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Lily XO


Lily XO

I don’t know why Lily XO looks so furious in these photos, maybe that’s just her fierce-sexy face or something…she’s got her fishnet bodystocking on and it looks fantastic on her of course, especially when she gets on her hands and knees wiht that sweet round ass in the air! Lily has sweet big titties, a nice juicy butt and apparently a whole lot of fury…she looks like if you hopped into bed with her right now she would absolutely tear you up and you’d probably be loving every sweet second of it! Sometimes you know you’re gonna be coming out of the bedroom with a few more bruises than you had going in and that’s just the way it has to be…well, Lily XO is one of those women who you know is gonna put you through the wringer!

Kari Sweets



Check out these hot photos of Kari Sweets fresh out of the shower relaxing in her pink panties and button-up shirt! She looks like she’s having a blast just hanging out half-dressed, teasing us with those sweet titties and of course her famous round cute spankable ass…that smile is adorable, too! Imagine sliding your hand down over those hips, taking her little pink panties along for the ride and unveiling that sweet tight pussy as Kari grins up at you! She’s sexy as hell and looks like she’s ready for some fun as she takes off her underwear to hang out basically naked, waiting for some lucky guy pal to come along and take that snatch for a ride. She may have just gotten out of the shower and is all squeaky clean but she’s definitely coming up with some very dirty ideas!

Layna Landry


Layna Landry

Gird your loins for hotness as Layna Landry lifts up that skirt to show her sexy legs and skimpy little panties, showing off her gorgeous curves before grabbing her man’s cock for this Reality Kings shoot! He’s got a massive dick and Layna was just the babe to take care of it as she gets her big tits out and goes for a ride, arching her back like a contortionist as she gets fucked! From the look on her face you can tell she’s down for this big D and is having a blast, her huge boobs bouncing up and down as the guy buries that big meat stick to the hilt in her wet snatch. This girl is stacked in the back and the front and puts every inch to work getting pounded for this hot hardcore scene!



Sophia on exploited college girls

This chick Sophia has a big round juicy booty and a big appetite for cock as she makes her introduction to the porn world via Exploited College Girls here! She’s an absolute horndog and starts things off by telling some of her sex stories as she does her hair, describing how for example one time she was the meat in a brother-brother sandwich. I’d say that makes her just the right type of girl for ECG, wouldn’t you? Sophia undresses and hops on the bed, showing off a ton of tattoos and her perky little titties before sucking this guy’s cock and then bending over to get her wet amateur pussy drilled! She had been playing with herself the whole time, dipping her fingers in and out of her cunt to drive herself crazy and get the juices flowing. That big round ass of hers looks incredible when she’s on her hands and knees and we’re watching in first-person POV as the guy pounds that pussy from behind…she gets a nice hard pounding in this scene, finally dropping to her knees to take a big facial frosting! Now I mean let’s not dance around it, this girl isn’t gonna win any beauty contests anytime soon but hey when her face is buried in the pillows and that big booty is up in the air she’s pretty hot!

Lunch Date


Pure mature lunch date

This guy had a Lunch Date with gorgeous raven haired Nikki Daniels but they didn’t seem to be doing too much eating in this Pure Mature update, unless you count pussy as a main dish! Instead they headed to the house on their lunch hour and hopped into the tub together, getting all wet and making out before heading to the bedroom to make sweet passionate love! Nikki’s got that nice big round ass and her sweet perky titties that bounce as the guy pounds away at her sexy hole, taking that MILF pussy for a ride before shooting a facial onto Nikki that drips down her chin and also into her mouth as she licked up every drop from his hard cock. Nikki has been on the site a few times already and it’s always a treat to see her cum back from more, this mature beauty has an amazing body and it deserves to be taken care of so I’m glad Pure Mature is doing its part! Usually when I think of a horny MILF I’m picturing like big kinda saggy titties but not Nikki, her rack is tight and firm and bouncy as hell…and the same goes for her sweet ass! Can you just imagine having this horny hottie in front of you on her hands and knees begging to have her cunt railed doggystyle like she’s doing in this sexy hardcore scene?

One Night Only


One night only dillion harper

Now appearing, for One Night Only, the perfect ass of incredible hottie Dillion Harper in your face! Actually through the magic of Passion HD it can be every single night if you want it to, she’s done a ton of amazingly sexy hardcore shoots for PHD and this one is no exception! Dillion starts out all classied up in her sultry black dress, lifting up the hem to flash that booty and tugging down her top to let those big round perfect tits out to play before going to work on her man’s hard cock! This girl is just pure sex…even while she’s sucking dick she just can’t help but gyrate, sliding that pussy and ass up and down as she licks him hard before getting absolutely drilled! I love seeing Dillion fuck and I know you guys do too…some chicks just seem to be going through the motions, taking a dick while daydreaming about what they’ll do with the money they’re earning for that day’s shoot, but then there are girls like Dillion here who always give it their all and as far as I can tell are genuinely enjoying every moaning second of the action! It just makes things that much more sexy, if you ask me.

