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Spoonful of Sugar


Spoonful of sugar x art

She goes by Emilie on X Art but we know her better as Emily Grey…I think I’d recognize that perfect ass anywhere, even if we didn’t get to see her gorgeous face! This update is called A Spoonful of Sugar, I can’t say for sure that I know why they called it that but it looks like they were playing a game with some new sexual positions to try out, they have a deck of cards that show a bunch of poses and they basically shuffle it up and try some out! It’s always important to keep things fresh and spicy in the bedroom and these two definitely know how to keep the heat cranked up…Emily has basically a perfect body so it’s easy to see why her guy would be interested in keeping HER interested, if you follow me. This isn’t her first time on the site either, so if this photoshoot gets your blood pumped up (and I know it will) you should take a look at some of her other X Art updates, like this one and this one!

Felicia Davies The Bends


Felicia davies on zishy

Sexy redhead Felicia Davies is back on Zishy in a hot photoshoot called The Bends! I guess it’s not just an album, although it’s a little hard to figure out why this shoot got that title…I guess she does some deep knee bends and stretches out a bit. Anyway she’s got her sexy blue lacy lingerie bodysuit on which is basically see-through and clings to her perfect ass amazingly. This girl is sexy as hell with a beautiful face, nice long kinky red hair and an incredible body, not to mention plenty of personality! It’s that last bit that Zishy particularly does better than most sites, letting the girls they shoot do things they enjoy and just have a good time because if there’s anything sexier than a beautiful nearly nude woman, it’s a happy and relaxed beautiful nearly nude woman! If you missed out on Felicia’s earlier Zishy scene don’t worry, I’ve got it right here for you ready to go.

Good Morning Dreams


Pure mature good morning dreams

I guess dreams really do come true…at least when you’re gorgeous blonde Aaliyah Love and you’re dreaming that you have your boyfriend’s cock in your mouth! She started masturbating in her sleep and her boyfriend saw what was going on…of course he took advantage of the situation, providing the cock she had been dreaming of as he slipped it into her mouth and fucked that sweet pussy in this hot scene called Good Morning Dreams! She’s a little on the younger-looking side of the MILF range, but she always rocks the house on Pure Mature…check out this other update she did a while back and you’ll see what I mean! That ass is just legendary…perfect and round and spankable, and those perky tits of hers are nice too, just not quite as nice as her butt is. It’s nice to see all her dreams cumming true in this update though, as she ends up with a nice wet facial as the guy facefucks her…she had been lying on her back to make it easier to fit that big dick down her throat and she grinned as she licked the cum from his cock after he shot his load on her.

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for mg18

Yep, it’s that time again to welcome a brand new masseuse to the tables at Massage Girls 18! This time it’s the lovely Sabrina Banks who happens to have a downright perfect ass. Just pointing that out. Anyway, she tugs off her crazy little outfit and gets to work on her client, sucking his cock and getting that ass of hers in the air at the same time…did I mention she has a perfect ass? Sabrina rocks this guy’s world, I don’t know how relaxed he got from her rubdown but she certainly worked some kinks out of his love-muscle as she sucked his cock and then rode him, sliding her sweet tight pussy up and down on his meat and getting railed doggystyle hard and deep (I can’t blame the guy for spinning her around and fucking her from behind, being able to stare at that butt would be irresistable) until he shot his load all over her stomach and pussy. I don’t know if a permanent position on the site is available but if so, I’d say Sabrina has it on lockdown!

Karla Kush


Karla kush tlbc

It seems like every episode from the site Teens Love Huge Cocks the girl just can’t resist looking back over her shoulder at that big thick slab of man meat sliding into her hole as she rides it, and Karla Kush here is no exception! This blonde stunner has a fantastic body and puts it to work here as she pulls off her hoddie to show her perky little perfect titties and yanks her stretchy red pants down to stick her sweet ass in the air, ready for her costar to impale on his massive meatbat! She takes as much of that dick in her mouth as she can manage before spreading her legs to get that wet hole drilled, moaning as he slides deep inside to push her pussy to its limits. This girl is beautiful and sexy as hell with a nice tight body, can’t wait to see more from her…although even if this was the only scene she ever did it would still be pretty sweet! She even gets that tight asshole fingered as she gets fucked and moans even more, maybe sometime she’ll do an anal scene…we’ll see, but for now we’ll have to be satisfied with her getting fucked in the pussy and taking a huge cream facial!

