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Anny Aurora Anniversary


Anny Aurora Anniversary

Click to watch this Anny Aurora video!

If you want to see some real stories which led to hardcore action, is probably the best place in the world for you! In this amazing video, they…READ MORE

Intimate Session


Intimate Session

Click to watch this Stella video!

Beautiful Stella had just gotten back from a shopping trip and was excited to try on some of her new panties and stuff…she was admiring her reflection in the…READ MORE

Stella Cox Home Sweet Home


Stella Cox Home Sweet Home

Click to watch this Stella Cox video!

I was looking over my Joymii category and was a little embarrassed that I hadn’t updated it in close to a year! That is a damn shame and I’ll get back to it. …READ MORE

Private Shooting


Private Shooting

Click to watch this Jana video!

Gorgeous Jana here has a special connection with her photographer, apparently…during her fashion shoot she gets more and more turned on and soon she’s losing…READ MORE

Call For Love


Call For Love

Click to watch this August Ames video!

Tsk tsk…looks like August Ames here has been doing the naughty behind her boyfriend’s back! Once he heads out of the house she makes a Call For Love so to…READ MORE

Going Deep Inside


Going Deep Inside

Click to watch this Chrissy video!

In this hot hardcore scene we’re Going Deep Inside with beautiful strawberry blonde Chrissy as she meets up with her man on the couch, crawling towards him to…READ MORE




Click to watch this Alexa Tomas video!

It might not have the most elegant title in the world but this woman Alexa Tomas is so amazing it really doesn’t make a difference…you can call her hardcore…READ MORE

Extremely Hot


Extremely Hot

Click to watch this Mila Blaze video!

With a name like Mila Blaze you just know a pornstar is going to be Extremely Hot and that’s certainly the case here! It was a warm sunny summer day so Mila put…READ MORE

Blindfold Massage


Blindfold Massage

Click to watch this Chrissy Fox video!

When this chick Chrissy Fox showed up for her massage I’m not sure if she expected but I bet it wasn’t to get blindfolded and then fucked! Not that she’s…READ MORE

All I Want Is You


All I Want Is You

Click to watch this August Ames video!

When this update called All I Want Is You started out and we saw beautiful exotic August Ames hanging out in her sexy pink dress it looks like she’s getting a…READ MORE

Garden of Eden


Garden of Eden

Click to watch this Alexa video!

How would you like to hang out in paradise with a girl as hot as Alexa here? It’s like the Garden of Eden as she and her man relax in an outdoor pagoda bed,…READ MORE




Click to watch this Kiara Lord & Carolina video!

Gorgeous party girls Kiara Lord and Carolina are doing a little pregaming before the other party guest shows up, making out and stripping naked and getting into…READ MORE

Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to Heaven

Click to watch this Piper Perri video!

From the looks of things, Piper Perri here was on her way to the bedroom with her man and they had plans of a nice long comfortable lovemaking afternoon in bed…READ MORE

Hot TV Night


Hot TV Night

Click to watch this Josephine video!

Sometimes plans don’t really go according to, well, plan…for instance, beautiful Josephine here was going to spend the night out on the town with her boyfriend but when they were hanging out in bed together they decided it would be much more fun to stay in and ‘watch a little tv’, which is code for them to fuck each others brains out all night long! In this Joymii update called Hot TV Night Josephine gets naked, showing those big perfect tits and then getting her tight horny pussy licked and fucked as this guy puts his cock to work…he doesn’t exactly look like a male pornstar generally looks so I’m guessing he’s Josephine’s real life boyfriend, what do you guys think.

Days Like Honey Part II


Days Like Honey Part II

Click to watch this Lexi & Sicilia video!

I’m not sure which one is Lexi and which one is Sicilia, I’m guessing the blonde is Lexi…either way they’re both looking incredible in this hot Joymii threesome shoot called Days Like Honey Part 2 (I missed Part 1) as they tag team this guy’s hard cock! These girls both look amazing with nice perky tits and beautiful faces….it’s easy to see where the set title came from, those pussies look sweet as honey for sure and they look like they’re ready to spend the whole day naked sucking and fucking this guy. He loves watching them make out and eat each others pussy like lesbians but of course he loves joining in on the fun as well, fucking them one after the other as they licked and sucked and fucked all afternoon long right on the big wooden dining room table.

