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Aleksa and Patricya


Aleksa and Patricya

The name of this photoshoot is Magic Night and I’ve gotta say, if you went into the bedroom and found sexy Aleksa and Patricya hanging out there showing off those sweet sexy round asses they’re hiding in their panties it would certainly be a magical night! I’m not really sure which is which, but man that taller girl is really cutting the mustard on this one if you ask me…she’s absolutely fuckin smokin hot, the other girl is no slouch especially in the ass department but the taller one is taking home the blue ribbon here. They’re both hot and sexy and horny as hell though so it’s not like you have to choose between them, just hop on into that bed and have yourself a good ol time with this pair of pussies!

Keisha Grey Summer Night Romance


Keisha Grey Summer Night Romance

Click to see Keisha Grey on EroticaX!

The weather is getting warmer and the clothes are starting to come off at the beach, bringing to mind a sexy steamy Summer Night Romance! Beautiful horny babe Keisha Grey stars in this Erotica X update, posing in her sexy black bikini by the palm trees before slipping it off, getting completely nude and then joining her man inside the hotel room for a red hot passionate lovemaking session, riding his lap to get that perfect tight dripping wet pussy fucked as deep as she can take it and as deep as the guy can manage! Keisha looks incredible throughout this sexy steamy scene, her big juicy titties and that sweet round sexy ass bouncing as she gets drilled by this guy’s cock. When Keisha bends over with her perfect butt in the air it’s more than the guy can handle, so he fucks her as hard and deep as he could manage before busting his nut, shooting a big load of cum all over that glorious booty of hers! This girl has seriously one of the hottest bodies in the adult industry if you ask me and this hardcore fuck scene is a perfect example of that.

Ava Dalush


Ava Dalush

Click to see Ava Dalush on Blacked!

Beautiful seductive brunette Ava Dalush had been married for a few years but her sex life was fizzling out, and if you know Ava you know she’s gotta have that pussy worked regularly or she starts freaking out! With her gorgeous face, smokin hot body and sexy accent she had no trouble picking up a guy, and he just so happened to be this fit black fella with a massive dong that she just couldn’t wait to get in her mouth and pussy! She was out of town on a business trip at the time and figured it was the perfect opportunity for some action on the road…in this BLACKED update she starts out wearing her sexy lingerie, her thong clinging to every curve of that big round juicy ass as she invited the guy up to her hotel room for a long night of passion! She took his huge dick in her mouth, sucking him off and then bending over with her fantastic butt in the air to get her pussy drilled doggystyle! From the look on her face you can tell it’s almost too big of a dick to handle but she stuck with it and went for a nice hard ride until the guy blasted a huge load of cum in her cunt for a creampie finish!

Afternoon Seduction


Afternoon Seduction

Click to see Anastasia Black on Passion HD!

When a beautiful horny woman like Anastasia Black is in the mood for a little afternoon seduction like she is in this latest Passion HD scene there’s no stopping her until she’s gotten what she wants! All she has to do in this case is start playing with a banana and immediately her man is like ‘lets do this’, grabbing her panties off and getting a couple of handfuls of those perfect perky breasts…Anastasia takes his cock in her hands and sucks him hard, then goes for a nice ride on his crank! The guy pounds her hole for a bit, he doesn’t have the biggest cock in the world but Anastasia seems to enjoy how he’s using it…she lays on her side and he gives that dripping wet pussy a slamming before shooting a load of cum inside that drips out for a nice creampie finish! This is Anastasia’s first scene on Passion HD but with those sweet titties and that nice round firm ass she’s a winner, especially when she’s down to get fucked and take a load of cum in her hole like this!

Skin Diamond


Skin Diamond

I could have sworn this ebony hottie had been on In The Crack before but I took a look and couldn’t find anything in the ten seconds of research I did (and usually that’s enough to find out), so I guess it was just me remembering scenes from a dream about this girl or something! Her name is Skin Diamond but don’t let the name fool you, she’s no serial killer…she’s a gorgeous lean sexy beauty with a round juicy ass and a hunger for anal satisfaction and in this photoshoot she’s getting into some double trouble as she fucks herself in the ass with one toy and vibrates her clitoris with the head of another! We get inches away from the action too, that’s the great thing about In The Crack…they love to get you right up to sniffing distance of that sweet tight pink little pussy in their photoshoots! Skin Diamond loves an audience when she’s masturbating and looks hot as hell here, that ass of hers is a fucking national treasure if you ask me.

Keisha Grey



This is certainly not the first time Keisha Grey has been on Zishy (for instance this hot photoshoot right here) but you always know you’re in for something special when she comes around! You can obviously find Keish getting fucked all over the place in the adult industry if you search around but if you really want to see what this girl is like when she’s having fun naturally you’ve gotta check out her Zishy shoots. Here for instance she’s goofing around in the shower, getting all dripping wet and showing off that round juicy perfect ass as well as her big beautiful titties! Usually a girl gets partially nude and teases but Keisha is showing off pretty much all over that incredible body of hers…she definitely doesn’t mind an audience, especially when she’s all wet from head to toe and looking sexy as hell! I love the way the Zishy photographer has very artistic uses of lighting and camera tricks but also shows Keisha’s amazingly sexy body to its best advantage…hopefully she drops the soap, if you know what I mean!

Eva Lovia in Game of Balls


Eva Lovia in Game of Balls

Click to see Eva Lovia on Digital Playground!

I’m not gonna say the name of the very popular TV show that this Digital Playground scene is based on but it rhymes with Name of Bones…I don’t wanna get sued and I guess Digital Playground doesn’t either because they called this scene Game Of Balls, starring the one and only Eva Lovia! She is if you ask me one of the hottest models in the adult industry, and is perfect for this part…she certainly looks regal as she strips out of her voluminous velvet dress and then her sheer white underthings, keeping her flowery headdress on as her man showed up to unsheath his sword so to speak! Eva takes that big cock in her mouth, sucking the guy off and then nhopping onto the couch with her sexy smooth legs in the air to get that sweet wet pussy fucked nice and hard…this guy certainly isn’t her brother, that’s for sure! OK no more hints, you know what show it’s from. Anyway Eva is looking sexy as hell here, she’s got an incredible body with those nice bouncy sexy titties and her perfect round ass…and speaking of her butt, that’s where this guy ends up blasting a load of cum after fucking her tight cunt!