Rise And Fuck


Rise and fuck on gf revenge

It’s great to see in these updates on GF Revenge how the girl gradually gets talked through the different stages of a sex tape, from just complimenting the girl on her ass to grabbing her to talking her into just flashing a boob to getting naked and then finally to just flat out fucking on camera! This guy was a master at it as he talked his hot girlfriend Terra out of her little shorts and onto his cock…she’s got those sweet perky titties and her ass is definitely fucking fantastic, he wasn’t just saying that to get into her pants it’s actually true! All the complimenting and groping and the excitement of flashing her nice titties got Terra all wet in the pussy so by the end of this update she was all over the guy’s dick giving him a fantastic first-person blowjob and giving up that snatch with her ass in the air…he fucked her hard and deep before busting a load in her mouth! I’m a little curious what happened in their relationship to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge after telling Terra it would only ever just be between the two of them…

Photo Shoot


Crazy college gfs photo shoot

This chick Cassidy Klein wanted to make a sexy photo shoot for her boyfriend as a surprise and her photographer buddy was more than happy to take the photos! Things got hotter and hotter as the shoot progressed, until eventually Cassidy was totally naked and getting pretty wet in the pussy…the lust was contagious apparently because the cameraman whipped out his cock and laid it next to Cassidy’s cute face, asking her to pretend it was her boyfriend! She couldn’t resist taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and licking that dick up and down…his photo assistant Natalie Monroe came back to the set and found the two naked and was pretty taken aback at first, but then got pretty horny herself and joined in on the fun for this Crazy College GFs update turning it into a hot hardcore threesome! I get the feeling that Cassidy’s boyfriend isn’t going to end up getting this photo shoot as a surprise present after all but if he does, the ‘surprise’ part is definitely gonna be there!

Lovely Lola


Lovely lola on black gfs

When this guy caught sight of his girlfriend Lola in the bedroom hanging out in her little pink panties and tight little white top he ran to go grab his camera to capture it on tape! She looked sexy as hell and was just taking some selfies for fun, but was a bit shy about making a homemade sextape like the guy wanted to do…after some persistence and ass-grabbery though she gave in and we got to see every inch of that gorgeous nubile ebony body of hers as she stripped down naked and spread her long chocolate legs! This horny hottie took that big dick of his nice and hard, moaning as he slid in and out of that tight wet cunt…she got her sweet round ass in the air so he could pound her doggystyle, and man oh man there’s just nothing better than a gorgeous black girl with her butt in the air, especially when she’s as cute as Lovely Lola here in this Black GFs update! Lola rode the guy ragged, taking his cock and having her way with it in a few of her favorite positions before the guy had to pull out and bust his nut, giving her a facial and frosting those nice bouncy titties as well!

Alexia Gold


Alexia gold on amateur allure

Gorgeous blonde Alexia Gold has some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen in awhile, or maybe that’s just because she’s looking up at us with them while she deepthroats this guy’s cock on Amateur Allure! Alexia is a sexy stunning teen with nice full breasts, a great ass and a hunger for cock that just won’t get satisifed until she’s taken a load in her mouth and another on her sweet booty. Usually on Amateur Allure the girls swallow every load they’re given, but since the second splash gets on her ass Alexia doesn’t really have a chance to do that…she’s not about to be denied that salty treat though so she reaches back and scoops it up to lick it off her fingers with a smile! You wouldn’t think it to look at this girl but man she is a cum fiend…that innocent angelic expression of hers as she looks at you with that adorable smile and her big doe eyes is just a red herring; while she’s smiling away all innocent-like she’s got scenes in her head of her licking and sucking and riding your dick until you give her the load that she’s after! It’s the first time on the site for this horny teen beauty but I have a hunch it won’t be the last time on Amateur Allure for lovely Alexia Gold.

Teal Conrad


Teal conrad hotel hookup povd

It’s the first time on POVD for beautiful Teal Conrad and she’s making a hell of a first impression as she meets up with her friend’s boyfriend for a little forbidden liaison, a Hotel Hookup if you will! She strips down and shows off those perfect bouncy breasts and sweet firm juicy ass before sucking his cock and going for a ride, taking that big dick deep inside for this sexy hardcore scene. Teal is pretty amazing, she’s very athletic but has that big juicy ass and legs like a stallion…and she loves having a big hard cock buried in her wet snatch, that’s an undisputable fact! POVD is the ideal site for her by the way, she get a hard deep pounding and we get to experience it in first person perspective in incredibly high resolution video and 3d audio, making it feel like you’re the one she’s meeting up with on the sly in a hotel room, spending the day sucking and fucking your big hard dick! Every inch of this girl is sexy as hell and Teal loves to share her sexuality with the world…I just hope her girlfriend doesn’t find out that Teal has been banging her guy!

The Rave


Ccgfs with karlee gray

I know you guys have seen raver girls partying half-dressed and fantasized about seeing them totally naked and getting fucked…well now’s your chance to see those fantasies cum to life as Crazy College GFs brings you this hot update called The Rave! The party had ended but the afterparty was getting into full swing as these hot college girls and their boyfriends spilled out into the parking lot and kept things rolling…the girls were shaking their asses and titties and looking hot as hell, especially this hottie Karlee Grey here! She didn’t mind being naked in public or being recorded sucking her boyfriend’s cock, licking and sucking him up and down before he just turned her around, tugged her panties down and started banging that sweet tight wet pussy right in front of the whole crowd! Everyone went apeshit of course, cheering them on and dancing and these two loved the attention…he pounded her hard and deep and then blasted his load all over her pussy to finish things off with a bang!

