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Sexy Droid


Sexy Droid

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The one and only Sexy Pattycake is back and is showing her love for a certain film franchise from a galaxy far far away…I’m not gonna name it outright since I’m pretty sure their lawyers would disapprove but it’s the same one she was referencing back in this red hot shoot! Patty is the droid you’re looking for as she sits on the stairs spreading her legs, slipping her hands into her stockings to play with her pussy and then busting out a little blue light saber to masturbate with! This girl is a total dork and is A-OK with that, and I”m sure all of you guys will be too because her personality is almost as sexy and attractive as her gorgeous face, big perfect tits and sexy round juicy ass.

You Artoo Hot


You Artoo Hot

With all the hoopla going on about the new Star Wars film you just knew that sexy geeky blonde Brooke Marks was going to be having some fun getting into the excitement! She’s wearing a sexy little R2D2 print dress in this photoshoot from her own site, hanging out in the bedroom looking like every nerd’s dream cum true….especially when she gets completely naked and bends over the bed with that perfect ass gleaming in the lamplight, looking sexy as hell and in the mood for a little trench-run, if you know what I mean. That was a Star Wars joke, in case you didn’t realize. The nice thing about Brooke is that there’s no need to be a SW fan to appreciate her hotness as she teases and shows off here for us!

Sexy Leia Pattycake


Sexy Leia Pattycake

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Just in time for the big release of the new movie we’ve got Sexy Pattycake here in a slave Leia bikini getup…she might be in a galaxy far far away but she’s ready to take a proton torpedo in her thermal exhaust port if you know what I mean! She looks fantastic in the outfit too and seems to be really getting into the character, pulling at the chain and then moving the scene to what everyone always imagined Leia did after the camera panned away…namely, pulling up her skirt to play with her pussy and popping off her top to squeeze together and play with those big perfect breasts of hers! Plenty of women have tried sporting the Jabbakini but Patty pulls it off better than about 99% of them if you ask me.

Cthulhus Kitchen


Cthulhus Kitchen

You never know what you’re in for when you head t to a photoshoot from this chick Brooke Marks…she’s of course drop dead gorgeous but is always down for a little weird fun so you can get some unexpected results, like in this photoshoot called Cthulhu’s Kitchen where she’s got a knitted hat with the face and tentacles of the Elder One and the tits and ass of a dream cum true…Brooke’s hanging out in the kitchen just dancing around in her hat (or mask or whatever you want to call it), looking sexy as hell in her skimpy see-through bra and those tiny little panties that barely cover her tight pussy or that booty with nice tanlines to boot.

Blue Dress


Blue Dress

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It’s obvious at a look that this chick Sexy Pattycake is sexy and gorgeous with a great body including of course those perfect big tits, but what I sometimes forget is just how interesting looking she is…I don’t know if it’s the fact that her eyebrows are nearly missing or that smirky little smile of hers or what but she just looks like a forest elf or something as she slips out of her long blue dress in this photoshoot, sliding her panties down over that round juicy ass and squeezing her big boobs together. Patty looks like a dream and if you’ve seen her before on this site you know she’s always down for adventure, and of course never minds people watching her get nude…

Stripes And Slips Camshow


Stripes And Slips Camshow

I guess this collection of photos is from a camshow that beautiful blonde Brooke Marks did for her own website, so you’ll get an idea of the kinds of hotness you’re in store for once you join up as a member! She’s got a sexy little dress on and soon it hits the floor as she hangs out in her lingerie, wearing a garter belt and lacy black panties and of course those black sheer thigh high nylon stockings…this girl’s body is fucking amazing, and the fact that she’s got some summer-is-barely-over tanlines just accentuates that fact. Take a look at her nice round juicy booty and those perky breasts as she strips down in this shoot she calls Stripes And Slips!

Sexy Bikini Striptease


Sexy Bikini Striptease

Click to watch this Brooke Marks video!

Brooke Marks here loves attention, there’s no doubt about that…in this hot update from her own site she’s putting on a sexy strip tease, slipping slowly out of her little purple bikini as she dances around and teases with just a few tantalizing glimpses of those nice perfect full breasts and her tight little pussy…imagine getting a lapdance from this girl! With that perfect firm bouncy butt and of course those incredible tits in your face, she’d have you hunched over hurrying to the restroom before the song was even over if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Brooke loves to tease, she loves to have fun, and of course she loves doing it all on camera while we all watch and cheer her on!

Midnight Snack


Midnight Snack

Got a late night sweet tooth you’re not sure what to satisfy with? Well check out gorgeous busty Sexy Pattycake here in this photoshoot from her own site as she sneaks down to the kitchen and hops up on the counter, pulling up her skirt to flash those cute pink panties! She’s got those amazing big perfect tits and she puts em on display here, spraying whipped cream over her nipples and inviting you to have a lick…this chick loves to play with herself and loves to tease, and she most definitely loves an audience to her little adventures! Patty always has fun and with a body as stunning as she’s got, we always have fun watching her whenever she busts out another update (get it, busts out? Because she’s got big tits, you see).

