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Labia Lovers


Labia Lovers

This dude’s girlfriend Sam had a friend Kelly who had just gotten dumped the night before, so Sam and her bf decided to go try and cheer her up! Kelly was pretty…READ MORE

Grab And Tag


Grab And Tag

This chick Mikayla was getting ready for a night out on the town with her girlfriends when her man came busting into the bathroom wielding his brand new…READ MORE

All About Isabella


All About Isabella

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

This hot update is all about Isabella as her boyfriend sneaks into the bathroom with his video camera, getting some footage of her taking sexy selfies in the…READ MORE

All Mine


All Mine

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

This hot Latina chick Courtney was rushing out the door to head to her dance class but her boyfriend had his camera and he just could not keep away from that perfect ass of hers…she seriously has a red hot booty and when he saw her thong panties as she flashed him he knew just what to do! Time was short but he talked her into a quickie and soon she was on her knees with that incredible bubble butt up in the air, getting her tight wet pussy drilled doggystyle…he taped the whole thing as he fucked that hole left right and center, finishing things off by shooting a big load of cum all over his girl. I’m sure he told her the videotape would be just for his own enjoyment but it got sent in to GF Revenge SOMEHOW and now we get to enjoy it too in this update called All Mine!

So Wet


So Wet

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

When this guy saw his gorgeous girlfriend Molly hanging around in her tight jeans just texting her friends on her phone he knew he had to see those perfect perky breasts of hers so he grabbed his video camera and started pestering her to flash him…she turned him down at first but he knew she loves attention so it didn’t take long to talk her into it! Once her tits were out she was more than happy to show more of the goods, flashing a perfect butt and sexy tight pussy and then agreeing to make a homemade sex tape with her man as long as he kept it strictly private…so naturally after he fucked that tight wet hole of hers and blasted a load of cum into her mouth he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so all his friends could see her sexy slutty hole at work!

Sexy Selfies


Sexy Selfies

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

This sexy skinny hottie Chloe was in the bathroom getting ready for her anniversary dinner and her boyfriend was playing with his own anniversary gift, namely a new video camera! He wanted to record her naked in there but she was pretty shy and it took a little convincing…luckily for us he was persistent and soon we got to see that gorgeous tight skinny body in the buff! She got pretty horny from all the attention and soon was being filmed making a little homemade sex tape…she made her bf promise NOBODY else would ever see it so of course that night he went and sent it in to GF Revenge so they could use it for this hot submission they call Sexy Selfie!

Nice Floppy Asian Boobs


Nice Floppy Asian Boobs

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Alright I got a nice video for you guys from GF Revenge of this boyfriend filming his girlfriend getting ready. She is in like these super tight white yoga pants and in this top that is just definitely not going to hold in those big floppy tits of hers. The boyfriend isn’t really doing a good job of getting in her pants he seems to be annoying her more then anything else. I guess he knows his girl though because it works out for him, she is on her knees blowing him and he’s fucking while filming it all. This girl has some awesome big tits as I mentioned and then you are going to love her tight shaven pussy as well. The video is kind of shitty quality but that’s what happens when a guy is filming while fucking.

Hot Bod


Hot Bod

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Gorgeous Cosima here is an aspiring model who was making a video as part of an interview for a modeling job, and got her boyfriend to help film and direct her…it was for a swimsuit line so she was showing off her sexy bikini body but it started to rain so they had to cut things a little short, moving underneath some shelter to avoid getting drenched. The guy was loving the sight of his girl all dripping wet and asked Cosima to flash a little tit, and when she gave up some boob he kept asking for more and soon she was totally nude, heading inside the house to rub her pussy and suck her man’s dick and get that perfect tight pussy fucked! He filmed the whole thing and sent it in to GF Revenge for an update they call Hot Bod, and I’m damn glad he did because this girl is utterly gorgeous with nice tits and a sexy tight ass, not to mention a hot horny pussy that loves getting fucked!

Sexy Susie


Sexy Susie

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Say hello to this chick Susie, she’s a red hot blonde with an incredible ass and at the beginning of this GF Revenge update she’s feeding some fish in her sexy little tight blue mini-dress with that butt peeking out…her boyfriend has obviously experienced that ass before because he grabbed his video camera right away to record her! He wanted to make a homemade sextape and she was a little hesitant but was able to be talked into things and soon she was sucking his cock and rubbing her tight little pussy before going for a ride on top! Susie loves getting her mouth filled up with cock but loves getting a doggystyle pussy pounding even more, and with an ass like the one she’s packing her man was more than happy to tag that snatch of hers from behind before busting out a load of cum all over her tits.

