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Alexis Returns!


Alexis Returns To FTV Girls

I am ashamed that I didn’t make a gallery of Alexis when she first came on FTV Girls but I am making up for it now!  She is just amazing I mean look at how amazing that tight pussy is!  She not only has a perfect pussy but you have to check out these tits.  She has this awesome full perky tits that look more fake then real but I swear she is all natural.  In this update you get to see her fucking herself with a lot of different toys and food, yea food it’s a FTV Girls thing I think.  The video I have in this gallery first shows you all the different things she did in this update and then there is a extended video of her using this long pink dildo that she just loves fucking herself with.  She does it in a couple of different positions and then she gives it a little ride.

Adriana in bed


Adriana on Met Art

Adriana is just incredible gorgeous, there’s no two ways about it. In this Met Art photoshoot she’s playing around in bed, lifting the covers over her head and goofing around, looking sexy as hell. With those long perfect legs and her perky tits (not to mention a supermodel-caliber face) she is a vision of loveliness from head to toe and from the way she spreads her legs wide open I’d say she’s got a touch of the naughty in her as well! Nothing wrong with that, it gives a little spice to life if you ask me.

Blue polka dot bikini


Ivy Snow masturbating outdoors

Have you noticed any kind of pattern lately? All the girls in the adult world seem to be flocking in droves outside for the first sun of the year, dusting off their bikinis and getting ready for a hot couple of seasons by the pool! In this gallery from her own site, edgy tattooed redhead Ivy Snow is showing off her blue polka dot bikini before just stripping down nude and getting into a hot outdoor masturbation session, fingering her tight pussy and grabbing those big tits as she enjoys a nice cool breeze.

Bryci Blowjob


Bryci Blowjob

I think those of you who visit this site enough have the pulse of the porn Internet and already know about Bryci doing hardcore now.  Those of you are just finding this out by reading this blog post then you guys first and foremost need to start visiting our site more!  Second you need to check out Bryci all dressed up in red lingerie giving her boyfriend a blowjob.  She doesn’t just give him head but she also lets him bust his nut on her face / in her mouth.  If you have been wondering if Bryci is a swallower or not you can get your answer you just have to join her site and watch this video!

Callie Cyprus


Callie Cyprus Babes Network

Babes Network has came out with a very nice scene with Callie Cyprus.  She is super petite with a sexy little ass and tits.  Her boyfriend carries her to the bed and then she sucks his dick and then returns the favori by eating her out.  They start to fuck and it ends with him pulling out and dropping his cum all over this sexy little teen ass.

Gemma and her apple


Gemma apple Met Art

Sexy long-haired Gemma was planning to eat an apple but I guess the ADD is kicking in because instead, she tossed it around a little and played with it, then forgot completely about her snack and got naked instead for this Met Art shoot. She’s got an incredible body with perky little boobies and a great firm tight ass that she grabs…who needs an apple anyway? Now that I look closer though, it looks like her titties are about the same size as apples so maybe she was just using it as a measurement tool.

Madison Is Back!


Madison Chandler Is Back

FTV Girls is into some weird shit!  I don’t know if it’s the guy that shoots this site or if it’s the actual members who just love to see girls fucking a corn cobb.  They do it all the time so it’s kind of like there style and definitely not a fluke.  Here is Madison Chandler back for a second visit to FTV Girls. When Madison was first on FTV Girls she was only known as Madison to me but now that it’s been a year or two she is a full fledge pornstar and she has a last name.  It’s funny when you see so much porn you can always tell if a girl is a real amateur or it’s a porn chick just by whether the girl has a last name or not.

Briana’s Camel Toe


Hell Of A Cameltoe

Is it spelled “Camel Toe” or “Comeltoe” I would like a definitive answer on this by the end of the day!  Briana Lee Extreme is always showing off that amazing perfect pussy of hers but this picture got me!  You actually get to see her fucking it with a toy in the back of the car in this gallery, but I think this picture is the real winner.

Nataly Von Egg


Nubiles Nataly Von

Call up the 1970s because Nataly Von has stolen their space-age velvet lined egg chair in this Nubiles photoshoot! Nataly looks hot as hell as she pulls her shirt, showing off those perky little boobies and lifting her legs to finger her tight shaved pussy for these sexy shots. She keeps her socks on the whole time which some people might just think is lazy but which I think ups the sexiness factor by about 5!

