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Marissa Mae


Tiny 4k too big

In her pink and white striped socks and top and panties this girl Marissa Mae is obviously a fan of pink…this is her Tiny4k debut and you’re about to become a fan of HER pink, too! She bounces around and strips down to show off her sexy round bouncy ass before her man showed up and started licking her pussy, whipping out his massive cock that she struggled to fit in her mouth! This cock was very nearly too big for Marissa to handle but this horny little spinner did her best, licking and sucking it before spreading those smooth legs to get her pussy filled to the brim with hard man-meat! It’s certainly a tight fit but Marissa loves a big dick in her hole apparently, she rides that cock nice and hard and closes her eyes in ecstasy as he rocks her tight little hole. Tiny4k has tight little spinners meeting up with massive dicks and it’s all filmed in incredibly high resolution crystal clear video so it feels like you’re right there enjoying the action as it unfolds in your bedroom!

Buy Ammo Day


Buy ammo day

Did you guys know today was National Buy Ammo Day? Apparently that’s a thing and yeah, apparently it’s today so hey why not stock up am I right. That is just one of the things I’ve learned from reading Ernie’s House of Whoopass on the reg…Ernie always posts interesting stuff and hey even if you don’t like to learn things it’s worth sticking around for the sight of gorgeous amateur babes showing off their tits and asses! Ernie doesn’t just throw tits at you either, it’s usually like an easter egg hunt for some small detail in the picture or a scavenger hunt type thing where you have to figure out where the picture was taken given the setting and stuff. The thumbnail I posted above here for instance, he’s asking where the bus stop is that this gorgeous babe is hanging out and flashing her perfect butt!

Bury The Bone


Gf revenge taylor whyte

This dude walked into the bedroom while his girlfriend Taylor Whyte and her friend were hanging out relaxing in their panties…they were pissed and threw pillows at him not only because he just strolled right on in, he did it while recording the girls with his video camera! As it turns out Taylor and her guy really wanted to have a threesome with this chick Brooklyn but didn’t want to come right out and say it so they staged this little ‘incident’! Soon the girls were pillowfighting and then making out and Brooklyn started sniffing out what these two were up to…she resisted at first but soon she was feeling horny enough that she figured it might just be a good idea so she started getting naked and playing with the couple, and soon they were all naked and fucking on the bed while the guy recorded the whole thing! I don’t know what the circumstances were in the days and weeks after this hot hardcore threeway but somehow or other the footage got sent in to GF Revenge and turned into this update called Bury The Bone!

Jada Stevens Showing Off


Jada Showing Off

I do believe Jada Stevens is just rubbing it in now.  She knows she has the best ass in the world and she is just letting us know in this new Bang Bros scene.  It’s from Ass Parade and you know what I am not even going to take the time to figure out how many times she has been on that site.  It’s just too many and I don’t want to.  If you want a lot of porn of Jada Stevens then Bang Bros is definitely a site I would consider.  I would almost bet they have the most of any of the big sites out there.  This video isn’t anal or anything but its still really good, and if you guys haven’t seen Jada’s new look you might want to watch this video as well.  She has moved to long hair, probably extensions but she looks sexy as always.  The best part of this video is where she is riding him reverse cowgirl and the video camera is setup as if you’re the guy she is riding.  It’s always hot seeing a big round ass bobbing up and down on your cock isn’t it?

Ria Rodriguez Public Bang


Ria Rodriguez Public Bang

This is pretty exciting because I have only seen Ria Rodriguez on In The Crack and for those of you who aren’t in the know it’s pretty much a softcore site.  Well not softcore but you don’t get to see Ria fucked LOL!  This scene is totally out of the norm for her because she is having sex and if that’s enough she is doing it in public!  The video was shot for a new Bang Bros site called Public Bang and she is walking around somewhere in the world completely naked fucking in different locations.  The guy she is fucked has such a big dick I can’t believe he can fit in her tiny pussy hole.  As you guys know from the nude galleries I have posted of her she has a great body and I mean look at this ass and tell me she isn’t hot.  She is skinny but still is able to capture that hour glass figure that she has.  This scene is really good, the only problem is the video just isn’t long enough, for the full length one you’re just going to have to join Bang Bros, trust me once you join you will wonder what took you so long.

Fit Tanned MILF


Fit tanned milf on mom pov

This tanned blonde MILF hottie is 38 years old and is doing her very first adult video here on Mom POV…she’s a single mother with three kids so she might be having a hard time financially, so I’d imagine it’s a combination of horniness and money that convinced her to take the plunge, so to speak. She’s got a great body too, she loves to work out and looks strong and fit with nice tits and a nice firm ass and she even has a soft sultry low voice…just plain sexy as hell all around! She can even do some tricks with her big boobs, check out the video and you’ll see what I mean…I bet she’s a hit at parties. This fit tanned MILF gets that nice wet pussy fucked forwards backwards and side to side, bending over to take it from behind and climbing up to ride it on top before getting a big facial to finish the day!