Sex Skills


Sex Skills

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

So most guys when they bust out the video camera it’s on some pretense but not this guy, he straight up says that it’s for making a sextape with his hot girlfriend! They were just lying around in bed together and it was a lazy weekend morning with nothing really to do so the chick was able to get talked into taking his cock in her mouth, getting her pussy fingered and then going for a nice hard ride on top! The guy of course insisted that there was no way he would send the video to his friends and I guess he didn’t lie, he sent it to GF Revenge instead so we can all get the opportunity to watch his hot girlfriend Stephanie showing off her body as well as her sex skills!

Hot and Horny


Hot and Horny

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

This chick Ryan was hot and horny and sexy as hell right off the bat as she stood there washing up some dishes in her tiny little miniskirt…I guess her boyfriend liked what he saw too because he had run off and grabbed his video camera to record her! This girl loves to tease and gave him some flashes of those perky titties, and was about to head out of the house when her guy pal convinced her to stick around and make a sextape with him…I guess all the attention he was giving her had gotten this chick pretty turned on because she agreed! Soon we get to see this hottie sucking his dick and then bending over with her firm fit ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle…this tall lean athletic hottie looks amazing and the guy gave her a nice hard fucking before blasting a load of cum all over her in this GF Revenge update they called Hott And Horny!

Flexi Fuck


Flexi Fuck

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

There’s seriously not much in this world hotter than a naked hot fit chick stretching out…I guess this chick Tara‘s boyfriend thought so too because he started recording it with his video camera, and she didn’t seem to mind too much since it was his birthday (or near enough that he could use that as an excuse)! She showed off her incredibly hot booty, shaking that ass to drive him nuts and finally getting talked into making a private sex tape as long as nobody else EVER saw the footage…of course he was all smiles and agreement so he got to record himself fucking his smokin hot girlfriend and then immediately sent the footage in to GF Revenge for this update they called Flexi Fuck so all the rest of us could watch it too!

Screen Shot


Screen Shot

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

If you’ve got a thing for chicks with a sort of nerdy girl-next-door vibe to them, make sure you check out this GF Revenge submission…this dude’s girlfriend Ava loves taking sexy selfeis with her laptop and this guy talked her into letting him record video of her doing just that, spreading those legs to flash her perky titties and that tight teen pussy before taking out her man’s cock, sucking him off while the camera rolled! He turned Ava over to get that round sexy Latina ass in the air, fucking her tight wet teen pussy doggystyle to make her moan and then busting his load of cum all over her sweet ass! This girl is red hot, he must have been waiting for quite awhile for just the right time to record his gorgeous girl and I don’t even want to know what happened that made him send the footage in to GF Revenge for this update they called Screen Shot.

Bad Ass Bootys


Bad Ass Bootys

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

This guy was supposed to record video of his girlfriend Mila working out in the park with her friend Riley, they were training for an upcoming race so they wanted their workout documented so they could improve it if needed. He got a little distracted though by how hot they both looked in their sexy little shorts, they both have perfect asses and he was more than happy to record them stretching and working out! Back at the house he kept it rolling while the two of them showered and then convinced them to make out, promising that he’d delete the video afterwards. The girls made out and ate pussy like lesbians before agreeing to double up on this lucky dude’s cock, making this into a red hot hardcore threesome! Looks like the guy ‘accidentally’ forgot to delete the video though and sent it in to GF Revenge, and they put it up calling it Bad Ass Bootys for us!

Bibi Booty


Bibi Booty

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

It’s always nice when a hot horny babe has a boyfriend with a video camera, and the gumption to record her getting naked and getting fucked! It’s doubly nice when he (or she) sends the footage in to GF Revenge, I don’t know if they broke up and this is to get back at her or if he’s just kinky that way and loves to have people watching him fuck his girlfriend Bibi but either way, this blonde is looking incredible! They call this update Bibi Booty and that ass of hers is definitely a thing of wonder…he bought her a new bicycle and rode around behind her recording, getting some great footage of that big juicy ass as she pedaled. When they got back to the house she thanked him for the gift by sucking his cock and wrapping her legs around him to get that tight wet pussy pounded, taking him deep inside before he busted a nut all over those cute perky titties!

Fire Coochie


Fire Coochie

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Buckle up because this GF Revenge video called Fire Coochie is hittin hard right off the bat as gorgeous Latina babe Carmen was in the bathroom taking some sexy selfies in the bathroom wearing nothing but a thong…I can’t say I blame her either, those tits of hers are absolutely amazing and deserve to be shared with the world! Her boyfriend saw her taking pics like that and grabbed his video camera, recording Carmen and then talking her into doing a sexy striptease and even making their own sex tape…man this girl is red hot! Big perfect tits, gorgeous ass, stunning face, she’s awesome from head to toe and she sucks cock and gets fucked like a champ here too, I’m glad her bf decided to send in the footage to GF Revenge after busting his nut all over that round perfect ass of hers.

