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Jolina Ford


Jolina Ford

Jolina Ford is about to make you drop your jaw and your pants faster than a cat’s meow with this photoshoot from Show Girlz Exclusive! This busty beauty is hanging out in her pink haltertop and thong panties (I think that’s a halter top right? Man I don’t know these things) and is shaking those huge beautiful breasts of hers, grabbing them and pushing them together as if she didn’t already have incredible cleavage. Between her big tits and beautiful face you’re bound to be seduced by this babe and that’s before she even seals the deal with an amazing round juicy booty!

Kia Chanel


Kia Chanel Show Girlz Exclusive

Meet absolutely stunning mocha-skinned beauty Kia Chanel as she poses for Show Girlz Eclusive! Besides her beautiful face she has a totally bangin body, it’s a shame we don’t get to see her entirely naked because she has panties on and a hand-bra going on in these shots, but maybe that’s part of her allure…there’s a certain mystique about her that maybe wouldn’t be there if she was just completely nude, hard to say. That doesn’t make me want to see those amazing titties any less though, I tell you what.



Camilla Show Girlz Exclusive

I am posting this because yes Camilla is smoking hot I mean look at those big natural tits of hers!  The exotic look, I love it!  The real win though is seeing this video that BabeUnion put together.  It’s the super hot series of a bunch of different Show Girlz Exclusive models.  I won’t name them all because that would take too much of my time, you guys can google them if you want to find more.  You can check out my category for them or BabeUnion’s.  I don’t really care we both have dope sites, I might be a little bias.  This scene was shot for Black Lingerie #18 a series that Show Girlz Exclusive has had for some time now as you can probably tell from their being 18 of them haha!

Brittania Booty


Brittania on Show Girlz Exclusive

Exotic long haired hottie Brittania has a hell of a body and has been dying to show it off, so when she got the opportunity to pose for a site like Show Girlz Exclusive she pretty much jumped at the chance! I think we can all agree that it’s a damn good thing she did, too…take a look at this beautiful mocha-skinned woman with that round sexy ass, big full breasts and heavenly hips and see what you think. There aren’t many men out there who could say no to a butt like that.

Miracle Watts


Miracle watts on sge

Seeing a girl like Miracle Watts just makes a guy happy…she’s gorgeous from head to toe with sexy dark skin, big round titties, an incredible juicy booty and to top it all off she’s got crazy multicolored hair that just screams ‘I love being a naughty girl’. She doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own but she’s more than happy to share that amazing body of hers with us in this Show Girlz Exclusive photoshoot! This ebony babe has stunning curves and an undeniable sex appeal, so instead of a big elaborate set all she needed prop-wise was a glass stool and a big purple backdrop. Done and done.

Sophia Body


Sophia Body Show Girlz Exclusive

Look at that ASS!  Holy shit that is epic.  Her name is Sophia Body LOL!  I think that is the only name Show Girlz Exclusive could give her because this girl has one of the best bodies ever.  I means he has that hour glass figure as you can see a ass that is so big I bet she can’t even find jeans that fit her.  If that wasn’t enough how about the fact that sh ehas some big tits!  I can not confirm or deny if they’re real but for those of you who are members to Show Girlz Exclusive maybe you can give me the answer.

Viantha Foxx


Viantha Foxx Show Girlz Exclusive

I just had to hook you guys up with a babe today… This girl is from Show Girlz Exclusive if you can’t tell just by that white background.  Another give away to me is this girl has a perfect round ass and I am positive that 90% of the girls that go on Show Girlz Exclusive have great asses.  These guys are the only site you should check out if you like exotic woman or just straight up hot babes.  The girl who is pictured in this gallery is Viantha Foxx and she is thick and sexy as hell, enjoy!

Beautiful April


Beautiful April Show Girlz Exclusive

This girl is fucking hot isn’t she?  Her name is fucking Beautiful April for gods sake I mean it just couldn’t be more true.  The only problem I have with this Show Girlz Exclusive gallery is that first there isn’t more pictures of her and second where the hell are her nipples!  I wonder if they had to photoshop them out or if she is wearing some kind of pasties or something.  There is one thing that I am sure of and that’s her tits are all natural and that in itself is amazing.  I mean just look how small she is!  She shouldn’t have tits as amazing as this yet she does.

Show Girlz Exclusive Brooke D


Show Girlz Exclusive Brooke D

She definitely has a pretty face but I think we can all stop kidding outselves here…the real star of this Show Girlz Exclusive photo update is of course Brooke D’s incredible big round smooth gorgeous ass! This ebony babe is packing some serious heat in her back seat and she knows how to show it to her best advantage, as you can see. The rest of her is no slouch, but man that butt just makes you want to dive in facefirst doesn’t it?

