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Party and Fuck


College rules party and fuck

Once final exams are over these hot coeds have only two rules…party and fuck! We get to see these hotties blowing off some steam in this College Rules submission, stripping down at a party as they lick drinks off each others perky titties, pound drinks and pound cock. Watch these girls sucking dick, eating pussy and getting fucked for this sexy scene…I don’t really remember college being like this but I guess I was too busy playing video games in my dorm instead of fucking sexy horny coeds like these. Can I get a do-over? At least we’ve got College Rules to give us a peek behind closed doors at hardcore group sex parties like this one!

Hotties Party Hardcore


College rules hotties party hardcore

Most of the time it seems like being a gas station clerk would suck balls but hear me out…what if the gas station is right near a college so all the hot college chicks who aren’t quite 21 come in and would do basically anything to get their hands on some beers? I’m not advocating the sale of alcohol to underage people by any means but man just imagine those girls coming in and strutting their stuff…well actually don’t bother imagining, because College Rules has done the legwork for you! These chicks want to have a crazy dorm party but need some alcohol and this clerk happened to have his camera on him as the girls started making out and flashing ass at him, then took him to a side aisle to suck his cock! He wasn’t satisfied with just some blowjob action though so he took them to the back room to fuck the hell out of these hot horny coeds before sliding some sixpacks their way to let these college hotties party hardcore. Just keep it hush-hush.

Strip Dodgeball


College rules strip dodgeball

What do you mean you’ve never played a game of strip dodgeball?! Well sit on down there and take a gander at what is hopefully the next Olympic sport, courtesy of the fine folks at College Rules. It’s an all-out brawl from the opening whistle as these sorority girls run for to get their hands on those balls and play with them…no not THOSE balls, I mean the rubber ones on the field. They’ve even got uniforms, and man they look sexy as hell with those tiny little shorts and tight tops! Usually when you get tagged with a ball you’re out of the game but that’s not nearly sexy enough; for these chicks, when they get hit they have to remove an article of clothing! Soon you’ve got a bunch of naked college girls running around laughing and bouncing and what’s not to like about that? The only thing that could make it better is if after the game the team that gets entirely naked has to fuck the guys’ team…oh wait, that’s exactly what happens! I get the feeling these girls may have thrown the game though, they’re so horny they just wanted to get naked and fuck.

Pool Party


College rules pool party hotties

Man, this is a hell of a submission for College Rules, especially if you live somewhere where the weather has already turned towards autumn and winter with chills and rain! This update starts out with a pool party in the sun, featuring tons of hot and horny college girls in bikinis dancing, drinking and having fun. They start making out and eventually get into an all-out backyard orgy as they eat each others pussies out like lesbians and get tag teamed by the lucky dudes in attendance! There’s more hot coed tail here than you can shake your stick at but I wouldn’t blame you for trying. I never realized how prevalent belly button piercings were, it seems like every chick in this update has at least one piercing somewhere, I guess these girls just love getting poked!

Having Fun


College rules college girls wanna have fun

These hot college girls wanna have fun and nobody’s gonna stop em! At least not when they’re this hot, this drunk and this naked…check out this hot video submission from College Rules as these girls get totally naked and turn a normal Friday night kegger into an all-out hardcore orgy as they kiss each other, lick each others’ pussies and of course fuck the lucky fratboys in attendance at this crazy sex party! The girls strip down nude and make a human chain of lesbians while the guys watch and finally join in, becoming the caboose and engine of the train as they get their cocks sucked before fucking these horny sorority babes. It looks like a fun party all around and is the kind of thing you’ll only find at College Rules so put down your textbooks and exam notes, it’s time for biology class with some of the hottest chicks on campus! Keep an eye out in particular for the tanned cutie with the pierced nipples…hot as a firecracker and looks like a great fuck!

