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Misty Meets Janessa Brazil


Misty gates janessa brazil

Now this is what I call a dream come true…two absolute hotties here, Misty Gates and Janessa Brazil, taking turns tying each other up and stuffing panties in each others’ mouth! I don’t know if they’re just practicing or if they’re living out a lesbian fantasy they each had but man this is red hot…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Janessa Brazil but those big tits of hers are still utter perfection if you ask me! Both of these girls are gorgeous and having them tied up and gagged like this is lookiing just incredible…especially when they lay down on the fur rug with those perfect asses pointing up at us! It’s hard to pick one girl over the other, so it’s a good thing we don’t have to since they’re both naked and horny and exploring their kinky desires in this sexy photoset. Misty looks like she’s loving every second of the fun as she licks and sucks Janessa’s nipples, slipping her hand between her thighs to make her moan right through the panties in her mouth!

Beach Candids


janessa brazil candid beach

Gorgeous and busty Latina hottie Janessa Brazil lives a hell of a life…apart from the legit modeling photos on her website, Janessa is pretty handy with the ol iphone and is snaphappy in her day to day life. Sometimes the candid shots are sexier than the posed shots with all the makeup and lighting and everything like that, if you ask me. Janessa is just downright beautiful and has an incredible body so just taking a shot on her phone looks amazing…in these shots she’s in a beauty competition (winning, of course), hanging out in her bikini with those big boobs bouncing out, and some shots just goofing around in the hotel room showing off her nice round booty for us to enjoy.

Janessa Brazil orange tease


Janessa Brazil teases in orange

There aren’t many women in this world hotter than Janessa Brazil if you ask me…I think it’s those eyes that really do it. She’s got huge beautiful boobs and an incredible ass, but it’s those seductive eyes that really push a guy over the edge. In this update from her own site she’s giving a sexy sensual striptease as she gets nude in the bedroom and shows off every inch of her hot body!

Janessa’s Daisy Dukes


Janessa Brazil daisy dukes

A hot girl usually looks even hotter when she’s wearing a pair of little daisy dukes, and Janessa Brazil is certainly no exception! This exotic stunner looks phenomenal in her tiny shorts with her long dark hair in pigtails and her huge perfect tits peeking out from under her top. Those shorts might be a little tight though, since she takes them off after a few minutes and stretches out, taking photos of her gorgeous ass and that tight shaved pussy in the mirror with her cellphone for us to enjoy here.

Shower Masturbation


Janessa Brazil shower

If you know sexy Brazilian babe Janessa Brazil at all you know she loves to masturbate, and in this update from her own site she’s getting wet and wild for us with a shower head! She strips down and shows off those huge perfect tits before fingering her tight pussy and spraying herself down, buzzing her clit with a waterproof vibrating wand until she moans in ecstasy with a huge orgasm.

Jannesa Lapdance


Janessa Brazil lapdance

Lily Figuera is kind enough to give her girlfriend Janessa Brazil a nice sexy nude lapdance by the pool in this hot lesbian update from Janessa’s own site! These two hotties strip out of their skimpy bikinis before Lily starts dancing and grinding her pussy all over Janessa’s perfect nude body.

Janessa In Purple


Janessa Brazil purple panties

Beautiful Brazilian hottie Janessa Brazil shows her perfect figure in this hot update from her own site as she gives us a tour of her purple panties, letting the camera roll up and down over those huge gorgeous breasts and her incredible ass. If you haven’t already guessed, I think this girl is just mind meltingly hot.

Dildo Ball Sex


Janessa Brazil dildo ball

I don’t know where Janessa Brazil found this crazy dildo ball but it looks like she’s having a damn good time with it! She licks that fake cock up and down, wrapping her pouty full lips around it before saddling up and bouncing that tight pussy up and down on it! It looks like she could just bounce down the street riding it, hopefully she films that too.

Easter Bunny Cums


Janessa Brazil on easter

Easter is here and Janessa Brazil is busy bringing her own brand of cheer to the holiday! She’s got her bunny ears on and a tiny sexy little string bikini that she wastes no time in pulling aside to show off her huge lovely titties and that incredible ass that we all love so much.