Lyn Hoyt


Lyn Hoyt

Click to see Lyn Hoyt on Tiny4k!

Ready to get fit? Well it’s time to stretch out with beautiful blonde newcomer Lyn Hoyt…she’s never been on Tiny4k before but with a body like that it’s no wonder they brought her on board…she shows us some of her fitness regime, stretching and using a yoga ball and doing leg lifts and stuff, it’s no wonder she’s got such a tight fit little spinner body! Lyn finished up her workout but still need some aerobic exercise so she invited her man over to pull off those tight little shorts and top of hers, showing off her cute firm butt and those perky breasts before going for a ride on that big hard cock…Tiny4k loves to get the sexiest little spinners they can find and pair them up with the biggest dicks they’ve got and the result is just hot as hell as you can see. Lyn gets her tight little cunt drilled, riding up and down on that meat like a piston in an engine before getting a facial that covers her from chin to hairline…she scoops it off with her fingers and licks it up, swallowing down all the cum she can get to finish off this update called Stretched Out!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to see Eva Lovia on Hard X!

The wait is over! I know that every time you guys have seen an update from the site Hard X you were like ‘yeah thats great but where the hell is Eva Lovia!’ am I right? Well now she’s here, doing her very first update on that site and man it’s every bit as good as we were all hoping. With that big round juicy ass of hers we all knew it would be hot but sit back and relax and watch this beauty shake that booty, getting all dripping wet and then heading inside where things get serious! She gets her mouth filled up with this guy’s big hard dick, then goes for a ride on his love stick…he had seen her clapping those sexy butt cheeks together outside so he just had to get Eva on her hands and knees and give that dripping wet pussy a nice hard fuck doggystyle, can you blame him? He ends up sliding his cock up and down between her ass cheeks and cumming all over her butt and back…it’s like a reverse tittyfucking and Eva just loves it, as does the guy too obviously. Can’t wait to see her cum back on the site for round two, I’m sure it’s in the cards!

Stella Daniels



Click to see Stella Daniels on Teen Fidelity!

With girls as hot as Bree Daniels in Part 1 and now Stella Daniels (no relation I guess) in Part 2 I’ve gotta say this Teen Fidelity series called Panty Fucking is shaping up to be red hot! Stella and Ryan Madison are both sporting tightie whities, they heard that they’re basically the unsexiest underwear in existence and are out to prove everybody wrong! Well I’ve gotta admit, that cute teen ass of hers looks pretty amazing in those underwear but hey cmon, with a gorgeous tight spinner body like that she could wear literally anything and look hot as hell. She meets up with Ryan and gets her pussy rubbed through her panties, heading to his car and sucking his cock right then and there…he bent Stella over, getting that beautiful ass in front of him so he could pound her dripping wet teen pussy before heading back to the house. Stella got her cunt rocked as only Teen Fidelity can do, playing with a few different pairs of panties before settling on those tighty whities, moaning as Ryan pulled them aside and slid his dick into that hole while she was still wearing them!

Amazing Tight Body


Girls Do Porn Model Tight Body and Glasses

Click to see This Amazing Body Babe on Girls Do Porn!

This is one of those girls that I could probably just leave at the top of the site for a month and nobody would complain.  She is just that hot isn’t she?  I don’t know what it is about her, is it those glasses?  Probably not but maybe, I have seen a lot of models on Girls Do Porn who have perfect bodies but this one beats out a lot of those chicks.  She has some nice full titties as you can probably tell from this picture but the best part about her is her ass I think.  Its like a perfect bubble butt and she has that hour glass figure waste that every girl in the world would kill for.  There are some part in the video where she is getting bang doggystyle and it shows just how amazing her ass is.  If this girl doesn’t get you to join this site I don’t know what will I mean they’re going to have to start getting celebrities to bang on their site or something.  The chick doesn’t have any really crazy stories that come to mind but she looks kind of innocent so I guess any story in which she is having sex is crazy.  When he asked if she had done anal before I thought to myself stupid question no way but sure enough the inner slut in this one let a guy fuck that perfect butt, lucky guy.  It almost seems like she was trying to pretend like she has a lot of sex because when he asked her what her favorite position was she said “so far” doggystyle.  The “so far” makes you think well she hasn’t made a lot of sex yet but who knows I am probably just reading into it a little too much.  She did mention in the interview that she likes rough sex and that is exactly what she got in this video.  She could handle pretty much everything from being throat fucked to being choked during sex so I think she knows what she likes.  Anyways this girl is hot, you need to watch the video and then you need to join Girls Do Porn.  It is literally the best porn site on the Internet and that’s not just me saying it that’s just a fact.

Addison Is Back


Addison 3rd time ftv girls

Your eyes are not deceiving you and no, this is not a dream…beautiful Addison is back for a third (and fourth, really, since this is a double update combined into one) time on FTV Girls! She’s one of the hottest models on the site if you ask me and I guess a lot of the other FTV members agree because they keep requesting more and more Addison…well, apparently the photographer was listening because he brought this stunner back for a whole new shoot! If you missed out or just want to experience the hotness that is Addison again, I’ve got her first time and her second time on FTV Girls linked right there for you…I think FTV is the only place you can find this girl, by the way, so don’t bother scouring other sites hoping for some more footage of this beauty! With her big perfect tits, nice sexy juicy ass, drop dead gorgeous face as well as her sexual openness and comfort level this girl is definitely something special…she isn’t afraid to get those big boobs out in public, flashing any lucky passers-by as she jogged around totally nude, then headed back to the house to get into some fun in private! She masturbates to orgasm multiple times here and even gets into some kinky fun, fucking herself with veggies and fruits and playing around with a water hose…you’ll just have to check it all out for yourself, there’s more going on with Addison than I have time or space to even talk about here! Trust me, you’ll love it.

