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Veronica Rodriguez


Veronica Rodriguez

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Get ready to get scorched by the Latina Heat as beautiful Veronica Rodriguez puts on a show for Exotic 4k! This cutie has nice perky breasts, a stunning face and an ass made out of dreams and she’s loving it in this update, dancing her way out of her lingerie as she shows off every inch and then joins her man in the bedroom for a hard deep pounding that will leave you breathless. Veronica keeps her black thigh high stockings on for the duration as she takes that big dick in her tight little snatch, spreading her legs and looking up at the guy with those beautiful dark seductive eyes of hers. She’s a true Latina beauty with an amazing body and it’s nice of her to share it with us as she makes passionate love with her man! I really dig the dance she’s doing at the beginning of this scene by the way, she’s got rhythm and loves to move and just flows like water through the house in those lacy little black panties and corset…I could have watched an entire video just of her dancing to tell the truth so the fact that Veronica got naked and got fucked is just icing on the cake! Speaking of icing, she gets that pretty face of hers frosted with a big cum facial to finish off her Exotic4k debut.

Couple Bitches Tried To Rip Me Off


Couple Bitches Tried To Rip Me Off

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Well these girls aren’t exactly ready to pull off the heist of the century from the looks of things…they tried to rip off the XXX Pawn shop and got caught so they made a run for it, but the door was locked and they were stuck! They were willing to do anything to keep out of trouble with the cops apparently so the guy took them to the back office…he had his eyes on the cutie in the purple top (the other girl, not so much…) and told the chicks they’d be free to go if purple-top would suck and fuck his big cock! They were pretty upset about the idea but he was holding all the cards so really they didn’t have much a choice…soon the one girl was giving that huge dick a nice blowjob and got bent over the desk, her cute round Latina ass in the air as she got railed doggystyle! XXX Pawn isn’t exactly the best choice if you want to steal something apparently…teh guy’s got the eyes of a hawk and an eternally horny dick so any would-be thieves would do well to give this place a miss. We get to watch this hot amateur get fucked and take a facial here though so it worked out well for us, and they got to keep this little snafu out of their police records!




Click to see Goldie on Casting Couch X!

Cute Latina honey Goldie here was a dancer for quite awhile so you know she knows how to work that tight little body of hers…she’s doing her hottest in this Casting Couch X scene, showing off her lapdance skills grinding that pussy on the casting director’s lap in the nude before taking his cock in her mouth! She had been a stripper for a while but as she put it, she was ‘ready to go balls deep’ so she decided to make her way into the adult industry with this Casting Couch X hardcore scene! She’s a cute little exotic spinner with small tits, a sweet juicy round ass and a cute face…I don’t know if Goldie was her stripper name or not but it suits her with that blonde hair she’s rocking. Watch this little hottie get naked and get that little pussy rocked as she rides this guy like crazy, gets bent over and holds onto the desk as she gets pounded doggystyle! Goldie ends up with a nice facial that frosts her from chin to hairline as a sort of welcome to the adult industry…I doubt she ever got a facial as a stripper, unless there’s some crazy ish going on in the VIP rooms that I don’t know about!

Chloe Amour Flexible Pussy


Chloe Amour Flexible Pussy

Click to see Chloe Amour on Fantasy HD!

One of the worst things when it comes to working out is running stairs, if you ask me…it’s monotonous and annoying and hurts but hey if there’s one thing that would improve the whole situation it would be to do stair running behind Chloe Amour while she’s wearing her tight skimpy little workout gear! Chloe’s got her tiny blue shorts on and the sight of that incredible ass in front of you would spur you to run those stairs like a damn champ there’s no doubt about that. In this Fantasy HD update called Flexible Pussy Chloe gets her man to sprint up about a hundred flights with the promise that if he made it to the end of the workout she would suck and fuck his cock until he exploded and that’s just the kind of incentive he needed! Soon they were naked at the top of the stairs and Chloe was getting that sexy exotic pussy of hers worked over with his fingers and tongue and a vibrating toy before taking his cock in her hole for a nice hard fuck. She got pounded, I’m surprised the guy had the gumption after that hard aerobic workout but hey when confronted with a spectacular body like Chloe’s I guess there’s a little extra gas in the tank so to speak! Chloe got fucked in that sweet hole before getting her face frosted with a nice cum facial to finish things off…time to hit the showers!




When you think of Asian women usually ‘big boob’s is not on the list of usual features…but Julia here certainly turns that on its head or more like on its tits! She’s got big perfect breasts and is a stunner from head to toe, with that exotic Eastern look she is a sultry knockout and what’s more, she’s wearing a little bikini that’s like 5 sizes too small for her! Those big boobs are basically falling out and soon she just does away with the top entirely, relaxing in bed and letting it all hang out…enjoy these shots of a beautiful Asian dish with huge bouncy full titties, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll make your day. Or at least make your day at work more interesting as you daydream about them…

The 19th Hole


The 19th Hole

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I’ve always wondered why pawnshops use three balls as an insignia or whatever you call it…how does that mean a pawnshop? It seems like two balls is plenty, at least it is if you’re the proprietor of the XXX Pawn shop here! In this update that they call Putting My Dick in The 19th Hole this sexy black chick showed up at the shop hoping to pick up some golf clubs as a gift for her grandfather or something like that…the guy offered her a cranked-up price and she got pretty pissed off, but followed the dude to the back office when he offered to negotiate. He said she could have them for way cheap, if she would agree to throw in that sweet ebony pussy into the bargain! He had been staring at that ass of hers since she strolled in and just had to get a piece of that…she must have really had her heart set on those particular clubs because she agreed and off came the clothes! Maybe she just knew he was packing some serious heat down there because when he whipped out that huge dick of his she went to town on it, slurping it down and then bending over the desk to get that ebony pussy pounded.

