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Polka Hot


Sexy pattycake blue polkadots

Polka Hot, get it? Like Polka Dots, but since Sexy Pattycake is so damn hot I figured I’d combine the two and…oh nevermind. My genius will never be appreciated. What will be appreciated, though, are those huge titties and that sweet round juicy ass as Sexy Pattycake pulls off her dress to reveal a nice pair of polka dot panties that are basically see-through, you can spy that tight pussy right through them! Patty always looks like she’s having the greatest day of her life, she’s just always got a smile on her face and is always having a great time no matter what…in this photoshoot she’s celebrating a nice sunny day by getting naked and dancing around, flashing those big full breasts and letting it all hang out! Man, that ass of hers is just a glorious thing, take a look at that spankable juicy badonkadonk and see what I’m talkin about.

Lakeside Bikini


Sexy pattycake lakeside bikini

When most women decide to go do some sunbathing they head to the coast but not our girl Sexy Pattycake here! She heads to the lakeside for a little peace and quiet, relaxing on the patio in her bikini with a tall glass of ice water…it actually looks really fucking nice, it’s always great to see women on the sand playing volleyball or whatever but Pattycake just looks serene and comfortable as hell and when you head to a lakeside cottage you don’t even need to worry about parking! Or nosey neighbors, for that matter…Patty can spend the day in peace and then throw a huge rager of a party at night and nobody’s around to complain. In this photoshoot from her own website she shows off those big perfect breasts as she pops off her bikini top, then lays on her stomach to warm up that sweet round butt of hers! Patty has an amazing body and a great personality but it’s nice to see she can take time out once in awhile to just relax and feel the sun on her back and a breeze in her hair.

Turtle Power


Sexy pattycake tmnt

It’s almost Halloween and around this time of year it’s almost as much fun to see what Sexy Pattycake is dressing up as, as it is to come up with something ourselves! This year Patty is going for Turtle Power as she dresses up TMNT style with a mask and a sai (I guess she’s Raphael) and a shiny dress with turtle abs printed on it, and even a shell backpack type thing! Patty always looks incredible and seems like tons of fun, even before you take into the account that she’s fucking gorgeous and has an amazing body with nice big natural breasts and a butt you want to just curl up and go to sleep on. She’s looking spectacular in her costume and in this photoshoot from her own website she even gives us a little glimpse of that sweet tight pussy of hers as she pulls her panties aside! Don’t expect too much of those big tits though, she unfortunately keeps em under wraps this time around.

Tease In Yellow


Sexy pattycake yellow suit

Holy crap…I don’t know if this is really what Sexy Pattycake is referencing here with this photoshoot from her own website but that yellow suit thing she’s wearing looks quite a bit like the outfit the guys are wearing towards the end of Revenge of the Nerds when they do the big talent show rap! If that’s seriously what she’s dressing up as here on purpose I think I’m in love, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Otherwise she still looks utterly sexy as hell but it’s just not as epic as I was hoping…gorgeous redhead Pattycake is always up for some fun though so who knows what she had in mind, she just loves to dress up and strip down and that’s just what she does here! That perfect round ass and those big tits of hers are just so much fun to tease with apparently, Patty always takes her time and does it up right when she does a striptease like this.

Night Swimming


Sexy pattycake night swimming

There’s nothing better than a nice cool dip in the pool on a hot summer night and nobody knows that better than gorgeous blonde Sexy Pattycake! Patty loves getting her yellow adventure-bikini on because she knows there’s some fun ahead…this girl just always seems to have a great time no matter what she’s up to, I’m just glad she always invites us along for the ride. It’s nice seeing those big perfect tits of hers and it’s double nice to see them all wet and glistening as she relaxes in the cool water, splashing around and having fun! She does look a little lonely though, maybe she just wants a little company while she strips down and skinnydips…I mean that bikini can only hold those big breasts in check for so long, know what I mean?