Karlie Montana Booty Beach


Karlie montana in the crack

It’s been a good while since I gave you guys a photoshoot from In The Crack featuring the gorgeous redhead stunner Karlie Montana (here’s one, in case you were curious…she’s done several) but she’s back again and that ass is looking spectacular as you would expect! She’s hanging out on the beach looking like she’s getting ready to sail the seven seas as a pirate wench in search of booty…actually I take that back, she’s already got some sweet sexy booty going on! And, since this is In The Crack, we get to zoom in nice and close on that ass and pussy as she bends over doggystyle, spreading her cheeks and looking back at you like you’re about to board her vessel. In one of the photos she’s joined by her girlfriend Layla, maybe that’s a lead-in for another scene or something but it’s pretty hot any way you cut it! It’s photosets like this one that get a guy all sorts of excited for the coming summer…bikinis and babes and beaches are on their way fellas!

Emily Grey


Rachel for ftv girls

She may have gone by the name of Rachel for her FTV Girls update but we know her better by now as Emily Grey…I’m not sure why the subterfuge, maybe she shot with them when she was still deciding on her industry name or whatever you want to call it, but all I know is that she looks absolutely phenomenal in her shoot. I mean cmon, you’ve got one of the hottest new pornstars in the industry here and she shot for FTV Girls, who has photo quality like you’d read about in the newspaper, how could it not be a match made in heaven! She flashes her perky titties in public (even doing some naked cartwheels, an FTV signature move) and then heads back inside to get down to business with some big thick dildos and buzzing vibrators so she could bring herself to some massive orgasms for us! This girl is just amazing, it’s great that she shot for a site that can put her looks on such a pedestal of photo and video quality and let her play around a bit rather than have things going according to some kind of script like a lot of sites do. It’s always nice to see a girl this beautiful in settings that let some of her personality shine through, it’s so easy to just get dazzled by her beauty and forget that she’s got attitude! Especially when she has a perfect fucking ass like Emily does.

Fun Times


Nubile films fun times

If there are two girls out there who love fun times, it’s Dillion Harper and Veronica Radke! In this Nubile Films update they’ve met up at their guy friend’s house for a panties party and right off the bat they’re hand-in-hand, giggling and talking like schoolgirls and as soon as they get to the bedroom the bras and panties come off and the fun times begin! These gorgeous lesbians love to make out and eat out each others pussy, but they also both love the cock so when their guy friend heads into the bedroom and starts eating out Dillion’s sweet tight pussy from behind it’s a welcome addition to the fun! The fact that he has a dinosaur cock doesn’t hurt either I’m sure…both of these beauties take turns sucking and fucking that huge slab of man meat, one of them riding his cock while the other grinds her pussy on his lips until he shoots his creamy sticky load all over Dillion’s gorgeous face. She’s got a fantastic grin, even when there’s jizz dripping from her lips…she just always looks happy as a pig in mud!

Tawny Henderson


Tawny henderson zishy

Stunning Tawny Henderson doesn’t usually get naked or show off that gorgeous body which is a damn shame if you ask me, but luckily she was approached by Zishy and once she took a look at the kind of photos they shoot she was all for it! You won’t be getting any fully nude gratuitous scenes with these guys but what you do get is a slew of gorgeous girls like Tawny showing their personality and teasing the hell out of us with some barely-clothed pics like these! Tawny here is wandering the town in her high-waisted shorts (since when did those come back anyway, I always thought they were totally unflattering and awful) before heading indoors to the library where she reads some books on anxiety and strips down to her thong, lying on the kitchen counter and looking fucking sexy as hell! Maybe she had been anxious about showing a little skin and that book convinced her to face her fears…if so I’d like to send a thank-you letter to the author.

Eva Lovia Red Lingerie


Eva lovia in red lingerie

If you know miss Eva Lovia you know she always and I mean always looks absolutely stunning but I’d say in this photoshoot from her own site she went the extra mile for us! She’s hanging out in the bathroom in her sexy red lingerie sitting on the edge of the soaking tub, grinning and teasing us with those full breasts and of course her incredible round ass, then slowly starts to strip down naked and play with herself before she goes into the bath! She loves touching her pussy and we always love seeing her masturbate for us so it’s pretty much a win-win situation right here. I can’t get enough of those freckles of hers, she’s just a mind-blower from head to toe!

Dillion Harper


Povd dillion harper

Beautiful Dillion Harper is back again on POVD, this time hopping into the shower and soaping up that perfect body while we get a view from the top of her head…soon she’s joined by her man and the perspective shifts and we see what it’s like to lick and fuck a sexy stunner of a pornstar! This update is called Waterproof Sex and we get even more looks at Dillion’s sexy body…she’s hot but makes some weird faces sometimes there’s no disputing that but honestly it usually just makes her even sexier, it gives her some character not making the standard pornstar faces. It could just be that body of hers though, her tits are absolutely perfect as is her round ass as she gets bent over and pounded for this steamy hardcore action. If you missed out on Dillion getting pounded on POVD before, here is her solo update and don’t miss out on this threesome with Sara Luvv! As always, the quality of video in these updates is second to none, it’s like really being there in the room licking and fingering and fucking some of the hottest pornstars in the industry.

