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Playboy Jackie Dawn


Jackie Dawn for Playboy

I don’t know if we exactly need a roadmap to glorytown when we see a girl as beautiful as Jackie Dawn but it’s very considerate of her to wear a pendant necklace pointing southwards so we don’t get too distracted by her gorgeous face and those perky boobies with nipples that just beg to be gently bitten. This exotic babe is a Playboy cyber girl and it’s easy to see why with a body and face like that!

Pinup Files Miriam Gonzales


Miriam Gonzales for Pinup Files

If you’re not entirely sure how much time has gone by since you first took a peek at Miriam Gonzales’s huge lovely breasts I can’t say I blame you…luckily there’s an hourglass right there, if you catch my meaning! She’s got a ridiculously hot figure in this Pinup Files update with those huge boobs and tiny waist with sexy round hips as she poses in a blue top and lacy little panties. Can I call dibs from here?

Babes Julia Luba


Julia Luba Babes

The Babes network brings you this photo gallery of lovely Julia Luba…I’mn not sure what’s going on in the foreground of the first few photos but it gives a feeling of voyeurism, like you just snuck into her house and are watching this busty beauty strip down and masturbate! She’s got those big titties in a sheer bra and little white panties that she slides down her legs, gently fingering her pussy and turning around to show off a very cute ass. There’s at least one photo that makes her look a little like Sigourney Weaver at the peak of her looks, or is it just me?

Rosie Jones in swimsuits


Rosie Jones swimwear

So here’s the thing…Rosie Jones is a hot girl but she just isn’t made for modeling bikinis and swimsuits if you ask me. She needs to go naked or go home…but I guess if you’re in the mood for an okay-looking chick being not nude this gallery might be for you! Sometimes you want a little something left to the imagination and sometimes that means putting a stupid looking bathing suit on an otherwise pretty decent looking model for her to pose in.

Casey Calvert Fine Dining


Casey Calvert Babes Network

I do believe this girl is going to be kind of the next big thing.  Her name is Casey Calvert and she has just the most beautiful face ever.  She is almost to pretty to be in porn.  She is however doing this type of erotic porn which fits her really good I think.  I have seen in in a Kink Fucking Machines scene and that is not classy let me tell!  Casey is fucking this guy who is suppose to be her boyfriend and the only fine dining going on in this video is when he is eating out her magically wet pussy.  I bet that shit has a Michelin star.



Lyanna FTV Girls

I wanted to just show you guys how cute this chick is before you get locked on her tits and can’t see anything else… She is all natural and on top of that she pierced her nipples so it’s pretty distracting I must say.  FTV Girls gets you away from looking at Lyanna breasts a couple of times and that’s when she is fucking her pussy with a dildo or using a vibrator to give herself a real orgasm.  This girl is like a classy alternative girl if you know what I am saying.  She can cover up all those tattoo’s and look like the innocent girl next door.  Or she can show them off and you can be like that’s one badass chick.

Sweet Krissy Valentines


Sweet Krissy Valentines Treat

Valentines Day has come and gone but with Sweet Krissy the fun never ends! She’s got her sexy lingerie on in this update from her own site, grabbing her huge perfect tits and bending over to show off her tight sexy ass. With that string thong on her butt looks even hotter than it usually does, and we all know how hot her butt usually looks right? Might hot, my friends…mighty hot. This is a hell of a Valentines Day treat.

Layered Nylons Stacey Poole


Stacey Poole layered nylons

If you’re a fan of gorgeous girls wearing layered nylons look no further than this gallery featuring lovely Stacey Poole! She’s got a garter belt over nylons and a pair of purple nylons over the whole thing and is looking hot as hell…with her beautiful face and those huge soft breasts there’s a little something for everyone in this gallery even if you’re not into panythose and sexy nylon clad legs and asses!

Casey Calvert Orgasms


Casey Calvert Fucking Machines

This beautiful girl is Casey Calvert and she does a little scene for Fucking Machines in which you will see her having some pretty hard orgasms.  She is even able to have a squirting orgasm while only being fucked in the ass.  I don’t know if you consider that a anal orgasm or what.  Casey is a really cute models I have only seen a couple of scenes with her now but I will keep my eye out for more.  Fucking Machines is a really good site for those of you who like to see girls having real orgasms.  There is also a lot of squirting on this site just because the girls are fucked so good by those damn machines.  Some girls don’t even know that they can squirt and then they come on this site and their mind is blown when they find out.