Lisa Ann Returns


Lisa ann returns to pawg

I thought for sure Lisa Ann had done some updates before for this site PAWG on the Bang Bros network and sure enough, she was in one quite awhile ago taking it up the ass right here…well now she’s back and is putting that big round juicy booty to work once again! She’s a thick busty MILF with a big round ass, huge round tits and big plump lips ready to suck this guy’s big dick and guide it right into her wet pussy with that bodacious booty up in the air. The guy loved slamming into her hole from behind, slapping against that spankable ass and making Lisa moan, her huge boobs swinging and bouncing with every thrust of his hard cock. She’s had plenty of experience shaking and working that butt of hers and is pulling out all the stops here, showing why she’s a natural for the title Phat Ass White Girl! She doesn’t get into any anal fun in this episode sadly but she does love playing with her ass so she fingers her pucker while the guy rails her pussy, it’s pretty hot.

Riley Reid


Hard x riley reid squirt for me master

Sexy skinny stunner Riley Reid looks amazing in her skimpy blue bikini at the beginning of this Hard X update called Squirt For Me Master…they always start things off with some glamour type shots of the girl by herself, looking sexy and sophisticated before heading inside for a big hard deep dicking they’ll never forget! Riley takes this guy’s big fat cock deep in her hole, riding him and getting choked while she fucks him and takes a finger in her asshole, moaning her way to orgasm and squirting all over the damn place until finally the guy hauls out a big load of cum right into her mouth and onto those perky little boobies of hers! Riley kept her bikini top on but pulled it down a bit to give easy access to those pert petite tits wiht her nipples standing out like eraser heads…this is a girl who just plain loves to fuck and it definitely shows in a hot hardcore scene like this!

Stefani Knight


Stefani Knight

You know how some websites nowadays put these girls in some kind of crazy situation, they stuff em underwater with fake tentacles on or something or shoot them off into outer space through the magic of photoshop or whatever? Well anyways this is a refreshing change of pace from that nuttiness, we’ve got Stefani Knight here and she’s just a stunning brunette with big perfect tits and a nice sweet round ass showing off in the nude for Playboy! There’s just something universally sexy about a beautiful babe with a sexy body, especially when she’s got her perfect ass in the air with that long dark hair flowing down and cascading over her big boobs! I like her little sheer white panties, too, they’ve got some kind of weird little pearl strands or something looking hot as hell.

Natalie Monroe


Natalie monroe teens love huge cocks

At the beginning of this Teens Love Huge Cocks update, Natalie Monroe introduced herself and started talking about how much she DID love huge cocks, masturbating almost absentmindedly! She wasn’t there to just touch her pussy though, she can just as easily do that at her own home…her horny guy pal was there and was ready to work that sweet teen pussy of hers with his big meatstick! She tried to deepthroat him but there’s no way she could fit that thing in her mouth all the way without it bottoming out in her stomach, so she just sucked him as well as she could! Her pussy was dripping wet at that point and he started pounding away at that tight little hole, fitting as much cock into it as she could take while she moaned and grabbed those sweet perky titties of hers! This braces-clad teen hottie loves a good hard pounding and she definitely fished her wish here, getting her pussy stretched to its limit before the guy finally busted his load all over her face, dripping down off her grin onto those boobies as she lay there grinning and panting from the exercise!

Dani Daniels and Allie Haze


Dani daniels allie haze blacked

You couldn’t wish for a sexier pair of brunettes than beautiful Dani Daniels and Allie Haze and in this update from BLACKED they’re both wearing lacy black lingerie and are ready to team up and take on this guy’s huge thick dick! Dani has been on the site a few times already but this is Allie’s first time handling this guy’s massive meat, and she dives into the action with no fear! These girls both get to lick and suck the guy, making out and eating each other’s pussy whenever they get the chance, before laying back and taking turns getting their pussy filled up with that big thick cock! This has gotta be like a dream come true for this guy…not only does he get to fuck two girls at once, but they’re also both jaw-droppingly gorgeous and have perfect bodies! Dani and Allie both keep their lingerie on for the most part as he fucks them, making things even sexier…two of the hottest pornstars in the business teaming up and getting a heaping helping of thick dark meat? Sounds good to me and it sure as hell sounded good to Dani Daniels and Allie Haze from the looks and sounds of things!

Fucking Field Day


Colette fucking field day jenna

Man oh man, these girls are having a fucking field day taking care of these two big hard cocks for this Colette update! I guess that’s why they called this scene Fucking Field Day, am I right? Jenna Ross and her good friend Tasha Reign are both in the zone here, sharing a big lollipop before sharing a couple of big hard dicks as well! They both love to lick and suck and fuck a big dick and these guys are more than happy to provide them in this Colette scene…at first I thought the girls were wrapping a big long piece of taffy or something around this guy’s cock but I guess it was just a handy piece of pink rope…Jenna is becoming a member favorite mighty fast on Colette, she’s been in quite a few scenes already and it’s super hot to see her getting naked and getting that tight wet pussy fucked alongside her gorgeous blonde MILF girlfriend Tasha with those big full titties of hers! Apparently one of these guys is Tasha’s lover outside of the site so it’s pretty cool of her to share his dick with her good friend Jenna. If you’re a fan of round perfect butts by the way Jenna is about to blow your mind, she’s got a fantastic ass! 