Foot Fantasy


Fhd lexi davis

Fans of feet might be a little disappointed by this Fantasy HD update featuring Lexi Davis…they call the episode Foot Fantasy but the involvement of feet is actually pretty minimal. Lexi starts out after her dance rehearsal rubbing her feet and fantasizing that some hunky horny guy would show up and take over…since this is Fantasy HD, that’s exactly what happens! He gives her feet and toes a nice slow massage, working out all the tension she had built up, then works his way up her legs until he’s caressing her sweet pussy and making her moan with desire! She puts her dance expertise to work as she writhes and rides his cock, taking him deep in her hole forwards and backwards until he shoots his load into her mouth and onto her chin for a facial. Don’t get me wrong it’s a smokin hot update with a gorgeous pornstar, but the name is a little misleading so if you’re expecting a bunch of foot fetish material here you might be a little crestfallen not to mention dickfallen.

Carlee Delima


Carlee delima on zishy

I’m always amazed at the caliber of girls they get on Zishy to show off and hang out in public (and in private)! I think part of the appeal for the models is that they’re not really required to play a character like they would be on most hardcore sites or anything like they, they just do what they love to do and get to show their personality as well as those spectacular bodies. For instance Carlee Delima here in this photoshoot is absolutely stunning and is just relaxing on her college campus wandering the grounds and teasing the hell out of us with that perfect ass of hers. She looks like she might be part Asian but it’s hard to tell, all I know is that she’s completely beautiful and has some freckles and a great body, and knows how to tease with it! Hopefully she’ll be back for more scenes on this site, I get the feeling that she loves showing off almost as much as we love watching her.

Jen Selter


Jen Selter

Remember Jen Selter? She was the chick with the amazing ass who got boosted to stardom by, well, by taking Instragram photos of her amazing ass! If you do a search for her name and see that incredible perrfect booty in yoga pants you’ll recognize her I think. Anyway, the magazing Vanity Fair has done a shoot with her but there’s something slightly off-kilter I gotta say…maybe becoming a fitness instructor and working out so much has taken the edge off that butt or maybe the VF shoot just didn’t take full advantage of a perfect ass but the photos ended up slightly meh. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but take a look and see what you think. All I know is that seeing these makes me nostalgic for those phone-camera shots of her on the stairmaster in her tight yoga pants with that bubble butt working its magic…man oh man.

Ass Flasher


Ass flasher on ccgfs

This would have been a hell of a day to skip class…this gorgeous college babe walked up to the professor’s desk and tugged her panties down, pulling her skirt up and flashing her perfect ass for the whole class to see! Everyone pulled out their cellphones and tablets and whatever else they had handy to capture the moment! She has an amazing butt and a very nice looking pussy and you just know she’s going to fuck pretty much every classmate in there at some point or other! That’s just how this chick rolls and is how she got on Crazy College GFs…and there were plenty of photos from all her classmates, not to mention video, to send in as a submission for the site! I guess this girl is just an exhibitionist to the core, she loves it when her friends see that round juicy peach of an ass and loves the thrill she gets knowing her teacher is none the wiser as he talks to her about her crappy homework.

Payton Simmons


Payton on mg18

Gorgeous blonde Payton Simmons is the latest masseuse to join the workforce at the Massage Girls 18 studio, pulling off her denim shorts and tugging off her white tank top to get those big sexy tits out and putting on her utility belt before rubbing down her first client, caressing his stiffening cock and then sucking him off before popping a condom on his prong and riding him nice and hard! She knows she’s got a hell of an ass so she makes very sure to get on her hands and knees to shake her round booty, getting pounded from behind and then summoning the next guy in line into the room to suck him at the same time she’s getting pounded! She’s determined to give both clients a happy ending at the same time and is doing a damn good job of it.

Anya Ivy Round and Brown


Anya Ivy on Round and Brown

Round and Brown got themselves a girl who really fits their description.  This girl is really petite but just has a giant black booty.  They catch up with her on some Miami beach and she is wearing a sexy skimpy little bikini.  Her ass is in a thong and it looks really good as you can see in this picture.  They then take her back to the condom where she puts that ass to good use by riding the stunt cocks dick reverse cowgirl.  The thing is she has a really great ass and I suspect you ass guys are going to think that the best thing about her but she has big natural tits too and I think that’s probably the best thing about her.  There are not enough black pornstars out there and I sure hope that Anya Ivy becomes the next big thing because I could get used to watching this girl fuck.