Goldie Oiled and Ready


Goldie Oiled and Ready

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I don’t believe I’ve seen this cute blonde spinner before…her name is Goldie and she’s making her debut on Exotic4k with this update called Oiled And Ready, getting her sexy tight little body greased up and shiny before going for a ride on her man’s hard meat! I guess the oil is pretty much a necessity for this girl, her cunt is super tight and there’s no way she could fit that big thick dick in her hole if she hadn’t gotten all oiled up. Now, I’m not sure how ‘exotic’ this girl is which surprises me because usually it’s pretty obvious on Exotic4k that a girl is from a far off land or at least has some heritage of that sort, but Goldie doesn’t quite fit into that mold. She could be Latina, she could have some Asian mix given those beautiful almond eyes, it’s hard to say but what I do know is that this spinner is hot as hell and that’s like the universal language am I right! Goldie rides that dick, rubbing her clit at the same time and then bending over with her nice round ass in the air to get pounded doggystyle, before pumping a big facial load of cum out of that dick.

Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect

Click to see Veronica on GF Revenge!

When this guy saw his hot Latina girlfriend Veronica in her bedroom in her panties and a little t-shirt taking pictures of her pussy in the mirror he grabbed his video camera and busted in to catch her in the act! She was pretty embarassed but apparently the pictures were for him so he sort of spoiled his own surprise but holy damn this girl is smokin hot…perfect tits, nice big round booty, drop dead gorgeous face, nice slim tan figure, just a dream from head to toe! I mean he already had his video camera out so he tried talking her into doing a sex tape but she was pretty reluctant…well after offering her some massages and having him do the chores for like a week she caved in and man I’m glad this guy was so persistent! I guess he’s the one who has to do those chores but it was totally worth it for this chump too because he got to lick and finger and fuck that perfect tight wet pussy of hers…Veronica sucked his cock, looking up with those beautiful eyes and then turning over with her gorgeous ass in the air to get her pussy drilled doggystyle! I don’t know what happened to make this guy send the footage in to GF Revenge (they called the update Picture Perfect by the way) but I’m glad it happened, because now we get to enjoy every moment of this gorgeous girl getting fucked!




Click to see Adriana on Backroom Casting Couch!

So this tiny Latina spinner is named Adriana and she’s giving it the ol’ college try in this Backroom Casting Couch update! She’s got a tight firm little package but doesn’t have a whole lot of experience…she’s only slept with a handful of guys and just hasn’t learned enough about taking care of a cock yet to really blow the casting director away, not that that’s going to stop him from pounding that hole of hers from here to Kalamazoo. She also doesn’t do too hot at anal which is a shame because she’s got such a tight firm little butt, it would be pretty amazing to see her take a real pounding…she might not be quite ready for the adult industry prime time so to speak but man oh man what this girl lacks in experience she definitely has in looks and body and gets a nice hard pounding here, even taking this guy’s big load of cum inside her pussy for a creampie finish! I don’t think she’d be getting any callbacks from this ‘audition’ which actually kind of works out since Backroom Casting Couch isn’t a casting company at all but just this guy who loves to fuck amateur pornstar wannabe’s on camera and put the footage up for us to enjoy!

Miko Dai Punish Teens


Miko Dai on Punished Teens

I posted a gallery of Punish Teens the other day and it seems you guys took pretty well to it so I am posting another one for you guys.  This one is of an Asian model named Miko Dai.  I don’t get really how this is a “punish” scene nothing seems that to hardcore about it or anything but the fucking is fast and furious so maybe that’s it.  Miko is a really cute girl but the best thing about her is that she is so petite and there is something about a petite Asian girl riding on a big dick.  The scene ends with Miko getting fucked missionary and when he is about to cum he jumps out of her pussy grabs her hair pulls back her head and nuts on her face and in her mouth.  Miko is a swallower just in case you were wondering!

Mia Ryder Doesn’t Settle


Mia Ryder Doesn't Settle

Mia Ryder is about to settle on giving herself another orgasm with her toy when she hears something downstairs.  She goes down there and see’s her sons friend is in the house and he is going into her sons room.  She goes in after him in nothing but a dress shirt and her bra and panties.  She thinks she is catching him stealing or something but as it turns out he is picking something up for his buddy (her son).  This is already getting too complicated LOL but anyways Mia tells him to come upstairs because she has an idea.  She isn’t going to settle for her pink vibrator this day instead she is going to get the real thing.  She knows seducing this college guy is going to be a piece of cake when your a hot MILF like Mia getting a guy is never the problem, timing always is.  It’s a perfect time right now because she knows her son and husband are out at a boat show and she is going to have enough time to bang this guy out and then send him on his way.

Akira Lane


Akira Lane

I don’t know if you guys have seen the Fast & Furious movies but after this latest one I went back and watched all of the previous ones, so I can say with quite a bit of confidence that this chick Akira Lane could very well have fit right in as one of the car-chicks at the street racing parties they always seemed to be throwing. Akira is a gorgeous Asian babe wtih juicy titties, a fantastic ass and a stunning face, and she’s got one of the tiniest little bikinis I think I’ve ever seen! It barely holds those bouncy boobies in check, and then it either gave out or Akira wanted to get naked because she ended up hanging out totally nude by the poolside!

Kay Love


Kay Love Amazing Black Booty

This is a great looking black girl and it’s from Round and Brown.  It’s been a long time since I posted a scene from Blackz so I thought I should get back to doing that as you guys need a little color in your life.  This girl is brand new to me her name is Kay Love and this is her first porn video as far as I can tell.  She started off great fucking this white guy that couldn’t wait to get his hands on that perfect bubble butt.  He makes her ride his dick a lot so that he can enjoy her ass and you really can’t blame him for that.  Like I said this is from Round and Brown one of the few sites I would join if I were you and I liked black porn.  They always make a new video each week and the black girls they get are really really hot I mean Kay Love here is a great example of that.

Natalie Hawke


Natalie Hawke

Click to see Natalie Hawke on Exotic4k!