Beautiful Agony


Beautiful Agony

Click to see Milana on Joymii!

They call this Joymii update Beautiful Agony and right off the bat you can see where the title comes from…sexy blonde Milana is tied up in bondage straps and helpless to move, her big perfect tits out as she stands waiting for her man to come home. She doesn’t have long to wait and soon he’s there magic wand vibrator in hand, ready to drive her absolutely wild! Milana gets her pussy buzzed until she’s moaning and shaking with desire, then is penetrated deep and hard by her guy’s big hard cock. The feeling of giving up that much control and being helpless as she is overpowered and teased and fucked is obviously driving Milana up the wall, so when he fucks her to orgasm she reaches the peaks of ecstasy in a huge shuddering climax!




Click to see Gina on Joymii!

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this hottie Gina is that she’s skinny as hell, with abs that you could grate a block of cheese on and a gorgeous face! She and her man are on a couch outdoors, which doesnt seem like the best place to put a couch if you ask me, but theyre out there fucking on the couch but first Gina goes for a ride on the guy’s shoulders…from the front! She gets that tight pussy eaten out as she straddles the guy’s face before taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then getting her cunt pounded in a hot Joymii update called Creamed. As you might guess she takes a load of his cum in her hole for a creampie finish, but not before he gives that pussy the pounding of a lifetime!

Pleased Bunny


Pleased Bunny

Click to see Lexi on Joymii!

The gorgeous raven haired Lexi stars in this Joymii update called Pleased Bunny, but from the looks of things the title should have been Pleased Pussy because this chick is getting her tight cunt worked over by this guy’s big hard cock! She starts out giving him a blowjob and soon is on her hands and knees, getting a nice deep hard doggystyle pussy pounding…the guy fingers her asshole while he fucks her dripping wet snatch. This girl has an absolutely perfect body with nice perky titties that get to bouncin’ when she gets to fuckin’, and from the looks of things she’s pretty much permanently down to get into whatever naughty sexy adventure you might want to try! Lexi is rockin this guy’s world and it’s all caught on video, so take a few minutes from your day and take a peek, see what you think.

Favorite Mistress


Favorite Mistress

Click to see Josephine on Joymii!

These updates from Joymii featuring Josephine are always red hot, it’s a treat whenever they come out with a new one. She’s got those big tits, a fucking gorgeous face, perfect ass, the list goes on and she’s not afraid to show off any and every part in these hot hardcore scenes! In this update called Favorite Mistress this beauty is lounging on a comfy fur-covered chair, playing with that tight perfect pussy before being joined by her man who gave her wet hole a nice fingering, making her moan before she straddled his face to get a nice pussy licking, then bent over to get fucked from behind to make those big perfect tits swing and bounce! She looks absolutely smokin hot, correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not wrong), every inch of this girl is just plain sexy and she loves to get fucked which is one hell of a combo. Joymii has had quite a few updates with this girl and it’s no wonder, just look at that face of hers and those big boobs and you’ll see why! Josephine takes that big dick of his nice and deep and hard, moaning and throwing her head back in ecstasy and then pumping out a nice load of cum right into her mouth.

Just Watch Part II


Joymii just watch part 2

Beautiful brunette Alexa stars in this Joymii update, it’s apparently part 2 of the Just Watch series although I’m not sure I ever saw the first one. Alexa looks incredible here in her sexy black thigh high nylon stockings, grabbing her man’s big thick dick before he starts pummeling that pussy! She loves a good hard fuck and this guy isn’t exactly the most gentle lover around, ramming his big dick in and out and then fingering her like crazy to make Alexa cum…given the title of this update it lends us a sort of voyeuristic feel as we watch these two passionate lovers, although given the choice it would be super hard to just watch Alexa and not want to join in on the fun! Look at those beautiful perky breasts with cute pert nipples that stand out so hard they could cut through diamond…Alexa gets a good deep pounding in that sweet tight shaved pussy, so hopefully there will be a part 3 of this series so we can see what other naughty fun she gets up to on Joymii!

