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Blonde Assault


Blonde Assault FSU

Here is a super hot college girl that you guys are definitely going to want to see naked.  Her name is I have no idea but she has a big bubble butt nice full titties.  She is blonde and this video is fucking amazing!  The great thing about it is if you want to see her naked you don’t even have to join a recurring site or anything like that because this is a zip set.  If you don’t know a zip set means you are strictly buying just this video and pictures of this hot blonde getting naked and that’s it.   I have seen the whole video and I will say this girl doesn’t just have a great body she actually has a really good personality too.  In this video you get to see a little nipple and a lot of ass in a g-string, if you want the uncensored shit just pay for it, it’s cheap and easy and you will not regret seeing the whole thing that you can count on!

Martha Hunt


Martha hunt

Classy blonde Martha Hunt is a Victoria’s Secret model but there’s no lingerie in this photoshoot from Santa Lolla, she’s just posing in a pair of shoes and is holding a purse. I mean it’s not like I’ll ever buy any of the products she’s shilling for but cmon, she is fucking hot as hell so why not take a few minutes and let your eyes peruse that  body of hers! She’s got legs for days that look like they could wrap around your neck four or five times while you dive facefirst into that assuredly perfect tight pussy of hers! She’s got about as tight a package as you can get…just look at that ass, you’d hurt your hand if you gave her a spanking.

All Clean


Taylor white all clean fantasy hd

I’m not sure why this guy came waltzing into Taylor Whyte‘s apartment but I guess that’s why it’s a fantasy…she was taking a shower, soaping up her perky titties and getting all clean, when this guy came in to ask for directions to the bank or something. He seemed a little surprised to see Taylor in the shower, maybe it’s actually his apartment and she just showed up, who knows? With Fantasy HD you never know what you’re going to get but you can bet your ass it’ll always be hot…this sexy blonde proves that when she fucks this guy right there on the floor, taking his big cock in her hole to the hilt from behind before he shoots his load all over her pretty face.



Feeona Met Art

Join kinky-haired and oddly-named Feeona as she hangs out on a huge old wooden fence for Met Art, wearing only her sexy white thigh-high stockings as she tries not to get splinters in her perfect ass. It would be a damn shame for her to ruin a butt that cute and tight, which I guess is why she eventually moved from the fence to a huge red deck chair. Actually now that I think about it maybe the chair and the fence are normal sized and Feeona is itty bitty like a pixie or something!

Ready for Love


X art ready for love

Cecilia is a Hungarian newcomer who showed up at X-art ready for love and ready to share it with all of us! Watch her and her handsome guy pal do exactly what they love to do in this hot update…Cecilia loves to fuck and loves a good amount of foreplay so we get to see her getting her ass and pussy eaten out and sucking her guy’s cock (by the way in case you ever had porn make you feel inadequate in the penis department this guy might boost your confidence a little, he’s not exactly huge down there…just goes to show that average-cock-sized guys can get hot chicks too!) before climbing on top of him and taking him nice and slow into her tight wet hole. Oh and just so I don’t forget to mention it, she gets her feet worshipped too so if you’ve got a foot fetish this might be what blows your hair back!

Courtney Shea


Courtney shea for massage girls 18

The girls at Massage Girls 18 are always hot but man, they’re rarely THIS hot! Meet Courtney Shea, an absolutely gorgeous blonde with nice perky boobies, a sweet tight ass and a pussy that just begs to get fucked! She shows her massage skills but what the guy really wants to see is how well she can suck and fuck a hard cock…spoiler alert, she’s awesome at both of those things. Watch this hottie gradually lose all her clothing as she rubs out his sore muscles, then when her hands get sore she uses her mouth and lips and tongue to great effect! She sucks him hard then climbs up on the massage table to go for a ride, taking him to the hilt in her tight wet pussy until he shoots a load all over her lovely face.