Lazy Afternoon


Zoey Paige Passion HD

Is it me or does everyone love a Lazy Afternoon?  It looks like Zoey Paige loves them just as much probably even more because she gets laid during hers.  If I was dating Zoey I would just lay around with her all day fucking her as much as I could.  After you watch this Passion HD film of her giving a very sensual blowjob you will definitely want to bang this 18 year old as well.  She is super cute that face of hers is just down right pretty.  I usually am not a big fan of short hair but I think Zoey pulls it off well.  The scene ends with the guy jerking himself off and dropping one hell of a load in Zoey’s mouth.  She does what a good girl should do and swallows every last bit, even wiping some off that of her face and eating it, she does need her protein right?

Angel Dark Tree Nudes


Angel on Met Art

When you’re as hot as Angel (is it Angel Dark? I think so) you can get naked pretty much any old where and it’ll be sexy as hell…to prove this point she heads to a meadow and shows off that incredible body by an old tree stump. Why a tree stump? Does it matter? She’s got a great butt and long legs and sexy big titties and she’s showing it all off in the nude so just take what you can get, is the way I look at it.

Spring Break Time!


Brooke Marks Spring Break

I can never get enough of this girl Brooke Marks.  She doesn’t release much promo material to us sites but when she does it’s a good day!  Here she is in a gallery which is suppose to let her members see what she is going to wear out to her Spring Break vacation.  It’s a super sexy little hello kitty bikini, it’s like made of just beads.  She then takes it off and does her best to hide her tits and pussy but she does a poor job, she is probably drunk already.  You don’t get to see that good stuff in promo stuff though if you want to really see Brooke naked or even cam with her live you have to be a member so join already!

Secret Weapon


Secret Weapon X Art

X Art has another Scarlet scene that went up on their site this time it’s just a gallery of her masturbating.  Most of you are going to like the hardcore scene she did with Chloe Foster entitled Fashion Models better but for those of you who don’t like dick in your porn this is right up your alley.  Scarlet starts off by just trying to get herself to orgasm with her fingers, she seems right at the edge of a orgasm for quite some time.  She just can’t seem to get over the hump if you will.  So the guy who was filming her scene with her brought out the “Secret Weapon” it’s this long vibrator with like a egg type shape at the end.  It’s mostly meant for a g-spot orgasm but Scarlet uses it on her clit and makes herself cum.  Once she makes her self cum from her clit she stands to use the toy on her g-spot and that’s when she has a really intense orgasm.

Sara Luvv FTV Girls


Sara Luvv FTV Girls

You guys have seen this girl before and now she is on my favorite site FTV Girls!  They have her doing some pretty risky public nudity she gets caught a bunch of times but she doesn’t even give a shit.  Sara Luvv is able to ahve some super hot real orgasm and she takes on some pretty huge dildos.  She tries anal beads but not in her ass just in her pussy but she likes to!  They bring out one of those super scary toys it almost looks like a spike and she rides that thing to orgasm which I will have to say is definitely a first time for me!  The video I have for you is a little trailer of all the different scenes that Sara did for FTV as well as a extended version of her using this super strong vibrator.  It’s one of the many toys that FTV has that I have never not scene a girl orgasm to, Sara is no different.

Nothing But Lotion


Nikki Sims Naked

I would consider Nikki Sims being straight up naked in this latest gallery from her website Nikki’s Playmates.  She has nothing but little dabs of lotion on her nipples and that’s suppose to mean she isn’t naked, YEA RIGHT!  Enjoy these lovely natural breasts I know I have for like the past 5 years or something crazy like that.  Nikki has one of the longest run websites of any girl I know and the reason it’s last that long?  Well it’s because she knows how to treat her members obviously so become one already and see what you’re missing out on.

Kennedy’s Casting


Kennedy Leigh Casting Couch X

You guys are about to see one super hot video and I didn’t fuck around and make like a trailer this is pretty much like the full video!  It’s from one of my favorite models Kennedy Leigh.  I like this girl because she has a nice body her tits are what I really like just how full they are and perky.  This is the first sex tape she ever made because the guy who made it with her is her agent.  He also runs a website called Casting Couch X, he probably make more on the site then he does getting these girls jobs.  Since you have seen Kennedy on Passion HD and other sites I can’t really think of right now you know that he has gotten her other jobs.  Let’s go back though and see where it all began!  What a crazy way to get into the porn business I might add.  You would think a girl with get a facial like the one in this video and never want to do it again.  Kennedy loves herself some cum though!

