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Shower Helper


Shower Helper

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

Well I’m not sure why Nikki Sims here is keeping her white tshirt on as she takes a shower but man she’s looking sexy as hell here in this update from her own…READ MORE

POV Bathtime


POV Bathtime

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

After a long hard day the method of choice for beautiful Nikki Sims to relax and rejuvenate is to roll around on the bed in her bra and panties and then slip…READ MORE

Beer Pong


Beer Pong

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

Ready to have a good time at a bar with a gorgeous busty blonde? No it’s not a trick question, of course you are, I’m just saying sexy Nikki Sims is here to blow…READ MORE




Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

It’s a good thing Nikki Sims is so damn hot or she would have frozen to death making this photoshoot for us haha! She’s dressed up as a sexy Frosty the Snowman…READ MORE

Sweater Puppies


Sweater Puppies

The weather outside is getting colder and colder, maybe you’ve had some snow in your neck of the woods…well Nikki Sims is here to warm you up and give you…READ MORE

Lumberjack Hottie


Lumberjack Hottie

The weather is getting chilly and that means it’s getting into flannel season lol…and THAT means it’s time for lovely lumberjack Nikki Sims to get her hands on…READ MORE

Strappy Black Bra


Strappy Black Bra

The one and only Nikki Sims is back and she’s got a strappy black bra on that looks great holding up those big sexy titties of hers…she doesn’t need ALL that…READ MORE

Sheer Blue Dress


Sheer Blue Dress

At first I thought Nikki Sims here was wearing a Star Trek uniform or something but nope, it’s just a sexy blue dress that shows off those long tanned legs of…READ MORE

Walk in the Woods


Walk in the Woods

Who wouldn’t want to go for a nice relaxing walk in the woods with beautiful Nikki Sims? She’s looking sexy in her cute little denim shorts, and looks even…READ MORE

Red Bikini


Red Bikini

It’s getting towards the tail end of summer but don’t freak out yet, there’s still plenty of warm weather and sun to enjoy before we all bundle up! Nikki SimsREAD MORE

Skull Pants


Skull Pants

Beautiful Nikki Sims has been around for a good while and has gone from sexy young thing to the realm of MILF territory and just doesn’t seem to get any less…READ MORE

Sheer White Robe


Sheer White Robe

Gorgeous Nikki Sims is one of those women who’s been around in the porn industry for enough years that we’ve seen her mature from a fresh faced cutie to a full…READ MORE

Nikki’s Oiled Up Kitty


Nikki's Oiled Up Kitty

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

Nikki Sims has her pussy all oiled up in the video and you’re going to like watching that. In the pictures you’re getting to see her strip down to her panties…READ MORE

Nikki Lounging Around


Nikki Lounging Around

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

You know a girl is hot when she puts up a picture gallery of her literally just in her lounging gear. Nikki starts off with her sweats and a sweatshirt. Luckily…READ MORE

Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

There’s just something magical about this chick Nikki Sims…she just seems to get hotter every time she does a photoshoot and has a certain sort of aura of sexuality about her in everything she does! In this photoshoot called Pillow Talk she’s got a sheer sexy black robe on that whispers over the surface of her big perfect breasts, giving just a glimpse of the hotness within…Nikki doesn’t ever quite give away the farm, does she! She does certainly know how to keep a fella interested in her teasing though, she’s got those big tits and a pair of long sexy smooth legs that she kicks in the air as she strips down on the bed, slowly rolling around and having fun while driving every guy wild who catches a glimpse of her.

Black Mesh Dress


Black Mesh Dress

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

Man, I don’t know where beautiful Nikki Sims keeps getting these sexy black dresses but they just seem to be getting hotter every time she puts a new one on! Maybe it’s just that gorgeous body though, she’s got those big perfect soft bouncy boobies to go along with her spectacular ass and lovely legs, not to mention that tight pussy that she has covered up with just a strap of her dress in this sexy shoot from her own website…Nikki is one of those women who just gets sexier as time goes on, she’s sultry and sexy and just plain beautiful and she loves to share her hot evening with an audience so I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing the last of her anytime soon!

