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Back In The Pool


Back In The Pool

Spring is here in full swing and it’s even starting to feel a little like summer once in awhile…and that means it’s almost time to head back to the swimming pool and spend some more time outside! Nighttime becomes a little more about getting out and havig fun and a little less about bundling up and hiding by the fire, so to speak. Sexy Pattycake here just can’t wait anymore and one night she decided it was time to hit the pool so she threw on her favorite candy-striped bikini and headed outside while her guy pal shot some video and photos of her! I can’t blame him for that, that’s for sure; she’s got big perfect tits that look incredible in a bikini and man oh man just look at that ass of hers. Imagine you were swimming in a pool and a girl got out of the water with an ass like that in your face, you’d have to wait in the water for like an hour for your boner to die down! Sexy Pattycake doesn’t mind being stared at though, she seems to love an audience…

Breathtaking Bikini


Bikini hottie

So if you haven’t ever checked it out, and I would smack you in the head if you haven’t, Ernie’s House of Whoopass is quite the site. Pretty much every day Ernie posts, writing about whatever the hell he wants to write about and linking to things whether they be cool items on sale or just interesting bits of information (in this update for instance he devotes a whole section to the filming of Waterworld. To keep things interesting he also sprinkles in pictures of gorgeous amateur girls, usually flashing tits and ass or hanging out in lingerie or whatever…sometimes he makes them a bit of a scavenger hunt, asking his loyal legions of readers to take a look at the picture and email him with guesses as to when and where they were taken or about a specific item. The drop dead gorgeous chick in the bikini with the perfect tits that I used just above for the thumbnail, for instance, he wanted to know where the banner on the right came from…he thought it was an alcohol brand but as it turned out, it was a phone company’s logo in reverse. Anyway she’s got great tits am I right?

Pookies Favorite Bikini


Pookie party allstars

Is this chick’s name really Pookie? I guess it’s no worse than Snooki, and it’s undeniably adorable which works well for this chick because she’s cute as hell! In this photoshoot from Party Allstar she’s showing off her favorite bikini, and I’ve gotta say she’s got some pretty good taste…she’s got nice big tits that look great in the tight little white top, and that fantastic ass of hers is put on a pedestal with those cute white bottoms she’s got on. I don’t know if she’s Latina or just has a sort of sexy exotic look with that long flowing dark hair, all I know is that this girl is seriously smokin hot and looks amazing in a little string bikini! It serves as a nice reminder that summer is just around the corner…Pookie can’t wait until the temperatures start to climb and the sun peeks out so she can show this bikini off ‘in the wild’ so to speak, strutting her stuff on a crowded beach and turning every head as she passes by! Hopefully next time this girl is around she’ll let that bikini hit the floor, I know everybody out there on the net would love to see those big breasts and that nice sexy ass of hers out in the open instead of hidden away behind a thin layer of stretchy tight fabric.

Stairway Candy


Sexy pattycake stairway candy cane

When you’ve got a sweet tooth like the one beautiful redhead Sexy Pattycake has, sometimes you just can’t control when and where a snack attack will strike! In this photoshoot from her own website she’s on the stairway eating a candy cane, licking it up and down and sucking the flavor out, showing off those big perfect boobs and her nice round juicy booty in her red bikini! She looks like she’s getting ready for summer with a sexy new bikini but this is a pretty winter-holiday-themed shoot if you ask me with the candycane and the snowflakes on her bikini. Patty has a blast year-round though and doesn’t seem to give a rats ass what the calendar says; if she gets a hankering to put on a bikini it could be the middle of July or the middle of December, she doesn’t care she just loves to have a good time! Luckily for us she’s always down to share her sexy alone-times with the world, setting up a camera and getting plenty of photos and videos.

Abigail Mac


Abigail Mac

Spring is peeking its head around the corner which means Summer isn’t too far behind…Abigail Mac here is getting a jumpstart on the warm weather by taking advantage of a sunny day and relaxing by the pool in her bikini! At a time when a lot of the US is covered in snow Abigail is just sittin pretty, literally, even getting into the water a bit and then masturbating for us…I get the feeling that water is a little bit colder than she’s letting on, though, if those nipples of hers are any indication! She’s got nice big tits, a fantastic ass and of course a beautiful face, pretty much just the body you want to see sporting a sexy pink bikini if you ask me!

