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Butt Dialing


Butt Dialing

I guess it shouldn’t really surprise me that Misty Gates is shoving a phone charger in her ass and then plugging her phone into it to have a conversation, but I’ve gotta admit it did throw me for a loop for a second. This girl is somethin else…tons of personality to go along with her gorgeous face and that tight lean petite sexy body, it makes for one amazing package all around! This photoshoot comes from her own solo site, which is as you can imagine always an interesting place…she’s wearing a crazy black and green swimsuit that looks like it’s made out of the Matrix and then strips down to squirt a little lube on her tight balloon knot and shove her phone charger in there! Misty says she gets better reception this way but I don’t know, she could just be talking out of her ass…

did you see what I did there?

Baby Blue


Baby Blue

Click to see Nikki Sims on Nikki Sims!

Get ready to get wild with beautiful Nikki Sims in another hot shoot from her own website! Nikki is wearing her favorite outfit in this photoshoot, namely a black tshirt and a pair of tight jeans, and then takes her new black and white flowery sheets for a spin. This girl knows how to show off those big sexy tits of hers to her best advantage, slowly peeling off her baby blue bra and rolling around in her matching colored panties looking sexy as hell…Nikki’s got big soft full tits, a fantastic tight ass and a beautiful face and loves to get down and party so head on in! Nikki has moved closer and closer to the MILF zone and has never stopped looking sexy as all-get-out, so enjoy these shots of a beautiful busty bodacious blonde having a little fun in the bedroom…she’s teasing and messing around but from the look in her eye I’d say Nikki has a thing or two in mind for the evening!

Hairbrush DP


Hairbrush DP

Click to see Brooke on Brookes Playhouse!

If you’re ever at Brooke‘s house and ask to borrow a hairbrush, make sure you’ve watched this update from her site Brookes Playhouse first, is my advice! Brooke loves to play with her brushes, so besides just giving her long soft dark hair a daily brushing she also likes to slide those things up that sweet perfect tight cunt! She started out slowly undressing from that sexy black dress, teasing with her huge perfect boobs and those skimpy little pink thong panties, using the nearby mirror to her advantage so we can get a glimpse of her little pussy and that tight firm round ass at the same time. None of that has anything to do with hairbrushes though and I promised you guys some hairbrush fun, but just hold tight…you’re in for a treat! Once she’s totally naked except for her wedges Brook gets busy with her brushes, sliding one in and out of her pussy and another in her ass at the same time for a little Double Penetration! You’d never think it to look at this angelic beauty with those big innocent eyes but Brooke loves anal and loves to tease, so this update is a win-win all around for everyone involved.




Click to see Cassidy on FTV Girls!

It’s always great to see a fresh faced teen hottie doing her very first experience in the adult industry, and especially when they do so at FTV Girls! You know they’re gonna have a blast, showing off naked in public and masturbating and just having a good time exploring their sexual side, and it’ll all be captured in super high quality photography and videos. This week’s FTV Girls update features Cassidy, a sexy 18 year old ex cheerleader with long legs, perky boobies and a fantastic ass, not to mention a heart-stoppingly adorable smile! Cassidy plays around in the park, letting her tits out of her shirt and pulling her little shorts aside to flash that tight teen pussy as people walk by unaware of the hotness just behind them. Apparently Cassidy hit it off with popular FTV model Addison too, as evidenced by the fact that they were kissing and groping and making out with each other! I’d love see a girl-girl set with these two horny bisexual beauties, and I bet you guys would too…we’ll see what happens! Lovers of tall leggy teen cuties with nice titties and tight little cunts, you’re in luck because Cassidy is going to be like a dream cum true for you guys. She also gets into some foot fetish fun and dancing in the nude, all kinds of great stuff in the inimitable FTV Girls style!

Kenna James



Obviously this Zishy photoshoot was from back in Autumn but it’s definitely a winner, with beautiful Kenna James along for the ride as she and the photographer headed to a pumpkin patch for the quintessential fall celebration! They made the long drive out to the farm but Kenna didn’t seem overwhelmed by it; I know that I get pretty grumpy after a long-ass drive and the last thing I would want would be to get my picture taken…I guess Kenna has more patience than I do because even after traffic and a long ride she was perky and fun and having a good ol time flashing that sweet sexy ass from under that long white dress! She explores the pumpkin patch, flashing and teasing all along the way and looking for the perfect pumpkin for her jack-o-lantern…from getting lost in a corn maze and climbing a haybale pyramid to flash her panties, this girl is sexy as hell and looks like a ton of fun just to spend the afternoon with! That’s one of the great things about Zishy, they’re really good at bringing out the personality of a model so you get to know them apart from their obvious outer beauty.




I’m sure you guys have all read the fairy tale about Goldilocks at some point in your life, about how she broke into the house of some poor bears and ate their food and slept in their beds…man, Goldilocks was a jerk! I would bet you probably haven’t heard about her cousin Goldisucks, though! Bryci here is dressed up as Goldisucks walking around with those big perfect tits just barely held in check by her top, and she ran across this guy…she’d been trying all day to find just the right cock to suck but they had been either too huge to fit into her mouth or too small to have any fun with, but luckily this guy’s cock was just right and she proceeded to give him a fantastic blowjob right there out in the open! She was on her knees next to his car as she got those big tits out and went to work on his cock, sucking him deep and looking up at him with those beautiful dark eyes until he couldn’t help but bust a load right into her mouth! Bryci always looks incredible of course but it’s fun little dress-up shoots like this one that keep all the guys interested…well, that and the fact that she’s got those big absolutely gorgeous boobs!

Sexy Cardigan


Sexy Cardigan

Click to see Nikki Sims on video!

I love a girl in a cardigan…especially when she’s as gorgeous as Nikki Sims in this hot update from her own site! Nikki just keeps getting hotter and hotter and somehow her tits keep getting bigger, or else that’s just in my imagination…I’d better do some hands-on research to figure it out for sure, it’s important for science. Anyway in this photoshoot our girl Nikki is teasing like crazy…by the end of the shoot she’s down to just her thong and her cardigan, and her big juicy boobs are peeking out as it hangs open! She had to go find something in the attic and climbed up the ladder, giving us a great view of that stunning firm tight ass of hers as well as some side-boob action…this girl is just merciless!