Aidra Fox


Aidra fox on blacked

Man, this girl Aidra Fox is just amazing every time she comes on a site…and in this Blacked update, she’s not the only one coming, that’s for sure! She’s got her sexy black lingerie on at the beginning of this update, complete with garter belt and sexy thigh high nylons and thong panties…this dude loves a pair of huge soft titties so Aidra was a little bit behind in that regard so to speak but man, once she turned around and he got a look at that perfect round sexy ass of hers he knew he had a winner on his hands! She took his massive black dick in her mouth as well as she could manage, sucking and licking him until he was rock hard and stretching her mouth wide open, and then spread her legs wide open to get that sweet tight wet pussy filled to the brim with throbbing hard dark meat! Aidra flipped over on her hands and knees with that perfect firm sexy butt in the air, giving the guy a vision of loveliness to stare at while he drilled that pussy of hers from behind before shooting his load of cum all over that beautiful face of hers.

Controlling Carter


Controlling carter on gf revenge

It was this blonde chick Carter Cruise‘s first day at her new job and she was pretty nervous about it…her boyfriend found her getting dressed and had his video camera out already, which she certainly didn’t appreciate! He wanted to film a little frisky action but she was in a rush and blew him off, just not in the way he wanted if you catch my drift. He found her a few minutes later half-dressed on the floor doing her makeup with her tights barely covering that round sexy bodacious booty of hers! The guy couldn’t resist grabbing her ass and the more he felt her up the more turned on she got until finally she agreed to a quickie, taking his dick in her mouth for a blowjob and then getting that pussy fucked! We get to see every second of the action in this GF Revenge update, keep an eye out for when Carter goes for a ride on that cock in reverse cowgirl style with that big round ass facing him…it’s a red hot fuck scene and it’s always fun getting a little glimpse into what these hot amateur girls have going on in their lives!

Rahyndee James


Rahyndee james on tonights girlfriend

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen beautiful Rahyndee James but she’s ready to jump right back into your heart with this update from Tonights Girlfriend! This guy called up TG and requested the pleasure of Rahyndee’s company for the evening, making a special request that she hang out in her bra and panties instead of a set of lacy lingerie which is the norm…apparently Rahyndee looked just like his old roommate’s girlfriend and she used to prance around in her panties knowing it was driving this dude crazy! Well now he gets to live out his fantasies, pulling off Rahyndee’s little panties and giving that sweet tight pussy of hers a nice deep hard pounding! Rahyndee has a perfect ass and loves riding a big thick dick, so she took her time and gave this guy’s cock a run for its money…this beauty took that dick in every position the guy could come up with before he blasted a nice cream facial onto her chin!

Sexy Shower


Brooke marks in the shower

The one and only Brooke Marks is back and she’s taking a nice warm shower, and to make it even more alluring she’s got on the skimpiest little g-string she could get and a thin flowing top that gets almost entirely transluscent when it gets wet! Brooke sprays down her entire body, getting dripping wet in more ways than one and bringing us along for the fun in this photoshoot! I know some of you guys don’t want to spring for a full membership to a girl’s site so this is the perfect solution if you ask me…it’s a standalone zip set, so you don’t have like a monthly bill to explain to the missus or anything like that it’s just a one-and-done thing where you’ll get all the uncensored red hot and steamy action of this absolute beauty getting wet and wild in the shower in high resolution video! Brooke’s ass is a thing of legend and you get up close and personal in this zipset, especially when she gets down on the tile floor on her hands and knees as the water sprays all around her. With previews like these just imagine how hot the actual video is, and of course those little obscuring stars and pixellations are nowhere to be found! Isn’t there a drought in California, by the way, I hope Brooke doesn’t get in too much trouble for taking this nice long shower!



Ashley for casting couch hd

Sexy amateur Ashley here started things off on the wrong foot when she showed up at her Casting Couch HD audition like 3 hours late, maybe that’s why she looked so apologetic throughout this whole update! It probably also worked out in favor of the fake casting director because Ashley was willing to show she was sorry for being so unprofessional and had to make up for lost ground so to speak, so talking her out of her clothes and onto the guy’s big thick black dick was a snap! She had been auditioning for a dancer gig in a hiphop video but once her clothes came off she was basically auditioning to be this guy’s cock-warmer for the afternoon…this platinum blonde has a hell of a body with pierced nipples on her perky titties and a fantastic ass, so the dude takes his time fucking that pussy from behind so we can get a nice view of her sexy round booty! Ashley did a great job getting fucked, she looks like a lot of fun, and ended up taking the guy’s big load of cum in her mouth to swallow down to finish off this update. By the end of her session she might realize the hiphop video thing was a red herring but who knows? Sometimes the ladies love the deep dicking they get so much that they come back again to help show a new girl the ropes, so to speak! Hopefully Ashley will be back, I know we’d all love to see that ass again.

AJ Applegate


Aj applegate look inside in the crack

Have you ever wanted to get a nice closeup look inside the pussy of a beautiful horny pornstar like AJ Applegate? Well in this photoshoot for In The Crack she’s inviting you to get in sniffing distance of that sweet gash of hers, spreading her legs and using a speculum to give you a glimpse where the sun don’t shine! First she gives that pussy of hers a workout though, penetrating herself on a free-standing dildo attached to a floor cushion thing…it has a spot for her knees so she can just kneel over it, lowing that tight pink vagina up and down on the dick! She loves to masturbate and loves an audience, so getting close up and personal to that cunt of hers is turning her on pretty strong…AJ has a dream of a body with those nice small perky breasts and her round juicy booty that she gets up in the air for us! Every inch of that beautiful nude body of hers is on display here as she fucks herself and just relaxes on the kitchen counter…she looks like she’d like nothing better than to have someone under that snatch, licking her clit as she goes for a moustache ride!