When Spring starts turning into Summer you’ve gotta figure out some ways to beat the heat…this chick Natalie Hawke knows that and is getting a head start on things, rubbing her lips and nipples with a piece of ice and letting it melt down that sweet round ass of hers! This is a brand new update on Exotic4k with a brand new girl for the site, and with this sweet sexy body this chick is gonna be a keeper. Natalie goes for a nice hard ride, her juicy perky titties bouncing as she took every inch of this guy’s big dick…she loves a deep pounding and that’s just what she got in her Exotic4k debut, her eyes closed in ecstasy as he fucked that hole. It’s probably a good thing she had her eyes closed because after getting drilled Natalie got on her knees to take a nice big cum facial…she doesn’t look SUPER thrilled to have a faceful of jizz but I’d imagine she’d be a lot less happy if she got that stuff all up in her eyes! Exotic4k has the cutest exotic girls on the net getting fucked in crystal clear high resolution video and I think you’re gonna love every second of it!

Young Skin


Young Skin

Click to see Chloe Amour on Passion HD!

She’s a favorite here on Passion HD and has done a bunch of updates for them, you know her you love her it’s the one and only Chloe Amour! This exotic honey was feeling a little underappreciated so she headed in for a massage, getting her young skin oiled up and rubbed down…it’s always red hot seeing this hottie get pounded and sure enough, she soon takes her horny masseuse’s big dick in her mouth! Chloe gives legendary blowjobs and this one is no different…the guy gets hard as a rock and soon he’s giving that tight sexy pussy of hers the pounding she had been craving all day long! Nobody takes a big hard dick to heaven and back like Chloe Amour and she pulls out all the stops in this red hot hardcore fuck scene…perky titties, perfect ass, tight little pink snatch, nothing but hotness from head to toe as she takes care of business once again on PHD!

Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS


Gorgeous Asian Teen BTS

Click Here To Watch This Girl Do Porn Video!

Man I really do love the BTS (behind the scenes) footage that the guys from Girls Do Porn put up in their new members’ area…it really gives a nice fun inside look to how a shoot went, from seeing the girl be all shy and nervous and anxious beforehand and then all comfortable and into it during a break in the actual shoot, and then of course cooling down and relaxing with a nice steamy shower afterwards! This BTS video in particular features the gorgeous Asian 19 year old hottie from a few months back…you remember her, she took on that big cock and sucked and fucked it like a champ, taking a truly epic facial cumshot for her efforts. In this extra video footage they were nice enough to provide you get to know this girl a little better…she’s 19 and is working her very first job at the mall so she talks about that a little, talks about some of her sexual experiences and how she’s feeling about her very first adult video on Girls Do Porn…apparently there was some trouble with the cops beforehand due to the guys parking in a handicapped spot or something, which is pretty funny. This girl though is a knockout with fantastic perky titties and a sweet firm pert little butt that she loves to shake, and we see her here sucking cock and getting all dripping wet in the shower…if you somehow missed out on her actual shoot I’ve got it right here for you guys, so make sure you check that out and stay tuned because GDP always has the sexiest amateurs on the net if you ask me!

Franceska Jaimes


Franceska Jaimes

Click to see Franceska Jaimes on Exotic4k!

Ready to get your mind blown wide open by a gorgeous Spanish lady with a big round juicy ass and a pair of big soft titties? Franceska Jaimes is here and is determined to make you blow your load and with an ass like she’s packing I wouldn’t be surprised if she was successful pretty quickly. She’s doing her first scene on Exotic4k here and is killing it, shaking that round sexy ass of hers in bed to drive her man nuts before stripping out of her lacy bra and panties and popping in a butt plug to get that tight pucker warmed up…and you know what’s coming after that! Yep, after her man whips out his cock and gets it sucked to rock hardness he starts pounding that ass, giving her a nice deep anal fuckig with his big cock to make her moan and then dropping a big creamy load of cum all over Franceska’s quivering balloon knot as she gasps and giggles into her pillow. This update is called Spanish Oil, I guess that’s what she used to lube up her ass before getting fucked, but it makes me wonder if it’s related to Spanish Fly in any way?

Jade Luv


Jade Luv

Click to see Jade Luv on Blacked!

It was only a matter of time before gorgeous Asian babe Jade Luv got a taste for huge black cock…this guy was doing an interview with this Korean beauty and when he got a look at that stunning face of hers his big dick started to stir, and Jade couldn’t help but notice! She ran her hand up and down his leg and the interview started to take a back seat…she had sexy black thigh highs on and they just about did this guy in, and soon they were locking lips and his hands were exploring that sweet sexy body of hers, over her tight blue dress! She had been asking questions about how he liked Asian women and I guess he answered her questions when he ripped her dress off to reveal that sexy purple lingerie she had on underneath! She grabbed his big dick and they were off to the races in this BLACKED update…Jade had never experienced a cock of this size before and she took her time sucking and licking every inch of it before sliding that meat into her tight dripping wet pussy! With her ass in the air she got her cunt pounded doggystyle, moaning as he fucked that hole and then getting on her knees to take a big cum facial! Looks like it was a successful interview to me…

Emily Ratajkowski


Emily ratajkowski panties

So I saw this photo of Emily Ratajkowski and was like “holy shit this girl is smokin hot, and who the hell is Emily Ratajkowski?” so I looked her up, turns out she’s a model and got pretty well known after being in a Robin Thicke music video. Basically, she’s famous for being super smokin hot, and if you take a look at this picture up above you’ll damn well see why! Look at that face, look at those lips, and of course let your eyes drift down south and look at those sexy little yellow panties and nice legs as she sits on the stairs one chilly morning. Apparently she posted this shot on Instagram, which tells me two things…one, she’s not shy about posting pictures of herself in panties to social media, and for another thing she hangs out with a friend who she trusts enough to take pictures of her in panties and post them on social media! I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of Emily, she is seriously one of the most gorgeous women I’ve seen in a long time.

