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Perfect Ass White Girl BTS


Pawg gdp bts

I know you guys love, and I mean LOVE, Girls Do Porn and hey who can blame you? They’ve got the hottest girls on the damn planet getting naked and getting fucked doing their very first adult videos, and now they even have a brand spankin new members area for you to check out! I’ve got a little extra treat for you guys today since you’ve been behaving yourselves…one of the things you get access to as a member is the BTS section, with behind the scenes interviews and outtakes and other stuff like that which didn’t go onto the actual updates but is just as blazing hot. In this BTS scene for instance, remember this girl from a while back that we called the Perfect Ass White Girl? Well if she slipped your mind check out that link, or if you need a little something to jog your memory just watch when this cutie slips her little skirt up to show off that absolutely incredible butt of hers. From those sweet perky little boobies and her beautiful smiling face (she even has a nose ring that looks cute on her), this girl is somethin special and I just knew I had to hook you guys up with some of this behind-the-scenes stuff. Besides getting to check out that smokin hot body again you also get a little glimpse into this chick’s personality, which is always fun…she talks about her shyness and about her preconceptions about how she thought the shoot was going to go. Take a little of that and mix in some great footage of her masturbating and sucking cock and showering and you’ve got a fun sexy supplement to enjoy! Girls Do Porn is seriously one of the hottest sites on the net, these amateur chicks are just knockout gorgeous week after week…I don’t know how they keep finding girls of this caliber but I love that they do!

Dillion Harper Excited Little Slut


Tiny4k dillion excited little slut

If you’re a fan of cute, tiny girls getting railed by big fat cocks then boy oh boy have I got the site for you. Tiny4k excels at just that, and what’s more they have some of the most gorgeous little spinners in the business! For instance, take excited little slut Dillion Harper here…she’s one of those girls that just seems to have a blast every moment of every day, I can imagine her waking up and just popping out of bed like a jack-in-the-box ready to enjoy whatever adventures lay in store…meanwhile, people like you or I are about ready to murder someone if we don’t get our coffee. Anyway, Dillion shows off her incredible body in this sexy scene, it’s her fourth time on the site and just keeps getting hotter with that wet pussy, perfect bouncy soft titties, beautiful face and amazing ass…she seems like a ton of fun to fuck and this guy gives her the deep dicking she was hoping for, pounding that tight little cunt of hers nice and hard with her perfect butt in the air, then finally blasting off with a huge cumshot that Dillion takes all over her cheeks for a nice facial and then licks the rest off while looking up with those adorable eyes of hers!

Karmen Karma Returns


Karmen karma returns to pawg

We’ve seen this hottie Karmen Karma at least once before on the Bang Bros network site PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl, if you’ve been living under a rock for awhile), if you want to check it out I’ve got it right here for you so take your time, we’ll all wait. OK, welcome back! Anyway, Karmen is back for another go-round in this hot PAWG update, showing off some of her favorite yoga moves and getting that big juicy booty in the air as she stretched out…Karmen pulls her shorts and panties down over that gorgeous round ass of hers as she kicks her legs back, giving us a nice view of that crack and then getting joined by a lucky dude with a big thick dick! He gets his face sat on, enjoying the view as Karmen grinds her ass and pussy on his tongue, before sliding his big dick down her throat and eating her pussy out! You know she’s not gonna stop there, though, and sure enough she bends over and shakes that booty to let the guy know just how she wants to be pounded, and he’s more than happy to oblige as he fucks her doggystyle to make her moan! Her ass is all oiled up and looks fantastic as she bounces up and down on that big dick, making a hell of a hot return scene on PAWG for us!

Delilah Blue


Delilah blue for teen fidelity

Kelly Madison knows that her husband Ryan has certain needs that have to be filled or else he’ll basically explode pants-first…that’s why when she had to head out of town for the night she invited gorgeous horny teen Delilah Blue over to ‘housesit’ so to speak! Delilah was certainly up for the task and couldn’t wait to get her hands and lips on Ryan’s big hard cock in this Teen Fidelity update called Fuck My Husband…when Ryan got to the house they hit it off instantly and couldn’t even manage to get through the front door before he was banging away at that tight wet cunt of hers. Ryan’s big dick is insatiable, there’s no doubt about it…I can see why Kelly was a little concerned about his health, if he didn’t have a pussy nearby to fuck there’s no telling what he would have gotten up to! Delilah takes care of that little problem though, getting her pink stockings ripped open and getting her nice round ass in the air so Ryan could pound that little pussy of hers. I guess technically she’s not a Teen since she’s 20 years old but hey close enough I reckon. She does a great job here on Teen Fidelity taking on that big throbbing cock, fucking him and then sucking out a big load so she could swallow every drop!

Ravishing In Red


Sexy pattycake ravishing in red

Our favorite nutty hottie Sexy Pattycake is back and is looking ravishing in red in a nice photoshoot from her own website! She’s in her shoe closet here, playing dressup with some of the gifts her members sent her…she has a cute red dress and underneath that, bright-ass red sheer panties and bra or is it just a one-piece, it’s hard to tell! All I know is that Patty looks amazing in it, her big juicy titties look great in the top section of her lingerie with the nipples showing through, and of course when she spins around and grabs her ankles her perfect firm round spankable ass is on full view! Patty just has a blast every day of her life, having fun doing anything she wants to do and she loves dressing up and showing off. For Patty, whenever someone is happy she’s happy and she knows that flashing her tits and ass makes a whoooole lot of people thrilled! She’s a fiery redhead with red lingerie and a red dress but you certainly won’t be seeing red when you check out these hot sexy pics.