Airykah Kane


Airykah Kane Show Girlz Exclusive

I am going to hook you guys up with a girl with be best hour glass figure I have ever seen!  Her name is Airykah Kane and she has great natural tits and just a beautiful thick body.  That hour glass figure isn’t all she has to offer if she turned around you would see one amazing perfect round bubble butt.  I mean this girl is fucking hot!  She is a exclusive to a site called Show Girlz Exclusive that that has so many babes it will blow your fucking mind.  Just like how Apple put the phone jack at that bottom of their phone, it’s that mind blowing.

Alison Tyler


Alison Tyler Show Girlz Exclusive

Alison Tyler is quite a beautiful babe no wonder that Show Girlz Exclusive asked her to come on their site.  They got her completely naked and took some really sexy glamour shots of her.  It looks like Show Girlz Exclusive has a couple of pornstars the shot recently just from looking in their members area.  You guys should really join right now because you can join for 38 dollars for an entire YEAR I shit you not!



Noelle Show Girlz Exclusive

This plump black ass belongs to a girl named Noelle.  She is a amateur female model getting her start and it’s with Show Girlz Exclusive.  These guys find babes that you just don’t find anywhere else.  They also do these sexy series and this photo shoot comes from one of those called Black Lingerie #16.  Noelle along with a bunch of other hot models get dressed in black lingerie or little black thongs like Noelle has on and take pictures against a white backdrop so you get to only focus on their beautiful bodies.

Jeny Romero


Jeny Romero Show Girlz Exclusive

I have a nice little gallery for you guys from Show Girlz Exclusive featuring one of those perfect 10 babes if you know what I am saying!  This girls name is Jeny Romero and she has a gorgeous thick plump ass and it just looks sexy as hell in this little black g-string.  The gallery is from Black Lingerie #16.  Its basically a series where they put super hot girls like jeny here is gorgeous linger and take video and pictures of it.

Kelly Show Girlz


show girlz exclusive kelly divine

Kelly Devine has a magnificent big butt. There, I said it, we can all go home and masturbate to it now…it’s seriously amazing, check out these photos from Show Girlz Exlusive as she poses in a skimpy thong! Kelly sits on a little stool but her ass is so mighty it can’t just sit on top of a stool, it has to blast out from it.



Sin Show Girlz Exclusive

This is from a update Show Girlz Exclusive did called ShowGirlz Latina 2.  They always have these different type of updates whether it be black lingerie or webgems.  I just think they have so many hot girls wanting to shoot for them that they just fit them in wherever they can.  Not all of the girls get naked on their site but when you see how hot they are you can understand why they just take what they can get when they shoot them.  I would rather see a perfect 10 wearing a thong and bra then nothing at all you know what I am saying?  I almost forgot to mention this girls name it’s Sin, seductive I know.

Alissa Ross


Alissa Ross Show Girlz Exclusive

I told you that I was posting some hot ass babes today well am I telling the truth or what?  This gorgeous babe comes from Show Girlz Exclusive once again because well I just love that site!  Her name is Alissa Ross and she is just straight up banging.  you get to see her in different little thongs and g-strings just to tease you.  You don’t always need to see a girl naked you know sometimes the tease is better.



Tiya From Show Girlz Exclusive

I have a nice big fat black ass for you guys from a babes site you all know and love Show Girlz Exclusive.  This is just a really small gallery but I made the thumbs big for you guys.  It’s all about Tiya and that big ass of hers she is wearing nothing but this little black thong and those sexy fishnet stockings that you see in this image.



Show Girlz Exclusive Rachel

This sexy Asian honey is named Rachel and she’s rocking the house for Show Girlz Exclusive! If you’re a fan of big round boobs and a bodaciously sexy booty you’re in for a treat as you peruse these hot photos and watch Rachel strip out of her bikini top and skimpy little thong.

Draya Michelle


Draya Michelle Show Girlz Exclusive

This is for all those people who just like to see really hot babes either naked or scantly clad like Draya Michelle here.  My favorite site to find this time of porn is Show Girlz Exclusive.  I am not sure you can actually call it porn though its more just erotic nudes / teasing type of stuff.  The girls they have are seriously incredible though.  Draya here changing through a couple of outfits and shows off her slender body that still has some pretty great curves.