Loving Pink


Loving Pink

Apparently the members on Sexy Pattycake‘s website love to buy her clothes because of photoshoots like this…she loves getting clothes in the mail and gets pictures taken so she can show how hot she looks in them! This time she’s got a cute Pink ensemble with shorts and a tight top and she shakes those big titties before letting the shorts hit the floor and giving us an eyeful of that incredible big round juicy booty. Her ass is probably what springs to mind first when you think of Sexy Pattycake, unless you’re just all about those titties, and if thats the case I wouldn’t be able to blame you! She’s looking hot as hell here but that’s no surprise…this chick is always gorgeous and always ready for a fun adventure.

Angering FSU


Angering FSU

Alright I’m going to be straight up with you guys, I’m not sure what she means here with this photoshoot…it’s a Brooke Marks shoot and it’s entitled How To Make FSU Fans Angry and I guess it’s referring to their logo or something? I really don’t know anything about FSU so if there’s some kind of controversy going on about the Native American guy on their logo I’m not really aware of it. What I am aware of though is that Brooke Marks is fucking smokin hot, she’s strips down in this shoot and shows off those perky titties and her perfect firm spankable butt too! It looks like this is a slightly censored version of a movie she has available on her site so if you want the real deal you’ll have to get a membership or something I guess. For now though enjoy these teasers, that ass is a triumph of evolution!

Red Hot Pinup


Red Hot Pinup

The inimitable Sexy Pattycake is back with another hot photoshoot from her own website, this time dressing up as a red hot pinup girl as she hangs out in a garage in her fiery red top and little skirt and bandana! She’s looking strong and sexy and of course loves to flash that big round beautiful ass and tease with her perfect tits…Patty’s always up for some fun and always has a new outfit to play around in, you never know what’s going to happen when she digs into her closet and pulls out some clothes! With that polka dot fringing and her Betty’s top that she has on at first, Patty looks like she could be working on a hot rod or rollerskating to a car to deliver some fast food, and of course is sexy as hell!

Sexy In The Pool


Sexy In The Pool

It’s getting towards late summer and you know what that means…time for Sexy Pattycake to step things into high gear! It’s hot and sticky outside and Patty is in her candystriped cute bikini that puts those big perfect tits on nice display as she hops in the water, cooling off and splashing around in this photoshoot from her own website. We even get some underwater views of her playing with her bikini bottoms and grabbing her titties, I guess that’s what’s going on just below the surface of the water anytime you see Patty swimming around in a pool! Puts a whole new spin on the idea of a pool party, doesn’t it…this blonde busty hottie is amazing every time she does a shoot!

Water Wings


Water Wings

Even when adorable sailor chick Sexy Pattycake is on shore leave she just can’t seem to stay out of the water! In this photoshoot from her own solo site, Patty is stripping out of her sailor outfit to hang out in her little blue bikini, jumping into the pool and getting all dripping wet and having a blast with a little night-swimming! Those big perfect tits and of course her juicy round spankable ass look amazing all wet like that, with the thin fabric of her bikini clinging to every curve…Patty puts on her water wings and has a little fun under the surface, inviting you to hold your breath and hop in the deep end to see just what she’s up to down there!

Colorful Cutie


Colorful Cutie

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I think Sexy Pattycake is one of those chicks that never quite grew up…she still has her love of bright crazy colors and a whimsical fun spirit in everything she does, but she’s definitely all woman when it comes to sexual pleasure! Patty loves to masturbate and loves an audience so she sends out these photoshoots from her own website of her getting all dressed up (and undressed) and flashing those big perfect tits while she plays with her pussy! In this photoshoot for instance she’s got a bright blue skirt and yellow fishnets, and she’s relaxing on a rainbow rug in her bedroom as she whips off her top to hang out in her bra, sucking on a vibrator like a dick and fucking herself with it!

Wigging Out


Wigging Out

She’s gorgeous, she’s quirky and eccentric and she’s got a great body that she loves to share…can you guess who I’m talking about? Well yeah no duh, if you look up at the picture you can see that it’s Sexy Pattycake herself…or maybe you didn’t recognize her at first because of the big poofy wig she’s got on! At least I assume it’s a wig, I guess it’s possible that Patty just has her hair all grown out and puffed up or something. Anyway who cares about her hair, she’s flashing those big perfect tits and of course that sexy round juicy ass of hers! Patty is well known for having a dream of a butt…and I mean her butt is like a dream, not that she dreams ABOUT butts all the time! Or maybe she does, I mean she is pretty weird after all.