Bree Daniels


Bree daniels cupity

This red haired hottie Bree Daniels looks absolutely fucking incredible in this Zishy update but hey you don’t need me to tell you that, just look up at that thumbnail! She’s got a stunning face, piercing beautiful eyes, perfect firm perky breasts and a spectacular ass…she’s been on a few different sites in the adult industry but this Zishy shoot is possibly the hottest one I’ve seen of her. She’s basically putting her lacy sheer pink stockings through a stress test, bending over in public with that cute ass in the air and then heading inside to slowly peel them down her thighs to reveal that round butt and flash a tantalizing glimpse or two of her sweet tight pussy as well! She ends up in the corner next to a mirror and when she catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection she can’t help but start making out with her own lips…can’t say I blame her for THAT reaction, can you? This girl could easily be a fashion model walking the runway at a show in some ridiculous and overpriced gown but instead she decided to explore her own fantasies, dabbling in some red hot adult shoots so Zishy was the perfect choice for her!

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella ford on exotic4k

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen hardcore Latina hottie Grabriella Ford before, and with a name like that I think I’d probably remember! Grabriella sounds like some kind of supervillain with octopus tentacles or lobster claws or something like that, but in this Exotic4k update she’s just dancing around and being cute as hell and shaking that big round juicy ass of hers. Starting things off with a rump rumbling dance Grabriella (hee hee) soon graduates to taking her man’s big thick dick in her mouth and then going for a ride on top of it! She’s got cute petite boobies and a sweet perfect round ass, along with an adorable smile that she flashes at the end of this hot hardcore fuck scene after receiving a big creamy facial. Honestly I’m pretty sure her name is Gabriella Ford and the extra R was a typo, just sayin. Anyway, this Latina hottie looks great here spreading that nice pink pussy to get fucked hard and deep, moaning her way to orgasm for a very nice Exotic4k debut!

Brittany Bliss and Brooke Myers


Brittany and brooke on porn pros

Welcome to Porn Pros, where gorgeous dark haired beauties Brittany Bliss and Brooke Myers are going face to face over this guy’s big hard cock! They’re having a friendly little competition but eventually they both give up and call it a tie, doubleteaming this guy and taking turns licking his cock up and down and riding it to orgasm! Brittany and Brooke both have amazing bodies with perfect tight bouncy asses and sweet breasts, moaning in the echo chamber that Porn Pros likes to have their sets shot in. The girls both love to eat pussy and get plenty of that in this hardcore fuck session, licking each others sweet wet slit while they get their own snatch pounded by this rock hard dick! It would be a tough call to have to pick one girl over the other but if I had to choose I’d select the hot brunette chick with the nice tits, and leave it at that. Lucky for this guy he doesn’t have to pick, he just goes from one perfect pussy to the other fucking Brittany and Brooke until all three of them are in a quivering orgasmic heap of happy!

Jade Jantzen


Jade jantzen on mr anal for bang bros

Apparently this horny hottie Jade Jantzen was in the mood for a little extra naughtiness because she showed up at the Bang Bros network ready to do a shoot for their site Mr Anal! Jade’s got a smaller, tighter ass than most of the girls that do a scene for Mr Anal but this chick is so horny that she’s able to take on this big thick dick with her mouth and pussy and ass without much trouble! She did have to warm up her asshole with a little dildo play, stretching out that ass and then taking her guy pal’s big thick man meat deep in her hole! Jade looks incredible with those nice bouncy titties and a cute little beanie…she’s got a great tight ass and gets it fucked nice and hard in this scene, as far as I can remember it’s her first anal sex scene so it was a fine choice for Bang Bros to make, getting Jade on board! Between her cocksucking skills and that tight wet pussy and even tighter ass of hers, this girl would be a blast to spend a little nakedtime with, no doubt about it.

Sexy MILF Swinger


MILF sexy swinger

This mature honey is in the prime of her life and is loving the swinger lifestyle she’s been living lately! She must be a sensation at the swinger parties she hits up, with that beautiful MILF face and her perky titties, not to mention that big round juicy ass she’s rocking in this Mom POV update! She’s 49 years old and single but has multiple boy-toys…she likes to keep her options open so to speak, is the way she puts it! She’s also down to clown, she doesn’t mind getting naughty as you can see in this hot Mom POV scene, taking this guy’s big thick dick in her throat and then getting her pink shaved pussy penetrated! A nice wet doggystyle cunt pounding later and this horny hottie is ready to take a nice load of cum…it’s not too common to have a MILF come back for round two on Mom POV but hey it’s been known to happen from time to time and I’d say this sexy swinger is a mighty fine candidate to bring back in the future for some more fun!

Coco Rose Blue Dress


Coco rose weird blue dress

What a weird dress…apparently the Zishy photographer found this little number at a thrift store (just imagine, some poor fool donated this treasure if you can believe it) and figured that his friend Coco Rose would be just the girl to model it for a photoshoot at Venice Beach. Coco Rose has been on the site before a couple of times, the most recent one beingthis little homemade bikini that showed off those sweet titties of hers! Now she’s got another weird outfit on, this time the blue dress with sections that are basically see-through so you can get a glimpse of her nipples peeking through the fabric. She also never wears panties apparently so while Coco was walking around in public she would lift up the hem to show that sweet round ass of hers, flashing anyone who happened to be looking in the right direction! She’s a sweet beautiful girl with a great body and a fun sense of adventure who always seems to be up for a little naughty action on Zishy.

April Grantham


April grantham for zishy

If you’re a little confused about the GICU branding on the photos in this Zishy shoot featuring April Grantham, it stands for Girls In Cute Underwear and apparently it’s the blog of a friend of the Zishy guy who asked for a photoset to promote his stuff with. We get to enjoy the shots here as well, so basically everyone wins! The letters GICU are done in like ransom note style with the letters stuck onto April’s perfect breasts and ass and legs…this girl is a stunner, no doubt about it! Apparently she describes herself as a fairy/pixie girl so hey she’s got a bit of a weird streak to her, that’s fine…at least she’s hot as hell and loves to show off her tits and that big round juicy ass of hers! Her butt is bigger than you’d think given the rest of her body being slender, although I guess she’s got pretty big tits too so who knows anymore. All I know is that she’s smokin hot and is throwing a little slumber party with us here as she hangs out in just her thong panties showing off nice sideboob and her adorable grin!