Helena De Sesa


Helena de sesa on zishy

Now, I know the high-waisted shorts are all in style now but I seriously don’t get why they’re popular…it’s like momjeans but cutoffs and if you ask me they’re fucking hideous and are a damn shame when they’re worn by a chick with a great ass like Helena De Sesa here! She starts out in her uglyshorts but hang in there fellas, soon she slips them off and reveals a very sexy little bikini as she hangs out by a hotel pool. Apparently, according to the Zishy photographer they got interrupted by a security guard but unlike 99% of the time this guy was cool and let them keep shooting, even keeping watch for them so nobody would stumble on them while the guy shot these red hot photos of Helena in her little swimsuit! She teases us like crazy but that’s the Zishy style…Helena has those nice sweet big round tits that look amazing in her bikini especially when she grabs them with both hands. She’s also got a nice round juicy ass that she flashes, pulling her bikini down to give a tantalizing glimpse at that sweet butt before heading inside to take a shower! Zishy shoots always show the girl’s personality as well as her hotness and we get a nice look at Helena’s shy but still adventurous inner self here in these very sexy shots that keep a little to the imagination.

Taylor Vixen


Taylor Vixen

So hey how’s the weather out where you are? Pretty shitty right? Yeah, here too. Well don’t fret, you can live it up like it’s summer with this photoshoot featuring the lovely Taylor Vixen in her bikini! She’s got her zebra print swimsuit on that is barely holding those big tits in check, and soon it’s not even doing that as she gets naked to take in a little sun! Taylor gets naked on her patio chair, kicking out those long smooth creamy legs and letting her hands wander down her torso between her thighs to touch her sweet tight pussy…looks like Taylor’s got her afternoon all figured out, so turn up the heat in your house and lay back and relax along with her!

Running The Wings



This my friends is what we call ‘running the wings’…see these two amateur friends up top? They’re just two pals, maybe sisters maybe just friends, on vacation somewhere warm and sunny and you know they’re both on the lookout for a little action. The thing is, the blonde chick on the left is like ten times as hot so she gets all the attention so the girl on the right has to run the wings…she gets the castoffs, the dudes who come in 2nd  place, the guys who just can’t quite get up the cojones to talk to that knockout on the left (just look at those tits and those hips!). She’s not ugly by any means, she’s got a cute face and a decent body it’s just that by comparison to Lefty there she just falls short…she seems a little glum about that fact too, judging by the look on her face. Oh well wingrunner, you just keep on scoopin up the easy pickins and have a time of it! Hopefully their vacation went well all around. This photo comes to you from Double Viking, they’ve got tons of pictures of hotties and articles about fun stuff, it’s a great place to spend awhile when you’ve got some time to kill at work or whatever!

Emma Leigh


Emma Leigh

Sexy busty stunner Emma Leigh was relaxing by the pool in her crazy bikini but after taking a dip and getting wet she found out she was getting wet in her pussy too so she busted out a big black vibrator to fuck herself with! That bikini is nuts, it’s covered with little pink spikes, can you imagine feeling that against your face? It would be a battle between weird-feeling spikes and amazing-feeling titties…Emma’s rack is magnificent! She gets naked in this photoshoot so we get to see those big boobs and her sweet round ass, sliding her dildo up between her big titties before sliding it inside her tight shaved pussy…she can hold the toy between her boobs without using her hands, which is a pretty good party trick. I’m not sure when she slipped on those knee-high boots, if she got into the water wearing them she’s gonna be squishing at every step! This photoset has a bunch of surprises in store, there’s something new to check out every time you look!

Coco Rose Returns


Coco rose zishy bikini

We saw beautiful Coco Rose once before as she showed off that perfect ass of hers in white stretchy pants, giving just a tease in a Zishy update called White Seed, but now she’d back and is hanging out on Venice Beach in a hand-knit bikini that she made herself! It’s not exactly the most modest of garments if you catch my drift…the day was a little cloudy but the guys that happened to make it to the beach that day were thanking their lucky stars they made THAT decision after getting an eyeful of beautiful Coco as those sweet tits of hers peek out behind the knitting…not to mention that ass of hers I already talked about, but this time there’s pretty much nothing left to the imagination as she walks around in those skimpy little thong bottoms, breaking hearts and pitching tents left right and center! Coco loves shooting with Zishy and we certainly love seeing her, so I can’t wait for this chick to make a return visit.