Playboy Samantha Pirie


Samantha Pirie for Playboy

Someone might want to mention to Samantha Pirie that generally you should remove your panties BEFORE you get into the tub for a bath. Actually scratch that…the fact that she has those dripping wet panties on still is actually mighty hot, and the fact that she’s cute as hell with perky perfect boobs is just icing on the cake! She’s posing for Playboy in this solo update as she gets all wet and soapy in the steamy hot bath water.

Skin Tease Rosie Lee


Rosie Lee for Skin Tease

Rosie Lee is resplendent in her purple bra and thong panties in this photo update from the site Skin Tease…and she is definitely teasing us with her show of skin in these shots! Rosie has long tawny hair and huge full breasts that she loves squeezing together as if there was a cock sliding up and down between them. This babe is ready for anything, as long as it involves getting naked and getting fucked!

Vanessa Renee


Vanessa Renee Bang Bus

I totally didn’t include in pictures of Vanessa Renee here in her white pants!  I mean damn she looked go in them but I guess she does look a little better naked.  She is a amateur chick that was picked up by the Bang Bus as she was walking around Miami.  I have only seen a couple of videos where they get a girl in the bus and she isn’t willing to even show them a nipple.  Vanessa was once again not the exception to that rule right there she got in and the lure of money got her to fuck some random guy in little less then half of an hour.  At least she made him put on a condom I mean she doesn’t want to get anything from this guy who just paid her to fuck in a van, LOL!

Diamond Foxxx


Diamond Foxxx Tonight's Girlfriend

That right there is a hot MILF who is fucking the shit out of a guy who paid her super big bucks to pretend to be a wife of a neighbor of his.  The pornstar is none other then Diamond Foxxx a nice thick girl with big tits and a bubble butt as you can see here from this picture.  The video is from Tonight’s Girlfriend a site that takes really big fans or just super rich guys and hooks them up with pornstars so they can make their fantasies come true.  I don’t know how much it cost to fuck a pornstar but I saw the cash exchange hands in this video and it sure looked like a lot.  The price of Diamond riding your cock reverse cowgirl seems priceless to me but who knows.

Zoo Magazine Lacey Banghard


Lacey Banghard for Zoo

Here’s a small collection of Zoo Magazine outtakes featuring lovely big-breasted brunette Lacey Banghard…I hope you like em! It’s a hell of a pair of tits she’s got going on there, and such a tiny waist that I can’t help but picture her teetering a little as she stands or walks around due to being so topheavy. Lacey has a body built for sex and she’s showing it all off in the nude in these hot photos…if these are the outtakes I can’t wait to see the top picks!

Bikini Riot Sophie Dee


Sophie Dee for BIkini Riot

Busty brunette vixen Sophie Dee shows off her stunning curves in what can only be described as a swimsuit made out of a V. It barely covers her pussy or big tits and is see-through to boot, so even when she’s covered you can see pretty much every inch! It might not be the most practical swimsuit in the world but it is hot as blazes…soon Sophie strips it off and is splashing around nude in the water in this hot Bikini Riot photoshoot.

Mad Passion


Mad Passion Kaylee X Art

The funny thing is when I first saw this gallery I couldn’t help but look at that wall that Kaylee is getting fucked up against.  I mean that is some psychedelic shit if you ask me…  Who’s house has that wall I mean really?  Anyways here is Kaylee a beautiful teen girl getting fucked in a scene called Mad Passion.  The only place you will see this video is X Art and they as you know are one of the best porn sites in the world.  They have Imagepost’s seal of approval for sure!

Beauty Queen (Miss Delaware)


Beauty Queen Girls Do Porn

I have a pretty beautiful girl don’t you guys think?  Would you believe that she once was a beauty queen?  I know that I would, and I am right because I heard it from her very own mouth during her Girls Do Porn interview.  This girl loves to have sex but I think she probably likes giving head more.  Just look how she works those balls and she is deep throating this guys cock, what a professional!  Girls Do Porn is one of my favorite sites just because I would say that 90% of all the models who are on their site could also be beauty queens.  If you don’t believe me just take the tour of their site and then you will see who is right.

It looks like this girl here wasn’t exactly a former beauty queen! She just had to resign today as being Miss Delaware because of her porn past! That’s some bullshit don’t you think? You can read the full story about this Girls Do Porn model over at!