Scarlet on amateur allure

Blonde cutie Scarlet was a big hit on her pre-audition but now it’s time for her real-deal update on Amateur Allure! She is cute as ever, looking up with those pretty blue eyes as she drops to her knees and gives the cameraman a great deep slow blowjob, working his cock with her lips and making her earrings swing as she fucked her own face with that tool. It’s not just all about blowjobs though so soon she had her blue dress lifted up to spread her legs and get fucked, then spun around and bent over to get penetrated from behind so we could look at her sweet tight ass! Scarlet loves pleasuring a nice hard cock and gets plenty of opportunity in this update, can’t wait for this chick to make it back for round two.

Dakota Skye


Dakota skye on casting couch x

When you see a girl as gorgeous as this making her first steps into the adult world you just know she’s going to make a splash, in more ways than one. That’s certainly true with sexy blonde spinner Dakota Skye, who is already making a name for herself on a few different sites, which is why it’s so hot to see an introduction set like this one from Casting Couch X! Dakota has a perfect tight petite teen body with perky little boobies and oh man that beautiful ass…she looks fantastic just standing around in a dress but double so when she strips nude and gets a cock in her mouth, not to mention bending over to get fucked doggystyle before taking a nice big creamy facial like in this hot scene! She’s got some of the most seductive eyes you’ll ever see and is just hot as a firecracker, can’t wait to see more from this girl.



Ashlie at the beach

Stunning babe Ashlie is at the beach and is showing why the members of her site I Luv Ashlie are so gaga over her! This blonde vixen has a beautiful face and a great body…if you’re into golden-haired temptresses with seductive eyes, incredible butts and nice perky little petite boobies Ashlie will be right up your alley. Check out that crazy swimsuit she has on, it looks like something Spider-man shot onto her with his webslinger! A string bikini that barely covers her small breasts and hugs the curves of her sexy tight ass, I think it’s gotta be a hit on the beach.

Jordan on the Beach


Jordan carver on the beach

Man oh man…Jordan Carver must be battling some wicked back problems but dayumm those breasts are incredible! Her bikini top is put to the test in this photoshoot from her own website as Jordan hangs out on the beach, rolling in the sand and enjoying the sunshine on her smooth skin. This beautiful blonde knows she’s packing some serious heat down the front of her swimsuit and doesn’t mind if you stare, so go right ahead! Don’t get any funny ideas though, she’s got that knife tucked into her belt just in case.

Moving In


Fantasy hd moving in taylor whyte

This guy has taken a roommate to help pay the rent and man, from the looks of things he could not have chosen a better one! Her name is Taylor Whyte and apparently she likes to wander around the house in her skimpy little panties and a tight bra that shows off her perky titties pretty damn well. She finds the guy taking a nap in his underwear on the couch (I guess he didn’t expect her to be moving in quite so early) and starts kissing him awake, making his huge cock poke out for her to suck and lick! Soon she’s on her back on the couch getting her pussy impaled by that huge dick, her perfect boobies bouncing with the rhythm as these two fuck in a hot Fantasy HD update…I get the feeling they’ll be great roommates, and if she ever can’t come up with her share of the rent I’m sure she can figure out some other arrangements for ‘payment’!

Natasha Anastasia


Natasha anastasia playboy

She’s got more than her fair share of A’s in her name and definitely more than her fair share of good looks! Say hi to Natasha Anatasia in this photoshoot from Playboy, showing this blonde beauty in a Union Jack top and blue bikini bottoms that hug her perfect backside beautifully. This girl is seriously smokin hot and knows how to pose to show off her body to its best advantage…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we won’t ever get tired of Playboy shoots featuring stunning blondes with great tits and great butts!

Red Dress Blonde


Red dress blonde for girls do porn

I don’t know the name of this pretty blonde in a red orange dress but hey who gives a shit am I right? She’s just that red dress blonde and man she’s a looker…Girls Do Porn gets beautiful girls in there on the reg but a classy looking blonde teen amateur like this is just what the doctor ordered. She lounges on the bed with her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulder as she describes her sexual tastes, then pops her dress off and drops to her knees to show off those blowjob skills! It’s when she goes for a nice hard ride that she really shines though, her ass is out of this fucking world and that tight body of hers is moving in all the right places as she impales her wet pussy on that cockspike before the guy pulls out and whips up a nice creamy facial for her to enjoy.

Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson on Playboy

Wellp, they’ve done it again…Playboy has blasted you right in the eyeballs and brain and dick with another gorgeous, stacked blonde with an amazing body and a pretty face. Torrie Wilson does tend to do that weird modeling pose where she like sucks her head down to her collarbones and looks kind of like a turtle but in the shots where she’s not doing that she’s just gorgeous. And in the shots where she IS doing that, you can just stare at her tits and not bother with the turtlehead bit and all is well! Nothing wrong with a beautiful blonde in bikinis and lingerie, even if she never does quite show off those big tits in the buff.

Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden

So this is the chick who married the creepy Shawshank Redemption guy when she was 16, her name is Courtney Stodden. Apparently they’re super in love though so hey, age is just a number right? Anyway she’s at some kind of red carpet event and is showing off a pair of little metallic gold panties that are giving her a cameltoe, matched with a top that shows right through to some pretty sweet tits. Big ups to the Shawshank guy, who I also remember being a creepy dude in X-files, apparently he made a good choice and hopefully she actually digs him and isn’t just gold-digging.

Hot Blonde


Lindsey olson hot blonde passion hd

There are two words that can’t help but get a guy’s blood pumping, and of course those words are ‘hot blonde’! Lindsey Olson definitely qualifies as one of those in this Passion HD update, showing her just relaxing at home reading a book when her guy pal shows up and starts kissing her and fondling those perky little boobies of hers. She must have been reading something sexy because she was already pretty turned on and this was the last straw, she just had to have some hard cock inside her! She gives the guy a blowjob before spreading those long lean legs and letting him pound her hole, fucking her right there in the living room before he pulled out and frosted her pussy with a big load of cum to finish things off.

Kenze Thomas


Kenze Thomas for Zishy

Good gravy…I don’t think I’ve heard of Kenze Thomas before but man those dimples and that sweet ass have done me in! This adorable blonde is hanging out at the park in her sexy tight little white shorts that caress every curve of that perfect butt and her nice pussy lips as she plays in the grass and stretches out, showing off her flexibility. She even flashes a little underboob action to drive the guys wild, as if she hadn’t already stolen every guy’s heart by then anyway. The photoshoot is from Zishy who do a great job showing some of the most beautiful girls around just being natural and having fun doing what they like to do…great idea right?

Coxy the Siren


Coxy for Hegre Art

The title of this Hegre Art photoshoot implies that blonde seductress Coxy is a mermaid but cmon now you can clearly see her legs…if anything she could be a Siren or something, luring boats to their doom as they crashed into hidden obstacles while trying to get closer to her beauty! I wouldn’t blame a sailor either for turning his wheel her way, she’s got those big perfect breasts, long lean legs and a supermodel face…just fucking gorgeous and she looks great wet as she poses next to a tree limb or something waist-deep in the water!

Jordan Carver


Jordan carver

Don’t tell her I said so but I think Jordan Carver has kind of a Scarlett Johanssen thing going on, at least in these pictures…I don’t know if it’s the haircut or those huge tits or what, maybe it’s something about her eyes and nose that just rings a bell. At any rate, Jordan looks great doing a little laundry while wearing a sexy pink bra that barely contains her magnificent enormous breasts in this photoshoot from her own site. She’s got quite the collection of underwear and lingerie, can you imagine being her neighbor and seeing this sexy busty babe hanging out her unmentionables with those big tits bouncing all over the damn place? I’d be out ‘mowing the lawn’ every day just in case.

All She Can Take


All she can take on nubile films holly belle

Blonde hottie Holly Belle‘s boyfriend decided it was time to give his woman all she can take so he takes his time working every part of her gorgeous nude body in this Nubile Films update! He licks her ass, eats out her pussy, slides his cock into her mouth and then fucks her good and hard before shooting his load onto her lips for a nice wet facial. Her big breasts get plenty of attention from the camera and for good reason, they look amazing bouncing up and down while she rides that hard dick! I don’t know if that big red chair has ever seen so much hot action in one day, they’re all over it in this episode and even fuck right up against the huge windows for all the world to see.