Cheerleader Hottie


Sexy pattycake as cheerleader

When I first saw this Sexy Pattycake photoshoot I was like no way, there is NO WAY she hasn’t done a photoset as a sexy cheerleader already! Well color me wrong because I took a peek through and couldn’t find one, so say hello to one of the hottest cheerleaders in the land! She’s not for a school in particular by the way, she’s got a USA logo on her top so apparently she’s representing the entire country as she shakes her poms! You couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader though, she looks hot as hell with those sweet big perfect tits and that amazing ass of hers…watch her slip her panties down, teasing us with some upskirt views and looking just plain smokin hot. I thought her eyebrows were MIA at first but I think they’re just so blonde they’re almost invisible, giving her a slightly alien look that somehow works in her favor and makes her even sexier! Maybe that’s just me though, hard to say…what I do know is that Sexy Pattycake always has a blast with her shoots on her own site and always looks lava-hot, so make sure you check this out.

Big Wig Housewife


Sexy pattcake big wig

One thing you can always say about Sexy Pattycake, is that she’s always up for a little something different in her photoshoots! This time she’s playing the part of a bored and horny housewife with a cute flowing dress and a big wig and blue panties as she slowly strips down for us, showing those huge tits of hers with big heart pasties over the nipples and then buzzing her pussy right through her panties with a vibrator. It wouldn’t do to have her man come home and find her completely nude and masturbating, would it! This chick always has a blast in her shoots, she seems like life is just a lot of fun and it certainly helps that she’s beautiful with big boobs and a nice big round juicy booty that bounces around as she dances and plays…you never know what you’re gonna get with a Sexy Pattycake shoot!

Sexy Nurse Pattycake


Nurse sexy pattycake

Paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake, paging Nurse Sexy Pattycake…the patient in room 69 needs another sponge-bath! That’s like the tenth time that guy has rung for this gorgeous nurse today, but Patty doesn’t seem to mind too much! This gorgeous blonde sexpot would make a terrible nurse actually, I’m sure she would cause more heart attacks with those huge perfect tits than she would help treat. It’s fun to pretend though with pictures like these as she slowly strips down and gets naked, popping off her sexy red lacy bra and modestly covering up her boobs as she gives that mischievous little glance she’s so well known for. This cutie has a hell of a bedside manner and I do believe she makes housecalls, so if you need your blood pressure checked just let her know!

Superhero Lingerie


Sexy pattycake superhero lingerie

This girl Sexy Pattycake always cracks me up, she just seems like she has a fucking blast every day of her life and looks hot as hell doing it! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s wearing what can only be described as superhero lingerie…it’s like a tank top and panties but with a print on it that looks like a superhero costume or something! I don’t know what Pattycake’s superpower would be, maybe she can mesmerize anybody with her big tits and good looks or something…that would make having a secret identity a pain in the ass though because she always looks hot. Seriously this blonde beauty just keeps getting hotter and I love how creative she gets with her photo and video shoots, it’s not like a lot of the girls out there who just get naked and shake their tits and call it good, Patty goes the extra mile to have a damn good time.

Sexy Mail Carrier


Sexy pattycake mailwoman

Looks like Sexy Pattycake here is branching out a bit into the mail carrying biz! She’s the sexiest mailwoman I’ve ever seen, and that’s even before she starts stripping out of her blue top and skirt to make a special delivery of hotness…just look at that sweet round ass as she bends over and slips her panties down her legs, she looks like she really knows how to handle a package if you know what I’m saying. Patty always looks great, she’s got this unique look to her…maybe it’s the eyebrows that are just as yellow and fine as her hair, I’m not sure. I’d do a little more investigation but I just keep getting distracted by those big perfect tits of hers!

