Maybe it’s the purple eyeshadow or something but there’s something about her face that is totally old-school Britney and cmon that’s fucking hot I don’t care how batshit crazy she ended up. Amirah takes us nice close up and personal to her sweet puffy pussy as she reveals her crotchless panties in this In The Crack photoshoot, spreading her long tan legs after shimmying out of her sexy little black dress, then lying on the bed to finger her ass, buzz her clit with a magic wand toy and then slide a vibrator up her butt! I guess she’s a fan of the ol’ anal pleasure, from the looks of things.

Megan Salinas Strong Vibrator


Megan Salinas In The Crack

I just couldn’t have made this picture look any worse with my photoshopping could I?  I don’t know why I kept it but whatever here it is go to the gallery to see better pictures.  This guy who shoots for In The Crack really has a unique style.  I wish I could show you their videos I say it every time but that’s really where it’s at.  That’s why when someone joins In The Crack the rarely ever give up their membership.  If you like beautiful woman having real orgasms I am serious this is one of the best.  Megan Salinas in this gallery is looking hot as ever, her big breasts are perky still and she just has a look that oozes sexy to me.  She Latina maybe 100% from the look of it and she really has it all.  Make sure to check out some of Megan’s hardcore videos too if you need to scratch that itch, I understand trust me!

Ria Rodriguez 5th Scene


Ria rodriguez in the crack bikini chair

Can you believe this is Ria Rodriguez‘s fifth time on In The Crack? At least it’s the fifth that I know about, maybe she’s been on there some other times that I missed I mean it’s possible, I’m only human. Here’s her last one by the way: 4th scene. In that photoshoot I mentioned that it would probably only be about a week before her next set for the site, I’m sorry to report that I was dead wrong it turned out to be like 4 weeks. Sorry about that, but hopefully the hotness of these photos will ease the blow a little! Ria’s hanging out in paradise wearing just her smile and a pair of pink high heels as she gets that perfect ass in the air, touching herself and then using a couple of vibrators to really get that pussy working as she enjoys a little tropical masturbation time. She’s got that nice pink vagina and is all wet with anticipation by the time she dips her toy inside, savoring the moment while the warm summer sun shines down on her naked body! And, since this is In The Crack, get ready for some nice closeup shots of that cunt and ass as Ria plays with herself.

Ria Rodriguez


Ria rodriguez in the crack

Exotic Latina honey Ria Rodriguez must have her own bedroom at the In The Crack estates…this is like her fourth time on the site and she just keeps getting hotter if you ask me. This time she’s starting out in some sexy little daisy duke cutoff shorts that her perfect ass peeks right out of, but she’s not going to start with just a little peeking! Soon she’s naked as a jaybird and is fucking herself with a vibrator, sliding it in and out of her pussy and then in and out of her ass as well while the camera zooms in close enough to touch! A little anal fun and masturbation never did a body wrong, and Ria loves every second of it. As it turns out she also loves being watched as she plays with herself, inviting us to come even closer as she fucks her tight wet holes in this hot photoshoot! Can’t wait to see this girl come back for another set, and if her schedule has been any indication that’ll be in like a week at most!

Gulliana Alexis


Gulliana alexis in the crack

If you prefer to take a back seat in your pussy-viewing experiences you might just want to move right along but if you prefer to get nose-to-cunt step right in because this is another hot photoshoot from In The Crack and that’s just where they take you with their cameras! Lovely exotic Gulliana Alexis here is hanging out in her bedroom next to that big pink bed, stripping down to her thong panties and then just getting completely naked (well, besides her high heels) and fucking herself with one of her vibrators! If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a horny pornstar’s wet pussy as she masturbates this is a perfect opportunity…sometimes I wonder how many times they have to wipe the lens of the camera down, that’s how close they get to these horny babes as they play with themselves.

Pussy Cumming


Breanne Benson Pussy Cumming

It’s pretty awesome that In The Crack is able to keep getting Breanne Benson to come back.  They must really be a cool site to shoot for.  I mean when I look at all their galleries they do take these models to some exotic places.  I have no idea where Breanne Benson is here but it’s a place I would love to go!  She is in her little black bikni stripping down to show off her perfect hour glass figure.  The best part of the gallery though is the last picture where you can see her squirting orgasm she had and her pussy oozing cum out of it.  I know most of you don’t read my blog but for those of you that do I want you to know that the video on this gallery is just a trailer.  We are not allowed to post videos from In The Crack so I just want to show you that they do have videos that match almost ever picture set.  Take a look at this picture just for proof that there is video of Breanne masturbating.  Someday I am sure they’re going to allow us to post some video but until then all you have to do is pay for a membership and you can see some of the best masturbation videos there are.