Be Italian


Joymii be italian with alexa

Alexa was in the kitchen chopping up some peppers for her homemade spaghetti sauce when her man walked in, finding here there chopping away wearing her apron and not a stitch of clothing underneath it! He couldn’t resist grabbing that sweet tight ass of hers, his cock poking out of his pants…soon he was sliding into her tight wet hole from behind, fucking her as she went from cutting a mushroom to sucking and licking his mushroom head in this Joymii update called Be Italian! Alexa has an incredible body, it’s no wonder he wanted to fuck her right when he caught a glimpse of her hotness. This brunette beauty is always down for an impulsive pussy pounding and you can tell how turned on she was when you get a look at those rock-hard nipples of hers! Perfect perky little titties, a nice round ass and a mouth made for sucking cock…this girl Alexa is lava-hot for Joymii! Hopefully she doesn’t have the spaghetti sauce on the burner still though, it would be a shame to ruin her dinner as she got pounded.

Boob Job


Boob job on joymii

Stunning long-haired brunette babe Josephine is back on Joymii in this hot update called Boob Job and is looking hotter than ever! She doesn’t look like she’s had a boob job though so I guess the title is referring to her tittyfucking her boyfriend in this hardcore scene…those big tits of hers are already perfect, no need to go under the knife there that’s for sure! In fact this girl is hot as hell from toe to tip, she always heats up the camera in her Joymii updates and they keep bringing her back for more, thankfully. Watch her give her guy a nice leisurely blowjob as she plays with her pussy, then spread her legs to get that wet hole drilled before the guy slips his cock between her breasts and enjoys those soft pillowy boobs as he fucks her chest! She’s had a few incredible updates on Joymii, if you want a little example I’ve got this scene for you right here to enjoy…you’ll get plenty more good looks at those titties and her sweet round ass too!

What A Woman


What a woman

We’ve seen Josephine on the site before like in her scene called A Quick Romp, but she’s one of those girls who just keeps getting hotter every time she comes around! This Joymii update is called What A Woman and it’s no surprise that they’re talking about Josephine with a title like that. She is absolutely gorgeous and her body is made out of dreams and smiles as she shows off her big full bouncy breasts and that sweet tight firm ass, taking her boyfriend’s hard cock in her mouth to suck him off and drive him wild! Josephine’s long dark hair acts as a perfect bridle for the guy while he fucks her from behind, holding on as he slides in and out of her hole while she rubs her clit with her fingers. She and her man are putting this white chair to work here with Josephine riding his cock and bouncing her breasts right in his face…he fucks that sweet wet hole until finally shooting a load all over her stomach!

A Quick Romp


Joymii quick romp with josephine

Beautiful brunette Josephine and her boyfriend wanted to have a quick romp on the couch and the Joymii cameras were ready to capture all the action! With a girl as gorgeous and stacked as Josephine it would be hard not to get some great footage, and this hardcore fuck scene is definitely a thing of beauty…Josephine has those nice big full breasts and a beautiful ass, and of course that stunning face of hers! She takes off her little denim shorts and lays down on the couch, lifting up her legs to take that hard cock deep in her wet hole…I get the feeling these two love a nice spontaneous lovemaking session, I’m just grateful that they’re down with being watched and that Joymii had their cameras up and running!