Lights Camera Action


Ccgfs lights camera action sydney cole

You know that old trick people talk about where a guy will cut a hole in the bottom of his popcorn tub at the movies and stick his crank inside so his girlfriend reaches in for a snack and gets a handful of cock by accident…hell of an icebreaker! I always thought it was just a legend and nobody ever actually pulled the trick off but I’m about to eat my words because of this Crazy College GFs update called Lights Camera Action! Gorgeous Sydney Cole and her boyfriend were at the movies on campus and he actually tried the popcorn trick, and apparently it was a good move because she smiled over at him and held on when she felt his big hard dick! Soon she was sucking him off and apparently some of the other college students in the audience saw them going at it, I know I’d be a little distracted if that happened during a movie I was at. All the blowjob action got Sydney all turned on and soon she was on her back on the seats getting that tight wet pussy pounded, trying to keep it quiet but somebody snitched and the usher came over to break things up (and probably jerked off thinking about it later on)!

Keisha Grey


Keisha grey porn pros concentrating on cock

Gorgeous Keisha Grey was feeling a little frisky and her man was busy doing some work, concentrating on his spreadsheets while Keisha was concentrating on cock! She closed his laptop and let those big perfect boobs out of her shirt to let him know what she had in mind, jiggling her titties and then taking his big dick in her mouth in this Porn Pros hardcore scene! Keisha is fucking stunning in every set she does, some women are hotter than others and some have nicer bodies but Keisha not only has both of those quality but also that sort of undefinable aura of attractiveness! I don’t even know how to describe it, just a sort of magnetism…if you don’t already have a crush on Keisha this sexy scene will fix that right up. She gets her nice wet pussy pounded, wrapping her legs around this guy to pull him deep inside her hole and fucking him harder and harder to make those big tits of hers go for a bouncy ride of their own as he gasped and moaned! All good things must cum to an end though and eventually the guy couldn’t handle her sexy anymore, putting Keisha on her knees to drench her with a big cream facial before getting back to work.

Crashing The Teen Party


Passion hd crashing the teen party

Teen hotties Kaylee Haze and Callie Calypso were having their own little lesbian love fest in the bed, rolling around and sucking each others perky titties and making out at the beginning of this Passion HD update but then this guy comes along and joins in, Crashing the Teen Party! I don’t know how somebody gets onto the invite list for a little party like this but man, sign me the hell up because these two girls are amazing! Beautiful and tight as a drum and horny as hell, Callie and Kaylee are quite the pair…they obviously love a little lesbian loving from the way they’re passionately kissing and eating each others pussy out, but they both really turn the heat up a few notches when this guy’s big thick dick comes into play! The girls take turns sucking him while the other one licks twat, then get into a red hot hardcore threesome fuck session as they both go for a nice bouncy ride! Watch these tight perfect pussies sliding up and down on that cock…it’s hard to even pick which of these two is hotter, they’re both gorgeous with great bodies so it’s all up to personal preference at this point I guess! I bet this guy was thanking his lucky stars that he came into the bedroom at the right time looking for his slippers…

Paula Shy


Paula Shy

It’s the one and only Paula Shy unbuttoning her checkered top and letting those perfect titties out to play! She apparently loves the color green in this photoshoot, sitting on a green futuristic chair in front of a lime green wall and then on green sheets and every step of the way she’s flashing that sexy round ass and her tight little pink pussy for us. This is a shoot from In The Crack so you get to go right up close and personal to that sweet little snatch of hers…Paula Shy isn’t so shy about showing off her incredible body, she knows she’s got a winning hand and isn’t afraid to play it, slipping her vibrator in and out of her hole as she gets that tight ass in the air to masturbate for us! This girl is red hot in every scene she’s in, no doubt about it.

Jenna Sativa


Jenna sativa on ftv girls

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, FTV Girls tends to have gorgeous girls week after week but trust me, this week’s update is something extra special. Jenna Sativa here has an incredible body from head to toe, from her beautiful innocent fresh face and long flowing dark hair to those big perfect breasts to her sweet round ass and sexy legs, this chick is a stunner in every way! Pretty green eyes and a beautiful open infectious smile complete the combo platter of hotness as she gets naked in public (an FTV Girls classic), showing herself to be surprisingly extreme for a first-timer…she gets pretty daring with the public fun, even playing a little topless tennis and fucking herself with the handle of her tennis racket right on a public park bench! You get to see Jenna dancing around shaking her juicy booty, fingering herself anally, even masturbating with the hell of her shoe and she just looks stunning every step of the way. You may have seen Jenna on a couple of other sites since this update but if you ask me her FTV Girls scene is the hottest she’s done so far…I don’t think she’s even done anything hardcore yet but from the looks of things she’s got a pussy built for sex as she fists herself and then masturbates with the massive FTV Monster toy with those big full breasts bouncing as she closes her eyes and pounds herself to a moaning natural orgasm!

Aidra Fox


Aidra Fox

Sexy seductive vixen Aidra Fox (that’s pretty appropriate just so you guys know, the word vixen actually means a female fox so it’s perfect for Aidra) is showing off that sexy booty of hers in this Brazzers shoot called Always Ready, and man she’s making that title come true for sure. SHe’s always ready for a nice hard fuck and when she peeks in a window to see her friend jerking off she heads right in and hops on his cock with those sweet bouncy titties jiggling around! He’s more than happy to give her pussy a nice hard pounding in the kitchen, of all places, but I guess it’s pretty roomy and she gets bent over the countertop she she has something to hold on to, so I guess it works out. Aidra is fucking gorgeous and really you guys need to check her out right about now, especially if you’ve never watched her getting pounded before! Sexy as hell with a great body and a beautiful face, killer combination if you ask me.