The Rabbit Takes On The Kitty


Sexy Pattycake Kitty vs Rabbit

This beautiful little pussy belongs to a staple here on Imagepost her name is Sexy Pattycake.  You guys should all know her because I have been posted galleries of hers for 9 years now, I shit you not.  This video isn’t actually from her personal website, this is a zip set.  She releases these every once in a while because it’s a little to “hard” for her members area.  People actually get upset when Sexy Pattycake stops teasing them and actually gives them something.  This video you can purchase for just $24.95.  It’s a one time fee and you own the video and pictures forever.  The name of the scene is Bunny Vs Kitty and she released it today because today is Easter after all.  She has a nice little landing strip on her pussy and she films the whole video at weird angles so it never quite shows a great shot of her pussy.  I actually like this one where she is penetrating herself with it and then using the rabbit ears to hit her clit.  This toy makes her cum like crazy, I have never seen a chick not like this toy!

Redhead Superhero


Redhead sexy pattycake in lingerie

This girl Sexy Pattycake always looks amazing but usually she’s a blonde…as a redhead she looks to me really similar to a younger Tori Amos and honestly I’ve always thought she was pretty hot so that works out, even though she’s pretty wackadoo. Pattycake seems a little on the wackadoo side herself so that matches up even more! In this photoshoot for instance she’s dressed up as a superhero or something, at least at first…soon she starts stripping down to show off that incredible round ass and shake her perfect titties around at the same time. This chick is not only hot as blazes, she’s always having a good time and is entertaining as hell!

Shoe Freak


Sexy pattycake shoe freak

It’s a scientific fact that Sexy Pattycake is an absolute shoe freak…she just can’t resist trying on some of her gajillion pairs when she goes into her closet, playing around and showing off her big tits and gorgeous round ass at the same time! I don’t know what it is about women and shoes in general but Pattycake just thrives on slipping on a new pair of sexy boots…I guess it turns her on too because she starts pulling her little panties up into her pussy for a cameltoe in a few of these photos from her site! Soon she busts out a little…what is that? It’s either a vibrator or a lollipop or something like that, either way Patty is using it to masturbate by rubbing it against her pussy.

Workbench Beauty


Sexy pattycake workbench

Sexy Pattycake is at her workbench ready to do some erecting in this photoshoot from her own site! The picture quality isn’t the best, it looks like these are screencaps from a video or something but hey, any chance to see those glorious huge tits of hers is an opportunity worth grabbing! Watch Patty strip down out of her ‘work uniform’ to get down to business in her sexy red lingerie, looking like she’d love to get down to some serious hammering and screwing! Are there any more workbench puns i can sling out or are you ready to watch this hot blonde shake her stuff? Thought so.

Pez Hides It


Pattycake Pez Covers Pussy

This is actually a really simple gallery and you guys are probably going to hate me because the picture gallery is screenshots of a webcam video that Sexy Pattycake did.  Anyways she is just sitting her her hallway with no panties on hiding her pussy with a simple little PEZ dispenser.  The camera gets in there real close so you can see her pussy lips but that tight little slit on her tight pussy is easily covered up by the damn candy thing!  She rubs it back and for like a dildo but never quite showing you what you want, I am used to that by now Pattycake has teased me for years and years my favorite solo girl for sure.

All Wrapped Up


Sexy pattycake all wrapped up

Gorgeous Sexy Pattycake has a thing for packing materials apparently! This is like the third photoshoot she’s done with the cardboard boxes and packing peanuts and plastic shipping wrap but hey who’s counting…and who’s complaining? The way I see it, the more opportunities we have to check out those big perfect round titties and that sexy ass of hers the better. Watch Patty peel off her panties and lift her legs in the air, then grab her own tits as she busts out one of her favorite toys…she’s all wrapped up in that plastic stuff by the end of this photoshoot and from the looks of things she loves the sensation!

Russian Redhead


Sexy pattycake russian redhead

I’m used to Sexy Pattycake being a blonde but man oh man I am all about her as a redhead too if these pictures from her site are any indication! With her big Russian hat on it’s hard to tell if it’s a wig or if she’s a ginger now, but either way is pretty sexy. Then again, that might be those huge round perfect tits and that sexy juicy booty talking…I guess this photoshoot is a nod to the Winter Olympics in Russia, but whatever the reason behind it I am 100% behind this hotness. I don’t know about the fuzzy boots though, she looks like she’s part wolf and part fox! She loses the jacket and capers around in the snow wearing just her hat, boots, thong and see-through top looking smokin hot and of course Patty always has a blast in every set she does!