Brazzers Got Back


Brazzers Got Back

I don’t know how I missed this Brazzers scene when it first came out.  It came out almost one year ago to the date and is called “Brazzers Got Back”.  If you don’t get what they’re doing a parody of shame on you!  It’s a parody of Sir Mix A Lot Baby Got Back only one of the greatest rap songs of all time.  All the girls in this video have amazing asses.  First lets start with the girl riding a dick and that dick is in her ass you should realize, that girl is Phoenix Marie.  She has one of those big fat asses, if you like thick girls this one is for you.  Jada Stevens is down there licking on this guys balls she is always in the mix for sex she likes anal, regular sex, oral sex she just likes it all.  The two girls in the back there are Remy LaCroix she is facing you kissing the gorgeous Sheena Shaw.  If you like butts come on in and you’re going to be in hot heaven!

Lilith Lee


Lilith lee on mr anal

No you’re not looking at Paris Hilton with a round hot ass photoshopped onto her, you’re beholding gorgeous newcummer Lilith Lee in an update from the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! Usually the girls they have on the site have made the rounds and been in the industry for awhile so when a relative newbie shows up it’s usually something special…and this hot blonde is definitely something special! She seems a little intimidated by some of the toys she’s playing with at the beginning of this scene as she stretches out her tight ass, but that’s nothing compared to the deep dicking she gets once her guy pal shows up! They need plenty of lube for him to take care of that sweet tight backdoor of hers in this hot anal scene…Lilith definitely loves getting her ass fucked but I have the feeling she’s a fan of a nice cock in her pussy as well so keep an eye out! The sex in this scene is great and you know they say hindsight is 20/20 but that brown eye of hers isn’t going to be seeing anything but cum for a little bit after this guy busts nut on it.

Best Channel


Joymii best channel

Sexy exotic Paula was flipping through the TV with the remote and moaning her head off all of a sudden in this Joymii update…I figured she had found the best channel of all but it turns out she had just pressed the Off button and it was her boyfriend under the covers making her moan and writhe as he licked her sweet pussy! Watching TV is bad for your brain anyway…Paula would rather stimulate her mind and her body with a nice passionate fuck session and her boyfriend was more than willing to provide the cock. Watch her get that perfect ass in the air as she sucks him off, getting that meat nice and hard and ready to ride as she mounts up on his lap, making her big tits bounce as she bucked her hips!

Jada Stevens Returns


Jada stevens round ass in teh crack

She’s back with a vengeance…after her last photoshoot for In The Crack, Jada Stevens got pretty hungry and pretty horny as well so she wandered into the kitchen to see what she could find for a snack. Hopping up on the table she started eating a little ice cream and playing with the scoop, pressing the cold metal up against her hot pussy and melting the ice cream all over the table! As you’d no doubt expect from a photoshoot from In The Crack, Jada gets that big round perfect ass in the air and brings us right up close to the masturbation action…Jada loves to masturbate and loves doing it in places you wouldn’t expect (can you imagine coming home and finding the kitchen table all messed up like this and a naked Jada Stevens perched on top?), so it’s no wonder she’s got a huge grin on her face by the end of this scene. If you didn’t catch her previous visit to In The Crack, here is the scene so if you’ve still got a hankering for more Jada after this you’re in luck.

Dana DeArmond Revisits Mr Anal


Dana dearmand returns to mr anal

It’s been a good while since the first time we saw Dana DeArmond on the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal and it’s high time we got more of that sexy round ass of hers! She’s got three holes ready for a good deep fucking and she gives all three of them plenty of attention in this update as she stretches her ass with some toys, sucks her costar’s huge meaty cock, takes him deep in her pussy and of course gets her ass fucked hard and proper! I mean I guess it wouldn’t exactly be much of a Mr Anal update if she didn’t get into the buttsex, so it’s not exactly a surprise but it definitely is fun to watch. This pornstar princess loves getting her holes filled up with man-meat so she has a ball in this scene, moaning and squeaking a bit as she gets pounded from behind before getting her face frosted like a donut with a big facial cumshot. The queen of the Jizz Biz is back!