Madelyn Marie


Madelyn marie

Hey do you like beautiful Latina babes with big tits getting naked and masturbating? Ha ha I might as well have just asked ‘hey are you alive and reading these words right now’ because the answer would be 100% the same. Of course you fucking like beautiful Latinas, and here we’ve got the lovely sultry senorita Madelyn Marie showing off those huge fake tits and then slipping her little panties aside to pleasure herself with a glass toy! This is one sexy woman, I’m not a huge fan of huge fake breasts but this girl is pulling em off, so to speak. Madelyn is sliding her toy up and down over that cute tight pink little pussy, moaning and holding her thighs wide open to give us a great view of all the goods! She looked sexy in her frilly pink lingerie but damn, she’s fifty times hotter when she gets nude and tickles her clit with that dildo.



Yilan on nvg

I’ve gotta say I’m digging how many Attack videos they’ve been doing lately on Net Video Girls…if you don’t know what that means, settle down and I’ll waft the fog of ignorance away from your eyes. How NVG works is they put out an ad for models needed for a calendar shoot, the girls show up and to prove they’ve got what it takes for the gig they end up getting naked, and nearly always get talked into having sex on camera with the assurance that they’ll be raking in the cash from the calendar and future projects as well. The only thing is, there IS no calendar, it’s just these cute amateurs getting naked and fucked and the footage goes up on the web! The Attack series is when one of their previous models, now in on the scheme, acts to ‘break the ice’ so to speak, usually getting into a red hot lesbian scene with the newbie and then both of them getting fucked. That’s just what happens here when Asian cutie Yilan shows up and meets prior model Lane, who we’ve seen in her own solo shoot as well as doing other Attack shoots on the site. Lane talks her right out of her little panties and soon the girls are sharing this guy’s big hard cock, both of them sucking him off at the same time and then taking turns getting fucked one after the other! Lane has a beautiful tight little body and so does Yilan and they have a blast getting pounded here…hopefully Yilan isn’t holding her breath to get a callback for any kind of calendar but having her naked and fucked here is a big mark in the win column if you ask me!

Alexa Tomas


Alexa tomas on pure mature

Get ready for one of the hottest MILFs to hit your eyeballs in quite awhile…her name is Alexa Tomas, she’s a Spanish firebrand with a spectacular body…her titties are perky as hell and in the cool morning breeze blowing across her body in this Pure Mature update her nipples are hard enough to crack brick! The update is called Natural Pleasure and Alexa is certainly a naturally pleasurable woman. She doesn’t have big fake tits or huge botox lips or anything like that, she’s just a gorgeous mature exotic beauty with a fucking amazing body and she’s putting it to work here as she takes her man’s cock in her mouth, sucking him off until he was rock hard and sliding into her sweet wet pink pussy! Alexa kept her sexy thigh high black sheer nylon stockings on as she spread her legs open, as well as her garter belt…with a body like this it’s surprising the guy was able to hold out as long as he could but soon the pleasure of that pussy overwhelmed him and he just had to bust his load, giving Alexa a nice cream facial that she took into her mouth with her fingers to swallow down.

Lacey Banghard


Lacey banghard

Alright so right off the bat I’d like to say that this chick’s porn name, Lacey Banghard, is fucking awesome. It sounds like a Bond girl’s name or something…she’s a cute-as-hell Latina chick with nice soft dark hair, a cute little smile, and oh yeah big perfect soft full titties! She’s going on a little bedroom romp here in this photoshoot, taking off her lingerie to unleash those breasts on the world and looking red hot…I’d also like to point out that the sheets and covers and stuff on the bed she’s bouncing around on look comfy as hell, it makes me want to go to the store and replace my old crappy sheets just in case Lacey stops by for a little bouncy bouncy. Just imagine hanging out naked in bed with this chick, rolling around and making out and feeling those huge boobs all over your face and sliding your hands down over those sexy curvy hips of hers!

Latina Titties


Big latina tits

Got a thing for gorgeous Latina babes with big perfect tits? Well my friend have I got a photoshoot for you! Check out these shots and get your Latin flavor on…I particularly like the ones of the chick out in the woods pulling down her top to show off her huge perfect breasts, she not only is busty and enjoys nature, she’s also fucking gorgeous with a supermodel face and long cascading dark hair and a mighty seductive look in her eyes! The pictures of the girl indoors in the blue shirt are cute too but she’s all happy and excited and carefree, while the girl in the woods pictures are dead serious, she’s got some hot steamy thoughts in mind and nobody is gonna get in her way! Not that anyone would want to stop this chick from doing anything she wanted to them, not with those big tits bouncing around in your face like this…these Spanish babes are beautiful and sexy as hell and are definitely spicy!



Alicia for ecg

Whoah there monobrow, pump the brakes…well, you guys, I hope you don’t mind a pretty weird lookin set of eyebrows because this chick Alicia has quite the pair! The guy from Exploited College Girls said she looked like a comic book supervillain and I about lost my shit laughing…it’s pretty accurate. Anyway apart from her Frida Kahlo impression this Latina is pretty sexy with a nice big round juicy booty for you guys to enjoy, and she definitely loves riding cock so buckle up and get ready to roll! Alicia gives Jay a fantastic fucking blowjob, she about sucks his soul out through his cock, then goes for a ride on his dick in reverse cowgirl so he can watch that badonkadonk butt bounce with every thrust! Of course he gets her on her hands and knees too for some doggystyle, that’s pretty much a given when a girl has an ass like this. Alicia gets fucked left right and center, her legs in the air like antenna waving as she moans her way to orgasm after orgasm and then gets her face frosted with a huge cum facial!