Addison Is Back


Addison 3rd time ftv girls

Your eyes are not deceiving you and no, this is not a dream…beautiful Addison is back for a third (and fourth, really, since this is a double update combined into one) time on FTV Girls! She’s one of the hottest models on the site if you ask me and I guess a lot of the other FTV members agree because they keep requesting more and more Addison…well, apparently the photographer was listening because he brought this stunner back for a whole new shoot! If you missed out or just want to experience the hotness that is Addison again, I’ve got her first time and her second time on FTV Girls linked right there for you…I think FTV is the only place you can find this girl, by the way, so don’t bother scouring other sites hoping for some more footage of this beauty! With her big perfect tits, nice sexy juicy ass, drop dead gorgeous face as well as her sexual openness and comfort level this girl is definitely something special…she isn’t afraid to get those big boobs out in public, flashing any lucky passers-by as she jogged around totally nude, then headed back to the house to get into some fun in private! She masturbates to orgasm multiple times here and even gets into some kinky fun, fucking herself with veggies and fruits and playing around with a water hose…you’ll just have to check it all out for yourself, there’s more going on with Addison than I have time or space to even talk about here! Trust me, you’ll love it.

Pool Table POV


Pov pool table brookes playhouse

Talk about racking em up…Brooke here from Brookes Playhouse was playing a little billiards with her boyfriend, knocking those balls around and showing her stick handling skills, leaning way over as she shot to make sure he got a nice eyeful of those huge perfect tits of hers. She had a fantasy about using the pool table for some naughty purposes and when her man saw those juicy big boobs of hers he was more than down to lend a helping cock to make it cum true! She hopped up on the pool table and started undoing her top, letting htose magnificent mammaries out to play and slipping her jeans down her legs along with those cute little panties, sliding her cue stick up and down between her tits and then taking her man’s cock into her mouth! He was hard as a rock after checking out her titties of course and gave her a nice hard facefucking, getting a sweet blowjob in POV perspective before shooting a load of cum into Brooke’s mouth for her to swallow down!

Candy Ass Creampie


Brookes playhouse anal creampie

If you guys have checked out Brookes Playhouse already you know this chick Brooke is nova-hot am I right? If you haven’t, well my friend you’re about to get a crash course in sexy because this busy babe is hanging out in Vegas with her boyfriend in one of those candy bikinis…I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these things but just so you know they usually just fall right off a girl, so the fact that Brooke’s tits are big and perky and juicy enough to support that candy bikini top should be a clue that this girl is somethin special! That’s not even the best part though, hold onto your hats because when her boyfriend chomps the candy off of Brooke’s big boobs and her sexy hips he proceeds to fuck that tight wet pussy of hers and then she guides his cock into her back door for a nice hard anal pounding! That’s right, this girl is a big fan of anal…is she perfect or what LOL! She takes the guy’s load in her ass for an anal creampie, letting it drip down onto that tight pink cunt of hers…if I hadn’t seen her take a load in the butt with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed this stunner with her innocent face would be up for naughty hardcore fun like that. It’s the sort of thing you find on her site though, she’s full of surprises!

Brooke Butt Plug


Brooke using A Butt Plug

Brooke and her boyfriend have this whole fucking thing down they look like they do a lot of it LOL.  They seem to be on vacation or something but they brought along their camera crew.  So they at first interview the couple on the street and Brooke is so damn hot she is getting people honking at her while they drive by.  Well guys this chick isn’t for you in fact the closest you will get is Brookes Playhouse LOL.  They end up going back to the place they are staying where you get to see them fucked.  The hottest part of the video is when Brooke puts in her butt plug, she loves something in there when she is fucking and I guess she doesn’t leave home without it!  I don’t know how this video ends because I haven’t watched it yet but as soon as I am done here I am jumping in the members area and checking it out, this girl is one of my new favorites and probably the best solo site you could join!

Megan Rain and Sophia


Megan and sophia on ftv girls

Welcome back to two of the cutest spinners ever to be on FTV Girls, Megan Rain and Sophia! You might remember Megan Rain as Meagan and Sophia has also been on the site before but hey, things change. What doesn’t change is the fact that two sexy girls getting together to get into some naughty fun is fucking hot as hell am I right? Usually when FTV Girls does a girl-girl scene like this the two models are already lovers or at least friends, but this time around the girls didn’t really know each other at all beforehand. You can see that there were definitely sparks flying between these two…Megan and Sophia jumped right into things, making out and stripping each other down and exploring each others body with their hands and lips and tongues and even deploying some fun toys like strap-on dildos and magic wand vibrators! These two have sexy tight little bodies and are cute as hell…if I might present my opinion here I would have to say that Megan Rain is hands down hotter but Sophia and her braces are certainly cute and both of them are obviously horny as hell! Usually on FTV Girls you can expect a good bit of public nudity and flashing and stuff but this time the girls mostly stay indoors, they’re just too busy fucking each other like lesbians to venture outside!

Wherever I May Roam


Nikki sims wherever i may roam

So hey what’s your favorite Metallica song? If it’s Wherever I May Roam you’re in luck because that’s the song that Nikki Sims here is dancing to in this photo and videoshoot from her own site, flashing those big full juicy titties as she plays with her neon green mesh dress…I guess if you hate Metallica you can just turn the volume down or something and still enjoy the video so hey it’s got a little something for everyone (or more like a lot something). As she dances around her mesh dress thing rides up, letting that firm tight toned ass of hers peek out of the bottom, showing that sexy little black thong show! Nikki slowly gets more and more naked as she strips to the song, eventually just wearing a pair of high heel shoes and a smile as she rolls around in the nude on the couch. This chick is sexy as hell and she really knows how to drive a guy wild, I doin’t know if it’s her big tits or those dance moves or what but she just has a bit of magic about her if you ask me!