Blindfold Me


Paula Shy In Blindfold Me Joymii

I love this Paula Shy girl because you just don’t see her many places, especially like the big “general” porn sites.  She is almost always on erotic type of site.  It’s her type of porn, she doesn’t want to just be making a dirty movie she wants it to be artistic.  She has a beautiful shaven pussy that is so fuckable I can’t even explain it.  Then you have her exotic looks that I love so much and last and certainly not least is those amazing big perky tits of hers.  They’re 100% real I am sure, but there is always that doubt in the back of my mind that says they could be fake.  I mean they’re just too damn perfect you know, but the way they bounce while she is being fucked leads me to believe that they’re actually natural.  The video ends with her sucking him super fast and then just swallowing his load, she shows that camera so you guys know he actually came and then it ends.  Joymii always makes super erotic videos so you should not be shocked by the relaxing music and that type of stuff.  This is a video that you could watch with your wife or girlfriend or both if you’re that type of guy.

Through The Back


Through the back on joymii

Sometimes the title they give for a porn scene doesn’t really have anything to do with what’s going on…this is not a situation like that. The title Through The Back for this Joymii update is probably exactly what you’re thinking, as gorgeous Asian babe Paula Shy gets her pussy licked and sucks her boyfriend’s cock before spreading her legs and taking his dick in her tight ass for some anal hardcore fun! Those big tits of hers look amazing as does her ass as she gets drilled in the back door, bending over doggystyle and gritting her teeth…it seems to be a little uncomfortable at first but then she gets accustomed to having a cock in the butt and gets more into it, sliding her tight hole up and down on that dick as she rides him to orgasm!

Blissful Morning


Blissful morning on joymii

Stunning blonde Lara was ready to make her man’s morning a blissful morning so while he was snoozing away in his underwear she crept into the bedroom and awoke him with a gentle kiss. Seeing this gorgeous woman when you first open your eyes in the morning would already set the day on a fine note but this girl went the extra distance, sliding her hand into his tightie-whities and grabbing his cock while she kissed him before making her way down his body and giving him a blowjob! She licked and sucked his cock until it was nice and hard and ready to fuck…I have yet to see a girl who looked bad getting her leg lifted up to get pounded in her pussy, and there is definitely nothing bad-looking about Lara in this hardcore Joymii scene.

Arousing Memories


Josephine Arousing Memories

Joymii presents this update featuring the lovely and evidently ten foot tall beauty Josephine as she licks and sucks and fucks her man, riding his cock and making those big breasts of hers bounce around…at first she didn’t even bother to remove her panties, just tugging them aside to take her man’s cock in her hole, but then when she bends over to get fucked doggystyle he does it for her as he pulls them down and rams that pussy. Josephine looks like a supermodel and fucks like a champ in this hot update, I have the feeling you’ll be creating some arousing memories as well!

Three’s Company


Joymii threes company

Three’s company and four would be even nicer in this Joymii update but for now it’s just Ivy and Victoria and Tyler getting naked and fucking in bed! I think Ivy is the brunette and Victoria is the blonde but I’m not like 100% sure so don’t quote me on that. Ivy and Tyler were hanging out in bed together just having a ball when Victoria came strolling through the door in her thong panties and bra, standing over them and looking like she was about ready to dive right on top! Soon all three of them were naked and the girls were alternating between eating each other out and sucking cock and getting fucked by lucky-ass Tyler, who must have been handing out high-fives like candy afterwards as he walked home. This Joymii update will rekindle your desire for a threeway, that’s for damn sure…

Hot Afternoon


Joymii hot afternoon

Spring is here in full swing and is well on its way towards summer type weather and that means a hot afternoon is in the cards! Josephine here and her man have headed inside the house to beat the heat in this Joymii update but things are only going to get steamier as they shed their clothes and hit the bedsheets for a roll in the hay, so to speak. Josephine has those nice huge tits out and in full effect as she goes for a carousel ride on his uncut cock (I thought it was broken or something at first but I guess that’s just his foreskin, took me by surprise in a couple of the photos). Watch this hottie hold on for dear life as she takes his crank deep in her shaved hole…they don’t have a whole lot of fancy props or exotic scenery or anything here, just two horny people getting naked and fucking and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that if you ask me, no need to complicate things!