Gloria Paquette


Gloria paquette zishy

If you’re a fan of tights and leggings this Zishy photoshoot is going to rock your world…it stars beautiful Gloria Paquette as she hangs out in a couple of her favorite pairs of tights, tugging them down to flash that perfect ass of hers…at times she doesn’t even need to pull her tights down, she can just bend over and the stretched fabric is so sheer you can see her butt right through! Gloria also has a very nice pair of boobs and she doesn’t mind showing them off…she’s a beautiful girl who gives the impression that she loves just hanging out on a quiet afternoon enjoying the day, she doesn’t need to have a zillion things going on at a time to keep her mind occupied, she’s comfortable with who she is and confident in her beauty inside and out. Zishy is really good at showing the personality as well as the hotness of the girls they shoot, and this is a perfect example.

Sunny Pics


Sunny pics on gf revenge

When beautiful blonde Sunny Marie here started packing up her luggage for a long solo trip her boyfriend quickly pulled out the video recorder…he wanted to make a hot sextape so he could remember her while she was out of town and it took a little convincing but eventually Sunny agreed to it! She slipped out of her shorts to show how hot her ass looked in her little panties before sucking his cock and getting that sweet shaved teen pussy fucked, riding the guy while he recorded eveyrthing from first person perspective! Turns out that her long solo trip was to meet up with a guy friend of hers and, well, long story short the dude who recorded this ended up sending the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback. This blonde spinner gets a nice hard fuck here so at least he sent her off on the right foot, so to speak!

Italian Beach Babe


Italian beach chick

Say hello again to a gorgeous amateur babe showing off her sweet sexy body, courtesy of Ernie’s House of Whoopass! Ernie does an update most days and it’s always worth reading, whether you’re there for the writing or for the smattering of photos of sexy amateurs or what. Most of this update I’m linking talks about the Lets Bring Em Home movement, with a personal anecdote from Ernie about his own experience heading to Basic Training …I guess he meant to post this on Veteran’s Day but either procrastinated or other stuff came up so he ended up not having time to sit down and write this up until today. Every update on EHOWA has stuff worth reading, whether it’s a story about heading to the military for the first time or a heads-up on some great deals on stuff or just some gorgeous Italian babes on the beach like this chick up above! Man, that big juicy booty of hers is a doozie isn’t it?

Eva Lovia Hardcore


Eva Lovia Hardcore

I am not going to lie I don’t think I ever saw this day coming but here it is!  Eva Lovia is now doing hardcore!  She is definitely going to be one of the most sought after pornstars isn’t she?  I mean look at how big and perfectly round that ass of hers is.  I don’t know if I have ever seen a more beautiful site then this image right here.  She is dressed in this super skimpy bikini with bright neon colors and it goes so well with her caramel skin.  She shows off her flexibility by sitting on this lucky assholes face getting her pussy licked and cumming on his face.  Eva then leans him back and gives him a amazing blowjob.  So we all suspected that Eva Lovia was good in the bedroom but I had no idea she was going to be this good.  The way she rides this guys cock I am surprised he didn’t cum right then and there and then all the awesome positions she can get in.  I mean this has to have been the best pussy he has had in a long time, and he fucks girls for a living.  The end of the video is Eva getting fucked doggystyle and I thought for a second he was going to give her a creampie but he didn’t.  He pops out of that sweet pussy and Eva gets down on her knees and takes the cum in her mouth which she swallows easy as 1 2 3.  She is just too good isn’t she?  I hope she starts doing hardcore for her solo site, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I think my video is long enough but for all you guys who need to see more I found you a longer clip over at this site.

Cosplay Hottie


Cosplay Hottie

Oh man I do love me some cosplay, especially when it’s a gorgeous woman with a smokin hot body doing the dressing up! I recognize Elektra in red of course with the sai and the sexy straps everywhere but who’s the chick in the green with the beret towards the end dressed up as? I have the feeling I recognize her from a fighting game or something but can’t quite place her…maybe a female version of Guile? If you know let me know…all I can say for sure is that these photos are sexy as hell to begin with even if you don’t know what they’re referencing…big titties and sweet round asses galore and if you’re into geeky stuff at all these are probably gonna knock your socks off!

Summer St Claire


Summer St Claire

Some women feel the need to go out and about and get the approval of other people in order to feel attractive or confident in themselves…well, apparently Summer St Claire here is NOT among that number because all she has to do is look in the mirror and she’s off to the races, posing and strutting her stuff and feeling sexy as hell! I mean to be fair she is smokin hot and is wearing a set of skimpy frilly little lingerie that barely conceals those big tits or her nice round ass so I guess it just means her eyes are working fine.

Lexi Dona


Povd lexi dona under water

Alright now I’ve been doing this for a little while and sometimes a site will give a name to a set that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but usually you can puzzle it out…well, this one has got me stumped, it’s a POVD scene called Under Water but there doesn’t seem to be anything under water in the setup as far as I can see. Oh well, whatever. What I do know is that this new brunette on the site named Lexi Dona is fucking hot as hell with a sweet sexy tight athletic body! Nice bouncy breasts and a perfect ass…she’s got sexy long legs too and she wraps them around her man to get drilled to the hilt by her man’s big thick dick! POVD has some of the hottest chicks in the industry and their scenes are all shot in first person perspective with some super high resolution video that’ll make you feel like you’re right there in the room sliding your big cock into this gorgeous fresh faced pornstar!

