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Jayla Foxx and Skyler Nicole


Skyler Nicole and Jayla Foxx

Oh Nelly that is one fine round black ass right there!  Skyler Nicole is the girl showing her ass in this picture the other girls name is Jayla Foxx.  Jayla has a very nice ass as well I just couldn’t find a picture that showed them both.  You’re going to go a video that is very long and is from Reality Kings.  There is no picture on the galleries I had to go find one just so I could have something nice on the front page, I am anal like that.  The girls are just being worshipped in the start of the video but it’s a good place to see just how perfect these girls butts are.  You don’t have to be a black girl lover to enjoy this video trust me if you like asses these girls are going to blow your mind.  One guy gets to fuck both of these pussies and for that I hate him, he just HAS IT ALL!

Arianna Knight Sits Down


Arianna Knight Sits On A Cock

I got a lot of ethnic girls on the site today gentlemen and I am adding to it! This one is from Bang Bros and it features a beautiful round ass black girl named Arianna Knight. They are trying to make it up like this is “real” porn but come one we know its not. This guy has Arianna Knight going around his apartment cleaning and as she goes he keeps offering more and more money for her to wear less and less clothes. Eventually she is naked and he just enjoys the view of the big black ass of hers. His finally offer is for her to fuck him and he will pay her a shitload of money. Arianna doesn’t even take off her gloves before she is sucking on his balls and sucking his dick. Once he is really really hard she stands up and turns around and gives him a view of her ass. She knows that all the guys love that big booty of hers so she is probably used to riding reverse cowgirl a lot in her private life.




This gorgeous college girl Olivia is tight as a drum and fine as hell…her only weakness, if you want to call it that, is that she’s got some questionable tattoos here and there on that sweet nubile body of hers! The Backroom Casting Couch guy seems to hate them a lot more than I do, to be honest…her hotness trumps her ink and man oh man has this girl got a body. Fans of huge tits and big fat round asses can just scroll right past this one though, Olivia here is lean and petite and looks like her pussy would be so tight it could rip your dick right off! Perky titties, sweet tight little ass and a thigh gap that would make a fashion magazine cream its panties…Olivia wanted to make her way into the adult industry for the money and for the experience and she started out here getting naked and sucking cock and getting her sweet dark pussy pounded! The BRCC casting director guy took one look at that tight little butt of hers and decided to have her try anal but man it was just too much for that little hole, she couldn’t really handle it….’painal’ is the term I believe. Anyway she gets her pussy rocked and rolled and then gets a huge creamy facial to welcome her to the industry, too bad there’s no agencies getting this tape just us!

Armani Monae


Armani monae on exotic4k

In this new update from Exotic4k beautiful ebony teen Armani Monae makes her debut, doing a sexy sultry dance to turn her man on full-blast, then spreads her long teen legs to get that pussy of hers filled up with his big hard cock! Check out those perfect tits of hers, bouncing up and down as she gets fucked…this girl is absolutely gorgeous and Exotic4k is the perfect site to make her way into the adult industry with. They love having exotic beautiful girls getting naked and getting fucked in ultra-high definition video and pictures so we get to see every inch of that beautiful dark-skinned body in crystal clear quality like there’s just a thin pane of glass between you and that cute perky booty as Armani gets fucked and takes a huge creamy facial! There’s nothing hotter than a black teen beauty with a sexy tight package getting her sweet pussy fucked, especially when the quality is this good.

African Pussy


African Whore Pussy

Sorry for the picture featuring some dude’s ass…this is a clip from the site African Fuck Tour and apparently this guy’s jam is to tour around Africa sampling all the whores he can find! This particular woman has a pussy to loose he could have probably climbed inside it and stayed warm for the night, but he was horny as hell so he improvised, keeping her panties on to sort of push against one side of his cock while he fucked her hole so it felt like her pussy was tight again. Tricks of the trade right there, if you ever find yourself in Africa fucking a whore and want to make things a little more snug.

Adrian Maya Creampie


Adrian Maya Creampie

Adrian Maya has a pretty fine looking pussy doesn’t she guys?  Well you’re about to see that perfect black pussy of hers filled up with cum in this new video from Teen Pies.  I usually don’t send you guys off to other sites for these type of scenes but this guy has a nice long video for you guys.  Adrian is like the hardest name in the world to type I keep typing Adriana, I think that should be her name.  She is definitely new to the business so if you’re reading this Adrian change your name!  The scene really doesn’t get really good until the 2:40 minute mark, that’s a little bit of a pro tip there.  See if you don’t read our descriptions of these galleries you wouldn’t know that and then spend two minutes and forty seconds of you life learning about a stupid porn plot!  The guy ends up cumming inside of her while he is fucking her sideways.  He doesn’t drop it super deep in her pussy but at least he doesn’t do the old pull out and then shoot my cum inside of you pussy.  The video is well edited as you actually get to see the cumshot, I don’t know how Team Skeet is making any money giving you guys it all for free, but reward them for doing some by at least joining for a month or something!