Follow The Rainbow


Pattycake Follow The Rainbow

Sexy Pattycake is looking pretty cute in this new gallery for her site.  I am calling it follow the rainbow because you just want to follow that picture.  Her big boobs are spilling out and then she starts to take off her little sheer panties.  The gallery doesn’t really show anything but this is typical Sexy Pattycake she teases you and teases you and then she will releases a update that will totally blow your socks off for now though.  You will just have to enjoy her teasing you.

Packing Peanuts


Sexy pattycake packing peanuts

Looks like Sexy Pattycake is a big fan of packaging material…it must have been her job as a delivery girl in this photoshoot that got her all into it! Watch this gorgeous and adorably quirky blonde as she pulls a brand new vibrator out of a package, licking and sucking it and rubbing it all over her pussy! I just love the look she does with those pigtails, glancing off to one side like some kind of naughty imp. Patty is gorgeous with big breasts and an incredible butt, but I think it’s her personality that really does it…she just seems like she has so much fun with whatever she’s doing, and just something as simple as a sheet of plastic packaging material can become a sexy prop when Pattycake has the reins!

Nice Package


Sexy pattycake ups packages

Ready to get your package handled? Gorgeous busty blonde Sexy Pattycake is in her brown delivery uniform (I’m not going to mention the company name because hey who wants to get sued) and has a pile of boxes ready for you to dive into face-first. Or maybe it’s those big juicy titties you want to dive into face-first…can’t say I blame you. At any rate, Patty is stripping out of her uniform and showing off her sexy little lacy see-through panties and bra, looking sexy as hell in pigtails and just having a ball teasing us mercilessly! This girl always looks like she’s having a good time, inviting you to join her in Sexy Pattycake world for just a little while and leave all the shit behind.

Sexiest Present


Sexy pattycake christmas present

Get ready for the hottest present that probably wasn’t even on your list! Sexy Pattycake comes popping out of Santa’s bulging sack in a cute little schoolgirl skirt and a black tie-top over a see-through pair of panties and bra in this photoshoot from her own site. Any other presents you might have had or haven’t even opened yet are forgotten under the tree as Patty pops off her skirt and flashes that sexy round ass of hers, grabbing her big tits and making it a Christmas miracle come to life! I know what I’m putting on my wishlist every year from now on, and I bet you do too…hey, it worked here, why not at our respective houses too am I right? Christmas only comes once a year but Sexy Pattycake comes almost every day, after all!

Frosted Cups


Sexy pattycake frosting shower

When I first saw this gallery of Sexy Pattycake taking a shower and rubbing shaving cream onto herself I thought she was going to shave but man, she just kept on going and soon I realized she just loves the feeling of cream all over her body! She can’t stop rubbing it into those big perfect boobs of hers, tickling her nipples and then sliding her hands over her round juicy ass. With her multicolored poofy shower cap on she looks like a cupcake and she’s certainly getting some nice frosted cups in this hot photoshoot from her own website! It’s a good thing she’s doing all this in the shower, it’ll make getting nice and squeaky clean a snap after she’s done playing around. I think that’s one of the hottest things about Pattycake, she always loves to play and just have fun with her sexuality!

Earth Tones


Sexy pattycake brown dress

I was going to say Sexy Pattycake looks good in brown but since she seems kind of like a mystical hippy chick I’ll go with the term ‘earth tones’. She’s always just heart-meltingly cute though isn’t she? With that little smirk she has and of course her big boobs and gorgeous round ass she’s a sight to behold, especially when she’s giving some upskirt peeks and pulling her panties down while on her hands and knees like she’s doing in this photoshoot. A gorgeous blonde with big tits, a great ass, and tons of personality, you know you want to take a peek…go on, I don’t blame you.

