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Going Up


Madison Ivy Going Up

Madison Ivy never ceases to amaze me.  She has such a bodacious body it’s just crazy a girl this petite can have so many curves.  I mean sure her tits are fake but man is it a good boob job not a lot of girls get so lucky.  This Passion HD scene is called Going Up and it’s called that because Madison starts her sex scene out in a glass elevator.  They then go to the bed where Madison Ivy can get her pussy eaten out for a while and get hers before she makes her man cum.  The scene is incredibly erotic and seeing Madison fuck is more art then it is porn just watch her ride this guys cock and tell me that I am not right!

Jenny Jones


Jenny Jones Mc Nudes

If there’s a handy bench, you can just bet your bottom dollar that Jenny Jones will get naked and sit on it. Man if only that were true…I’d be putting benches galore in my house every weekend. It’s true for this bench at least; Jenny is hanging out in the nude on a wooden seat in this Mc Nudes gallery, showing off that perfect tight body!

First Love


X Art First Love

I am going to start calling these videos from X Art films instead of videos.  The quality is just like a god damn movie I swear!  This scene is called First Love and in stars a gorgeous model named Kaylee.  She has perfect big natural tits and she just goes wild wild riding this guys cock outside.  The scene is suppose to be about these two being each others first love and this sex scene is the first time they actually had sex.  I mean we know it’s made up because this guy wouldn’t have lasted half as long if it was real life!  Especially since Kaylee here is really good at riding cock.



Devon Pure Mature

I have for you a model who just goes by Devon she is one of those Madonna type of chicks.  In this new scene from Pure Mature called Pop The Question you get to see Devon proposed to and of course she says yes and also yes to the sex session that happens after every man asks that question.  Devon is a super petite MILF because this dick just doesn’t look like it will fit in that tight little pussy of hers but Devon is able to take every inch of it and as you can see if you watch her face she throughly enjoyed that big dick.

Klara Wow Girls


Wow Girls Klara

Klara is a sexy European chick with a penchant for taking two hard cocks at once, and you get to watch it in this hot hardcore update from Wow Girls! She sucks one guy’s dick while bobbing her tight pussy up and down on the other guy in a menage-a-trois that might just scorch the inside of your eyeballs with its hotness. Be careful.

Setting The Table


Madison Ivy Setting The Table

I have the gorgeous Madison Ivy riding this guys dick on a chair.  It’s crazy all the positions that she can get in just on that little surface. Madison Ivy has a body that is just too hot for words I wish every pornstar could get a boobie job like Madison’s it just turned out so damn good! The guy starts off this Passion HD scene by having his “dinner” on the table lick her pussy until she is nice and wet. Madison returns the favor until he is hard and then the fuck right there on the kitchen table as well as the chair. The sex is incredible but when is a Madison Ivy sex scene not good that’s the better question!

Sensual Revelation


Tasha Reign Babes Network

I do think this is the first time that Tasha Reign has been on Babes Network but I sure hope it’s not the last!  Tasha is just so damn hot with those amazing natural big tits of hers and the way this scene is film it makes the sex so erotic.  I don’t even know if you can call this porn it’s so well done.  The name of the scene is Sensual Revelation and the trailer I have for you guys is very well done, you will definitely want to take the tour after viewing it.

Love Ties


Holly Michaels Passion HD Love Ties

How perfect is Holly Michaels skin!  That’s a weird thing to say but that’s what I first thought when I saw this picture.  This is a scene from Passion HD and they call it Love Ties.  Passion HD has a lot of scenes with Holly Michaels and with a body like hers I don’t blame them for doing it she just makes good porn.  Holly has big natural tits and a nice round ass so she basically looks good from every single angle.  If having a great ass and tits isn’t good enough just check out picture number 14 and tell me that isn’t one amazing tight pussy as well, man this girl has it going on!