Get Me Off


Get me off on gf revenge

This dude came into the bedroom wielding his camera to find his girlfriend in there half dressed looking sexy as hell, talking on the phone with her friend. She was getting ready for a job interview but when she saw that her boyfriend had his cock out and was stroking it while he watched her and filmed her reaction, she forgot all about the interview! She started laughing, telling her girlfriend what was going on, but after she hung up she couldn’t resist reaching out and getting her hands and lips on that cock! This horny beautiful Latina was down to make a little impromptu quickie sextape and of course her boyfriend was rarin’ to go, letting this chick climb into his lap and go for a nice ride on his hard cock…he fucked her fast and deep, sliding his cock in and out until this horny teen Latina was orgasming, cumming all over his dick! He followed suit soon thereafter, pounding that pussy with everything he had until he was popping nut all over those nice sexy titties of hers. She might be a little late for her job interview but hey at least now she’s nice and relaxed and confident, and we got to see it all go down in this GF Revenge update called Get Me Off!

Olive Skin Teen


Passion hd plive skin teen chloe

With her gorgeous face, amazing body and olive skin, teen stunner Chloe Amour is a vision of hotness in this Passion HD update! She’s done quite a few scenes for these guys and it’s no surprise that they keep asking her to come back and do more, she’s always beautiful and fucks like a dream and their members love everything about her. She’s just sexy from head to toe, is the thing…great tits, beautiful face, sweet ass, wet pink pussy, this girl is amazing! She looks like she truly loves getting fucked, too, she’s not just going through the motions as she gets pounded…from the moment she gets a cock in her hands until the moment she’s on her knees getting a big cum facial blasted on her she’s in it to win it! Maybe that’s what’s so attractive about her, it’s the dedication and the enthusiasm she’s got for the job, making it always feel intimate and passionate and just plain hot as hell. Well whatever the reason, she’s always welcome back on Passion HD and I know we all can’t wait to see some more action from Chloe!

KT So Lacey Lingerie


KT So Lacey Sexy Lingerie

You know if it was easier to get promo content of this girl KT So I would totally post her more because she is just that hot.  But that is just not how it is so you guys will just have to deal with the not so often updates of her.  If you really like her though you can always just join her site to get to know her better that is always an option.  In this update she is in some super sexy lingerie.  This guy who made this gallery seems to think it’s for St Patricks Day because of the grey bra I guess but I suspect its just a normal lingerie piece that KT has.  She is a chick who doesn’t show much nudity at all but with a body like this and the poses she does I think that should just be enough for anybody.

Gabriella Ford Teen Pussy


Tiny4k teen pussy gabriella ford

If you’ve seen the site Tiny4k before you know they love to match up a cute petite little spinner with a big fat cock and see what happens, and in this update we get to see gorgeous Latina babe Gabriella Ford jumping around in the bed stripping down and then getting her sweet teen pussy licked and fingered and pounded! Gabriella’s cute little boobies are perky as hell and her nipples look like they could carve her name into a slab of granite as she gets her tight little snatch worked, taking this guy’s big hard dick deep inside again and again. Gabriella is fairly new on the scene, she hasn’t done much stuff for adult sites yet and is still a fresh-faced teen with tons of energy and a hell of a libido…this is her first time on Tiny4k and I definitely hope they bring her back for more because this girl is red hot! Those skinny legs wrapped around this guy’s waist, pulling him in so he can pound that sweet teen pussy of hers as deep as possible, can’t get much better than that my friends. Gabriella keeps her knee-high socks on for quite a bit of this update too which is sexy as hell, there’s somethin about a girl in socks getting fucked that just pushes all the right buttons. It’s just one of those mysteries in life that I hope never gets solved, know what I mean?

Fiery Latina Veronica Rodriguez


Veronica rodriguez fiery latina pp

I hope you love a fiery Latina with a pussy that squirts when it gets brought to the peaks of pleasure because gorgeous Veronica Rodriguez is here on Porn Pros in this red hot hardcore fuck scene! Things get messy when she starts playing with her pussy, squirting all over the damn place before her man tonguefucks her and then slides his big hard dick in her hole. She’s literally dripping wet as she gets fucked, taking every inch of his cock in her sexy hole and then sucking a load of cum out and onto her face to finish off this Porn Pros scene! Veronica’s a fucking knockout in this update, I mean obviously she’s always smokin hot but she’s looking extra sexy in this scene in my opinion. Nice tight little ass, sweet perky petite boobies, absolutely stunning face, this girl is just plain beautiful! This guy’s lucky she didn’t squirt all over his face, she seems like that pussy is on a bit of a hair trigger as she gets her clit tickled and pleasured! I’m sure you guys will find your own favorites in the set of photos but my vote is for when she’s lying on her side wearing just a pair of high heels and her ass facing us, showing off that cute butt and tight fuckable pussy! All in all, a red hot Porn Pros scene that’s definitely worth checking out.

Sexy Teen Asian


Gdp sexy teen asian

As I’m sure you guys already know, Girls Do Porn has easily the hottest amateur girls on the internet, that’s just science right there. The girls on the site are always ridiculously sexy and if you ask me it’s even hotter when they bring in an exotic cutie like this sexy teen Asian from this latest update! By the way if you haven’t checked out their new members’ area already it’s definitely worth a look, they’ve taken what was already the hottest material on the net and made it even better with new features like behind the scenes shoots and deleted scenes and more download options, all sorts of stuff. Anyway, back to this hottie…she shows up in her little pink dress looking sexy as hell and that’s for good reason; she works as a model doing promo shoots for companies and things like that and as far as her boyfriend knows, this shoot is no different! She didn’t tell him she was going to be getting a mouthful of cock and getting that tight little teen pussy pounded, he’s sitting down there in his car just twiddling his thumbs waiting for this ‘modeling’ gig to be over with so he can go back to watching TV or whatever. Meanwhile this Asian hottie is upstairs showing off those sweet perky titties and her tight perfect butt as she gets naked, showing off her blowjob skills and then getting laid down on the bed to take an incredible pounding, moaning her head off as she gets that tight little teen cunt fucked! She was of course a little nervous at first but she was excited too for the adventure of it, and that makes for one red hot hardcore shoot if you ask me. Apparently it’s been awhile since this hottie has been fucked this hard and this deep, after getting a big cream facial she’s in the bathroom washing up and the guy asks her what her favorite part of the experience was, and I think her answer goes for pretty much all of us as she says “Everything!!”.