Shear Sexiness


Shear Sexiness

Get ready to rustle up some cowpoke little pardner because gorgeous Sexy Pattycake is ready to take you to the farm! She looks like a cute little sheep with bells on her head and adorable floppy white ears…she and her stuffed sheep pal are here frolicking by the hay bale, and Patty is looking smokin hot of course in her unique carefree eccentric way! You never know what this girl is going to cook up for her photoshoots, whether she’s just going to be looking hot in lingerie or maybe she’ll dress up as a sheep and hang out with her stuffed animal and just look weird but hot at the same time! Like I said, you never know :)

Light Me Up


Light Me Up

The name of this photoshoot from the website of the one and only Brooke Marks is Light Me Up, which I am guessing is a reference to the sunlight spilling in through the window and shining on her sexy skin…it’s either that or she wants someone to provide a lighter or something. Brooke has an incredible body and she loves to tease with it without giving away the farm, so to speak…she gives just enough of a glimpse of those big juicy perfect tits to drive a fella crazy without just flat out offering up the nude. She gets pretty daring in this shoot though, going totally naked and just barely covering up her tight little pussy with a couple of fingers (well she’s either covering it up or she’s masturbating, either is totally likely) and wrapping an arm over her breasts. She looks great in the sunlight and great in the shadow, but I would imagine she looks best in the bedroom!

Blue Yarn Bikini


Blue Yarn Bikini

I’m not really so sure a crocheted yarn bikini is going to be such a great idea for actually going swimming in but man does it work for just lounging around! Sexy blonde stunner Brooke Marks is showing off her tiny skimpy little blue yarn bikini in this photoshoot from her own site, it looks like she’s ready to head outside and hang out by the pool but is looking amazing just standing there in the doorway…she shows every angle of her body, the little bikini barely covering up those big beautiful boobs and hugging every curve of her sexy hips and that amazing ass of hers, Brooke is looking fantastic and she damn well knows it! She’s pretty good at never quite giving away the farm so to speak, teasing with just a few glimpses of the goods and whetting your appetite, if you want to get to the desserts so to speak you’ll just have to head to her members’ area!

Raver Ass


Raver Ass

I don’t even know if raves are still a big thing but if they still are, Sexy Pattycake is ready to roll the night away! She’s got that furry blue costume on again, if you missed out on some of the earlier shots from this series or whatever you want to call it, I’ve got a set of them here and another set right here so make sure you take a look, get the full effect if you will. Pattycake is a fiery redhead with a magical adventurous spirit, a body like a dream and a face like an angel! She’s always up for fun and always seems to have another crazy costume or whatever up her sleeve or more likely in her closet, and she loves to get all dressed up and show off those big tits and her perfect bouncy butt for her lucky members. I don’t know what the deal with the furry blue outfit is though, it’s like she’s half muppet half wet dream but she’s showing off pretty much every inch of that sexy body here so just take a look and see for yourself!

Snowy Bikini Babe


Snowy Bikini Babe

I’m not entirely convinced by this winter wonderland of a scene that Sexy Pattycake is hanging out in, it’s got cotton snow and fake tinsel on the trees but hey I’m not gonna complain because if it was real snow I doubt she’d be stripping down out of her coat and hanging out in her sexy little bikini like this! Patty has those big perfect tits to contend with for one thing, and she’s certainly not shy about showing them off…I love how every photoshoot with this chick is something new, you never really know what to expect wtih this hottie! A beautiful enthusiastic fun blonde with a smokin hot body and an adventurous fun spirit? Consider me interested! I bet you guys are thinking the same thing, too; there’s just something magical about Sexy Pattycake every time she gets in front of the camera, if you’ve never seen this girl in action before just take a look for yourself!

Back in Blue


Back in Blue

I’m pretty sure this photoshoot is a continuation of this set of pictures from Sexy Pattycake, she still looks like she could be at Burning Man or else stranded in the middle of a snowy tundra or something and is sporting her furry blue outfit. The difference in this one though is that she’s got a silvery vibrator and is playing with her pussy, sitting on a furry rug and masturbating, sliding that toy up and down over her panties to drive that pussy crazy! You never know what adventure you’re going to head out on when it comes to playing with Sexy Pattycake, she always has something crazy going on and is up for fun at any time of the day or night. With her big tits and that gorgeous quirky face as well as her insanely hot ass (you don’t get a chance to see it in this photoshoot which is too bad but I assure you, her butt is fucking phenomenal) this girl Patty is a vision to behold even when she’s wearing what looks like the pelts of some bright-ass blue muppets or something!