Lilith Lee


Lillith lee on pawg

If you start talking about white women with big round juicy booties you would probably think about the USA right off the bat, but as this PAWG update from the Bang Bros network proves they definitely have some big booty beauties in Europe! Check out gorgeous blonde Lillith Lee as she shakes that big bouncy badonkadonk and flashes her big juicy titties, sucking this guy’s cock and then bending over to get her sweet pussy pounded from behind…PAWG stands for Phat Ass White Girls if you didn’t already know and Lillith definitely fits the bill! She started out in itty bitty denim cutoff shorts but ended up with a dick in her cunt and then a creamy load on her chin dropping down onto her shirt and her big bouncy breasts! At first I thought they were fucking on grass or astroturf or something but it looks like it’s just a green rug, which I was a little disappointed to see.



Casting couch hd farrah

When it comes to girls trying out for a dancer spot in a hiphop music video I wouldn’t exactly pick out Farrah here in a crowd…she is cute as hell with a sexy tight body but doesn’t exactly have great dance moves as you’ll see in this Casting Couch HD ‘audition’! Her lack of dance experience is offset by her hotness luckily and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the gig so she strips down, shaking that cute tight booty and flashing her titties for the camera…the casting director told her that she’d be spending time with some hiphop bigwigs and wanted to make sure she had what it takes to make them happy so she got naked and showed off her blowjob skills, taking his huge black cock in her throat. Farrah got a nice big mouthful of dick before going for a ride, fucking that big meat nice and hard before dropping to her knees and getting a big cream facial! Keep an eye on that sweet tight ass of hers, her butt is fucking perfect.

Lickity Split


Black gfs lickety split

Lovely limber ebony hottie Nina started out this Black GFs update stretching out on the floor in her bikini, getting her sweet long legs stretched out and showing off that big juicy booty! Her man had run off and grabbed his video recorder when he saw her doing it, and taped her stretching out and looking sexy as hell…she demurred a little when she noticed him recording it but then gave in and made it a little show for him, shaking her ass and driving him crazy! He popped a boner of course and she was feeling a little frisky herself so she dropped to her knees, licking and sucking his cock looking up with those pretty eyes of hers. Soon she was naked and bent over with that big round ass in the air getting fucked doggystyle, I guess all the stretching and sucking had gotten her blood flowing in all the right places! Nina got her sweet shaved pussy drilled and then took a facial that dripped all over her perky titties…the name of the episode is Lickety Split and at first I thought she was going to get eaten out a bunch but I guess she did do the splits and definitely did plenty of licking on her man’s cock!



Brittney on ecg

Alright now this is the fourth ‘Brittney‘ we’ve seen on Exploited College Girls! These amateur cuties are hot as hell but man they’ve gotta get a little more creative with their industry monikers if you ask me. This blonde cutie looks like a Brittney though so I guess she gets a pass…she’s an 18 year old schoolgirl who loves a dick in the mouth and is really damn good at giving a blowjob as you’ll see soon enough when you check out this scene! She takes her time tongueing and stroking and licking and sucking until the guy almost blows his load before even sampling that wet teen pussy of hers! He’s got enough self discipline to prevent that though and soon he’s sinking his cock into that creamy hole, drilling her nice and deep until she has a huge shuddering shaking orgasm (only her 2nd ever with a guy!), moaning and bucking her hips…he keeps fucking her but with blowjob skills like this girl has it would be a travesty not to finish off with a nice sucking and pumping and Brittney works a big facial load out of that dick with pleasure.

Foxy Di


Foxy di for in the crack

There are some things in the adult industry that just never go out of fashion, for instance black sheer thigh high nylon stockings with a frilly lingerie type skirt like what beautiful Foxy Di is rocking in this In The Crack photoshoot! She’s hanging out in a luxurious opulent hotel room in her lingerie and high heels, flashing that sweet tight round ass and then spreading her perfect tight little pink pussy to finger herself and giving us a nice closeup view of things at the same time. Foxy is perfect for In The Crack with her sweet tight spinner body and beautiful face, she loves to be watched and she loves to pleasure herself as you can see, sliding her vibrator into her tight asshole for a little anal penetration play! This girl is definitely not afraid to push the envelope a little to feel good and seems to be perpetually horny, so enjoy this nice guided tour of a beautiful young pornstar on the rise.

Bailey Rayne


Ftv girls bailee

Meet beautiful tall blonde beauty Bailee making her way into the adult industry with this hot FTV Girls update (she’s known as Bailey Rayne now)! She flew out from a little town in Indiana and man oh man I’m glad she did because this girl is seriously smokin hot from crown to toenails. She’s got that girl-next-door feel to her and is incredibly beautiful without feeling unreachable, if you know what I’m talking about. She’s also got nice big c-cup breasts and a downright perfect butt, as you can see from the thumbnail up above here! In this update Bailee gets into the idea of getting naked in public, stripping out of her dress and scampering around looking amazing and making the day of a number of people I would guess…can you imagine seeing this knockout running around naked and rubbing her pussy in public like this? Back at the house she shows off her flexibility with her heels up above her head as she fingers and gapes her pussy and nearly fists herself, masturbating to orgasm and playing with some of the toys there for us as well as experimenting with some anal fingering fun and double penetration! It’s a hell of a first time for this hottie and I can’t wait to see her making a name for herself in the industry as Bailey Rayne…just wait and see, she’ll be a hit for sure.