College Student Banged


College student banged xxx pawn

It can be pretty tough managing bills and the cost of living as a broke-ass college student, especially if you’re living away from home for the first time and are just figuring out how damn much every little thing can cost! That’s the case for this hot college student who came into the XXX Pawn shop to try and hock her books, but unfortunately it turns out the book market isn’t red hot right now and she was only offered a hundred bucks. She didn’t know what to do but the guy made her a better offer, putting $500 on the table if she was willing to give up that nice round sexy ass of hers! She was reluctant but times are tough so she was at least willing to think about it, and when she got a look at his huge hard cock she was a little more willing if you catch my drift! This girl is cute as hell too as she takes that big cock in her mouth, sucking him off before sitting on his lap and going for a ride…she got her tight sexy nubile body worked, taking a deep hard pounding in that tight pussy before getting on her knees for a big cream facial! Good thing she was wearing her glasses, she avoided taking a shot in the eye.

Fountain Fun


Crazy college gfs fountain funm

Sexy blonde Brooke Summers was spending the day with her boyfriend, they were just hanging out and seeing the sights of their city…Brooke had on her tiny little booty shorts and her man couldn’t stop staring at her ass, can’t say I blame him for that! He made a wish tossing some coins into a fountain and it soon came true in this Crazy College GFs update called Fountain Fun as Brooke gave him a blowjob right out in public and then bent over with her perfect round ass in the air to get fucked next to a chainlink fence, right out where just about anybody could see them. I guess Brooke just loves getting a nice deep dicking and she doesn’t care who sees it, and obviously her boyfriend doesn’t mind being seen in public fucking a sexy horny beautiful blonde! That ass of Brooke’s is a thing of beauty by the way, seeing her get fucked doggystyle like this is like a dream cum true.




This chick Calie seems a little unsure of herself at the beginning of this hardcore fuck scene but once she gets that big round booty in the air and starts getting her puffy pussy worked she’s all in! She peeled off those purple panties to unleash an amazing ass on the world and her big tits are mighty fine as well! In fact this chick is just fucking hot from head to toe, she’s got nothing to be ashamed about that’s for damn sure…this guy takes his time licking and teasing her clit with his tongue, making her moan and grab fistfuls of the sheets before he gives her a nice hard pounding! Well at least I assume that’s what happens, we mostly get to see Calie teasing and rolling around in the bed and the dude eating out her snatch.

Sweet Shay


Sweet Shay

If you’ve ever checked out Roc and Shay you know they just plain love to fuck…I mean who wouldn’t want to nail that sweet ebony pussy from behind with her big perfect round ass jiggling in front of you! In this sexy hardcore fuck scene you get basically a first person view, or at least a view from above the action as Roc holds up a Go Pro while he rails sweet Shay. That big round black ass of hers is incredible…when he fucks her, it jiggles and bounces with the movement of his thrusts like an ocean current, and you can hear Shay moaning away as he stuffs that huge thick dick of his in her wet pussy! It’s a great perspective of some mighty hot hardcore action that only ends when the dude blasts a load of pearly white cum all over her ass as she gets a mouthful of pillow.

Rachael Madori


Rachael madori for teens love huge cocks

This mohawked punk chick is Rachael Madori and she’s got her sights set on taking a big thick dick in her teen hole for this update from Teens Love Huge Cocks called Ready And Ripe, it’s part of the Reality Kings network of sites so you know you’re in store for somethin special! Rachael is hot as hell and has a very cool style about her, not to mention nice perky breasts and a perfect round beautiful ass that she loves to get up in the air…I have the feeling that her favorite sexual position is doggystyle, from the way she wiggles her teen butt and takes that huge hard cock to the hilt! Teens Love Huge Cocks always has sexy young pornstars getting pounded nice and deep by big hard meatsticks but Rachael here is something special…maybe it’s her edgy mohawk or maybe it’s just that sexy bodacious butt of hers but this is one of my favorite updates they’ve done! After stripping out of her red pants and black thong she sucks her man off and gets her pussy and ass licked before he pounds her sweet tight pussy, then holds her down by the throat to shoot a big creamy load on her face…some of it gets in her mouth to swallow down!

AJ Applegate Third Time


Pawg aj applegate third time

When a girl shows up on the Bang Bros network site PAWG for a third time you know she’s got something special going on with her booty…they only have the cream of the crop so to speak and bringing girls back for repeat visits means they’re red hot! AJ Applegate here has a butt you’ll be dreaming about for days and this time around she pushes her envelope a little as she takes on two big fat cocks at once for some double penetration fun! She loves a nice deep anal pounding and of course loves getting her pussy drilled deep and hard so why not combine the two? She gives these two big dicks a workout as she sucks and fucks them both at the same time, putting on a clinic for PAWG and shaking that big round gorgeous ass of hers until they both bust nuts into her mouth for her to swallow! It sure doesn’t hurt matters that she’s hot as hell, either…this blonde beauty is sexy all over and once she’s oiled up she’s ready to rock and roll here in her third PAWG scene!