Chloe Amour


Chloe amour for in the crack

You probably know already that Chloe Amour has a perfect tight pink pussy but now you get the chance to verify that for yourself, moving it from the realm of theory to the realm of facts, as she gets naked and shows off for In The Crack! If you’re familiar with the site you’ll know they love to bring you right up close and personal to some of the hottest pornstars in the industry and checking out the goods…Chloe is doing her first photoshoot for the site and is showing off every inch of her pussy, rubbing herself with oil to make her skin nice and shiny and masturbating right in front of our very eyes! I mean you could pretty much take pictures with a cellphone and it would look amazing but when you have high quality photos like this it really makes her shine. And the shine isn’t just from the oil, I assure you…this exotic hottie has blown your mind and your load before and now you get to see that pussy right up close!

Jada Stevens Back Again


Jada stevens in the pool for in the crack

I’m not sure exactly how many times the lovely Jada Stevens has been on the site In The Crack but it’s at least three because I’ve got the other two right here: scene1 and scene2! Enjoy those and then head on back here for a little summer fun as she relaxes naked in the water at a tropical resort, sploshing around in the pool and spreading her round ass apart to give us a little peek at that sweet pink pussy! We’re in store for more than just a peek though so soon she hops out of the water, relaxing on a patio chair and masturbating for us while the camera gets all up close and personal with her sweet pink bits. This chick loves fucking herself with her fingers and a dildo, I get the feeling she’d rather have a big hard cock rocking her hole but hey she’s making do with what she’s got at hand so to speak as she pleasures herself here. Jada definitely knows how to rock a bathing suit, she tries on some bikini bottoms and they look great on her ass of course!

Vicki Chase and Breanne Benson


Breanne benson vicki chase itc

Usually in these photoshoots from In The Crack there’s just one girl showing off her naked body in super closeups but this time they’ve doubled the trouble by pairing up Breanne Benson and the lovely Vicki Chase in a sexy lesbian gallery! These two hotties are in black leather miniskirts and are spending the night together at the house, stripping each other down naked and then going in for some licks, tongueing each others’ pussy and ass in bringing us basically nose-deep in the action! If you’ve ever wanted to get inches away from two sweet wet pussies as two lesbians roll around naked together, now’s your chance because Vicki and Breanne are inviting you along for their ride! It’s hard to pick which of these two babes is the sexier, they’re both absolutely smokin hot and equally horny as they lick each other up and down…I’m going to have to declare it a tie!

Katia De Lys Returns


Itc katia de lys stockings

We just can’t get enough of Katia De Lys and apparently neither can In The Crack! This is I think her 4th  shoot on the site and when she shows off that perfect round tight ass you’ll want her to do four more I bet. Speaking of which, if you missed her previous episodes you can see them here: scene1, scene2 and scene3. In this one she’s wearing nothing but stockings and heels, posing in front of a mirror and admiring her own gorgeous body (can you blame her?) as she arches her back and sticks that incredible booty out before laying down on one of the cushions and spreading her legs wide open, masturbating and fucking herself with a vibrator and bringing us nice up and close the way In The Crack loves to do! You can almost taste that wet horny pussy as Katia slips her toy in and out of her slit, moaning as the vibrator does its work…can’t wait to see this horny exotic honey come back, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see round 5!

Ria Rodriguez


Ria rodriguez in the crack

This chick Ria Rodriguez sure does love getting us all up close and personal to her sweet Latina pussy, doesn’t she? This is her third time on In The Crack don’t fret, I’ve got you covered: scene1 and scene2 are right here for you! This time the gorgeous Latina babe is hanging out by the seaside in her lacy black dress or slip or whatever it is, then she strips naked and picks a flower to hold in her ass crack before spreading her pink pussy wide open for us to get all up close to! Really all in all this photoshoot is basically Ria showing off how tight her body is…that butt of hers is a thing of beauty, two perfect peaches next to each other. Can you imagine being at a gym doing a yoga class or aerobics or something behind a chick like this, with that perfect booty in your face? Man oh man.