Boob Tube


Passion hd jade jantzen boob tube

I’m not sure if Boob Tube was the official name of this Passion HD scene starring the lovely Jade Jantzen but that’s what it says at the beginning of the video so that’s what I’m going with! Jade is looking gorgeous as she relaxes on the bed watching a little TV, her cleavage looking sexy as hell…when her man walked in and saw her with those perky titties peeking out of her shirt he about lost his mind, kissing her all over and working his way down between her thighs! Soon he was licking and tickling and tongueing that tight pussy of hers, making Jade moan and gasp and grab for his cock! She sucked him off nice and hard and then spread those sexy legs of hers to get pounded. This is Jade’s first time on the site, I’ve seen her on some other websites getting fucked and she always looks smokin hot, especially that sweet round ass of hers. She’s definitely brought her A-game to Passion HD, can’t wait to see what else this exotic beauty gets up to because this is pretty much the perfect site for her to show her stuff! I love that they keep bringing in new women onto the site so it’s not like you see the same chick every single update (although they always have hot women so a repeat visit isn’t exactly a drag), they keep raising the bar and that’s how a site stays exciting and interesting if you ask me.

Josie Jagger and Mercedes Carrera


Josie jagger and mercedes carrera mbt

If you’ve got a boyfriend with a big dick and a stepmom as hot and horny as Mercedes Carrera you’d better be careful about leaving him to his own devices, that’s the lesson Josie Jagger learned real fast in this update from Moms Bang Teens! Her man was hanging out at the house and Mercedes met up with him in the kitchen while wearing just her sexy bra and thong panties…he immediately started popping wood and Mercedes noticed, grabbing his cock through his pants and leading him to the couch to suck his cock! Josie Jagger came into the room and found her boyfriend balls deep in her stepmom’s mouth, but after her initial shock instead of being mad she decided to join in on the fun and soon they were all naked having a blast! Mercedes and Josie took turns sucking that big dick of his, he’s got a haircut like Kenny G or something but a dick large enough to satisfy both of these hotties, whether he was getting licked and sucked by Mercedes as she grabbed her big juicy titties or if he was pounding away at the pretty little pussy between the legs of Josie! He fucked both of these ladies and ended up getting them both on their knees to blast them with a nice double facial as they looked up at him.

Jaye Austin


Jaye austin on exotic 4k urban lust

Get ready for some of the cutest perkiest titties you’ll see in awhile as Jaye Austin makes her debut on Exotic4k! This honey does a little dance as she strips down, taking off her top and rubbing her little boobies to get those nipples hard as pebbles before oiling up her skin and inviting her man into the bedroom to play! She gets that big juicy booty into the mix, sliding her tight wet cunt up and down on the guy’s cock to make him go crazy with desire…this girls pussy looks good enough to eat, that’s for damn sure! She has a hard time fitting that big dick in her mouth but somehow managed…and sucking him made her pussy all wet, so getting her tight fuck hole pounded went a little easier as you can see. This girl is a cute as hell and has a nice sexy body, with a big round juicy ass that looks great up in the air as she gets fucked from behind before dropping to her knees and pumping a nice facial load of cum out! It dripoped down off her chin and she rubbed it into her titties…the name of this scene is Urban Lust, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing Jaye again soon!

Selena Santana


Porn pros selena santana

Beautiful Latina babe Selena Santana was hanging out in the kitchen and living room in her little panties and bra but her man had her beat, he was wearing nothing at all! He came up and started making out with Selena, stripping off her panties and grabbing those nice juicy titties before laying her down to slide his dick inside her tight sweet pussy! Selena goes crazy for a hard wet cock and takes this guy’s dick to the hilt, getting that perfect round juicy ass in the air and bouncing her pussy back and forth on his meat…he knew he couldn’t take that kind of pleasure or long and started fucking Selena faster and faster, laying her on her back on the couch and spreading those legs to penetrate her dripping wet hole as deep as he could while she moaned and rubbed her clit and looked up at him with those sexy eyes of hers! He ended up shooting a nice big load all over her face and tits, which she scooped up with a couple of fingers and licked off her fingertips like cake frosting. Porn Pros has some of the most smokin hot girls in the industry, have you noticed that?

Home From Shopping


Chloe amour home from shopping phd

Beautiful exotic babe Chloe Amour loves buying new sexy little underwear at the mall and definitely loves trying them on when she gets back to the house, so in this Passion HD scene when she gets home from shopping she puts on a little impromptu show as she slips on her new pink thong panties and admires herself in the mirror! She put them to the ultimate test, which is straddling her man’s face and getting his ‘honest opinion’…apparently the panties passed the test because his cock was instantly hard and she took him in her mouth for a nice deep blowjob! I always love seeing this horny hottie on Passion HD, she’s done a ton of scenes for those guys and just never ceases being hot as blazes. They’ve done a scene called Home From Shopping before, I remembered the title from this scene, but hey it’s not like Chloe’s the only chick in the world who likes to buy clothes! Chloe puts those sweet round ass of hers to work here, bouncing her pink wet pussy up and down on the guy’s cock and moaning as he slid his meat deep inside before putting Chloe on her knees and blasting a nice big facial on her!

Gabriella Ford


Gabriella ford on exotic4k

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen hardcore Latina hottie Grabriella Ford before, and with a name like that I think I’d probably remember! Grabriella sounds like some kind of supervillain with octopus tentacles or lobster claws or something like that, but in this Exotic4k update she’s just dancing around and being cute as hell and shaking that big round juicy ass of hers. Starting things off with a rump rumbling dance Grabriella (hee hee) soon graduates to taking her man’s big thick dick in her mouth and then going for a ride on top of it! She’s got cute petite boobies and a sweet perfect round ass, along with an adorable smile that she flashes at the end of this hot hardcore fuck scene after receiving a big creamy facial. Honestly I’m pretty sure her name is Gabriella Ford and the extra R was a typo, just sayin. Anyway, this Latina hottie looks great here spreading that nice pink pussy to get fucked hard and deep, moaning her way to orgasm for a very nice Exotic4k debut!