Sexy Natalia


Sexy Natalia

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

It must be nice living right next to a beach…especially if your girlfriend is anywhere near as hot as superfit Natalia here, who headed to the sandy shore in her skimpy thong bikini showing off her amazing ass! Her boyfriend knew what she was up to so he made sure to bring along his video camera, recording her exercising on the beach…afterwards they headed home but he kept things rolling, talking her into a sextape even though he had to promise to do all the chores in the house for a solid week before she caved in! It was well worth it though because man this chick is hot as hell with that sweet ass and her nice big tits, not to mention a beautiful face to round things out! She got that tight pussy drilled hard and apparently she must have pissed the guy off at some point because he sent the footage in to GF Revenge for all of us to enjoy! Anyone got Natalia’s number?

More Amore


More Amore

Watch This GF Revenge Video!

Say hello to Alice, that’s apparently the name of this dude’s girlfriend…the only reason we know that is because he put that in the mail when he sent the footage in to GF Revenge of her showing off her sexy round Latina ass while she was in the bathroom getting ready to head out and run some errands! He wanted to make a sextape but it took some convincing, she was in kind of a hurry but he was horny as hell and knew just the way to get her hands in his pants…namely, by stealing her phone and stuffing it into his boxers so when she snagged it she’d grab his cock! Eventually she gave in and soon he was pounding that sweet wet pussy of hers on camera, but little did she know he was gonna send it in to GFR because he knew she’d been cheating on him!

Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect

Click to see Veronica on GF Revenge!

When this guy saw his hot Latina girlfriend Veronica in her bedroom in her panties and a little t-shirt taking pictures of her pussy in the mirror he grabbed his video camera and busted in to catch her in the act! She was pretty embarassed but apparently the pictures were for him so he sort of spoiled his own surprise but holy damn this girl is smokin hot…perfect tits, nice big round booty, drop dead gorgeous face, nice slim tan figure, just a dream from head to toe! I mean he already had his video camera out so he tried talking her into doing a sex tape but she was pretty reluctant…well after offering her some massages and having him do the chores for like a week she caved in and man I’m glad this guy was so persistent! I guess he’s the one who has to do those chores but it was totally worth it for this chump too because he got to lick and finger and fuck that perfect tight wet pussy of hers…Veronica sucked his cock, looking up with those beautiful eyes and then turning over with her gorgeous ass in the air to get her pussy drilled doggystyle! I don’t know what happened to make this guy send the footage in to GF Revenge (they called the update Picture Perfect by the way) but I’m glad it happened, because now we get to enjoy every moment of this gorgeous girl getting fucked!

Loads of Love


Loads of Love

Click to see Alice March on GF Revenge!

I wouldn’t have thought doing the laundry would be something that could be considered ‘sexy’ but then again I hadn’t seen this chick Alice doing it! She was in her little bikini in the garage doing the laundry and her man saw her there, with her sexy ass peeking out of her little shorts and he couldn’t resist grabbing his video camera and getting some footage of her bending over to load that machine up! She wanted to finish up her chores and then go hang out by the pool but he was persistent and kept asking her to make a sex tape with him and eventually she gave in, making him promise never to show it to anyone else. Well that didn’t exactly happen, he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so we get a nice look at that sexy skinny spinner surfer girl body of hers in action! She got on her knees and sucked his cock there in the garage before heading to a futon bed where he gave that tight teen pussy a nice hard pounding, slamming that snatch before pulling out and busting a nut all over her sexy body! I guess that’s why they call this GF Revenge submission Loads of Love!

Back Shot


Back Shot

Click to see Victoria Webb on GF Revenge!

When this guy got a good look at his girlfriend Victoria‘s new bikini he knew exactly what he had to do for the good of the world…and of course that was to run and grab his video camera to record some footage of the hotness! She was in the bathroom trying her swimsuit on and admiring herself in the mirror, and man oh man I do not blame her one bit. She’s got an absolutely perfect ass and that skimpy little bikini looked incredible on it…this girl has seriously gotta be one of the hottest girlfriends I’ve seen on GF Revenge, and that’s definitely saying something! She and her guy were ready to head to a pool party but he got so turned on just looking at that perfect round butt that he preferred to just stay in and make a sextape instead! Victoria used his horniness to her advantage, making him promise to do chores for a week…he agreed and she started stripping down and playing with herself, and before you know it this guy was balls deep in her sweet wet pussy, pounding her doggystyle and making those perky titties bounce! This GF Revenge scene is called Back Shot and I would bet dollars to donuts that you never make it all the way through the video. Up for a challenge?

Ass of an Angel


Ass of an angel on gf revenge

When this guy woke up he knew right away he had better go grab his video camera, sharpish! His girlfriend’s hot friend Chrissy had spent the night and in the morning when he got up he realized they were both nowhere to be found, but he could hear their voices and splashing coming from the bathroom…that’s right, these two coed hotties had decided to take a bath together! He grabbed his camera and headed in and sure enough they were both in the tub just splashing around and having fun…Chrissy’s tits are fucking incredible and his girlfriend Angel has, well the Ass of an Angel if you will! He taped them both washing and rubbing each other down and soon they started making out, I don’t know if it was just to tease him or if they were exploring some bisexual fantasies or what. They didn’t mind him joining in on the fun though, when he whipped out his cock they both jumped on it for a nice double blowjob and then go out of the water so they could all get naked and fuck! The guy pounded both of those sweet dripping wet pussies and apparently he and Chrissy decided to have some fun withOUT Angel as well and she found out about it, because she dumped his ass and now we get to enjoy the video here on GF Revenge!