FTV Girls Romi tits


Romi for FTV Girls

Gorgeous raven-haired Romi has amazing tits, and she doesn’t mind sharing them with all of us! She’s got a loose halter top on that barely holds those big boobs in check in this FTV Girls update, but it doesn’t stay on for long…soon enough she’s got her titties out to play with a grin, and is wearing just her striped socks as she rolls around on the couch and grabs a nearby vibrating toy to masturbate with!

Erotic Snap Defrancesca


Erotic Snap Defrancesca

Defrancesca looks like she’s just escaped from an oven as she drips with sweat in this Erotic Snap update entitled Body Heat. She’s a beautiful brunette with a great nude body and it looks even better with that slick sheen of sweat on it as she poses for these hot photos. I’d imagine she’s a little slippery to try and hold, though.

Cali FuckedHard18


Cali FuckedHard18

I have Cali from Fucked Hard 18 for you guys to enjoy today.  The scene is pretty awesome especially at the very end when he is just pounding that pussy and just barely pulls out in time.  Shit cum shoots so damn fair it gets in her face hair and then he just dumps the rest there having her eat as much as she can.  The girl has a very very pretty face with a thick body with nice thick thighs and a big boot you will love especially when he has her riding him on the massage table.  FuckedHard18 has always been one of my favorite sites but sometimes I forget to post their new scenes.  I think I have over a hundred updates from this site and they still most a new girl every single week how crazy is that?

Suicide Girls Coco


Coco for Suicide Girls

Coco is a wild thing in the jungle in this hot update from Suicide Girls as she poses in her tiger swimsuit, giving a smoldering gaze as if she’s contemplating chasing you down as you run and pouncing! I don’t think too many guys would put up much of a fight though; Coco is drop dead gorgeous and completely nude after peeling off that tiger skin! Beautiful eyes, a great ass and sexy tattoos…looks like she’s a force to be reckoned with under the palm fronds.

Naughty America Capri Cavalli


Capri Cavalli Naughty America

Hot pornstar Capri Cavalli might look pretty sexy in her suit but you just know she’d be more comfortable in the nude with a big fat cock in her mouth! Sure enough, she’s soon getting naked and taking her younger guy friend’s thick meatstick between her lips and fucking him like crazy while wearing only her thigh high sheer stockings for this hot Naughty America gallery. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on at the beginning of the gallery, maybe she’s conducting some business negotiations here? If so I think she’s getting the upper hand, so to speak.

Twistys Sunny Leone


Twistys Sunny Leone

Stunning beauty Sunny Leone is wearing a crazy swimsuit that looks like Spawn conjured it up or something with black webbing and cutaway bits and all. But the swimsuit isn’t really going to be an issue since Sunny is busy stripping out of it in this Twistys update to get totally nude, playing with her pink pussy in a smokin hot photo set with her long legs spread wide!

Hanky Panky Xenia Deli


Hanky Panky Xenia Deli

I’ll take a slice or two of that Deli meat, please and thank you! Gorgeous model Xenia Deli is the Hanky Panky featured girl and she is making the most of it, showing off that sexy underwear front, back, and side to side. She has a great butt and these panties show it to its best advantage, but the fun doesn’t stop there! She’s also got those perky little boobies and a beautiful face and you know what? She’s a hot girl showing off in sexy underwear. What more can be said? Just go take a look at the photos already.

Photodromm Alexa


Alexa on Photodromm

From the looks of things this banquet hall is about ready for a wedding reception or something, but Alexa is giving the groom one last peek at another woman in the nude before the vows. In this hot Photodromm update, big breasted Alexa does a sensual dance with her robe on a white-shrouded chair, showing off her round tits and that sexy ass, not to mention her devastatingly sultry gaze! If the groom can withstand this temptation I have a good feeling about the longevity of his marriage…we’ll just have to see.

Love Between Rooms


Nikki Daniels Between Rooms

In this Babes Network video Nikki Daniels and her “boyfriend” can’t even make it back to a room before they start fucking.  The couple just finds a window sill in the hallway and goes to town on each other.  He first sits her down and eats out that nice meaty pussy of hers licking her clit until she has a orgasm.  Once she got hers she was all about making this guy cum.  He just gets to sit back and get his dick rode by this gorgeous model for quite some time in this video and it seems like pure bliss I must say.  Nikki Daniels is super attractive with that gorgeous face and nice full perky tits I think she is a winner!