College Orgy


College rules episode college orgy

I seem to remember spending more time doing homework and studying for exams in college than anything else, but these horny college girls just seem to fuck basically non-stop! Maybe they’re doing research for an anatomy class paper or for their biology midterm or something but man, there is just no stopping them. Luckily someone in the room had the foresight to whip out their camera and film the whole thing as they lick pussy like lesbians, suck cock and eventually just get into a full-on college orgy right there in the dorm room! What’s more, whoever filmed it had the good sense to send it in to College Rules and get a whole bundle of cash for it. Hopefully they shared it with all the sorority babes who got naked and got fucked in this episode but maybe the sex is the reward for these amateur nymphos. Keep a special eye out for the Asian chick in the cowboy hat, she is ridiculously hot with petite perky little titties and a sweet tight pussy!

Coeds First Threesome


College rules first threesome

This guy thought he was a trickster when he decided to record his roommate fucking some college girl he met at a party but the joke was on him when she caught him red-handed! I guess she also caught him hard-dicked too because she wanted him to keep on filming and grabbed him by the cock using her mouth, inviting him in for this hot hardcore threeway. It might have been a little awkward being naked and fucking a girl with his dorm buddy but I guess they all got over their shyness pretty quick when this horny babe impaled herself on one cock while sucking the other! I don’t know if it’s this coeds first threesome or not, she looks like she has a little experience in the sack but who knows, that’s just how these college kids roll nowadays! This footage got sent in to College Rules and now we all get to enjoy it…hope that horny sorority slut isn’t bothered with strangers watching her get fingercuffed by two dudes.

Blowjob Contest


College rules blowjob contest

At this College Rules blowjob contest everyone’s a winner…well at least all the guys are! These ladies are hot and horny and love to gobble knob so they line up and see who can give the best suck job to four lucky frat guys. They get all turned on by having those cranks between their lips though so they of course ending up getting fucked like crazy in what turns out to be a hot college orgy! Keep an eye out for the cute redhead with the perky tits riding a dick and making out with her girlfriend at the same time. She’s not exactly a pro at getting fucked on camera but she is cute as hell and is obviously having a blast as she gets her shaved pussy worked. There’s more hot college ass here than you can shake your stick at…but I bet you’ll put that to the test!

Group Of Crazy Coeds Friends


Group of Crazy College Coeds

This is a submission with 5 college girls who thought it would be a good idea to make some money off of College Rules.  They submitted this tape to them they called it “Crazy College Orgy” and I mean it’s pretty crazy and the girls are hot and everything.  I just want to know if these girls split the $10,000 dollars 5 ways.  I mean that’s only 2 thousand dollars each!  You can’t even pay for a quarter in college with that shit.  I would totally just get a group of my friends together and try to get them to do this for free.  From the way these girls were getting after the cock in this video I bet you could have done that.  I did notice that this College Rules video has the same model that is in this Haze Her video.  Check out these two pictures here and here and if you really care to see what girl I am talking about.  At least in this video you get to see her getting fucked and not just eating pussy and masturbating!  Would be really funny if a group of girls submitted tapes to both of these sites that would make a lot more sense because then they would be walking away with like 50k!

Horny Girls, Horny Guys


College Rules Horny Guys Horny Girls

A group of Horny Girls and Horny Guys joined their horniness together in one house party to make a tape for College Rules.  There is pretty hot moments during this truth or dare session.  Once the girls get naked that’s when they really start getting horny.  A round ass girl bends over and lets one of the guys fuck her with a vibrator while he fingers her ass.  Then there is a bunch of annoying people that just came to the party to do nothing but yell at the people actually doing the sex acts.  Then another girl ends up taking on two cocks at the same time.  It seems like that little whore knows what she is doing because I mean it does take some talent to be able to ride a dick and stroke it at the same time.  If you like college porn your in the right place and only one click away from a sex tape so crazy you won’t even believe it!