Loving Dakota


Dakota james on gf reveng

I tell you what if I was dating a gorgeous blonde with a perfect juicy round ass like this chick I’d probably do the same thing this guy did, namely bust into the bathroom with a video camera after she took a shower! In this hot video clip he talks her into dropping her towel as she brushed her hair and whatnot so he could check out that beautiful butt of hers…she agreed and he got busy grabbing and squeezing that butt, letting his fingers drift down south a little to tickle her pussy between her thighs! She got pretty turned on and the next thing you know, she’s on her knees sucking his cock…I guess whatever she was getting dressed for wasn’t all that important after all because her plans went out the window after getting a mouthful of this guy’s dick! She just had to have it in her pussy so she hopped on the bed with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, taking that cock to the hilt before the guy busted a nut all over her ass cheeks. Apparently she didn’t appreciate him showing the tape to his friends because she dumped his ass but hey look on the bright side, he figured he might as well put it up on the net and submitted it to GF Revenge for this update called Loving Dakota!

Get Me Off


Get me off on gf revenge

This dude came into the bedroom wielding his camera to find his girlfriend in there half dressed looking sexy as hell, talking on the phone with her friend. She was getting ready for a job interview but when she saw that her boyfriend had his cock out and was stroking it while he watched her and filmed her reaction, she forgot all about the interview! She started laughing, telling her girlfriend what was going on, but after she hung up she couldn’t resist reaching out and getting her hands and lips on that cock! This horny beautiful Latina was down to make a little impromptu quickie sextape and of course her boyfriend was rarin’ to go, letting this chick climb into his lap and go for a nice ride on his hard cock…he fucked her fast and deep, sliding his cock in and out until this horny teen Latina was orgasming, cumming all over his dick! He followed suit soon thereafter, pounding that pussy with everything he had until he was popping nut all over those nice sexy titties of hers. She might be a little late for her job interview but hey at least now she’s nice and relaxed and confident, and we got to see it all go down in this GF Revenge update called Get Me Off!

Easy Entrance


Easy Entrance GF Revenge

This girlfriend went on a little showing trip and when she came home her boyfriend was home and wanted to see what she got.  It was suppose to be a surprised but he was persistant so she said to grab the video camera and go outside.  She put on these leather pants and then told him to open his eyes.  At first she had it hidden and then she opened up her legs and showed him the easy entrance point for his dick.  She has quite a nice pussy though doesn’t she?  The pants of course get him in the mood so they go inside where she sucks his dick and gets him hard and then he fucks her while he record the whole thing.  You can totally tell this is a amateur couple just because of how shitty the camera work is.  This guy can’t keep it still to save his life!  He is banging her and the camera is going every which way but whatever that’s what you get with amatuer porn but sometimes GF Revenge gets those videos where they just put down the camera and fuck those are nice.  The scene ends with him banging her hard doggystyle and he pulls out and nuts on her nice round ass.

Friendly Threesome


Friendly threesome on gf revenge

Buckle up your seatbelts and undo your pants belts ladies and gentlemen because I’ve got my dirty little hands on what might possibly be the hottest lesbian scene ever to come out of GF Revenge! These girls were rolling around in the car and decided to drop by their sexy redhead friend Dee Dee Lynn‘s house, she was getting married soon and they figured this was the perfect time to take care of some ‘unfinished business’ so to speak. They brought their video camera along as they all headed over to this chick’s house, and before you know it they were all making out and grabbing each others titties and showing off some perfect tight asses! Keep an eye out for Dee Dee’s ass, by the way, it’s fucking stunning! All three of these girls are cunning linguists apparently, they get down to some serious Sapphic sex as they get naked and start playing around, licking and kissing each other and using vibrators and dildos to fuck those tight wet pussies…all three of them are absolutely hot as hell, they made a pact afterwards that nobody else would ever get to see this video but apparently one of them got mad at the others or something because they sent it in to GF Revenge and they turned it into this update called Friendly Threesome!