Lexi Exloited College Girls

This is Lexi from Exploited College Girls.  Or was until people found out she did this video and she just said fuck it and became a full fledge pornstar.  Her name now is Lacy Channing.  She is a pretty smart girl because while she was getting fucked doggystyle she mentioned to the camera how much she hated her tattoos.  The reason she doesn’t like that because she can’t tell everyone “fuck no that’s not me” when they see her porno’s!  She just owns up to it now and why not with a perfect petite body like she has.  She has this super perky tits that are just out of this world.  I almost thought they were fake at first but they’re not she is all natural.  Lexi or Lacy, whatever you want to call her is very orgasmic when having sex!  You can make her cum by hitting the g-spot of hers or just rubbing her clit.  I bet you could just look at her the right way and she will start cumming that’s how this girl is!

Vanessa Sixxx


Vanessa Sixxx Nubile Films

I definitely need to go out and find more Vanessa Sixxx porn because she is really hot!  I have seen a scene here and there but this Nubile Films really just makes me want more of her!  The name of the episode is Looking For Love and there is so much good going on in this gallery I don’t know were to begin.  I would start first by checking out the pictures I know your first instinct is just to wach the video but man there is some really hot pictures here.  I just love this one with her whipping her head back in pleasure while she is riding his cock.  Nubile Films is a incredible erotica site, there just isn’t much they do wrong as you can see when you watch this free video.

Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Fucked Hard 18

I predicted that Lacy Channing was going to make a name for herself in porn and it looks like I am right.  She has been on a couple of my favorite sites now but just today she came out with a new scene on my absolute favorite porn site Fucked Hard 18.  She is getting a “free” massage to with this guy because he needs a girl to make a instructional video on how to give a massage.  Lacy however isn’t just getting a rub down she is getting fucked and fucked HARD!  The sex is hot and that meay little pussy of Lacy’s is just quivering after this guy gets through with her, I bet she will be coming back for seconds.

Secret Valentine


Lacy Channing Secret Valentine

I have a beautiful woman for you guys to check out her name is Lacy Channing.  I posted her first Passion HD scene a while back and this is the second one.  It’s called Secret Valentine and her boyfriend comes home with a box of chocolates hoping to surprise her with them.  Little does he know that she has a way better surprise then a stupid box of chocolates!  She comes out wearing a bright red bra and panties set and is looking to amazing if you ask me.  She then gives him a really good fucking just letting him lay back and enjoy his self.

Nikki Chase


Nikki Chase Disgraced 18 Porn Pros

I was out prowling the Internet trying to find you guys some good porn when I saw this very picture on Porn Pros.  The girls name is Nikki Chase she is quite hot as you can tell but probably the hottest thing is that she is tied up.  It’s actually a new kind of sex top its called like bondage tape or something.  It’s not sticky or anything it is more like plastic wrap then anything else I would say.  It’ s just a little bit stronger.  Anyways, Nikki gets her hands tied to her ankles and then she is just thrown around like a fuck toy but man does she get off on it.  Once the guy got a little tired of doing all the work he cut her free and let her ride him until she orgasmed.

Briana’s The Breast


Briana Lee Extreme The Breast

Just in case you guys forgot how hot Briana Lee Extreme is, here is a friendly reminder.  The pictures are awesome just by themselves because you get to see her flawless big natural tits and her amazing “matching” pussy if you will.  I call it matching because they are both perfect and that’s very rare to see.  Usually a girl either has a really nice ass, a nice pair of tits or a nice pussy.  Briana Lee Extreme has the hat trick, I think you guys will agree.

Roxanne Ray


Roxanne Ray Casting Couch X

This girl is actually way cuter then this picture makes her out to be.  I just had to post the “Big O Face” for you guys.  It’s not always the sexiest but seeing a girl have a g-spot orgasm is pretty tight.  The girl in this video is Roxanne Ray and she is a real deal amateur.  The guys at Casting Couch X were trying her out to be a pornstar.  She tried to just get away with a masturbation scene for her interview video.  The guy filming it though told her that if she did that he wouldn’t recommend her for any blowjob or boy / girl scenes because he just didn’t know if she could preform.  That got her to do what he wanted and he wanted to fuck this 18 year old pussy.  He pounds it nice and good giving her a orgasm as you can see here, and this wasn’t even the first!  There is another good part of the video that that’s were she is riding him reverse cowgirl and she is just getting after it, I mean GETTING AFTER IT!