Sexy Morning


Pure mature sexy morning cherie deville

Busty blonde mature babe Cherie DeVille is enjoying a very sexy morning in this Pure Mature update as her younger lover joins her in bed and gets that huge cock of his good and hard as they kiss passionately. She’s lucky there’s a cushioned headboard because she gets that wet hole of hers absolutely wrecked as he slides every inch of that dino-cock inside her hole! Her huge tits bounce up and down as she rides that cock, moaning and tossing her long blonde hair for this sexy hardcore update. She’s got a few years under her belt but looks absolutely amazing…I guess we’re seeing the secret of this horny MILF’s youthful appearance in this update, consisting of a hard beef injection every morning! She works a nice big load out of him onto her face and tits…cream is doing her body good!

April on the rocks


April on Femjoy

Tell me you wouldn’t steer your ship right onto the rocks if you saw this nude blonde siren hanging out on the shore like this! April here is relaxing at the water’s edge for Femjoy, enjoying the sunshine on her skin and spreading her legs wide open to give us a nice view of her sweet pussy as well as her big perky breasts for these hot photos! If someone photoshops a fish tail onto her she’d be a hell of a mermaid, but then you’d miss out on her pussy and her very nice ass…this blondie loves a nice natural setting and loves doing what comes naturally when she starts feeling frisky, from the looks of it!

Paris Hilton


Paris hilton music video

Remember when Paris Hilton was big news? Yeah I barely do either…well, she’s trying to make a musical comeback (can you come back from never really being musically popular?) with this new music video…feel free to watch it if you want, I’m avoiding it like the damn plague. I have the feeling it’s going to make your ears vomit, but since it has a music video featuring blonde richgirl Paris mostly naked in her swimsuit, it might be worth watching on mute…you make your own decision here, I will not be held responsible for the consequences. Paris is still pretty hot though I’ve gotta say, although I’m sure her personality hasn’t improved much over the last few years.

Jurgita Valts


Jurgita Valts on Playboy

Yep, it’s another gorgeous naked big tittied blonde on Playboy. Surprised? Nope! Sick of them yet? Hell nope! There’s no such thing as too many hot naked blondes, and Jurgita Valts is definitely smokin hot as she comes down the stairs with a bikini bottom on and no top in these photos. Soon the bikini bottom gets dropped as well and she’s just hanging out on the stairway in the nude, twirling around so we get to see every inch and every angle of that gorgeous body! Maybe the bedroom is up those stairs…better see if Jurgita is down to give you the grand tour. Also, maybe she’d be willing to change her name…Jurgita isn’t exactly a great name for a beautiful woman if you ask me, it sounds more like a Star Wars character.



Courtney for fucked hard 18

So you know that pursed-lip thing that so many women do in their selfies (goddamit I hate that word) and whenever anyone snaps a photo of them? It’s called the duckface, because it turns the girl’s lips into a duck bill looking monstrosity…well, that’s basically this blonde girl Courtney‘s permanent expression as you can see in this Fucked Hard 18 update. I guess we can forgive her though, because with her tight little package she makes for one sexy update! Especially that gorgeous butt…look at that backside, it’s just begging for a slap and a good fuck. I’m not sure if she gets into any slapping here but she sure does get her pussy pounded good and hard! She gets that body oiled up and rubbed for a little bit before a hard cock is slipped into her tight little hole. It’s hard to see the duckface expression when she has her face pushed into the pillow as she gets plowed doggystyle with that perfect ass sticking up in the air like some kind of sex magnet. Check it out!



Teen fidelity bailey blue scavengers

After the bombs have fallen and the shit has really hit the fan, the people who are left are going to have to become scavengers if they want to survive. The human spirit endures though, and that goes double for our desire for sex! The destruction of major cities didn’t do much to dissuade Bailey Blue and Ryan Madison from surviving and she’s more than happy to keep him happy with that wet teen pussy of hers. The update is from Teen Fidelity and it shows a couple living off the grid (or what’s left of the grid), with sexy blonde Bailey spreading those long legs to get her hole hammered! Actually I just assumed this was a post-apocalyptic thing, maybe they’re just living like hippies or something. All I know is that this hot blonde teen is getting her pussy rearranged by that big cock and she’s looking sexy in her striped socks!

