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Kari Sweets St. Patrick


Kari Sweets St. Patricks Day

I thought Kari Sweets had gone down in history but it looks like she is making one last return.  This is something she has never done before and to see the full gallery you don’t even have to buy a membership to her site!  The only thing you are buying in this is a “Zip Set”.  I have explained what a zip set is before but I will do it again it’s a one time fee where you download all the pictures from this gallery and you have them to keep forever on your desktop.  The price of this is $19.99 but all those who enjoyed the work of Kari Sweets on the internet and is a real fan of hers is really going to want to buy this.  You have never seen her pussy before well once you download this zip set you’re going to be in hog heaven because that tight little slit of hers is on full display!

Kari Thong


Stocking goddess

Kari Sweets likes to show off her new purchases and she picked up a knockout today. Candy striped stockings and matching panties? Yes please! They hug those long perfect legs of hers like they’re hanging on for dear life, and those panties are just the perfect thing around her sweet ass.

Kari Sweets Panties


Kari’s panties

Here’s Kari Sweets showing off her little schoolgirl socks and panties and I dunno about you guys but it’s definitely working for me. We could use more naughty schoolgirls running around making the boys cry if you ask me. There’s something about the look that just works.

Kari in Nature


Kari frolicking

Here we have brown haired bombshell Kari Sweets frolicking in the woods like a dryad. She’s not attached to a tree like those mythical creatures but she’s definitely looking to latch onto something long and hard for a little while, and maybe get a little sap from it if you catch my drift.

Kari Selfs Shots


Kari Sweets Showing Her Ass

Here is a brand new that’s right brand new gallery from Kari Sweets those of you who thought she had called it quits are WRONG!  Kari Sweets ass just won’t stop that’s for sure its the perfect butt and you guys are going to love being a member of her site as you has been doing it for a long time and sure knows how to treat her members.

Kari Sweets Ass


A pretty valentine

Here’s a luscious little whore lying around naked and covered in candy. How can you beat that? She’s got perky tits and the kind of ass you just want to snuggle up to at night. The little teddy bears just add another naughty element to a gallery that’s already overflowing with hot.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets

Here is Kari Sweets a beautiful teen that has had a solo site for a pretty long time.  She is a tease model so you don’t get to see much except for some occasional slips on her live webcams she does or maybe in a video, usually you have to be a member to see a video but I found a little something something you guys can enjoy from her site.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets Painting

Kari Sweets is just having some fun here in this picture set for her website that she updates personally.  She is still a very active girl and loves to take care of her members.  Kari Sweets has been around for a very long time and looks as good as ever if you ask me.

Kari Sweets Panties



Kari Sweets just laying on her back waiting to get fucked, with those nice tight sheer panties on.  She has a beautiful body small tight, and a round ass to go along with that as well.  In this picture set you can not see her naked or anything like that just some sexy posing and what not for the good stuff you have to join her site sorry.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets

I got a couple emails the other day asking me to post some Kari Sweets stuff. I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge fan of her, but I know plenty of you guys go for non-nude girls and I aim to please everybody here. She’s wearing some really naughty looking black lingerie in this set and bending over and keeping all her really fun parts to herself.

Kari Sweets Bra and Panties



Here is another picture set of that super cute girl Kari Sweets.  She is out at a park and gets down to her bra and panties showing some good cleavage and spreading her legs like in this picture.  Kari Sweets has a nice little round ass this thing is crazy hot check it out, and if you like her I would suggest going to her site and seeing what that is all about.

Kari Sweets Halloween



Look at that perfect little ass yummy!  This girl is Kari Sweets I have posted some galleries of her recently and it seems to be a big hit.  This is a Halloween picture set because well I feel like I have too.  So check out more picture of Kari Sweet here and check out her site if you like the chick she really takes care of her members.

Kari Sweets



Here is the Gorgeous Kari sweets in some mesh clothing.  She has on some mesh panties but has a thong underneath it so she doesn’t show any pussy but I mean you get to see that nice tight ass of hers.  Kari Sweets is one of the best solo girls on the interent and has been around forever and really knows how to treat her members.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets

If you follow non nude teens at all, Kari Sweets is practically a legend. For over two years, she’s been teasing her loyal fans in a variety of sexy outfits. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get to see her sexy ass, because she’s not shy about that. Come on Kari, let’s see those nipples too!

Kari Sweets Ass



This plump ass belong to the one and only Kari Sweets.  There are some great ass shots of her in this picture set, nothing topless though.  Kari Sweets is one of the first solo girls out there and she really knows how to treat all of her members, doing really naughty things for them, I know.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets Nude

Kari Sweets needs to get nude for us all one day I mean she has teased us for countless years she finally needs to give up and show some tits and ass in some promotion material. In this picture set she is pretty close to it wearing some of her favorite sexy lingerie.

Kari Sweets


Kari Sweets

Kari Sweets always looks very sexy with her exotic youthful look. In this picture set you can see her in a leopard orange bikini and of course she is always wearing that cute as hell smile.

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