Anna Fucked Hard 18

This is just a must watch video but most all of Fucked Hard 18 scenes are.  The girl only has one name and it’s Anna so you’re just never going to find anything else from her because that name is to common.  She is super tall with long sexy legs and she actually has a great ass for a tall girl.  They usually have those no butt type of asses.  She gets fucked in every single position you can think of and man is she a load fuck.  My favorite part of this whole scene though is when the guy is a little tired of fucking her because he was bringing the ruckus. So he gets her to ride him on the table and seeing her spread those long legs across the massage table and riding him as fast as she did was just a thing of beauty.

Tiffany InTheCrack


in the crack tiffany thompson

In the mood for a game of pool? Tiffany Thompson is undefeated but I don’t think it’s because of her skills on the felt…I think it’s more that when she starts stripping down and lifting up her skirt to show off her perfect ass and that tight pussy of hers, any opponent is so distracted that she can just claim victory by default. In The Crack brings you this gallery so you know there’ll be some great up close and personal shots of her most intimate bits!

Sunset Sex


Ivy Sunset Sex Joymii

This is probably every girls fantasy having a little sunset sex overlooking the water of some exotic country.  I this works for guys too because Ivy here is fucking incredible wouldn’t you say?  This Joymii gallery is just pictures right now but hopefully down the road I will be able to update it with a video.  I can’t wait to watch the video I haven’t done it yet just haven’t had the time.  But I am going to go in their members area and check it out right after this, I can already tell you it’s going to be straight up awesome.  Ivy is just one of my favorite models with that compact body and those perky little tits.  I also like the fact that she seems like such a sweet girl but she is all about sex, anal sex, giving head and all those other dirty things.

Kendra Lust


Kendra Lust Porn Fidelity

This scene is called “Breaking and Entering” and it’s from Porn Fidelity.  I just love going through their site and looking at all their trailers they’re just so well done!  As you will see in this video that I am hooking you guys up with that Kendra Lust here is a busy girl with Ryan.  She milks out a couple cumshots from him including one on her chin and then another deep inside of her pussy.  Ryan at first tires Kendra to the bed nice and tight and has his way with her so for all those that like bondage this is a must see for you.

Riley and Lola


Riley Reid and Lola Foxx

I have two amazing round ass babes and one of them has a perfect pussy that model would be Riley Reid.  This is a Christmas scene I fucking know!  I am super late getting it out to you guys but better then never.  The other girl is Lola Foxx and these girls give the guy who runs Amateur Allure a Christmas present he will never forget.  I think any guy in the world woudl want to have a threesome with these two girls and this guy made it happen.  This isn’t their first time on the site for all those other scenes make sure to check out the related section at the bottom of this post.

Lola Foxx first time on Amateur Allure
Lola Fox 2nd time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s first time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s second time on Amateur Allure

Cum All Over Me


Scarlet B Joymii

Here is Scarlet B for you guys to enjoy, it’s a model that you probably will only see on Joymii but hey all the reason to join their site.  Joymii named this scene Cum All Over Me and I bet you can guess why they call it that.  Scarlet fucks her boyfriend really good and she doesn’t want him getting her pregnant or even swallowing his little soldiers.  The next best thing is to let him just cum all over her amazing body.  I really like this site and I know I don’t post them enough I will make a concerted effort to give you guys more galleries from them.

Spur Of The Moment


Ivy Spur Of The Moment

Ivy here will have Spur Of The Moment anal sex with you if you’re dating her!  I mean I don’t think there are many guys out there that get that.  I mean I get it if it’s his birthday or something but just everyday anal sex that shits crazy!  The scene is super erotic I mean it starts off with them just sitting around in the kitchen making dinner.  He makes a move and the next thing he knows she is riding his cock on the kitchen table.  It’s in her ass too!  I always find that impressive, because usually it hurts a girl so they like to kind of just lay back and get fucked slow.  Ivy here jump on him and rides like it’s in her pussy I think she is just a big fan of the anal or something.  I know most of you have probably at least looked at the X Art tour before because these guys have to be the hottest thing in porn, but I suggest you do it again the site is always getting bigger and better!



Rachel Fuckedhard18

FuckedHard18 is going far and wide to find you guys the hottest models possible!  This episode starring Rachel is proof of that.  I have no idea what she is but she has the cutest little accent.  She gets her massage and loves it and then gets fucked and loves that even more.  After she had made the masseuse cum she was talking about how she was never going to forget this day at all that jazz.  The guy was a pretty big fan of her too because he asked her if she wanted to go again and she did so he pusy her back on the massage table and gave her a little after hours fucking if you will!  I don’t know how he did it but if you have a girl this hot naked I am pretty sure you could stay hard for a week.  I mean just looking at these perfect tits does it for me!