Brooklyn Chase


Brooklyn Chase

In this hot update you get to see one of Brooklyn Chase’s most innermost fantasies…she’s always had a thing about big black dick and now she gets her chance to take one on for size so to speak! In this scene this gorgeous busty babe is playing a little strip basketball with this dude…luckily for him she’s not too good at the hoops and is trying to shoot over her head and stuff! She strips down and we get to see those perfect 32G breasts…that’s right I said 32G, holy shit those boobs are amazing. So she’s got big tits and he’s got a big dick so it’s like a match made in heaven as she gets on her knees and starts sucking him off! Those huge titties go for a nice bouncy ride as she gets fucked on the couch in this red hot hardcore scene…she has to hold on to them for dear life as this guy pounds that wet pink pussy with his big dick!

Midnight Passion


Midnight passion on x art

Time to get back to basics with X-Art as two of the hottest models on the site meet up with a mutual guy pal and spend a hot and passionate evening having all kinds of naughty fun with each other! In this update called Midnight Passion we don’t see any outlandish settings or crazy costumes or anything like that, just two incredibly gorgeous women getting naked and having a fun sexy time. Aubrey Star and Jenna Ross have always been attracted to each other so having a chance to make out and eat out each others pussy while their guy pleasure them both with his big hard cock is basically a win-win-win all around! Aubrey and Jenna both have spectacular perfect asses and nice perky breasts to go along with those beautiful faces; Aubrey’s eyes in particular are going to melt your heart and stiffen your cock with a single smoldering glance! The girls start out on either side of the guy, leaning over him to kiss each other while he watches and gets turned on like never in his life…soon all three of them are naked and the girls are taking turns licking and sucking his cock (actually not even taking turns sometimes, they’re just both doing it at the same time) before getting those dripping wet pussies fucked before pumping out a huge load that turns into a double facial that they share, looking up at him with a couple of the sexiest smiles you’ll ever see!

Customer’s Wife Wants The D


Xxx pawn customers wife wants the d

I always like to see an asshole get a little comeuppance and in this update from XXX Pawn that’s just what happens…a couple came into the pawnshop and the guy tried to pawn off his wife’s earrings and ring despite her protests, getting all beligerent when the XXX Pawnshop owner shut him down! The guy got thrown out on his ass and the wife was allowed to stay…she was pretty upset so the guy invited her to the back room to calm down, though I’m sure the fact that she was smokin hot didn’t hurt! She wanted a little payback and what better way than by sucking and fucking this dude’s huge hard cock and finally getting one over on her jackass of a hubby! This customer’s wife wants the D and you know what they say, the customer’s wife is always right! Well it’s something like that. She’s a horny brunette MILF with nice perky titties and a sweet ass and she’s horny as hell, just wanting a good hard pounding to make her day all better! The guy is more than willing to provide the cock if it’ll give her a little bit of satisfaction in a marriage that from the looks of things isn’t going so hot.

Lady Of The Law


Tyler michaels on gf revenge

Her first shift as a security guard was over and Tyler Michaels was ready to have a little fun! She knew her man had a thing for girls in uniform so this Lady Of The Law decided to take some sexy selfies as a surprise for him. He had a little surprise of his own in store though as he showed up with his video recorder to get footage of Tyler getting changed in the locker room for his…um…personal use. She was down to make a little private sex tape, getting on her knees in the locker room to take his huge thick dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob, sucking him off and then bending over the counter with her sweet ass in the air to get that tight wet pussy pounded doggystyle! Tyler might have some funky looking titties but her ass is amazing and she’s got a damn cute face…apparently she also had a dude on the side or something because her man broke up with her and to get a little payback sent in the footage of this hot sexy rendezvous to GF Revenge!

All That Booty


Black gfs kennedy all that booty

This ebony hottie Kennedy has a dream of someday being on the dance team for a professional sports team in Miami that will be left unnamed just in case! In this BlackGFs update she starts out doing a little interview to introduce herself…she asked her man to record her and she shows off some of her skills, doing some exercises and stuff to display her athleticism and fitness. The guy was pretty turned on watching her, as well he should be, and was able to convince Kennedy to turn things into a little private sex tape for him after the interview! She was down to clown and stripped down to be totally nude, showing off that sexy fit body with her big round perfect brown ass in the air…she saw his cock getting harder in his pants and soon had him in her mouth, licking and sucking that cock and taking him balls-deep in that dripping wet pussy! He fucked that snatch of hers nice and hard, particularly enjoying having all that booty in the air in front of him while he pounded her doggystyle until finally pulling out and busting his nut all over her face and those perky titties. Hopefully he didn’t forget to edit the sextape part out before sending the interview to the team, but he definitely made the right choice sending the footage in to Black GFs for us to enjoy!

Kissa Sins


Kissa Sins Brazzers

I thought I should post this gallery just because it’s something you guys might want to keep an eye on.  It’s a new 4 part series from Brazzers with a brand new model who has never done porn before and man is she hot.  She has just hte perfect ass as you can see here and some nice tiny little titties.  She is teamed up with Johnny Sins a guy who has been in porn for a very long time.  It just looks like the two of them hang out for a couple of days and you get to see them having sex in like these very “homemade” type of videos.  It’s pretty cool, if you want a better taste of what I am talking about then just watch the video.  It’s not really long but it will definitely show you what happens in the full video.  It’s not just them fucking but you get to see her out and about, shaking that beautiful booty and then for the sex Johnny fucks her and then gives her a creampie.