Cherry Hilson Freak Alert


Cherry Hilson Freak Alert

Cherry Hilson is a straight up freak guys.  I have never seen a blowjob sloppier then this one.  Thank god the video I found of this anal sex scene from Brown Bunnies a Bang Bros site doesn’t include it.  There is nothing really hot to me about hearing a girl gagging.  I know there are some of you who like that shit but you better go somewhere else to find it.  I am posting this scene because Cherry here knows how to do anal.  Look at her just looking into this guys eyes and he fucks her nice and slow in the butt.  She loves anal sex you can hear it from her own mouth or you can just see when the guy picks up the pace and really pounds that asshole.  She looks like she is just in a constant orgasm or something.  The girl has a nice meaty black pussy and she is a dirty talker to the max!  I mean if I somehow got this girl home from the club and got her naked I would almost be afraid of her.  She is just so horny it’s not even funny.  So if her liking anal isn’t enough for you to love her how about her big booty and these awesome natural pierced titties?  I love her tits they’re just perfect!

Tiffany Tailor Sexy Striptease


Exotic4k tiffany tailor

Get ready for a shaking shimmying show of sexiness from this ebony hottie named Tiffany Tailor…this is an Exotic4k update called Tiffani’s Sexy Striptease, I’m not sure why they spelled her name wrong but whatever, she’s got that sweet sexy round ass and loves to dance, sliding off her little red panties to flash her man and make his cock hard! A sexy striptease dance is fine and well but soon these two are in the mood for more so he slips his cock into her throat, getting a great blowjob before bending Tiffany over to pound that sweet tight pussy from behind! She looks absolutely beautiful spreading those long lean chocolate legs to get drilled, and since this is on Exotic4k it’s all in beautiful super high resolution video to show off every facet and every inch of this gorgeous girl! Look at that tight nubile body of hers with those perky beautiful titties and nice bubble butt.

Black Bootylicious MILF


Black bootylicious milf on mom pov

During the introductory interview for this Mom POV update, this black bootylicious MILF says she’s been told she has ‘extra special’ lips…I can see where that comes from as she strips down naked and starts giving this guy a blowjob, working his cock with her hands and tongue and extra-special lips but I mean c’mon, it’s pretty apparent that the star of the show is that big round juicy bouncy fuckable smackable booty she’s got! This ebony hottie loves to get fucked too, bouncing her wet pussy up and down on that dick and making her big titties bounce all over the place…keep an eye out though for when she bends over with her ass in the air to get pounded doggystyle, her big round badonkadonk is the kind of thing legends are made of. If you don’t believe me just look at that thumbnail screencap I pulled out, that ass takes up like half the frame! Anyway this mature 41 year old hottie gets her hole fucked deep and thoroughly before getting a nice facial reward at the end…this is her very first adult video but I get the feeling she’s been planning this and fantasizing and thinking about it for awhile.

Anya Ivy Mounds


Anya Ivy on Exotic4K

This is a very nice body and you guys know it well.  Her name is Anya Ivy and she is just an amazing ebony babe.  The name of this Exotic4K video is called Sexy Chocolate Mounds and those boobies are really sexy.  I am having a hard time deciding if they’re real or not.  I am sure I have talked about this in the past but the look really perfect.  They don’t look the same as other boob jobs, they have a nice hang to them.  Only reason I wouldn’t call these naturals though isn’t because they look perfect but because if you look at left boob of hers there looks like there is a scare around the nipple.  Then you look at the other one and there isn’t, so I have no idea what the fuck is going on, they’re real nice though.  So Anya is all oiled up in this scene and it’s like it’s about to be a massage sex scene or something but as soon as she gets inside from being out in her bikini she just drops to her knees and starts sucking on some white cock.  The two of the fuck like rabbits and then he cums on her face and those big breasts.

Dirty Diana


Dirty Diana

Hooooly shit that’s a lot of woman right there! Dirty Diana is her name and you’ll be singing that song in your head nonstop as you watch her fuck the hell out of this dude…she works that huge fat ass up and down and slaps her pussy on his cock, riding him on the edge of the bed while he sits back and enjoys the show. More cushion for the pushin’ is what they say and man, Diana here is like a big comfy couch full of cushions! Her man flips the bird to the camera while she rides his cock, he’s like ‘what, so I’m fuckin a big curvy woman, fuck off’ and I can respect that. She’s got nice big titties too, so if you’re in the mood for a big curvy black girl with all kinds of juicy this babe has got what you need!

Skin Diamond


Skin Diamond

The name Skin Diamond always sounded more like a serial killer than a pornstar to me, I don’t know. It’s a good thing Skin is so smokin hot and has such a great body! In this photoshoot she’s come busting into the kitchen, hopping up on the counter and tugging off her little shorts to show off her new sexy lacy purple panties and bra for her boyfriend! He had a camera and that’s how we’re getting these sexy shots…man that ass of hers is just incredible, looks like you could twist the cap off a bottle of beer with it, and not even the twist-off kind! Skin also has very nice perky little titties and an edgy haircut with half her head shaved and the other half dyed to color-coordinate with her underwear! She gets totally naked in these hot shots, bending over and spreading her cheeks for us with that sweet tight booty up in the air…wonder what she’s got in mind?