Lara on Joymii

Lara here was making some coffee but needed a little cream and what better way to get some cream than by sucking and fucking it out of her man’s hard cock! He might not be the most dinosaur-hung guy in the industry but he gets a great blowjob and fucks this hot skinny blonde right on the kitchen floor in this Joymii update called Creamy Coffee so I guess he’s doing alright for himself. Lara is a skinny blonde spinner with big tits for her small frame (they’re actually pretty medium sized I think but her small body makes them look bigger by comparison) and a great ass, and she loves a nice spontaneous deep-dicking I guess!

Best Channel


Joymii best channel

Sexy exotic Paula was flipping through the TV with the remote and moaning her head off all of a sudden in this Joymii update…I figured she had found the best channel of all but it turns out she had just pressed the Off button and it was her boyfriend under the covers making her moan and writhe as he licked her sweet pussy! Watching TV is bad for your brain anyway…Paula would rather stimulate her mind and her body with a nice passionate fuck session and her boyfriend was more than willing to provide the cock. Watch her get that perfect ass in the air as she sucks him off, getting that meat nice and hard and ready to ride as she mounts up on his lap, making her big tits bounce as she bucked her hips!



Cherry on Joymii

Usually when I hear a pornstar is named Cherry I would expect them to be a redhead but in this case she threw me for a loop! This skinny blonde rocks this guy’s world in a scene from Joymii called Morning Desires, sucking his cock as he lay dreamily in bed…what a way to wake up am I right, with a beautiful horny blonde rubbing her pussy on your face and sucking your cock! She gives him a great blowjob and the finishes the deal by climbing up onto his morning wood, riding him hard and deep and moaning with pleasure.

Valentina Nappi


Valentina Nappi Joymii

The beautiful Valentina Nappi is making her first appearance on Joymii.  This scene is called Voluptuous Girl and I have pictures and video for you.  The video isn’t long but Joymii never provides the good shit they want you to be a member and for the quality they are giving I would say you guys should think about it.  This scene is starts off with Valentina in nothing but her stockings and her shirt.  She is one of those girls who likes to be in charge as you will see from her mounting this guys face at the very start of the video.  Valentina has a gorgeous big round ass and seeing her riding is really hot because of that as well as watching her fucked doggystyle because that big ass just ripples as she is pounding. S he really has it all big ass big tits part of the reason we have posted so many galleries of her on our site.

Ibiza Feelings


Joymii ibiza feelings

There’s something about a beautiful Tropical island that stirs the human passions…in this Joymii video Tina and her boyfriend might not be on an exotic island dancing the night away with umbrella drinks in hand and lights flashing all around but they’ve definitely Ibiza Feelings and they’re fucking like maniacs in the living room! Tina’s perfect gorgeous body gets worked hard and deep as these two make passionate love, her perky boobies bouncing with the rhythm as they recreate some of their experiences on the famous getaway island of Ibiza. Their couches are certainly getting a workout as Tina goes for a ride on that hard cock, her nice tight butt bouncing up and down as she moans her way to orgasm in this hot hardcore scene!

Midnight Sex


Joymii midnight sex with petra and nick

When you can’t sleep there’s nothing in the world better than a little midnight sex! Petra was tossing and turning and finally decided that a good hard fuck was the only cure for her insomnia so she turned on the lights and woke up her boyfriend, who was more than happy to provide the cock for her ‘treatment’! This beautiful slender girl went to town on his dick, sucking him hard and then ripping off his underwear to straddle his lap and go for a nice hard ride, taking him to the hilt in her wet pussy and grinding her clit against him until she orgasmed. She didn’t want to be the only one sleeping like a baby though so she kept fucking the guy, then sucked a big load out of his meat onto her face to finish off this Joymii update! What a cute tight little butt on this girl…imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see that body begging for a fuck!

Morning Bliss


Morning bliss on joymii ivy

When you wake up and the room is so full of white furniture it looks like it snowed all night in your bedroom, you could use a little morning bliss…with that in mind, gorgeous brunette Ivy gives her man a little AM pick-me-up, licking his cock up and down and sucking him until he’s hard, then going for a ride. There’s no better way to start the day than by being balls-deep in a gorgeous girl with perky tits and a great ass like Ivy here in this Joymii update! I just don’t think either of them will ever want to actually get up and out of bed, they’ll just roll around in the sheets all day long!