Super Wet


Carrie brooks gf revenge

This gorgeous amateur Latina babe named Carrie Brooks was excited to start out her modeling career and her boyfriend was pretty excited too because he was gonna get to be her photographer! In this video clip we see these two heading to the location of the shoot, wiht the boyfriend recording her already with his video camera just to ‘practice’ a little. She had on a sexy bathing suit and was ready to show it off, taking those little shorts off to reveal that her swimsuit was crotchless! I didn’t even know that was a thing, but man what a way for a girl to start her modeling career…Carrie poured water over her big tits, letting it get her super wet as her boyfriend enjoyed capturing every second of the action. As she ran her hands up and down over her tight body she apparently got pretty turned on, letting her fingers linger on that sweet tight little snatch to play with herself a bit every few seconds…I guess her bf noticed too because he whipped his cock out for Carrie to suck! Her inaugural modeling session turned into a hardcore sextape as she stripped nude, licking his dick up and down before bending over with that cute butt in the air to get her pussy pounded. I don’t know if they broke up or what but the guy sent the footage in to GF Revenge and I’m glad he did because now we get to enjoy watching this amateur hottie get fucked!

Lucky In Luvv


Lucky in luvv on gf revenge

It’s always fun to see these hot girls get talked into doing a hardcore fuck scene with their boyfriends on video which the guys end up sending in to GF Revenge for a nice fat chunk of change…this time we get to see the now-famous and always gorgeous Sara Luvv in a scene called Lucky In Luvv! Sara was getting ready to head out on the town with some girlfriends and her boyfriend loved watching her hang out half-dressed so he grabbed his video camera. She didn’t want to make the sextape he was begging for but compromised by taking some sexy selfies, flashing those perky titties and then grabbing the camera to show off her tight little pussy and ass! She was playing with her snatch a little and I guess her man loved what he saw because he took the opportunity to lend a hand and a tongue, getting Sara so turned on she just had to have his big thick dick in her hole! That was his plan all along and soon he was fucking the hell out of this horny little spinner hottie…he pounded her pussy nice and hard and then pulled out to hose her down with a big creamy cumshot, so it looks like Sara’s gotta hit the showers again before heading out to the clubs!

Lady Of The Law


Tyler michaels on gf revenge

Her first shift as a security guard was over and Tyler Michaels was ready to have a little fun! She knew her man had a thing for girls in uniform so this Lady Of The Law decided to take some sexy selfies as a surprise for him. He had a little surprise of his own in store though as he showed up with his video recorder to get footage of Tyler getting changed in the locker room for his…um…personal use. She was down to make a little private sex tape, getting on her knees in the locker room to take his huge thick dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob, sucking him off and then bending over the counter with her sweet ass in the air to get that tight wet pussy pounded doggystyle! Tyler might have some funky looking titties but her ass is amazing and she’s got a damn cute face…apparently she also had a dude on the side or something because her man broke up with her and to get a little payback sent in the footage of this hot sexy rendezvous to GF Revenge!

Rise And Fuck


Rise and fuck on gf revenge

It’s great to see in these updates on GF Revenge how the girl gradually gets talked through the different stages of a sex tape, from just complimenting the girl on her ass to grabbing her to talking her into just flashing a boob to getting naked and then finally to just flat out fucking on camera! This guy was a master at it as he talked his hot girlfriend Terra out of her little shorts and onto his cock…she’s got those sweet perky titties and her ass is definitely fucking fantastic, he wasn’t just saying that to get into her pants it’s actually true! All the complimenting and groping and the excitement of flashing her nice titties got Terra all wet in the pussy so by the end of this update she was all over the guy’s dick giving him a fantastic first-person blowjob and giving up that snatch with her ass in the air…he fucked her hard and deep before busting a load in her mouth! I’m a little curious what happened in their relationship to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge after telling Terra it would only ever just be between the two of them…

Controlling Carter


Controlling carter on gf revenge

It was this blonde chick Carter Cruise‘s first day at her new job and she was pretty nervous about it…her boyfriend found her getting dressed and had his video camera out already, which she certainly didn’t appreciate! He wanted to film a little frisky action but she was in a rush and blew him off, just not in the way he wanted if you catch my drift. He found her a few minutes later half-dressed on the floor doing her makeup with her tights barely covering that round sexy bodacious booty of hers! The guy couldn’t resist grabbing her ass and the more he felt her up the more turned on she got until finally she agreed to a quickie, taking his dick in her mouth for a blowjob and then getting that pussy fucked! We get to see every second of the action in this GF Revenge update, keep an eye out for when Carter goes for a ride on that cock in reverse cowgirl style with that big round ass facing him…it’s a red hot fuck scene and it’s always fun getting a little glimpse into what these hot amateur girls have going on in their lives!

Sporty Girl


Kelly diamond on gf revenge

This guy was lucky enough to be dating sporty girl Kelly Diamond and when he showed up at her house she was stretching out getting ready for a run…she had on her tiny little sexy shorts but didn’t have her sports bra on yet, she had a shirt tied up in a knot and was looking fucking incredible! He had his video recorder and convinced Kelly that they should make a sort of home sextape, and Kelly got naked to basically dive face-first onto his big dick! She gave him a great blowjob, slowly stripping more and more naked before spreading those long legs to get her tight perfect pussy pounded hard and deep! She got fucked nice and hard until the guy pulled out, busting a big load of cum all over her tight stomach. Kelly is one of the hottest girls I think I’ve seen on GF Revenge, which means she must have done something pretty messed up for her boyfriend to dump her and send this footage in for all of us to enjoy! One look at those perky little titties and her perfect sweet round ass and you’ll fall in lust with this girl, I can almost guarantee it.