Belle Sinclair


Belle sinclair playboy

This dark haired beauty is Belle Sinclair and apparently she made it clear that doing a nude photoshoot like this is, for her, not a sexual experience but more of a way for her to take ownership of her body and share it as she saw fit. Well that sounds like a pretty sexual experience if you ask me, especially when you take a look at those cute perky little boobies and her fantastic tight creamy smooth ass as she gets naked for the cameras here! This photoshoot is coming to you from Playboy of course, when you see a woman as beautiful as this getting naked and showing off a sexy stunning body it’s generally a pretty good bet that it’s coming your way from the ol’ Playboy. Keep an eye out for when this girl is leaning over on her elbows wiht that perfect butt up in the air, looks fucking amazing.

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella ford on tlhc

There’s something about a rancher’s daughter hanging out in the barn that just always seems to be sexy as hell, especially when you’re talking about an exotic beautiful Latina chick like Gabriella Ford here! She was waiting for a hung and horny cowpoke to come teach her a thing or two, she was sick of the little rinkydinky cocks that the other ranch hands were packing and as you well know, Teens Love Huge Cocks! This freaky teen gets down and dirty with this guy’s huge hard dick, laying him back on a bale of hay in the barn and then sucking him off and going for a ride on that big stick! She got that sweet tight little cunt stretched to its limits and moaned loud enough to spook the cows in the pasture as she got pounded, taking as much of that dick as she could fit in her tight little teen pussy before

Whips and Cuffs


Xxx pawn shop whips and cuffs

Some guys love to be dominated, and then there are guys like the proprietor of the XXX Pawn Shop who live life on the handle side of the riding crop, so to speak! When this Dominatrix came into the pawnshop looking to offload some of her old gear this guy was pretty interested in the goods…and I don’t mean the whips and cuffs! He took her to the back room for a little private demonstration of some of the toys and of course he wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to fuck a Dom, having control over the controller so to speak. She gave a little demo of how the cuffs and crops and whatnot work and then got an eyeful of that huge hard cock of his and couldn’t resist turning that eyeful into a mouthful! He slid that big thick dick into her throat, facefucking her before bending this chick over the desk and pounding that dripping wet pussy of hers, slapping against her fat juicy ass. I think he ended up buying her gear and I suspect she wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of his Dom action again sometime, from the looks of things!

Sexy Bi Asian BTS


Sexy bi asian bts girls do porn

One of the highlights of the week in the porn world as far as I’m concerned is when Girls Do Porn puts out a new update…the amateur chicks on that site are always and I mean ALWAYS super smokin hot, the sex is great and it’s just a fun time all around. One of the big new changes with the new members’ area they’ve come out with recently is the addition of bonus content (like stuff that wound up on the cutting room floor so to speak), and especially the BTS (behind-the-scenes) footage! It’s great to get an inside look at the personality of these girls, the BTS videos have stuff from before the shoot when the girls are (usually) still super shy and nervous, and stuff shot during the actual content while they were taking breaks and whatnot and the girls have gotten into the swing of things and are having fun, and finally footage shot after everything is said and done and the chick is showering up and relaxing and talking about her experience on the site. Apparently a taxi almost ran into these guys before the shoot, and it’s that kind of thing that you just don’t know about until seeing BTS footage…the clip I’ve got for you guys today is from this girl back in July, she’s a Sexy Bi Asian and I have the feeling she’ll seem mighty familiar if you’ve been a fan of Girls Do Porn for a while; she would be hard to forget with that beautiful face and bangin’ body, not to mention her open fun enthusiastic sexy attitude! This BTS video has footage from when she first showed up (after the close call with the taxi) as well as scenes of her sucking cock and of course the after-shower which ended up being at like 3am…it’s some fun footage of a drop dead beautiful woman and if you like Girls Do Porn (and I can’t really imagine someone not liking them) I’m sure you’ll dig it!

Sophia Grace


Casting couch x sophia grace

When you’ve got an idea of a cute 18 year old girl ready to bust her way into the adult industry, this North Carolina teen hottie Sophia Grace is probably what pops into your mind! She’s an ex cheerleader, she loves to dance and even demonstrates her twerking skills a little in this Casting Couch X scene! After stripping down and showing off those sweet sexy titties and a nice tight firm ass (I guess she earned that butt from all the dancing and cheerleading and twerking!) this hottie gets to work on the casting director’s cock, sucking him and then spreading those long legs to get her 18 year old pussy fucked! Just imagine having that gorgeous firm ass in the air in front of you ask you fuck a gorgeous teen…well actually don’t even bother imagining it, you can just check out this Casting Couch X action and see it with your own two eyes! You get a nice close look at this tight body as Sophia gets pounded nice and deep, taking that cock in her hole and going for a ride like she’s a jockey in the Kentucky Derby…things finish on a hot note too as she drops to her knees, getting absolutely frosted by a big creamy facial that drips down her face and off her chin!

Bella Danger


Abella danger on teen curves

One look at the juicy round ass that Bella Danger is carrying under her tiny skirt and you’ll understand why they wanted to get her on Teen Curves, part of the Team Skeet network of sites! This beautiful exotic honey gets that sweet ass oiled up and rubbed and licked before bending over to get her sweet teen pussy fucked doggystyle, looking hot as hell. Keep an eye out for the shot when the guy whips his big dick out and Bella’s eyes almost pop out of her head, it’s pretty hilarious…then of course keep your attention focused as she fingers her own ass and gets her tight little cunt drilled! The first ten seconds of the video are hot as hell but some of you guys with more self control are gonna have to let me know how it ends because I have yet to see the whole clip…Bella’s booty is just that bangin! It gets all the focus in this Teen Curves scene pretty much but keep in mind that she’s got a mighty fine pair of perky sweet titties too…and she looks pretty proud of herself when she gets a big load of cum all over her face and those boobs!

Christie Nelson Returns


Christie nelson returns on amateur allure

It’s been a few years since we last saw sexy Christie Nelson here on Amateur Allure but she’s back and is looking even sexier now! I don’t know what kind of magic potion she’s been drinking over the last three years but she’s looking red hot in her red top here, showing off those long sexy legs and spreading her pussy lips (I get the feeling this girl never wears panties under a skirt) wide open to give a nice look at that tight pink slit. She wanted to push her own envelope a little for this newer scene so she decided to double up on the D, taking two cocks at once and making it a sexy hardcore threeway! She starts off with some nice oral, licking and sucking both of those dicks with one in each hand, her pussy getting dripping wet with anticipation…and soon her fantasies cum to life as Christie bends over on her hands and knees, getting a cock in the mouth and in the cunt at the same time! This girl is hot as the sun and loves to show it, I’m glad she decided to come back to Amateur Allure and after you clean up your desk and pants a little I’m sure you’ll be glad too.