Roommate Surprise


Passion hd roommate surprise

Beautiful Alaina Kristar was hanging out masturbating, fucking herself with a vibrator and relaxing on the couch when she got a bit of a Roommate Surprise as her housemate Carrie Brooks showed up with her boyfriend and they both got naked and started making out in front of her! Alaina just kept right on fucking herself with her vibrator, watching Carrie and her man getting more and more into each other until all three of them were itching with desire and just fell into a big heap of hotness! Carrie and Alaina started eating each other out and getting fucked at the same time in this hot Passion HD threesome, moaning and getting a tongueful of pussy as this guy had the time of his life…he went back and forth from one perfect body to the other, sliding his big thick hard cock into those dripping wet cunts and bringing both of these beauties to open-mouthed shuddering orgasms before blasting a big facial load of cum all over both of them to share. This update is called Roommate Surprise but really it seems like the surprise is that they hadn’t already gotten into a threeway fuckfest, it looks like they’ve all had fuck-eyes for each other since the girls moved in together!

Lights Camera Action


Cindy starfall on crazy asian gfs

Gorgeous exotic babe Cindy Starfall was going to make her boyfriend a sexy little tape of her showing off that sweet body of hers, but he happened to walk in on her right as she was shaking that sweet booty at the camera! He may have ruined her plans for a surprise masturbation tape but he definitely enabled a much hotter scene as he got his hard cock out to slide it down Cindy’s throat and then fuck her sweet shaved pussy until he came inside for a nice creampie! The original surprise may have gone out the window but hey I don’t think this guy is going to do any complaining after making this hardcore sextape with Cindy…they had so much fun they wanted to share the action with the world so it got sent in to Crazy Asian GFs for us all to watch! Cindy sure doesn’t seem to mind…she knows she’s got sweet tits and a perfect ass so having a video out there of her in action isn’t exactly an embarassment.

Donna Attacks Scarlett


Donna attacks scarlett nvg

Hey, remember when that chick Xyla did one of the Attack series on Net Video Girls and one of the girls in the video was a brunette stunner named Donna who was absolutely fucking hot as hell? Well she’s back, so I guess she enjoyed the action so much she wanted to get in on it herself! Donna is doing a little attacking of her own in this update, helping curvy blonde Scarlett through her nervousness and out of her clothes to make this an Attack video you won’t soon forget. Donna wields the camera for a bit during the interview portion but once the clothes start coming off she takes more of a front-seat role, showing Scarlett how it’s done by slipping off her own thong panties to show off that fucking spectacular ass of hers. Scarlett is no slouch either with a nice sexy body but cmon, Donna steals the show here no question. Both of these girls get down to some serious cocksucking and pussy eating before taking turns getting fucked, bouncing those asses up and down on this guy’s big hard dick! Scarlett originally thought she was going to be auditioning for a calendar photoshoot but once she and Donna started making out and getting naked that went out the window and these girls were just into getting pounded and taking a facial!



X art summertime with jessica

There’s a huge cold front moving in from Alaska over the next few days bringing frigid temperatures and snow and ice, so what better time to bring you guys an X Art update called Summertime to bring back those warm comfy days and hot passionate nights! Beautiful 20 year old fashion model and professional dancer Jessica is back and looking of course incredible as she does a bikini photoshoot on the beach with her boyfriend as the photographer…you can tell they already have a chemistry between them as he clicked away with his camera and once they shared a kiss or two they just couldn’t resist each other anymore! As the clothes came off they headed back indoors to get off the sand and into bed, licking and caressing and kissing each other all over before Jessica got that sweet tight little hole of hers pounded deep by his big thick dick…I’m surprised he didn’t split her in half, her body is lean and slender but she took his cock like a champion as she rode him and got drilled doggystyle before he shot a load all over that taut stomach!

Lola Reve


Povd lola reve poolside fuck

Who doesn’t love a nice Poolside Tease & Fuck courtesy of a gorgeous blonde in a bikini like Lola Reve here? This is her POVD debut and she rocked the house…her boyfriend had looked out the window and saw Lola out there taking off her top and playing with herself, rubbing her clit with a vibrator and sliding her hands all over that tight gorgeous body of hers. He wanted in on the fun so out he went, lending a hand with the toy before taking over with his big thick cock, pulling her bikini bottoms aside to plunge into that sweet pussy from behind! Lola’s ass needs to be mentioned here by the way, that tight little booty has to be entered into some kind of hall of fame. It’s just plain perfect. Plus, Lola has no qualms about bending over to take a cock in it as you can see…she gets fucked anally and loves it, taking that cock to the hilt in this hot first person perspective scene! The quality of the trailers and stuff is all well and good but you’ve really got to see this in the full members’ area high quality video, it’s crystal clear and just plain beautiful…if you like the first-person fantasy that sites like POVD offer, this one is definitely going to knock your socks off. Everybody loves a beautiful blonde in a skimpy bikini and if she’s getting naked and getting her pussy and her ass pounded and getting a big messy facial dripping from her chin that’s even better!