Snowy Sexy


Sexy in the snow

It’s officially spring but word on the street is that there are plenty of places around the country that are still blanketed in a cold-ass layer of snow and ice! Sorry ladies and gents, them’s the breaks I guess, it’s 70 and sunny here. Anyway as a gesture of solidarity with my frozen brethren I’ve got a photoshoot here featuring Nikki Sims from Nikkis Playmates in a sexy snowy sceen, wrapped in a white fur that barely holds those big beautiful titties in check as the wind whips through the trees, brushing her locks of hair around as she poses, stomping around in her huge-ass yeti boots! This girl is sexy as hell, I’m surprised there’s even any snow left around her feet after this shoot; I would have thought her hotness would have melted it pretty much instantly. Nikki loves to tease and gives us some tantalizing glimpses of those big boobs and her sweet sexy juicy ass, she knows just how sexy she is and knows how to drive a guy wild there’s no doubt about it! She certainly looks like she’s in the mood to wax a few skis, if you catch my drift…my snow drift! Ha ha ha! Sorry.

Melissa May


Melissa may on ftv girls

Some girls do a scene on FTV Girls and call it good, they got their taste of the adult scene and had fun but didn’t want to keep it going as a career…and then there are girls like Melissa May here who are making their entry into the adult industry and are using FTV Girls as a sort of first stop to get gently introduced. FTV is great for a first-time pornstar, there’s no pressure and the girls always seem like they’re having a blast just flashing and masturbating and talking and always seem comfortable. I would imagine a site like that is a rare commodity in the industry, they’re not out looking to get gratuitous or take advantage of their models in any way, it’s mighty nice to see. Plus, the fact that they keep bringing in sexy hot teen honeys like Melissa, that certainly doesn’t hurt matters either! She’s 18 years young with an adorable face, a sexy tight body and plenty of enthusiasm…we get to see plenty of firsts from this cutie, from her first time squirting to her first time fingering herself anally as she flashes in public and masturbates to nice big orgasms in private. She’s a heart-melting girl next door type with a sweet sexy body and is ready to rock the adult industry after a mighty fine update here on FTV!

Red White and Sex


Brooke red white sexy on bp

Get ready to stand up and salute the flag so to speak, as beautiful Brooke shows off her skimpy little one-piece lingerie number in this update from her own site called Red White and Sex! Her website is called Brookes Playhouse by the way, if you’ve never checked it out make sure you take a peek because it’s got tons of fun features and holy smokes this girl is a knockout. Beautiful face, long dark glossy hair, huge perfect tits, sweet round firm ass, toned legs, she’s just got it all and she’s got a fun personality to boot! She was relaxing on the couch playing with herself through that thin lacy fabric when her boyfriend joined her, kissing her all over and grabbing those big juicy boobs just like we all want to do! Soon he’s got Brooke on her hands and knees with that sweet sexy ass in the air, jamming his cock into her wet pussy and fucking her from behinhd….again, just like we all want to do! Those big breasts of hers look magnificent bouncing and dancing as this lucky dude pounds that pussy…Brooke is somethin special alright.

Rayna Marie


Ftvgirls rayna marie

This beautiful auburn-haired teen is Rayna Marie, making her first steps into the world of porn as she made her debut on FTV Girls! As you’d probably expect the quality is second to none with beautiful photography and high resolution videos so you get a crystal clear peek into the fun this girl had…she had never really done any nude modeling before and was understandably a bit shy about getting naked in public but like so many girls before her once she started flashing those nice C-cup breasts of hers and flipping up her dress to show off her sweet pink pussy and nice round ass she started having a ton of fun! Soon she was completely naked going for a hike, giving a nice eyeful to all the other hikers walking around on the mountainside, and then showing off her cheerleader flexibility kicking up her legs and doing the splits! Not all the fun is out in the public eye though, Rayna headed back indoors to get into some nova-hot masturbation scenes as she spread her long labia and gaped and then buzzed her clit with a vibrator until she had a huge squirting orgasm….the video is clear enough that you can easily see her strong orgasmic contractions, this is the real deal you guys! Rayna had some kinky fun doing foot fetish and pouring water into her snatch to squirt it out, even fucking hersel with some of the biggest toys FTV Girls has to offer…and loving every moment of it.

Delilah Blue Car Sex


Delilah Blue Fucking In A Car

This is a new site that I think might already be released but I am not sure it’s called Driver XXX.  It’s a new site from Nubiles Porn so I would just go there and buy a membership there if you like this type of stuff.  It’s basically a site that you’re going to see girls showing their body off while the car is going, giving road head.  Then they eventually pull over and fuck in the car.  The girl who is in this scene is Delilah Blue at first I thought she was going to be a European pornstar but she isn’t.  She has a nice set of tits of her, they’re full and perky.  It’s one of those sites that they guy filming it doesn’t want to be seen on the Internet so he blurs out his face.  They bang in the back of the car and the end of the video has Delilah getting her face covered in cum.

Sex Workout


Brookes playhouse sex workout

I’ve always heard that having sex is like a great aerobic workout and burns so-and-so number of calories and all that, which sounds great to me and a whole lot more fun than spending a bunch of time at the gym! Unless you’re having sex at the gym, in which case make damn sure you wipe down your equipment afterwards or you are one rude son of a bitch. Anyway beautiful brunette Brooke here buys into the idea of a sex workout, that’s for sure! In this update from her own solo website called Brookes Playhouse she and her boyfriend have finished lifting some weights and are ready for a little cardio as they start making out, with the guy grabbing those big perfect breasts of hers and then tugging her little stretchy shorts and thong panties off to reveal a gorgeous nude body as she gets on her knees, sucks his cock until it’s nice and hard, then went for a hard wild ride on his dick! She’s got a phenomenal body with a perfect round ass and those big boobs and of course her supermodel caliber face as she gets fucked, spreading her long legs and playing with her tits as he pounded away at that tight little hole.