Candice Dare Returns


Candice dare back on in the crack

If that big round juicy ass up above seems familiar it’s because sexy blonde Candice Dare has been on In The Crack before right here! She’s back for round two now, though, and with that bouncy jiggly badonkadonk booty I’m sure they were more than happy to welcome her back with open arms. Candice wastes no time before getting down to some serious sexiness, peeling off her little black panties and bringing us to within sniffing distance of that sweet pink pussy of hers, then playing with herself and fingering her ass while basically doing the splits on a corner couch! She has like one leg on each of the couch extensions at right angles to each other and is creating the hypotenus of a triangle, basically…it’s geometrically sexy! Candice has this crazy yoga ball type thing with a dildo on it that she deploys for special occasions and I guess this is a special occasion because she ends up going for a nice bouncy ride on her toy, fucking herself with it deep and hard!

Gia Love


Povd poolside pussy gia love

I know it’s still pretty early in the spring but doesn’t a little Poolside Pussy sound like it would hit the spot right about now? Luckily there are sites like POVD here that will offer up exactly that! Watch beautiful Gia Love rubbing oil into her skin as she lay out on the deck in her bikini, rubbing it onto those big tits before her man came outside and took over. He was more than happy to lend a hand, oiling up Gia’s skin and sliding his hands down onto that sweet juicy ass…the sun wasn’t exactly baking things but it was getting pretty hot outside when he slipped his fingers into those bikini bottoms to cup her tight cute butt! Soon they headed indoors and we get to watch in first person perspective as Gia gave him a nice striptease, dancing around and playing with her sexy pussy, rubbing herself and watching as his cock got stiffer…if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pound a gorgeous horny pornstar like Gia before this is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself as POVD takes you on a crystal clear hi-rez first person tour with Gia sliding that big thick dick into her mouth and getting her sweet pussy fucked, her perfect round ass in the air!

Check And Mate


Check and mate on phd

This guy was intent on his game with beautiful blonde Dakota James but she had something a little more interactive in mind, hanging out in her sexy little blue shorts that looked amazing on her perfect round ass…I don’t know if it was her strategy to keep the guy from making any good moves but if so it certainly worked, distracting him in a big way as she slipped her hand into her shorts to play with her pussy! I’d consider it check and mate as she loses her clothes and starts making out with the guy in this Passion HD scene, grabbing his big thick cock out of his pants and licking him up and down! Dakota has a fucking amazing body and she really loves taking care of a big dick, lavishing attention on this guy’s crank with her hands and lips and tongue and then going for a nice hard ride on it! At that point her tight little pussy was dripping wet and he slid right in to fuck this hottie, banging her from behind as she held on to the arm of the couch…he might have lost the chess game but he certainly isn’t complaining about his consolation prize of getting to fuck this blonde beauty, finishing off with a nice facial rain!

Loving Dakota


Dakota james on gf reveng

I tell you what if I was dating a gorgeous blonde with a perfect juicy round ass like this chick I’d probably do the same thing this guy did, namely bust into the bathroom with a video camera after she took a shower! In this hot video clip he talks her into dropping her towel as she brushed her hair and whatnot so he could check out that beautiful butt of hers…she agreed and he got busy grabbing and squeezing that butt, letting his fingers drift down south a little to tickle her pussy between her thighs! She got pretty turned on and the next thing you know, she’s on her knees sucking his cock…I guess whatever she was getting dressed for wasn’t all that important after all because her plans went out the window after getting a mouthful of this guy’s dick! She just had to have it in her pussy so she hopped on the bed with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, taking that cock to the hilt before the guy busted a nut all over her ass cheeks. Apparently she didn’t appreciate him showing the tape to his friends because she dumped his ass but hey look on the bright side, he figured he might as well put it up on the net and submitted it to GF Revenge for this update called Loving Dakota!

Super Fit


Vicki in super fit on black gfs

Sometimes it seems like the only reason to go to the gym is to have a front row seat view to the super fit chicks in tight workout gear…that’s certainly the case here as gorgeous Vicki stretches out on the yoga mat, popping that absolutely incredible butt of hers straight back while her boyfriend recorded it with his video camera! She caught him in the act and looked like she was about to kick his ass, and with that tight muscular fit body of hers she probably could have…instead she kept working out and he kept recording! He wanted to make a sextape right there at their gym but she wasn’t having it….at least at first. Persistence worked out for this dude and eventually she gave in, sucking his huge black cock before laying back on the yoga mat and taking it to the hilt in that tight little pussy! I’m baffled how she managed to fit that big dick in her petite hole but hey, where there’s a will there’s a way and at that point Vicki was dying to get her cunt pounded. She looks cute as hell in this Black GFs update getting penetrated right on the floor in the workout room, her red extensions bouncing around behind her head! Vicki’s got that incredible bubble butt so the guy just had to bend her over and fuck her doggystyle before shooting a load of cum all over her sexy ebony body.

Ashley Adams


Tits up ashley adams pornpros

Usually when someone describes something as having gone ‘tits up’ it means it failed spectacularly…it means something wayyy different when you’re talking about horny sexy hottie Ashley Adams in this Porn Pros update! She’s got incredible boobs so when she’s on the massage table getting her ass and back oiled up and rubbed down, going tits up gives her masseuse an instant boner. He tries to keep things professional, pouring warm oil on her big full juicy breasts and massaging all the way down her legs and up her inner thighs, but his bulging cock gives him away and soon he’s balls deep in Ashley’s mouth! She enjoyed the massage immensely but just like the guy she got so turned on by it that she was getting a little antsy…so when she saw his big dick straining at his pants she grabbed it, taking him in her mouth for a blowjob and then getting on her handes and knees to get fucked doggystyle! Ashley’s got a fantastic body, from those big tits to her tight juicy ass and of course that gorgeous face, and it’s no wonder the guy couldn’t resist fucking her all over the place here and shooting a big cream facial to finish things off.