Bryci Hardcore


Bryci Hardcore

I have been trying to tell you guys about Bryci doing hardcore now for some time so this should not be a shock to most of you.  The scene is Bryci tying up her boyfriend and having her way with him.  She actually treats him really good if you ask me because he gets a blowjob and then she rides his cock.  The way she was all dressed up like a dominatrix I thought for sure she would be sitting on his face making him eat her pussy and just teasing him.  She isn’t a tease in this video though pleasing him like only Bryci can!

Randi FTV Girls


Randi FTV Girls

Totally girl nex door for you guys her name is Randi and FTV Girls has her doing the typical FTV stuff.  Public masturbation which is was able to have a orgasm when she did it out in public.  She is one of those total health nuts or something because you don’t get a body like this by not being one.  The video I have for you guys shows everything that goes on in her video at the beginning and then a extended video of her masturbating with a large ribbed vibrating dildo, you have to check it out!

Young Love


Young Love Joymii

Young Love is fun to watch isn’t it?  Well Joymii paid this couple Amirah and Max to come to a shoot for them where they do what they usually do every other day and that’s fuck.  Amirah puts on his white shirt and takes him for a ride and you get to see those small little titties bouncing all around.  She is pretty freaking cute and the erotic style in which Joymii makes there porn really makes this a great scene.  I always forget to go look for the new stuff they have put out but today I didn’t forget!  Now you guys have to send me some thank you notes or something.

Schoolgirl geek cutie


Catie Minx schoolgirl

OK sure, we’ve all seen a billion cute girls wearing a schoolgirl outfit and looking sexy but Catie Minx is really doin it up right in this update from her own solo website! She’s got that sweet and innocent look that says she’s never had detention in her life but that body language and of course her sweet perky little titties and ass that say she’s ready to make it count in this photoshoot! Watch her bend over and show off what must be one of the top ten asses in the world.

Pammie Lee classy


Pammie Lee Met Art

Remember in the movie Ghostbusters when Sigourney Weaver’s character was possessed and her hair got all fucked up? Well that’s a little bit like what Pammie Lee’s hair looks like in this Met Art update as she sits in her lingerie and stockings on a stool…she does look hot as hell, nonetheless, so don’t get me wrong. I’m not sure about the hair cultivation she’s got going on around that pussy, though…she keeps it in check but man she might be part werewolf.

Bryci Bubble Bath


Bryci Bubble Bath

Bryci has probably the hottest site on the Internet right now because this girl is now doing hardcore porn!  She is doing it with her boyfriend now because she thought why not, you’re only young once right?  I couldn’t agree more, probably because I just love seeing this hardcore stuff from her.  In pictures show off that perfect body of hers, I mean look how tight that pussy of hers is!  Perfect bald too, she’s just the best!  Bryci has a whole site dedicated to her that she personally runs herself with the help of her man.  They started off not even showing any of her private parts but the more comfortable she has become the more explicite her site has become.  I am pretty sure this site has a little something for everyone now, so check it out!

Carmen Teen Model


Carmen Teen Model

There is one hot Teen Model for you guys her name is Carmen.  She has those nice firm tits that you usually only see on 18 to 19 year olds.  She is out by the pool getting naked and skinny dipping every once in a while.  After a bitch she starts to finger that tight pussy of hers giving herself the pleasure that only she knows how to give.

Leona E in the flowers


Met Art Leona E

It’s like something out of a dream as Leona E relaxes in the tall grass for Met Art, her beautiful nude body covered in flower petals as she lays on the blanket! Soon though she shakes them off, standing up to stretch and brush herself clean before bending over to spread her pretty pink pussy and give us a nice look at that sexy round ass of hers. In these photos she’s pretty much another flower in the field of blossoms! Was that poetic or what.