Lovin’ That Black Dick


Skin Diamond Loving That Black Dick

I was thinking that this just couldn’t be the first time that Skin Diamond has been on Monsters of Cock and sure enough it isn’t.  That’s because this isn’t even a Monsters of Cock scene LOL!  Anytime I see a black dick on Bang Bros that’s just what I assume I guess.  This video is actually from Brown Bunnies a site that Skin Diamond has been on before.   In this episode she is looking a little more emo then she did in the first, she has on those nerdy glasses of hers and well that’s about it.  The glasses themselves make her look emo, am I right or what?  The scene starts off with her by the pool in a bikini.  She has a great body but I of course like that black ass of hers the most.  The scene then makes it’s way to the indoors where this guy just really punishes that meaty pussy of hers.  I mean look at the slam he is giving her here.  Who says missionary is boring?  Not when you’re pounding a pussy like this.  In the end Skin of course makes this guy cum easy and she lets him nut in her mouth where she swallows it like a good girl.




Buckle up for some big breasted babe action because sexy ebony honey Maserati is at the gym for a workout but her idea of lifting weights is just bouncing those huge natural tits up and down as she rides this guy’s cock! Those boobs are a thing of wonder and she puts em to use here, sucking the guy off and then slipping his cock in between her boobs before fucking the dude silly on one of the pieces of gym equipment. He busts his nut all over those huge boobs to finish things off, I guess with a target that big it would be pretty tough to cum anywhere else!




Trust me when I say that some women are not to be dealt with first thing in the morning…you better wait your ass until she’s gotten up and had a cup of coffee or you’ll be losing your dick in about two seconds flat! Kayla here, on the other hand, is already in a great mood and looking sexy as hell about two seconds after she wakes up! She rolls out of the pullout bed or whatever that is, flashing her ass and panties before taking off her nightshirt to show off those sweet perky titties in a hot and very natural feeling photoshoot! Kayla is a very pretty black chick with a great ass, great tits and man oh man when she gets naked with that booty in the air you know she means business.

Perfect Chocolate


Nadia Jay Perfect Body

There are times when Round and Brown just kills it and this right here is one of those times.  They found a nice black girl with just an amazing body.  Look at that hour glass figure she has and that bubble butt.  A girl with a body like this shouldn’t have such amazing curves but Nadia Jay does.  I think you see it in black girls more then any other race hence the reason I always try to find some of these type of girls for you.  This scene is the only one I could find of this beautiful girl and if the trend continues like it has for a long time this will probably be the last.  Round and Brown does a really good job of finding hot amateurs like this.  I just think you rarely see these girls other places because there are just not many sites that shoot black girls.  Or are at least dedicated to black girls I can only think of a few.  This one from Reality Kings though is by far the best and if Nadia here doesn’t convince you of that just look around Blackz more and you will be convinced in short time.

Vivica Johnson Busty and Bubbly


Exotic 4k vivica johnson

Gorgeous ebony hottie Vivica Johnson is Busty and Bubbly in this Exotic4k update, relaxing on the balcony in her skimpy little bikini with thong bottoms and showing off those big perfect titties (with pierced nipples, no less) and her incredible round juicy booty before heading inside to take a bubble bath, getting all wet and clean and soapy to drive her man crazy…I guess it worked because soon he buried his cock in her mouth for her to suck and pump as she rubbed her big boobs with her free hand! Vivica loves a nice long blowjob and she gives that dick a nice tonguebath before getting her pussy eaten out and her ass licked. The guy fucks Vivica doggystyle at first but he really wants to see that pretty face of hers, not to mention those big boobs, so he flips her over and spreads those long legs, pounding her until he unleashed a big facial that she most definitely was not into. Check out her reaction when the guy frosts her and blasts into her eye, it’s pretty hilarious, and on the full version of the video the whole thing is in incredibly high resolution video! The pictures are great too but we all know it’s all about the videos.

Diamond Monrow Training


Diamond Monrow Training

I got a nice cute black ass for you her name is Diamond Monrow.  You guys should tweet her or something and tell her how bad she misspelled Monroe.  I can’t because spelling isn’t exactly my strong suit yadda.  So she is getting a training lesson from that one black dude with the huge cock.  You see him on a lot of Bang Bros site I just can’t remember his name right now.  She stretches it out then he gets her naked and gets her in some flexible positions showing off her round ass as much as possible of course.  Then they get to fucking and Diamond here is down right a pro, she just knows how to make a great sex scene and that’s a fact.  The scene ends with her getting a massage facial and being the dirty little black slut she is she ships it off her face and eats it, got to get your protein one way or another I guess.

Ana Foxxx


Ana Foxxx

This is what I call date night! Ebony hottie Ana Foxxx showed up at her man’s place which turned out to be basically an industrial warehouse and when she got a look at the tables and straps and chains all over the place she about creamed her panties then and there. This hottie loves to get kinky, loves bondage and loves being fucked while she handles a little pain at the same time! In this hardcore action from Sex And Submission she gets plenty of that…her man knows how to bring her to the extremes of pleasure and pain without going over the limit on either, tying Ana up hand and foot and spreading that pink pussy open to pound her while she lays there helpless moaning her head off!

