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Loving Skills Mea Melone


Hdlove loving skills mea melone

Some women in the adult industry, let’s be honest, tend to just sort of go through the motions when it comes to getting fucked on camera…the real gems, though, are the women like Mea Melone here who get really into things and genuinely enjoy themselves! Mea’s starring in this HD Love update called Loving Skills, going through her morning yoga routine to stretch out and keep her muscles and limbs nice and supple…soon we see the good that it’s doing as her man shows up and gives that sweet tight pussy of hers a nice hard pounding, putting Mea in all kinds of weird and fun positions! She loves getting every hole filled up with cock and this guy was more than willing to slide his big hard dick into her mouth and wet pussy and tight ass for a triple-threat…Mea’s lucky she already had her yoga mat out on the floor, it made things a bit more comfortable as she got her legs wrapped around her own head as her man pounded her holes deep and hard before shooting a load of cum onto her lips for a facial finish! HD Love always has super high quality videos too, make sure you check that out…it’s nice seeing a hottie like Mea Melone in high resolution as she gets her lips wrapped around that dick and then gets her sweet pussy fucked. When I first looked through the image gallery I thought her pubes wrapped around her hip all the way to her ass and was like WHAT but calm down, it’s just a tattoo on the side.

Sweet Loving Natalia


Hd love sweet loving

Sometimes sexy blonde pornstar hottie Natalia Starr digs a nice hard quick pounding, but sometimes she gets in the mood for some passionate and sweet loving…good thing for her she’s got a fella here who is into both! In this HD Love update he takes a nice leisurely stroll through that sweet pussy of hers with his tongue, licking her slit up and down and tickling her clit and labia with his lips and soft caresses before standing up to slide that big thick cock of his between her lips as she gazed up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers. Natalia has an incredible body, we’ve seen that in all her other scenes too of course, and always looks stunning in any setting so with the time and care that HD Love puts into a scene she just becomes magical! Watch this sensual sweetie get pleasured from head to toe, moaning as the guy firmly yet gently penetrated her wet pussy again and again before giving her a big wet facial to finish things off.

Vagina Vision Dakota


Dakota In Vagina Vision by HD Love

That beautiful pussy right there belongs to Dakota Skye and this scene comes from HD Love.  I have been on this site for a long time now ever since it came out and it still just delivers.  They’re in stiff competition with all these erotica sites that are out there but I think they have a unique talent pool and their stuff just looks really crisp.  The gallery is really good cause I have a longer video for you guys and then the pictures are where it is really at.  I wasn’t so sure about posting this picture just because you might not see what’s happen I mean so people might just see a dick and be like fuck that I’m not click on it.  Those who actually see those pussy lips wrapped around the dick though are going to want to see that amazing vagina getting fucked.  This isn’t the only good picture of Dakota’s pussy there are plenty and I urge you to look at the pictures not just the video.  I can’t tell you how hard it is not to call Dakota Skye Chloe Foster, they just look so similar or is it just me?

Sexy Janice Griffith


Passion hd janice griffith

There are few models in the industry as gorgeous as sexy Janice Griffith if you ask me…maybe it’s because I just went through this HD Love update and have Janice on the mind or something but she is just incredibly beautiful with that sweet exotic face and her tight lean body! Perky breasts that could cut through a bank vault with her erect nipples, an ass that could blind a man with its brilliance, and of course that tight wet pussy that Janice puts into action as she rides this guy’s big hard cock until he shoots his load all over her lips for a nice facial finish! It’s a hot hardcore scene but doesn’t feel gratuitous or smutty or anything like that, it just feels sensual and like the best kinds of dreams as Janice gets naked and gets her pussy filled up with dick. Plus, she looks like she’d be a blast to have in bed; apart from her obvious beauty she just seems chock full of personality and fun…sex should always be fun and Janice seems to live by that rule!

Sexy Time


Alexis adams hd love sexy time

When Alexis Adams stars in a hot steamy scene on HD Love you just know it’s going to be a sexy time! Her man finds her by the window wearing nothing but her panties, a bra and a loose button-down shirt (basically the sexiest thing a woman can wear if you ask me), kissing her neck and embracing her from behind…Alexis loves the attention and soon she’s got her big perfect breasts out and is pulling his face to her pussy, then licking his big thick dick before taking it deep inside that tight wet hole! This girl has an incredible body as you probably already know, but it’s always a treat to see it in action like this. I don’t know if there’s a girl out there in the industry who has a nicer combination of big natural tits, ass and face as Alexis Adams does to be honest! Add to that the fact that she sucks cock and fucks like a beast and this girl is well on her way to becoming a legend.