Candice Dare


Candice dare on in the crack

Gird your loins and prepare for another hot photoshoot from In The Crack, taking you right up close and personal to a beautiful pornstar’s most private areas! This time it’s Candice Dare, a sexy and relatively new model in the adult industry who strips out of her one-piece lingerie type thing and shows off her big round perfect ass, getting her long legs in the air and then incorporating a big thick toy into the mix! She loves getting fucked but there’s no guys around to fill that need so she makes do, masturbating with a nice big purple dildo and sliding it in and out of that tight wet hole of hers…Candice keeps her high heels on the whole time as she gives her pussy a nice workout, then busts out a little strand of anal beads to tease and play with her even-tighter backdoor! All this would be hot to begin with but since it’s In The Crack you know you’re going to be zooming up to basically nose-distance away from that nice wet pussy and cute pucker.

Lacy Rae


Lacy rae on amateur allure

This gorgeous 20 year old Chicago-born chick is Lacy Rae and I’m pretty sure the first thing you’ll notice are those stunning green eyes and her wide, beautiful smile! Hell of a way to make a first impression, she’s got a leg up already before she even gets the guy’s cock in her mouth in this Amateur Allure update…she’s ready to have a little adventure and put that sweet round ass to work so she sucks the guy hard, licking him up and down and then getting that tight pink little pussy delved! Lacy takes him like a champ, moaning as he pounded deeper and deeper inside her and taking her for a ride on his cock before busting a load in her mouth to swallow down. I’m always impressed with the hotness of the women they bring to table on Amateur Allure and this babe is no exception…I don’t think I’ve seen Lacy Rae anywhere else since this shoot was made so it might be an Amateur Allure exclusive, so if you like the looks of this girl make sure you get in touch with them and let ’em know so hopefully they’ll bring her back for round two!

Two Girl Surprise


Passion hd 2 girl surprise

This guy thought he was just going to be meeting up with his girlfriend but in this Passion HD scene he’s getting a 2 Girl Surprise! His beautiful blonde gal pal Natalia Starr was at home making out with her girlfriend Naomi Kennedy, they were swapping panties and decided to swap kisses as well…the guy rolled in while both girls were nearly naked and wasted no time before giving them both a nice hard pounding! Passion HD loves getting a little group grope session together and this is one of the hottest threesomes they’ve had on there in a little while if you ask me…especially because Natalia is involved! She’s a total stunner and has an incredible body, not that Naomi is any kind of slouch either! They’re both hot as hell and are taking turns eating out each others pussies like lesbians and sucking and fucking this dude’s big thick dick until all three of them are orgasmic, with the guy finally shooting his load onto Naomi’s tight pussy and all over Natalia’s gorgeous face!

MILF Personal Trainer


Milf personal trainer

This 35 year old MILF hottie is tattooed, sexy as hell and is a personal trainer so you know she’s in good shape for her first adult video here on Mom POV! She’s also a natural for the camera, she doesn’t seem too shy when it comes to discussing herself or her sexual proclivities…she’s been fucked on a rooftop, been fucked in the woods, fucked in dark alleys, she just plain loves getting banged and of course in this update she gets plenty of that! Usually personal trainers have not much by way of breasts I think, right? Well this chick is an exception, she’s got massive soft full titties that bounce around like crazy as she gets fucked in this hot scene! I don’t know if she liked it better getting fucked on her back with her tanned legs spread open or when she was on her hands and knees getting drilled doggystyle with her ass all oiled up, she just seemed to enjoy the whole thing and got fucked nice and hard before taking a big cream facial. Also during her introductory interview there’s this crazy thing at the top of the screen with a woman’s eyes and stuff, I don’t know what the hell is up with that.

Presley Hart


Presley hart on blacked

It was a lazy winter day out and Presley Hart was taking a little time to herself, relaxing in the tub and letting her hands slide all over that sexy tight body…when her man found her rubbing her pussy in the water he couldn’t help but unzip his pants, letting his huge black cock out for her to lick and suck before bringing Presley to the bedroom for a passionate afternoon for this Blacked update! Presley loves a big thick dick and this guy is hung like a rhino, filling up her mouth with cock and then letting her ride on top like a racing jockey. Presley had a blast in this hot hardcore scene, taking every inch of that big dick in her tight wet shaved pussy (or as much as she could manage, at least) before getting a big cream facial that dripped all over those perky tits off of her chin! Presley always looks amazing and doubly so here, especially when she gets that round perfect ass in the air to get her pussy railed doggystyle while she moaned into the sheets in pleasure and, I’m sure, a little bit of pain!

Casey Calvert Fourth Time


Mr anal casey calvert fourth time

There’s a reason they call Casey Calvert one of the queens of anal! She’s got a spectacular ass for one thing, is hot as hell but most importantly she just plain loves to get fucked in ass. That’s why she’s cum back for her fourth time on the Bang Bros site Mr Anal, playing around in her little blue running shorts that let her big juicy ass out to play…Casey has a good time goofing around and posing and just plain looking sexy before her guy pal showed up and introduced her to his big fat cock! Casey gets her big round ass pounded, the guy sliding his dick in and out of her tight balloon knot to make her moan and gasp and grin with pleasure. What’s that, you say? You missed out on some of her prior visits to Mr Anal? Well thank your lucky stars my friend because here, I’ve dug up her last couple of scenes right here and right here for you to enjoy. If those ones plus this new one aren’t enough you can just search for her name and you’ll see a bunch of her scenes and if THOSE aren’t enough just hold tight, I’m sure she’ll be back on Mr Anal for a fifth scene in no time!