Skimpy Bikini


Bikini dare

It’s getting into the cold Winter time of hibernation but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back and remember the fun in the sun that came along with a hot awesome summer! I don’t know what this exotic babe’s name is but she’s hanging out on a crowded public beach in a bikini that I’m sure is barely sliding in under the law…it leaves almost nothing to the imagination with the string going right between the pussy lips and her big titties with pierced nipples showing right through the top! This chick loves attention and she’s getting plenty of it, mostly stares from guys and glares from girls…check out the expression on the chick in the chair behind her in the thumbnail up above, that is called looking daggers my friend! This dark haired cutie doesn’t mind though, she’s having a blast shaking that round perfect ass and those big jiggly breasts of hers.

Blonde Bikini


Bikini blonde

When I see a big breasted blonde in a bikini like this in a gazebo with sheer curtains I immediately think of poolside romps, caviar brunches and plenty of cash! This amateur hottie looks like she’s had some work done on her titties, it’s hard to believe those are natural when the rest of her is so super skinny…I’m guessing she’s either rich or is desperate to look like she is, including a dye job that left her hair blonde to the point of being green. She’s got a sexy body though and a pretty face, no doubt about that…and she’s real, this isn’t like a celebrity or pornstar or whatever, and that’s pretty hot if you ask me! This photo is from Double Viking, they’ve got plenty of photos of gorgeous amateurs and also some fun flash games and articles about just random interesting shit, always worth checking out.

Abby Lee


Abby lee in the crack

Man alive…I don’t think I’ve ever even seen this Brazilian stunner named Abby Lee before but she’s bringing us right up to speed with her gorgeous tight fit body with this photoshoot from In The Crack, peeling out of her little bikini and showing off her sweet ass and shaved pussy before sliding a vibrator in her hole! Getting us right up close to the action as a beautiful woman masturbates is the bread and butter for In The Crack and this chick is a shining star if you ask me…speaking of stars she’s got a starfish thing in her hair as she gets naked, giving this photoset a Little Mermaid type of vibe…but the little mermaid never got this sexy, Abby Lee is one of a kind! She’s got that sort of nervous shyness initially too which also says she’s a bit of a newcomer to the scene, although once she gets naked and starts fucking herself with that toy she seems to get a bit more comfortable. Can’t wait to see more from this exotic hottie!

Jordan Carver


Jordan carver

Prepare your eyes and jaw because the former are going to pop out of your head and the latter is going to hit the floor when you see the huge perfect tits this chick Jordan Carver is packing in this photoshoot! She’s hanging out poolside in her striped bikini with a big grin on her face, and it’s no wonder she looks so happy because she knows she’s an absolute knockout from head to toe! She pops off her bikini top, actually I’m not sure if she did it on purpose or if it just gave up from the pressure of those big boobs…Jordan wasn’t quite ready to give away all the goods unfortunately but she gave herself a hand-bra, grabbing her tits just like all of us are dying to do. Can’t go wrong with a beautiful woman in a bikini showing her huge breasts, am I right? Maybe next time she’ll drop her bottoms and show off her sweet round ass, who’s to say.

Cali Garcia


Cali Garcia

Now now guys settle down, no need to go crazy…her name is Cali Garcia! This girl is an absolute knockout and she’s showing off her perfect bouncy titties in this photoshoot from EliteTV, knee-deep in the water next to a wooden footbridge. The water looks pretty chilly if you ask me, maybe that’s why her nipples are standing out like eraser heads as Cali poses in her bikini bottoms, showing off that perfect ass and giving us a smoky seductive look with those beautiful eyes of hers! This girl is a vision of beauty for sure, usually you think of trolls hiding under the bridge but apparently this stunner is ready for you to come trip-trapping across the planks!