Janessa Is Waiting


Janessa Brazil Waiting

I just really like this gallery from Janessa Brazil because you get to see her riding on a cock.  I wish she would just do it for real, maybe someday maybe not.  Either way she really knows how to talk dirty which is good enough for me.  You guys are able to chat with her live over webcam every single week if your a member of her site.  Back to this gallery, in it you get to see her beautiful naked body and then in the video she is riding a big dildo cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

Janessa White Dress


White Goddess

Janessa Brazil is really anxious to hear what you think of her new white dress. I’m quite sure you’re going to love it, it’s very pretty, fits very tightly on her awesome body, and it’s short enough that every time she moves you get a great view of her pretty white panties. Quiet an ensemble.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012


Janessa Brazil St. Patricks Day

I was so close to forgetting to hook you guys up with Janessa Brazil’s St. Patrick’s Day update and it’s a good one!  Janessa Brazil in this one takes a dildo and rides it every which way and is even able to have a orgasm while doing it.  I wonder if Janessa is one of those special girls who are able to have a orgasm from penetration.

Booty Shorts


Janessa Brazil Booty Shorts

I have a nice gallery for you guys today from Janessa Brazil.  She is wearing some Brazilian booty shorts that make that round ass of hers look awesome.  In the video you get to see her using a sex rocker.  It’s basically this sex toy that simulates riding dick, so you get to see Janessa’s skills in that area.  Let me tell you it’s Legend wait for it DARY!

Janessa Purple


Janessa Brazil Purple See Thru

This is Janessa Brazil in like a all matching purple get up.  She has the shoes that match her sexy little dress, and panties that match that.  I think its more lingerie then anything else because its completely see through!  In the video you get to see Janessa using a huge dildo on herself and a magic wand vibrator to get her clit while she fucks her pussy.  The video cuts off right as she is orgasming, but I saw the entire video and seeing Janessa orgasm is something every man has to see in his life trust me!

Janessa Glass Dildo


Janessa Brazil Glass Dildo

I really love these tan lines on Janessa Brazil in this gallery she is looking hot as hell!  She is also using a little glass dildo on herself in the video and in the picture gallery.  its pretty rare that I have matching pictures to a video for Janessa but today I do some I hope you dude check it out.

Janessa Masturbates


Janessa Candids

I have a bunch of candid pictures for you guys here from Janessa Brazil a couple of them look like her at a convention.  Then I have her laying out in the sun in others, as well as in the video you get to see her masturbating with a big dildo!

Janessa Waits


Janessa Brazil Bed Nudes

I have a nice little gallery for you guys of Janessa Brazil naked in her bed covering herself with her silk sheets and at the end giving you a perfect view of her nude body.  I love Janessa’s tanlines they are so hot and I mean you kind of expect them on a Brazilian woman.  The video on this gallery is of her giving someone a massage, and they make each other cum during it which was really hot to see.

Janessa Anal


Janessa Brazil Tanline Ass

I have a little anal masturbation scene for you guys of Janessa Brazil.  The pictures in the gallery however are all shot from her cell phone so they are very amateur but still hot.  She basically just tries on a bunch of sexy clothes and takes a picture with a tit out or something.  Janessa really has it all with her round ass and those big tits of hers.  She has ran her own site for sometime now so there is a ton of content in the members area making it worth every penny.

Dawn & Janessa


Janessa Brazil and Dawn Avril

This is a hot lesbian gallery of Janessa Brazil and Dawn Avril.  The scene is available on both of their sites so pick which ever one you like more and join their site to get access to this full video.  Dawn kind of takes control of Janessa at the start pushing her down so she will start eating her out.  Janessa Brazil does a great job making Dawn cum pretty face and then she gets what she gave in return from Dawn Avril.  Janessa Brazil turns around doggystyle and Dawn licks her ass and pussy until Janessa quivers with a hard orgasm.

Wheel House


Janessa Brazil Wheel House

That is one fine piece of ass for you guys to enjoy and this gallery from Janessa Brazil has a lot of ass pictures because well she has a amazing butt and I can’t help but only pick booty pictures.  Here she is on the Captain’s deck of a boat with nothing on showing what its like to look at her from behind.