Candy Corn


Sexy pattycake candy corn

There’s one thing for sure about Sexy Pattycake…she loves her some candy corn! So much so in fact that in this photoshoot from her own site she’s basically rolling in the little sweets, looking like a cross between American Beauty and…well I don’t know, she’s just on her back in a bunch of candy corn. She’s still hot as hell though, she’s in her Hustler brand bra and see-through panties so you can see her sweet pussy and of course those big perfect tits as she runs her hands all over her gorgeous body! In fact I’d say she’s good enough to eat…she doesn’t need any tricks this Halloween to bring all her treats to the party, and when Sexy Pattycake is in the house it’s always a party.

Football Fantasy


Sexy pattycake football jersey

You’ve heard of fantasy football but after you check out this photoset from Sexy Pattycake you’ll have a football fantasy, that’s for sure! She’s posing in her blue football jersey that barely covers her sexy round ass and blue panties as she goofs around in her bedroom, sitting on a red chair and teasing us with those big perfect boobs she’s got hiding in her jersey. When Pattycake bends over you’ll see why she’s so damn popular, if her stunning face didn’t already convince you…just look at that incredible big round caboose of hers! Bangin ass beside, Pattycake just looks like a hell of a lot of fun to just hang out with, she’s a naturally sexy fun-loving babe with a pretty face and a great body and loves to tease so take a peek.

Sexy Firecracker


Sexy pattycake red stripes

I don’t know what it is about Sexy Pattycake that is just so damn hot…I mean she’s cute and all but she borders on the slightly chubby side and I don’t think she’s ever done a hardcore sex scene but she just has something magical about her. Maybe it’s her personality, maybe it’s those big beautiful breasts popping out of her red corset in this photoshoot, maybe it’s her big round spankable booty that looks so great in her striped stockings, maybe it’s the way she slips a finger into her tight shaved pussy and masturbates for us! Who knows, but Pattycake is one of the hottest out there if you ask me…always fun, always sexy, always trying new things, this blonde is just a pleasure to watch. When her nipple peeks out of her corset while she fingers herself it’s just the icing on the cake, enjoy!

Pattycake Pussy Play


Sexy pattycake masturbating in blue

When you take a look at these photos of Sexy Pattycake you might remember a video gallery from a little while back as she played with her first Hitachi wand, but these shots are hot enough that I thought you might want to see them! The video accompanying this update is a special clip of Pattycake in the shower giving her pussy a good going-over. She’s soaped up and wet and hot and looking fantastic like only Patty can do with her huge round breasts and incredible juicy booty! She’s just a beautiful blonde having a great time in life, she might be a little bit of an odd duck but she’s having a great time masturbating so let’s just join in on the fun right? I’m not sure what happened to her eyebrows but somehow it makes her look even hotter…nothing wrong with a little eccentricity in a beautiful stacked woman like Pattycake. I’m just glad she shares her sexiness with all of us.

Tiny Hearts Bikini


Sexy pattycake pool bikini

Summer might be getting a little long in the tooth with the clouds rolling in, the temperatures dropping off a bit and the days getting a little shorter but as long as you can watch girls like Sexy Pattycake here in her bikini with tiny hearts all over it, summer will never end! Patty is swimming around in the pool with her underwater camera, showing off those big boobs and one of the nicest asses on the net in my opinion. She’s part mermaid or something so really she just wants to strip down and swim around nude, and who in the world is going to stop her? She peels her bikini off underwater and swims around, the tan lines on her round smooth ass twinkling in the diffused light as she kicks. Pattycake is always beautiful, always happy and always sexy, so it’s just a joy to watch her get naked and play.