The Sweet Girl


Sweet Girl on Girls Do Porn

It looks like Girls Do Porn is even able to get sweet girls like this one into porn!  I don’t know her name but I did something weird with this video and that’s I watch the entire interview and that I have never done before!  This girl is one of those chicks that you could bring back to mom but you just can’t get her talking about sex because this girl loves it!  I mean she has pretty much tried everything and doesn’t hate any of it.  The sex scene is really good because of this and the fact that she is fucking the biggest dick that she has ever fucked.  One last awesome thing about this girl is that she has a Mom who is all about her being in a sex video can you believe that shit?

Amazing Bryci


Brcyi Perfect Pussy

I think Bryci is a star, with a pussy like that how could she not share it with the world!  In this gallery she is wearing a skimpy little bikini and is about to get in the shower.  So she undresses and gives us a good show.  You may have noticed that there is no videos of Bryci on the Internet.  That’s for a good reason it’s because you only get access to videos of Bryci when you are a member of her site.  This is one of the few solo models sites that I must urge you guys to join she is worth every penny and then some!

Holly & Dani


Holly Michaels and Dani Daniels

Here is the gorgeous Holly Michaels getting her pussy eaten out while the beautiful Dani Daniels rides this guys cock.  It’s a amazing Passion HD scene called Sweet Candy.  I was going to save this as a Christmas present to you guys but Christmas is coming early this year for you guys!  Holly is like a staple on Passion HD they have a least one new scene with her a month but Dani Daniels is kind of new to this hardcore scene.  If you guys didn’t know Dani used to just to like nudes and lesbian sex scenes but just recently made the switch to full boy / girl.  I have always though Dani had the perfect body and now seeing her fuck I know that she has everything a guy wants and more.  These two matched up together in a video is just perfect and I know you guys are going to love it.

Unforgettable View II


Unforgettable View Part II

I have another Addison gallery and it’s a continuation of the Unforgettable View I posted on the 7th.  This time it’s way better though because in Part II you get to see Addison fucking!  The sex is amazing but this guy just can’t quite bed ride Addison’s pussy to a orgasms so she has a idea and I bet the guy who is shooting for X Art suggest it as well.  He just loves to use that under water camera of his and I think it’s pretty hot I am not going to lie.  They go to the pool with the craziest view you have ever seen and then she gives him a handjob in the pool.  He just cums right in the pool and that is some cold hearted shit because you know they didn’t clean it up, so the people who rented this house after them swam in cum!

Whipped Cream


Gfrevenge cream of the crop

I don’t know the name of this knockout brunette but maybe that’s for the best…I mean a girl is this hot and her boyfriend not only breaks up with her, he also shares the video of them fucking in the kitchen with the whole internet via GF Revenge? She must have done something pretty bad…it’s nice to watch her though from the safety of a monitor as she plays with some whipped cream, gets her shaved pussy eaten out and sucks cock before getting bent over and fucked from behind with a great view of her sexy ass!

Tiffany in blue


Tiffany Thompson on Twistys

What can be said about Tiffany Thompson that hasn’t been said a billion times already? Well who cares if it’s a repeat phrase, she’s hot as hell! Tiffany is seriously one of the most gorgeous girls in the adult scene right now and in this Twistys update you get to see her in a blue dress and black stockings while she strips down and gets naked. Winning!

Tiffany Thompson


Tiffany Thompson twistys

Gorgeous face, perky titties, perfect ass, insatiable horniness…yep, must be Tiffany Thompson! The brunette stunner heats up the camera in this solo update from Twistys as she masturbates her shaved pussy in the great outdoors, closing her eyes as she fingers that majestic hole and even slips a finger in the back door. Naughty girl!

FTV Abigail


Ftv girls abigail

This is Abigail, a hot 23 year old brunette from FTV Girls who loves staying fit…this was her first foray into the world of softcore adult entertainment and to make her comfortable, FTV asked her to do some things she loved doing in her day to day life so she chose exercise! In this gallery we get to see her in her tight and stretchy spandex workout outfit, doing squats and leg lifts and generally staying good and toned to keep that hot body of hers in top shape. There’s more to her than just working out though, and after she’s done working up a sweat she pulls off her little shorts and plays with her tight pussy in a hot masturbation scene!

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