Staci Returns


Staci returns to ftv girls

The wait is over ladies and gentlemen, the incredibly gorgeous blonde Staci has returned! This is her second shoot for FTV Girls and if it’s at all possible this might be even hotter than her first time around on the site. I linked her first update right there by the way so if you were unfortunate enough to have missed it the first time ’round make sure you check that out because man oh man is this chick smokin hot. Staci loves getting naked in public and that’s FTV Girls’ bread and butter so to speak, so they give her pretty much free rein and just follow along for the ride as she strips down out of her running pants and tight stretchy top in the park, doing cartwheels and interrupting some guys’ golf game as she scampered around in the nude! The guys didn’t exactly seem super put out by that; they were a little surprised at first but when they got a good look at the situation and saw that Staci is an absolute fucking hottie they were A-OK with having her run around in the buff. After tiring herself out this sporty hottie headed back inside to give her pussy some much-needed attention, gaping and fingering her hole and fucking herself with a shoe heel and a banana and even having some double penetration fun…this girl loves getting a little kinky and looks red hot every step of the way in this FTV Girls shoot, and of course it’s all caught in their high quality photographs and videos!

Kendra Sunderland


Kendra sunderland on ftv girls

I’m sure by now you guys have seen the news reports and articles and stuff about beautiful Kendra Sunderland, she got in hot water for doing a cam show in her University’s library and was I think arrested and then banned from campus because of it! She caused quite a stir and has gotten a lot of attention because of the ruckus, but also because of those perfect big double D natural breasts she’s packin! Now you get a chance to see every inch of that incredible body of hers on FTV Girls…as you know they love to get girls naked in public and Kendra does plenty of that, flashing those huge tits out on the street and even doing some more library play, I guess she just didn’t learn her lesson the first time! Although come to think of it, all the media attention has probably done her a whole lot more good than it has harm; her viral video made her almost a household name among porn fans and when you look at these shots of Kendra nude it’s easy to see why! She plays around in public, grabs her tits and masturbates in private, even does some fun dressup in a football helmet and pads just for giggles. This girl is a stunner and is making the most of her fifteen minutes of fame, make sure you check her out here!

Risky Motorhead


Risky motorhead brookesp layhouse

Did you guys know brunette Brooke here is a bit of a motorhead? She loves motorcycles and loves to get naked in public so it’s no wonder she came out with this shoot called Risky Motorhead getting naked on her bf’s bike! She strips down and tugs off her little panties, showing off that incredible nude body as she mounts up on the seat…there are plenty of girls out there with their own solo sites but usually the girl is either weird looking or boring or both but man, Brooke is a fucking stunner! This scene is from her site Brookes Playhouse and it’s definitely worth checking out, because she not only gets naked in public and shows off her big perfect tits and that sweet round ass, she also gets so turned on by the excitement that she gets her boyfriend to drop trow and gives him a blowjob right there in the parking lot! Apparently she got in trouble for this scene, almost getting arrested even…if you were a member on her site you’d already know, she tells her members all these juicy little tidbits!

Brookes Intense Orgasm


Brookes Intense Orgasm

This is a pretty crazy scene for the only fact that Brooke is really really hot and you just don’t see hot girls like her doing stuff like this!  Her new site Brookes Playhouse is really just no holds barred kind of thing.  She knows how to have an intense orgasm she just needs something in her butt and a strong vibrator.  Well the problem today is she doesn’t have a butt plug but does have a vibrator.  So she makes due by breaking out her hair brush and putting that in her butt!  The video doesn’t really do this justice just because the video inside the members area is really where it is at guys.  This girl is just incredible with her gorgeous face to those big natural tits we are lucky to be seeing her fucked and I think we need to support that by joining this girls site!  Check out the tour she offers a lot and does some really hardcore thing, you will see with the video I post later on or the ones I have already posted.

Naughty Schoolgirl


Naughty schoolgirl on brookes playhouse

So of COURSE gorgeous Brooke from Brookes Playhouse looks incredible in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, but did you guys know she actually IS a schoolgirl? She’s going to classes studying Health Sciences…she talks about it in her members area on Brookes Playhouse so if you want to get an inside look into what this hottie has going on you know where to head my friend. She may have gone a little overboard with the red plaid though, I know the red plaid skirt is pretty much ubiquitous, it would be unusual to have a sexy schoolgirl shoot without a red plaid skirt, know what I mean? Well anyway besides the skirt Brooke here has a red plaid bra and a red plaid tie on…but hey I’m not about to complain about it and I bet you aren’t either because Brooke is here getting naked and showing off those big perfect tits and sweet round juicy ass in this hot shoot! She goes from studying to stripping to masturbating with her vibrator, raising up her leg with those sexy white thigh high stockings…this girl is amazing and loves to show off, she has sexy adventures all the time and with that butt it’s easy to see why!



Ftv girls kenna

This sexy beautiful teen blondie is Kenna, and she’s made the fantastic decision to start off her adult career here on FTV Girls! She’s got a spectacular figure and isn’t exactly shy about showing it off in private as well as in public, making her a natural for FTV…they always love having their models flash and play in public and that’s right up Kenna’s alley! She starts running around on the street totally nude, giggling as people drive by and honk or slow down to get a good eyeful of that sweet pert ass and those long sexy legs of hers…she made the day of so many bored commuters a whole lot more interesting, that’s for sure! From fingering her tight little teen pussy in public and fisting herself and using some of the big toys like the FTV Blue Monster Toy, Kenna gets into plenty of kinky fun in this smokin hot update…if you’re into foot fetish she does some of that too and has some damn cute feet! Kenna is an absolute dream in these photos and videos, dancing and playing and masturbating to orgasm and just looking incredible which is what FTV Girls does better than just about anyone.