Lace Hoodie


Lace Hoodie

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

I’ve gotta say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lace hoodie before but hey there’s a first time for everything I suppose. Sexy horny babe Nikki Sims is showing off hers as she lounges on the couch wiht that sexy juicy ass in the air, then hops down onto the floor in the video to get on all fours and masturbating herself with a toy with those big perfect tits bouncing and swinging around! She loves buzzing her clit through her little lacy panties…I guess Nikki was just in the mood for some lacy fun here apparently! She plays with her pussy and thenn licks the vibrator to finish things off…she’s a master of the tease, as I”m sure you’ll soon agree.

Washing Windows


Washing Windows

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

Are your windows a little on the dirty side? Well, better drop whatever you’re doing and go grab your phone to give beautiful Nikki Sims a call! She’s got a photoshoot here from her own website and is slipping out of her little denim shorts and white button-down top to wear just a pair of sexy thong panties as she starts washing the windows. I don’t know what prompted her to give the windows a scrubbing down but hey, if it means she’s getting naked and flashing those big sexy breasts of hers I’m all for it! Nikki always looks red hot in these photoshoots and just has that sensual aura that can’t be faked. Enjoy!

Black Lace


Black Lace

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

She’s at it again! The one and only Nikki Sims is back and as always is looking hot as hell, this time sporting a black lace lingerie set with thong panties, thigh high sheer nylon stockings, high heels and an expression on her face that could melt a bank vault door. Nikki unleashes those huge sexy tits of hers, showing off her goods and crawling all over this couch with that gorgeous ass in the air! She loves a nice hard doggystyle pounding and in this shoot from her own site she looks like she’s getting ready for one…and what guy in the world wouldn’t want to join a girl like this in such a compromising position? Nikki looks great in red hair by the way, she changes it on an hourly basis I’m sure but this color looks pretty hot on her I think.

Burned Walls


Burned Walls

Click Here to watch this Nikki Sims video

This shoot from Nikki Sims is like part adult shoot, part Pintrest fodder as she relaxes in front of a plywood wall that’s been transformed into something pretty cool looking by burning it with a blowtorch…that’s what makes those weird swirly patterns you see here. You might not have noticed the wall though because Nikki herself is hanging out nearly nude in the chair, flashing those big soft titties and of course that luscious firm tight ass of hers, kicking off her jeans and squeezing her boobs! This blonde minx just gets hotter every time she comes onto the screen, doesn’t she? Also check out the video clip of her showing her footjob technique, it’s pretty steamy as well.

Nikki Sims Playing Homemaker


Nikki Sims Playing Homemaker

Click to see this Nikki Sims video!

I just love finding me some new Nikki Sims galleries. I have been looking at her big natural tits for a long long time now and it literally never gets old. In this new scene for her site she is playing the homemaker, Betty Crocker herself right here guys. She is whipping up some peanut butter cookies it looks like in nothing but her sexy little apron, a red g-string thong and some white thigh high stockings. She even takes off the apron and shows you her tits, they’re hanging there just perfectly but she does have her nipples covered with peanut butter. The video I have on this gallery matches up right with the pictures and it’s what the majority of you are going to be looking at. Nikki Sims has some really good videos that she has released recently you should check them out in our category of hers I think you will learn to love this girl as much as I do.

Black Seduction


Black Seduction

Click to see Nikki Sims on Nikki Sims!

Blonde hottie Nikki Sims just seems to get hotter every day, I don’t know what kind of breakfast smoothie she drinks but she’d better become a spokesperson for it, she’s definitelly a success story! In this shoot for her own website Nikki is posing in her seductive black lingerie, giving us that look she does so well…that’s why I called this shoot Black Seduction in case you were wondering. Nikki is lounging on the couch, rolling around and showing off those big titties (that nearly fall out of her bra) and her gorgeous ass in a pair of thong panties! Nikki is just plain gorgeous, she doesn’t really bother with weird settings or a bunch of props or anything like that most of the time, she just lets her natural aura of sexiness do the talking and let me tell you it’s definitely working. Take a look at this hottie showing off and teasing here and tell me you wouldn’t want to jump right onto that couch with her, especially when she gets completely nude and is barely covering up those sexy juicy titties!