Play Before Work


Passion hd play before work

This guy had plenty of paperwork and was concentrating on it when his lady pals Bella Danger and Sammie Daniels were behind him making out and stripping each other down…he didn’t even notice until they threw some panties at him, and then he decided a little play before work was just what the doctor ordered! Can’t really blame the guy though, right? I mean with these two hotties tossing their panties around and kissing and grabbing each others titties it would be hard to concentrate on anything else if you ask me. The girls have very different body types, Bella Danger is a brunette with a big round juicy booty and Sammie is a skinny blonde spinner with a tight little ass and perky petite boobies so they’ve got a pretty good range of tastes covered here! This guy gets to experience them both and so do we in this Passion HD threesome as they eat each other out like lesbians while the guy pounds one perfect hole after the other…Sammie in particular loves getting fucked doggystyle with that cute little butt in the air as she tongues Bella’s pussy, hot as hell. The fun only ends when the guy busts nut, shooting a facial onto Bella that also gets onto Sammie’s face, they love to share!

Snow Flake


Snow Flake

Is this chick’s name really Snow Flake? Hahah, awesome. Anyway, she’s fucking gorgeous and has a great body, and in this photoshoot we get to see pretty much every inch of it! Snow is relaxing on an outdoor couch, lifting her knees up to her chin to flash her pussy and laying on her side to show off that perfect butt…this girl is sexy as hell and loves to get some sunshine on her naked body, that’s why she immediately stripped out of her pink top and that denim skirt to get a bit more comfy! Between her big bouncy breasts and that sexy pussy that she just can’t seem to stop rubbing, this girl gets a ten out of ten in my book…take a look and see what you think, you might need to check it out a few hundred times to be sure though! Looks like the rest of your day is pretty much mapped out, now.

Candy Richards


Candy Richards

Sexy ebony hottie Candy Richards is looking incredible in this Show Girlz Exclusive photoshoot, showing off those sweet titties but especially that huge round firm ass of hers! She’s got a spectacular booty and knows it, pulling off her little thong panties and bouncing around for this hot photoset. That big bouncy chocolate badonkadonk is like a dream cum true if you’re into sexy womanly curves…Candy looks sweet as her name implies, throwing some smoldering glances over her shoulder as she teases us with her fat black ass! Sexiness is universal and Candy certainly knows how to bring the hotness. That butt of hers looks like you could just curl up and take a nap on it, can you imagine how comfortable that would be? Sweet dreams indeed!

Candace Mazlin Returns


Candace tight schedule on zishy

We saw our first glimpse of beautiful blonde Candace Mazlin on Zishy a few months back (the photoshoot is right here if you missed it) but now she’s back and is rocking the hell out of this pair of tight black sheer stretchpants! Candace has one of the nicest asses around and is defending her title in this photoshoot called Tight Schedule, peeling her pants down a little to flash that butt and slip a hand inside to play with her pussy! I guess she loved getting her picture taken so much she got turned on and just had to masturbate…we get some pictures of Candace stretching out and doing a little yoga, which I guess is how she manages to keep that sweet tight firm figure! Zishy always brings out a girl’s personality in their shoots, that’s one of the things that they always do really well…between that and the gorgeous amateurs and the high quality photography they bring it’s easy to see why they’re getting more and more popular even in this era of streaming video and whatnot! If you’ve ever seen a hot babe on the street in stretchpants and wondered what her ass might look like, well now you can put that mystery to rest because Candace is doing just that!

Alexis Rodriguez


Alexis rodriguez for blackede

Stunning Latina babe Alexis Rodriguez here thought she was just going in for a photoshoot that was gonna be a little bit sexy but not outright naked, she had on her jacket and glasses and a red onesie that looked like a swimsuit but with a thong ass. Well, the photographer started getting turned on by her posing and she saw his enormous cock stiffening in his pants and she just couldn’t help herself, she had to try some of that dark meat! The guy was more than happy to put down the camera and grab that round perfect ass of hers, playing with her titties before getting his big black cock sucked…Alexis could barely fit the thing into her mouth and that got her so turned on her pussy was dripping down her legs! She hadn’t experienced a cock this huge before but went right in, sucking and licking and stroking and fucking it in this hot update from BLACKED! She got her shaved pussy drilled to its limits before getting a huge cream facial that dripped down on her cheeks…all she could do at that point was just lay there in exhaustion, happy and satisfied and ready for round two!




I don’t know if this can even be classified as a miniskirt to be honest, it’s more like a belt that Cassandra pushed down a little to partially cover that sweet butt of hers! I guess she agreed because soon it was just not even necessary, she ended up sliding it all the way down her legs to reveal that booty in all its glory, not to mention those sweet perky breasts of hers after she popped her bra off! Cassandra looks sexy as hell in her bra and skirt but she’s one of those girls who looks even better out of clothes than in them, if you follow me. Some girls just lose a little something when they’re in the nude, like the clothes are supporting or shaping or something and then the truth comes out and whoops! Not the case with Cassandra here though, she’s proud of her body and it looks fantastic, it goes great with that long sexy soft dark hair framing her lovely face.

Dani & Kenna


Dani Daniels and Kenna James

We Live Together went ahead and found themselves a new girl I have never heard of her name is Kenna James.  She of course is having her first lesbian sex experience with a woman this is a straight up pro.  That round big ass you see there is Dani Daniels and she just looks so awesome in lingerie doesn’t she guys?  Dani takes it to Kenna at first having her lay on her back and she licks that perfectly shaven pussy that she has from ass to clit over and over again and she makes Kenna come pretty fast just because she is so turned on by this first time experience.  Then when it’s her time to pleasure Dani, she takes advantage of this newbie sitting on her face and having her lick her ass and then she scissors her and then they finish off in this like side 69 position that is my new favorite for lesbians!