Catie Parker in LA


Zishy catie parker la

This blonde hottie named Catie Parker has been on Zishy at least once before right here hanging out in the library, and now she’s loose on the streets of LA enjoying the sun on her skin! I guess in her stretchy pants and little top she just wasn’t getting enough sun-to-skin contact for her liking so she started flashing her cute tight butt, not to mention pulling up her shirt and giving us a glimpse of those sweet titties of hers. Zishy is a softcore site if you’re not familiar, they’ve got some pretty awesome photos and I really do like the way they tease without giving away the farm so to speak…you get a real sense of the personality of these women without it getting super gratuitous. You’ll see what I mean, it’s hotter sometimes leaving a little to the imagination and when you’re dealing with a girl like Catie, your imagination and fantasies are going to go into overdrive! After her flashing in public she headed back indoors and changed into her stockings with the ass bits missing, so its basically like a thong with legs if you follow me. Sheer nylon thong chaps, I guess…I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that her ass looks fantastic in em!

Cheeky Schoolgirl


Pookie schoolgirl

It seems like only yesterday (because it was) when we were checking out sexy exotic honey Pookie in her bikini showing off her gorgeous body and I was lamenting that we didn’t get to see this hottie in the buff, and I guess she heard my wails! I’ve got another red hot photoshoot for you guys from Party Allstars featuring Pookie as a cheeky schoolgirl in her little skirt and bra, and lo and behold she eventually strips down naked and shows us that sweet round ass which is every bit as fucking incredible as I thought it would be from those bikini photos! She also teases us with those nice big full breasts, grabbing her chest and giving some tantalizing peeks at the goods…and let me remind you, at the beginning of the shoot she’s dressed in a schoolgirl skirt so if that’s your thing, Pookie’s got it covered. Man, if only we could see this girl getting that sweet tight pussy of hers fucked…OK let’s see if that works, when I complained yesterday my wishes were granted overnight so I’m hoping it will happen again! Fingers crossed, everybody.

Keisha Grey Third Time


Keisha grey on pawg for bang bros

I am pretty sure this is the third time for lovely Keisha Grey to be on the Bang Bros network site PAWG…I would go and double check but to be honest that big round juicy incredible butt of hers has me under its spell and I’m having a really hard time concentrating or looking at anything else, it’s a good thing I’m a touch-typist or you guys would be reading a bunch of gibberish right now. Keisha is apparently on a farm or something, she’s hanging around on a huge wooden fence at the beginning of this scene…it looks like she could be hanging out in an elephant enclosure at a zoo or something, those are some mighty big fences! Anyway she heads inside and meets up with her horny co-star, taking his big thick dick in her mouth and then bending over with that beautiful round spankable ass in the air to get her sweet cunt fucked from behind! Keisha loves her some doggystyle and this guy loves watching that sexy butt of hers as he fucks her so it’s a win-win apparently…and the guy gets so turned on fucking her like that that he blasts a big cum facial all over her grin as well as getting it all over those big sweet boobs!

Cum In Her Pussy with Josie Jagger


Nubile films josie jagger cum in her pussy

After pulling off beautiful exotic model Josie Jagger‘s little checkered thong panties and licking her crack from ass to slit, this guy started fucking that sweet tight little hole of hers in this Nubile Films update! With that incredible body of hers of course he was having a blast taking Josie from behind, but when she whispered to him that she wanted him to cum in her pussy she about blew the top of his head off! He quickened his pace and Josie climbed on top, riding his cock until he exploded with orgasm deep in her hole, shooting a big load of cum inside her that she squeezed out for a creampie. Nubile Films always has hot and sexy models on the site but man, this update with Josie Jagger really hit it out of the park if you ask me! It’s not every day you get to see a beautiful exotic girl like Josie getting naked and even fewer of a day (does that make sense? you know what I mean) to see her spreading her long sexy legs wide open and her tight horny pussy drilled. Every inch of this girl’s body is hot as hell, from her long dark hair to those perky titties, to that round sexy ass all the way down her legs to her cute feet!

Bianca Breeze and Kimberly Gates


Cumming in the breeze mbt

Some women are just horny, like all the time, and give very little of a second thought to who the guy is they’re after! They figure hey if he’s with some other chick but he’s down to play that’s on him…that’s why when sexy mature Bianca Breeze came home and found her stepdaughter Kimberly Gates studying for an exam with her boyfriend she didn’t really hesitate before getting a little fresh with him, giving him a glimpse of those sweet titties…the guy wasn’t exactly annoyed at her flirtation if you know what I mean. He headed upstairs at one point and found Bianca up in the bathroom naked in the shower and he ended up just hanging out and watching the show! He started rubbing one out and can you blame him, that MILF is hot as hell…too bad for him that Kimberly came upstairs and caught him in the act! Bianca felt a little bad and wanted to make sure everyone stayed happy and soon they were all naked and the girls were taking turns sucking and fucking this dude’s already-hard cock for this Moms Bang Teens update called Cumming In The Breeze, and if you didn’t know already it’s part of the Reality Kings network of sites.

Cassidy Klein


Cassidy klein on teens love huge cocks

Beautiful Cali girl Cassidy Klein might live in a drought-ridden state but hey at least her tight little teen pussy is dripping wet! She’s here on the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks to put that site title to the test…turns out it’s accurate, spoiler alert! Cassidy used to be a ballerina and the flexibility from that training is coming in handy here as she strips down nude and stretches her long legs behind her head as she masturbates…this dude Chris was nearby and when he got an eyeful of that he just had to run over and join in on the fun, grabbing her sweet boobies and sliding his hand down to finger her wet pussy before unleashing that big thick dick of his! Cassidy got to show off her deepthroating blowjob skills as she shoved that big dick in her mouth, fitting as much of it into her throat as she could manage before spreading her legs and guiding that big fat meat into her tight little cunt…I don’t know how she managed to get even just the head in but somehow she was able to take him to the hilt, riding that cock and moaning her way to orgasm befor ethe guy pulled out and blasted a nice big facial load of cum to finish off this update they call Kissing Cassidy!