Brooke Loves the D eer


Brookes playhouse loves the d eer

Sometimes a girl’s gotta get a little adventurous to get the shot she wants…Brooke for instance wanted to find a little glade in the woods to play in, so she and her boyfriend took a hike through the trees. They came across some deer lying around and Brooke loves animals of all kinds but deer in particular so she about lost her mind! There was a little clearing a creek nearby which was perfect so Brooke started stripping down, showing off those big perfect tits and her sweet ass in this shoot for her own site Brookes Playhouse…the name of the shoot is Brooke Loves the D-eer, it’s like she loves deer but also loves the D which is why she’s masturbating like this and getting a little extra naughty by slipping her toys into that tight pucker for some anal penetration! This girl’s got an incredible body and loves to play with it, she knows she’s got magnificent titties so she makes sure to take her time squeezing and caressing her breasts before deploying her toy to pleasure that sweet ass of hers. Another red hot update from this sexy brunette with the bangin body!

Bad Santa


Bad santa on brookes playhouse

Talk about getting your dream present under the tree! In this update from her own site Brookes Playhouse, sexy brunette Brooke does her first hardcore scene with her lucky boyfriend…she was dressed up as Bad Santa and I would imagine that any guy would be more than happy to get written in on her Naughty list if the ‘punishment’ is anything like this! She wraps those long fishnet-clad legs around the guy’s neck to get that sweet pussy eaten out before taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then spreading her legs to get that wet snatch pounded! This girl is fucking smokin hot from head to toe from her beautiful face to those huge perfect boobs to her nice tight round ass and she loves to get fucked…since this was their first hardcore scene on her site they were probably a little nervous about the cameras and stuff but she got over that pretty fast when the guy started licking her clit to drive her nuts. Brooke got that tight hole pounded, moaning and holding onto the couch for dear life while those big tits bounced and jiggled until the guy finally shot a load of cum in her mouth to swallow down!

Tic Tac Toes


Brookes playhouse tic tac toes

Fans of the feet, time to felebrate! I mean celebrate. What I’ve got for you here is a photo and video shoot from Brookes Playhouse of the girl herself stripping out of her sheer lingerie thing and showing off her cute feet, not to mention those big perfect breasts and her stunning round ass, and then giving her lucky-ass boyfriend a footjob rubbing his cock up and down with her feet and between her toes until he came all over her tootsies! The name of the set is Tic Tac Toes…I’ve never been a huge fan of feet as a fetish but this girl has some undeniably cute feet to go along with the rest of that gorgeous body of hers. Brooke always has fun stuff going on in her site and updates multiple times a week, it’s like an adventure every time you head inside the members area and this girl is just plain red hot! There are plenty of sites out there that center around a solo girl but not too many like this one where the chick has a solo site but also gets into some naughty hardcore action with a real guy besides showing off and playing with toys and stuff. I guess Brooke is just a diamond in the rough!

First Solo Scene


Brookes playhouse first solo scene

Let’s have a big hearty hello for Brooke, she’s got her own solo site now called Brookes Playhouse where she’s sharing all kinds of sexy photos and videos of herself and some of her gorgeous girlfriends…keep an eye out, I’ll have more of them for you so just wait and see because this brunette is fucking gorgeous with big tits and a perfect tight ass and a nice pussy that looks good enough to eat! This is Brooke’s very first solo scene and she was a little nervous but once she started stripping down out of her blue lingerie and slipped her panties down her legs she warmed up and got a little more comfortable, showing off that perfect butt and then getting naked to fuck herself with one of her favorite toys! Brooke loves to masturbate and as it turns out loves an audience, so having everyone watch as she penetrated that nice tight pussy with a toy is driving her crazy…it might be the first orgasm she shares with us on Brookes Playhouse but I can guarantee it won’t be the last!

First Time Anal


Misty gates anal first time

We’ve seen gorgeous Misty Gates play with her pussy before but up to this point she’s been a little shy about exploring that sweet tight little back door of hers…but get ready to buckle up and unbuckle down because she’s doing her first anal scene right here and you don’t even have to sign up for a membership or anything to get your hands on it! She released it as a zipset, which means that all you have to do is fork over a couple bucks and you get the uncensored video as a one-off, there’s no recurring fees or anything like that to worry about it’s just boom one and done. You’ll get to see Misty getting naked and playing with that tight little pink pussy of hers before busting out a big thick purple dildo, giving it a blowjob and then going to town on her perfect ass with her fingers and a buttplug and toys and just having a damn good time! This girl is one of the hottest on the web, no doubt…she’s got tons of personality too so she’s not just a pretty face and an empty head, she seems like someone it would be a blast to just hang out with and shoot the shit, play some video games and chill. The fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous and perpetually horny is just icing on the cake!

Jenna Sativa


Jenna sativa on ftv girls

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, FTV Girls tends to have gorgeous girls week after week but trust me, this week’s update is something extra special. Jenna Sativa here has an incredible body from head to toe, from her beautiful innocent fresh face and long flowing dark hair to those big perfect breasts to her sweet round ass and sexy legs, this chick is a stunner in every way! Pretty green eyes and a beautiful open infectious smile complete the combo platter of hotness as she gets naked in public (an FTV Girls classic), showing herself to be surprisingly extreme for a first-timer…she gets pretty daring with the public fun, even playing a little topless tennis and fucking herself with the handle of her tennis racket right on a public park bench! You get to see Jenna dancing around shaking her juicy booty, fingering herself anally, even masturbating with the hell of her shoe and she just looks stunning every step of the way. You may have seen Jenna on a couple of other sites since this update but if you ask me her FTV Girls scene is the hottest she’s done so far…I don’t think she’s even done anything hardcore yet but from the looks of things she’s got a pussy built for sex as she fists herself and then masturbates with the massive FTV Monster toy with those big full breasts bouncing as she closes her eyes and pounds herself to a moaning natural orgasm!

Suck That Dick


Bryci suck that dick

This is a look at Bryci that we all want to see up close and personal…in this photoshoot the beautiful busty brunette is stroking and caressing and sucking this lucky guy’s big cock in a hot POV blowjob scene! I’ve got video of her giving that dick a thorough workover with her lips and tongue too, we’ve gotten in trouble in the past for leaking Bryci videos but hopefully this one will stay up as long as possible. She’s got those gorgeous brown eyes and looks incredible at all times but especially with a nice big cock in her mouth! You can see those big famous tits of hers too as she lifts her head up a little, just imagine looking down at a girl sucking your rod and seeing that face and those boobs…actually don’t imagine it, just check out this photo and video shoot from Bryci’s website and see it in all its glory! One of the most beautiful women on the net sucking dick in first person POV, can’t go wrong with that.