Baby Blue


Baby Blue

Click to see Nikki Sims on Nikki Sims!

Get ready to get wild with beautiful Nikki Sims in another hot shoot from her own website! Nikki is wearing her favorite outfit in this photoshoot, namely a black tshirt and a pair of tight jeans, and then takes her new black and white flowery sheets for a spin. This girl knows how to show off those big sexy tits of hers to her best advantage, slowly peeling off her baby blue bra and rolling around in her matching colored panties looking sexy as hell…Nikki’s got big soft full tits, a fantastic tight ass and a beautiful face and loves to get down and party so head on in! Nikki has moved closer and closer to the MILF zone and has never stopped looking sexy as all-get-out, so enjoy these shots of a beautiful busty bodacious blonde having a little fun in the bedroom…she’s teasing and messing around but from the look in her eye I’d say Nikki has a thing or two in mind for the evening!

Sexy Cardigan


Sexy Cardigan

Click to see Nikki Sims on video!

I love a girl in a cardigan…especially when she’s as gorgeous as Nikki Sims in this hot update from her own site! Nikki just keeps getting hotter and hotter and somehow her tits keep getting bigger, or else that’s just in my imagination…I’d better do some hands-on research to figure it out for sure, it’s important for science. Anyway in this photoshoot our girl Nikki is teasing like crazy…by the end of the shoot she’s down to just her thong and her cardigan, and her big juicy boobs are peeking out as it hangs open! She had to go find something in the attic and climbed up the ladder, giving us a great view of that stunning firm tight ass of hers as well as some side-boob action…this girl is just merciless!

Wherever I May Roam


Nikki sims wherever i may roam

So hey what’s your favorite Metallica song? If it’s Wherever I May Roam you’re in luck because that’s the song that Nikki Sims here is dancing to in this photo and videoshoot from her own site, flashing those big full juicy titties as she plays with her neon green mesh dress…I guess if you hate Metallica you can just turn the volume down or something and still enjoy the video so hey it’s got a little something for everyone (or more like a lot something). As she dances around her mesh dress thing rides up, letting that firm tight toned ass of hers peek out of the bottom, showing that sexy little black thong show! Nikki slowly gets more and more naked as she strips to the song, eventually just wearing a pair of high heel shoes and a smile as she rolls around in the nude on the couch. This chick is sexy as hell and she really knows how to drive a guy wild, I doin’t know if it’s her big tits or those dance moves or what but she just has a bit of magic about her if you ask me!

Snowy Sexy


Sexy in the snow

It’s officially spring but word on the street is that there are plenty of places around the country that are still blanketed in a cold-ass layer of snow and ice! Sorry ladies and gents, them’s the breaks I guess, it’s 70 and sunny here. Anyway as a gesture of solidarity with my frozen brethren I’ve got a photoshoot here featuring Nikki Sims from Nikkis Playmates in a sexy snowy sceen, wrapped in a white fur that barely holds those big beautiful titties in check as the wind whips through the trees, brushing her locks of hair around as she poses, stomping around in her huge-ass yeti boots! This girl is sexy as hell, I’m surprised there’s even any snow left around her feet after this shoot; I would have thought her hotness would have melted it pretty much instantly. Nikki loves to tease and gives us some tantalizing glimpses of those big boobs and her sweet sexy juicy ass, she knows just how sexy she is and knows how to drive a guy wild there’s no doubt about it! She certainly looks like she’s in the mood to wax a few skis, if you catch my drift…my snow drift! Ha ha ha! Sorry.