Jezabel Vessir Round and Brown


Jezabel Vessir on Round and Brown

I think this girl Jezabel Vessir is like super hot, I mean big natural black titties like this how can you not love them?  I however have already watched a scene of her from Bang Bros and well she doesn’t put that much effort into her porn scenes.  She is kind of just like a dead fish and gives off that air that she doesn’t want to be there.  Well I am happy to report that this newest scene that she did for Round and Brown is much much better.  She still isn’t there yet but she is getting close.  If she can just get that pornstar attitude she could be the biggest black pornstar in the whole world don’t you think?  She has such a beautiful exotic look and I mean those titties of hers just couldn’t be any better.  In this scene you get to see her taking a bath massaging on her big naturals and then she dresses up into a really sexy hot pink net outfit.  It looks really good against her dark skin and she goes out into the living room where there is a big cock waiting to fuck her.

Cassidy Banks


Cassidy Banks Teens Love Huge Cocks

This is my first gallery I have made of this black beauty Cassidy Banks.  I am pretty sure she is like half black half white or something like that, she is very exotic looking.  She has the best tits you will ever see and she keeps her tight vagina shaven for us.  This is a great scene just because of the site it’s on.  It’s on Teens Love Huge Cocks a site that really puts out some great stuff.  If you like petite girls fucking really big cocks then this video is for you.  I hooked you guys up today with a long video from this scene because well I needed a long video for a change.  I usually just give you a teaser because this is one of those sites that everyone should join at least once in their life.  If you have never actually paid for porn you should try it. I know it sounds weird because there is so much free stuff everywhere (mostly here though right?).  It’s just a different experience though when you’re in a members area, everything is clean, super high definitions and there is always tons of bonuses.  I mean for example when you join Teens Love Huge Cocks you get access to the entire Reality Kings network of site.  That’s a really huge network with so much porn you couldn’t even watch it all in your lifetime.  This is a cumshot on the boobs ending scene in case you guys were wondering.  Basically 75% of all cumshots are going to be on Cassidy’s chest that’s just how the porn industry is, you heard it here first.

Ashton Devine


Ashton Devine

In the mood for a nice interracial fuckfest? This hot ebony babe Ashton Devine stars in this video clip as she spends a little quality time in bed with her lucky boyfriend who is pretty much as white as a guy can get, he’s almost as pale as the pillows! He’s got a good sized cock though so Ashton Devine is more than happy, sucking and pumping his dick with her mouth before hopping up on top and going for a nice hard ride…that shaved chocolate pussy of hers gets a good hard pounding while her sweet titties bounce in the guy’s face with her pierced nipples glinting in the light! Ashton is a bit of a spinner with a small tight little body and she gets it worked by this dude as he pounds away, bending her over with that perfect ass in the air.

Desire5k Just Impressed


Desire5k Impressed

I just think you can be impressed when a girl can do this.  I mean Desire5k isn’t exactly a petite girl in fact she is thick.  She has the most beautiful black ass you could ever find and she knows how to use it.  The video is just straight forward really she is getting banged doggystyle against the couch and then at one point she just gets in this positions and it’s really hitting the spot for her so she just stays.  If you want to join this girls site don’t worry about how amateur it looks, it’s a legit site with a really awesome members area.  She has tons of real amateur hardcore porn in her members area the only real downside to her site is that you never get to see her face straight up.  She is always trying to hide it somehow some way just because she doesn’t want to be a famous pornstar, she just likes to share her sex life with the world.



Chanel on ecg

Meet Chanel, a beautiful girl with a permanent grin and an ass you will be dreaming about for weeks to cum after you check out this Exploited College Girls update! This gorgeous teen starts out strong with a nice blowjob as she gets naked and the hits just keep coming as she spreads her legs to get her pussy penetrated, then flips over to unleash that incredible round booty on the world!  Chanel’s ass is round and smooth and she knows just how to shake it to drive a guy wild…watch this ebony hottie get her teen pussy fucked doggystyle with her long dark hair flowing in her face and her bouncy titties going for a ride with every thrust of the guy’s hard cock. Chanel wanted to make a little extra spending cash so she headed to the studio to make this hardcore fuck session but she sure seems to be enjoying herself, maybe she’ll make this her full-time career after she sees the checks start coming in! I figure hey if you like getting fucked and you’re as hot as Chanel here why not make some quick easy money on the internet!

Nina Rotti Nice and Juicy


Nina Rotti Nice and Juicy

I feel like I have posted a lot of Nina Rotti so may as well keep it going that way I also keep my site from being just a bunch of crackers.  Nina has a perfect bubble but as you can see and she is pretty thick.  So it’s pretty surprising when you see just how flexible this girl is.  The video starts off with them at the beach and Nina is in some pants that is of course showing off her booty.  So they get her on this motorcycle and drive her around Miami with her ass hanging out.  You can see her thong a the top of her cheeks.  As you can imagine the people around the city where going crazy and I bet there was a accident that day because of ole Nina Rotti here.  The camera crew and Nina then make it back to the house where they have her do some more ass tricks and then they get to fucking.  The oil her up and let her do what she does best riding this guys dick really, really good.