Evelyn Bishop


Evelyn bishop on zishy

Sexy amateur Evelyn Bishop here is from the Bay Area which will probably not surprise you when you get a look at those underarms of hers…she doesn’t shave her pits so she’s got a good bit of a forest under there but hey, if that’s what she wants to do, more power to her. I’m just glad she keeps her pubes trimmed, she’s still got some hair down there but it’s nice and neat and actually sexy as hell in this era of clean-shaven pussies galore…Evelyn dances to the beat of her own drum and in this Zishy photoshoot she shows it! From her bright-ass red dress to her apple lunch to her mason-jar drinking glass this girl is saying screw protocol, I live life how I want and I think if more people did that this world would be a way more fun place. Evelyn flashes her sexy tight body here, giving some glimpses of that sweet pussy as her dress flips and rides up, and she also shows off a mighty fine looking ass as she giggles over her shoulder! This photoset will make you want to go antique-shopping with this quirky, sexy girl before heading back with Evelyn to the house and letting nature take its course.

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight aa

It’s been a little while since beautiful blonde Cosima Knight made this Amateur Allure update so you’ve probably seen her here and there if you’ve kept your eyes open…it’s no wonder that she’s been getting pretty popular, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing body! If you’re the kind of fella (or lady) who likes seeing a chick when she’s brand spankin new in the industry trying to make a name for herself and showing her enthusiasm as well as her sexy tight body, Amateur Allure is your new best friend. In this update Cosima satisfies her oral fixation, taking this guy’s big dick in her mouth as she lifts up her dress to show off those long bare sexy smooth legs and her incredible butt…this guy loves getting his dick sucked of course but it just served to drive him crazy with desire to get his hands on that pussy of hers! Cosima bent over with that tight butt in the air, getting her dripping wet pussy fucked from behind and moaning with those ringlets of blonde in her face before getting her hands back on that dick and sucking out a couple of loads to swallow down. Cosima lives for blowing cock and thrives on taking a load in the mouth and this site is ideal for giving her the liquid protein breakfast she was craving!

Scarlett Rose


Scarlett rose between the sheets

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip between the sheets with a gorgeous babe like Scarlett Rose here? This POVD scene starts with Scarlett in bed taking a nap but when her boyfriend wakes her up she’s immediately wet in the pussy, she sees his cock getting harder and knows what he’s got in mind…soon she’s on top and going for a nice deep ride, taking that big hard dick to the hilt in her tight little cunt! It’s all in first person perspective so you get a driver’s seat view of the action as this beautiful tight spinner pornstar gets fucked, and it’s all in incredibly high resolution video so it’s like a crystal clear window into the room. It would be harder to be more immersive without actually being balls-deep in Scarlett Rose’s sweet snatch! Scarlett has an amazingly sexy body with those nice perky little boobies and cute butt, and of course that nice tight pink pussy that we get to watch getting eaten out and fingered and fucked before Scarlett drops to her knees to suck a big load of cum out that gets onto her face and also onto those perky breasts. The name of the POVD update is Between The Sheets but it sure looks like most of the fun is happening on top of them if you ask me!

Dillion Harper Helping Hand


Helping hand on povd with dillion harper

This is nowhere near the first time beautiful brunette Dillion Harper has been on the site POVD but man oh man this girl just gets sexier every time, it’s always exciting just like the first encounter with this girl! Knockout gorgeous face, nice big juicy perfect breasts and one of the finests asses in the adult industry if you ask me. Add to all that the fact that Dillion always seems to be in a great mood and has a fantastic time no matter what she’s doing (but especially when she’s having sex) and you’ve got one of the hottest women on the net! In this update she wanted to get naked and masturbate but wasn’t in the mood for alone time, she wanted a helping hand and that’s just what this guy provided…and since it’s all in crystal clear super high resolution first person perspective video it’s like you’re right there in the room looking down as your cock slides in and out of this beautiful horny pornstar’s dripping wet pussy, fucking her doggystyle like this! Dillion had started out getting her cunt worked with a rotating futuristic vibrating toy but once she got all turned on the only thing that would satisfy her pussy was a big hard thick dick! She gets fucked nice and hard, moaning and lifting up her legs to take every inch until finally working a big load out all over that beautiful smiling face.

Ellena Woods Returns


Ellena woods returns to zishy

Remember this cute fair skinned girl Ellena Woods from her previous shoot on Zishy? Well she’s back for more and if you ask me she’s looking even hotter here, maybe she’s a bit more comfortable at her second photoshoot here…it would make sense, she trusts the Zishy photographer a bit more and knows that he’s gonna come out with some awesome pictures so maybe she felt a little more free to let her personality shine. She’s hanging out at a small airport or something here, letting her flowing sheer white skirt fly up and give a tantalizing glimpse of that sweet round ass of hers! She loves getting that sun on her skin but she’s so fair that she can only handle it for a few minutes before she’s at risk of burning to a crisp…it’s a good thing she lives in the Pacific NW, if she was in Florida or something she’d be a crispy critter! Anyway after hanging out on the landing strip for a bit she gets in the back seat of the car and does some stripping of her own, peeling off her panties to show off that butt and flashing her nice perky breasts too as she looks at us with those big beautiful brown eyes of hers.

Bailey Rayne Returns


Bailey rayne new lingerie on zishy

As we all know from Kindergarten (or maybe TV shows), sharing is caring…that’s an important life lesson that should hopefully stay with us for the duration, and it’s nice to see a girl like Bailey Rayne who still loves to share! In this Zishy update for instance she has bought some sexy new lingerie and wants to share it with all of us, which I think is a mighty kind gesture. Particularly because this girl is smokin hot! Bailey has a very cute face, some nice perky breasts and a tight shaved pussy but if you ask me the real star of the show so to speak is that perfect smooth sexy ass of hers. Her new lingerie includes a pair of thong panties and they set off that butt just right, clinging to every curve and making things even hotter than they already were as the Zishy guy keeps busy snapping away with his camera! You might remember seeing Bailey on the site before showing off her cute little soccer uniform, but if you missed it somehow do yourself a favor because this girl is looking amazing…I’ve got it right here for you so check it out when you’re done staring open-mouthed at that red hot body of hers in this shoot!