Hardcore Orgy


Hardcore Orgy College Rules

College Rules is just the shit and you’re going to think so do once you see this new update that is basically a bunch of different sex scenes from hot college girls.  There are three different threesomes say that 5 times fast.  There is a BBG, BGG and a GGG if you don’t know what those stand for then I will give you a hint B = Boy and G = Girl you got it from here.  If you don’t you should go back to college from the looks of these video it isn’t that bad at all!  My favorite chick in this video is this sexy beauty right here.  She has a very exotic look at just a banging body.  She has a super hot orgasm while she is being fucked the girl is rubbing her pussy the guy is giving her a hard fucking and she cums nice and hard.  The best thing about joining this site is what I kind of described here.  Every time they buy a tape it’s like 6 different sex scenes in one.  Sometimes the college students don’t want to film all together so they break off in different rooms and film the sex romps in the privacy of their dorm rooms.  Other times it’s just like a big party and one couple feels a little freaky and fucks in front of everyone.  It’s a really good site and if I was you I would take a tour so you can see for yourself.

College House Fuck Fest


College House Fuck Fest

Alright I want you guys to not get scared by this total freak you see in the first part of the video.  She is just way to horny for her own good and is doing some like animalistic shit to this guys cock.  Once you get pass her it’s smooth sailing don’t worry.  I watch pretty much this whole update and the sex is very good especially with that hot Asian girl in this update damn I would fuck her.  The other really good part is one of the girls after she is done making her guy cum goes over and has lesbian sex with this super cute girl.  She has pale white skin and is just too nice to be a part of this college house fuck fest.  Any time I see like a large group like this who took part in a College Rules video I always wonder how the split the money.  I know that College Rules pays the person who submits the tape $10,000 bucks so I wonder if that person just keeps the money or spreads the love.  I need someone who has has sold their college sex tape to these guys to contact me and let me know, it’s been one of those things I always wonder about.

Car Wash Orgy


College Rules Car Wash Orgy

This is quite the college experience these girls and guys for that matter are having!  The girls were throwing a little car wash went they decided to have a little more fun then normal.  The girls started getting out of their bikinis and then two lesbian girls started to eat each other out on a car they were suppose to be watching.  Then one of the girls who’s boyfriend came to get a carwash went inside with him and fucked him right there while everyone was on the outside washing the car.  I would say they were more watching the washing the car, it’s probably one shotty ass job they did.  Going to a car was and getting your dick sucked and then fucked sounds like quite a deal, I wonder how much it ran him.  The video is now available for download at College Rules if you guys like what you see join up, it’s cheap and it’s the best amateur college porn site I know of.

Sex For The Money!


Sex For The Money

These college girls are not even messing around to pretend to not be making this sex tape but only for one reason and that’s to sell it to College Rules.  The name of the video is Sex For The Money and that’s what these girls did.  Hey it’s better then actually getting into the skin business!  The girl who has sex with the guy is just fucking her boyfriend, on film yes but they fuck all time time anyways why not try to make $10,000 off of College Rules.  You wonder why they’re able to release a new sex tape every single week and it seems pretty simple to me.  Girls and guys want to make money, they’re in college and have none of it.  They are banging girls or their girlfriend every other night at least so they’re just like hey lets film this shit and send it off to College Rules.  Usually people who submit tapes try to pass it off like a crazy college party or something like that but maybe now that College Rules has chosen a tape like this people will stop.  I hope they don’t because it will get old seeing college girls basically in gonzo type porn, and you know it will be shot poorly because some of these tapes that are submitted are shaking as shit!

Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap Dare Dorm

I must be getting too old or something because I am just not getting this party that these college students threw for their Dare Dorm video.  It’s a Bubble Wrap party, who has ever heard of that?  I mean I get that it’s see through so you can see the girls thongs and asses but still why not just plastic wrap or something like that.  I mean when you’re bumping and grinding like these students end up doing the bubbles are bound to pop!  I am a jumpy person so that would just take me out of the mood for sure.  The video has some girls with some nice round asses and you even get to see a Indian girl getting crazy.  You don’t see that kind of flavor much on Dare Dorm I am glad they finally got one.  One of the girls get’s straight up tag teamed in this update one guy is fucking her face while the other guy is fucking her pussy.  The sad thing is the guy that’s face fucking her can’t even keep his dick hard, I think it’s all his buddies screaming at him to fuck her harder that’s really throwing him off.  Douchebag friends are the worst.

Who’s Sucking My Cock


Whos Sucking My Cock

This is one game that I would want to play it’s called Who’s Sucking My Cock.  There are 4 different girls and they each take a turn giving this guy head and then fucking him.  He is suppose to guess which girl is which, pretty tall order I would think.  I have it all planned out how I would do it though.  I would let all 4 of them suck my dick and then I would remember the girls who were really good at giving head and guess them as the uglier of the chicks.  I have a theory that not so good looking chicks give better head then good looking girls just because you know they need to be able to do something a little more special then good looking girls to make up for that gap.  As for the fucking though I have no idea how I would rank that, it would just be totally guessing.  I would totally wait until they were all done fucking until I guessed though I wouldn’t want one of these hot college girls to pussy out.  The video can be seen in it’s entirety at College Rules so check it out today!

Crazy College Party


College Rules Crazy Party

I mean what College Rules sex tape that they have bought hasn’t been a crazy party?  That is the title of this episode but let’s be honest here it’s no crazier then the other ones.  They do have some pretty smoking girls at this party though who are down to fuck!  Check out this cute little Asian girl with that nice pussy and round ass just waiting to be fucked.  Or the exotic looking slender girl there with her shirt off.  A nice assortment of woman if you will.  You get to see the Asian girl double teamed and then another lucky guy gets double teamed by two chicks!  There is just a whole lot of amateur sex going on and I know you’re going to like it so check this shit out already!

Wet T-Shirt Orgy


Wet T-Shirt Contest Turned Orgy

What you guys are seeing here is what happened after a wet t-shirt contest that this house full guys threw.  You know in college everyone is trying to throw the must epic party ever but I think these guys actually did it.  They had these girls doing the contest and man they just didn’t give a fuck.  They were stripping down to nothing and shaking those money makers and showing off their nice perky college tits.  The video is now up on College Rules in a episode they called “Wet T-Shirt Contest Turns To Orgy”.  This cute little black girl didn’t make it in the video just because it happens at the very end of the video but trust me if you’re a member you will get to see all these girls fucking, or at least the only ones that really matter.

Fuck Em’ Good


College Rules Fuck Em' Good

The girls at a sorority god wind of College Rules so they wanted to make their own sex tape to submit.  $10,000 will get girls to do some crazy thing.  They had a little bit of homework to do though… They had to go to a party and bring back some guys willing to fuck on camera.  This girl right here was pretty successful but one busty Latin girl couldn’t find a guy that would fuck her on film!  I couldn’t believe it I mean this girl is a perfect 10 for sure.  One of the sorority sisters stepped up though and had lesbian sex with her.  She has probably had her eye on this Latin girl ever since she joined the sorority and just took advantage of this situation.  I don’t think the girl was too sad though because you know every college girl wants to try lesbian sex before they leave college, it’s like a must.

Deepthroat Contest


College Rules Deepthroat Contest

I say this is a deepthroat contest yet I am showing a girl riding a cock, I know it doesn’t make sense but once you watch the video it will.  It’s from College Rules and it starts off with these girls in their dorm room practicing for this sex tape that they are about to make and then submit to College Rules.  They are like showing off how far they could deep throat a cock and let me tell you there are a couple of these coeds that could take on a 1 foot cock, it’s just crazy!  Once the girls get the real deal they spend some time deep throating this guys tiny cock but it just isn’t that hard so then they start to fuck.  The girl with the little spade on her lower back is totally the best, I would have this college girl riding my cock as often as I could, especially with her nice big juicy ass that’s a big bonus!