Undressing Rio


Black gfs undressing rio

Like pretty much any reasonable person I hate cleaning house…really the only redeeming quality (besides I guess having a clean house afterwards) is that when you’re cleaning with a chick she’s probably wearing the rattiest little clothes she has in that bottom drawer that maybe don’t really fit too well or are too revealing to wear out in public, know what I mean? That’s what Rio here has on in this Black GFs update called Undressing Rio, with her little torn-up football top and itty bitty shorts that cling to every curve of her big juicy ass! This guy didn’t spend much time cleaning, though; he got one look at that sexy body of hers and grabbed his video camera to make a little recording as he grabbed that juicy ass, pulling down her shorts and thong panties for us! Rio was a little reluctant at first but soon she got pretty turned on by the attention, slipping her shorts off and then taking her man’s hard dick in her mouth for a blowjob! Soon Rio had those perky little titties out and her big round ass in the air, getting fucked from behind for this hot hardcore Black GFs update until the guy pulled out and busted a nut all over her! The house might not be any cleaner but she seems pretty satisfied nonetheless.

Running Pants


Yoga pants ass

Man oh man that ass. It’s…it’s incredible! This amateur was just jogging around in her stretchy spandex running pants and her quick-thinking friend took the opportunity as she tied her shoe to take a photo for the ages. Actually judging from those Chucks she’s got on I doubt this girl is jogging, her feet would be aching after awhile…have you ever tried actually playing basketball in those shoes like they used to do? Not the most comfortable experience ever, that’s for sure. Anyway, this girl has a magnificent butt and it makes me want to shake the hand of whoever invented spandex jogging pants or whatever those are that she’s wearing. She happens to be hot as hell too, sometimes you’ll see a chick walking who has a totally bangin booty but then when she turns around it’s like getting punched in the eyes…well not this girl! She has a beautiful face, long soft hair, nice perky firm titties and yeah that bodacious juicy booty, lookin good all over. This photo is from Double Viking, they have tons of amateur hotties as well as articles about random stuff and a bunch of games to distract yourself with!

Stretch Position


Kelsi monroe on ccgfs

This dude was watching his gorgeous girlfriend Kelsi Monroe stretching out while just wearing her little black panties…she liked the attention and didn’t mind him recording her with his video camera so she got even sexier, stripping out of her panties and putting on some knee high striped tube socks that looked great on those sexy legs! Kelsi showed off her flexibility, teasing with that big round perfect ass until the guy just couldn’t take it anymore and whipped out his dick for Kelsi to suck and lick and then jump on top of in this Crazy College GFs update called Stretch Position! Kelsi has a fucking magnificent butt and she puts it to work in this hardcore action, using her flexibility to drive this guy wild and taking his dick deep in her wet little pussy until the guy blasted a load of cum all over her back and those sexy round buttcheeks! Also check out those tanlines Kelsi has on her butt, can you just imagine seeing this hottie on the beach in a little bikini getting that tan? Man oh man.




Just take a look at this sweet hottie Sasha and tell me she’s not utterly 100% fucking adorable! She’s absolutely beautiful for one thing with eyes that will be peeking at you in your dreams tonight I would guess, and when she strips out of her pink top and little denim shorts she shows a body that is nothing short of incredible. Perfect perky breasts, sexy hips, nice tight shaved pussy and a fantastic round juicy ass, this girl is a stunner from head to toe! Well actually in this photoshoot we don’t get to see much of her toes but I’d bet they’re cute as hell. Sasha here even has some sexy tan lines, I’m usually not a big fan of tanlines but they look great on those tits and especially on those hips…just imagine seeing how she got em, lounging in a bikini in the sun and enjoy the next hour or so of fantasy time!

Jade Nile


Jade nile on casting couchx

It’s been a little while sine 22 year old Jade Nile made this Casting Couch X update and she’s starting to get pretty popular in the industry by now so it’s hot as hell to see her all fresh-faced and excited about taking her first steps into the adult industry! She says she’s a hippy chick whose technique for dealing with life is ‘meditate, meditate, masturbate’ so you know she’s gonna be a handful of fun! Speaking of handfuls, her titties are pretty amazing…in fact this girl is gorgeous from head to toe, she’s got a beautiful face with nice big pretty eyes and a sweet tight pussy and an incredible round ass! Jade gets that pussy pounded in this hot scene, taking the guy’s cock harder and harder until she’s moaning her head off and cumming all over it with those titties bouncing around like crazy before the guy blasts a load of cum on her face and right into her mouth that she swallows every drop of with a smile as she looks up with those big brown eyes! The guy’s response at the end of her introductory clip was just “DAMN!” and it’s easy to see why he was blown away, this girl Jade is something special for sure and it’s no wonder why she’s getting so popular in the adult industry.

Milly Austin


Povd milly austin

This chick Milly Austin is brand new on the adult scene but from the moment you see her standing there in her jeans and boots and little shite top you know she’s gonna be a winner! Long glossy black hair, a beautiful face and holy smokes look at those fucking hips! Sexy as hell and in this POVD scene we get a first person look at just what it’s like to bang this hottie as she spreads her long silky smooth legs wide open and spreads her pussy to take that big hard cock as deep as it could go! Milly’s got a nice tight pussy and an ass you’ll lose your minds over, especially when she bends over with that perfect butt in the air to get her hole banged doggystyle…POVD is top of the heap when it comes to a first person perspective of a hot horny pornstar, especially when it comes to a new girl on the scene like Milly Austin!  She looks like a lot of fun to fuck and has a good time in this sexy scene getting her pussy drilled, and what’s more is that she looks great doing it! Check this one out, I think you’re really gonna dig it.