Lounging Around


Joymii ivy lounging around

In this sexy shoot from Joymii, Logan and his gorgeous girlfriend Ivy are just lounging around in their underwear. For most of us that would mean they’re sitting on the couch crunching fistfuls of Doritos and cackling at some stupid sitcom but for these two it means they’re getting naked and fucking in the living room! Luckily the cameras are rolling so we get to join in, or at least get a front row seat to the action…Ivy looks fantastic getting those white panties tugged off her long legs and her pussy fingered and licked, and even better when she takes her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! Ivy ends up bending over and getting fucked from behind as her guy grabs that sweet ass with both hands, penetrating that pussy doggystyle which as we all know is Ivy’s favorite position to get fucked in.

Morning Romance


Joymii morning romance with anita b

Beautiful Anita B and her guy pal Nick woke up at the crack of dawn and decided it was high time for a little morning romance in this Joymii update…they rolled around on the fancy metallic comforter on the bed, kissing and exploring each other with their hands, lips and tongues. Not kissing with their hands, dammit, you know what I mean. Anyway, he tugs off her little pink panties, licks her slit and fucks her sweet pussy in this hot episode and their day is already shaping up to be a winner before they even have breakfast! Maybe they’ll just go right back to bed though after this little romp, they’ve gotta recharge before their afternoon romance and of course get plenty of rest in before their evening romance followed by a nighttime romance, one for the road if you will. That’s a lot of romancing but when your girl has a body like Anita’s with those perky boobies and great ass, she needs a good romancin’!



Joymii den josephine

Den and Josephine aren’t quite aware of how the concept of sexting works…Den keeps taking pictures of Josephine’s big full breasts and upskirt shots of her pussy and sending them to her which honestly is probably a better way to turn her on than photos of himself! She gets so horny looking at her own gorgeous body that she needs a hard fuck and needs it now, and he’s more than happy to oblige…soon they’re both nude on the couch with Josephine sucking his big dick and getting onto her hands and knees to get fucked from behind doggystyle, moaning with pleasure as he sinks to the hilt in her wet hole. He’s lucky he has a good sized cock, so she’s able to overlook the tighty whities he’s sporting until finally he pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass and spills onto the couch…that’s gonna be a bitch to clean up but it sure made for a hot Joymii update!

The Pleasure Inside


Joymii pleasure inside

Simona is incredibly gorgeous and has a body that could provide entertainment for hours just from looking, but the pleasure inside is what Ben is after and in this Joymii update he’s certainly getting his wishes! He meets up with beautiful Simona in the bedroom as she admired herself in the mirror in her sexy lingerie, embracing her from behind and running his hands up and over those perfect breasts before laying her down on the bed to work his way down to her pussy. She gets a nice tongue bath, spreading those long lean dancers’ legs as he teased her clit and fingered her hole until she was almost shaking with desire…the perfect time to penetrate her, sliding his cock deep inside and making her gasp with pleasure! It’s a hot hardcore scene and words just don’t do it justice, you’ll just have to take a look.

Loving It


Joymii abigaile denisa threeway

What could be better than fucking a hot naked woman? Well if you’ve ever seen porn before you know the answer to that…the answer of course being to fuck two hot nude women at once. This guy gets that wish and is loving it as all three are sitting in and around a bubbly hot tub…lovely ladies Abigail Johnson and Denisa just love getting squeaky clean together and this guy Matt was more than happy to take a bubble bath with both of them for Joymii. Abigail can’t even wait for him to get out of the suds before her lips are wrapped around his cock, giving him a nice blowjob while he licks Denisa’s shaved pussy before fucking both those hot wet pussies one after the other! Hopefully he doesn’t shoot his load while they’re still in the water because oh man that would be a pain in the ass to clean up, they’d all have to take a shower.

