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Stamina Training Unit


Fleshlight Stamina Trainer

You actually don’t get to see a gallery of Lexi Swallow here but man does she look hot here doesn’t she?  This is a little video for you guys that have a problem not being a minute man.  It’s a Fleshlight Stamina Trainer.  They give you this toy and a DVD and a regime that you go on that will help make you a stud in bed.  I mean whats the worst that could happen if you buy this and in the end you still only least a minute?  You will be out a couple of bucks but you can always make more money.  What if it actually fixes the problem and you can actually get a girlfriend now because you can bang her!  Seems like a easy choice to me.

Fleshlight Ice


Fleshlight Ice

This isn’t really a porn gallery or anything like that it’s just a male sex toy that I thought I would share with you guys.  Its a variation of the #1 sex toy of all time for males called the Fleshlight.  This one however is a little different because you can see through it, that’s why they call it the Fleshlight ICE!  The video is a little demo about the toy and then a sexy woman fucks it with a dildo at the end of the video.

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