Abigaile Johnson


Abigaile Johnson Beyond Innocence

I do believe this is the first scene that Babes Network has got of Abigaile Johnson but I sure hope it’s not the last!  Abigaile has a gorgeous teen body with a nice hour glass figure and I just love that ass for some reason.  Watch her get fucked in this new scene called Beyond Innocence.  I never noticed just hot tight that pussy of hers was until I watch this video and they show his dick going inside of her for the first time and man did that look like a tight fit.

Side By Side


Ivy Leila X Art Side By Side

In this X Art gallery you get to see Ivy (pictured) and Leila fucking side by side.  They are doing it next to a very nice looking pool and as always X Art spared no expense in shooting this scene.  I think X Art is one of the few sites who actually really care about the type of porn they put out I am almost positive that they spend more in their production then anyone else.  I know you guys probably don’t care about that so how about the fact that you get to see a gorgeous girl like Ivy fucking!  This is probably the only site that you will find her on and that’s because X Art finds amazing talent that nobody else can.

Code Red


Dani Jensen Code Red Passion HD

I have for you a very flexible (as you can see) pornstar by the name of Dani Jensen.  She is getting fucked in this amazing new scene from Passion HD called Code Red.  Dani has a great ass with amazing small tits and I just love seeing her getting fucked in these flexible positions.  She is just constantly grabbing her legs and spreading them apart as far as they will go so this guy can penetrate her deeper.  Passion HD is consistantly putting out some of the most amazing porn out there so make sure to take a tour of their site, it’s something you will not regret.

Passion HD Sexual Nature With Dani Jensen and Zoey
Passion HD Red Velvet With Dani Jensen and Lia

All Day, All Night


Julia Ann All Day All Night

I always heard that older chicks where horny just because that’s the way their body works.  Well Julia Ann proved that statement true fucking all day, all night in this new scene from Pure Mature.  You get to see basically two different sex scenes one during the day and then another one at night.  Julia Ann has nice big features like most good pornstars those being that ass you see her as well as some big boobies, she is hot basically.

Afternoon Seduction


Janet Mason Pure Mature

Nice juicy MILF ass right here for you guys.  It’s Janet Mason in a scene from Pure Mature called Afternoon Seduction.  This is the third scene she has done for their site and it’s my favorite just for the part of the video where she rides this guys dick.  Janet Mason has nice big tits and round ass and a pretty face I don’t know what there is not to like about her.  If every woman aged like Janet Mason I don’t think girls would be so scared of getting old, and if girls fucked like her then all the men on the planet woudl be a whole lot happier.



Jenny In The Crack

I am a sucker for a perfect pussy and that’s exactly what this model Jenny has!  The scene is from In The Crack and as you can see from this picture right here the name of their site is quite literal.  Jenny is just stunning and I love that they have her playing with these beads it’s just a great contrast to her skin.  The picture from In The Crack are all great and whatever, but if you have ever had the pleasure of watching their videos you will know that the pictures just do not compare!  In The Crack has a strict policy that videos are for members only so if you haven’t seen a video yet then it’s because you have never joined their site.

Full Service


April O'Neil Passion HD

Check out this new scene from Passion HD called Full Service and it stars April O’Neil with that full bush of hers!  April has been a quite a few Passion HD scene and this one is just as good as all the rest she has done.  Seeing April getting fucked is always amazing because of those nice natural tits of hers and let’s be honest here she is very easy on the eyes.  I don’t exactly know why the call it full service but it could be because it’s starts as a massage scene, I don’t know I didn’t spend time on the beginning of the video I just skipped to the end to the good stuff!  The video ends with April getting that hairy pussy of hers just covered in cum.  Getting that cum out of her pubic hair is going to be such a bitch!

Sea Breeze


Sea Breeze Sweet Lilya

Oh hey I heard you were wondering what paradise looked like…well this will give you a pretty good idea of it! Check out lean leggy blonde Sweet Lilya as she takes a sail with some friends on a beautiful day, and strips out of her top and colorful bikini to show off that incredible body in the nude! She’s got perky little petite boobies and hips that will make you howl, not to mention legs for days. Enjoy the sea breeze!