Book Worm


Passion hd book worm

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen brunette knockout Emily Grey in a Passion HD scene but she’s back and is somehow even hotter than ever! This girl is in my opinion at the top of the heap in terms of hotness in the adult industry…an absolute hottie with a perfect sweet smooth round ass and nice perky petite boobies, she’s a vision to behold! In this scene called Book Worm she’s showing her nerdier side, sporting a big thick pair of glasses as she strips out of her striped onesie, tugging on her pigtails and showing off that incredible butt. Emily keeps her legwarmers on (I assume that’s what those are) and looks sexy as hell as she takes the guy’s big dick in her mouth, licking him until he’s rock-hard, then climbing into his lap to ride that cock to orgasm! I can’t imagine the guy would have much trouble getting boned up with that beautiful face staring up at him as he fucked Emily’s face, and sure enough he popped wood instantly to give that tight wet perfect pussy of hers a nice hard pounding! Since she started the scene with glasses on I assumed she’d put them back on before taking a facial to keep from getting cum in those pretty eyes but nope, she rolled the dice and came up a winner here!

Camile Attacks Again


Camile attacks latina on nvg

We’ve seen stunning Latina babe Camile before in her own solo hardcore update on Net Video Girls as well as doing an entry in their Attack series (if you missed the latter it’s right here), and I guess she liked showing the ropes to a newcomer to the site because she’s back again introducing a new hottie! We don’t get to see the introduction in this update so we’re not really sure what the new girl’s name is but she got talked into getting a mouthful of Camile’s pussy pretty easily so I guess this amateur hottie was horny already! The girls make out like lesbians for a bit, stripping each other down and kissing and licking snatch before being joined by the casting director who proceeds to whip out his big hard cock and get a double blowjob. Nobody could pass up those two perfect wet pussies though so he gets the girls to put those sweet asses in the air and fucks them both one after the other! Camile and the new chick both love getting a nice deep dicking and they moan their heads off, going back and forth between making out and getting pounded before working a big load of cum out of that cock! The girls share the facial, letting the guy’s load drip down their cheeks and off their chins. Welcome aboard, new chick!




Utterly stunning blonde babe Gabi here had a habit of hanging out naked in her backyard sitting in the jacuzzi and just relaxing in and out of her bathrobe and apparently her neighbor knew about it! He had a habit of his own, his was to watch Gabi stripping down and hanging out in the buff and whacking his mole…well I guess he was making a little too much noise because Gabi found out about his little voyeur action and decided to drive him crazy, stretching out naked and running her hands over those perky sweet titties and that perfect butt of hers. In this photoshoot you take the role of the voyeur and she’s the exhibitionist, flashing those breasts and just looking like a goddess as she lets her silken bathrobe drop to the ground, stepping into the hot bubbling water and looking you right in the eye.

Kelsi Monroe


Kelsi Monroe

I’m so glad legwarmers are coming back into style…I don’t know what it is about em, they’re just hot as hell especially when the chick is as gorgeous as Kelsi Monroe and is wearing just a skimpy little bikini like in this photoshoot from Hard X! Kelsi shows off that sexy body as she stretches out on the rooftop, doing the splits and flashing that perfect butt before heading inside to meet up with her guy pal who wastes no time before jamming his big hard cock in her pussy, then bending Kelsi over to give her a nice deep anal pounding! Kelsi loves getting that ass of hers worked over, and she takes every inch of this guy’s tool in her rear entrance before he shoots a nice load of cum in her mouth.

Chanell & Monique


Chanell Heart and Monique Symone

You got some really hot black woman in this new Round and Brown scene from Reality Kings.  That round ass on your left here in the red hoodie is Chanell Heart and then on the right you have Monique Symone.  You know me I didn’t make a video of this I am sending you over the my buddies site but you’re going to like what you see.  I wish these two girls worked a little better together, they really just took turns fucking this guys big dick instead of having a threesome.  That’s okay though because there asses are just too damn perfect not to love in this video.  The scene ends with Monique on top riding this guys dick and he is about to cum and is trying to get Monique off of him so he doesn’t cum in her pussy and lucky for him Chanell was there and she wanted that cum.  She takes his dick out of Monique pussy and then sucks his balls dry, I love a hot black slut like Chanell here!

Token Of Love


Token of love on pure mature

This Pure Mature update called Token Of Love starts out on the right note if you ask me, with beautiful newcomer Sasha Sean naked in bed rubbing her big bouncy full titties! She got out of bed and put on a bra and some panties which seems like a bit of a waste of time because her man showed up and ripped em right back off, taking her back into the bed and fucking that sweet wet shaved pussy for this hot hardcore scene! Sasha is a hot and horny MILF with huge tits, a nice juicy spankable ass and a pussy that demands attention and in this Pure Mature scene she gets it fucked hard and deep by that guy’s rock-hard cock! From the looks of things she had been having a sex dream because her pussy was basically instantly wet when the guy showed up and whipped his cock out, dropping his pants and diving into bed with this hot horny mama…I don’t think Sasha has been on Pure Mature before but with an ass like that you can bet she’ll be comin back around for more hardcore fuck scenes like this one! She ends up getting a cumshot that gets all over those big boobs, holding her hair up and out of the way which is just adorable.

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