Assfucked Princess


Assfucked Princess

That’s right ladies and gentlemen you’re getting another Anjelica gallery!  It’s like you lucky day or something.  This one those is from the sister site of Wow Girls, it’s aptly named Wow Porn.  Not to be confused with that one video game that everyone calls WOW.  Anjelica is not just having sex in this gallery though you get to see her at her best and that’s her getting fucked in the ass!  You wouldn’t expect it from her but she loves a good ass fucking.  I know you have seen other gallery of her having anal before but this one is brand new and I bet most of you haven’t seen it.  Wow Porn is much like Wow Girls except for the fact that they don’t mess around with softcore stuff, they’re all about erotic porn.

Little White Dress


Kates Playground Basic Instinct

Kate’s Playground sure hasn’t lost it has she?  She is wearing a sexy little white dress and nothing on underneath it.  She is just one of my all time favorite models because of this perfect all natural body of hers.  The red high heels with the red couch is a nice touch I must say.  The gallery is suppose to be kind of a play on Basic Instinct.  I just wish she was cross her legs and give us a little peak at that amazing pusys of hers!

Bailey Knox Lapdance


Bailey Knox Lap Dance

First we get to see Bailey Knox giving a handjob and now we are getting her to see her give a lap dance!  I wonder what she is going to do next?  I mean I have a guess but I don’t want to say it out loud just in case I jinx myself.  This girl is very very very good looking I am a big fan of that nice little ass of hers.  It looks even better in that white thong she is wearing.  If you want to see the full video of this you’re going to have to join her personal website, if you are okay with just picture then go ahead and check out this gallery I made.

Catie Minx pink love


Catie Minx loves pink

I don’t know what school the Wildcats play for but man they sure seem to have a hot student body if Catie Minx is any indication! This sexy and adorable brunette is waering her jersey top and tiny little denim shorts that show off her gorgeous little ass nicely, but she really gets into things when she strips completely nude. With an ass and bald pussy and perky little boobies like Catie’s got she has every right to be grinning in every shot!

Webcam Ride


Briana Webcam Ride

Part of the reason you join a solo girls site like Briana Lee Extreme is because you get to cam with them.  That’s what is going on in this picture set that Briana Lee also streamed live to her members.  She is using this nice big clear dildo and she finds all kinds of different ways to fuck that amazing pussy of hers.  The video doesn’t exactly match for this gallery but I just had to show you guys the strap-on sex scene had with this cute black girl named Coco.  They are friends in real life and it looks like the decided to become fuck buddies!

Beach Baby


Beach Baby X Art

Clover is back on X Art in a scene they call Beach Baby.  This is just another one of her nude galleries, erotic nudes I should say.  She has done a couple of harder lesbian sex scenes before for them and I am waiting for her to do a hardcore scene for X Art.  I bet you dollars to donuts that she will have one at some point, you heard it here first!

Met Art Candice


Candice for Met Art

Sexy skinny blonde Candice looks like she knows exactly what she wants and knows just how to get it in this Met Art photoshoot! I don’t know what it is, just something about the determination on her face as she spreads her shaved pussy and grabs those big sexy full breasts of hers while she poses nude on a rooftop garden or something.

Nikki Show Nipples


Nikki Sims Showing Her Nipples

Nikki Sims is sitting here showing off those big natural tits of hers.  She doesn’t flash her nipples a lot in her promo material but I totally see one right here.  I mean this shirt is so holy you could call it the pope.  It’s a special day when you get to see this babe nude, especially not being a member of her site like the mast majority of you.  I am not a slouch though and got one and man is it good let me tell you!  My favorite part of about being one though is the weekly cam shows she does, that’s when she gets real kinky.

Elegant Bliss


Zoey Paige Elegant Bliss

I love a girl dressed to the nines in lingerie.  Nubile Films has made that dream come true in this new video called Elegant Bliss.  The model who is have some very erotic sex in this scene is a new girl named Zoey Paige.  She is very small with cute perky tits and a innocent looking face.  Nubile Films made this video to be romantic as possible I think there is even a fire going in the high rise condo they are in just to set the modd a little better.  The video I have on this gallery is going to be very long so if you want to just see the good stuff I would suggest fast forwarding a minute or two and that’s whent he good sex really starts happening.