Viv Thomas bed

Viv Thomas walks around on top of the bed showing off her perfect nude body in this hot update from her site…she’s got that perfect little diamond where her upper thighs don’t quite touch and that is just hot as hell, it frames her tight little bald pussy just perfectly. She’s got hot little perky titties that are sure to put a smile on your face and speaking of faces hers is just gorgeous so check these photos on out!

Barbara Colors


Barbara Photodromm

I have Barbara from our favorite babe website that there is and that’s Photodromm.  She is in a scene called Colors for their website.  This is the first time I have seen this beauty on their site before but like all their other models it won’t be the last.  She is a natural beauty with a fit ass and nice perky full tits that I think they’re real but not a %100.

Starting Over


Jessi Andrews Starting Over X Art

I am pretty sure that this X Art scene takes up after the last Jessie Andrews scene called Farewell.  I don’t really follow the plot lines of porn very good but for those of you with a better attention span I think this is like part two.  It’s called starting over and you once again get to see Jessie Andrews fucking in sucking in high definition.  This isn’t like everyone else’s High-Def though X Art takes it a step further and you will only get what I am talking about if you are a member of their site and have watched one of their full resolution movies.

Bambi Wolfe


Bambi Passion HD

I have a new model for you guys today she is from Passion HD and her name is Bambi Wolfe.  Quite a weird name to pick I would say, to each their own I guess.  Bambi has a beautiful ass, nice tight pussy and she loves to be having sex or getting her pussy eaten or anything along those lines. This is literally the first scene I have ever seen with her in it, but I am sure Passion HD will release some more with this gorgeous teen starlet. I almost forgot to mention the name of this scene, it’s Exotic Massage.



Mc Nudes Cathy

Cathy from Mc Nudes is a bit of an enigma…she’s hot as hell, there’s no doubt about that, it’s just hard to pin down what nationality she is or even what shade her skin is. I guess Cathy is an important lesson in the stupidity of racism for all of us…plus she’s got hips that just aren’t even fair, not to mention incredibly perky tits and a gorgeous face!

Kayden Kross Fishnets


Babes Kayden Kross

Beautiful blonde goddess Kayden Kross is showing her wild side in this photo update from Babes as she slowly strips out of her black lingerie and saddles up on a harley wearing only the sunshine and a sexy pair of black fishnet stockings! Oh and shoes too but man you don’t want to go riding a motorcycle without any shoes on, are you nuts?



Dani Jensen Babes Network

So it looks like Babes Network is going to do about two hardcore updates a week so that’s probably how often you will see them if not more.  This new update that came out today is Dani Jensen in a scene called Lucky.  Dani has a gorgeous round ass and is looking sexy as hell in this black lingerie.  The scene is very erotic and the quality just cannot be match, watch the short preview video for proof of that.  I might post more galleries from their site but it seems you guys like this hardcore stuff more then their solo masturbation scene or even their lesbian sex scenes.

Leanna Decker


Leanna Decker Playboy

I told you guys that I would start to post more Playboy galleries and what a good decision that is today!  I mean look at these amazing big natural tits I have for you today.  This girls name is Leanna Decker and she is definitely Playboy hot.  You don’t know what Playboy hot is you say?  That means that this girl is so damn hot that the only possible site she would pose naked for is Playboy hot, you just wouldn’t see her anywhere else, cause she is just too damn hot.



Alyssa Branch Joymii

Alyssa Branch looks like her mind is being blown here doesn’t it?  I couldn’t fit this guys member in the picture but I assure you she is getting banged in this picture.  I love that Alyssa keeps that bush hairy it just makes her look like such a natural beauty.  This is Alyssa’s second time doing a hardcore scene with Joymii and I think this partnership that they have should continue because I know every time I watch one of her scenes on their site my mind is blown also.