Marloes Horst


Marloes Horst for CelebMatrix

OK this blonde model Marloes Horst is drop dead gorgeous but these bra photos look like they’re straight out of a K-mart advertisement or something. Boring bras in a bunch of different colors, the only thing they have going for them is the sexy body they’re encasing! Marloes has a stunning face with piercing eyes and of course those perfect breasts…I just wish those stupid bras weren’t in the way so we could enjoy every inch of this beautiful model. The bras aren’t even different designs really, it’s like they just took one bra and photoshopped a bunch of pictures just changing the bra color between each one. Oh well, better luck next time.

The Best Blondes


X art best blondes charlotte catie

If you’re challenged to find the best blondes in the business it would probably be a great bet to head straight for X-art! They’re chock full of stunning models and the blonde girls on the site are second to none. I’m honestly not 100% sure which girl is Charlotte and which is Catie but I didn’t really bother to find out because hey it doesn’t matter! They’re both incredibly beautiful and it would be impossible to decide which one is sexier so as far as I’m concerned they’re just The Best Blondes. Watch these beach beauties strip each other out of their colorful bikinis and kiss passionately by the seaside, licking each others’ nipples and hopping on the nearby couch to give their pussies some much-needed attention with fingers and tongues until they’ve both brought each other to orgasm multiple times and are ready for a nap on the sand before they do it all over again.

Cum Desires


Nubile films dido angel cum desires

When sexy blonde Czech babe Dido Angel gets her heart set on something there’s not really a way to stop her, she’s like a force of sexy nature! In this Nubile Films update entitled Cum Desire she’s got a hankering for a good hard fuck and a faceful of cream and that’s just what she’s determined to get as she whips off her top and stretch pants to drive her guy wild. He’s giving her no arguments as he spreads her legs and licks that tight pussy until it’s wet and quivering and ready for his cock…we get a front row seat to this hot hardcore scene as Dido rides him, sliding her tight cunt up and down until finally he gives her what she wants, a nice protein shake as a mid-morning snack! Man, the tits on this girl are fantastic, perky and nicely shaped and just the right size…not too big, not too small. Same thing with her ass, really! I always think her name is Dildo Angel though, which is a little strange.

Danielle Trixie


Danielle trixie on playboy

Stunning blonde Danielle Trixie is wearing a crazy fishnet swimsuit or something while she takes a shower in this Playboy photoshoot, but it makes me wonder why she even bothers since you can see basically right through! She’s showering with makeup on which is a little odd but man she is so stunningly gorgeous that I don’t think anyone had the heart to tell her. Playboy outdid themselves with this chick…an incredibly hot blonde with a great pair of tits and a great ass getting all wet and slicked up in the shower? Sign me the hell up!

Pattycake Pussy Play


Sexy pattycake masturbating in blue

When you take a look at these photos of Sexy Pattycake you might remember a video gallery from a little while back as she played with her first Hitachi wand, but these shots are hot enough that I thought you might want to see them! The video accompanying this update is a special clip of Pattycake in the shower giving her pussy a good going-over. She’s soaped up and wet and hot and looking fantastic like only Patty can do with her huge round breasts and incredible juicy booty! She’s just a beautiful blonde having a great time in life, she might be a little bit of an odd duck but she’s having a great time masturbating so let’s just join in on the fun right? I’m not sure what happened to her eyebrows but somehow it makes her look even hotter…nothing wrong with a little eccentricity in a beautiful stacked woman like Pattycake. I’m just glad she shares her sexiness with all of us.

Introducing Sadie


Casting couch x sadie north

Blonde babe Sadie North has had quite a bit of life experience…she graduated college early, she was a dancer for 13 years, she’s been in the military, she likes to race cars and now she’s taking her first steps into the adult porn world at Casting Couch X! She gives a little overview of her life story before stripping out of her clothes and showing off a fantastic butt, impressing the casting director already before she’s even fully nude. Once she does lose those panties though he just can’t keep her hands off her, not that we can blame him! She’s got cute perky little titties and that sexy bouncy booty and can suck cock like a champ, bobbing her head up and down on that shaft with her hands clasped behind her back, then pumping his dick into her mouth with one hand as she looks up at him with those big pretty eyes. Sadie gets her pussy pounded good and hard doggystyle as well as riding it from up top before getting a big creamy load shot all over her face! Looks like she needs a little practice taking a facial but other than that she aced this interview I’d say.