Alessandra Ambrosio



Good gravy…take a look at Alessandra Ambrosio here and tell me you’re not picking your jaw up off the floor to dust it off! She’s got the kind of body you only see in dreams and on swimsuit calendars but she’s just walking around on the beach in her bikini in this shot, looking like a goddess and if her name is any indication, tasting like one too! Ambrosia is the nectar of the gods, so they say, and looking at Alessandra Ambrosio I’d say she’s well-named. This shot comes to you guys courtesy of Double Viking, who not only have stunning women showing off some of the most perfect bodies on the planet, but also articles about interesting tidbits and some flash games for you to waste time at work with, they’ve pretty much got a slow workday afternoon covered so dive on in and keep an eye on your boss’s office door to make sure he or she isn’t coming by to give you a smack for shirkin’ the workin’ (and definitely don’t get caught jerkin’).

Mindi Smith


Stunning tropical blonde

Getting a little tired of the coldness and wetness already, not even halfway into November? Wishing you had a little reminder of summer to bring back some warmth and lushness into your life? Well wish no more my friend because I’ve got a gallery of pictures of beautiful long-haired blonde goddess Mindi Smith here in some tropical location, playing with her big tits and teasing with that sweet round ass of hers in her skimpy little bikini bottoms…I’m not sure what happened to her bikini top but hey, looks like she doesn’t need one because she just grabs those big boobs or covers them up with some lovely flowers! The appeal of a stunning blonde babe with a smokin hot body never really goes away, does it. Enjoy this golden haired lovely lady and remember how much fun summer was, and start marking your calendar for next year’s sun and fun!

Laura Lee


Laura Lee

What’s hot and busty and wet all over? Well it’s Laura Lee of course! In this photoshoot she’s heating up the pool all by herself as she strips out of her skimpy little green bikini to show off those huge beautiful titties and that nice tight ass, going for a dip in the water and enjoying the last rays of summer. Laura looks like trouble from head to toe and she knows it, playing with her big breasts and licking her own nipples with a grin! I don’t know if she even needs her little inflatable raft thing, I bet those titties would keep her on the surface just fine all by themselves. This girl is what a hot sweaty summer’s day is all about, just looking at the pictures can give you a nice cool refreshing feeling!




Some girls just love a little privacy and just go nuts with it! Michelle here loves having a fenced back yard to get naked in and I’m sure any neighbors nearby love it too because Michelle is fucking smokin hot and looks incredible as she tugs off her little pink bikini and rolls around naked on the grass, fucking herself with a big blue vibrator! It doesn’t look like she’ll be getting a suntan hanging outside because it’s super cloudy out but I guess she’s comfy enough, shaking those perky titties around and fingering herself before deploying that toy. From the devilish grin on her face I get the feeling Michelle has been caught a few times, and doesn’t really mind!

Lakeside Bikini


Sexy pattycake lakeside bikini

When most women decide to go do some sunbathing they head to the coast but not our girl Sexy Pattycake here! She heads to the lakeside for a little peace and quiet, relaxing on the patio in her bikini with a tall glass of ice water…it actually looks really fucking nice, it’s always great to see women on the sand playing volleyball or whatever but Pattycake just looks serene and comfortable as hell and when you head to a lakeside cottage you don’t even need to worry about parking! Or nosey neighbors, for that matter…Patty can spend the day in peace and then throw a huge rager of a party at night and nobody’s around to complain. In this photoshoot from her own website she shows off those big perfect breasts as she pops off her bikini top, then lays on her stomach to warm up that sweet round butt of hers! Patty has an amazing body and a great personality but it’s nice to see she can take time out once in awhile to just relax and feel the sun on her back and a breeze in her hair.

Lucy Tyler Returns


Lucy tyler on amateur allure

So uhhh yeah, this Amateur Allure update was wayyy back in July, if you hadn’t already guessed. Lucy Tyler is sporting her snazziest most patriotic bikini and sunglasses to celebrate Independence Day and is looking sexy as hell. Sorry I missed it and am just now getting to it but hey, at least now you get to remember what summer was like and forget about the cold and rain for a little bit! Lucy shakes those sweet perky titties after taking off her bikini and then takes this guy’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob…we saw in her first scene on Amateur Allure how much Lucy loves to suck cock and this is just reinforcing that! Lucy gives a nice suckjob and then bends over with her cute tight butt in the air to get railed doggystyle, moaning as the guy fucked her wet little hole before he shot a load or two down her throat. As a bonus there are even some shots of Lucy hanging out by the ocean in her stars and stripes bikini, having fun in the sun and sharing the good times with us!