Black and Red Boots


Nikki sims black and red boots

Beautiful Nikki Sims looks incredible in her black and red boots, not to mention her red bra and see-through fishnet top! When she takes off her bra and just has the fishnet thing on you can get a perfect view of those beautiful big tits of hers. Her boots go all the way up to her thighs, shiny and sleek and sexy as hell…obviously Nikki is enjoying the sensation of the latex on her legs too because she’s rolling around on the couch, teasing and flashing those big boobs as she slowly undresses! Nikki loves to show off and always looks fantastic, I don’t know how comfortable the boots are, can you imagine getting an itch on your foot while you have those bad boys on? It would take an hour to unlace them enough to get your toes out! Nikki seems like she’s getting more and more comfortable showing off her titties, maybe it’s just me but this seems more daring than she normally has done.

Trick Or Treat


Nikki sims halloween

It’s Halloween and Nikki Sims has outdone herself again…I’ve seen a lot of costumes in my day but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sexy Phantom of the Opera before! More like Phantom of the Hot-pera if you ask me…anyway Nikki is about to hit the streets for a little trick or treat action, and I hope she brings a few extra pillowcases because any house she shows up at is sure to just dump all the candy they have into her bag when they see this getup! Her huge tits look incredible and that beautiful face of hers is still hot even half-concealed by her mask as she plays with her lacy black parasol, spinning it around and just barely covering those big nude breasts of hers…she just looks amazing and is definitely more Treat than Trick in this hot shoot! Did I happen to mention that she has sexy thigh high nylon stockings going on that look incredible on her lovely legs?

Sexy Stairway


Nikki sims sexy stairway

We’ll just never get tired of seeing those huge tits and beautiful ass of the gorgeous Nikki Sims! She shows in this photoshoot from her own website that just about anywhere is the perfect spot for getting naked as she sits on the stairway, taking off her bra and then slipping out of her little denim shorts and sexy panties! It looks like she’s been sent to the Naughty Step, and from the looks of things it’s no wonder why that happened…this girl is naughty from head to toe. Nikki makes this a mighty sexy stairway as she flashes those huge full titties, teasing and playing as she crawls her way down the stairs with her ass and pussy just peeking out of her skimpy underpants. I’m glad she keeps her boots on in these photos, otherwise she might be in danger of slipping down the stairs and nobody wants to see that go down!

Baby Oil


Nikki baby oil

What could be hotter than Nikki Sims looking all sexy and showing off those big full titties of hers? How about if she’s doing it while pouring baby oil on her skin and getting those same tittays all shined up! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s got on a tiny little white tanktop and a pair of itty bitty pink shorts that cling to that sweet ass of hers and ride up in front til she has a nice camel toe going, but all that is forgotten when she pours the baby oil on herself and soaks her shirt to transparent and soaks her shorts at the same time! She might not be the most adept at oil-pouring in the world but Nikki Sims is looking smokin hot in this set…hopefully she doesn’t try to stand up in that tub she’s laying in or she’ll be slipping all over the damn place! With those big breasts, perfect round ass and her gorgeous face Nikki always pleases but this time she’s gone the extra mile.

Sex Ed Schoolgirl


Nikki sims schoolgirl lessons

I don’t remember seeing Nikki Sims with blonde hair before but I’ve gotta say I approve…especially when she’s dressed up as a horny schoolgirl like in this photoshoot from her own website! Nikki got in trouble in her Sex Ed class for sucking her classmate’s dick in the back row and had to come in after school to do a little presentation. Well, she completed the assignment but is about to blow her professor’s mind with this little instructional demo she did, stripping down to show off those big tits and her tight little ass as she made a flowchart on the blackboard to show where she prefers a guy to shoot his cum (notice that she prefers to take a load in her mouth and to stay away from the butthole)! This sexy schoolgirl is sure to get an A+ in this class now after going above and beyond the call of duty so to speak…she brought in an apple for her teacher but I get the feeling she won’t need it!