Katy on the Couch


Brcc katy blonde

They say blondes have more fun, even if the blonde comes from a bottle like what Katy‘s got going on in this update from the Backroom Casting Couch! This dizzy starlet has big dreams in her eyes but not a lot of neurons firing in the old rusty cage up top, so she believes the ‘casting director’ when he tells her he’s going to be submitting her tapes to different porn producers and that she’d be raking in the big bucks in no time. Her boyfriend is apparently not the brightest bulb either because he’s aware that she’s doing porn and will be getting fucked and facialed for the whole damn internet to see and is ok with it. Brainpower aside, Katy’s got a great ass and a decently pretty face, so it’s a win to watch her bent over the table and penetrated from behind before she drops to her knees and takes a mouthful of man cream. Hey at least the guy didn’t creampie her, her boyfriend might have had an objection or two to that at least!

Vanessa Jay


Vanessa jay for playboy

It never gets old, seeing a beautiful blonde in the nude with nice round titties and a gorgeous face! Playboy certainly knows their blondes; they’ve had plenty of experience with em. This particular naked blonde is Vanessa Jay, lounging on the bed and looking every bit like a centerfold as she brushes her long hair back over one eye. You’d think that after so long in the spotlight a high-maintenance looking blonde chick would lose some of the appeal but from the looks of things they’re still going strong as ever!

Julianne Hough


Julianne hough nipple poke

Man, if this is the type of chick that’s on Dancing with the Stars I need to start setting my TiVo or something…Julianne Hough is hot as hell, how come nobody informed me of this yet?? Well better late than never I suppose, I learned now…these aren’t nude photos or anything like that, they’re just a couple of shots of her coming down some stairs in a tight dress that shows her nipples poking out like gumdrops. I don’t know what it is, she’s just looking downright gorgeous, but not necessarily so much that I’ll ever buy one of her country western albums. Unless she sneaks some nude photos into the cd cases or something, of course. How come more sexy singers don’t do that?

Samantha Surprise


Samantha Rone in a bikini for amateur allure

Blonde cutie Samantha Rone is back and is looking hotter than ever! This tight little spinner showed up as a surprise, catching the Amateur Allure guy by surprise…and what a nice surprise! She was in her little blue bikini and wanted to spend a day at the beach. They had a good time but the fun really started when Samantha took her swimsuit off, showing those perky little titties and sucking cock like she does so well! Watch this horny cutie get fucked in that tight pussy…if you’re a fan of seeing a girl take a load of cum in the mouth you’re in for a treat, Samantha gets two mouthfuls of cream and looks like she’s ready for a third! With those perky boobs, tight little ass and pretty face, Samantha is always a treat…we’ve seen her before on Amateur Allure but I’ve gotta say I am really digging on the look of her in a bikini…maybe it’s just me. Take a look at this previous gallery of hers and see what you think, maybe you prefer her in a sexy dress!

Deep Groove


Passion hd deep groove with kennedy leigh

Gorgeous blonde Kennedy Leigh loves when her tunes get into a deep groove with plenty of funk…in this Passion HD update she has her headphones on and is getting down to some serious funk as she puts on her bikini, but when she finds her man in the bedroom the headphones come off and so does the swimsuit! She takes his big cock in her mouth, sucking him for a nice blowjob as he licks her pussy good and wet before she sits on his lap and gives him a little dance, penetrating herself onto him and rocking with the rhythm. Kennedy loves a good tune but loves a good fuck even more so soon she’s making her own backup vocals, moaning as she orgasms on his dick and then taking his load right into her mouth to finish up this sexy little number!