April Blue


April blue for in the crack

Gorgeous April Blue looks like some sort of queen in this In The Crack photoshoot in the opulent master bedroom wearing her sexy see-thru beaded top and sliding off her white lacy panties to give us a nice closeup look at her wet pink pussy! She had been looking forward to this all day and just the thought of getting naked with all of us getting so close to her sweet hole was enough to get her turned on and wet in the panties, so she wasted no time before pulling out one of her favorite toys and masturbating with it for us, sliding that dildo in and out of her tight slit and moaning with pleasure! I don’t know that I’ve seen this girl do any updates before on this or really any other site for that matter, but hopefully this is just the first shoot of many for April. She definitely looks sexy as hell and obviously doesn’t mind when people watch her masturbate!

Gina Devine Returns


Itc gina devine hammock

We saw beautiful long legged hottie Gina Devine once before on In The Crack if you remember (if you forgot, check out her first scene for yourself) and now we get to see how she likes to relax in this tropical paradise! Gina pops off her little denim shorts and her panties, hopping up onto the big yellow hammock and letting it rub over her pussy just to turn herself on a little more…soon she’s masturbating as she swings back and forth, fucking her perfect pussy with a vibrator and throwing her head back in ecstasy as her clit gets a nice backrub! Gina’s got an amazing body with nice tits and long legs but really the stars of the show are her sweet pussy and that round perfect ass, and we get to head up close and personal with all of the above in this photoshoot, I don’t think it really has a title but if I had to make one up I’d call it The Hammock Hottie!

Leilani Leeane


Leilani Leeane on In the Crack

It’s always fun to see a model like Leilani Leeane in very glamorous light like In The Crack provides.  They always just look so hot, Leilani is always hot don’t get me wrong but you just get to enjoy her body so much more just seeing her masturbate vs getting fucked.  We of course have plenty of that if you want it but I suggest you check out this scene.  The big video might be a little confusing for you guys it’s just a teaser to let you know that all In The Crack scenes come with tons of videos they just never share them and they’re meant for members only.  This scene has Leilani starting off in her bra and panties and then stripping down to nothing where she uses a purple dildo to fuck that amazing black pussy of hers.

Abby Cross


Abby cross for in the crack

That fine round ass you see just above belongs to a hot little number named Abby Cross and from the fact that you’re basically nose-deep in her pussy you can probably deduce that this hot photoshoot is coming your way courtesy of the folks at In The Crack! Abby starts out in glasses and a sexy little red dress and ends up in just the glasses, peelign off her panties and sliding a crazy silver vibrator into that tight pink hole of hers and almost taking us with it! You can’t really get too much closer to these hotties than this without putting on a swimcap and greasing up your head, if you can put your imagination to work there. You won’t be finding any girls with busted-up private parts on In The Crack, because man oh man getting face to face with some of the vaginas in this industry is akin to taking your life in your hands…these pussies are all top shelf and look amazing from a distance as well as up close and these ladies don’t mind sharing the view!

Niki Lee Young


Niki lee young on in the crack

Sexy blonde Niki Lee Young was ready to play in this In The Crack photoshoot, spreading her legs open to give us a nice look at that pretty pink pussy…I guess just spreading her hole like that wasn’t quite sufficient though because she busted out the speculum to really get us up in her lady business! This girl loves to masturbate, fucking herself with a big vibrator before bringing us all the way cervix-deep into her pink fuckhole…there aren’t a whole lot of pornstars out there who love playing with a speculum but I guess Niki Lee Young is one of them! Luckily she has the kind of pussy that is nice to look at up close, some girls could use an intimate view of their snatch as a terrorist threat or something. I don’t think you’ll find any of that type of puss on In The Crack though, I’d imagine their photographers are pretty discerning in the type of girls they shoot for the site.

Adriana Returns


Itc adriana sephora

If you didn’t get enough of the incredibly gorgeous Adriana Sephora in her first appearance on In The Crack, I’ve got some fantastic news for you…this blonde beauty is back for some more up close and personal shots of her lady business! She’s sporting a sexy short animal print dress in this new photoshoot and wastes no time before sitting back on a big comfy chair and lifting up her legs, spreading them and pulling her panties aside to bring you right up close to that nice pink pussy as she masturbates…from the looks of things Adriana would like nothing more than to get her sweet slit licked and fingered and fucked, but for now I guess she’ll have to make do with fingering herself and tickling her clit with her finger in these closeup photos.