Sheer Red Panties


Red sheer panties nikki sims

Stunning and busty hottie Nikki Sims always wows us with her photoshoots on her own website and this one is no exception! She’s got on her sheer red panties and bra and is hanging out in the bathroom, doing a little teasing before she gets naked and hops into the tub to get all wet and slippery. She crooks a finger to beckon us closer and those big full bouncy breasts of hers just pop right out of her bra, it’s like the best magic trick in the world or something! It’s obviously hot as hell to see a woman completely naked but sometimes the process of undressing can be even sexier, like when Nikki has her bra hanging over one shoulder and her panties sliding down her long legs…she knows it too, giving us a seductive sexy little grin! Check out the video too, you get to see what she likes to do once she gets into the actual tub!

Sexy Bedroom Selfies


Nikki sims bedroom selfies

Sometimes when you see a hottie like Nikki Sims getting naked for photos and videos online (like she does for her own website) it doesn’t feel quite real, it’s like she’s some unapproachable goddess that doesn’t even exist in the real world or something. That’s why it’s a refreshing change when she does something like this shoot, taking a bunch of selfies with her phone’s camera on a timer and showing what she’s like on a day to day basis! Her big gorgeous breasts take center stage but it’s sexy as hell when she pulls her bikini bottoms a little open to give us a peek at that sweet pussy…the photo quality isn’t quite as up to snuff as normal but that’s to be expected, this shoot was done with just her cellphone and not like a professional camera setup with studio lighting and all that. Nikki is just sexy as hell all the damn time, is what I’m trying to say here!

Stars And Stripes


Nikki sims july 4

It’s nearly the 4th  of July and Nikki Sims is showing her patriotism with her tshirt of Old Glory, letting the stars and stripes wave in the wind as she relaxes in the sun by the pool! In this photoshoot from her own website she kicks back on her deck-chair, then pulls off her little denim shorts to show her sexy red thong panties clinging to her sweet round ass, then goes the whole nine yards pulling out her favorite vibrator and rubbing her pussy right through the fabric and running her hands all over those big soft beautiful breasts of hers! Nikki is always sexy as hell and her body somehow just seems to get hotter and hotter with every photoshoot she does, but maybe it’s her glowing spirit of patriotism that really brings this one to the next level. All I know is that as she masturbates she’s making some fireworks go off a little early if you catch my drift.

Helping Hand


Nikki sims pov helping hand

You’ve seen beautiful Nikki Sims naked and showing off her sweet body before but never like this, I’d bet…this is a first-hand, first-person perspective of her lucky dude getting his hands all over her beautiful titties and tugging off her panties! She’s looking sexy as hell in her nice blue panties as she gets slowly undressed…you’ve seen Nikki from a distance but this is a whole new ballgame my friend, and by that I mean she wants to play with your balls. That’s what she considers a ball-game. It’s always interesting to get a different perspective with a girl like this, she’s done a billion photoshoots but always manages to keep things fresh which is quite an accomplishment, and this is a good example of how she keeps a guy interested! I mean her having a wicked nice body doesn’t hurt matters either, those tits are fucking legendary, but my point still stands I think.

Black Light Stripper


Nikki stripper

Brace yourself for fucking hotness because Nikki Sims is doing a little stripping, putting that pole through its paces! The UV lights  are fired up, the music is pumping and Nikki is flashing those big beautiful titties of hers as she dances around in this update from her own website called Black Light Stripper! That’s the name of the update, mind you, not the name of the website of course. Nikki loves wearing those little nightgown type lingerie things but I think she likes slowly peeling out of them even more, if this striptease of hers is any indication. I just never get tired of staring at her big boobs and that sweet round ass…if you’re wondering how Nikki manages to stay in shape I guess it’s probably because of all the dancing she does!