Jennifer Mackay


Jennifer Mackay Met Art

Feeling in the mood for an angelic beautiful blonde in a sheer top showing off a great pair of tits? I thought as much…you sick puppy, I like the cut of your jib. Check out Jennifer Mackay in this Met Art photoshoot as she does all that and more, pulling off what little clothes she had on to get completely nude and play with her shaved pussy! This hottie loves lounging on her leopard-print sheets and just looking hot as hell with those juicy titties out in full effect. I hope she’s got a nice personality too because she’s definitely got the rest of the package going on.

Caitlin Glamour Show


Caitlin glamour show

You can tell a lot about a girl from the look in her eyes, I think…take Caitlin here for instance in a photoshoot from the site Glamour Show. She has the look of a girl who has worked hard to develop (and maybe buy) a body and face like she has but has the nervous innocence and shyness still in her eyes. I get the feeling this is one of her first photoshoots from the way she looks so nervous, but man oh man does she have a great body. Beautiful face, long blonde hair, huge full breasts and a great ass, she’s basically got it nailed! Going back to the eyes, by the end of the photoshoot as she loses more and more clothing you can see the confidence growing, she must have noticed the photographer’s jaw hitting the ground…this is how it all starts!

Nicole Graves


Nicole Graves Simply Females

The name of this site is Simply Females and that’s what you get, no surprises just hot babes like Nicole Graves here. She’s a blonde hottie with huge beautiful breasts and long strong legs, and she’s showing off that sexy body for your pleasure! Some sites try to gussy things up a bit too much with crazy backgrounds and wacky props, but Simply Females keeps to the faith by just having beautiful women showing their sexiness and posing for some very pretty photos. A little boring you say? Well whatever, check out those crazy titties and I guarantee you’ll be more than interested enough to overlook the lack of monkeys and muscle cars and whatever the hell else you might have been wanting to look at.

Love and Lust


Porn fidelity aaliyah love and lust

There’s a fine line between love and lust and that’s where Porn Fidelity comes into play (no pun intended)! I wouldn’t go so far as to say Aaliyah Love and Ryan Madison love each other but they both certainly love to let their lust overtake them and let their passions guide their actions as we see in this hot steamy hardcore fuck session. Blonde Aaliyah loses her white dress in two seconds flat and joins ryan on the couch in the nude, kissing and touching and building in momentum until he’s on top of her holding her by the throat while he pounds her wet pussy and they both moan with the sensation of physical bliss! Aaliyah has a great body and a cute face and looks great sucking cock as well as getting her hole fucked and Porn Fidelity brings us right to the front lines to savor every hot second.

Real Life Part 8


Brandi love real life 8 porn fidelity

You asked for it, you demanded it, you begged for it and Porn Fidelity listened! Sexy busty blonde sexpot Brandi Love is back again already for part 8 of the Real Life series, spending a little time in the nude by the pool getting nice and wet before getting her pink pussy licked by Ryan Madison. Not many people would be able to resist licking and sucking on that sexy MILF pussy and Ryan is definitely not among that number as he gets her slit nice and wet before penetrating her with that huge cock of his on the patio! Brandi loves working on Ryan’s meat and she bounces her juicy booty up and down as she fucks him, showing some of the skills she’s picked up over the years as a pornstar. If there was ever a woman who could show Ryan a thing or two (besides Kelly Madison of course) it would probably be Brandi! The action gets even hotter when they jump into the pool for a dip, kicking up some whitecaps as they fuck in the shallow end while the summer sun shines down at Casa del Porn Fidelity. If you missed Brandi in Real Life Part 7 make sure you check that one out while you’re at it!

Addison Avery


Casting couch x addison avery

It’s always nice to see a cute blonde making her start in the adult entertainment business…Addison Avery here is 21 so she’s getting just a little bit of a late start, but with that body of hers I don’t think she’s falling too far behind. She had only been with two guys in her entire life before heading to Casting Couch X so she was basically just jumping right into the deep end! Speaking of deep ends, the cameraman slides his cock deep in her tight pussy to fuck her good and hard in a hot POV fuck session before unleashing a torrent of cum all over her face. She takes it all with pleasure…I was a little worried that with only having been fucked a few times she would freak out and not be able to keep up with the hardcore demands of the adult porn world but man she stepped up to the plate that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to seeing more of that tight pussy, keep an eye out for Addison.