Angel Snow


In the crack angel snow

When I saw the name Angel Snow I thought for sure this pornstar would be a platinum blonde or something but nope, this girl is a cute brunette with natural perky titties…it’s nice to see a girl in this industry who doesn’t fall into the pit of getting all kinds of surgery to augment shit that really looks A-OK as it is! I’ve been doing this kind of thing for quite a while and I’ve seen thousands of pornstars come and go, and the number of chicks who look amazing and then get boobjobs and then look just meh is pretty high. Anyway Angel Snow is doing her (as far as I know) first photoshoot here for In The Crack, stripping out of her dress and pulling off her panties to show off that tight sexy body and inviting us to get up close and personal as she masturbates with one of her favorite toys!

Prinzzess Sahara


Prinzzess sahara

Apparently there were so many Princesses in the porn industry that this chick just had to sauce it up a little and call herself Prinzzess Sahara! Well the other alternative is that Prinzzess is her actual name but man that’s just unthinkable, no parent would be that cruel I hope…but I guess in this day and age you never know. At any rate, Prinzzess is showing off her tight sexy body in this photoshoot for In The Crack, pulling off her purple dress but leaving her white panties on as she got into the bathtub and go all soaking wet! Her panties got transluscent, maybe Prinzzess forgot she was wearing them or something because after she gets them all wet she peels them off to get on her hands and knees, putting her round ass in the air and inviting us to come get a nice up close personal look at her goodies before toweling off and masturbating on the bathroom floor and then on the countertop!

Megan Salinas


Megan salinas in the crack

If this isn’t a harbinger of summer coming up soon I don’t know what is…say hi to gorgeous Latina babe Megan Salinas for this In The Crack update as she relaxes poolside in her bikini, enjoying the sun on her skin as she pulls off her top to let those big perfect breasts out to play! I guess she was getting too hot and, well, didn’t think of hopping into the pool to cool off, she preferred to grab a can of cold water and pour it all over herself! So she’s not exactly the brightest bulb ever but man this girl is incredibly hot. In The Crack loves bringing you right up close and personal to the action so get ready for some nice looks at those perfect tits and that even more perfect ass and pussy of hers! I’ve been a fan of Megan Salinas since she first started, and she’s done a nice variety of scenes since then…if this is your first introduction to this stunner, you might want to set a little time aside and peruse the archives so to speak, just head here and all the ones I’ve put on here will magically be collected for your enjoyment!

Karlie Montana Booty Beach


Karlie montana in the crack

It’s been a good while since I gave you guys a photoshoot from In The Crack featuring the gorgeous redhead stunner Karlie Montana (here’s one, in case you were curious…she’s done several) but she’s back again and that ass is looking spectacular as you would expect! She’s hanging out on the beach looking like she’s getting ready to sail the seven seas as a pirate wench in search of booty…actually I take that back, she’s already got some sweet sexy booty going on! And, since this is In The Crack, we get to zoom in nice and close on that ass and pussy as she bends over doggystyle, spreading her cheeks and looking back at you like you’re about to board her vessel. In one of the photos she’s joined by her girlfriend Layla, maybe that’s a lead-in for another scene or something but it’s pretty hot any way you cut it! It’s photosets like this one that get a guy all sorts of excited for the coming summer…bikinis and babes and beaches are on their way fellas!

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv on in the crack

If you’re already a fan of Sara Luvv I doubt you’ve ever taken a journey up this close and personal to her beautiful body…and if you’re not already a fan I’d say this is a hell of a great way to introduce you to this tight spinner hottie! You’re invited to join Sara as she strips down on a backyard balcony in the Hollywood hills, spreading her legs and masturbating that perfect pussy with a vibrator! She is absolutely beautiful and knows how to work every inch of her sexy figure and since this photoshoot is from In The Crack you’ll be basically nose-to-pussy in some of these shots. Great pictures of a beautiful girl getting naked and playing with herself, can’t go too wrong with that.

Jada Stevens Returns


Jada stevens round ass in teh crack

She’s back with a vengeance…after her last photoshoot for In The Crack, Jada Stevens got pretty hungry and pretty horny as well so she wandered into the kitchen to see what she could find for a snack. Hopping up on the table she started eating a little ice cream and playing with the scoop, pressing the cold metal up against her hot pussy and melting the ice cream all over the table! As you’d no doubt expect from a photoshoot from In The Crack, Jada gets that big round perfect ass in the air and brings us right up close to the masturbation action…Jada loves to masturbate and loves doing it in places you wouldn’t expect (can you imagine coming home and finding the kitchen table all messed up like this and a naked Jada Stevens perched on top?), so it’s no wonder she’s got a huge grin on her face by the end of this scene. If you didn’t catch her previous visit to In The Crack, here is the scene so if you’ve still got a hankering for more Jada after this you’re in luck.