Sexy Samantha Rone


Sexy samantha rone hd love

Some women just have an undefinable air of utter sexiness about them…you might have seen more beautiful women out there but man some girls just have an aura that makes them just irresistable! That’s the case with Sexy Samantha Rone here, who turns up the heat as she slips out of her sheer camisole and underwear, slowly easing into a nice warm bath and getting all nice and glistening wet as she relaxes. After she gets out she’s just a beacon of hotness and her man does not fail to notice, his cock getting stiff as he kneels down to pay homage to that sweet tight pussy of hers. She gives him a great blowjob while staring up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers, licking his cock up and down before spreading her legs to get penetrated to the hilt! I like this trend of girls taking more time and care with the oral, they don’t just stick their face on a cock and bob it around…at least girls like Samantha don’t. She takes her time, using her hands and her eyes as well as her mouth and tongue to drive her man crazy! She finishes off this HD Love update by taking a huge facial that drips from her chin as she flashes that adorable grin at us.

Nice And Slow


Hdlove nice and slow payton simmosn

There’s no one way to please every woman, as you may well know…some like to be fucked hard and deep and fast, and then there are women like blonde hottie Payton Simmons here who prefers getting her pussy worked Nice And Slow and that’s just what she gets in this HD Love update! Payton starts out in her sheer blue bra and panties before she starts stripping down, showing off her sweet full breasts and that nice round ass of hers, slipping her fingers down between her thighs to tickle her clit and drive her pussy crazy! Her man shows up and gives her a helping hand as well as a helping tongue and cock, getting a fantastic blowjob before bending Payton over and fucking her hole from behind with her sweet ass in the air. Since this is HD Love you know you’ll be getting top quality videos and photos, they don’t muck around there…some sites sort of look like they took most of the pictures and videos with their phones, but definitely not this one!

Sensual Taissia


Hdlove sensual taissia

Exotic honey Taissia was tired and ready for a nice long shower but when she got into the bathroom she found a steaming bath already drawn with candles lit around the edge as a romantic present from her thoughtful fella! In this HD Love update called Sensual Taissia she slipped into the water, luxuriating as she slid her hands down over her tight body over those perky little boobies and sliding between her pussy lips as her man walked through the door…she took his cock in her mouth, giving him a blowjob before getting out of the water and toweling off to go and join him in the bedroom! She got that tight pussy drilled but was in the mood for something a little more, so she guided his cock into her ass for a nice anal fuck as well. That round ass of hers looked amazing, I’m not surprised the guy was down to fuck her from behind like this and make her moan her way to orgasm before taking his big facial load of cum!

Luvv In The Nude


Hd love sara luvv in the nude

When you think of girls you’d like to see in amazingly high quality video masturbating and getting fucked I sure as hell hope Sara Luvv is up near the top of your list because she certainly should be! And in this HD Love update called Luvv In The Nude that’s just what you get, she starts things off right by spending a little me-time in bed fingering her hole until she’s nice and wet, which is the perfect time for her man to stroll into the bedroom and introduce her to his little friend in his pants…she takes his cock in her hands and mouth and starts sucking him, still masturbating of course, until he’s hard as a rock and ready to bone! HD Love always has the hottest girls looking sexy as hell and this is a shining example of that, Sara is fucking magnificent and looks great getting her sweet little pussy pounded before taking a big creamy facial cumshot at the end.

Freaky Secret


Chloe foster hdlove

The name of this HD Love episode is Freaky Secret but I’m really not sure where it got that name…there’s nothing freaky about blonde hottie Chloe Foster as she masturbates a bit and then fucks her guy pal, taking his huge cock in her mouth and deep in her sweet pussy! Maybe she’s her stepbrother or something, that would be a little freaky I guess. At any rate she looks incredible with those perky little boobies and tight sweet ass, and I guess she has a few tricks up her sleeve because the blowjob she gives this guy is absolutely smokin hot. I can’t decide if she looks better with a cock in her mouth or buried in her cunt, maybe you guys can take a look and see which you prefer! I believe this is Chloe’s first time on HD Love, I can’t find any previous updates from that site with her but man after a scene like this you’ve gotta think they’ll have her back for sure.

Sensual Jane Anal


Sensual Jane HD Love Anal

I have really failed you guys by not getting you this gallery sooner!  It’s a scene from HD Love with the beautiful Sensual Jane.  As you can see from this image I posted it’s not just a normal sex scene you get to see Sensual Jane fucked in the ass!  That’s something I just wouldn’t expect to ever see I mean Sensual Jane is so hot I am surprised we even get to see her having sex let alone having anal sex! I like how a natural big titty girl looks when she is laying on her side like this, and her tits are spilling over to one side. Then another thing I like is a girl in white lingerie. I am a stickler for color on lingerie, it has to be white or black but if I had to choose white would be it. I don’t know what it is but girls in white lingerie just look extra good in my humble opinion. My opinions are almost always right by the way. This gallery is actually pretty old I have forgotten about one of my favorite erotica sites HD Love until today! I will make sure they’re back in the rotation and I will catch up with their latest updates I promise for now though just enjoy this nice long scene of Sensual.