Tub Love


Marina angel on gf revenge tubtime

Sexy Latina babe Marina Angel was getting ready to take a bath, stripping out of her purple bra and panties, but her boyfriend heard her in the bathroom and figured it was the perfect time to waltz right in with his video camera to record her! Marina was less than thrilled at first and tried to shoo him away but when he started stroking her legs and telling her how sexy she looked she started warming to the idea of making a sex tape, and soon she had his cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then bent over with her perfect ass in the air to get her tight teen pussy fucked from behind! This dude got to fuck that sweet tight hole of hers front and back and record the whole thing, including when he finally pulls out and shoots a load of cum into her mouth…too bad for her she cheated on him at some point and he was so mad he sent the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback! Now that Marina is a full-fledged pornstar I’d imagine she’s not too angry about having another hardcore shoot online, so that worked out alright for her.

Smell The Rose


Smell the rose on gfr

Beautiful babe Rose was lazing around in bed, relaxing and trying to snooze the day away but her boyfriend knew she had an interview she had to get ready for! He also knew there was only one way to get her to wake up and hit the world and that was to pester her mercilessly…he came into the bedroom with his video camera and kept bugging her til she got up to take a shower, so I guess that worked out pretty well. Once she got up though and he caught a glimpse of that sweet booty he changed his tune, he wanted to make a sex video with her and the interview went out the window as he helped Rose out of her clothes and onto his cock! This girl is fucking gorgeous, lean and tall with nice tits and a sweet perfect ass, and she loves sucking cock too! We get a great view of the blowjob in this GF Revenge update called Smell The Rose, not to mention a perfect viewpoint for watching her get that tight wet pussy drilled. I don’t know what she did later on to make him send the footage in to GF Revenge, maybe her ‘interview’ was actually code for her going off to fuck his best friend!

Bury The Bone


Gf revenge taylor whyte

This dude walked into the bedroom while his girlfriend Taylor Whyte and her friend were hanging out relaxing in their panties…they were pissed and threw pillows at him not only because he just strolled right on in, he did it while recording the girls with his video camera! As it turns out Taylor and her guy really wanted to have a threesome with this chick Brooklyn but didn’t want to come right out and say it so they staged this little ‘incident’! Soon the girls were pillowfighting and then making out and Brooklyn started sniffing out what these two were up to…she resisted at first but soon she was feeling horny enough that she figured it might just be a good idea so she started getting naked and playing with the couple, and soon they were all naked and fucking on the bed while the guy recorded the whole thing! I don’t know what the circumstances were in the days and weeks after this hot hardcore threeway but somehow or other the footage got sent in to GF Revenge and turned into this update called Bury The Bone!

Sunny Pics


Sunny pics on gf revenge

When beautiful blonde Sunny Marie here started packing up her luggage for a long solo trip her boyfriend quickly pulled out the video recorder…he wanted to make a hot sextape so he could remember her while she was out of town and it took a little convincing but eventually Sunny agreed to it! She slipped out of her shorts to show how hot her ass looked in her little panties before sucking his cock and getting that sweet shaved teen pussy fucked, riding the guy while he recorded eveyrthing from first person perspective! Turns out that her long solo trip was to meet up with a guy friend of hers and, well, long story short the dude who recorded this ended up sending the footage in to GF Revenge to get a little sweet payback. This blonde spinner gets a nice hard fuck here so at least he sent her off on the right foot, so to speak!

Touchy Rose


Touchy rose on gf revenge

Gorgeous college girl Rose Red was just doing a little homework on her laptop but her boyfriend had his video camera out and his cock hard in his pants so he kept pestering her until she agreed to have a little fun on camera! She started out rubbing that sweet pussy through her stretch pants until she was wet and ready to rock…once those big tits of hers came out of her shirt the guy was ready to rock too, and soon Rose had her mouth full of his huge thick dick! It was almost too much for her mouth to handle but she had a much easier time once she got on her hands and knees with that big round juicy ass in the air, getting her pussy pounded doggystyle. She loved getting that big cock in her hole and slapped her ass back on him moaning her head off with those huge tits swaying and bouncing, cumming on his cock a couple of times before taking a big facial! The name of this GF Revenge update is Touchy Rose which is kind of a funny name but hey, if we were near Rose Red we’d be all touchy as well I’d imagine.