Vicki Chase Returns


Vicki chase ass on in the crack

I guess beautiful exotic Vicki Chase had such a good time in her previous In The Crack update that she just had to come back for more! This time she’s in her sexy slinky blue dress, hanging out near a wooden fence that looks like Salvador Dali had a hand in designing it. There’s nothing surreal about Vicki’s beautiful body though as she lifts up her dress and pulls her panties off to hang out in the nude, spreading her ass and masturbating her clit with a hitachi wand for us as we zoom in nice and close on all the hot action! Can’t wait to see this hottie cum back for round 3 sometime soon.

Breanne Benson


Breanne benson in the crack

Get ready for two explosions because they’re about to happen in your eyes when you get a load of this ass on In The Crack…the butt in question belongs to gorgeous Breanne Benson and she’s inviting you along on a journey to the wetness of her pussy nice and up close almost within licking distance! Besides that sweet tight pink hole that she’s masturbating and fucking with a toy in this photoshoot we’re treated to one of the great asses of the day as she relaxes in an oceanside bungalow in the nude, giving us plenty of opportunity to drift our eyes up and down that smokin hot body of hers.

Katia de Lys


Katia de lys back on in the crack

Looks like Katia de Lys just couldn’t stay away from In The Crack! After the success of her last shoot with the site she just couldn’t stop thinking about people watching her get naked and play with herself, taken to within inches of her ass and pussy by that high res camera. So, she’s back and is looking as sexy as ever as she strips out of her white panties and bra to show off her sexy nude body (keeping her high heel shoes on of course) and then taking it to the next level by spreading her pink pussy open with a speculum and letting us have a nice closeup look at her innermost private parts! I’m not a huge fan of speculums myself but hey if you dig Katia you might just want to take this up close and personal tour of that tight body.

Jada Stevens is Back


Jada stevens in the crack

With a big juicy round booty like she’s packing, you just knew Jada Stevens would be back on In The Crack sooner rather than later and now, lo and behold it has cum to pass! She’s relaxing at a beautiful house in a palm tree paradise, stripping out of her little denim shorts and spreading her cheeks before laying down on a deckchair for a nice long masturbation session with her favorite magic wand vibrator. Jada needs a good strong vibe to handle that pussy of hers and bring her to orgasm again and again! This classy lassy keeps her high heels on while she hangs out naked on the chair though, I guess you never know when you’ll need to make a getaway. Maybe it’s not even her house and she just broke in to diddle her skittle! Take a look here if you’d like to see one of the other times (there have been a few) where Jada was on In The Crack, she’s always hot as lava and ready to get naked and fuck herself!

Bree Daniels Returns


Bree daniels in the crack

You might remember Bree Daniels did a shoot for In The Crack back when she was blonde, but if you missed it I’ve got a link for you here. I think personally she looks way better as a redhead, maybe it’s just my opinion but damn she looks good! In this update she shows how nice her ass looks in jeans and then takes them off to show how hot THAT looks, which just plain isn’t fair. She shimmies them down to the floor and then hops on the chair, snuggling up to a fuzzy yeti skin or something as she masturbates, buzzing her clit with a big hitachi magic wand as we zoom way in almost nose-deep in that sweet pink pussy.

Cindy In The Coutyard


Cindy Starfall In The Courtyard

I was going through In The Crack trying to find a gallery to post for you guys when I saw a Cindy Starfall gallery.  I was getting ready to post it and realized that I already had!  Have no fear though In The Crack loves this girl as much as I do.  This is a scene they call “The Beiges are Loaded” among other things.  There are 3 different videos that go with this scene and one of them involves her using a dildo on that tight little Asian pussy of hers.  In The Crack has some of the best videos and you guys just have no clue because well nobody is actually allowed to post them.  They don’t allow their videos outside the members area.  So let’s say you had a couple dollars burning a whole in your pocket.  You wanted to see tons of really hot woman masturbating in crystal clear HD which site would you join?  Well it’s right here, so stop messing around and buy a pass already!