Other Alyssa Branch Joymii Scenes:
Alyssa and Gina Have Lesbian Sex on Joymii
Joymii Episode Lust In Paradise Where Alyssa Fucks

Samantha Returns


Samantha Rone Returns To Amateur Allure

We are pretty lucky today because we get to see another Amateur Allure gallery with Samantha Rone.  This time she takes two cumshots once again but instead of just swallowing both loads Samantha takes one huge facial and then jerks the guy off for the other one.  When Samantha takes the facial though she has a spoon ready so that the guy can scrape it off her face and feed it to her.  Samantha is one of those super innocent girls who is just a obsolute freak when you get anywhere near her. If you missed the first time Samantha Rone was on Amateur Allure you can see that HERE.

A Special Visitor


Jenni Lee Pure Mature

I love these Pure Mature scenes that Jenni Lee is doing!  This is a new one that just came out today it’s called A Special Visitor.  I didn’t really watch the movie for the plot though so I am not sure why they call it that.  I did watch the movie to see that round ass of Jenn Lee’s and of course her riding dick, she is just amazing at that.  These pictures that are on the gallery are definitely worth looking at too even if you don’t really like pictures.  I mean just check out this one I posted and tell me that Jenni doesn’t look drop dead gorgeous right there.

Jenni Lee In Love Stroll By Pure Mature
Jenni Lee In Afternoon Cocktail By Pure Mature

Bed Of Roses


Ana Foxxx Passion HD

Passion HD has came out with a interracial scene and it’s pretty damn hot!  The girl who is getting some white dick is Ana Foxxx here.  She is a very petite ebony babe who is definitely bangable.  Passion HD is always coming out with fresh porn like this and I can’t wait to see all the scenes that they had Ana Foxxx do.  Ana definitely has that patented round black ass and you will see plenty of it if you watch this video because the guys who are filming this erotic scene notice just how amazing that booty of hers is so they film it a lot.

Tropical Affair


Leila Kaylee X Art

That’s cute Kaylee and Leila think they had a tropical affair because they have boyfriends back at home or something and didn’t tell them.  Well ladies let me tell you a thing or two.  You sleeping with another hot chick isn’t a problem, the problem is that you didn’t invite your man to join in.  There is a solution to this and all will be forgiven you have to figure it out though I can just spell it out for you.  This scene is for X Art and it’s extremely erotic and these two girl definitely enjoyed eating each other out you can just tell.

Daniella Nicole


Daniella Nicole Playboy

When I am surfing around other peoples sites I always end up clicking on their Playboy galleries and I always think to myself why I don’t ever do galleries from them.  Well today ladies and gentlemen is a banner today because I am going to start doing it on the reg!  This is my first start to posting a whole bunch of Playboy galleries and I start with a exotic girl named Daniella Nicole.  She has nice big tits a beautiful booty and I love that shie is chocolate,  some might not but whatever it’s my site.

Ivana Sugar


Ivana Sugar Babes Network

I have a new model I think to the site I don’t remember ever posting a gallery of this model Ivana Sugar but I could be wrong.  This scene is from Babes Network and it’s called Tempting.  Babes Network just started updating their site 5 days a week that’s pretty hard to beat if you ask me.  Their updates aren’t just pictures either when they update you get a video and matching pictures to go along with it.  Ivana here looks kind of Russian to be or maybe it’s that name that makes me think that.  Anyways she is slender, small tits and she takes the dick pretty good.  She is one of those girls who just enjoys feeling a dick go in and out of her pussy you can see her closing her eyes while she is being fucked it’s pretty sexy I think.

Unbelievably Beautiful


Silvie X Art Unbelievably Beautiful

This is a awesome new scene with Silvie from X Art getting fucked in a really beautiful place who knows where it is though.  The name of the scene is Unbelievably Beautiful and it’s only pictures as I post this but this site always adds the video when it comes out.  Make sure to bookmark this gallery if you want to see the video.  Silvie has done a couple of hardcore scenes in her career and they almost all seem to be with X Art, so if you are a fan of her I suggest you check out what X Art has of her because it’s a lot.

Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston Babes Network

I actually posted this gallery because of this picture.  I usually post galleries because of the video but I just thought that Chanel Preston was looking so hot I made the gallery without even looking at the video.  The name of the scene is Black Angel and you will only see it on Babes Network one of the leaders in a new niche called glamcour.  If you haven’t taken the time to take their tour I suggest you do that today!

Rosemary Radeva


rosemary radeva in the crack

Hot exotic Rosemary Radeva has something written on her shirt but I can’t tell what it is, and every time I try to look closer I just get distracted by her pretty face and that tight lean body that she insists on showing off and blasting my eyeballs out with! Watch in this In The Crack gallery as Rosemary gets nude and spreads that tight little pussy.



Ava Addams Pure Mature Sidetracked

I bet Ava Addams here can sidetrack a lot of men with those lovely big tits of hers.  She just got a boob job and man was that a great choice!  I think it’s when woman already have big tits and they get one it always turns out really well.  This scene is from a MILF site called Pure Mature where you get to see beautiful older woman like Ava here getting fucked in high definition and it’s all filmed in a very erotic way.  It’s just one of those sites you have to check out if you haven’t already.

Dani & Karlie


Dani Daniels and Karlie Montana

How can you not click on this gallery I mean those are some pretty fine asses if you ask me.  The scene is from In The Crack and in this scene you get to see Karlie Montana and Dani Daniels giving each other orgasms with a vibrator.  I think it is a massage scene when you watch the video but videos are only available for members so I just get to share with you the matching picture set.  If either of these girls use the vibrator on the other though you know that girl is going to cum and that’s just hot to see isn’t it?

Blind Passion


Blind Passion Wow Girls

This is another update from Wow Girls starring Anjelica once again but this time she is with another model named Momoko.  I just can’t help myself when I am looking for a Wow Girls gallery to post for you guys this Anjelica girl is just so hot you have to see all of her scenes that she has done for them!  The name of this one is called Blind Passion and if you watch the video you are going to see a guy who is pretty much the luckiest guy in the world.  He gets to banged this beautiful babe while the other girl Momoko sits there and just sucks on his balls, that right there is winning.

Pole Position


Puma Swede Pole Position Pure Mature

I would like to introduce to you guys a brand new sex position though of by Pure Mature it’s called the Pole Position.  Puma Swede is performing this and it’s just a great one to do so the girl can hold on to something as she is pounded from behind.  This scene is also from Pure Mature I got a little behind this week so I have to do two updates today, which is a good thing for you guys because this site is really good!

California Tenderness


Joymii California Tenderness

I was pretty excited to see Carmen McCarthy fuck but that was until I saw this gorgeous body on Ivy.  She has a great hour glass figure and she is super petite.  That usually isn’t the case, girls this petite are usually like stick figures.  It’s probably because Ivy has a nice juicy ass so it gives her those curves.  Ivy is actually the only one that gets fucked in this Joymii episode called California Tenderness but Carmen McCarthy was there so she rubbed one out to these two having sex.

Riley Reid Sex Art


Riley Reid Sex Art

This is a sensual scene from Sex Art called LE CAFE.  I don’t know what’s up with Sex Art always capitalizing their shit but that’s their thing they like to yell I guess.  Who really cares about that though let’s get back to this scene.  Riley Reid is such a beautiful pornstars, she has nice small tits and a perfect round ass.  Riley gets her in this update being fucked just the way she wants and the guy takes the time to eat her out making that pussy dripping wet.