Kennedy FTV


Kennedy Leigh FTV Girls

That is one fine looking lady right there isn’t it?  I love how she is all dressed up for business but has her nice full tits hanging out…  Her name is Kennedy Leigh and the video I have for you is from FTV Girls.  These guys are really good at masturbating videos and just erotic nude photos.  The pictures are some of the best on the entire Internet but the video is really where it’s at.  I mean lets be honest here how many of us will join a site because of the pictures?  Like 2 people I thin, no I checked 2 people for sure.  I am a big fan of girls with glasses on and Kennedy Leigh is very easy on the eyes when she has 4 eyes, yep I just did that.

Nubiles Gina Gerson


Nubiles with Gina Gerson

This petite teen hottie is Gina Gerson and she’s here to show that big things cum in small packages! Watch her grab this older guy’s dick out of his pants and give him a nice blowjob before getting her tight teen pussy licked and fucked for Nubiles. She doesn’t even bother taking off her clothing, she just pushes it to her waist like a belt as she gets that bald pussy rammed!

Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Amateur Allure

That is one pretty face is it not?  Her name is Lacy Channing and you are about to be a very happy camper after you watch this little video I made for you.  It’s from Amateur Allure and you just know it’s good if it’s coming from them!  Lacy here is dressed up in a very sexy dress, her make-up is done perfectly I think she couldn’t look any hotter and I have seen quite a few scenes with this young starlet.  She sucks and fucks this guy really good swallowing two of his loads like a good girl always does.  There was just so many good pictures from this update I had a hard time whittling it done.  That’s good for you guys though because that means this gallery is really big from the video to the pictures it’s your guys’ lucky day!

Casting Lacy Channing


Lacy Channing Casting Couch X

Lacy Channing just got her audition sex tape release over at Casting Couch X.  The guy who is her agent always takes his models for a test run before he gets them jobs.  I think once Lacy put her legs behind her head like this while he was fucking her he knew that she was going to be getting a lot of work!  It’s pretty smart doing what he does because not only does he get to bang a lot of hot girls but he also gets to remain anonymous.  Plus he gets a really nice tape to send to other porn producers so they can see just what kind of work these models put out.  If I had to great Lacy I would say she is a perfect 10 and I mean that!

Kiera Late For Work


Late For Work Kiera Winters

Kiera Winters is going to be a little late for work after this long sex romp with her boyfriend.  The scene comes from X Art, it’s funny because I can just tell it’s X-Art from the way the picture looks I have seen so much of their porn I have the pegged.  The two of them start off in the kitchen and once they know they’re both in the mood they make a run for the bed in their loft and get to fucking.  I am sure the boss is going to be happy with your excuse Kiera the ole “I’m late cause I was fucking” probably hasn’t ever been used before.



Dee Backroom Casting Couch

This look of shock eyes of Dee here is because she has a dick in her ass for the first time in her life.  She has fucked a ton of guys but she pretty much just likes them fucking her pussy.  She doesn’t even like to give head can you believe that shit?  Well lucky for all the guys who fuck her after she did this audition for Backroom Casting Couch she was turned out by Rick.  Not only did he have her giving him head for a long time but he put it in her ass as I said earlier.  I don’t know what Rick is thinking sometimes but he had this girl riding him on the couch and she was giving him the good ride and he was about to cum and he told her to stop.  She did but while she was stop Rick was just cumming in her pussy giving her a creampie.  She wasn’t happy at all about it but when he said he would buy her a plan B pill she was down to try anal.  Rick got his dick hard again and stuffed it in there, what a great scene this turned out to be, good job Rick!

Bryci Black Bikini


Bryci Black Bikini

Bryci is looking pretty fucking hot in this spike high heels and the black bikini.  If you think this is good wait until you see the actual gallery where she is fucking that amazing tight pussy of hers with a big pink dildo.  That’s right I bet you guys aren’t use to seeing such a babe doing such naughty things.  If you join her site you could see her doing everything and I mean everything including hardcore!  Bryci just started doing hardcore like last week so get on it and check it out already, I have and it’s everything you could hope for and more!



Lyanna FTV Girls

I wanted to just show you guys how cute this chick is before you get locked on her tits and can’t see anything else… She is all natural and on top of that she pierced her nipples so it’s pretty distracting I must say.  FTV Girls gets you away from looking at Lyanna breasts a couple of times and that’s when she is fucking her pussy with a dildo or using a vibrator to give herself a real orgasm.  This girl is like a classy alternative girl if you know what I am saying.  She can cover up all those tattoo’s and look like the innocent girl next door.  Or she can show them off and you can be like that’s one badass chick.