High Heels and a Hot Ass


Phd high heels hot ass

Beautiful face, great tits, high heels and a hot ass…that’s a recipe for awesome any way you slice it and that’s what Ariana Marie is working with in this hot Passion HD update! She heads into the bedroom wearing a white bra, white panties and white high heeled shoes and joins her man on the couch, kissing him and slowly peeling off what little clothing she had on! That body of hers is fucking incredible and is also incredible fucking, from the looks of things…watch that perfect pussy get pounded with her nice round ass in the air, working this guy’s cock until he glues her eyes shut with a big wet facial.

Easter Egg Hunt


Passion hd easter egg hunt

Gorgeous fuckbunny Stella Ann stars in this Passion HD update as she goes on an Easter Egg Hunt, finding the treats hidden around the house in a trail that took her right into the arms of her boyfriend! She kissed him passionately and then got down to work on his cock, taking him in her mouth for a nice blowjob and keeping her rabbit ears on as they, well, fucked like bunnies! Stella is a brand new model on the site but I have the feeling she’s going to work out just fine after watching her in this hot update…she’s got a cute face, a pair of nice big tits, and of course a big round juicy booty that looks fantastic as she gets fucked, that’s basically the building blocks of a successful Passion HD babe if you ask me. I can only remember seeing this girl Stella once before in this update, if you know of any more give me a shout…she’s one to keep an eye on for sure.

My First Try


Ccgfs my first try

Some girls love getting fucked in the ass and some hate it, but the real shame is when a girl never tries it at all! That’s where this coed was at the beginning of this Crazy College GFs update called My First Try, giving anal play a whirl with a dildo while her horny boyfriend filmed it. She gave it the old college try, if you will, working it slowly into her browneye and riding it a bit…her boyfriend go so turned on he wanted to replace the toy with his cock and fuck her in that sweet round ass but she said no, so he had to make do with a blowjob and a normal style pussy fuck, not that he was complaining if you know what I mean. With those big tits of hers along with her pretty face and that round juicy booty she’s a winner no matter how you slice it, and this guy took advantage of the opportunity to fuck that sweet hole and then shoot his load all over her butt!



Brianna for ftv girls

This girl Brianna might not be supermodel hot like some of the other models on FTV Girls but she’s cute for sure and has a nice body, and she loves to explore her sexuality so that makes her pretty much perfect for the site! She’s pretty shy about flashing in public which is a surprise, most of the models on the site love getting those titties out. She does it though and it’s pretty hot, spreading her pussy in public and everything. Heading back to the privacy of the indoors she gets more into the swing of things, masturbating and orgasming nice and hard (thanks Vibraking!) and trying out some unusual toys like the enormous double ended dildo which she sucks and plays with. Turns out this chick likes playing with her ass so she gets into some anal fingering and toys, but as you can see in the thumbnail I picked that’s not all she does! She shoves golf balls in her hole, plays with a buttplug, dances around, shows off some sexy thigh high stockings, basically does everything that makes FTV Girls so awesome.

Relaxed Pretty MILF


Relaxed pretty milf on mom pov

Man…talk about your sweet seductive MILFs, this chick is a winner! It looks like she’s lost quite a bit of weight judging from the stretchmarks on her belly (or maybe it’s just from having a few kids) and that bouncy ass but she still has big tits and an incredible ass, and both of those get plenty of attention in this Mom POV update! She’s a 38 year old cutie doing her very first adult video and I’d have to guess she’s been thinking about it for awhile because she really gets into this hardcore action. She’s got a pretty easygoing personality (or has been popping Xanax like candy) but I mean honestly who listens to much of what these babes say when they’re hanging out on the bed in sexy lingerie! She sucks the guy’s cock, spreads her legs to get that wet pussy pounded and, my personal favorite, flips over to get penetrated doggystyle…I was hoping she’d get creampied but I guess she doesn’t want any more kids because she took a creamy facial instead.

Eva Lovia In The Shower


Eva Lovia In The Shower

This Miss Eva Lovia chick has bene popular for some time now and she finally has her very own site and I am stoked about that.  I was going to make some of my own galleries but why do all that work when I can just find them.  Here is a scene over at of Eva in the shower washing that big round ass of hers and those cute little titties too.  She smashes her boobs and ass against the glass for you guys as well as wash deep in there so you can get some close ups.  Her site isn’t just pictures guys so if you want to see some videos of her you’re just a couple clicks away!  Or you can wait for me to find some and I will post them but being that I am lazy it might be a while.