Rose Petals


Harley dean rose petals phd

More likely than not, if you’d like to melt a woman’s heart and make her panties fall right off there are few ways more effective than by giving her flowers! Especially if you do it on a day that’s not her birthday or anniversary or anything like that, and are giving flowers just because…Harley Dean here certainly seems to appreciate the blossoms she receives, sliding the petals of her flower up over that sweet tight pussy! Her pussy lips already look like the petals of a beautiful flower so it’s pretty fitting to put the two together! She’s got a magnificent body here in her Passion HD debut called Rose Petals (even though the flower she rubs her pussy with isn’t a rose, I’m pretty sure), flashing that sexy round ass and her long silky smooth legs, not to mention her sweet perky breasts as she takes this guy’s big hard cock in her hands to suck him off before spreading those legs and getting her pussy rocked. Harley goes to town on this man meat, riding the guy and flipping over to get that perfect butt in the air as she gets fucked doggystyle until finally taking a big cream facial and licking the rest off her fingers!



Bella for exploited college girls

There’s no way this is the first chick on Exploited College Girls to go by the name Bella, I think it’s at least the third. Anyway she’s a cute Latina with a girl-next-door type of look to her, not incredible in any one particular area but a thumbs-up all around if you understand what I’m saying. Cute face, cute butt, cute tits, Bella isn’t going to blow your mind but she does get into some fun sexy action in this hot scene! One of her best features if you ask me is that mouth of hers, she’s got dick-sucking lips for sure and puts them to work here as she licks and sucks this guy’s cock…it must feel like having a couple of pillows wrapped around your dong to have this girl suck you off. She gets her amateur pussy tickled and penetrated by toys and fingers and then takes on Jay’s dick, getting fucked good and hard before having a fantastic very natural orgasm while he was pounding her doggystyle! She cums all over the guy’s cock and then gets a nice juicy load of cum shot into her hole for a creampie…if she wants to make it as a pornstar instead of just doing a one off she’ll need to get used to that!



Anny Tuk Tuk Patrol

I really like this Tuk Tuk Patrol but I am not going to lie some of these Asian girls they pick up are not all that pretty.  That’s what happens when you’re dealing with amateurs.  The good thing for these guys though is they have a lot of money to spend so they can get some hot ones like Anny here.  They picked her up and convinced her to make an American porn.  She has a super tight pussy she keeps it nice and trimmed there is a little hair there but nothing that would get in the away.  She is a true amateur just like any other girl that shows up on this site.  She is doing a lot of doggystyle in this video and the great thing about this site is you never know what the ending is going to be.  Sometimes they just drop a load inside these chicks!  I mean it’s seems crazy but I have a feeling if these guys had a pocket full of fucks that wouldn’t give you or me one.

Josie Jagger


Josie jagger on casting couch x

Check this update out from Casting Couch X, it was the first steps beautiful exotic 19 year old Josie Jagger was taking into the porn industry! If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably seen Josie on a few site since this shoot but this was some of her first experience in the adult industry…she strips down after her little introductor interview (did you know this girl was a bit of a bookworm? me either) and shows off her gorgeous tight ass and nice perky titties, then takes the guy’s cock in her mouth for a nice deepthroat blowjob. She’s got a great butt, nice smooth sexy legs, beautiful titties that bounce just right when she gets fucked and a gorgeous face and she gets that teen pussy of hers pushed to its limit in this hot hardcore fuck scene! Josie takes everything the guy can throw at her though and looks like she’s ready for more, this hottie is a trooper…she fucks the hell out of the guy, riding him and spreading her legs and getting rabbit-pounded before dropping to her knees for a nice cream facial that she greets with a double thumbs-up.

Defining Slut


Morgan lee defining slut fantasy hd

If you’ve got a thing about exotic schoolgirls in little plaid skirts this Fantasy HD update called Defining Slut is going to jingle your bells! Gorgeous horny babe Morgan Lee was just whiling away an afternoon reading her dictionary to learn some new fun words when her man walked into the room, giving her that look she knew so well…soon she was sliding under the table, taking his big cock in her mouth for a blowjob! I don’t know about her reading preferences but Morgan Lee definitely has a bang body with nice perky titties and a sweet round ass, not to mention a wet fuckable pussy that she gets filled up with dick in this hot scene! It’s her first time on Fantasy HD but I would imagine she’s making a lot of guys’ dreams cum true in this hardcore fuck scene so we’ll probably be seeing more of her in the future. Morgan’s got a perfect shaved pussy and a stunning face, she keeps her glasses on throughout the scene and then pops them up on top of her head when she takes a facial which seems like a pretty weird decision if you ask me. I mean she already had her glasses on while she got fucked, why not keep them on to avoid getting a shot of man cream in her peepers?

Selena Santana


Povd selena santana smokin hot latina

Smokin hot Latina babe Selena Santana lit this POVD update on fire right off the bat as she shook her juicy booty in those little shorts of hers, teasing before unleashing that incredible ass on the world to get her pussy pounded! Selena is a gorgeous girl with big pretty eyes, a big sexy smile and a big round juicy booty that looks great bouncing up and down as she takes this dude’s cock in her wet snatch…and since it’s POVD it’s all in first person perspective, putting you in the Captain’s chair as you get to see what it’s like to be in the bedroom with this gorgeous babe, licking her clit and having her ride your cock with her cute little boobies bouncing around! Selena gets her pussy stretched out by that big thick dick, moaning as she came all over that cock while he fucked her until finally dropping down to her knees to get a big facial! Imagine seeing this gorgeous girl closing her eyes and moaning her way to orgasm while you pound her tight wet cunt…and then go ahead and stop imagining it, you can just see for yourself in crystal clear high definition and 3d audio to crank up the immersion factor!