Bikini Janessa


Janessa’s bikini

Here we have superstar Janessa Brazil preparing for the summer by seeing what the local guys think of her new bikinis. She tries a couple of the out and considering we had to bring in extra security to make sure the shoot didn’t get overrun by horny guys I think she chose well.

Candid Pics


Janessa chillaxing

It’s not always about the nudes, sometimes we just want to see that our favorite stars look as good during their time off as they do during their shoots. Janessa Brazil most certainly does, as you can see for yourself in this spread. Don’t worry, she shows off some skin too, just for you.

Janessa Erotica


Janess Brazil Outside

I have a very erotic gallery for you guys from Janessa Brazil.  She is just outside reading in a plain white shirt with no bra underneath and no panties on as well.  Janessa lets her tits fall out of the top as well as spreading her legs so you can get a peak at that Latina pussy of hers.  The video you can check out is of her using a dildo to fuck her big round tits, and then it splatters some cum on her at the end of the video pretty hot.

Janessa Gold Skirt


Janessa’s dress

Janessa Brazil bought a sexy gold dress and she decided to model it for us. As usual, she looked absolutely stunning, but we wanted to see a little more, and managed to talk her into taking it off for us and letting us see her perfect breasts and taut nipples. It was a good day.

Janessa Rides


Janessa Brazil Ass

I don’t think I have ever posted a Janessa Brazil gallery but I saw a gallery of her and I was just like damn why don’t I she is fucking hot!  In this gallery she has sexy little panties on this very loose shirt that she takes off to show us those nice round tits and that perfect pussy of hers.  I however do like her ass the most I mean she is Brazilian and you know those Brazilian chicks have amazing asses!

Exotic Janessa


Janessa’s body

Janessa Brazil is taking the scene by storm with her hot body and beautiful coffee colored skin. She’s definitely the kind of girl you want to drop to your knees and worship for awhile. Make sure to bring offerings of cunnilingus and semen, lest you call down her godly wrath.

Janessa & Idelsy


Hello lesbians!

Please ladies, ignore the cameras and just focus on touching each other panties. I’ll bet you like the way they feel, don’t you? You can touch each others breasts too, if you really want. I don’t think anyone here will mind. Also you might want to taste each other’s pussies. Just a suggestion.

Janessa Babe


Janessa’s a snow angel

Ever wanted to see Janessa Brazil rolling around naked in the snow with her nipples all hard and ready to be sucked on? Me too! And now you can, just check out this gallery and enjoy great views of her luscious body, she’s completely nude and she’s horny as a schoolgirl.

Beautiful Janessa


Janessa Brazil

I always love getting to see Jenessa Brazil. She’s one of my favorite girls out there and she not only has nothing against showing off every inch of her skin, but she always does a lot of different galleries and there’s always more than just one photo of her that leaves me breathless for more.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa's Bikini

As if Janessa Brazil couldn’t get any hotter, she goes and tops herself again. In a new gallery from her personal site, Janessa poses in a dress-like blue bikini, but because Janessa knows just what you want, she takes it all off, revealing those big tits and hot ass of hers.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa's Valentines

Janessa is all about giving. Giving great views of her big tits and hot ass, giving out nudes to her fans, and making special Valentine’s galleries just for you! Check out this hot gallery of Janessa posing on a rose petal covered bed in some sexy pink and ruffled up lingerie!

Janessa Brazil Nude


Janessa's bikini

Janessa Brazil could make a canvas sack look sexy. Here we get to see her in a bright yellow bikini, and then only in a set of turquoise beads that compliment her skin tone in a way that can only be described as slightly intoxicating. I think Janessa’s ass and big tits get better each time I see them.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil and Love Gisele

Love Gisele is a model I’m pretty familiar with, but I’m not that used to seeing her with Janessa Brazil. This sexy duo makes pool time seem even more fun than a solo girl. Teasing each other with whipped cream from their drinks, they get frisky and play with each others big tits.