Fuck Fest


College Rules Fuck Fest

You guys have to watch the beginning of this video I posted because it has one of the most awkward college moments of these guys life.  They are like suppose to be giving each other a high five but I don’t know which one make it more of a hand hold, it was fucking creepy.  I just had to stop watching the video after that I mean you guys can give it a shot, from the pictures it looks to be a great College Rules video but after that it kind of just killed it.  The scene is from some college and for the past 4 years some girls have been throwing a fuck fest were you basically go in this bed in the middle of the room and fuck while everyone watches.  Some girls were a little too shy to let a guy bone them so they just had lesbian sex, it was a threesome but all girls.  Anyways hope you like it I sure didn’t but hey I hate awkward moments.

How Many Cumshots?


How Many Cum Shots?

These girls wanted to have a theme for the sex tape submission to College Rules so they thought of one.  They wanted to see how many cumshots they could get.  I didn’t actually count how many guys they were able to make cum but it was a lot.  They hosted like college orgies were guys could come in and get sucked and fucked until they came.  One cute little Asian girl sat in a circle of dicks and made each one cum.  There was a girl who filmed herself fucking a guy in the car with her cell phone that was a awesome little scene.  There were guys who couldn’t last but a minute getting head or fucking and other guys took a while.  I bet at the end the girls were really happy about the guys who just couldn’t hold there load, you can tell they were getting tired of fucking random college guys.

Truth Or Fuck


Truth or Fuck By College Rules

I have for you a nice little College Rules scene called Truth Or Fuck.  This is basically just one big party with college students doing some freaky ass stuff.  I mean there is ass licking, anal butt plugs and then two girls have their first threesome.  Not your typical threesome with two girls and one guy.  It’s a two guy situation going down for both of these chicks.  The blonde girl makes one of her guys cum super fast so she spends most of the time trying to work some cum out of another guy.  I always wonder when it’s a big group of people like this how do they split the $10,000 dollars?  Or maybe they send in their tape and tell them they want a little more money that that to help make it worth everyone’s time.  I mean there are other girls in this gallery that are not fucking or anything but they are still trying out some vibrators and cumming from them, so they should get paid a little something too don’t you think!

Spin The Bottle Orgy


College Rules Spin The Bottle Orgy

I am a pretty big fan of this new submission to College Rules!  It’s called Spin The Bottle Orgy and I don’t like it because of the game they are playing I like it because these girls who are fucking in this video are hot!  This girl is probably my favorite because she has nice big tits, and big tits are just the best!  The other girl can ride a dick like you wouldn’t believe I mean just check out picture number 22 for proof of that.  Those are probably my two favorite girls in this whole orgy scene but that’s fine because they don’t really focus on the other girls.  I almost forgot to mention this exotic petite girl that shows up at the end of the video.  She too can ride a mean did she is fast as fuck when she rides, it must have took a lot of practice to get that good!

Studying Sex


College Rules Studying Sex

The girls who submitted this to College Rules are some smart cookies let me tell you!  They had a class where they had to study the effects of pornography on college students.  They took this opportunity to make $10,000 dollars as well as do some real life research so they can get a A on their paper.  The girls who are making the video aren’t actually all that hot, the petite Latina girl is pretty cute the other girl I would pass on.  They end up getting some friends to have sex in front of them why they took notes and that is the girl you see pictured here.  She was a hot thick chick with big natural tits just what I am looking for when I see these real college sex scenes.

College Fuck Swap


College rules fuck swap

Man I don’t know what kind of lottery this guy won but he must be thanking his lucky stars right about now in this College Rules update entitled College Fuck Swap! He gets to spend the evening in a dorm room with three of the hottest, sluttiest babes on campus and gets to fuck all three of them one after the other! These college girls all have great nude bodies and rapacious sexual appetites so this guy has got his work cut out for him, that’s for sure.