After Work Pleasure


Sandy Joymii After Work Pleasure

Sandy and Jay look forward to the end of the day just like all of us.  The thing is they make it even more special because they make sure to bang after work everyday.  That’s what I call consistent sex!  They haven’t lost the passion as you will see in this pictures.  I couldn’t find the video for you guys sorry about that.  It just seems that Joymii keeps a pretty tight grip on their video stuff.  You really just have to be a member to see their erotica.  It makes sense though I mean they do put a lot of money into making it you can just tell.  From the hot girls they get to the quality of the video you know they don’t spare one expense.

Shower For Two


Shower For Two

I think this is a outdoor shower or at least it better be or it’s going to be the most opulent shower I have ever seen!  This girl and her man have sex in the shower in a scene called Shower For Two by Joymii.  They get into some pretty crazy positions, the guy picks her up during one part of their scene and leans against the wall and she kind of rides him in mid air, very hot and you will see it in the video.  The video is pretty damn short but it’s really hard to find a promo video because these guy keep their video under lock and key.  I will keep a eye out for a longer one but no promises.  This is the first time that Anna here has been on the site and I can see a niche for her.  She is really small with a really small and good looking pussy that I think most of us guys would enjoy fucking.

Sweet Fruit


Joymii Sweet Fruit

I tend to forget to post just pure lesbian sex galleries and it’s just because the sties that have awesome lesbian scenes also have really good hardcore scenes.  Joymii is definitely one of those porn sites that I am like “oh, I will post a gallery of them today” and then a see a lesbian gallery and a hardcore one and I always choose the hardcore.  Not today ladies and gentlemen!  You are getting a very nice pussy licking picture gallery called Sweet Fruit. Starring to European models I bet named Mia and Karol.  They both take turns fingering and eating each other out in this lovely little gallery that you have been due for quite some time now.

Give It To Me


Give It To Me

Here is a Joymii scene for you guys and I know that I just don’t post them enough but it’s so damn hard to find video for their scenes.  It seems most of the new stuff is only reserved for members.  I always add the video once I can get it so you can like bookmark this gallery if you want and keep checking in on it.  The girl who stars in this is Viktoria and she is just a doll.  With those nice full tits and her super sexy body any of you would want to fuck her.  The name of the scene is called Give It To Me and it’s a creampie scene so all you freaks that like that are live high on the hog right now.

Cum For Me


Come For Me Joymii

This gallery has two people who are just trying to please one another.  That always makes for a really good sex scene especially when a girl as hot as Tiffany Fox is starring in it.  The name of the video is Cum For Me and it’s from Joymii a erotica site that is a must see!  Tiffany is the first start start the giving in this video giving her man a super sensual and erotic blowjob.  Once he is hard and ready she rides that cock of his giving him every inch of her pussy.  Once she has done that for a bit the guy decides to return the favor by licking and fingering her beautiful tight pussy.  The scene ends with Tiffany laying on her back and getting fucked as hard as this guy can muster and then he cums all over her nice perky tits.

Young Love


Young Love Joymii

Young Love is fun to watch isn’t it?  Well Joymii paid this couple Amirah and Max to come to a shoot for them where they do what they usually do every other day and that’s fuck.  Amirah puts on his white shirt and takes him for a ride and you get to see those small little titties bouncing all around.  She is pretty freaking cute and the erotic style in which Joymii makes there porn really makes this a great scene.  I always forget to go look for the new stuff they have put out but today I didn’t forget!  Now you guys have to send me some thank you notes or something.

Intimate Shaving


Sara Luvv on Joymii

I found this site dedicated to Sara Luvv that I would like to share with you.  The gallery is from Joymii one of my favorite sites so it only seems right that I post it.  Sara Luvv here is having lesbian sex with another petite brunette haired girl her name is Scarlet B. which always drives me crazy because I just want to know her full name but that’s as good as I can do.  The two of them shave their pussies together before they have lesbian sex.  There is nothing better then eating out a pussy that has just been shaved, that’s what all the lesbians tell me.

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