Diznee Returns


Diznee Show Girlz Exclusive

I just back in with Show Girlz Exclusive from time to time and try to just post galleries when I find a girl that is super hot.  I saw this girl here and was like damn she is banging so that’s when you know I am posting them.  The girls name is Diznee and she looks incredible when she is wearing a bikini, she is one of those chicks who as she passed your head would turn and there isn’t anything you could do about that, it’s just instinct!



Casey Show Girlz Exclusive

You don’t get to see so many just pure babe galleries on this site these days but that’s where we began way back when so I like to pay homage to that every once in a while.  This gallery is from my favorite babe site there is Show Girlz Exclusive.  This apple bottom belongs to a model named Casey who is looking like a 1950 throw back pinup model.  Show Girlz Exclusive is my favorite site because all the girls they have are super hot and I would say like 85% of them have amazing asses and nice big tits, that’s pretty impressive!

Kim Lee


Show Girlz Exclusive Kim Lee

Kim Lee sounds like a kung fu action star’s name and she looks like she could kick some ass in this Show Girlz Exclusive gallery! This Asian beauty is posing in a couple of bikinis that make her huge beautiful titties look even better than normal, it’s not even fair.

Kapri Styles


Kapri Styles Show Girlz Exclusive

This beautiful ass is connected to the gorgeous body of Karpi Styles who you guys get to see on Show Girlz Exclusive.  This is like my babe update for you guys who like babes and not hardcore stuff because that’s all I seem to post anymore.  With that being said Kapri here is defintely hot as hell and I just wish I could see that ass shaking becuase with her tattoos on each of her butt cheeks I think you could really see the motion better then if there was no tattoos.



Diznee Show Girlz Exclusive

This girls name is Diznee and she is part of the Show Girlz Exclusive Celeb category on their site.  I am not sure if she is famous in real life or she was just the members favorite model or something.  It might also be like a hall of fame for the hottest woman they have ever had on their site.  I am looking at the category now and that’s what it would seem like to me.  Anyways, Diznee is freaking hot she has a perfect round ass and a very exotic look that I just love.

Kristina James


Hot Body

Kristina James stripping naked is definitely a sight none of us want to miss, so be sure and tune in to this gallery to get your fill of her. She’s got a perfect body and could be a super-model if she wasn’t so fond of stripping naked and letting everyone touch her pretty pussy.

Laura Showering


larua dore show girlz exclusive

Have you ever seen a better ass then this fella’s? Well it belongs to a really hot babe named Laura Dore and if you like her you have to check out Show Girlz Exclusive because they have a ton of pictures and videos of her. This scene is completely in the shower and as you can see she gets naked like everyone else does when they are taking one.

Jenna Shae


Naughty Nurse

I’m not so into the naughty nurse thing myself but I know a lot of you are and that’s why I’m happy to bring you Jenna Shae dressed as one sexy little medical worker. She’s liable to stick you to take some blood but she’s a fair play kind of girl and she’ll definitely let you stick her back.



Hurley Show Girlz Exclusive

It has been a while since I posted just a straight up babe gallery so I thought I would give you Hurley here from my favorite “babe” site Show Girlz Exclusive.  I don’t think those big perky tits are actually natural but who cares she has a banging body and a super pretty face what more could you ask for really.

Jessica Vaugn


Beautiful Vaugn

Jessica Vaugn’s gorgeous body is on display in this one and you don’t want to miss a single image. They’re all incredibly erotic and Jessica clearly knows how to work the camera to maximum effect. I would worship this girl night and day and start wars to claim her for my own.

Jennifer Beltrae


Show Girlz Exclusive Jennifer

This beautiful exotic babe is Jennifer Beltrae and she is just one of the many reasons I love this site Show Girlz Exclusive.  They always have very exotic babes like Jennifer here and you just don’t see any other site like this.  I have a video on this gallery that isn’t of Jennifer but shows some of the other Ebony beauties that Show Girlz Exclusive has on their site.



Kathy Show Girlz Exclusive

Here is a fine ass I wanted to share with you guys today her name is Kathy.  If you can’t tell by the background the site she is posing on is Show Girlz Exclusive probably the number one babe site on the Internet.  She has such a gorgeous body and you get to see in in nothing but a tiny little thong at one point during the pictures, and like most girls on Show you get to see video if you are a member of their site.

Envy That Ass


Envy Show Girlz Exclusive

This girls name is Envy and with a body like that how can you not!  This girl is smoking hot and you can only see galleries of her over at Show Girlz Exclusive.  If you have never checked out their site before I suggest you do it because man do they have some hot chicks and you just don’t see them anywhere else!