Naked Rider


Ccgfs naked rider

Some girls just lose their minds about motorcycles…this girl really wanted to go for a ride on this guy’s bike but he said the only way he’d do it was if she stripped down naked! She went for it, making sure to put her helmet on because hey if the bike went down she wanted to make sure that brainpan would be A-OK even if the rest of her body was completely unprotected, good thinking I say. Anyway this chick certainly lives up to the sitename Crazy College GFs in this submission, going for a nude ride through the city streets like a modern day Lady Godiva, and I guess the thrill of showing off her sweet round ass and titties to the entire world got her all turned on because as soon as the ride was over she had the biker’s cock in her mouth! Her friend kept the cameras rolling as she sucked him off, then headed inside to fuck his brains out.



PAWG on Girls Do Porn

You can’t tell me this girl doesn’t have a great body.  No only is her stomach nice and flat and she has a pretty face but when she turns around she has a perfect round ass.  I am calling her a PAWG (Perfect Ass White Girl) and once you see this video you’re going to agree with me. This is one of those type of chicks who comes on Girls Do Porn and has a boyfriend doesn’t tell him shit and plans to break up with him a little later. She is probably trying to get a couple more weeks of sex out of him before she breaks it off. This girl is one of the better dick riders I have seen on Girls Do Porn I mean for once a girl actually just rode this guy instead of him just pounding away at that pussy from the bottom. Of course he did that too, you also see a girl seriously pounded on this site. After over an hour of fucking this girl still wasn’t tired of being fucked you could just see she wanted it more and more. She said she like doggystyle as her favorite position and she wasn’t lying she could have just stayed on all fours and got fucked like that for about one hour. Yet another amazing scene from these guys and as I always say you should really join their site because it’s worth every penny!

Vicki Chase Returns


Vicki chase ass on in the crack

I guess beautiful exotic Vicki Chase had such a good time in her previous In The Crack update that she just had to come back for more! This time she’s in her sexy slinky blue dress, hanging out near a wooden fence that looks like Salvador Dali had a hand in designing it. There’s nothing surreal about Vicki’s beautiful body though as she lifts up her dress and pulls her panties off to hang out in the nude, spreading her ass and masturbating her clit with a hitachi wand for us as we zoom in nice and close on all the hot action! Can’t wait to see this hottie cum back for round 3 sometime soon.

Bridget Bond


Bridget bond on mg18

It’s always fun to see a new enthusiastic chick show up ready to get down to business at the Massage Girls 18 studios, getting all geared up to do a nice intimate rubdown! After stripping out of her tiny denim shorts she gives her first client a cursory massage before taking his cock in her mouth and earning that sweet tip! Bridget Bond is the name of this sexy masseuse, keep that in mind because you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of this girl in the days and weeks to cum…she’s got a great body, especially that sweet bouncy firm ass, and loves to get her pussy plundered like she does here, riding the guy’s cock hard and fast until he shoots his creamy load all over her butt!

Miss Eva lovia


Miss Eva Lovia

You know me guys I don’t post many solo girls so if I do post some they’re absolutely amazing and Miss Eva Lovia here is just that.    She has a damn nice ass as you can see here and of course her pretty face.  We have had her on plenty of times on the site but she has never had her own site until this moment.  It just came out today and I will start to post some of the content I have gathered of her.  I will start with this scene though where she has just got out of the shower, or maybe heading in.  She is in a orange towel and she takes it off and them poses for the camera.  This is a good picture for those who love some feet.  I am not a feet guy at all but I can see this being a nice picture for them, correct me if I’m wrong.  Stay tuned for more of this lovely girl and her brand new site!

Lucy Tyler


Lucy tyler for aa

Say hi to Lucy Tyler, a sweet sexy 19 year old blonde from Seattle with a body that will stop you in your tracks…she’s got a beautiful face, perfect tits, a nice round ass and can suck cock like a champ! She also orgasms easily so you get to see this babe cum all over Ray’s lucky cock in this Amateur Allure update in a scene that will pretty much melt your monitor, so be careful. She takes his meat in her mouth for a nice blowjob before bending over and presenting that perfect ass, taking him to the hilt in her pussy and moaning as he brings her to the peaks of ecstasy…and then he brings out the vibrating magic wand to REALLY drive her up the wall! This chick cums like a freight train and it’s all caught on video for us.

Breanne Benson


Breanne benson in the crack

Get ready for two explosions because they’re about to happen in your eyes when you get a load of this ass on In The Crack…the butt in question belongs to gorgeous Breanne Benson and she’s inviting you along on a journey to the wetness of her pussy nice and up close almost within licking distance! Besides that sweet tight pink hole that she’s masturbating and fucking with a toy in this photoshoot we’re treated to one of the great asses of the day as she relaxes in an oceanside bungalow in the nude, giving us plenty of opportunity to drift our eyes up and down that smokin hot body of hers.