Her First Hitachi


Sexy pattycake hitachi wand

It’s a match made in heaven…I can’t believe Sexy Pattycake had never owned a hitachi magic wand vibrator before but apparently this is her first experience with one! From the looks of things I don’t know if she’ll ever go back to any other kind of vibrator…hell, she might still be in that bed buzzing her clit with that big toy even as we speak. This sexy blonde has an intriguing look, for lack of a better word…she’s hot as hell with a gorgeous curvy body and she’s very open about sharing it, getting nude and masturbating without a care in the world! From what I understand she was always that way but figured she might as well make a little money off it by opening her own website, where she shares videos like this one! If you’re in the mood for a sexy blonde with big tits and an incredible ass masturbating, today’s your lucky day.

Patty Likes Turtles


Sexy pattycake i love turtles

It’s a stone cold fact that girls like turtles…wait, that isn’t a thing? Well you could have fooled me after checking out Sexy Pattycake in this photoshoot from her own website! She loves turtles and even this big inflatable one got her in the mood for a little wet and wild fun. She already had her purple bikini on so she just slipped in the water and grabbed her favorite toy, hopping up for a ride and even…uh…letting it go for a ride on her! With those big tits and spectacular round ass of hers I’ve got to admit I’m a little jealous of an inflatable goddamn turtle right now.

Tooling Around


Pattycake Tooling Around

Remember that hot chick from Tool Time back in the day?  That’s what I thought of when I saw this new update from Sexy Pattycake.  She would have made a good tool time girl that’s for sure.  She is in the shed or garage one of the two undressing until she has nothing but band-aids on her nipples.  In the video you guys are going to see her using a toy on herself.  You have not seen this video before I promise and if you think you have then you probably saw this one and think it’s the same video.  It’s not, it’s just the same location / chair that she was in on that one.  This video I think is a little better though because as good as Sexy Pattycake is at fingering herself a vibrator does a better job!

Holding A… Snake


Pattycake Holding A Snake

One thing is definitely true about Sexy Pattycake her site is the most unique site solo model site I know of.  I mean who else is posing in weird kind of pictures like this.  There is something really sexy about it still, I would assume it’s just because of hot hot she is wouldn’t you.  I love these pictures where you kind of get a little bit of a nipple slip and I think there is a pussy slip as well.  Their hair looks really good too everything about this gallery is good if you like this model. She has tons of personality and above anything else she is one big tease!  If that’s not your type of porn then I would just move along.  If you want to get to know Sexy Pattycake better or just really like this tease niche then I would suggest joining her site because nobody does it better trust me.  She will tease you for like a month and then release a video that goes a little further the normal and it just makes it that much better, it’s the anticipation I think.

Pattycake Gets Messy


Sexy Pattycake Good

I think this is proof that Sexy Pattycake can make anything look sexy.  She has these pitchers and pitchers of this green good that she pours over herself and well it kind of does it for me.  Of course it doesn’t really stick so after a while you get some really good pictures of Sexy Pattycake’s goods, that’s probably what I like the most.  There are some pictures at the end of this gallery that give you a good look at her pussy.  Right now she is rocking a pretty hairy landing strip bush that fits her perfect pussy just right in my opinion.  Then in the video you get to see a limited time only video in which she is outside fingering that nice pussy that you see in those pictures.

What A Body!


Sexy Pattycake Hour Glass Figure

Sexy Pattycake does just have one smoking body doesn’t she?  I mean it’s such a good work of art I am a member of her site and she doesn’t even get naked that often and the site is still awesome.  The thing that Sexy Pattycake has that most girls with a site do not is… A ACTUAL PERSONALITY!  This girl is just down right cool and if you have had the pleasure of being a member of her site you will know what I am talking about.  You know I never have matching videos and pictures when it comes to this girl for that I will always be sorry.  However, in this video you actually get to see Sexy Pattycake completely naked taking a shower and let me tell you I thought her ass was great in the first place.  After I watch this video however, it has to be one of the best butts ever I mean DAMN she is hot!