Jessica Burciaga


Show Girlz Exclusive Jessica Burciaga

I thought it would be a good time to post a gallery of Jessica Burciaga being that her name is flying around that she was the one who broke up Kobe Bryant and his wifes marriage.  I mean his wife is seriously hot but I don’t think she is hotter then Jessica Burciaga at least when he cheat his moves up the chain of hotness you know.  This gallery is from Show Girlz Exclusive a site that really only has like the top babes in the world I mean they have Jessica don’t they?

Sexy Laura Dore


Laura Dore Nude

Here is a nice gallery from Show Girlz Exclusive a serious babe site for those babe lovers out there.  Laura Dore is playing the part of the car babe if you know what I am saying and man does she play that part well!

Laura Dore Bikini


Laura Dore Show Girlz Exclusive

I don’t think a man can ever get tired of looking at Laura Dore perfect round ass!  This scene is from Show Girlz Exclusive one of the few places that actually have content of this babe.  She is posing in her bikini never actually getting naked but a girl this hot doesn’t even have to because seeing her butt crack and cleavage is enough for me!

JMAX Lingerie



This girls name is JMAX and I think if you have a name like that it’s all capitals all the time!  She is a gorgeous babe with a nice round ass and she looks really hot in this lingerie that Show Girlz Exclusive has her in.  I love the red hair too I know its not natural but it just looks really good on her wouldn’t you guys agree?

SG Exclusive


Coco in heels

Coco’s showing off her sexy new heels. She’s not wearing much else, by the way, so if by some chance you wanted to see her naked this might be the place to visit! She’s a busty blonde hottie who knows how to properly wear a thong. I’ll be dreaming about her tonight.

Marisa and Vanessa


Marisa elise

This is a really good looking gallery from Show Girlz Exlusive it features two different models the one you see here is Marisa Elise and then there is another chick named Vanessa Veasley who you will also see.  Show Girlz Exclusive have really hot babes, they don’t always get naked but sometimes seeing a ass like this is enough if you know what I am saying.

L.A. Brown


Ebony goddess

Ebony girls don’t get nearly enough love in the industry. Beautiful, exotic, with great bodies to show off or even let you use, they definitely need more time in the spotlight. Today we’re bringing you one of the hotter ones we’ve found out there. Enjoy her big tits and perfect ass.

Sweet Yvette


Yvette likes to fuck

This is Yvette and she likes sex. Men and women are both welcome to come say hello, have a little coffee, maybe get a bit of oral or anal action going with her. She’s willing to try anything and with that smoking hot body I’m sure we’re all going to do everything to her.

Vanessa Veasley


Vanessa Veasley

A exotic babe with a perfect round ass wearing stocking I don’t know if it can get any better!  This is Vanessa Veasley and she is posing in these very sexy pictures for Show Girlz Exclusive.  If you have never checked out their site before do it!  They have so many hot babes I just love browsing it all to see them.  If you don’t like just pictures don’t worry they have video in their members area too.

Laura Dore


Lauara Dore Show Girlz Exclusive

This is a gallery of a really hot babe who’s name is Laura Dore and all the photos come from a site called Show Girlz Exclusive who basically have the hottest women you will ever see.  Its like the ultimate babes and I seriously encourage all you guys who like “babes” to go to this site and check out all the girl they have to offer.

Laura Dore


Laura’s ass

Laura Dore knows her ass is her best asset (no pun intended) and she’s putting it to good work, tempting men to come give it the kind of hard fucking she feels it deserves. We can’t argue with her, and highly encourage any interested males to whip it out and blow a load in her honor.

Alana Marie


Dark beauty

Alana Marie has exotic good looks and when you take that beautiful face and body of hers, dress her up in some cute panties, and put her in front of a camera, the result is always going to be magic. She dominates this set with her awe-inspiring presence. Come check it out.

Uldouz Wallace


Hot Panties

Uldouz Wallace knows she looks great in lingerie and she’s modeling various panties for us today. This is the sort of thing that gets men really worked up and we kept having to take breaks to step outside and cool off, just being in her presence is enough to keep you rock hard.

Rosie Black


Perfect ass, pretty panties

Rosie Black’s ass is a work of art. I’m pretty sure any of us would step up and offer to paint it for her. Okay, that was a bad pun, but seriously, the girl is a goddess and she’s wearing some cute black panties that frame her ass so perfectly you’ll be seeing it in your dreams.



Draya’s a star

Draya has wanted to be a star since she was very young, but it’s hard to break into Hollywood. Thankfully she has an amazing body, is well aware of it, and isn’t afraid to show it off. Until she lands that big movie gig she wants so badly, showing us her pussy will be paying the bills.

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