Sheer Shorts


Sheer Shorts

The bicycle shorts type tights that Sexy Pattycake is wearing in this photoshoot from her own website don’t really leave a lot to the imagination and I guess Patty agreed because after a little bit of posing in her front hallway she pulled them off, letting that perfect juicy ass out to play! She pulled her look magenta top down and basically turned it into a skirt, and speaking of front hallways you can see that sweet tight pussy of hers peeking out from underneath as she gave herself a bit of an arm bra! She didn’t want to give away the farm so to speak so she kept those amazing big sexy round titties under wraps, either in her shirt and bra or just covering them up with her hands and arms. Well either that or she just loves grabbing her own breasts, and I can’t say I’d blame her for that since those tits are off the charts! I don’t know that those sheer lacy tights of hers are appropriate for going for a walk on the street but they sure do look sexy as hell in these photos as she shows them off and then takes them off!

Back In The Pool


Back In The Pool

Spring is here in full swing and it’s even starting to feel a little like summer once in awhile…and that means it’s almost time to head back to the swimming pool and spend some more time outside! Nighttime becomes a little more about getting out and havig fun and a little less about bundling up and hiding by the fire, so to speak. Sexy Pattycake here just can’t wait anymore and one night she decided it was time to hit the pool so she threw on her favorite candy-striped bikini and headed outside while her guy pal shot some video and photos of her! I can’t blame him for that, that’s for sure; she’s got big perfect tits that look incredible in a bikini and man oh man just look at that ass of hers. Imagine you were swimming in a pool and a girl got out of the water with an ass like that in your face, you’d have to wait in the water for like an hour for your boner to die down! Sexy Pattycake doesn’t mind being stared at though, she seems to love an audience…

Bootylicious in Blue


Bootylicious in Blue

I swear when it comes to this chick Sexy Pattycake you never quite know what to expect…in this photoshoot Patty looks like she could either be getting ready for Burning Man or else getting ready for some kind of blizzard, she’s got this crazy blue outfit on that looks like it was made from the pelt of a muppet or something…it’s bright-ass blue and furry and underneath she’s got a sexy silvery little bikini top and some mesh blue panties on that you can pretty much see right through! Patty strips down in this photoshoot from her own website, pulling a pose every now and then to put those big perfect tits to work! Patty’s got big boobs, a fantastic round juicy ass and knows how to show em off…she ends up looking like a playa dream come true, showing off her goggles and that long sexy red hair, I don’t know if she picked her outfit with color coordination in mind but I’ve gotta say it does look perfect with that red hair of hers. This girl is somethin else, no doubt about it.

Blue Skirt Bombshell



I don’t think there’s anything this girl Sexy Pattycake loves more than hanging out in her closet, playing dress-up with some of the shoes and panties and lingerie and outfits that herr adoring members send her as gifts! She loves to do little fashion shows and take photos and videos as she does so, posting them on her own solo site to show her appreciation (not to mention her big perfect tits). In this photoshoot she’s got on a tiny little blue plaid skirt and a leopard print bra, teasing with those big boobs and letting the skirt flip up to flash that gorgeous juicy round ass! Patty is like a hot horny blonde schoolgirl in that little skirt as she takes off her top and does a little dance, shaking her boobies around and letting her long flaxen hair flow over her nipples…we can just barely see her breasts through the hair, it’s a hell of a fun tease for her as well as for us! By the end of the shoot I guess Patty is getting pretty turned on, slipping her hand down to pay a little close attention to that sweet pussy of hers…

Soapy Shower


Sexy pattycake in the shower

Gorgeous blonde Sexy Pattycake certainly has an interesting technique when it comes to taking a shower…most people tend to take their clothes off and then soap up and wash, but not Patty! She’s still got her shirt and panties on as she hops under the water and starts lathering up, getting all soapy and then spraying herself and bending over with that big round juicy ass in the air, rinsing off the soap and taking the opportunity to spend a little time ‘cleaning’ her pussy with her hand! I call it masturbation but hey, if this is how Patty likes to shower who’s gonna tell her otherwise. She slips those panties up and down, on and off enjoying the feeling of the dripping wet fabric against that sweet booty, getting all dripping wet in pretty much every possible definition of that term! This has the look of a video clip from her own website, she’s always up to some kind of naughty fun and is always down to get an audience as she plays with herself and flashes those big tits and ass.

Frozen Princess


Sexy pattycake frozen princess

I mean I’ll be honest here I’ve never seen the movie Frozen so I don’t know if this costume that Sexy Pattycake is wearing is a cosplay sort of thing from that or not, but man there’s a whole lot of pink going on and a winter wonderland all around her so hey that’s my best guess. You never really know with Pattycake, sometimes she doesn’t really have someone in mind that she’s trying to look like she just figured hey why not put on some crazy neon pink and blue outfit and masturbate out in the snow! That’s just what she’s doing here, sliding her vibrating toy in and out of that pussy after tugging down her skimpy little panties. I’m fairly sure that never happened in Frozen, but hey I guess it’s open to interpretation…Patty seems to be having a whole lot of fun, she’s got that incredible body and loves playing with herself on camera for her lucky members! This photoshoot is from her own website, just in case you somehow didn’t know…the full shoot is available there, this is obviously only a little smattering, so if Patty has whetted your appetite you know where to head from here.