Sweet Krissy Valentines


Sweet Krissy Valentines Treat

Valentines Day has come and gone but with Sweet Krissy the fun never ends! She’s got her sexy lingerie on in this update from her own site, grabbing her huge perfect tits and bending over to show off her tight sexy ass. With that string thong on her butt looks even hotter than it usually does, and we all know how hot her butt usually looks right? Might hot, my friends…mighty hot. This is a hell of a Valentines Day treat.

Another Night


Chloe Foster X Art

This is the new X Art gallery it’s called Another Night and it stars a model that X Art calls Bunny.  I know her by a different name Chloe Foster just because of her scenes she did for Passion HD (1, 2).  I will go with Bunny though because well it’s just easier and X Art is the shit so what they say pretty much goes.  I don’t have a video attached to this gallery quite yet but I assure you at some point it will go up.  Right now though you are just going to have to enjoy these beautiful pictures of Chloe getting her pussy eaten out and then her being fucked, enjoy!

Bryci Shower Sex


Bryci Shower Sex

I don’t know if you guys know this but Bryci is having sex on her site now!  Yea, my mind is just spinning too!  This makes her the best solo girl you could possibly join!  Here is a little gallery that features her shower sex scene of course as well as some very sexy pictures of her in this white nightie that she gets all wet in the shower.  I don’t know which I like better to be honest I mean I can just look at Bryci’s perfect body all day if I had too.  Make sure to take the tour of her site to see all the kinky stuff she is getting into now…  It really is just the best solo girl on the Internet right now you have my word on that!

Lacy Teen Fidelity


Lacy Channing Teen Fidelity

It’s been a while since my last Teen Fidelity gallery so I thought I would hook you up with a awesome video of Lacy Channing getting fucked.  This is her first time on Teen Fidelity but with the way Ryan fucked her I wouldn’t be surprised if she begged him to cum back.  Lacy is new to porn and has that fresh look that I am always looking for.  Nice “teen” body with firm tits and a tight ass a lot of people would just die to fuck her.  Well this is probably as close as you are going to get some close your eyes and pretend that your Ryan here.



Hannah FTV Girls

Hannah here is quite easy on the eyes I must say!  She has a great ass with that bikini bottom tan line that I always find hot.  The scene is from FTV Girls and you know how they select their babe it’s only the cream of the crop with them.  Hannah is quite the athletic girl and they really show that off in the videos and pictures that they did with her.  Like all FTV Girls Hannah was able to find the right toy, the right place and have a orgasm while masturbating.  She says it’s usually really hard for her but she doesn’t quite have the same arsenal that FTV Girls does when it comes to toys LOL!

Met Art Nikky Case


Nikky Case on Met Art

Met Art loves to spin our heads in circles so it’s no wonder that lovely Nikky Case is posing in a huge circle in this hot photoset! Nikky loves a good round hole so she seems pretty comfortable in this setting as she spreads her long lean legs, showing off her shaved pussy and of course those delectable titties of hers. Usually I don’t like those fancy gold belts but man this time it’s working in her favor for sure, the metal sparkling against her smooth gorgeous skin.

Nikki Does Anal


Nikki Casting Couch X

I think you guys are going to like this newest model named Nikki from Casting Couch X.  She has a nice meaty pussy but this guy barely even fucks it instead he spends most of his time fucking that tight ass of hers.  For being such a newbie she does a really good job at having anal.  I mean he is pretty much able to pound away at it and she just lets him do his thing.  Nikki just moved to L.A. and wants to be a pornstar and with a performance like this I think that the guys who run this talent agency are going to beable to find her some work!  What do you guys think?

Bailey Knox Handjob


Bailey Knox Giving A Handjob

Bailey Knox is moonlighting as a masseuse the kind that gives happy endings.  This is pretty crazy considering when Bailey Knox first started her website it was hard to get a glimpse of her fucking nipples!  Bailey is super hot and a solo girl that you can get to know if you want by joining her site, or you can just follow the links in this gallery and buy the zip set of this scene and you’re all done no hidden charges which is always nice.

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