Huge Black Titties


Trya Mom POV

I told you guys I was going to make my own Mom POV gallery and tell me isn’t not the shit!  This is a video featuring some stupid big black titties.  They’re like triple Z or something like that, she says it in the video I couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying because I was just too excited to see her tits.  When she finally takes them out of her bra they didn’t disappoint they’re beautiful.  This MILF is single and basically what it sounds like she does with her day is model, act and then bang younger dudes.  She currently has a 21 year old on her roster that constantly is calling her up looking for pussy.  She gives it to him more often then not because well she needs to be having some kind of sexual gratification at least 4 times a day.  I am serious here you can listen to the video and she says she gets off 4 times a day.  That’s more then guys.  I mean damn Tyra get your shit together.  This is her first time making a sex tape obviously and hopefully Mom POV will get her back to do a little anal or something like that, two guys.  Something more freaky that what she did here.  Mom POV isn’t known for getting black chicks but they really expanded they’re horizons with this chick, I think she is a great change of pace.  The video ends with her sucking him off and then getting her titties covered in cum.  I mean usually you want to cum on a girls face, but when tits are this big I feel like you’re obligated to cover them in cum.

Anya Ivy


Anya Ivy

It had been a long hard day at work and Anya Ivy was ready for a long hard cock in the back room! Her boss had come by to check out their profit margins and Ivy’s job was on shaky ground so she decided to cement her position at the restaurant by getting those big perfect tits out and spreading her long black legs for her boss, who was more than happy to finger and lick and fuck that ebony pussy in this hot hardcore Brazzers scene! Watch Anya’s big boobs bounce as she gets drilled doggystyle nice and deep and rough, bending over the kitchen counters and sinks…I don’t know if that’s any kind of health code violation but Anya doesn’t seem too worried about it, she’s more intent on fucking a big creamy load out of the guy’s big dick!

Skyler Nicole Is Back


Skyler Nicole Beautiful Black Ass.

That amazing round black ass right there belongs to a girl named Skyler Nicole.  She is making her second appearance on Round and Brown and this one is called Booty By The Bay.  She looks really fucking good and this video shows off that banging body of hers.  The best part of course is her getting fucked by don’t sleep on the beginning of the video where she is just showing off her ass to the camera.  I don’t know if there is a girl that encompasses what a bubble butt is better then this check here.  She is has such a petite from and then she turns around and shows that ass and you just can’t help but say DAYOM.  This guy takes full advantage of her petite size getting her to ride his cock really fast up and down and then picking her up into the air and just slamming that tight black pussy of hers.  Make sure to check out the other videos that Skyler Nicole has on this site, I am sending you there because I will be honest I don’t have nearly enough of her!

Monique Symone


Monique Symone

Beautiful and horny babe Monique Symone shows off that perfect ass of hers in this photoshoot as she gets on her hands and knees, pointing that booty to the air and playing with her own tits before spreading her legs and revealing that sweet fuckable pussy! Monique looks like she’s in dire need of a little company, she doesn’t mind doing a photoshoot solo but from the looks of things she’s got something else in mind entirely…with a body like that and a face that pretty I’m sure she’s got suitors for days, especially after they check out some photos like these! Her nipples are hard as jellybeans and twice as sweet I would imagine.

Chanell Heart Monster Cock


Chanell Heart on Monsters of Cock

That girl right there is pretty damn cute isn’t she?  She is a new black girl that is making her rounds on some of the sites her name is Chanell Heart.  You know the first stop she made was Bang Bros because she wanted to be on Monsters of Cock, what girl wouldn’t?  They always say bigger is better well it doesn’t get much bigger then this guy.  When he first sticks his dick in her tight pussy the look on her face was literally priceless.  I didn’t think that she would be able to take a sustained fucking but sure enough she loosened up and she was loving on that dick.  She isn’t going to be the same after this guy got done destroying her.  She finishes the scene by letting him pound away at her pussy uninterrupted and then when he is about to cum she takes it on that beautiful chocolate face of hers.

Chanell Heart She’s New


Chanell Heart She's New

I used to be ashamed when I would post a girl twice in the same day but not anymore.  It’s just more a sign of how hot I think the girl is.  Chanell Heart here is really hot so she is going to get as many galleries as I can find on the site.  This is a longer video from Team Skeet it’s part of their “She’s New” site.  They basically always put a new girl on that site and Chanell here is new to them.  I can bet you though that sooner or later they’re going to put her on Teeny Black that’s just a fact.  This gallery has a couple of pictures for you guys as well but I will be honest the watermarks and black bars on them almost make them un-viewable.   The video is basically what the send to Team Skeet to get them to buy more videos of her and if I was team skeet I would go broke with the amount of videos I buy from this chick, wow!