Mila Jade


Exotic4k with mila jade

In this Exotic4k update we get our first glimpse (well our first glimpse on E4k at least) of young Asian slut Mila Jade! She looks like she just got done doing a swirling dance in her little purple dress or lingerie or whatever that is…all I know is that this girl looks amazing in it and even more amazing out of it! She flashes that tight ass and pulls her panties aside to spread open her tight pink pussy before meeting up with her man and giving him the blowjob of his life! This Asian hottie gives a great suck and was driving her man crazy here, licking him up and down and juggling his balls and then spreading those legs to get her pussy drilled! What’s extra nice about this Exotic4k scene is that quite a bit of it is in first person perspective from the dude so you get to see what it looks like to pound a gorgeous exotic pornstar like this with that sexy round ass in front of your face and your dick buried halfway into that pink pussy making Mila moan with pleasure! This petite spinner ended up pumping a load of cum out of this guy’s dick that was basically a facial but it sprayed all over her small perky boobies too…Mila even looks sexy with jizz all over her chops!

Studying White vs Black


Mia Khalifa Testing Black vs White

So this is about to be a really freaking cool site.  It’s called because well it’s a site that Mia is running!  She finally has just stopped doing other peoples sites and started her own, this is very good news.  This really reminds me of Brandi Belle, those of you who remember that chick she had a really unique site and this gallery is definitely going to feel unique for you guys.  What she is doing here is testing out black cock vs white cock.  I didn’t watch the whole video because I just wanted to hurry up and get it here for you guys.  Even though I have already posted a gallery from her site it’s still really really so there isn’t much content but the content that is there is awesome.  Mia has a super exotic look guys and man does she have a great set of tits.

Karissa Kane


Karissa kane on teen fidelity

She’s gorgeous, she’s exotic, she’s eighteen and natural, she’s Karissa Kane and she’s about ready to blow your mind in this Teen Fidelity update! With those nice perky teen titties and an ass you could just park your face on for a week this girl is a stunner from head to toe, and after meeting up in a park to spend an afternoon together she and Ryan Madison headed back to the Teen Fidelity house to fuck the night away! He laid her back on the bed, sliding his hands over those perfect boobs and then penetrating her tight wet little pussy to make her moan…Karissa couldn’t keep from throwing her head back in pleasure, moaning in ecstasy as Ryan fucked her to orgasm with that insatiable big dick of his before shooting not one but two loads of cum into her pussy for a creampie! This girl is a natural for Teen Fidelity, absolutely gorgeous with a nice sexy body and a sexual appetite that would make a fratboy blush. I can’t blame Ryan for wanting to pound that tight snatch of hers, just look at her in those cutoff denim shorts and tight top and see how how she is while still wearing clothes, then try to think if you’d be able to resist her wiles when she got naked and was begging for cock!

Jaclyn Swedberg


Jaclyn Swedberg

This exotic hottie Jaclyn Swedberg looks like Cleopatra or some kind of princess in this red hot photoshoot…in fact imagine if Jasmine from Aladdin came to life, she would probably look a lot like Jaclyn here, maybe that’s why their first names are so similar! Anyway this chick has huge round juicy titties, a fantastic ass and a face that will stop traffic in any city in the world. She’s hanging out on a staircase, letting her silky red robes drop to the floor as she stands there pretty much nude and grabbing those magnificent big boobs! The little headpiece tiara type thing finishes things perfectly, she looks just plain amazing. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Jaclyn Swedberg before but I guarandamntee that I’ll be looking her up on my favorite search engine in about five minutes! Well maybe a few more minutes, I have to finish perusing this photoshoot first…no need to rush.

Deepthroat Lover


Chloe amour passion hd deepthroat lover

Gorgeous exotic babe Chloe Amour is at it again! Chloe has been polishing her cocksucking skills, not that they were lacking before, and is eager to put them to the test so when her man walks into the bathroom while she’s taking a nice bubble bath in this Passion HD update called Deepthroat Lover she welcomes the opportunity! He washes her back but from the swelling in his pants she can see he’s got other things on his mind, so they headed to the bedroom for a nice long afternoon fuck! Chloe got her pussy eaten out and then dropped down to give his big hard dick a nice deep suck, which apparently he loved every fucking second of (as if he wouldn’t, with a girl this gorgeous on the end of his dick)…soon she was riding his cock, taking it to the hilt in that tight wet pussy and moaning as she bounced up and down with her perfect ass facing him! Chloe has always been sexy as hell but somehow in this scene she looks even hotter than normal, not sure what it is but see if you guys agree with me. She’s just on point with her fuck skills and that body of hers just keeps getting hotter…she’s fit but not, you know, OVER-fit if you get what I mean. Skinny but not TOO skinny, she’s like that just-right bowl of porridge in the Goldilocks story and you’ll want to eat her right up!

Flowers And Candy


Passion hd flowers and candy morgan lee

It was Valentine’s Day and this guy wasn’t about to let it go by without giving his sweetheart Morgan Lee a tasty treat! She got some flowers and candy, that old faithful V-day gift, and she was more than happy to return the favor by taking his big hard dick in her mouth to lick and suck him hard and then getting that sweet exotic pussy of hers pounded! Morgan Lee is gorgeous with a nice round juicy ass, bouncy little perky titties and a slightly squeaking moan that is undeniably sexy as hell while she fucks this guy…finally he shoots a load that she takes right in her mouth, gazing up at him with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes! It’s nice seeing a girl enjoying herself while she’s being fucked and Morgan is definitely having a blast here, rubbing her clit while she gets that wet snatch drilled nice and hard…but hey, that’s just how Passion HD rolls I guess! This is Morgan Lee’s very first update on PHD, but she fits right into the style of things if you know what I’m saying…I was actually pretty surprised to find out that this is her site debut, she just seems like a natural!

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