Nikki Sims White Dress


Nikki Sims White Dress and Masturbating

I think you guys who visit this site enough know I rarely have a gallery that doesn’t match.  I do that because it’s hard for people to find what they want if a video and a picture gallery isn’t matching.  I say this because well I am going to make it hard for you guys LOL.  I am posting a Nikki Sims gallery where she is wearing just a white see through dress with no bra on.  Her big natural tits can be seen quite clearly through it and this picture in particular is really hot.  I love how her boobs are squeezed and what not.  The video however is completely different she is just wearing a black top and has no panties on.  She has one of her favorite vibrators on her clit and she is masturbating to a orgasm.  I personally think this gallery is all about this awesome video, but I know how some people still like picture… Surprisingly enough I don’t get these people but I do run a site called ImagePost so it only makes sense that I still post this old school pornography.

Cocktail Dress


Nikki cocktail dress

I don’t know if she’d rather have some cock or a little tail but Nikki Sims sure looks sexy as hell in her cocktail dress in this photoshoot from her own website! Nikki just seems to keep getting hotter if you ask me…maybe she’s just becoming more aware of her body and the more comfortable with herself she gets the more sexiness she exudes to everyone else. Just a theory. Anyway, she looks great in her little dress for these shots with some nice cleavage showing, but of course looks even hotter when she strips out of it and shows those big perfect tits in all their glory with her nice firm ass in the air! It’s always a treat when Nikki graces us with her presence and this is no exception.

Nikki Dances Naked


Nikki Sims In Just Fishnets

I don’t think we can consider Nikki Sims a non nude model anymore.  Especially after watching this video you get to see pretty much everything you want and more.  The scene starts off with Nikki in some FCK Authority gear I guess it’s a real deal clothing company.  Then once she has promoted those guys enough she gets out of the gear and gets into just her fishnet stockings.  You get a perfect view of her tits through the little floss cover that the fishnets provide.  You also get a view of her landing strip going to that perfect pussy of hers.  In the video she keeps on her panties but gives you a god dance, it’s like a virtual lapdance you’re going to love it!

Hottie in the Woods


Nikki sims in the woods

We’ve seen her showing off that sexy body plenty of times indoors but an outdoor set featuring the lovely Nikki Sims is a rare pleasure! She’s got her pink flannel and blue panties so she’s not exactly camouflaged as she kicks around the woodpile, grabbing her big boobs and playing with her nipples before shaking that sexy butt of hers to drive us crazy! I’m sure the logs on the ground aren’t the only hard wood around after a photoshoot like this…ok that was a terrible joke, sorry about that. Nikki does look hot as hell though, so just concentrate on that instead of on my bad puns.

St Patricks Day


Nikki sims st pattys day

Happy St Patricks Day! What better way to celebrate whatever St Patrick did besides get rid of snakes in Ireland than by getting hammered at a bar next to some horny hottie like Nikki Sims here…don’t bother answering that, there IS no better way. Nikki is getting Irish in style in this shoot for her own website as she pulls up her shamrock tshirt to show off those big titties (with 4 leaf clover pasties of course) and shows you the gold coins at the end of her rainbow as she spreads her legs on the bar! Those are chocolate coins in front of her pussy by the way, guess what happens if you eat your way through them all? I hope you’ve got your green on today or you’re bound to get pinched, because Nikki seems to take St Pats day pretty seriously.

Oil Bath


Nikki sims cracked wall

The wall looks like it’s cracked into a million pieces and that’s fitting as that’s just what’s going to happen to your brain as gorgeous Nikki Sims rubs oil into those big boobs and lets it run down her beautiful body in this photoshoot from her own site! She’s just wearing a skimpy little pair of thong panties and a sexy pair of thigh high black stockings as she rubs that oil into her tits, making her skin all shiny and wet…ready to give Nikki a nice leisurely rubdown? I’d guess that she’s ready for one if that look in her eye is any indication! Man, this girl just doesn’t ever stop being smokin hot does she.

Lacy Lingerie


Nikki sims lacy lingerie

Beautiful Nikki Sims is showing off her lacy lingerie in this hot photoshoot from her own website, teasing us with those big round titties and spinning around to show off her gorgeous ass in a sexy pair of black thong panties. She never does quite give up all the goods but sometimes it’s nice to use the imagination a bit as she gives us just enough to fuel the fantasies! She lounges on her cushioned chair, stripping down and rolling around as she grabs her breasts and gives us that seductive knowing smile. I gotta admit, Nikki looks incredible nude but she might be even hotter with a little flimsy lingerie like in this shoot, it’s hard to decide.