Codi Bryant Pleases Her Boss


Codi Bryant Gets Her Boss In Trouble

Codi Bryant got her boss in some big trouble with his wife because she was rubbing his cock because well she spelt coffee on his lap.  His wife to say the least is pissed that this busty black woman is rubbing on his cock and when he tries to explain she tells him that it is over.  Codi can see that he is quite upset so she goes in there to make him feel better.  While he is bitching to her about everything that is wrong she is tearing off her top to show those busty tits of hers.  Once he gets his head out of his hands he see’s his secretary half naked.  He thinks to himself that his wife already thinks he is cheating so why not just make it true.  He says fuck it and goes face deep on those big black titties motor boading her and the as you can see from this picture picking this thick black MILF up in that air and drilling her that way.  This is a really hot sex scene that you do not want to miss!  The video is long so sit back and enjoy watching Codi getting facialed in this Brazzers scene.

Petite African Girl Fucked


Petite African Girl Fucked In The Shower

This is a scene from African Fuck Tour a site of this guy who is out in African just banging black girl after black girl.  A lot of them are whores and I don’t really know how to tell the difference but I’ll leave that up to you.  This is like the weirdest bathroom of all time because there is a shower like RIGHT next to the toilet.  I don’t know if that’s actually a thing in other countries or what but it’s weird.  Like the video starts off with this guy taking a shower and she is taking one with him and then she sits on the toilet and blows him while he continues to take a shower.  Eventually they shut off the shower and just continue to fuck in that bathroom.  This girl is so skinny that he really just has no problem picking her up and fucking and he doesn’t just do it for a little bit he fucks her a good while like this.

Cassidy Banks Big Tits


Cassidy Banks Big Tits Round Asses

I found another scene of this Caissdy girl her name is actually Cassidy Banks.  If you remember I posted that Real Girls Play video of her and you guys loved it.  So I went out and found one even better, this is of her fucking obviously.  She is in a sceen for Bang Bros Big Tits Round Asses site.  She fits that description to a tee and this guy loves those big floppy naturals she has.  He plays with them a lot rubbing them up with oil while she uses a vibrator on herself.  A girl that orgasms before she is fucked is going to be satisfied everytime no matter if she can come from penetration or not, that right there is a Bang Bros pro tip.  So once she has a orgasm from the vibrator she is fucked by this guy and he even lets her use it turing sex.  He fucks her missionary while she has the toy on her pussy and has a orgasm that is so intense her whole body shakes.  This is the only other scene I could find of this black beauty but trust me I will keep my eye out for her.

Bribe The Ref


Diamond and India Bribe The Ref

India Summer and Diamond Jackson are taking the term “Soccer Mom” pretty serious I think.  These two have kids who are about to play in the big game and they want to make sure they win.  So India invites over Diamond because she knows she is as passionate about this as her.  She tells her the plan, she has invited over the ref and they’re going to do whatever it takes to him to help their team win.  So when he comes over and he isn’t to keen on the idea India pulls out the last resort.  She lets him know load and clear that they’re both willing to fuck him if he agrees to rig the game.  He can’t believe his luck and agrees right away the two MILFs get on the ground and one starts sucking his dick while the other one sucks on his balls.  This Ref can’t believe that the job he makes $7 dollars an hour doing is enabling him to fuck these two hot MILFs.  Diamond is the first one who is tired of sucking dick so she pushes him on the ground and squats on his dick riding him up and down while India sits on his face and gets her pussy eaten out.  The guy then switches over to India pounding her pussy while Diamond licks her clit (what you see in this image).  The video ends with him pounding away and India and pulling out when he is about to cum to drop a load in both of these girls mouth.

Anya Ivy Teeny Black


Anya Ivy and Teen Black

I could have swore I posted this gallery but what the fuck I can’t find it anywhere.  It’s from Teeny Black a site that you get access to through a network called Team Skeet.  Those guys have quite the variety on their network which I like, you never know what you’ll be in the mood for right.  Well if you’re into black girls they have a site just for you!  Anya Ivy is a gorgeous black woman with tits so perfect she really won the lottery on those.  I am glad she decided to go into porn so everyone could enjoy them.  She was that girl who was in the locker room and took off her shit and all the girls were just jealous, probably didn’t like her because of it.  Well this video has her doing a lot more then just showing her tits she is sucking dick and getting fucked.  The best part though is her on top and the view the camera gets of those big boobies jiggling around.

Skin Diamond


Mr anal skin diamond

This gorgeous ebony babe Skin Diamond rides that perfect line between sensuality and edge in this update from Mr Anal, part of the Bang Bros network of sites! She doesn’t have a big fat round ass like some of the girls on the site, she’s got a tight sweet booty that looks incredible but has no problem taking a big hard thick cock deep inside as you can see! If you love big huge tits you’re going to be a little sad because Skin has some perky petite boobies as she gets fucked in her face and ass before getting a big drippy cream facial. It’s not super common for Mr Anal to have a girl of color like this and it’s a great change of pace, especially because Skin Diamond has that nice bubble butt and a nice meaty pussy, plus she’s so horny she makes herself cum with that dick deep in her ass!