Bikini Janessa Brazil


Twistys Janessa

Looks like Twistys is ready for a get away on the Brazilian strip. Giving us a tropical strip tease, Janessa teasingly strips out of her red bikini. She clearly enjoys showing off her firm tits and bald pussy. This incredibly hot and erotic babe even plays with a vibrator while fingering herself.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

I’ve posted white girls, black girls, brown girls, you name it here on Image Post, but I have never once in my life actually seen a purple girl. Janessa Brazil is certainly feeling adventurous here, covering herself in body paint! I do have to admit that while purple is kind of exciting, I think that I like her without paint better.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

The question posed in this gallery is “do college girls spread their legs?”, and in Janessa Brazil’s case, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only does she spread her legs wide in the dorm room at Face Down Ass Up University, she bends over to show off her magnificent ass to us. Those fishnets can barely hold that sweet ass!

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil and Love Gisele

This is a pretty hot set is it not!  Its of Janessa Brazil and Love Gisele I am actually sending you to a site that has a lot of galleries of both its a model director called Nud3.  They have a collection of a lot of pornstars with a lot of porn videos pictures everything.  there is no redirects its just a awesome site give it a look.  I love in this picture how Love Gisele is looking at the camera doing the picture set and Janessa Brazil is just like fuck that and is looking at Gisele’s tits pretty funny.

Janessa Brazil Orgasm


Janessa Brazil

This is a gallery of Janessa Brazil but its not on her site its actually over at Face Down Ass Up University.  They have a bunch of different girls together like Rachel Sexton, Janessa Brazil and then two other girls.  They all get oil and then start playing with each other.  I actually only picked the pictures with Janessa Brazil in them because I love those round hard tits and her perfect fit body.  She plays with Rachel Sexton and then gets the magic wand and gives herself a real orgasm.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

My goodness, what’s happened to Janessa Brazil? Has she run afoul of the law? No, actually, those bars are just part of a staircase. I was going to say, if she was in jail then she wouldn’t be able to keep up with doing her weekly webcam shows, much less taking new pictures of herself. I can’t decide if I like her huge boobs or her big ass better, but as long as she keeps showing off both, I won’t have to decide!

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

Janessa Brazil is a girl that I would have expected to be seeing a lot more of than I do these days. It’s not like her site has closed up or anything, she’s still taking plenty of pictures and still does her webcam shows, I guess there just aren’t enough people that know about her? Here at the Image Post office, we’re all big fans of her, and this set of her in a sexy purple bikini was well received. I especially like the way it shows that Latina ass off.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

I use a lot of cliches here sometimes, but I must say, I think that Janessa Brazil really is worth her weight in gold. I’m sure she doesn’t weigh that much, because she has a really nice body, but it’s the thought that counts, not the exact wording. I don’t really know the right words to describe how hot I think she looks, actually, she’s got those great big tits and of course as a Brazilian girl, she has a terrific ass.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

I’ve seen a lot of sites posting Janessa Brazil, and god damn, can you blame them? One look at that big Brazilian ass and any mortal man would be hooked on her. Just look at the smoldering gaze that she’s giving us in some of these pictures, doesn’t it just blow your pants right off?

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

Class is in session today on Image Post, and your professor for this class will be Ms. Janessa Brazil! She’s definitely dressed for success, with glasses and stockings and really sexy lingerie, and frankly, I would be remiss in my pun-making duties if I didn’t drop the phrase “classy ass” at least once.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

Sweet Jesus, look at the ass on this girl. I am a boob man primarily and she has a heck of a nice rack, but good lord, that ass is the kind of thing that ancient Greeks would have written epic ballads about. This Janessa Brazil girl, she’s the real deal for sure.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

First class ass! That’s just one of the phrases that I could use to describe Janessa Brazil if I was so inclined. Another phrase I might use is “a girl I would like to have tied up on her knees in my basement right now”, but that just wouldn’t be very classy, and this is some classy ass. And round, and big, and probably bouncy. Dang.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

Janessa Brazil is a sexy solo girl from… Brazil! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Then I got one good look at her ass and well, yeah, then it was a little easier to believe. That round ass is going to get posted a lot here on Image Post, and she’s got really nice tits too!

Janessa Face Down Ass Up



That is a Brazilian ass your looking at the girls name is Janessa and she is posing for a website called Face Down Ass Up University.  In this picture set Janessa is doing some upskirt shots of her nice pussy after she takes off her panties that say all you can eat.  Janessa has a nice small little pussy that you are all going to love.

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