Red Lingerie Dance


Sexy pattycake red lingerie chick

We saw Sexy Pattycake showing off her gorgeous body in this red lingerie in a photoshoot not long ago but now I’ve got some screencaps for you from the video, so you can tell just what this girl gets up to when she starts getting into the fun! Patty looks great in her little red dress but it’s when she lifts it up that the real show starts…she had gotten this lingerie type thing in the mail from one of her members and as a thank you did this little striptease with it, flashing those big perfect tits and her gorgeous curvy ass as she danced around in her closet! This girl loves dressing up and if you’ve never seen her before she loves having a good time and being watched as she flahes her sexy body and gets into all kinds of fun hotventures! Those are adventures but ones that are hot and naughty, in case you were wondering. It’s a word of my own devising but I think it’s pretty applicable when it comes to Sexy Pattycake.

Do Not Disderp


Brooke marks hotel maid

If you were staying at this hotel with Brooke Marks doing the housekeeping, I’d think it’s more likely to put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign AFTER she comes into the room! She’s looking sexy as hell in this photoshoot from her own site, she’s got her little bra and her little apron on with a thong and that’s about it which gives us a perfect view of that sweet tight ass of hers while she dusts or wipes down the counter or whatever she’s doing with her hands…she might as well be juggling puppies or something, nobody would ever notice because we’re all too busy staring at her round titties and that nice tanned butt! The name of this photoshoot is Do Not Disderp which I guess is because when you get a look at this sexy maid you won’t be able to form real words for a few minutes…she’s looking absolutely fantastic and just seems to be unable to keep her clothes on, she keeps losing her underwear and clothes until she’s just standing there pretty much nude, covering up her boobs and that pussy with her hands.

Stairway Candy


Sexy pattycake stairway candy cane

When you’ve got a sweet tooth like the one beautiful redhead Sexy Pattycake has, sometimes you just can’t control when and where a snack attack will strike! In this photoshoot from her own website she’s on the stairway eating a candy cane, licking it up and down and sucking the flavor out, showing off those big perfect boobs and her nice round juicy booty in her red bikini! She looks like she’s getting ready for summer with a sexy new bikini but this is a pretty winter-holiday-themed shoot if you ask me with the candycane and the snowflakes on her bikini. Patty has a blast year-round though and doesn’t seem to give a rats ass what the calendar says; if she gets a hankering to put on a bikini it could be the middle of July or the middle of December, she doesn’t care she just loves to have a good time! Luckily for us she’s always down to share her sexy alone-times with the world, setting up a camera and getting plenty of photos and videos.

Ravishing In Red


Sexy pattycake ravishing in red

Our favorite nutty hottie Sexy Pattycake is back and is looking ravishing in red in a nice photoshoot from her own website! She’s in her shoe closet here, playing dressup with some of the gifts her members sent her…she has a cute red dress and underneath that, bright-ass red sheer panties and bra or is it just a one-piece, it’s hard to tell! All I know is that Patty looks amazing in it, her big juicy titties look great in the top section of her lingerie with the nipples showing through, and of course when she spins around and grabs her ankles her perfect firm round spankable ass is on full view! Patty just has a blast every day of her life, having fun doing anything she wants to do and she loves dressing up and showing off. For Patty, whenever someone is happy she’s happy and she knows that flashing her tits and ass makes a whoooole lot of people thrilled! She’s a fiery redhead with red lingerie and a red dress but you certainly won’t be seeing red when you check out these hot sexy pics.

Checker Out


Sexy pattycake checker bikini

It might still be technically the Winter but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t get a headstart on Summer! In this photoshoot from her own website, Sexy Pattycake is showing off a nice new bikini that she just picked up online…she either bought it or one of her loyal members bought it for her, she gets presents from them all the time and loves to show off in them! Anyway it’s orange and has like checkers all over it and the bottoms are frilly, and of course it looks amazing on her with those big full perfect titties and nice round ass of hers. Patty always looks fucking spectacular in a bikini whether it’s poolside or on the beach or just in her own bathroom like this! If you’re ever feeling down she’s pretty much the perfect solution; Patty is gorgeous obviously and sexy as hell which will take your mind off your problems but even besides that she just always seems to be having a blast having an adventure in life…some women just sort of go through the motions for a paycheck, but Patty is having a fun time every day of her life and it’s pretty infectious lemme tell ya! It’s hard to see a gallery of this girl’s pictures or a video of her dancing around and not come out of it with a big ol smile on your face…try it out and see.