Car Ride


Moxxy gfrevenge car ride

Beautiful Moxxy here was in the car with her boyfriend on her way to an awards ceremony, apparently she had won an art competition or something and was mighty excited to get her prize! Her boyfriend was excited too, and being alone in the car with his sexy girlfriend was almost too much for him…he had the camera out already for the occasion and figured he’d try to talk her into a quick sextape right there in the car! She turned him down of course but I guess his persistence paid off because she flashed her big tits a little and then before you know it they were parked on the side of the road and she was sucking his cock! She gives a great blowjob but he really wanted to get a piece of that sweet pussy so they leaned the seat back and she went for a ride on his cock with that sexy round ass facing him…I guess the car was just a little too cramped because eventually these two got so horned up they got out and just started banging away in the park before he shot a nice facial load of cum all over her! Looks like Moxxy is gonna get TWO prizes today…too bad they broke up later on because the footage made its way to GF Revenge for us to enjoy!

Sit And Spin


Gfrevenge sit and spin parker brazil

This guy was thanking his lucky stars that he had a video recorder on hand when his girlfriend Parker and her friend Brazil got back from the sex shop and started showing off this new toy they bought! They decided to demonstrate it a little so they pretended it was a real cock, sucking it and then stripping each other down naked getting more and more turned on! The dude with the camera decided to join in on the fun and finally got his chance to fuck his girlfriend’s bestie, taking turns banging both of these hotties and getting his cock sucked in this hot GF Revenge scene called Sit And Spin. Brazil and Parker have gorgeous bodies with nice big tits and a juicy round ass and this lucky cameraman gets to sample all of the above…I suspect he got a taste for Brazil’s pussy though because this footage ended up on GF Revenge, meaning he’s…ahem…no longer together with Parker!

Lucky Lucy


Gfrevenge lucky lucy

The name of this GF Revenge update is Lucky Lucy but man if you ask me it should be Lucky Boyfriend because this girl is just plain smokin hot! Lucy Tyler is a beautiful blonde with a body straight out of a magazine and is a little hesitant to flash or show off while her boyfriend was filming with his video recorder…well I guess persistence paid off because she agreed to show one boob while they were out on the balcony and once that seal was broken she loosened up a bit, heading inside and getting completely naked! I guess the feeling of privacy was what she wanted because she danced around and showed that absolutely perfect ass and her nice bouncy titties off before giving her man a nice blowjob, sucking his big fat cock and forgetting all about the camera. He recorded the whole thing of course, including when he slid his dick into that sweet tight wet pussy of hers, pounding her nice and hard and then fucking her doggystyle until he busted nut all over that sweet round butt!

Nude In Nature


Sienna on gf revenge

There’s something about being in nature that just drives some women wild and this guy was lucky enough to be dating one! He took Sienna Day here on a picnic in the park and figured he’d bring his videocamera along knowing her proclivity for getting nude in nature…and when you get a look at Sienna’s big perfect tits you’ll be sending him thank-you letters for sending the footage in to GF Revenge! Sure enough, she starts losing clothes as soon as she feels the grass under her feet, showing those big boobs and of course her sexy round ass before kneeling on the pic-a-nic blanket and giving her man a nice POV blowjob. She sucked his cock until it was raging hard, then bent over to get her nice wet shaved pussy fucked while the camera kept on rolling! If I was this guy I’d be taking her on a camping trip every weekend, she loves feeling the wind on her naked body and hey who are we to deny her that pleasure.

All About Abbi Roads


Abbi on gf revenge

This girl Abbi Roads here was getting all dressed up to head to her friend’s wedding while her man goofed around with his video camera but once he saw how sexy she looked in her sheer nylon stockings with those perky titties and that sweet ass of hers he convinced her they had plenty of time before she had to leave! She was pretty horny too I guess so they started fooling around and before you know it she was on her knees sucking his cock and then fucking him while he filmed the whole thing! I don’t know if she cheated on him at the wedding or what but for whatever reason he wanted a little payback for something so he sent the footage of this fun spontaneous hardcore fuck session to GF Revenge and now we all get to see his ex girlfriend getting banged. It’s a win-win pretty much right? Well, as far as you and I are concerned it is! The name of this episode is All About Abbi, by the way, and yeah after checking this chick out it’s definitely all about Abbi.

Flash Drive


Gfr flash drive christina snow

This GF Revenge video submission starts out great right off the bat as hottie Christina Snow was driving around with her boyfriend and he talked her into flashing her big tits as she drove! Those titties are fucking amazing…remember those bugs bunny cartoons where he would turn into a wolf and bounce in the air going AWOOOOGAH when he saw a woman, his eyes bouncing right out of his head? That’s about what’ll happen when you take a look at Christina’s breasts, is my guess, so be ready for that. Also be ready for her to head inside and get naked, sucking her boyfriend’s cock and then pulling her red thong panties aside, getting her tight pussy pounded nice and hard and deep while he recorded the whole thing! They called this update Flash Drive but really the titty flashing is just the beginning of the sexiness so make sure you stick around through this whole update.