Ftv girls lila

They get all kinds of women on FTV Girls, from the tall and athletic to the short and voluptuous and all the iterations in between…last week we got to see the gorgeous sultry brunette Megan Rain and now this week we meet up with 20 year old kinky-haired blonde hippy chick Lila! This girl is a natural beauty, there’s no doubt about it, which makes her perfect for FTV Girls…they don’t like slathering a bunch of makeup on a girl and don’t like a ton of tattoos or anythign like that (although Lila has a good-sized tattoo on her forearm), they just love to show a beautiful woman being herself and Lila is right up their alley! This girl is cute, she’s got a great body and she’s flexible and strong from all the yoga she does…you get to see her showing off some of her favorite poses, some of which had me just plain scratching my head! I don’t know how someone manages to get their body into those positions or how it feels good but man that must come in handy in the bedroom sometimes. Lila gets naked in public, masturbates until she has a squirting orgasm, has fun with some anal penetration and fucks herself with some of the biggest toys FTV has to offer! This first-timer wanted the full experience and she certainly got it with this hot update and luckily for us we get to enjoy the fun with high quality photos and videos…I know you guys are crazy about the video action but trust me the photography on this site is absolutely worth checking out as well.

Jenny (Chichi)


Jenny Private Casting X

This is Jenny from Private Casting X but that’s not her real name.  That’s her name for all those chumps out there that don’t watch 8 hours of porn a day!  I know this bitches name and it’s Chichi Medina.  One sexy ass girl that really doesn’t have that much porn out of her.  The only other videos I can find are on so you may as well just go over there and check them at there is 3 as of now.  So this was Chichi’s very first porn scene she though she was just answering an ad on craigslist of a guy who wanted to fuck girls and film them for his own personal enjoyment.  That’s how a lot of these girls start, it pays the same and you don’t get all your stuff posted on the Internet.  Well this guy doesn’t exactly keep his stuff private he has his own website Private Casting X as I mentioned earlier.  So what happened is “Jenny” or Chichi whatever you want to call her saw that her shit was posted online and instead of trying to take it down which never ever happens she just embraced it and became a pornstar.  She is a sexy little thing with a petite body, nice small titties and she is Latina I am almost 100% sure on that.

Yea, That’s Nice


Yea That's A Nice Ass

I just saw this picture and figured that if I like all of you are probably going to like it.  It’s of a girl you guys know she used to be called Ivy Snow but now I think she is all on her own and she is just known as Ivy Jean.  So this girl really does run her own website and it looks like she isn’t going to let us porn sites use any of her videos so if you want to see her in video you’re just going to have to join her site.  Just judging from all her galleries over at I am going to say that she doesn’t allow a lot of pictures anyways.  The good thing about her though is she is really artisitic so every picture she does put out is like really really good.  Instead of those galleries I post where like 50% of the images are all very similar I would say the same isn’t true here.  In this scene she is wearing this United States flag bathing suit maybe?  Anyways her ass looks fucking fantastic doesn’t it, she knows that booty of hers is banging, anyways check her out she is hot.

Megan Rain


Megan rain on ftv girls

This vision of absolute hotness is Megan Rain, she’s an 18 year old spinner with beautiful eyes, perky tits and one of the nicest tightest butts you’ll ever see! Well she might be older than 18 now but in this FTV Girls shoot she was a fresh faced 18 year old teen cutie and went by the modeling name Meagan. She looks like she’s an innocent little girl next door type but don’t let that cute angelic smile fool you, this chick is down for some kinky fun! She puts that tight little teen pussy to work in this hot update as she shows off naked in public, spreads her pink naughty bits wide open, fucks herself with some of the biggest toys FTV Girls has to offer and even gets into some fisting! Somehow after all that her pussy is tight as a drum, I don’t even get how that’s possible but man oh man this chick is somethin else. FTV always has incredibly high quality and well done photos to go along with the HD video, I know you guys are all about the vids but trust me this site has some amazing photography, you’ll get to explore every inch of Megan’s sweet tight spinner body from her dark hair and beautiful green eyes to her perky teen boobs all the way down to those cute petite feet as she has a good time pushing her sexual boundaries and introducing herself to the adult industry in a big way!

New Years Blow


Bryci new years blow

Now this is the way to ring in the New Year! Beautiful brunette babe Bryci is back to show off those big perky breasts, pulling her sparkling top down to unleash those beauties before taking her man’s cock in her mouth…this girl gives a magnificent blowjob and this is the perfect chance to check it out! She not only sucks cock well, she has those incredible beautiful eyes staring up at yus as she gives her man one of the hottest suck jobs of the year! They had been out celebrating the new year at a party but he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from those tits and that ass so they headed home a little earlier than they intended…Bryci gives him a sweet blowjob here in this video clip from her own site, and since she loves being watched she didn’t mind releasing a little footage to whet your whistle so to speak. And speaking of getting one’s whistle wetted, Bryci pumps a nice big load of cum out of this cock into her mouth as a reward for sucking him so well! This blowjob is in first person perspective too, so if you’re in the mood for a nice POV look at a beautiful woman sucking cock well my friend today is your lucky day.



Uma jolie on ftv girls

Alright alright pick up those jaws off the floor, they’re getting dirty…if you can wrench your gaze away from those stunning piercing eyes to read this, I’m pleased to introduce gorgeous teen newcomer Belicia on FTV Girls! I guess her porn name now is Uma Jolie, and I guess she does have bits of Uma Thurman and Angelina going on in her body and in her face…here though she’s Belicia and at this point she was a total first timer being introduced to the world and the adult industry by FTV! It’s the perfect place for this hottie, too; you get to see her naked in public and exploring her sexuality and of course we get a look at every inch of that tight teen spinner body in high quality videos and photos! Of course the first thing you’ll notice are those spectacular eyes of hers, but Belicia is sexy as hell from head to toe…this girl has some kink up in her, too, she gets to explore it in this update as she flashes in public, fucks herself with a big cucumber, even fists that tight little cunt of hers and somehow she still has that angelic innocent look on her face as she does it! This is one of those girls that you just know could get away with murder, all she has to do is flutter her eyelashes and fix the judge with those eyes, maybe flash a little perky teen titty and she’s off the hook!