Dani Daniels


Dani daniels round ass

That big round juicy booty belongs to none other than Dani Daniels and in this update from Naughty America you get to see her doing some work with it! That ass masterpiece (or as I like to call it, her Assterpiece) is the main event in this hot update as she shoves some lucky guy’s face between those plump buttcheeks and grinds her pussy on his mouth before pulling his pants off, sucking his cock and then riding him to orgasm on the couch! Dani always looks amazing but man it always makes me happy when a set of hers comes out that focuses on that perfect spankable fuckable delectable butt of hers. Add to that the fact that she keeps her sexy red high heels on throughout this hardcore fuckfest and you’ve rustled yourself up a winner of a scene!

Plastic Wrap Princess


Girls do porn blushing

Apparently this chick missed her flight on her very first trip by herself…she might not exactly be the sharpest knife in the drawer but this 19 year old hairdresser is definitely cute as hell on Girls Do Porn! She loves sex and needs some cash, which I mean is basically true for any 19 year old ever. This girl’s interview is pretty good I guess, maybe just because she’s really into threesomes and group sex (as long as it’s multiple girls and one guy)…maybe we’ll get to see that sometime. For now though let’s just enjoy this hot blonde getting naked and getting fucked! She’s got an ass that will drive you nuts, and apparently the Girls Do Porn guy thought so too because he fucked her from behind spanking her butt til she was pink. She gets pounded and takes a nice facial to finish things off…a hell of an update. Oh and if you were wondering why I called her the Plastic Wrap Princess for this update, you’ll have to watch the interview, fucking hilarious.

Katerina Kay and Sami St. Clair


Katerina Kay and Sami St. Clair Cum Fiesta

The gorgeous Katerina Kay is having a threesome on a new Reality Kings scene from their site Cum Fiesta.  She isn’t the star in update she is the co-star as you can see here.  The other blonde who is getting her pussy licked by Katerina is Sami St. Clair a pretty new model at least as far as I know. Cum Fiesta is a site that always involves some kind of facial / swallowing by the girls and in this update you get a little of both. It’s like the girls are trying to catch it all in their mouth while the guy is driving to get it all over their face, who is going to win? Sami is a tall beauty while Katerina Kay gives us that exotic look and she also bring a very tight pussy as you can see illustrated by this picture as well as that perfect round ass of hers. This is her 5 time being on a Reality Kings site and Sami I have no idea how many others she has been on because her section on Reality Kings is all messed up.

Fucking Like Rabbits


Fantasy hd fucking like rabbits

Beautiful Natalie Monroe was painting some eggs for Easter but her man had his eyes on some other special treats, namely her tits and pussy! In this Fantasy HD update we get introduced to Natalie and her sweet sexy body as she strips down and gets her pussy licked and tongued before dropping to her knees to suck his cock! She laid down on the couch and got that hole pounded, taking his big cock deep inside until he was ready to shoot, taking his load all over her mouth and face. These two love fucking like rabbits and Natalie got a nice pussy workout, can’t wait to see more from this girl.



Sophia on W4B

Now that is one hell of an ass! Sophia is a gorgeous girl who has done quite a few photoshoots for the site Watch 4 Beauty and here they’ve collected some of her sexiest shots. This girl is a stunner with a beautiful face, nice big tits and great legs but really I’d have to say her main claim to fame is that perfect bodacious butt, and she sure knows it! Watch this tattooed hottie get naked, grabbing those spankable cheeks and showing off that sexy seductive body in all kinds of outfits from lingerie to shorts to panties to just plain utterly nude. I’d have to say my personal favorite is the one I picked for the thumbnail where her tight round ass is just right up in your face.

Emily Grey


Massage girls 18 emily grey

This absolutely beautiful spinner is Emily Grey, you may have seen her on a couple of other sites before like this update but here on Massage Girls 18 she’s being a masseuse for the day, rubbing this guy up and down a little before going for his cock with her hands and mouth! She gives him a great blowjob before getting completely nude with that spectacular ass in the air. When this guy gets a look at that butt of hers he just couldn’t resist grabbing it, fucking that sweet pussy of hers from behind with that perfect round ass bouncing up and down! Emily is incredibly gorgeous in clothes and even hotter out of them, I get the feeling she’s just getting started in this industry and is gonna make quite a splash. Speaking of splashes the guy shoots his load all over her ass after fucking her, and she scoops it up to get a little taste!