Keisha Grey


Keisha grey blue and white

In response to the millions of guys begging her to give them a nice closeup shot of her gorgeous nude body, beautiful Keisha Grey headed to the site In The Crack to have a little fun! She’s got her tiny little white shorts on and a tight blue top that barely holds those big perfect tits in check…but if you know Keisha you know she’s pretty averse to wearing clothes for long and sure enough, she soon got totally naked as she laid back on a handy couch, arching her back and stretching out before spreading her legs to get her toys out and take her pussy for a ride! Keisha buzzed her clit, spreading her pussy wide open with her fingers, then got on her hands and knees to slide a big glass buttplug into that tight round ass of hers. She’s gorgeous and her body is a thing of legend…I don’t know that I’ve seen many updates where Keisha puts on glamour style makeup but that’s what she’s rocking here, and I’ve gotta say it looks pretty sexy! 

Touchy Rose


Touchy rose on gf revenge

Gorgeous college girl Rose Red was just doing a little homework on her laptop but her boyfriend had his video camera out and his cock hard in his pants so he kept pestering her until she agreed to have a little fun on camera! She started out rubbing that sweet pussy through her stretch pants until she was wet and ready to rock…once those big tits of hers came out of her shirt the guy was ready to rock too, and soon Rose had her mouth full of his huge thick dick! It was almost too much for her mouth to handle but she had a much easier time once she got on her hands and knees with that big round juicy ass in the air, getting her pussy pounded doggystyle. She loved getting that big cock in her hole and slapped her ass back on him moaning her head off with those huge tits swaying and bouncing, cumming on his cock a couple of times before taking a big facial! The name of this GF Revenge update is Touchy Rose which is kind of a funny name but hey, if we were near Rose Red we’d be all touchy as well I’d imagine.

Dani Daniels Fourth Time


Dani daniels fourth time on pawg

Man…is this really the fourth time already for Dani Daniels to be on the Bang Bros network site PAWG? It’s no wonder they keep bringing her back though, this girl is fucking perfect for the site…a Phat Ass White Girl to the core! She’s got a big round juicy booty and knows how to work it to drive all the guys around her nuts, even just walking around past them…so imagine what she can do when she’s getting naked and playing with her pussy before getting a big fat cock in her mouth and getting drilled! Actually don’t even bother imagining it, you get to see every second and every inch of the hot hardcore action in this PAWG scene so why bother with fantasies. This time she’s up in her bedroom in a cute little green tight dress that keeps sliding up over that perfect round ass of hers…Dani doesn’t seem to mind though, letting you check out that booty while she sends out a text to one of her guy pals to come by and give her a nice hard fucking. As you can imagine this guy comes flying over in two shakes of a lamb’s tail to find Dani with her ass in the air, putting the Booty in Bootycall! She spreads her legs and gets that big thick dick of his deep in her hole, taking him out of her pussy and sucking him even harder and sticking it right back in until finally he blasts his load inside her snatch for a nice creampie finish!

Candace Mazlin


Candace mazlin zishy

Some girls get all kinds of self conscious when they’re about to take some clothes off or flash in public…and then there are girls like Candace Mazlin! In this Zishy update called Park Dares she’s flashing all over the place, showing off that sweet sexy round ass by pulling up her cute little skirt a bit…she’s got on a skimpy pair of thong panties and doesn’t mind letting the world know, bending over to touch her toes and then letting her dress hike way up as she lays in the grass in a park! Can you imagine going for a run in the park and seeing a girl this gorgeous laying there relaxing with her ass hanging out of her dress like this? You’d run right into a damn tree is my guess. Zishy loves to show off a girl’s personality as well as her body, I’m guessing Candace here has an exhibitionist streak a mile wide and just needed a fun outlet for it!

Gianna Monster Curves


Gianna Nicole Monster Curves

Gianna Nicole is one of those girls who I think is really hot but she is just so active on porn sites I can’t keep up with all of her galleries.  So as I see new ones that I know I haven’t posted yet I just grab them and throw them up.  This one comes from Reality Kings and more specifically it’s for Monster Curves.  You see that amazing tight waist that Gianna here has?  Well then you know whey she is on Monster Curves.  The funny thing actually is that this image has been photoshopped to hell and the thing with Gianna is you don’t even need to photoshop her.  She just naturally has a awesome body but it looks like Monster Curves is trying to get some seriously crazy curves on girls.  Curves that just do not exist.  Luckily for you guys I am not sending you to a page with a bunch of photoshopped images instead I am sending you to a nice long video of Gianna getting fucked.  It’s the good part of the video too when Gianna is riding this guys dick, a girl with a big booty you always want to see them riding, I know that’s what I want!

Carol Luna


Carol luna in the crack

I don’t think I’ve seen beautiful Latina babe Carol Luna here before, and from that along with the fact that she looks a little on the nervous side in some of these photos I’m gonna hazard a guess that she’s brand new in the industry. She needn’t be self-conscious though, she’s hot as hell and her body is smokin hot, and that’s not only from a distance! Since this is a photoshoot for In The Crack we get to zoom nice and close to those sweet titties and her perfect ass in these shots as Carol strips out of her bra and panties, doing a few splits and stretching out before masturbating with her favorite little blue toy! She’s got a sweet pink pussy and loves to pleasure herself, and after she warms up a little she gets more comfortable having the camera right there for us to enjoy this hot me-time gallery!