Random Hotel Sex


Dawn avril random hotel sex

Sometimes beautiful horny brunette Dawn Avril gets that old funny feeling and is in the mood for some random hotel sex! In this video from her own website we get to see in her in the hotel with some dude she just met, hanging out in her panties and then getting her sweet tight little pussy fingered and fucked! Dawn is hot as hell and isn’t afraid to walk on the dark side, so to speak…she’s got pentagrams around her neck and holds candlelight seances, they call her the Internet’s hottest ‘different’ girl for a reason! She’s sexy from head to toe, too…that tight firm round ass and sweet perky petite boobies (I think she’s gotten a boob job since then but I’m not sure) look great on her and of course she’s got a few piercings and tattoos to complete her edgy look. Also she looks like a lot of fun to fuck, she gets off on a one-night-stand here and this dude hit the jackpot! She rides him nice and hard, working that tight wet pussy on his cock and moaning her way to orgasm before he busted a load of cum all over her stomach!

Nicole And Veronica In Hawaii II


Nicole veronica part ii in hawaii

The girls are back in town! Beautiful bisexuals Veronica and Nicole are here in Part II of their Hawaii adventure on FTV Girls and are looking incredible…if you missed out on their first update together I’ve got you covered, check out Hawaii Part I right there! This time they’re taking Waikiki by storm as they hang out in their skimpy bikinis making out on the beach, go for a nice long hike into the jungle getting back to nature as they relax in the nude, and of course spend plenty of sexy time together in private kissing and caressing and fucking each other with their fingers and tongues and vibrator toys! These girls hadn’t really met before this Hawaii trip but it sure looks like they hit it off in a big way if you ask me…they’re both gorgeous, Veronica is a busty blonde babe with sexy hips and big juicy titties and of course Nicole is a stunning brunette with soft pouty lips, perfect breasts and an ass you’ll be dropping your jaw over. They’ve become a hell of a lesbian team and have chemistry for days…I’d be hard pressed to pick the hottest scene with these girls but I’d have to say when they’re in the middle of the forest in the nude with those perfect butts in the air would probably get my vote. I always love when FTV Girls takes the models on a trip to some exotic locale like this, it’s a nice fresh change of pace but the girls still get to masturbate to orgasm and show off their sexy bodies in public in that inimitable FTV style!

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight on ftv girls

This beautiful leggy babe you see before you is Cosima, a first timer getting her porn career started on the right foot for FTV Girls! It’s the perfect site to bring girls into the industry with fresh faces, perfect bodies and all kinds of fun while keeping a comfortable atmosphere that has the girls acting natural and relaxing and being themselves. That’s part of the allure of FTV, they get to really show the girls’ personalities as well as their beauty…and this girl Cosima has plenty of both! She starts out at a busy mall and quickly gets into some public naughtiness as she tries on some outfits and ‘accidentally’ flashes those titties at a bunch of people. FTV loves public nudity and Cosima seems to as well, doing naked cartwheels in the park and dancing around with no bra or panties…back at the house though things heat way up as Cosima explores her tight pussy, fingering herself and bringing herself to orgasm with the help of a magic wand vibrator! After a little more time to unwind she really gets into the swing of things, ending up fisting herself in public and fucking herself with a big thick cucumber, even pounding herself with the huge FTV Monster Toy! This girl is gonna be big in the porn world (she’s known as Cosima Knight now) but she’s already lighting things up in her first experiences in this red hot update from FTV Girls.

Nicole and Veronica in Hawaii


Veronica nicole hawaii part i

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s time once again to pack up your bags and head out to paradise with FTV Girls in a hot Hawaii shoot! This time it’s beautiful babes Nicole (also known as Teddi Rae if you keep track of that or want to see her getting into some hardcore action) and Veronica and these two are some of the hottest girls around no doubt about it. I mean personally I prefer Nicole but hey that’s just my opinion even if it happens to be a scientific fact that she is smokin-ass hot. The girls show up and immediately hit it off, wandering the beach hand-in-hand in their black bikinis before getting a little more daring and stripping down nude in public! The girls aren’t bashful or ashamed, they know they look incredible naked and nobody seems to mind too much if you know what I mean. Would you complain if two gorgeous girls got naked on the sand and walked around having fun and kissing and doing cartwheels? Me either. Back in private the girls get a lot more intimate, making out and licking pussy like lesbians and fucking each other with toys until they’ve both had an orgasmic good time! FTV Girls always brings the best video and photography around when they do shoots and this one is no exception, you’re gonna love it.

Misty Meets Janessa Brazil


Misty gates janessa brazil

Now this is what I call a dream come true…two absolute hotties here, Misty Gates and Janessa Brazil, taking turns tying each other up and stuffing panties in each others’ mouth! I don’t know if they’re just practicing or if they’re living out a lesbian fantasy they each had but man this is red hot…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Janessa Brazil but those big tits of hers are still utter perfection if you ask me! Both of these girls are gorgeous and having them tied up and gagged like this is lookiing just incredible…especially when they lay down on the fur rug with those perfect asses pointing up at us! It’s hard to pick one girl over the other, so it’s a good thing we don’t have to since they’re both naked and horny and exploring their kinky desires in this sexy photoset. Misty looks like she’s loving every second of the fun as she licks and sucks Janessa’s nipples, slipping her hand between her thighs to make her moan right through the panties in her mouth!