Remy Lacroix


Remy lacroix back in blue in the crack

She’s back in blue and ready to spread for you! It’s Remy LaCroix comin at you in full effect for In The Crack, peeling off her blue top and blue denim shorts and blue panties to spread those long gorgeous legs by the window showing the clear blue skies. She looks amazing as always and since it’s an In The Crack photoshoot you know we’ll be getting right up close to the action as she masturbates with her toy! The ass on this girl is stupendous, it’s no wonder she’s been on the site several times now…she’s what this site is all about and I’m already looking forward to more as Remy gets naked and gives us that cute little smirk! This girl knows she’s hot as hell and knows exactly what we’d all like to do with her, and she couldn’t be happier having us watch.

Katia de Lys


Katia de lys for in the crack

Talk about getting In The Crack…gorgeous Katia de Lys has an amazing butt and she takes us in the crack indeed with this hot photoshoot, stripping out of that sheer white dress that was clinging to every curve of that bodacious booty, then hoppng onto the bed and playing with a string of pearls. I guess she just loves the feeling of those little beads rubbing against her clit and it turns her on so much she stuffs them in her ass and pulls them out of her pussy! Not, like, a magic trick or anything like that, I mean she does one and then she does the other. You’ll see what I mean, just look at the damn pictures! I really hope this foxy exotic hottie has a French accent to go along with that name because she would be just off the charts of hotness if that’s the case.

Cindy Starfall Bartop Dildo


Cindy starfall in the crack legs in the air

We’ve seen every inch of beautiful Asian babe Cindy Starfall‘s gorgeous body a few times on In The Crack already but hey, who’s arguing if they want to bring her back? They can feature this horny honey as often as they want, she just keeps gettting hotter! In this photoshoot she’s getting naked by the bar, perching on top of the bar and on some of the barstools as she lifts her feet up in the air and shows us that tight wet pussy before fucking herself with a big dildo! This girl loves to masturbate and always looks stunning doing it, and since this is In The Crack get ready for some nice up close and personal views of her sexy private parts. If you missed the first couple times she’s been on the site, you’re in luck because I’ve got them here and here, enjoy!

Vicki Chase


Vicki chase in the crack

Join exotic hottie Vicki Chase as she shows off her bewildering shorts in this In The Crack photoshoot, followed quickly by her round bouncy titties and of course that sexy ass! And, since this is an In The Crack photoshoot you just know you’re going to be taken nose-first into the action as this hottie bends over and stretches out before masturbating with a big vibrating wand. She’s enjoying the view of the ocean from her bedroom as the sun sets over the water, but the moon has risen early in this photoshoot as Vicki leans over and spreads her cheeks! She looks like she’s ready for anything too, she’s got her high heels with neon yellow bottoms for safety in case of an emergency evacuation. It’s a little slice of paradise with a nice up close and personal look at a beautiful, sexy babe!

Ria Rodriguez Poolside


Ria rodriguez in the crack

It’s cold and nasty and snowy outside but through the magic of the Internet we get instantly transported to the poolside with beautiful Latina hottie Ria Rodriguez as she pops off her blue bikini and white polka dot top and lounges on a red patio chair, showing off that sexy tight butt and masturbating for us, bringing us to within inches of her sweet wet pussy! In The Crack always takes you right up to the action with some of the hottest women in the business…we’ve been nose-deep in Ria’s hole before as you can see in this update, but it’s always nice to pay a return visit to such a sexy and seductive sweetheart.

Adriana Sephora


Adriana sephora on in the crack

Pop quiz, hotshot…what is the sexiest thing in the world? If you didn’t answer with something along the lines of “Adriana Sephora in a black leather corset looking over her shoulder as she shows off her perfect ass” you’re probably wrong, at least I’ll say you’re wrong while I’m looking at this photoshoot from In The Crack because right now that scene I decribed is all I can think about. This blonde sexpot looks incredible and we get to zoom all the way in for a nice closeup tour of her privates while she masturbates for us! This hottie looks like something out of a dream with her big tits, sexy kinky outfit and horny attitude…or maybe she looks like something you’ll be dreaming about later on, that might be more accurate!