Isabella De Santos


Isabella De Santos

Man oh man this girl Isabella De Santos is somethin else…absolutely gorgeous face, great tits, nice sexy legs, and of course that incredible perfect round ass of hers! She’s got the quintessential Latina ass, round and firm and juicy and downright fuckable…in this update she gets a mouthful of her man’s hard cock, sucking him off before going for a ride on it and moaning her way to orgasm…this is from the Reality Kings network site 8th Street Latinas and I haven’t really checked it out super thoroughly but if all their models are as mind-bogglingly beautiful as Isabella De Santos you can just go ahead and write my name down as a lifelong fan.

Aaliyah Love


Aaliyah love on tonights girlfriend

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen sweet sexy blonde MILF Aaliyah Love in action but apparently this businessman had her on his mind and would accept no substitute when he called up Tonight’s Girlfriend! Luckily for him she was available and was willing to come by his hotel room and rock his cock for a nice big pile of cash…this guy was on a business trip and probably put it on as an expense or something anyway. Aaliyah put on her sheer thigh high stockings and got to work tantalizing and teasing the guy before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking him hard, then spreading her legs to get that pussy of hers drilled! The guy had been fantasizing about Aaliyah for years and now was his chance to finally get to pound that pornstar pussy and he was gonna make the most of it, bouncing her up and down on his meat all night long for this Tonights Girlfriend update as Aaliyah held on for dear life!

Kirsten Diatta


Kirsten diatta zishy

With that bright-ass pink skirt I don’t get the feeling that Kirsten Diatta is exactly averse to getting attention and in this Zishy photoshoot that goes double as she starts flashing her perfect round ass and prancing around with those thigh high white nylons on her sexy legs! Kirsten is gorgeous as hell and has a fun personality to boot…Zishy always brings out the best in their models and really shows a little of who they are and what they love to do rather than just focus on their tits. Not that they don’t spend plenty of time showing the sexiest bits of these women mind you, Kirsten flashes her perky titties and of course gets that perfect butt in the air as she rolls around in the grass letting her skirt hike right up over her back! This is Kirsten’s first sting on Zishy but she looks fucking stunning in these shots, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back for some more fun in the future. Those sexy pigtails don’t hurt matters none either! 

Kiara Mia Loves Tennis


Kiara Mia Loves Tennis and Big Cock</p>

Kiara Mia is a pro at everything she does including playing tennis.  Alright she isn’t great at it but she isn’t that bad either, I saw her serve with a tennis ball stuck in her ass!  That’s something right htere.  Kiara’s ass is so big though you could get lost in that thing pretty easy, a tennis ball is nothing compared to it.  She also has these big fake titties that are really well done, she is by far one of my favorite MILFs.  This video just came out from Bang Bros today and it looks like this site only has the small video of it.  If you want the longer one I just click on that link.  I like to give you guys just a taste especially with sites like Bang Bros because it’s just such a good deal to join their site.  Once you join a mega site like this you will never want to go to free sites like this again, it just makes it all so much easier.  We free sites are good for one thing though and that’s showing you the “new” porn that comes out each and everyday so keep coming back and checking us out!

Fucking Your Girl


Fucking your gf on xxx pawn

I’m always surprised at the old busted crap people bring in to pawn shops trying to make a few bucks, usually asking for wayyy more than the things are worth. This couple for instance was trying to hock a busted up old-ass TV set that’s maybe worth a buck and a half! They weren’t about to pull the wool over this guy’s eyes though because this is the XXX Pawn shop and the clerk knows what’s gonna sell! He’s not interested in that dinosaur of a television but he is interested in this sexy edgy chick’s sweet pussy so he strikes a deal, the couple both headed to the back room and the guy had to watch his girlfriend getting naked and sucking the pawnshop guy’s massive cock…I guess these two must have been really hurting for cash! The dude even makes the chick’s boyfriend hold the camera while he fucks her in front of him, cold as ice but pretty funny…she’s got a nice tight sweet body too with a great ass and doesn’t seem to mind having this guy’s big thick dick in her mouth and pussy in this update called Fucking Your Girl.

Olivia Wilder


Pawg olivia wilder

Gorgeous babe Olivia Wilder is looking sexy as hell in her cowgirl boots…there’s something about a nice pair of boots that really sets off a girl’s legs and ass, especially when she’s got a big round juicy booty like Olivia is packing in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG! That stands for Phat Ass White Girl if you didn’t already know…if you’re in the mood for a chick with a round sweet ass this site is gonna have what you’re craving I guarandamntee it. PAWG always has gorgeous women on the site but man they certainly outdid themselves with this one, Olivia is absolutely stunning and that body of hers is magnificent…especially her butt, of course! She keeps her cowgirl boots on as she goes for a ride on this guy’s huge black cock, sliding that wet pussy up and down on his meat until he finally shot his load of cum into her mouth and dripped it down her chin!