Masked Lover


Lily Love Masked Lover

How would you like to bang this masked lover from Passion HD.  Well I happen to know it’s Lily Love who is one of the hottest models to come out recently and she is in a really good bondage scene from Passion HD.  He has her tied up in black rope and pretty much just fucks her every which way he wants.  I especially like how he tied her boobs so they are kind of like separated it just makes them look better then they already are.  Lily Love has been in a bunch of Passion HD scenes recently and if you missed any of them you can find them at the bottom of this post.

Lily Love Passion HD Scenes:
Passion HD The Perfect Gift
Passion HD Pool Party
Passion HD Make It Pop

Sarah Vanedella


Sarah Vanedella Aziani

I thought Sarah Vanedella was wearing surgical scrubs or something for a minute in this Aziani gallery but not to worry, she soon strips down and shows off that sexy voluptuous body she’s so well known for, licking her finger and dipping it down into those pink lacy panties with a smirk.

Leanne Crow


Leanne Crow babefox

I’d know those huge tits and that smiling face anywhere…Leanne Crow is hot as ever as she strips down and shows off her massive mammaries in this Babe Fox gallery, peeling off her thigh high lacy stockings and her skimpy lingerie as she gives you that patented Leanne Stare deep into your eyes.

The Perfect Fit


Alyssa Branch Babes Network

Babes Network is hooking us up with yet another very good erotic porn scene this time starring Alyssa Branch.  The name of the scene is “The Perfect Fit” because this dick fits just perfectly in Alyssa’s tight little pussy, she says so herself!  Babes Network is a new site but they have been pumping out a lot of really high quality content and I would put them on par with everyone else in this glamcour niche.  It just basically comes down to if you like the models they have better vs the other guys who I will not mention but if you don’t know who they are then you don’t visit our site enough!

Sexual Nature


Dani and Zoey From Passion HD

You get to see two beautiful redhead models in this gallery and they’re both redheads like for real!  You know how you can tell right?  It’s the ole saying if the carpet matches the drapes then it’s a real redhead.  The other models you see getting fucked in this new Passion HD scene called Sexual Nature is Dani Jensen and Zoey Nixon.  Dani is the one taking this dick in this particular picture so you know exactly who is who.  Passion HD has done this a couple of times putting two hot redheads together in the same scene and like the last one this one too is a big winner for me.

Hairy Sativa


Domai Sativa hairy

I guess this chick’s name is Sativa and I guess she’s pretty hot but I am having a hard time tearing my eyes away from that huge hairy bush she’s been cultivating down south! She is obviously a big fan of nature with a name like Sativa and these photos from Domai of her hanging around in the nude in the great outdoors.

Kaytee Bees


Kaytee Bees Playboy

Before you deluge me with emails this chick’s name is Kaytee Bees and no I don’t know if she’s single or not. She is drop dead gorgeous and has huge beautiful titties though to go along with her tight shaved pussy so I’m just going to go ahead and call dibs…sorry you guys. In the meantime though enjoy these Playboy shots of her!

Sensual Relaxation


Madison Ivy Passion HD

I think Sensual Relaxation is when you get to fuck Madison Ivy.  From the looks of all the scenes she has done it’s like she just does all the work.  I don’t think it’s the guys fault or anything like that it’s just the way Madison likes to get her fuck on.  Madison works that cock just the way she wants, she knows what makes that pussy feel best after all.  My absolute favorite scenes that Madison has ever done is with Passion HD and you can see all the ones I have posted on this site just right below this text.  Make sure to check them all out because they’re all fucking good!

Passion HD Scenes With Madison Ivy:
Passion HD Episode Evening Of Romance
Passion HD Episode Wet & Wild
Passion HD Episode Breakfast Then Bed

Diva Shredder


diva shredder errotica

I don’t know who taught Diva how to make papier mache but she’s definitely not doing it right…she’s chewing up magazines and shredding them with her teeth, then taking a bath with the bits and pieces. That sculpture she’s making won’t get finished anytime soon but at least we get to see Diva nude and wet in this Errotica Archives gallery!

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