Cali on ftv girls

Raven-haired Cali here is a bit of a different type of girl than FTV Girls normally features…they tend to go for a more natural non-enhanced look but Cali has lips that I am pretty damn sure are store-bought. She’s got a bit of an Angelina Jolie look to her if you ask me…at least she’s all natural in the chest area with those perky little boobies of hers! Cali loves spreading her long smooth legs to play with her pussy, fucking herself in the pussy and also in the ass with a few fun toys! She goes from an elegant vibrant blue dress to a vampire red dress in a heartbeat and looks hot as hell in each of them, hiking her hem up to spread that tight firm ass and flash her balloon knot and pussy! A personal favorite of mine on FTV Girls is when they have a girl hop into the pool in the nude and Cali does that here, getting dripping wet and walking around in the buff…check out that tight little booty of hers working as she walks! Of course you get that FTV favorite of the chick being nude in public, too…Cali goes for a jog and has those perky boobies out for other runners and passers-by to enjoy! Sexy, elegant and horny as hell, Cali makes for quite an update here in all kinds of different outfits and settings, and of course it’s all shot in the inimitable FTV style with top-shelf video quality and photography!

Shyla Is Back!


Shyla Jennings FTV Girls Returns

Shyla Jenning is looking great in her new FTV Girls scene.  If you are like “oh I have seen this before” well you’re wrong!  Because this one is brand new and you are right that she has been on the site before but this one just came out.  Shyla came into FTV sporting a nice hairy pussy of hers and she even shaves it bald for them in one of the videos.  I don’t know if you guys know this or not but anytime you see a update from FTV the video inside the members area is like 12 or 15 each update!  That shit is crazy, 12 to 15 different video nobody gives you more then that.  So in this update it seems that FTV is having Shyla doing a lot of fisting.   I don’t really get that shit at all but apparently people want to see it or something.  I just like to see Shyla’s pictures because they really do a great job with her images.  She does a lot of masturbation videos, having real orgasms she isn’t really faking any of them because FTV just won’t allow that.  Then they go out in public where at one point Shyla takes a flashlight a big one at that and put it inside of her pussy, it’s just like wow.   My favorite picture set that Shyla did is this one that I gave you a preview of it.  When she is in these glasses with her hair pulled back I just think she is looking sexy as hell!  Not usually into that nerdy shit but man Shlya is doing it for me today.

Melissa Pregnant


FTV Girls Melissa Pregnant

This is a little weird to through up on the old Imagepost but hey I’m going to do it anyways.  This is a scene from FTV Girls and it’s of a girl you guys should know well especially if you like FTV.  She has been on a bunch of times and I have 4 different galleries I have posted of Melissa you can see those here 1,2,3,4.  Alright so as you can tell Melissa here is pregnant and well she is making some more porn for FTV Girls.  She gets naked and shows off her big buffy tits.  Then she opens up her legs and uses some toys on that nice super tight pussy.  She should be worried about how that is going to work because that pussy of hers is tight!  Her nipples are also big and puffy and if you’re into prego chicks I don’t think it gets better then this.  The video doesn’t let you into any of the masturbation FTV is keeping that behind the members area.  But you get to see some of her naked body and of course her cool attitude.  I forget this girls solo site that she used to have I definitely think she quit doing that, but she loves her some FTV and came back to give them something that many people don’t get and that’s a hot pregnant girl masturbating.



Ftv girls staci blonde

Buckle up buttercups because this girl Staci is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on FTV Girls in a long damn time! And that’s saying something; they’ve got some smokin hot girls coming through…but this blonde hottie is definitely something special. She’s a first timer from North Dakota and is 21 years young, with a smokin hot body to go along with her supermodel face and fun exciting personality! It’s a killer combination and Staci shows it off in these shoots for FTV Girls, hanging out at a party with no panties on as she flashes her ass and pussy dancing around and then climbing up a rope to show off her athleticism…and since she still has no panties on, that’s certainly not all she’s showing off! Besides the public nudity this girl Staci hits all the FTV home runs, flashing her ass and perfect breasts around the joint and fucking herself with vegetables and of course going to town with some vibrators to make herself have nice big natural orgasms, with a little squirting no less. At one point she runs across this dude whose truck had broken down…she doesn’t know a damn thing about engines but she does brighten the guy’s day in a big way as she gets naked and shows off that perfect body next to his poor truck! Enjoy this hot young babe in all her natural fun beauty…there’s no better site to enjoy time with a girl like this than on FTV Girls.

Ariana Returns


Ariana returns on ftv girls

You might remember this gorgeous girl from her previous FTV Girls shoot (if not it’s right here, make sure you check it out because man this girl is a knockout) but now beautiful Ariana is back and she’s getting into some extreme hotness, pushing her limits with some huge toys like the FTV Monster and stuffing her pussy full of markers and golf balls and even getting fisted! Looking at this hottie you wouldn’t think she was into such awesome fetish extreme action but Ariana is full of surprises…she loves masturbating, loves fucking herself with huge dildos and of course loves showing off her sexy perky titties and sweet round ass in public so she fits right in at FTV Girls! The pictures are amazing, the videos are sexy as hell and Ariana has never looked hotter as she masturbates her way to orgasm for us to enjoy. Check out all the fun she has with that pussy of hers and see what you think, I wouldn’t be surprised if this hottie comes back for a round 3 on the site but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I can’t even imagine what kind of antics she’ll get up to next time she cums around…

Bailey Knox Fucking Misty Gates


Misty gates and bailey knox

You’ve seen beautiful lesbians Bailey Knox and Misty Gates playing together before like in this hot shoot but now we’ve got these hotties in some all new photos! They rented a hotel room and got together one night with some lucky photographer in tow, and apparently they coordinated beforehand because they both had their sexy red thong panties and lingerie on as they hopped in bed together to make out and play with some of their toys! These hotties have perfect breasts, perfect asses and of course perfect pussies and they brought each other to a huge shuddering orgasm as they fucked each other with vibrators and fingers and of course licked and fingered each other for these red-hot pictures! You can get the zip of this shoot without signing up for a site subscription or anything like that, you get the whole naughty scene with the girls getting completely naked and fucking each other and it’s basically a one-time purchase…shell out a few bucks and get lots of fucks!

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