Net video girls lena

This hot bubbly brunette Lena is a stunner from the instant she opens the door at the Net Video Girls studio! She showed up expecting to audition for a modeling spot on a calendar shoot but if you’ve ever seen Net Video Girls before you know that there’s no calendar at all and it’s all a method of getting hot amateurs naked and fucked on camera! Lena is a little nervous at first having cameras all up in her face right off the bat when she expected to just have a little interview, but soon she warms up and gets into the swing of things. She’s down to flash her panties and bra a little, showing her pink underwear before spreading her legs and playing with her pussy, masturbating through the thin fabric…it seems like she gets pretty comfortable with the situation pretty quick, I guess at a point she’s just like ‘well I’ve come this far, why not’ and that’s just where the NVG guys want her! Soon she’s got the guy’s big thick dick in her mouth as he records her, getting a fantastic blowjob and then taking that sweet tight amateur pussy for a ride with her sweet round ass in the air! Lena looks amazing with those big brown doe-eyes and nice perky breasts, not to mention her beauitful butt…she ends up getting a nice big facial, but hopefully she’s not expecting a callback about the calendar gig! Sometimes the models on Net Video Girls come back for a second or even third round of ‘interviews’ so we’ll see how that goes.

Summer Home Coming


Summer carter homecoming

We saw beautiful blonde Summer Carter on Zishy once before in this update called And One but now she’s off the basketball court and is getting ready for the Homecoming Dance, showing off her sexy little black dress on a beautiful sunny day! Summer has a hell of an ass and she lifts up her skirt to show it off, flashing that round juicy butt and giving us some nice upskirt views as she teases the hell out of the Zishy photographer. I have the feeling that her date isn’t even going to make it to the dance, not when he gets a look at that sexy ass and her nice perky round titties when she flashes like this! Zishy is great at showing the personality of their models in these sexy photoshoots, and they keep things exciting by teasing and showing a little glimpse of the goods here and there without giving away the farm so to speak, getting all gratuitous like so many other adult sites do. Summer looks magnificent and beautiful and has a fantastic body so it’s a win all around!

Karissa Kane


Exotic4k karissa kane

Get ready to experience Karissa’s Bouncin Booty in this hot Exotic4k update! This is Karissa Kane, a gorgeous exotic babe with big full bouncy titties, a sweet round ass and an insatiable libido! She starts things out twerking and dancing around, shaking that ass and looking incredible…she’s still jiggling that big round ass in the air when her man shows up, ramjamming his big thick dick into her mouth and then fucking that tight wet pussy to make her big titties go for a nice bouncy ride! This babe is pretty new on the scene so to speak but she’s already making quite a splash if you know what I mean. Karissa goes from wearing a warm beanie hat to totally naked in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, bending over to get that sweet pussy drilled from behind doggystyle, making those nice big full tits bounce to the rhythm. The real star of the show though of course is that big round perfect ass of hers, that’s why it gets the title of this Exotic4k update! She knows she’s a star too, which is why she has star-shaped pasties over her nipples at first. This girl is just voluptuous and beautiful and sexy all over so it’s pretty sweet to see her getting pounded nice and hard!

Rachael Madori


Rachael madori on casting couch x

Sexy Rachael Madori here is ready to get started with her porn industry career and she’s taking her first steps with this Casting Couch X update! She’s been on a few sites since she did this shoot so I guess it’s working out, not that there was much doubt when you take a look at this gorgeous girl with her sweet bouncy perky titties and that beautiful round ass…she’s got a bit of an edgy look to her with the sides of her head shaved and some tattoos and stuff, she looks like she’s ready to either get fucked like crazy or go on stage and sing a rock song! Rachael also has pretty eyes which look incredible staring up with her mouth full of dick, or looking at the camera while she’s getting that wet tight pussy pounded…she endds up taking a nice facial, a rope of cum draped across that pretty face. Rachael seems very genuine, she loves sex and loves being watched and of course loves making some cash doing it here on Casting Couch X!

Lea Lexis MILF?


Are You Not Entertained

I am a little concerned about iMILFs going ahead and making Lea Lexis a MILF but I’m going to let it slide just because I can’t blame them for posting this video.  This scene is from Monster Curves a Reality Kings site that is dedicated to woman with big butts and usually big tits.  The videos on this site usually have a lot of face sitting and what not and this scene is no exception.  Lea Lexis here is a pretty thick woman with a giant round ass but look at her splits that looks luxurious right there.  She is giving him every each of her pussy by doing that and I bet in her mind she is just thinking “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED” in a Gladiator type of voice.  There is a bunch of fun positions in this video something I think Reality Kings is really good at.  Of course the quality can’t be beat but who actually watches videos in full HD that shit takes way to long doesn’t it?  This is definitely a porn site you want to join do it for you computers health and so you can stop wasting time finding the “perfect porno” to jerk it to.

Ass Moisturizer


Ass ehowa

If you’ve never checked out Ernie’s House of Whoopass (affectionately known as EHOWA), it’s a pretty much daily blog that this guy Ernie puts up wherein he talks about basically whatever the hell he wants to talk about. From talk about guns and ammo to current political events, Ernie does it all and to make it even more interesting he does this thing where he’ll talk about a particular product or location and then link a picture that somehow has to do with that product but mostly is a sexy amateur flashing her tits or in this case her ass! Ernie was talking about moisturizing shave gel or something like that and then linked this photo of a sexy amateur babe with a mighty fine round juicy booty as she gets ready in the bathroom for a night out. I don’t really give two tugs about shaving gel but hey I guess we can say we learned a little today besides just looking at pictures of a hot chick’s hot butt!