Sexy Cow Girl


Sexy Pattycake Cowgirl

Sexy Pattycake is wearing no panties in this little picture right here and you guys see her bra?  Yea she is all cowgirled out in this new little gallery she released and man is she looking sexy.  I wish she would just strip down to nothing but those cowgirl boots that would do it for me.  This gallery has a video that really just doesn’t match at all but it’s one of those “limited time only” videos so I thought I would give you a tease of it.  Be warned though if you don’t join right away like when this gallery is posted it might not be up when you actually get in the members area.  So in the video Sexy Pattycake is completely naked but has this paint I want to call it all over her nice curvy body.

St. Patrick’s Day 2013


Sexy Pattycake St. Patricks Day

As I say in this gallery I know this is some old ass St. Patrick’s Day gallery but look at this picture!  I know you all want to see a naked Sexy Pattycake ass I just know it.  The video is going to be super weird for most of you but hey I had to post it.  It’s basically Sexy Pattycake giving the easter bunny head.  When he cums well it’s not the same as me and you hahaha, once again very weird.  Sexy Pattycake has a really cool site she treats her members really good and she always keeps it funky.

Pattycake Tongue Tickled


Sexy Pattycake Tongue Tickled

I love this picture don’t you guys?  It’s that perfect round ass that belongs to Sexy Pattycake.  This is a really special update for her Zip Set site.  It’s different then her actually personal site because on this one you only buy the scenes you want to see.  They are usually a lot more risky then her videos in her members area.  This one for example is her shaving her pussy into a perfect landing strip and then trying out this new toy of hers.  This new toy is a tongue that vibrates like crazy.  Sexy Pattycake has always been a big fan of a tongue licking that perfect pussy of hers so that’s why she bought it and she loves it even more after this video.  It’s a pretty cool toy becasue it allows her to stick it to the shower wall and she can use it in there just kind of sitting on it like its a girls face, or a guys for that matter.

Lipstick Vibe


Pattycake Lipstick Vibe

I am pretty sure that Sexy Pattycake must have a fucking closet full of sex toys because I don’t know if I have ever watch her use one over and over.  In this gallery you get to see two of them the first one you see that she is sitting on and it’s a g-spot vibrator.  I would like you to take note of the sheer white lingerie she is wearing, yes she is looking sexy as hell.  Then in the video she is using the vibrator that she carries around with her all the time.  It’s a lipstick vibrator and so she just puts it in her purse and nobody knows what it really is except for her.  Then she can masturbate when she has any opportunity whether it’s in the car, or even at work.

Pattycake Naked Dip


Sexy Pattycake Naked Dip

This new gallery of Sexy Pattycake is all about those nice full tits of hers.  First you get to see her going swimming and with the under water camera that the photographer has you get to see her whip out her tits and then show them off to you.  In true Pattycake fashion though there is bubbles that kind of make the view not so clear.  In this video though you get to see her tits completely naked except she has painted them different colors.  You get to see those boobies bouncing up and down which is in fact pretty fucking hot.

Snow Bunny


Sexy Pattycake Snow Bunny

You must walk into Sexy Pattycakes house and it has to be just weird as shit… I mean have you seen all the different sets that she has shot with?  I mean it’s not like she can be going to different places all the time right?  I guess that’s probably more plausable then what I have in my mind.  You just walk in her home and there is like a snow room, a cave room the list goes on and on.  There isn’t much nudity in this picture gallery she takes off her top to show her tits but covers them up with her balls (just had to say that).  In the video you get to see her sitting in one of those egg chairs rubbing her pussy over some cute little panties.

Afternoon Quickie


Afternoon Quickie Sexy Pattycake

This gallery not only has a video of Sexy Pattycake getting a afternoon quickie but you also get to see her in a sexy little red dress.  Most of you probably don’t know that videos like this don’t happen often on Sexy Pattycake and she is actually going to offer this video for only a limited time.  With that being said you now know that you have to join soon in order to see this whole thing!  Enjoy the pictures but most of all check out the video it’s too hot for words.