Hannah Kinney


Hannah kinney back on zishy

A lot of girls get super self conscious about having pictures taken of them while they eat, but Hannah Kinney here knows she’s hot and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, she loves a good juicy burger and isn’t afraid to enjoy one while the Zishy cameras clicked! This isn’t the first time she’s been on the site and just like before she is sexy as hell in these shots, with just the right amount of curves to her hips and ass and tits. Watch Hannah enjoy a juicy burger and some dessert as she relaxes in the park, giving us some upskirt views and then flashing that perfect round ass at us, not to mention teasing with her nice big tits!

Lauren in Leather


Lauren in Leather

The leather pants on this chick are sexy enough but when you couple that with that seductive little smile and smoldering gaze she’s shooting your way (not to mention a fucking incredible butt) you’ve got a recipe for hotness! The site these shots are from is called Nextdoor Models but man if I had a girl living next door that looked anything close to this I’d never bother leaving home, at least not if I had a window facing her bedroom window! She doesn’t have big tits though so if you’re a fan of big boobs Lauren won’t be for you I”m afraid…if you like perky little boobies and a great butt though, have I got some good news for you.

Edessa G


Edessa G

I don’t know if the Huge Fucking Metal Ring is an olympic sport now or not but I tell you what I would watch this event a hell of a lot more closely than anything I saw from the winter olympics this year, or at least I would if the girls in the competition were anywhere near as hot as Edessa G in this Femjoy shoot! She’s got those nice perky little titties and a sweet ass, not to mention a great pair of hips…Edessa is swinging around a little on the ring which, if she wasn’t naked, would get her like a max score of about 6 in the olympic finals.

Gianna Nicole


Latina sex tapes gianna nicole

It was only a matter of time before lovely exotic Gianna Nicole was featured on the Mofos network site Latina Sex Tape…she’s got that sweet round tight latina ass and nice bouncy titties, not to mention her beautiful face! In this update she shows off her curves in her tight pink leggings before her guy pal rips them open to get at that nice juicy booty and her shaved pussy. Gianna spreads her legs to take his meat deep in her hole but I’d have to say the best part is when she gets on her hands and knees with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, what do you think?

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi Joymii

The beautiful Valentina Nappi is making her first appearance on Joymii.  This scene is called Voluptuous Girl and I have pictures and video for you.  The video isn’t long but Joymii never provides the good shit they want you to be a member and for the quality they are giving I would say you guys should think about it.  This scene is starts off with Valentina in nothing but her stockings and her shirt.  She is one of those girls who likes to be in charge as you will see from her mounting this guys face at the very start of the video.  Valentina has a gorgeous big round ass and seeing her riding is really hot because of that as well as watching her fucked doggystyle because that big ass just ripples as she is pounding. S he really has it all big ass big tits part of the reason we have posted so many galleries of her on our site.

Kimberley Rogers


Kimberley Rogers

Penthouse presents these hot photos of Kimberley Rogers hanging out on the balcony overlooking a beautiful valley, showing off her gorgeous round ass…she looks back over her shoulder, peeking at us like she knows exactly what we’re thinking! A gorgeous girl with a smokin hot body relaxing in her sexy sheer lingerie. Most girls just slip their panties down but not Kimberley here, she just unties one side and flashes her pussy, letting her bra slide down a bit to let those sweet titties poke on out too!

Emily Grey


Emily grey for zish

I’m not sure where the name Beetlebum came from for this Zishy update but since it stars the incredibly gorgeous Emily Grey (who used to be called Gabrielle Klein) I’m not too worried about it. If you don’t remember seeing Emily before, have a couple hardcore links right here and here! I’d be surprised if you forgot about her though; she’s got an ass that will be in your dreams for a long time! In this photoshoot she’s goofing around in somebody’s house, sliding down the bannister and playing with her perky little tits before flashing that perfect round ass at us and pulling her panties on and off. She even does a little contortionism, pulling her legs up over her head one at a time! Maybe it’s just her favorite sexual position or something, one can only hope.

Jada Stevens is Back


Jada stevens in the crack

With a big juicy round booty like she’s packing, you just knew Jada Stevens would be back on In The Crack sooner rather than later and now, lo and behold it has cum to pass! She’s relaxing at a beautiful house in a palm tree paradise, stripping out of her little denim shorts and spreading her cheeks before laying down on a deckchair for a nice long masturbation session with her favorite magic wand vibrator. Jada needs a good strong vibe to handle that pussy of hers and bring her to orgasm again and again! This classy lassy keeps her high heels on while she hangs out naked on the chair though, I guess you never know when you’ll need to make a getaway. Maybe it’s not even her house and she just broke in to diddle her skittle! Take a look here if you’d like to see one of the other times (there have been a few) where Jada was on In The Crack, she’s always hot as lava and ready to get naked and fuck herself!

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