Ftv girls lila

They get all kinds of women on FTV Girls, from the tall and athletic to the short and voluptuous and all the iterations in between…last week we got to see the gorgeous sultry brunette Megan Rain and now this week we meet up with 20 year old kinky-haired blonde hippy chick Lila! This girl is a natural beauty, there’s no doubt about it, which makes her perfect for FTV Girls…they don’t like slathering a bunch of makeup on a girl and don’t like a ton of tattoos or anythign like that (although Lila has a good-sized tattoo on her forearm), they just love to show a beautiful woman being herself and Lila is right up their alley! This girl is cute, she’s got a great body and she’s flexible and strong from all the yoga she does…you get to see her showing off some of her favorite poses, some of which had me just plain scratching my head! I don’t know how someone manages to get their body into those positions or how it feels good but man that must come in handy in the bedroom sometimes. Lila gets naked in public, masturbates until she has a squirting orgasm, has fun with some anal penetration and fucks herself with some of the biggest toys FTV has to offer! This first-timer wanted the full experience and she certainly got it with this hot update and luckily for us we get to enjoy the fun with high quality photos and videos…I know you guys are crazy about the video action but trust me the photography on this site is absolutely worth checking out as well.

Alice March


Tiny4k tiny teen romp with alice march

Sexy Alice March is making her very first Tiny4k update here in this scene called Tiny Teen Romp, dancing around on the bed and showing off that tight sexy spinner body with her perky little titties and nice round ass! She spreads her pussy wide open before her man comes by and gives her slit a nice licking, then slides his huge thick dick into her tight little teen cunt! Alice loves getting that pussy pounded deep and hard and she got worked over pretty well in this hot hardcore scene…this guy was merciless with his big fat dick, pounding away at her hole and making her moan and gasp! Alice takes a little time to stretch out that wet pussy but once she does and gets comfortable she goes for a nice ride, bouncing that sweet perfect ass up and down as she takes every inch in her snatch…Tiny4k loves to match up these sexy teen spinners with a huge dick that they can barely handle and that’s just what Alice is up against in this sexy scene until she finally takes a nice big facial to finish things off!

Big Booty Anya


Big booty anya on black gfs

This dude was getting ready to head out of town and his girlfriend Anya was pretty bummed about it…to cheer her up he grabbed his camera and talked her into doing a little sex tape with him for them both to watch while he was on the road! It got sent in to Black GFs so we get to share in every minute of it as this gorgeous ebony babe stripped down and did a little dance for the guy and rubbing her pussy to get all wet and hot and bothered! The guy recorded the whole thing, loving every second of it as she showed off that sexy body but when she took her panties off and showed offf that sexy round ass of hers he couldn’t take it anymore and had to whip out that big hard cock of his! This update is called Big Booty Anya and you’ll soon see why as she got bent over and pounded doggystyle with her sexy spankable juicy booty up in the air…hot as hell. If you’re a fan of ebony hardcore action this site has tons of great scenes and this is a fine example of it! Anya isn’t all ass though, she’s got nice big tits too and a lovely face so no matter how she’s getting fucked this chick is hot as blazes…she even has a cute smile when she takes a big load of cum in a facial finish!

Lily XO


Lily XO

I don’t know why Lily XO looks so furious in these photos, maybe that’s just her fierce-sexy face or something…she’s got her fishnet bodystocking on and it looks fantastic on her of course, especially when she gets on her hands and knees wiht that sweet round ass in the air! Lily has sweet big titties, a nice juicy butt and apparently a whole lot of fury…she looks like if you hopped into bed with her right now she would absolutely tear you up and you’d probably be loving every sweet second of it! Sometimes you know you’re gonna be coming out of the bedroom with a few more bruises than you had going in and that’s just the way it has to be…well, Lily XO is one of those women who you know is gonna put you through the wringer!

Kari Sweets



Check out these hot photos of Kari Sweets fresh out of the shower relaxing in her pink panties and button-up shirt! She looks like she’s having a blast just hanging out half-dressed, teasing us with those sweet titties and of course her famous round cute spankable ass…that smile is adorable, too! Imagine sliding your hand down over those hips, taking her little pink panties along for the ride and unveiling that sweet tight pussy as Kari grins up at you! She’s sexy as hell and looks like she’s ready for some fun as she takes off her underwear to hang out basically naked, waiting for some lucky guy pal to come along and take that snatch for a ride. She may have just gotten out of the shower and is all squeaky clean but she’s definitely coming up with some very dirty ideas!

Layna Landry


Layna Landry

Gird your loins for hotness as Layna Landry lifts up that skirt to show her sexy legs and skimpy little panties, showing off her gorgeous curves before grabbing her man’s cock for this Reality Kings shoot! He’s got a massive dick and Layna was just the babe to take care of it as she gets her big tits out and goes for a ride, arching her back like a contortionist as she gets fucked! From the look on her face you can tell she’s down for this big D and is having a blast, her huge boobs bouncing up and down as the guy buries that big meat stick to the hilt in her wet snatch. This girl is stacked in the back and the front and puts every inch to work getting pounded for this hot hardcore scene!



Sophia on exploited college girls

This chick Sophia has a big round juicy booty and a big appetite for cock as she makes her introduction to the porn world via Exploited College Girls here! She’s an absolute horndog and starts things off by telling some of her sex stories as she does her hair, describing how for example one time she was the meat in a brother-brother sandwich. I’d say that makes her just the right type of girl for ECG, wouldn’t you? Sophia undresses and hops on the bed, showing off a ton of tattoos and her perky little titties before sucking this guy’s cock and then bending over to get her wet amateur pussy drilled! She had been playing with herself the whole time, dipping her fingers in and out of her cunt to drive herself crazy and get the juices flowing. That big round ass of hers looks incredible when she’s on her hands and knees and we’re watching in first-person POV as the guy pounds that pussy from behind…she gets a nice hard pounding in this scene, finally dropping to her knees to take a big facial frosting! Now I mean let’s not dance around it, this girl isn’t gonna win any beauty contests anytime soon but hey when her face is buried in the pillows and that big booty is up in the air she’s pretty hot!