Rahyndee James


Povd rahyndee james

I’m pretty sure this resort has rules regarding nudity in public or shared spaces but nobody was around, it was early morning and Rahyndee James was in the mood for a little Poolside Peek A Boo! She has an incredible body so she knew nobody would complain anyway, so she hopped on up onto a table and her man got busy oiling up and massaging that beautiful naked body of hers. This is POVD so it’s all in first person perspective, you get to take on the role of the masseuse as he rubs those big juicy titties and Rahyndee’s sweet juicy butt, licking that ass and pussy and then pounding her with your huge thick cock! Things get to the point where neither you nor Rahyndee care if anyone is watching what’s going on in the courtyard as you pound that tight little hole of hers, making her moan her face off as she gets fucked doggystyle and rides your dick to orgasm! Rahyndee takes a massive facial at the end of this POVD scene, taking a huge load of cum all over her lips and getting her eyes basically glued shut…and to top it all off, POVD brings you all the action in amazingly high resolution video!



Melody casting couch hd

Beautiful Melody here just showed up for the hell of it to this Casting Couch HD audition, she heard they needed a backup dancer for a hiphop music video and since she loves dancing she figured why not! She has that sort of nerdy sex appeal going on, especially when she hikes up her red polka dot dress to show off a very nice ass as she shows she’s ‘got what it takes’ to get the job…too bad there is no job to be had, Casting Couch HD just gets hot amateur babes naked and fucks them on camera! Melody has a fucking stupendous body so when she starts getting naked the fake casting director is more than happy to introduce her to his big black dick! Melody takes off her glasses and starts sucking away, taking his big meat in her mouth before getting that perfect ass in the air and taking every inch of his cock in her wet pussy doggystyle, moaning like she’s about ready to take the roof off the joint!

Addison Belgium


Addison belgium on blacked

Ever have a hankering to give a hippie chick a nice deep pounding? Well I guess this guy did because he brought Addison Belgium to the house and gave her a pounding with his massive black dick! Addison keeps her flowery headband on for as long as she could but eventually it gets fucked right off of her and she moans her way to orgasm, taking every inch of that huge cock as she bends over, her perfect round ass in the air for him to stare at while he fucks her doggystyle. Blacked has a way of pairing up these lily-white blonde beauties with these dudes packing massive dark dongs and the results are nothing short of incredible! Addison is all about the flower power with peace and love and she’s definitely getting a piece of love in her flower with this Blacked scene…alright that one was a bit of a stretch, sorry. She is hot as hell though.

Anya Ivy


Porn fidelity anya ivy

Have you ever been to a stripclub and just been so turned on by watching those dancers that you just wanted to pony up and take one of them home to fuck all night long? Well you don’t have to worry about the cost or risk of that now because Ryan Madison is ready to fuck a stripper in this Porn Fidelity update! Beautiful exotic dancer Anya Ivy was hired for a private dance at the Fidelity mansion and she was pulling out all the stops, shaking those huge tits and that perfect round ass in Ryan’s face and grinding her pussy on his lap…she felt his cock growing harder and soon the music was over and she had his dick in her throat! She gave a nice deep blowjob before spreading those legs to get her pussy slammed, moaning as he penetrated her shaved wet hole while her long glossy black hair swung and those big tits bounced to the rhythm. A stripper would have to know some pretty serious sexy moves and Anya puts them to work here, dancing on Ryan’s meat and sliding her cunt up and down until finally he bent her over the bed and pounded her doggystyle until he shot his load in her hole for a creampie finish!

Jada Stevens PAWG


Jada stevens pawg

I can’t believe Jada Stevens hasn’t been on the Bang Bros network site PAWG before…like, I seriously didn’t believe it, I went through and checked my archives a couple times to make sure of it! This girl is just made for this site, her ass is absolutely incredible and she loves to get fucked with her butt all oiled up and in the air, moaning as her pussy is drilled over and over. This hottie has a beautiful face, nice big tits and of course that juicy booty and she definitely knows how to work em, check out her other sets in our archive right here and you’ll see what I mean! She’s visiting her guy pal’s house which overlooks a valley and is hanging out on the patio, whacking golf balls and then doing a little sunbathing and showing off that big badonkadonk before giving her man a nice blowjob! His huge cock isn’t satisfied with just a nice suckjob though so soon she’s riding his cock, bouncing that booty up and down as it shines in the sunlight from the oil that he had rubbed onto it. Jada ends up taking a nice mouthful of cum to finish things off for this hot scene, but keep your eyes peeled because I’m sure she’ll be back on PAWG soon!

Double Your Pleasure


Double your pleasure on passion hd

Get ready to double your pleasure and double your fun thanks to Stella Ann and Marina Angel in this Passion HD episode! These two lovely lesbians get together and turn on the heat, kissing passionately and stripping each other down to the bare essentials, licking and fingering each other before their guy friend shows up and turns this Sapphic twosome into a hot hardcore threeway fuck session! Stella and Marina both look incredible with their tight nubile bodies and this guy gives them both a nice deep dicking, fucking the girls one after the other before unloading a big double facial all over them! I think this is Stella Ann’s first time with another woman on Passion HD, she definitely has a taste for it though so I’m pretty much certain she’s sampled pussy plenty of times before. These girls both seem equally happy with a mouthful of pussy or a mouthful of cock and they definitely get satisfied on both counts in this hot scene.

Dirty Diana


Dirty Diana

Hooooly shit that’s a lot of woman right there! Dirty Diana is her name and you’ll be singing that song in your head nonstop as you watch her fuck the hell out of this dude…she works that huge fat ass up and down and slaps her pussy on his cock, riding him on the edge of the bed while he sits back and enjoys the show. More cushion for the pushin’ is what they say and man, Diana here is like a big comfy couch full of cushions! Her man flips the bird to the camera while she rides his cock, he’s like ‘what, so I’m fuckin a big curvy woman, fuck off’ and I can respect that. She’s got nice big titties too, so if you’re in the mood for a big curvy black girl with all kinds of juicy this babe has got what you need!