Skyler Nicole Rides


Skyler Nicole Round and Brown

I have never posted this black girl on the site before because well there just isn’t many black sites worth joining because nobody updates there is however one.  It’s Round and Brown and it’s part of the Reality Kings network so that’s what really makes it worth it.  They don’t update it every week but when they do it’s always amazing just check out this round ass right here.  It belongs to a girl named Skyler Nicole.  She spends the first part of the video just showing the guys how perfect her little butt is then she goes inside and fucks the shit out of this guy.  She rides his dick for a really long time and that’s because it’s just magic seeing her do it.  She is only 19 but this girl has the dick riding ability of a seasoned pro!  Just watch the video and tell me you wouldn’t want this chocolate goddes bobbin up and down on your cock.

Chanell Heart


Chanell Heart on Teeny Black

You don’t see a Emo black girl every day now do you guys.  Well Teeny Blacks round one and her name is Chanell Heart.  She went to some hotel room to make her first sex tape and what a good one it is.  This dick riding picture doesn’t even give her justice because she is a pro when she is on top.  Once you go through to the gallery you will see a start image that look more like a girl that knows what she is doing.  The girl has a great black ass and and I think she is kind of cute with her thick black framed glasses.  She doesn’t want to get them covered in cum which I think usually happens in every single porn that has a girl wearing glasses instead Chanell here just sucking on this guys cock until he came inside of her mouth.  She doesn’t swallow though she just lets it dribble out of her mouth.  It’s better then her sitting their gagging though right?

Jezabel Vessir


Jezabel Vessir Big Tits Round Asses

The guys on Bang Bros Big Tits, Round Asses where in a treat this day!  They got a hot ass black girl and her name is Jezabel Vessir.  She is a total newbie and you can tell she is just by how shy she is.  She isn’t shy about pulling on her tits though, those probably make her quite confident she is going to do well in porn.  If you are dying to know just how big those tits of hers are let me put your mind at rest they’re 28 F tits.  They’re not super perky or anything but when they’re this big how can you expect them to be.  This girl may be shy but she is fun to watch fucking.  She wasn’t one of those girls who in their first porno kind of just lays there and gets fucked she was actively enjoying this big white cock she was getting, just watch her when she is on top grinding on his cock.  She is just a black beauty you don’t want to miss, her big naturals bouncing all around as she rides is hypnotizing so make sure you have a long couple of minutes because you’re going to want to see back and enjoy this babe.

Teanna Trump


Teanna trump on skeet

We’ve seen gorgeous Teanna Trump before but not on this site and now it’s like a whole new experience! I know you’d recognize that perfect round ass anywhere but she’s brand new to Team Skeet, pulling her shorts off to go for a ride on this lucky guy’s huge thick cock…this ebony beauty is hot as hell and she fucks like a banshee so it’s no wonder that different sites want to have her on as a model! Team Skeet has a bunch of sites in their little umbrella of influence so to speak, I think this one is called Shes New and I guess just the fact that she’s new on the site counts, which is a nice little loophole. Or, if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Teanna Trump before I guess she’ll be brand new to you! Actually if that’s the case you might want to do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with her, for instance check out some of these hot scenes and you’ll see why I’m so stoked about this girl and her big perky breasts.

Really A Fat Ass


All That Ass Diamond Monroe

I came to a realization just right now… I have been miss using the term “fat ass” for far to long because this big black ass right here is the definition and I haven’t seen anything like this.  Her name is Diamond Monroe and she has only done two scenes for Bang Bros.  This is the new one that just came out today called “All Of That Ass” and then she had another one that came out from Ass Parade you can see that one here.  I am sure I could find her on a bunch of different sites if I googled around but I am too lazy.  She is pretty easy to spot you just have to find a black girl with a giant ass and a paw tattoo on her left butt cheek.  You don’t even have to see her face, in fact I would say you should avoid it if you can LOL!  She doesn’t have any tits to write home about this is one of those girl you just have ride you reverse cowgirl and enjoy the show.  With this ass though you might be a little worried, it’s like a battering ram going up and down when she is riding.

Anya Ivy and Mya Lushes


Anya Ivy and Mya Lushes

I should really start making my own Anya Ivy galleries but I like to give credit to the guy who makes a gallery that is god you know.  This is a really good one and Blackz deserves some credit.  It is starring Anya Ivy right there holding that girls head and then this perfect round ass you see belongs to another black girl named Mya Lushes.  Both of these girls have all natural tits hence the reason they’re on Big Naturals.  I feel like you only see black girls on Reality Kings on their Round and Brown site but today they’re bucking that trend.  I don’t see how you couldn’t like these girls they’re both just gorgeous all the way around from their faces to those big black asses of theirs.  Hope you enjoys this long video as much as I did, if you want to see the full thing just join Reality Kings they have a $1.00 special going on righ tnow.

Fucking W/ Her Suit On


Fucking With Her Suit On

It’s been a while since we got some black pussy on this site so head over to my favorite ebony site and enjoy this video.  It’s a nice dark girl with of course a perfect ass, something that comes standard on black girls I guess.  She keeps her bathing suit doing this entire interracial sex scene from Bang Bros.  They just recently brought back their Brown Bunnies site I guess the members have been wanting some more black chicks as well.  The video is really long so if you want to kind of cut out the obligatory ass shaking and titty shaking in the beginning of the video I wouldn’t blame you. Just go in to like the 4 minute mark to start to get some action.