Lunch Date


Pure mature lunch date

This guy had a Lunch Date with gorgeous raven haired Nikki Daniels but they didn’t seem to be doing too much eating in this Pure Mature update, unless you count pussy as a main dish! Instead they headed to the house on their lunch hour and hopped into the tub together, getting all wet and making out before heading to the bedroom to make sweet passionate love! Nikki’s got that nice big round ass and her sweet perky titties that bounce as the guy pounds away at her sexy hole, taking that MILF pussy for a ride before shooting a facial onto Nikki that drips down her chin and also into her mouth as she licked up every drop from his hard cock. Nikki has been on the site a few times already and it’s always a treat to see her cum back from more, this mature beauty has an amazing body and it deserves to be taken care of so I’m glad Pure Mature is doing its part! Usually when I think of a horny MILF I’m picturing like big kinda saggy titties but not Nikki, her rack is tight and firm and bouncy as hell…and the same goes for her sweet ass! Can you just imagine having this horny hottie in front of you on her hands and knees begging to have her cunt railed doggystyle like she’s doing in this sexy hardcore scene?

One Night Only


One night only dillion harper

Now appearing, for One Night Only, the perfect ass of incredible hottie Dillion Harper in your face! Actually through the magic of Passion HD it can be every single night if you want it to, she’s done a ton of amazingly sexy hardcore shoots for PHD and this one is no exception! Dillion starts out all classied up in her sultry black dress, lifting up the hem to flash that booty and tugging down her top to let those big round perfect tits out to play before going to work on her man’s hard cock! This girl is just pure sex…even while she’s sucking dick she just can’t help but gyrate, sliding that pussy and ass up and down as she licks him hard before getting absolutely drilled! I love seeing Dillion fuck and I know you guys do too…some chicks just seem to be going through the motions, taking a dick while daydreaming about what they’ll do with the money they’re earning for that day’s shoot, but then there are girls like Dillion here who always give it their all and as far as I can tell are genuinely enjoying every moaning second of the action! It just makes things that much more sexy, if you ask me.

Rise And Fuck


Rise and fuck on gf revenge

It’s great to see in these updates on GF Revenge how the girl gradually gets talked through the different stages of a sex tape, from just complimenting the girl on her ass to grabbing her to talking her into just flashing a boob to getting naked and then finally to just flat out fucking on camera! This guy was a master at it as he talked his hot girlfriend Terra out of her little shorts and onto his cock…she’s got those sweet perky titties and her ass is definitely fucking fantastic, he wasn’t just saying that to get into her pants it’s actually true! All the complimenting and groping and the excitement of flashing her nice titties got Terra all wet in the pussy so by the end of this update she was all over the guy’s dick giving him a fantastic first-person blowjob and giving up that snatch with her ass in the air…he fucked her hard and deep before busting a load in her mouth! I’m a little curious what happened in their relationship to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge after telling Terra it would only ever just be between the two of them…

Photo Shoot


Crazy college gfs photo shoot

This chick Cassidy Klein wanted to make a sexy photo shoot for her boyfriend as a surprise and her photographer buddy was more than happy to take the photos! Things got hotter and hotter as the shoot progressed, until eventually Cassidy was totally naked and getting pretty wet in the pussy…the lust was contagious apparently because the cameraman whipped out his cock and laid it next to Cassidy’s cute face, asking her to pretend it was her boyfriend! She couldn’t resist taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and licking that dick up and down…his photo assistant Natalie Monroe came back to the set and found the two naked and was pretty taken aback at first, but then got pretty horny herself and joined in on the fun for this Crazy College GFs update turning it into a hot hardcore threesome! I get the feeling that Cassidy’s boyfriend isn’t going to end up getting this photo shoot as a surprise present after all but if he does, the ‘surprise’ part is definitely gonna be there!

Lovely Lola


Lovely lola on black gfs

When this guy caught sight of his girlfriend Lola in the bedroom hanging out in her little pink panties and tight little white top he ran to go grab his camera to capture it on tape! She looked sexy as hell and was just taking some selfies for fun, but was a bit shy about making a homemade sextape like the guy wanted to do…after some persistence and ass-grabbery though she gave in and we got to see every inch of that gorgeous nubile ebony body of hers as she stripped down naked and spread her long chocolate legs! This horny hottie took that big dick of his nice and hard, moaning as he slid in and out of that tight wet cunt…she got her sweet round ass in the air so he could pound her doggystyle, and man oh man there’s just nothing better than a gorgeous black girl with her butt in the air, especially when she’s as cute as Lovely Lola here in this Black GFs update! Lola rode the guy ragged, taking his cock and having her way with it in a few of her favorite positions before the guy had to pull out and bust his nut, giving her a facial and frosting those nice bouncy titties as well!

Alexia Gold


Alexia gold on amateur allure

Gorgeous blonde Alexia Gold has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in awhile, or maybe that’s just because she’s looking up at us with them while she deepthroats this guy’s cock on Amateur Allure! Alexia is a sexy stunning teen with nice full breasts, a great ass and a hunger for cock that just won’t get satisifed until she’s taken a load in her mouth and another on her sweet booty. Usually on Amateur Allure the girls swallow every load they’re given, but since the second splash gets on her ass Alexia doesn’t really have a chance to do that…she’s not about to be denied that salty treat though so she reaches back and scoops it up to lick it off her fingers with a smile! You wouldn’t think it to look at this girl but man she is a cum fiend…that innocent angelic expression of hers as she looks at you with that adorable smile and her big doe eyes is just a red herring; while she’s smiling away all innocent-like she’s got scenes in her head of her licking and sucking and riding your dick until you give her the load that she’s after! It’s the first time on the site for this horny teen beauty but I have a hunch it won’t be the last time on Amateur Allure for lovely Alexia Gold.

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