Fifty Shades of Patty


Fifty shades of patty

So as I’m sure you already know, Fifty Shades of Grey is blowing everyone’s minds in the theaters…a lot of women are having their first explorations into the realm of kink and that’s always nice! In this update from Sexy Pattycake‘s own solo site though we only get to see about five shades of grey…she has grey panties, grey stockings, a grey (well, silver) dildo and of course she gets covered in grey paint moaning her head off! Patty is all tied up getting her pussy teased and fucked with that dildo, making her cum already before things even get nice and messy…Patty’s always up for a messy adventure and gets coated wiht paint that she rubs all over her big round titties and her sexy round juicy ass! I’d hate to have to wash those sheets after this sloppy scene but this redhead vixen does look foxy as hell and is apparently loving every second of it as she gets her body worked over! Whoever is wielding the vibrator doesn’t even bother taking her panties off, he (or she) just pushes the fabric aside and gives that sweet tight pink hole of hers a few teasing strokes just to make Patty shake and gasp and moan! It’s Fifty Shades of Patty if you ask me…I’d be a whole lot more likely to go watch that movie, that’s for damn sure.

Stripes And Buttons


Sexy pattycake stripes and buttons

Have you ever met a girl who just liked to wear whatever crazy clothes struck her fancy on that particular day no matter how much of an eye-fuck it turned out to be? That’s kind of the feeling I get about this chick Sexy Pattycake, she has some of the most eye-bending outfits that she wears but dammit she’s just so gorgeous and sexy that nobody would ever want to say anything to her about it! In this shoot for instance she’s got like a stripey shirt on with a sort of polyester overalls that is also a skirt with sparkles on it…whatever, who cares, this redhead is just hot as hell and nobody gives a rat’s ass what she’s got on. She does have big perfect tits and a sweet round juicy ass and loves to show them all off…Pattycake has tons of personality to go along with her sexy voluptuous body and it works out to be a winning combination if you ask me! You never know what she’ll be up to next or what she’ll have on but you always know she’ll be hot and will be having a blast, so just join in on her adventures and forget all you thought you knew about fashion!

Sexy Shower


Brooke marks in the shower

The one and only Brooke Marks is back and she’s taking a nice warm shower, and to make it even more alluring she’s got on the skimpiest little g-string she could get and a thin flowing top that gets almost entirely transluscent when it gets wet! Brooke sprays down her entire body, getting dripping wet in more ways than one and bringing us along for the fun in this photoshoot! I know some of you guys don’t want to spring for a full membership to a girl’s site so this is the perfect solution if you ask me…it’s a standalone zip set, so you don’t have like a monthly bill to explain to the missus or anything like that it’s just a one-and-done thing where you’ll get all the uncensored red hot and steamy action of this absolute beauty getting wet and wild in the shower in high resolution video! Brooke’s ass is a thing of legend and you get up close and personal in this zipset, especially when she gets down on the tile floor on her hands and knees as the water sprays all around her. With previews like these just imagine how hot the actual video is, and of course those little obscuring stars and pixellations are nowhere to be found! Isn’t there a drought in California, by the way, I hope Brooke doesn’t get in too much trouble for taking this nice long shower!

Adorable Monster


Sexy pattycake monster

If I had to guess one adult model who would come out with a photoshoot on her own site of her in a brightly colored blue and pink and green monster costume, Sexy Pattycake would be the very first name I’d guess…and sure enough, Patty makes an adorable monster in this photoset! She’s just goofing around in her closet have a good time and man, from the looks of things in this update and her past stuff this girl just always has fun…she doesn’t care if anyone thinks she’s weird or funny or whatever, she just knows what she likes and does what she feels like doing, such as putting on a monster costume! She looks like a sexy Fraggle or something in her fishnets and fuzzy blue hat with monster paws attached…eventually she gets a little hot and takes off the hat and top, teasing us with those big perfect tits of hers! Patty is sexy as hell from head to toe, partially because of her busty body and partially because of her fun cute personality, and every photoshoot is an adventure with this chick.

Backseat Banging


Sexy pattycake backseat bang

When Sexy Pattycake goes on a road trip she knows she has to plan ahead in case she has a roadside emergency…now, for most people that means getting a flat tire or having your radiator explode or something along those lines, but for Patty a roadside emergency is when she gets so horny she just has to pull over and take care of business! In this shoot the always-gorgeous Sexy Pattycake pulls over and hops into her back seat to rub her pussy through her panties, then pulls them aside to fuck herself nice and hard, lifting her sexy legs in the air as she slips that glass toy into her sweet tight wet hole! This is one of her one-off zips, by the way, which means you can buy just this one full scene and call it good and not have to set up like a recurring subscription or whatever the hell. With those big tits and beautiful face and perfect round ass though I would imagine that just one taste of Sexy Pattycake won’t be enough, you’ll want to find everything she does and keep up to date with all her action!