Anya Ivy


Anya ivy on ccx

I love this trend of beautiful black babes showing up at Casting Couch X lately…we just had Vivica Johnson a few days ago and now we get to meet lovely Georgian ebony babe Anya Ivy! She’s been working as a waitress but is ready to head to the adult industry instead of finishing school! I guess the allure of easy money and some nice hard fuck sessions was too much to resist, and from the looks of things this chick is just horny as hell. She’s built for fucking too with huge perfect titties and a nice tight pussy that gets dripping wet when she’s all turned on…watch this hottie get her mouth filled up with cock and then get her hole slammed, making those big boobs bounce all over the place! The Casting Couch X cameraman gives her a nice going-over, finally shooting his load of cum onto her face and onto her tits, telling her she did a ‘pretty good job’ which seems a little underwhelming to me…I mean obviously we weren’t there doing the fucking but it seems like this chick did way better than ‘pretty good’ if you ask me! By the way if this got your fires burning and you’d like to see Anya Ivy getting her pussy fucked some more, take a look at this scene I found for you…you’re welcome.

Anya Ivy


Anya ivy on mofos

Holy fucking shit I don’t know that I’ve seen a nicer pair of tits and ass on one girl in a really long time…Anya Ivy stars in this Pervs On Patrol update from the Mofos network, taking her buddy into her bedroom with his camera rolling to get her big perfect boobs out and pop off her panties to get the bajeezus fucked out of her, and we get to watch every hot minute of it! If you haven’t seen Anya in action before make sure you check out this scene and enjoy every second of it…this black beauty is incredible with her smooth chocolate skin and that dream of a body. She also seems like a blast to fuck, moaning her head off and grinding her tight wet ebony pussy on this dude’s big hard meat! Anya gets tittyfucked, pounded doggystyle, goes for a reverse cowgirl bronco ride and just has a ball from beginning to end! Looks like Pervs on Patrol picked out a winner this time, that’s for sure.

Vivica Johnson


Casting couch x vivica johnson

This 18 year old hottie is Vivica Johnson from LA and she’s just trying to figure out her way, and she figured trying out the adult industry would be a good way to make some easy money and have a good time to boot! You don’t see a whole lot of black women making their way to Casting Couch X but man it’s a treat when it does happen…this hottie has lovely chocolate skin, nice big tits with pierced nipples, and of course a fantastic ass. The CCX guy seems more than impressed too as he fucks her left right and center…this girl is still fairly amateur in the way she gets fucked, she’s very quiet and doesn’t let out too many moans, which one the one hand is nice because you know it’s natural and not forced but on the other hand it’s nice when you know a girl is really enjoying herself and letting you know! It can go either way I guess…hopefully Vivica gets her chance to explore some other sites too and progress in her adult video career because she’s hot as hell and I want to see more, I bet you do too!

Teanna Trump RGP


Teanna Trump Real Girls Play

I found a new site, it isn’t exactly new at all it looks like it opened in September of 2013 but I am just now finding it.  It’s called Real Girls Play and it looks a lot like FTV Girls to me.  They have those like outdoor nudes and the photography looks kind of similar.  I would say the biggest difference is these guys are much more focused on just seeing these girls masturbating.  There isn’t any vegetables or panty stuff (from what I could see) they just give them a strong vibrator and let them go to work.  This long video is of a sexy black girl named Teanna Trump.  You guys have obviously seen her in hardcore scenes before if you visit this site enough if you don’t just click on her name to see those.  This is a nice change of pace I like seeing a hardcore model masturbating because it gives you an idea of what goes on behind close doors.  I can tell you any girl that does porn is masturbating like crazy in her free time.

Anya Ivy Nice Curves


Anya Ivy on Bang Bros Big Tits Round Asses

I know that I have posted a lot of these Anya Ivy scenes already but this one just came out today from Bang Bros and is part of their Big Tits, Round Asses series.  From the sounds of the video this was actually the very first video that Anya did.  I mean the camera guy thought she wasn’t going to show up and he even mentions that this is the first porn she has shot.  Anya is an amazing ebony beautiful who has one of those bodies you’re just not going to find anywhere else.  Her tits are nice and big and completely naturals.  They’re so perfect that you would think she had a boob job or someting.  Then she turns around and shows that black ass of hers which is perfect as all hell, what do you expect though black girls have junk in their trunk on the reg.  She is outside for a lot of the video actually just showing off her body so I am well versed in it.  Then she goes back to the house and shows she puts that body to good use.  She knows how to ride a mean dick and being as fit as she is she can really get after a guy when she is on top riding. I just can’t get enough of her as I have already impressed upon you and because of that I went ahead and found another gallery for you guys. This is one of those special ones because most people won’t read all of this LOL. The scene is that I am hooking you up with is Anya on I Know That Girl. It’s a cool amateur type video, not super long but long enough if you know what I’m saying.

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