Tommie Jo


Tommie jo lingerie

This curvy blonde hottie Tommie Jo loves hanging out in her bra and panties but sometimes that’s just a little bit too much clothing for a girl to handle…in this photoshoot she gives a little impromptu striptease in the bedroom with the bright sunlight filtering through the curtains, turning everything around her incandescent white! Tommie takes off her bra, unleashing those big beautiful titties before following suit with her panties, showing off an incredibly sexy body…she’s not chubby in any way but is also not a rail-thin wisp of a girl, she’s got sexy big tits and a nice round juicy ass and just looks amazing with her flowing blonde hair and smoky seductive gaze! When you think of a blonde bombshell pornstar Tommie Jo is probably right around what you’ve got floating in your mind’s eye, and here she is getting naked and showing off for you! She loves grabbing her own titties, too…can’t say I blame her for that.

Soapy Shower


Sexy pattycake in the shower

Gorgeous blonde Sexy Pattycake certainly has an interesting technique when it comes to taking a shower…most people tend to take their clothes off and then soap up and wash, but not Patty! She’s still got her shirt and panties on as she hops under the water and starts lathering up, getting all soapy and then spraying herself and bending over with that big round juicy ass in the air, rinsing off the soap and taking the opportunity to spend a little time ‘cleaning’ her pussy with her hand! I call it masturbation but hey, if this is how Patty likes to shower who’s gonna tell her otherwise. She slips those panties up and down, on and off enjoying the feeling of the dripping wet fabric against that sweet booty, getting all dripping wet in pretty much every possible definition of that term! This has the look of a video clip from her own website, she’s always up to some kind of naughty fun and is always down to get an audience as she plays with herself and flashes those big tits and ass.

Booty on Brie


Booty on brie on black gfs

Get ready for your cock to stand up and salute the patriotic stretchy tights this chick Brie is sporting in this red hot update from Black GFs called Booty On Brie! She’s got an absolutely incredible ass and she knows it, so she put on some tights that show off every curve she’s got bangin back there, taking osme selfies with her phone. Her titties were no slouch either but man oh man that booty of hers is for the win! Her boyfriend thought so too, walking in and grabbing that big bouncy badonkadonk…she was a little freaked for a second getting caught taking sexy pictures of herself but she said she was sending them to a girlfriend who had the same outfit. Sounds a little fishy to me but hey, this guy told her the video he was taking was just for him so I guess everyone involved was doing a little stretching of the truth! We get to see this hottie stripping down and getting on her knees, sucking this guy’s big hard dick and then getting bent over and pounded doggystyle right there in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom…the guy finishes things off with a little fireworks display so to speak, blasting off with a big shower of jizz all over this ebony hottie as Brie took his load all over her titties and stomach!

Melissa May


Melissa may on ftv girls

Some girls do a scene on FTV Girls and call it good, they got their taste of the adult scene and had fun but didn’t want to keep it going as a career…and then there are girls like Melissa May here who are making their entry into the adult industry and are using FTV Girls as a sort of first stop to get gently introduced. FTV is great for a first-time pornstar, there’s no pressure and the girls always seem like they’re having a blast just flashing and masturbating and talking and always seem comfortable. I would imagine a site like that is a rare commodity in the industry, they’re not out looking to get gratuitous or take advantage of their models in any way, it’s mighty nice to see. Plus, the fact that they keep bringing in sexy hot teen honeys like Melissa, that certainly doesn’t hurt matters either! She’s 18 years young with an adorable face, a sexy tight body and plenty of enthusiasm…we get to see plenty of firsts from this cutie, from her first time squirting to her first time fingering herself anally as she flashes in public and masturbates to nice big orgasms in private. She’s a heart-melting girl next door type with a sweet sexy body and is ready to rock the adult industry after a mighty fine update here on FTV!

Reena Sky


Pure mature reena sky welcome home

Now this is how to welcome home a guy from work! Gorgeous Reena Sky meets him at the front door in her black lingerie, licking a dildo and inviting him inside…any cares or worries or annoyances he had at work on driving home instantly dissolved I’m sure and he got to work on that sweet tight MILF pussy of hers! This is Reena’s first time on the site Pure Mature and she looks incredible in it, sucking that big thick dick of his and getting her pussy eaten out, keeping her thigh high black nylon stockings on as she wrapped those legs around him and took every inch of his cock in her hole again and again until finally dropping to her knees, getting her face painted from chin to hairline with a huge cum facial as she smiled happily up at the guy! Makes that long dumb commute not seem quite so awful, now doesn’t it, when there’s a horny busty mature babe like Reena Sky waiting at the house! Reena has the perfect body for Pure Mature by the way, sexy strong legs and big bouncy titties and a fantastic ass, not to mention a gorgeous face and a pussy made for pounding…can’t wait to see more fun stuff from her!

Kylie Kalvetti


Kylie kalvetti on tlhc

There’s no two ways about it, Teens Love Huge Cocks! That’s the name of the site and is a mighty fine description of what you’ll find inside…this time up it’s Kylie Kalvetti, a gorgeous sweet young thing with a craving for big dick that her boyfriends just couldn’t seem to satisfy…she had heard about TLHC on the Reality Kings network and knew she just had to go get her some! Kylie has those sexy thick thighs, she’s no rail-thin waif of a girl where you feel like you’re banging a skeleton when you stick your cock in her, this girl is the real thing…and man is she hot as hell. Just imagine that beautiful smile of hers looking up at you as she grabs your big dick, getting ready to suck it down and then stop imagining it and get in here to check it out for yourself! Kylie flashes her sweet round juicy booty and gets her pink teen pussy played with before the guy unzips and just about puts her eye out with that huge dong of his, letting it swing in her face to let her know what she’s in for! Soon he’s balls deep in that sweet little pussy, making Kylia moan and squeak as he stretched her to her limits with a nice hard fuck before knocking out a nice big load all over her chin that dripped down onto her boobies.