Sexy big tittied blonde Betti here looks like a creature of the sun as she basks on the rooftop above her apartment building…the early morning sunshine is pouring down on her skin as she takes off her bikini to hang out completely nude luxuriating in the feel of her big heavy breasts and that sweet round ass being warmed by the rays and cooled by the breeze! Betti is a knockout for sure, one of those women you see on the street or in the club and just can’t stop thinking about…I mean to tell the truth you probably won’t be able to stop thinking about her here either even though this is just a photoshoot! Those huge fake tits of hers are pretty extraordinary, hopefully you’re checking this out in the morning because it’ll start your day off on the right foot for sure.




I always think it’s weird when a girl’s name is a pretty common one but is spelled strangely…like Kayleigh for instance. What’s next, Meighaign? Anyway, who cares about her name because this chick is stunning and is quickly losing grip on her bikini as it slides off her sweet round ass and those big juicy boobs! As Shakespeare would say, a rose by any other name would have rude-ass titties. Ol’ Shakespeare knew a thing or two. These photos are part of a glamour set as Kayleigh poses on a wooden chair out on the patio, sticking that big firm booty out behind her and throwing some smokin hot glances at the camera…that photographer must have been sporting a raging boner by the end of this shoot from the way she’s staring!

Chloe Goodman


Chloe Goodman

I think the wave of popularity around the ALS ice bucket challenge has pretty much worn off by now, but I’m glad it raised so much money for the cause…I’m also glad that it got so popular because we got to see some scenes like this one featuring Chloe Goodman doing the challenge! She’s a British reality star on the MTV show Ex On The Beach and has huge perfect tits so she’s a perfect candidate for wearing a bikini top and getting a bunch of cold water dumped on her! Chloe looks hot as hell (well freezing cold as hell I guess) and goes apeshit when that water gets dumped, running around in circles and grabbing her titties…that would probably have been my first instinct if I was around that chest of hers too and ice water got dumped on my head.

Elektra Rose


Elektra rose on teen fidelity

Get ready to keep summer in full swing as we meet gorgeous bikini babe Elektra Rose who was spending the day sunbathing by the pool…she was feeling horny as hell and let those big tits of hers out of her bikini top, and Ryan Madison just happened to be peeking over the wall at the time! Of course he was soon over into her yard and fucking the hell out of her, bending Elektra over and rabbit-fucking that sweet teen pussy with his big hard insatiable cock, slapping her tits around and absolutely slamming that pussy before dropping a nice load of cum into her mouth! Just one cumshot isn’t enough for this permanently horny dude so he kept on fucking her, giving Elektra the hot hardcore end to a beautiful summer that she had been craving…and of course he took the opportunity to shove her into the pool too, from the looks of things I don’t think she had been expecting it! Hopefully this horny teen’s parents don’t come home early and find him banging their daughter though, he’d better have his head on a swivel…this Teen Fidelity update is called Dirty Neighbor and Ryan is the dirtiest neighbor around!

Christina Lyn


MILF Hunter Christina Lyn

I don’t think the MILF Hunter is really going after MILFs anymore.  I mean this girl looks fine as fuck if she is over 35 I would be shocked.  Her name is Christina Lyn and she has a nice set of fake titties as you can see and then look at that tight bald pussy of hers too.  This girl is teasing the fuck out of the MILF Hunter when he wakes up.  She has her bikini bottoms pulled to the side and she is rubbing her clit and pussy giving him a show.  He wants to fuck but Christina isn’t going to let him until he licks on her pussy.  She wraps her legs around him pushes his head in her muff and makes him eat it for a bit before he gets to fuck.  Once he gets his dick inside of Christina she wants nothing more then more fucking.  Seeing her on top just slamming down on his dick and that ass is shaking while she does it.  The two of them are just having an amazing fuck session that you’re definitely going to want to see!