Kissing Stacey


Gf revenge kissing stacey

Cute blonde college girl Stacey here was just hanging out in her dorm room doing her homework and listening to some music on her headphones when her boyfriend grabbed his video camera and started taping her! He had been looking at those perky titties of hers and getting more and more turned on so he figured hey why not try to talk Stacey into doing a sex tape. Luckily for him and for all of us she was OK with the idea after a little fast talking on his part, and soon she was showing off those sexy boobs and pulling her little black thong panties aside to flash her tight shaved pussy with a grin! This GF Revenge update is called Kissing Stacey but they don’t really do a whole lot of kissing, unless you count Stacey licking and sucking her man’s cock as a kiss. She gives him a nice blowjob and then spreads her legs to get that tight wet hole of hers fucked…too bad she cheated on him at some point so he sent the footage out for all the net to see, thanks to GF Revenge!

Sexy Stella May


Sexy stella on gfrevenge

Beautiful brunette Stella May was minding her own business doing her homework and stuff when her boyfriend strolled into the room toting his new video recorder…she was looking hot as hell and he had a hankering to record some naughty footage! Sexy Stella took a little convincing but soon she was into the idea, pulling off her shirt to show off her perky little boobies and pulling off her shorts and panties to masturbate! She loves slipping her fingers into her pussy and as it turns out loves to be watched, I guess she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her because that camera made her horny as hell! I guess it worked for her boyfriend too because soon he was slipping his cock into her mouth while she rubbed her clit, getting him hard as hell before he fucked that sweet wet little pink pussy of hers. Apparently things went sour for these two at some point because the footage ended up on GF Revenge, but who knows what happened!

Dripping Barbie


Gf revenge dripping barbie

Jordie and her friend Barbie were getting ready to head out on the town and were both in the bathroom showering when Jordie’s boyfriend came in with his video camera rolling, catching both of them naked! They were a little upset at first but then they decided to give him a little show and started making out, then sucking each others nipples and eating each others pussy out like lesbians! He got a boner obviously from all that hot action and they took turns sucking him and then fucking him until he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s friend’s ass! I guess after some afterthought Jordie didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend fucking her bestie doggystyle and cumming on her sweet round ass so she broke up with him and in response he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so we could all enjoy the hot threeway action! Pretty nice of him, eh?

Kinky Katerina Kay


Gf revenge kinky katerina

Apparently kinky Katerina here had done a sexy video for her boyfriend at some point before so he rolled the dice and straight up asked her to do a hardcore sextape with him…luckily for him (and for us) she said okay! This girl is hot as hell too which we get to see even better the more clothes she loses, that ass of hers is just fucking incredible. She drops down and takes his cock in her hands to slide it into her mouth, licking and sucking him like a champ and then climbing up to take just the tip into her pussy while he played with her clit. Soon Katerina was riding him in earnest, sliding up and down that hard dick forwards and backwards, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with her perfect ass facing us (the whole thing is shot in POV style of course) and looking just nova-hot! She gets fucked for this hot scene until the guy shot his load all over her stomach…maybe he wasn’t supposed to show anybody this tape and she broke up with him so he sent it in to GF Revenge, maybe she cheated on him, who knows!

Babes In Bikinis


Gf revenge babes in bikinis

I mean we’ve pretty much all been there I’m sure…you’re dating a girl and you’re totally into her but man her friends are sexy as hell so you take any excuse to see them hanging out, and if you’re as lucky as this guy you get to watch your girl hanging out with her friends while they’re all in bikinis! Just that would be enough but once these chicks get a couple of drinks in them they start going wild, losing their bikinis and making out and licking each others pussies, getting naked in public and swirling around on a stripper pole in some dude’s bar! He seems a little taken aback by the whole situation but gets talked into it, I guess it would be pretty fuckin hard to say no to that many fine titties and sweet round asses prancing around. This guy doing the filming is about to explode when the girls start eating each other out like lesbians, and from the fact that the footage made it to GF Revenge I’m guessing he pushed things a little too far at some point and fucked one of his girl’s besties…too bad they didn’t film that part too!

Tag Team


Gf revenge tag team

So the sort of main girl in this GF Revenge update called Tag Team is blonde hottie Tucker but man just look at the tits on her friend Jazzmine there…holy shit. I just had to pick a thumb that featured how gorgeous those big breasts of hers are, even if it doesn’t show both Jazzmine and Tucker getting fucked by this lucky camera-wielding dude which is exactly what happens! The girls are getting ready to go tanning together but before they leave they decide to get naked and play with each other, making out and grabbing each others tits and eating pussy like lesbians while the guy films the whole thing! He wasn’t down to just spectate with these two hotties though, he joined in and they took turns sucking him off and then fucking him for this hot hardcore threesome. I don’t know how GF Revenge got the footage, Tucker doesn’t seem like the jealous type of girlfriend but who knows what happened, maybe the guy and Jazzmine decided to get together without inviting her along to the party!

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