Mischa Brooks Cliffside


Mischa brooks on in the crack

We’ve seen the body of sexy pornstar Mischa Brooks up close and personal on In The Crack before, if you’ll remember, but she’s looking hotter than ever in this newer photoshoot at a cliffside resort! The view of the ocean waves below is great but doesn’t hold a candle to the closeup views of Mischa’s tight wet pussy as she slides some of her favorite toys in and out, masturbating right in front of our noses…but if that’s just not close enough don’t worry, she brought a speculum so you get to see all the way inside her hole!

Breanne Benson Round Ass


Breanne Benson Perfect Ass

I never really thought Breanne Benson had a amazing ass that is, until I saw this new In The Crack gallery of her.  That booty is almost looking as good as her tits and I am more a tit man!  The gallery like most In The Crack pictures galleries is pretty tame, you get to see her strip down and then a couple of up close shots of her pussy and ass.  If you want to see the videos you’re just going to have to join their site you know the drill.  Anyways if you like what see from Breanne then you can always check out our section with her we have a ton of her galleries and video, some hardcore some not!

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi In The Crack

This is just one of those typical here is a hot babe you should see her naked galleries.  I don’t think you can run a porn site without giving you guys some eye candy every now and then.  This site In The Crack is one of my favorite sites to grab that eye candy.  I know a lot of you don’t join this site because you think it’s just pictures but as I say every time, just take the tour and you will see that they have videos too.  There videos are about 3832032323x better then their pictures but they don’t release video to the public.  So in this scene if you did have a membership you would see her masturbating with a really strong vibrator.  Like all their videos Valentina Nappi is able to have a real natural orgasm and it’s amazing.  You can see some screenshots of the video if you want proof of that.

Miko Sinz


Miko sinz in the crack

The snows and cold of December are well upon us but you can still get a taste of the warm summery breezes and relaxing tropical waters when you head over to In The Crack! Besides a glimpse of the warmth, you also get to go up close and personal face-first into the pink wet cunny of girls like gorgeous Asian Miko Sinz in this photoshoot! She’s capering around on the beach, showing off that sexy round ass as she spreads her pink seashell-like pussy and peels out of her little bikini. I hope she’s thorough in the water though, nobody likes a sandy vagina…this island hottie knows what she’s doing I think. If you ever wanted to get inches away from a beautiful exotic honey’s glistening pink pussy, this is the perfect opportunity!

Katia de Lys


Katia de lys for in the crack

There is very little in this world that Katia de Lys enjoys more than sliding a vibrator into her quivering, wet pussy while a bunch of people watch from the internet! In this photoshoot from In The Crack we get way up close and personal with that wet snatch as this ebony hottie slides her toy inside and makes herself cum, masturbating and moaning and showing off that amazing round juicy ass all at the same time! It’s a hot photoshoot in a luxurious hotel room and we’re getting nose-to-cunt with one of the hottest babes around so I guess there goes our afternoon. Katia has claimed us for her own and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

Ria Rodriguez


Ria Rodriguez In The Crack

I don’t know what it is about potted plants that gets beautiful exotic babe Ria Rodriguez all turned on but just the site of these yellow pots with aloe plants or whatever in them just drives her wild in this photoshoot from In The Crack! Soon she’s stripped down nude and is up on the windowsill, spreading her legs to give us a nice close-up view of that sweet tight pink pussy as she masturbates with a big thick dong. With perky titties and an ass like that I’m sure she’d have no problem finding guys willing to take over for that dildo…just sayin.

Remy Lacroix


Remy lacroix in the crack clouds

Stunning babe Remy Lacroix is back for In The Crack and is looking hotter than ever as she relaxes in her bedroom watching the clouds roll by outside. The view is beautiful but not as eye-catching as Remy as she strips naked, showing off those perky little boobies and her shapely legs and of course her perfect round ass! She’s got one of her toys suction-cupped to the bedframe so she can lower that sweet wet pussy onto it, fucking her dildo and inviting us nice and close so we can check out every inch of that body. She even busts out a little vibrating toy to tease her clit while we zoom in on her pussy!

Lola and Aaliyah


Lola Foxx and Aaliyah Love

I have a hot lesbian sex gallery for you guys from In The Crack.  If you pay any attention at all you will know by now that they have some of the best girl on girl porn on the internet.  These guys take what they do very seriously and if you are a member of their site you know just how good they really are.  The stuff you see around the Internet is only pictures because they don’t allow video to be used for their site, it’s for members only.  I assure you though that in the members area you can see these two licking each others pussy and asses in high definition!  The girls if you don’t recongize them are Aaliyah Love she is the one getting her ass licked in this picture and the girl doing the licking is none other then Lola Foxx.  Both girls are known for their perfect round asses but I wanted to show the oral sex they do in the gallery more then their butts.  They both have cute perky tits, I think they’re a really good match for each other.