Alyssa Branch


Alyssa Branch

Stunning Alyssa Branch has been hanging out by the pool in her bikini and it’s time to take a quick shower and change back into her clothes, but first she’s going to take her time undressing and getting all ncie and wet! Alyssa looks sexy as hell in her bikini and of course even better out of it as she slowly undresses, unleashing those perky boobies and her perfect tight round ass. She was going to hop into the shower but after getting naked she got so turned on she decided to just hang out for awhile, laying down on her towel and masturbating as she slipped her fingers into that wet pussy!

Tessa Fowler


Tessa Fowler

Busty bubbly beautiful babe Tessa Fowler shows off those incredible huge titties in this hot shoot from her own website, hanging out by the pool in her polka dot bikini looking like a dream come true! She’ll do her best to make you come true as well if you follow me…those big breasts of hers are just mesmerizing. I guess Tessa thinks so too because she loves to play with them, letting them fall out of her bikini top and then squishing them together, getting them all oiled up and shiny in the late summer sun. This is one of those photo galleries you’ll file away in your mental memory banks and remember with a smile and a sigh when winter comes and things get rainy and cold outside. Thanks for the future memories, Tessa!

Aubrey Star


Aubrey Star

Summer might be getting towards the very tail end for the most part but for girls like Aubrey Star here things are still red hot! She’s spending the afternoon by the pool in this photoshoot from Twistys, relaxing in her sexy little bikini and then stripping nude to show off her perky titties and that sweet ass as she slides a glass dildo into her pussy! This girl is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and the fact that she’s getting naked and masturbating is just icing on the cake if you ask me…if you saw her just hanging out in her bikini you’d still have your jaw on the ground!

Shae Summers Summer Fling


Shae Summers Summer Fling

My favorite big breasted ho is back and it’s Shae Summers.  She is in a new Big Naturals scene and you’re probably thinking to yourself he has sad that a lot well that’s true.  Shae has been on Big Naturals so much I am starting to think it’s her new solo site or something.  I wouldn’t complain one bit that’s for sure.  I could see a new video of thisg irl every single day it just never gets hold to me.  This episode is called “Summer Fling” and it has Shae in a super skimpy bathing suit.  Any girl with a perfect set of natural tits always looks amazing in a bikini don’t they?  Shae isn’t just a big tit girl though she has it all from the face to the pussy to the ass I can only see one thing wrong with her.  I am not going to say what it is but you guys KNOW what it is let’s be real.  She goes inside and the guy just can’t help himself and pulls her bikini to the site and starts to eat her out.  She could just sit like that for a full video I think but the camera guy interrupts them and asks if she is ready to be fucked.  Shae of course is down, she is down for whatever and this guy really does give her a good pounding.  At the very end of the video I don’t know for sure if she orgasms because her body doesn’t really shake or anything but her eyes do roll into the back of her head.




I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this Jana chick before but honestly, I’m not sure how she’s not a fucking supermodel with those looks and that body! This blonde chick is seriously one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in a long time…I think she’s from the Czech Republic so I’m pretty sure you guys should pool your funds and send them to me for a plane ticket so I can head out and take her to lunch. Anyway she’s in the studio for Glamour CZ (hence my guess about the Czech Republic) and is posing in her sexy black bikini…those big perfect tits and sexy hips are already hot enough but when you let your gaze head northwards and see her face it’s just plain not even fair! Look at those eyes and that long blonde hair…she even has a nice ass from the looks of things, although we don’t get to see it much.

Anya The Beach Babe


Anya Ivy Beach Babe

I was sitting here watching this video of the sexy Anya Ivy thinking to myself that is one amazing bikini.  The top just fits perfectly on her plump big breasts.  It wasn’t till later I realized they’re just painted on.  She is at a beach with her tits hanging out basically.  That’s what is up with all the guys hanging around trying to chat with her.  She is spoken for fella’s she is going home with the camera guy.  He has a pretty nice place I mean it over looks the water and everything.  Not a bad place to fuck and they once again do it in public.  Well I don’t know how public it is but they’re outside of a apartment building on the balcony fucking.  So I mean if someone happens to be looking up or a neighbor goes out on to their porch they’re going to see this.  I don’t know how you could be mad seeing a exotic black girl like this riding a dick with those big titties bouncing all around.  She is just stunning isn’t she?  I want Bang Bros to keep this girl coming they’ve released quite a few scenes with her now.

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