Christmas 2012


Sexy Pattycake Christmas 2012

Yea yea yea everyone laugh and the guy posting Christmas galleries in mid January.  Whatever, you guys are going to love this new Sexy Pattycake gallery even if it’s old because I forgot to post it!  She is opening up some naughty and nice presents in her sexy little Santa outfit and I think she forgot to put on panties just as a little extra present.  This gallery is just pictures because you know what you don’t need it, Pattycake does everything so sexy she is the one solo girl I actually look at the pictures when I am in the members area.

Hippy Pattycake


Sexy Pattycake Hippy

Sexy Pattycake is all dressed up like a hippy this update for her site and I am wondering if she didn’t shave the bush either?  I mean in almost all over her other scenes she keeps just a little bit of hair above her pussy, but if she was really trying to pull off this uniform I hope she kept it full.  As you can probably tell I haven’t dove deep in update yet I just saw that it was Pattycake and I was in.  There is a huge cult following of this model and this is the one time I approve of cults so join on it and enjoy this amazing woman!

Pattycake Fingered


Sexy Pattycake Fingered

This is a really cool gallery for you guys because you don’t have to buy a recurring membership to a site!  This one you are paying purely for the scene and that’s it.  I know I have a lot of Sexy Pattycake fans on this site so I wanted to share with you two new zip sets that Sexy Pattycake upload on Black Friday.  I know I am a little late but after you see her fingered by another woman in crystal clear high definition I think you won’t mind that I was a little late.

Stairway To Heaven


Stairway To Heaven

If this isn’t the stairway to heaven I don’t know what is!  Here is our favorite model in the whole entire world Sexy Pattycake!  She is doing one of her “limited time only” videos on her site right now and it’s of her masturbating on the stairs.  Not only is she masturbating but she is spreading those legs fair apart and finger banging herself!  The video starts off with a lot of ass shaking and at no point is she wearing panties during the entire video!

Pattycake The Zombie


Sexy Pattycake Zombie

I bet you guys didn’t think you would find a zombie attractive.  Me either, I don’t know how I feel about it.  Sexy Pattycake probably just lives for Halloween because during the year she has so many different costumes that she wears it’s like she is just trying them out for the big day.  This year she decides to be a sexy zombie and the little mini skirt with the black thong was a good call if you ask me.  The skirt is so stiff that when she bends over it just flips up so you can view that bubble butt that we have all come to love.

Pattycake Wet Panties


Sexy Pattycake Wet Panties

What a gorgeous round ass this is!  I know most of you know this already but you would be surprised how many new people visit this site everyday.  If you could count on one girl on the entire Internet to come up with a slutty Halloween costume for me it would be Sexy Pattycake hands down.  I would pick her because she dressed up in little costumes throughout the year so you know she is saving the really good ones for this time of year and sure enough I am right.  In the video you can see her shaking this very ass as well as doing a strip tease in one of those costumes.  In the pictures you get to see her wearing this sheer white thong and then wetting it down with water so you get a great view of that perfect pussy of hers.

Bikini Babe


Sexy Pattycake Bikini Ass

In this gallery you get to see the legendary Sexy Pattycake in just a little bikini and she makes sure that you get plenty of time to gawk at her ass.  There isn’t any nude slips in this one today but sometimes you just have to enjoy the hour glass figure that Pattycake has you know?  She is one of the few girls who actually runs her own site and if you ever get to see some of her videos you will know how much personality this cute girl has she is definitely my favorite solo girl of all time.  Check her out today and show your love!

Vagina Massage


Sexy Pattycake Vagina Massage

I understand that this scene is called Sleep Massage but let’s be honest here it’s mostly Sexy Pattycake getting her vagina rubbed.  So I am calling it like it is and I hope you guys appreciate that!  The scene is really just too hot for words I just hope that she comes out with a video for this scene sooner rather then later, or maybe even a zipset!  Sexy Pattycake is probably one of our most popular models that we most on this site and there is a very good reason for that.  She has the best personality of any web model and man is she fucking hot!

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