Sensual Connection


sensual connection on dane jones

There was a definite sensual connection between Zuzana and Ian in this Dane Jones shoot, so much so that the two of them seem to lose any awareness that the room is shared by a cameraman or that anyone is watching as they kiss passionately, letting their hands explore each others bodies as they roll on the bed. Zuzana’s skirt comes up and shows that beautiful ass of hers as she slides her pussy onto his hard cock, riding him in a hardcore scene that is not only sexy as hell but beautiful to watch as well. This is a nice long free video clip of a beautiful blonde in the throes of passion with her man and Dane Jones is inviting you to come along for the ride!



Net video girls morgan

This update from Net Video Girls isn’t by the Maestro, who usually does these…this one is by a guy named Jeff who is apparently like an intern almost, he does some shoots but they’re just plain not as good yet. The girl in this video is cute as hell though, her name is Morgan and she’s got a little tinge of a Southern twang to her voice (although not as strong as Jeff’s drawl) and she shows up for a calendar shoot but figures out pretty quick that there’s more to it than that. She starts out just posing for the camera, then her top comes off and Jeff starts playing with her nipples that turns her on enough to want to grab his cock from his pants and start tugging it. He wasn’t satisfied with just that though and she really wanted to get the ‘calendar job’ so to seal the deal (or so she thought) she gave him a blowjob before going all the way and getting fucked in her tight pussy! The guy is more than a little on the creepy side I’ve gotta admit but hey the girl is hot and she gets fucked so it’s worth checking out.

Caprice on Showy Beauty


Showy beauty caprice

This blondie’s name is Caprice which I think is a fairly poor choice…I mean if you’re going to pick a porn name why pick one that already has a super popular model associated with it? This girl could have gone with Gazongas Supreme or Megan Ockers (get it, like Mega Knockers)…those are just off the top of my head and they are fucking genius. Anyway if you’re a fan of big tits you should take a look at Gazongas Supreme here, because she’s got titties so big and heavy they slide away from each other when she leans back, giving cleavage you could drive a mack truck through. She’s pretty cute though, there’s no doubt about it, especially when she lifts those long legs up in the air to show off her pussy.

Mandy Morbid


Mandy Morbid on Crazy Babe

Just what the hell is going on in this update from Crazy Babe? I mean sure Mandy Morbid has an eyepatch on and everything but the setting is the crazy part here, not so much the babe herself. Watch this busty edgy punk chick get naked and sit on a wheelchair to spread those long legs, just asking for someone to lick her tight shaved pussy and fuck her so hard she’ll need that wheelchair afterwards! The lighting is all blue and artsy, so if you’re in the mood for something a little wacky this might be right up your alley.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh massage girls 18

If you walked into a massage parlor known for the masseuses having a tendency to fuck the clients and you saw your massage therapist was Kennedy Leigh tell me you wouldn’t just cream your jeans right then and there. Well that’s the scene for this Massage Girls 18 update as gorgeous Kennedy and that incredible smile of hers shows her skills in the rubdown arena, lifting her skirt to show her lack of panties before the guy even lays down! He of course lets his hands wander over her big tits and that round fuckable ass of hers as she went through the motions of giving a massage. It was the happy ending the guy was after though so soon his cock was poking out from the towel covering him and Kennedy couldn’t help but suck that big dick! She whipped the towel off and mounted up, riding that lucky fuck forwards and backwards before laying back and spreading her long legs to get penetrated to the hilt.

Camille Rowe


Camille Rowe

This blonde hottie is Camille Rowe, a model from France with a great body showing off some pretty un-hot bras and panties. When I first saw her I was like ‘well she’s pretty I guess’ but when I found out she was French, oh man. That accent is just like a pile of bonus points on her hotness scale, it’s not even fair. Speaking of unfair, these photos are all of Camille in lingerie and panties and whatnot but don’t really show her getting naked…it’s a damn shame too because I’ve seen photos of her naked and holy shit she does not disappoint. Or as they say in France, “ooh lah lah that chick got some wicked ass titties!”

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