Ava Taylor


Hot ass ava taylor for hd love

Gorgeous Latina babe Ava Taylor had been waiting for her boyfriend to get home from his work trip for days and her horniness levels had been increasing by the hour, so by the time he actually got back to the house she was about ready to pounce on his cock, sliding him into her throat as soon as he waltzed into the bedroom! Hot ass Ava gave him the blowjob of a lifetime before hopping up onto his lap and rocking his socks off with her tight shaved pussy! This HD Love update is sexy and hot as hell and Ava always looks amazing with those perky titties and perfect ass. Her guy pal has to leave for a full month coming up soon, can you imagine what Ava’s gonna be like by the time he gets home? His cock won’t be able to take it!

Close Encounter with Shae Summers


Shae summers close encounters hd love

We’ve seen her before on HD Love but Shae Summers is one of those girls who just gets hotter and hotter every time she appears! In this update she’s going in for a massage and when the masseuse unveils that incredible body he can’t help but pop wood, which is pretty understandable. Shae notices but keeps her cool as he oils her up and runs his strong hands all over her juicy round ass and those perfect big tits, but when he moves between her thighs and replaces his hands with his tongue and lips she can’t stifle her moans! The masseuse’s clothes drop to the floor and Shae gets a nice mouthful of dick, giving him a fantastic blowjob before spreading her legs to get that sweet wet pussy fucked. At one point she decides to turn the tables and has the guy lay down for a massage and she works his cock with her hands before riding him some more and then taking a huge facial cumshot to finish off this close encounter! If you missed her first scene on the site make sure you take a look, it’s fucking spectacular as well.

A Bit Of Cherie


Hd love bit of cherie

Ready for a bit of Cherie Deville? In this update from HD Love she gives us the full treatment…apparently she woke up horny as hell (is that unusual for her?) so she started out stripping out of her lace panties to take a bath, taking the opportunity to rub those big perfect tits and masturbate until she orgasmed, but she sure wasn’t done yet. After her first orgasm of the day she headed out to where her guy pal was sitting, dropping her towel to show off that gorgeous MILF body of hers, which understandably drove him nuts. I don’t even know how she manages to pack that big round booty of hersinto her clothes, it looks like it would bust out of any dress or pair of pants the world has to offer! She gets her pussy licked and tongued, then bends over to get that sweet hole pounded from behind, finishing things off by taking a big creamy load in the mouth that she swallowed down with a smile.

All In India


Hd love all in india

Early one morning India Summer was feeling a little thirsty so she wandered into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Her boyfriend got a glimpse of her wearing her robe and he couldn’t stop staring at the way the thin fabric clung to those sweet curves, not that I blame him! If I had a horny MILF girlfriend like India I’d be staring at that ass too…she doesn’t seem to mind the attention though; she drops her robe and turns to face him, showing off those perky titties and then grabbing his stiffening cock to give a nice blowjob! I don’t usually go for the mature types of girls but man, India is definitely an exception…she’s got a smokin hot body and the experience to know what to do with it, and in this HD Love update called All In India she gets to show her stuff!

Ohh Noelle


Ohh noelle easton hd love

Well it’s certainly easy to tell where the title of this HD Love update came from…I would bet cash money that the first words out of pretty much any guy’s mouth when he walks into the bedroom and sees Noelle Easton laying there naked and masturbating like in this update would be “Ohh Noelle”! She’s squeezing those big soft perfect tits together and playing with her clit but when her man shows up he’s more than willing to take over with his tongue, fingers and cock. Soon she’s got his dick down her throat, between her tits, and balls-deep in her sweet tight wet hole…I don’t remember the last time I saw a pussy so perfect to be honest, just look at that smooth vag! Noelle is gorgeous, this is I think her first time on HD Love but I’m sure we can expect plenty more hotness from this busty beauty.

Pleasing Jillian


Pleasing jillian on hd love

Think you’re unhappy with your job? This poor guy has the awful, terrible job of pleasing Jillian whenever her pussy is feeling neglected…can you just imagine how horrible –  wait. Ugh I hate this guy now. Best job in the world candidate right there…Jillian looks amazing of course in this HD Love update with her round juicy ass and those awesome tits as she saunters into the room in her baby blue panties and bra, climbing up on a couch table type thing to spread her legs and get her pussy licked and fingered. Soon she’s got her guy’s cock sliding down her throat, looking up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers, can you imagine seeing those eyes looking up at you while you’re getting a blowjob? Naturally this guy has just gotta get his dick in that hole after that, so he bends her over and fucks her pussy but she’s really in the mood for some anal so he obliges of course, pounding on her back door until shooting his load all over her!

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