Kimmy Granger


Kimmy granger on tiny4k

I don’t believe I’ve seen this chick Kimmy Granger before but man with that tight sexy spinner body of hers I’d be surprised if she doesn’t start popping up all over the place! Kimmy starts off this Tiny4k update dancing on the bed and flashing and teasing with that sexy firm little butt and her sweet lickable pussy and nice perky titties, playing with herself and then spreading her pussy lips wide open to show off her pink! This guy couldn’t take anymore and just had to get his lips on that twat, licking her cunt up and down and flicking her bean with this tongue to drive her crazy before pounding that sweet tight little hole of hers! There are plenty of nice pairs of tits in the adult industry but sometimes you never know if they’ve gone under the knife…it’s a whole lot harder to fake a great ass so it’s a little more rare to find a chick with a truly nice butt, but this girl Kimmy Granger definitely has a fantastic ass back there! This guy agrees I guess because he gets her on her hands and knees with that booty in the air, so he can stare at it while he fucks her doggystyle in this sexy hardcore scene. Tiny4k matches up the sweetest cutest little sexy spinners they can find with the biggest swinginest dicks around and the results are pretty top shelf if you ask me!

Veronica Weston


Veronica weston on zishy breakfast

Some girls have to get dressed up and get in the right frame of mind and in the right setting to be sexy as hell, and then there are girls like Veronica Weston! She’s just naturally gorgeous 24 hours a day and from the moment she wakes up and rolls out of bed (eventually…she tends to roll around IN bed for a bit!) she’s got a smile on her face and is ready to meet the day. In this Zishy photoshoot called Blonde For Breakfast we get to see just that, spending the morning with Veronica as she gets out of bed wearing just her little sheer white panties flashing her sexy perky breasts, and if you’re wondering what those little flashes of color on her ear are it turns out she was wearing little plastic giraffe earrings, it’s just how this chick rolls. She’s got a perfect ass and great tits and flashes both of those as she brushes her teeth and takes a shower and starts getting dressed, with the Zishy guy taking pictures the whole time. It must be a blast to spend a day with this chick but man I bet it would be exhausting to be this bubbly and happy and energetic all the damn time! Once in awhile it’s nice to hide out in a closet and frown at the darkness but hey I guess we can’t all be Veronica Weston.

Alice March


Alice march on tlhc

Hey did you guys know that Teens Love Huge Cocks? If not, what’s wrong with you, are you fresh out of the wrapper? If you answered ‘fuck yes’ then you’re on the right track…check out this update featuring the lovely Alice March as she strips down and puts that sexy round teen ass and her tight little pink pussy to work as she sucks and fucks her man’s huge hard thick dick! This little spinner loves a nice deep hard pounding and she gives this guy all the pussy he can handle in this hot scene…they titled it Cum Cravings and right from the get-go you can tell that this girl loves to fuck and loves getting a load of jizz! She’s petite enough that the guy is able to straight up pick her up off the ground to lick that pussy while impaling her mouth with his cock, then carries her around and fucks her in the air…Alice is hot all around but that round tight firm ass of hers is possibly her hottest feature, and seeing it up in the air while she gets fucked doggystyle is just nova hot. Alice ends up getting the load of man-cream she was begging for, pumping that load of cum out of the guy’s crank and getting it all over her lips and tongue and chin!

Caroline Ray Returns


Caroline ray strip mall on zishy

I don’t know if it’s as popular in this day and age as it was while I was growing up but back in the day, the thing to do as a teenager was to go hang out at the mall! You wouldn’t actually buy too much but you’d just sort of wander around with your friends, it was a good time. That’s what sexy amateur cutie Caroline Ray is up to in this photoshoot from Zishy at her local mall, taking every opportunity to flash that sexy round ass and her nice perky breasts, not to mention her sweet teen pussy with a nice natural bush! A girl with a bush is a rare thing to find nowadays in the adult scene, I guess a relative newcomer of a model like Caroline is more likely to be sporting the natural look like this…Zishy loves leaving things to the imagination but we get a look at pretty much all of this cutie’s sexy body, she doesn’t mind showing it off in the dressing room and even in the parking lot at the mall for anybody driving by to admire! We’ve seen Caroline once before on Zishy in her sexy red dress and it’s nice to get another look at this hottie with the body, so enjoy. I love the photography on Zishy btw, I know it’s all about the videos in this day and age but Zishy pretty much sticks with photos, and they’re able to bring out the personality of the girls really well in the still photos somehow…check em out, you’ll see what I mean.

Birthday Blindfold


Birthday blindfold on passion hd

It’s this guy’s blindfold and he’s about to get the best present of the year in this Passion HD update called Birthday Blindfold! Beautiful Alli Rae laid him down on the couch and did a little striptease for him, showing off those nice sexy titties and sweet tight ass before putting a blindfold over his eyes and teasing him mercilessly! I love seeing this beautiful blonde doing her thing on Passion HD, she’s got a fantastic body and a smokin hot face, with seductive eyes that look like they’ve always got somethin devious cookin just behind the scenes. Her man has to make do with just the sounds of her getting naked and dancing around him, knowing that she’s there and not being able to see those big naked titties must be so frustrating! Allie has mercy on him after a little bit though, taking off his blindfold and taking his big hard cock in her mouth for a nice birthday blowjob. Soon she’s on top of him in his lap, riding that dick and holding on to her titties to keep them from bouncing right into her face as she gets pounded and takes a load of cum all over that sweet tight shaved pussy!

Sweet Harmonie


Sweet harmonie on black gfs

This chocolate goddess Harmonie was just hanging out at home, doing some dishes and cleaning up and stuff, nothing too exciting…however, she was doing it wearing just a little tight shirt and a thong and holy smokes that ass of hers is gonna blow you away! I guess her boyfriend was blown away too because he grabbed his video camera to get some footage of that big round juicy ass bouncing around, and he was kind enough to send the video in to Black GFs so we could all enjoy it. If that big butt wasn’t enough, Harmonie also gives a hell of a blowjob as you can see…she gets on her knees and takes her man’s hard cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him up and down before peeling off her little panties and getting that big brown ass in the air to get her dripping wet pussy pounded doggystyle! I guess all the attention had gotten this chick mighty turned on because she’s down to get fucked on camera, I don’t know how much she’d be into the idea of the footage getting released out into the wild, so to speak, but hey what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her!

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