The Best Sex Tape


College Rules Best Sex Tape

These girls and guys are some river boat gamblers let me tell you!  They all made a pact with each other then each of them would make a sex tape and the winner would get all the money that they got when the sold the tape to College Rules.  This girl was the winner because not only did she fuck her boyfriend but she also had an amazing lesbian sex scene with a friend of hers.  The friends is really who won it probably because this girl has perfect natural tits and is just hot as fuck.  I hope she worked out a deal that she at least got half of the money even though she didn’t fuck any cock or anything.  The other sex tapes where also really good it’s too bad there has to be winners and losers but that’s life.

It’s All About Sharing


Its All About Sharing In College

In this episode from College Rules you get to learn a real lesson.  What is that you ask?  It’s all about sharing in college that’s the lesson you need to learn.  If you go there with that attitude you might find yourself in a orgy with 3 hot ass college coeds!   I think these girls just wanted to see what it was like trying to take care of two cocks at the same time.  A threesome is always on a guys mind so when these girls promised them that experience that couldn’t turn it down.  At times it was 2 guys and 1 girl and other times it was 2 girls and 1 guy.  The one in the middle is my favorite and the girls who put on this sex tape knew that because there is a lot of footage of that one!

College Is The Shit!


College Is The Shit

There is no doubt that we all know College Is The Shit but after you watch this new scene from College Rules you are going to wish you could go back!  But stop and realize you are to old for that shit.  Just go to College Rules or our category for them and enjoy all these sexy college hotties getting fucked.  There are three different girls banging in this sex tape that was submitted.  That’s actually a lie because one of the girls was trying to stay classy so she just gave a handjob / titty fuck to her boyfriend.  I am pretty sure if you’re family finds out honey they’re going to be pissed either way even if you didn’t fuck him on camera!  But I guess you could maybe bribe them for their loves you are $10,000 richer!

Party Time, Let’s Fuck


College Rules Party Time Let's Fuck

These girls probably gave the best birthday party celebration this guy will ever have in his life!  The guy is a pretty big geek but I think he is a really good friend because these girls all give him a little love during this video.  I don’t know if they knew that they were going to sell this sex tape to College Rules when they made it or not but if they didn’t damn they are some sweet girls!  This girl you see pictured here really wanted to make this guys day because she rode him reverse cowgirl like he never has before.  Just looking at this guy I can tell that he hasn’t had much sex before but after today he is plus 4 how crazy is that!

Sisterhood Is Calling


College Rules Sisterhood Is Calling

In this update from College Rules you get to see three pledges to a sorority take a shortcut to sisterhood.  They agreed to do whatever task they where given that they picked out of a hat and if they completed it they become full sisters without all the hazing.  I don’t think any of these girls thought it would be sexual tasks but they where!  One girl had to film herself fucking her boyfriend in a class room, the other girls suck off a random guy and sucks his balls too, the other girl had to fuck a stranger.  The scene is very amateur but what do you expect it some sorority sister with a handy cam following around these pledges to get footage that they actually completed their task.

Dorm Room Orgy


College Rules Dorm Room Orgy

This new College Rules episode is called Dorm Room Orgy and it’s kind of a lie because there is no sexy happening between a bunch of people in this submitted tape.  Instead you have three different dorm rooms where college students go after a naked party they have to fuck.  My favorite of the rooms is the one where this girl you see pictured here get her fuck on.  She has a amazing body with big perky tits as you can see!  The other rooms have a threesome with two girls and then another room is just a couple who is drunk and trying to fuck themselves into sobriety.  I don’t know how this works but if College Rules only pays $10,000 dollars for a tape do they split it 7 ways in this example?  Or do you think that they pay out per person who is fucking so $70,000 bucks.  I wonder either way I think they got their monies worth because this is a sex tape with some amazing sex between amateurs and that’s all I want to see.

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