Massage Table


Nikki massage table

Some women go crazy for a massage and get super turned on by all the attention but for the most part they at least need to get massaged first! Nikki Sims, on the other hand, gets so frisky just from taking off some of her clothing and getting onto that massage table that she never even gets to the rubdown part, she just starts posing in this hot photoshoot for her own site! I guess it’s just the anticipation of her masseuse’s strong masculine hands all over her body…well, if we don’t get to see her getting naked and getting rubbed at least we get to see her grabbing those big beautiful tits and showing off her gorgeous ass in these photos!



Nikki sims XLVIII

I guess Nikki Sims called this photoshoot XLVIII because if she used the name of the actual game she’d probably get sued or something…she’s showing support for both teams with her Russell Wilson jersey and the orange Broncos teamname across her tits! She must have taken these pictures before the game though, otherwise she’d either be too embarassed or she at least wouldn’t be smiling like she is in these pictures with her boobs showing. As she lays across that bar top she looks like she’s ready to be pounded almost as hard as the Broncos got pounded…almost. I probably shouldn’t make fun though, that’s just like beating a dead horse. Get it?

Nikki Wintertime


Nikki sims snowy lingerie

Now, I know you know Nikki Sims frontward and backward, but make sure you check out this photoshoot from her own site…it’s a moment in time captured of Nikki in her sheer black top and black thong panties on a chilly winter morning, enjoying a cup of tea while she looks out the window at the snowy forest! It’s beautiful from start to finish, especially the Nikki part…she looks great in (and out of) her lingerie with those big beautiful breasts peeking right through the flimsy fabric. Beautiful ass, beautiful tits, beautiful scene, it’s definitely worth checking out whether you’re a fan of Nikki already or not! If not, you probably will be after this photoshoot.

White Mesh


Nikki sims white mesh

Nikki Sims loves a good color scheme…in this photoshoot from her own website she’s got bright red thigh high boots, red polka dot panties, a white mesh top and she’s standing on a black and white checkered floor. There’s enough contrast just with Nikki herself, she’s hot as blazes and is giving that adorable grin she’s so well known for…between her big tits and gorgeous face she’d stop traffic on any street and she knows it! I guess Nikki is just the kind of girl who loves being the center of attention…I feel a little like Sherlock Holmes right now with all this deduction work.

Halloween 2013 Nikki


Nikki Sims 2013 Halloween

I don’t know if this is what Nikki Sims is going to be for Halloween but I would recommend it.  She is waering this super sexy leather outfit that really shows off those big breasts of hers.  She then takes them out and does her best to have the chains hide her nipples.  The pictures are all very erotic and have a feeling they’re going for the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing here.  I didn’t read the book but I heard there is a lot of bondage in it and after it came out girls have been becoming more and more fascinated with it.

Batter Up


Nikki sims batter up

Now this is how to do a shot! Nikki Sims shows us the proper use of a shotglass as she cups a couple onto her nipples, getting her big tits grabbed and her panties pulled up into her pussy by the lucky photographer in this photoshoot from her own site. This girl is hot as blazes, I’m sure you’re familiar with Nikki but if not this is a hell of an introduction…she’s got her Batter Up shirt on and that means it’s a party night as she takes a shot from between those boobs and downs it, getting ready for a little afterparty when the bar shuts down. I don’t know who let her behind the bar in the first place, she doesn’t seem like she’d be a very efficient bartender with all the breast-grabbing and cameltoe-tugging and nipple pulling, but man oh man I bet she gets some crazy big tips! Batter up, party down indeed. Hopefully you don’t do so many shots that you forget what happened at the bar, but I guess if that happens you at least have these photos to remember your crazy night by.

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