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FDAU Stephanie


Face Down Ass Up

I like this girls lingerie she has on, especially the thong.  Her name is Stephanie and she is from Face Down Ass Up University were you will find tons of hot college girls just trying to make a extra buck getting naked or masturbating.  Face Down Ass Up University also has some lesbian stuff but other then that you will not find hardcore, which is going to be good for some of you who don’t like that type of porno.

Playboy Kimberly


Playboy babes are always among the hottest in the world, otherwise they wouldn’t be Playboy babes would they? This is why Kimberly Phillips is one of them, and that’s why she features here in this post today. Kimberly Phillips is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, not just because she’s in Playboy either!

FDAU Stephanie


Stephanie's Cute Skirt

Stephanie is a hot college student that knows the best way to pass a class is to show a great set of tits to the horny professor. If I was this hot babe’s professor, she’d never fail any class if I had anything to do with it. In this gallery she strips off part of her school outfit, showing off her body for us.

Makenzie FDAU


FDAU Makenzie

The beautiful girl many of you will know will know of her name is Makenzie and she has some of the most beautiful tits you will ever see!  This girl is out of control and I hope that you that you guys check out FDAU to see more college girls dressed up as naughty school girls.

Janessa Brazil


Janessa Brazil

The question posed in this gallery is “do college girls spread their legs?”, and in Janessa Brazil’s case, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only does she spread her legs wide in the dorm room at Face Down Ass Up University, she bends over to show off her magnificent ass to us. Those fishnets can barely hold that sweet ass!

Teen Kasia


Teen Kasia

Phil Flash is one of the best teen photographers out there, even if he doesn’t have Next Door Nikki anymore. He decided to start up his own online university for hot girls instead, called Face Down Ass Up University! That’s the way we like to fuck, and that’s also the way we like to see girls like Kasia. I mean, she’s got a realyl nice face, but I like watching her stick that ass up in the air.

Dawn Avril


Dawn Avril

Alright I will be the first to admit that this gallery is a little boring but I had to post it because I think Dawn Avril is pretty damn hot and I enjoy seeing her topless even though the whole picture set pretty much looks like this picture I posted here.  This gallery is for Face Down Ass Up University it has some of the hottest college coeds you will find on the Internet.

Janessa Brazil Orgasm


Janessa Brazil

This is a gallery of Janessa Brazil but its not on her site its actually over at Face Down Ass Up University.  They have a bunch of different girls together like Rachel Sexton, Janessa Brazil and then two other girls.  They all get oil and then start playing with each other.  I actually only picked the pictures with Janessa Brazil in them because I love those round hard tits and her perfect fit body.  She plays with Rachel Sexton and then gets the magic wand and gives herself a real orgasm.

FDAU Makenzie pussy



Makenzie has some of the best natural tits does she not?  She is so slender to its like those tits just do not belong on her tiny little frame.  I am glad they are there though do not get me wrong!  In this picture set she is doing a little God bless America stuff with the flag everywhere.  Then Makenzie does something she has never done before, show her pussy enjoy guys!

Next Door Nikki Tits



Next Door Nikki is just one sexy babe is she not.  She is dressed up as a naughty little school girl showing some major cleavage and spreading her legs showing some pnaties.  Next Door Nikki is pretty damn amazing if you want to see the really good stuff of her then head on over to Face Down Ass Up University and check it out!

Makenzie FDAU



This is Makenzie many of you should remember her she had another awesome photo set from Face Down Ass Up University that you can see by CLICKING HERE.  In this picture set Makenzie pulls out her big tits again and pours some water on them.  She is dressed up like a naughty school girl with this little white shirt, a small black mini skirt and some thigh high stockings.

Rachel Face Down Ass Up



This is Rachel from Face Down Ass Up University.  She has a grade A ass on her, its round and plump this girl is fucking hot!  The Face Down Ass Up University website is all based around sexy college girls so if you like coeds this site is for you.  Rachel does get naked in this picture set so don’t waste anytime and see this ass completely naked, you are welcome!

Janessa Face Down Ass Up



That is a Brazilian ass your looking at the girls name is Janessa and she is posing for a website called Face Down Ass Up University.  In this picture set Janessa is doing some upskirt shots of her nice pussy after she takes off her panties that say all you can eat.  Janessa has a nice small little pussy that you are all going to love.

Next Door Nikki



This is Next Door Nikki for those of you the recongize her.  Nikki however is not posing for her site, she is posing for the Face Down Ass Up University.  In this picture set it looks like Nikki is playing a little game of strip darts, but she must be pretty good because she only get down to her bra and panties.

Megan Summers Naked



This is Megan Summers for Face Down Ass Up University.  Megan Summers is dressed up in a school girl uniform here, which she takes off showing some tits and this perfect round ass of hers.  Megan not only has a nice plump butt but her tits are just as good, they are round big and all natural you have to love this girl.  Megan has her own solo site, and has also done a bunch of pictures and videos with this site Face Down Ass Up University.




This is Nikki from Face Down Ass Up University.  You may be looking at Nikki and saying to yourself this girl looks familiar well, its probably because you have seen her solo site, Next Door Nikki.  Anyways in this set Nikki is dressed up like a naughty school girl, lifting up her skirt showing her sheer panties, and then covering up her bare tits as they are hanging out.

Makenzie FDAU



This beautiful busty blonde is from Face Down Ass Up University.  She has all natural tits and they are just perfect!  She shows some ass taking off her panties towards the end of the picture set.  This girls name is Makenzie she did some real naughty stuff for the guys over at FDAU.

Dawn Avril



Little plaid skirts are probably the best invention since sliced bread. They’re definitely part of the uniform at Face Down Ass Up University, and Dawn Avril does her part by bending over in one and showing off her cute pink panties.

Misty Anderson Nude



This ass belong to none other then Misty Anderson.  In this picture set she is posing for Face Down Ass Up University.  I am going to post a video of her a little later banging a dildo thats attached to the bed post, you will see a couple of pictures of it in the gallery.  Misty is looking all kinds of hot in this picture set so do check it out!




This cute girl of course all of you should know by now her name is Kasia.  She is from Face Down Ass Up University.  I will be getting some different girls other then Kasia here pretty soon for FDAUU, but Kasia stuff is just so good I have a hard time not posting her first.

Face Down Ass Up University Kasia



This cute girl is name Kasia.  I posted a video of her fucking a dildo that was screwed on a bed post its in the Face Down Ass Up University category you can check that.  This video and pictures is of Kasia dressed up like a school girl and then getting paid to show her tits and pussy.

Face Down Ass Up Kasia



This is Kasia she is a girl from a website called Face Down Ass Up University.  Yes its a long name but man do they have some really cute coeds.  There isn’t any hardcore but they do fuck the shit out of themselves with dildo, there is also a great flash video of Kasia riding a dildo that is screwed into her bed post.

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