Adrian Maya


Adrian maya on ccx

At only 18 years young and hailing from beautiful Miami, Adrian Maya is a smokin hot addition to Casting Couch X if you ask me! She’s fit as a fiddle (she plays volleyball and exercises a good bit, which explains her strong legs and incredible ass) and fucks like crazy, moaning her head off as the casting director pounds that sweet shaved puffy pussy with his rock hard cock…Adrian takes every inch and loves it, almost screaming as she reaches the limits of pleasure and rides that cock up and down! I’m not sure if this chick is African-American or Cuban or what, I’m a terrible judge of that kind of thing, but she’s got a sort of exotic look that will drive you nuts…I guess it worked on the casting director guy too because he plowed this hottie hard and deep before blasting a nice big facial on her! At the very end after getting frosted Adrian raises both hands like she just won the Boston Marathon, it’s pretty adorable.

Euro Hottie


Euro Girl

This hot European chick was a little wary about accepting cash from a stranger but when he flashed a good handful of cash if she just flashed her titties she said okay and once that first hurdle was breached she was off to the races! He offered her a huge sum to get in her panties for a little while and I guess she was hard up for some cash (or maybe she was having some problems with her boyfriend) so she headed to the woods to get that sweet pussy pounded! This girl is smokin hot too, no wonder the guy wanted to get in that sweet hole of hers. It’s a good thing this footage was sent in to Mofos or I never would have believed it!

Car Ride


Moxxy gfrevenge car ride

Beautiful Moxxy here was in the car with her boyfriend on her way to an awards ceremony, apparently she had won an art competition or something and was mighty excited to get her prize! Her boyfriend was excited too, and being alone in the car with his sexy girlfriend was almost too much for him…he had the camera out already for the occasion and figured he’d try to talk her into a quick sextape right there in the car! She turned him down of course but I guess his persistence paid off because she flashed her big tits a little and then before you know it they were parked on the side of the road and she was sucking his cock! She gives a great blowjob but he really wanted to get a piece of that sweet pussy so they leaned the seat back and she went for a ride on his cock with that sexy round ass facing him…I guess the car was just a little too cramped because eventually these two got so horned up they got out and just started banging away in the park before he shot a nice facial load of cum all over her! Looks like Moxxy is gonna get TWO prizes today…too bad they broke up later on because the footage made its way to GF Revenge for us to enjoy!

Dorm Games


Dare dorm dorm games charlie stevens

Hold onto your hats and glasses because it’s time for the annual Dorm Games! There was a wet tshirt contest, a hula hooping competition and, after the drinks were flowing pretty heavy and everyone was having fun and half-dressed, a blowjob-off! Charlie Stevens and her girlfriends were in the competitive mood and were looking sexy as hell as they got those perky titties out and flashed their cute tight college girl butts, cheering each other on as they sucked and fucked these lucky frat dudes. If you’re in the mood for some gorgeous college coeds getting naked and having sex you’re about to be in for one hell of a treat with this Dare Dorm submission…it’s hard to say who won the Dorm Games but hey with horny honeys like this I’m pretty sure we’re all winners after this scene! It’s a wonder these hotties get any studying done at all with all these parties and stuff going on all the damn time…

Bailey Bae


Bailey bae for tlhc

Stunning Bailey Bae is only 19 years old but already she’s figured out that what she really likes is a big fat hard cock! She’s gorgeous with an amazing body so she always has guys trying to get into her pants but she’s done with dudes who aren’t packing heat, so to speak…well, there’s no danger of that when she shows up at the Teens Love Huge Cocks house, it’s a part of the Reality Kings network so you know you’re in for a treat! As if you couldn’t already figure that out just from looking at that sexy face…hopefully you’ve got a thing for chicks with short hair because Bailey has her hair pretty close-cropped, it looks great on her. After class she heads to the house and slips off her little red panties, spreading her legs to play with her pussy before her guy pal shows up and unleashes a huge hard cock for her to lick and suck and ride until he bust a nut all over that gorgeous face of hers to finish off this update called Hey Bae Bae!

Halloween Adult Party


Passion hd halloween adult party

I’ve never in my life seen a nurse costume so skimpy as the one Gianna Nicole is sporting in this Passion HD update called Halloween Adult Party! It barely covers her sweet round ass and just plain doesn’t cover her nipples as she and her man make out on the counter…I don’t know how much of a party this is since it seems like it’s just the two of them, but Gianna is lookin smokin hot so I guess she’s a party all by herself. Soon she gets naked except for a garter around one leg and gets her sweet shaved pussy pounded by her man’s big thick dick, spreading her legs and bending over to show off that perfect booty! They say Halloween costumes are all about being sexy nowadays and this Passion HD scene is a pretty good example of that if you ask me…Gianna makes a hell of a nurse though, can you imagine her being your bedside in the hospital? Her man dressed up as a doctor I guess, which makes this a little more of a roleplay fantasy than a costume party if you ask me.

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