Cindy Starfall Returns


Cindy starfall peacock in the crack

You asked for it, and you get it! After her last hot photoshoot for In The Crack, exotic cutie Cindy Starfall made a nice buzz and decided to come back for round 2 and we couldn’t be happier about it! She’s in a lavishly furnished bedroom in her neon pink panties and bra, grinning and grabbing her perky round titties before kneeling down and spreading her cheeks to give us a close up view of her ass and privates, even tickling her asshole with just the tip of a peacock feather! I get the feeling that’s not the only kind of cock she’d like to feel brushing up against her from behind, if you catch my drift…and I think you do.

Gina Devine Body


Gina Devine In The Crack

You know Gina Devine’s perfect little body doesn’t look too great here, it’s probably because of the image filters… My bad guys.  You will get over it though once you get in the gallery and see the amazing pictures from In The Crack.  You know the drill, you can’t really see the videos from these shoots unless you’re a member.  So you will just have to do with the pictures of her putting this lollipop dildo in her pussy.  Or if you really want to tie yourself over you can check her out in some hardcore action, it’s from Dane Jones and she is getting a creampie.  Don’t say I have never done anything for you guys though!  That is a really hardcore gallery so if you just want to keep it to her beautiful body and seeing her masturbate don’t click on that link.  In The Crack has a bunch of scenes from Gina I for some reason have very few of them, I am ashamed but I can’t do it all guys!

Tracy Delicious Ass


Tracy Delicious Hint Of Red

I do believe this is the first time that I have posted Tracy Delicious here.  She has a incredible round ass and if you can’t tell by the photography she is on In The Crack.  They have her in these sexy red high hell and then they give her some red beads to play with.  She does what you freaks are hoping she does by sticking those red beads in her ass and then pulling them out nice and slow.  She doesn’t just pull them out with her fingers, nope she is much more pro then that she uses her high heel to fish them out…  I am not even joking and the only way you can see the video is if you become a member of In The Crack.  It is just how it is they don’t allow anyone to see their videos unless you’re a member.

Rosemary Radeva


Rosemary radeva for in the crack

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where to look…it’s getting towards winter so the sight of a beautiful tropical paradise with warm ocean breezes is pretty compelling but I guess it doesn’t really stand much of a chance in this update from In The Crack! I mean, it’s competing with beautiful exotic babe Rosemary Radeva after all with that gorgeous face and perky little petite titties, not to mention her amazing ass. Speaking of that butt we get a nice up close look at the goods, zooming way into the crack to see her pretty pucker and that tight pink pussy as she gets on her hands and knees on the bed! She even keeps her high heel shoes on as she spreads her cunt for us to cozy up to, which is pretty hot if you ask me.

Sara Sexy Nudes


Sara Luvv In The Crack

I love when In The Crack is able to get a hold of girls like Sara Luvv because they always look so much better on their site.  I don’t know what it is but Sara Luvv look so damn hot in this scene I almost wish I still had my In The Crack membership so I could view the video.  Awww, fuck it I am just going to join again how am I suppose to recommend a site and not be a member of it right!  The scene starts off with Sara in a skimpy little white dress, I would say it’s more lingerie then anything but you know chicks these days they sometimes will straight up just wear lingerie to a club and what not.  She doesn’t have any panties on so it’s quite easy just to pull it up so you can get a look at that shaved tight pussy of hers.  She then is given a hitachi vibrator and as you guys know girls can’t help but cum when they put one of these on their clit!

Cindy Starfall


Cindy starfall for in the crack

I’m not sure what nationality Cindy Starfall is but I’m guessing Pacific Islander…she’s exotic and beautiful and horny as hell in this photoshoot from In The Crack! She started out just going in her bikini for a little sunbathing at this tropical resort but once she saw the cameras were out she decided to make a nice show of it…watch this beautiful babe strip out of her swimsuit and spread her ass and pussy, giving us a nice close look at her naughty bits and then pouring a pitcher of water all over herself! Talk about a nice wet pink vagina…she’s taking it a little literally! With that beautiful smile of hers though I don’t think anyone will bother correcting her…just sit back and enjoy a lovely lady in a lovely setting getting naked and showing off her sexy body!

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