Polka Hot


Sexy pattycake blue polkadots

Polka Hot, get it? Like Polka Dots, but since Sexy Pattycake is so damn hot I figured I’d combine the two and…oh nevermind. My genius will never be appreciated. What will be appreciated, though, are those huge titties and that sweet round juicy ass as Sexy Pattycake pulls off her dress to reveal a nice pair of polka dot panties that are basically see-through, you can spy that tight pussy right through them! Patty always looks like she’s having the greatest day of her life, she’s just always got a smile on her face and is always having a great time no matter what…in this photoshoot she’s celebrating a nice sunny day by getting naked and dancing around, flashing those big full breasts and letting it all hang out! Man, that ass of hers is just a glorious thing, take a look at that spankable juicy badonkadonk and see what I’m talkin about.

Lakeside Bikini


Sexy pattycake lakeside bikini

When most women decide to go do some sunbathing they head to the coast but not our girl Sexy Pattycake here! She heads to the lakeside for a little peace and quiet, relaxing on the patio in her bikini with a tall glass of ice water…it actually looks really fucking nice, it’s always great to see women on the sand playing volleyball or whatever but Pattycake just looks serene and comfortable as hell and when you head to a lakeside cottage you don’t even need to worry about parking! Or nosey neighbors, for that matter…Patty can spend the day in peace and then throw a huge rager of a party at night and nobody’s around to complain. In this photoshoot from her own website she shows off those big perfect breasts as she pops off her bikini top, then lays on her stomach to warm up that sweet round butt of hers! Patty has an amazing body and a great personality but it’s nice to see she can take time out once in awhile to just relax and feel the sun on her back and a breeze in her hair.

My Halloween Costume


Brooke marks halloween cyclops

I don’t know about tricks but Brooke Marks is definitely bringing a few treats with her sexy Halloween costume! She’s got a green hat with one eye on it, I don’t know if that’s from Monsters Inc or what but that’s what it looks like to me. All I do know is that Brooke looks fucking incredible as she slowly takes everything off except for the hat, showing off her cute little neon green panties and flashing her pert butt and those sexy titties, until finally she’s just about totally nude in this photoshoot from her own website! If she wore just that hat to a Halloween party I can damn well guarantee she’d win the costume contest…nobody can resist that gorgeous nude body of hers, or that adorable mischievous grin! This girl’s got not only a bodacious body but also a great personality, Brooke just seems like someone who would be a good time to hang out with basically anytime anywhere.

Turtle Power


Sexy pattycake tmnt

It’s almost Halloween and around this time of year it’s almost as much fun to see what Sexy Pattycake is dressing up as, as it is to come up with something ourselves! This year Patty is going for Turtle Power as she dresses up TMNT style with a mask and a sai (I guess she’s Raphael) and a shiny dress with turtle abs printed on it, and even a shell backpack type thing! Patty always looks incredible and seems like tons of fun, even before you take into the account that she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing body with nice big natural breasts and a butt you want to just curl up and go to sleep on. She’s looking spectacular in her costume and in this photoshoot from her own website she even gives us a little glimpse of that sweet tight pussy of hers as she pulls her panties aside! Don’t expect too much of those big tits though, she unfortunately keeps em under wraps this time around.

Tease In Yellow


Sexy pattycake yellow suit

Holy crap…I don’t know if this is really what Sexy Pattycake is referencing here with this photoshoot from her own website but that yellow suit thing she’s wearing looks quite a bit like the outfit the guys are wearing towards the end of Revenge of the Nerds when they do the big talent show rap! If that’s seriously what she’s dressing up as here on purpose I think I’m in love, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Otherwise she still looks utterly sexy as hell but it’s just not as epic as I was hoping…gorgeous redhead Pattycake is always up for some fun though so who knows what she had in mind, she just loves to dress up and strip down and that’s just what she does here! That perfect round ass and those big tits of hers are just so much fun to tease with apparently, Patty always takes her time and does it up right when she does a striptease like this.

Night Swimming


Sexy pattycake night swimming

There’s nothing better than a nice cool dip in the pool on a hot summer night and nobody knows that better than gorgeous blonde Sexy Pattycake! Patty loves getting her yellow adventure-bikini on because she knows there’s some fun ahead…this girl just always seems to have a great time no matter what she’s up to, I’m just glad she always invites us along for the ride. It’s nice seeing those big perfect tits of hers and it’s double nice to see them all wet and glistening as she relaxes in the cool water, splashing around and having fun! She does look a little lonely though, maybe she just wants a little company while she strips down and skinnydips…I mean that bikini can only hold those big breasts in check for so long, know what I mean?

Spanking Bailey Knox


Brooke spanks bailey

Everyone knows sexy horndogs Brooke Marks and Bailey Knox love to join forces on their respective websites, and this is a perfect example! This is a gallery from Brooke’s site as she and Bailey get naked and have a little fun for a cam-show session, with Bailey bending over and playing with her pussy as she gets her perfect ass spanked and paddled by Brooke who is pretty much completely naked herself! She’s got little pieces of tape or something on her nipples and a little somethin-somethin covering up her pussy because she doesn’t want to give away the farm so to speak, but after awhile you can tell these two gorgeous lesbians start thinking less about that and more about how to drive each other crazy…and at the same time being entertaining as hell! These girls are stunningly hot and also have great personalities, they’re always a blast to watch especially when they get horny and naked like this.

Cheerleader Hottie


Sexy pattycake as cheerleader

When I first saw this Sexy Pattycake photoshoot I was like no way, there is NO WAY she hasn’t done a photoset as a sexy cheerleader already! Well color me wrong because I took a peek through and couldn’t find one, so say hello to one of the hottest cheerleaders in the land! She’s not for a school in particular by the way, she’s got a USA logo on her top so apparently she’s representing the entire country as she shakes her poms! You couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader though, she looks hot as hell with those sweet big perfect tits and that amazing ass of hers…watch her slip her panties down, teasing us with some upskirt views and looking just plain smokin hot. I thought her eyebrows were MIA at first but I think they’re just so blonde they’re almost invisible, giving her a slightly alien look that somehow works in her favor and makes her even sexier! Maybe that’s just me though, hard to say…what I do know is that Sexy Pattycake always has a blast with her shoots on her own site and always looks lava-hot, so make sure you check this out.

Big Wig Housewife


Sexy pattcake big wig

One thing you can always say about Sexy Pattycake, is that she’s always up for a little something different in her photoshoots! This time she’s playing the part of a bored and horny housewife with a cute flowing dress and a big wig and blue panties as she slowly strips down for us, showing those huge tits of hers with big heart pasties over the nipples and then buzzing her pussy right through her panties with a vibrator. It wouldn’t do to have her man come home and find her completely nude and masturbating, would it! This chick always has a blast in her shoots, she seems like life is just a lot of fun and it certainly helps that she’s beautiful with big boobs and a nice big round juicy booty that bounces around as she dances and plays…you never know what you’re gonna get with a Sexy Pattycake shoot!

World Cup Team USA


Brooke marks world cup

The World Cup is starting and basically everywhere in the world except for the USA is flipping their shit…once again people in the US couldn’t care less, for the most part. However, Brooke Marks is taking it upon herself to change that single-handedly by doing this Team USA themed soccer shoot for her own website, getting naked and getting bodypainted to look like she’s got a soccer uniform on! I’d have a hard time thinking of a girl I’d rather see bodypainted like this, Brooke’s body is totally smokin hot from head to toe and she loves to show off so it was a natural fit…in these photos she grabs a soccerball and heads outside to do some kicks, showing off that perfect tight ass as she lifts up her knees before heading inside for a little seventh-inning stretch! I know I know that’s a baseball term but hell, she’s stretching out like she’s about to get fucked doggystyle so whatever. Also, one nice thing is that if you want to get to the uncensored version of these photos you don’t even have to sign up as a member on her site or anything, they’re available just as a standalone zip file so you can pick it up for a couple bucks and have it forever!

Sexy Nurse Pattycake


Nurse sexy pattycake

Paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake, paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake…the patient in room 69 needs another sponge-bath! That’s like the tenth time that guy has rung for this gorgeous nurse today, but Patty doesn’t seem to mind too much! This gorgeous blonde sexpot would make a terrible nurse actually, I’m sure she would cause more heart attacks with those huge perfect tits than she would help treat. It’s fun to pretend though with pictures like these as she slowly strips down and gets naked, popping off her sexy red lacy bra and modestly covering up her boobs as she gives that mischievous little glance she’s so well known for. This cutie has a hell of a bedside manner and I do believe she makes housecalls, so if you need your blood pressure checked just let her know!

Superhero Lingerie


Sexy pattycake superhero lingerie

This girl Sexy Pattycake always cracks me up, she just seems like she has a fucking blast every day of her life and looks hot as hell doing it! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s wearing what can only be described as superhero lingerie…it’s like a tank top and panties but with a print on it that looks like a superhero costume or something! I don’t know what Pattycake’s superpower would be, maybe she can mesmerize anybody with her big tits and good looks or something…that would make having a secret identity a pain in the ass though because she always looks hot. Seriously this blonde beauty just keeps getting hotter and I love how creative she gets with her photo and video shoots, it’s not like a lot of the girls out there who just get naked and shake their tits and call it good, Patty goes the extra mile to have a damn good time.

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