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Katherine A


Katherine A on Met Art

Met Art calls her Katherine but I call her Angelica…either way she’s hot as hell though, don’t you think? A rose by any other name smells as sweet and an Angelica by any other name is incredibly sexy as she hangs out on the couch showing off those perky titties and spreading her long legs to show off that tight shaved pussy. There’s not much that can be said to get your heart pumping about this gallery if it’s not already…she’s just that beautiful. Check it.

Kennedy and Claire


Ftv girls kennedy leigh claire

Fasten your seatbelts and unfasten your trouser belts because stunner Kennedy Leigh is back in town for FTV Girls in this latest update! She walks around nude in public and masturbates and looks amazing of course but what really sets this update apart is when her girlfriend Claire shows up and they get into some hot lesbian shenanigans together. These horny girls can’t keep their hands off each other or their clothes on whether they’re in public or private, kissing and touching and fingering and eating pussy all day long! If Claire looks a little familiar it’s not deja vu, you’ve probably seen her hardcore scene a little while back…she’s not nearly as hot as Kennedy if you ask me but together they make a hell of a cute couple!

Catie Minx Batwoman


Catie Minx Batman Masturbation

Catie Minx is getting after it in this gallery for her personal site.  Many of you probably don’t know that she really got her start doing webcam stuff on and  Some guy found her on there and was like “Hey, You should start your own site” and well here we are.  This video is a recording from a cam show it looks like but it could just be she uses her webcam as a video camera.  Anyways lets get to the real weird part.  Why in the hell did Catie Minx decide that she should where a Batwoman outfit while she masturbates?  It must be a members fetish or something.  I did here that Catie is a total geek and that’s what makes her so popular with us computer folks.  She plays all the geeky games and can really relate to us.  If you want to get to know her better I suggest you join on up and do a live cam session with her!

FTV Chloe Amour


Chloe Amour FTV Girls

Usually FTV Girls gets the names of their models right when they do a update but this girl they call “Michele” I definitely know her as Chloe Amour.  There is no doubt in my mind that it’s her and Chloe Amour is her proper name.  In this scene you get to see Chloe in a way different light then you have been used to.  You get to see kind of like the model side of her.  The pictures are just down right beautiful and she has literally never looked hotter then she does in this gallery.  The update of course has plenty of video and a lot of it is of her having real orgasms with strong vibrators and what not.  The video I decided to give you guys is at first a little taste of what she does in all 14 of her videos as well as a longer segment at the end of her fucking a really big toy.  I think it’s called the big ten but to be honest I am not up on all the crazy names that FTV has for their toys.

Anal Play


Briana lee extreme anal fun

Exotic hottie Briana from Briana Lee Extreme just can’t seem to keep her hands off her own ass! Not that I can blame her…she’s got a nice sexy round booty and after trying anal sex Briana found out how good it can feel to have her tight back door played with. So, she found a vibrator and proceeded to slide that toy inside her pucker, moaning as she fucked herself in the ass with it! Did I mention that she’s got her cute white thigh high stockings on while she masturbates? Well, now I did.



FTV Girls Bethany

This is the exact picture I saw when I first laid eyes on Bethany from FTV Girls.  I thought she has a nice rack but it was fake and that is not the case.  This skinny redhead has a nice big set of natural tits that you’re just going to love.  There is a lot about this girl you will actually like from her perfect body to her cool personality she is definitely a girl I would like.  Girls like this is why I am a member of FTV Girls because they just find some really really hot amateurs that nobody else gets.  Bethany here is actually able to have squirting orgasms and I have hooked you guys up with a video of one of the squirting orgasms she has while using the “VibraKing”.  FTV has her using all kinds of toys besides the vibrators including one rather large vibrator.  The first part of the video is kind of a trailer and gives you an idea of what goes on through all the video she did for FTV.  If you even care I took the time to see how many she actually did and she did 12 videos in total!

Nensi Steampunk


Met Art Nensi steampunk

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Met Art do a photoshoot like this before but here’s Russian babe Nensi all dressed up in a steampunk outfit completely with ridiculously huge top hat! If you’re into the steampunk aesthetic at all this will really spin your gears, so to speak…Nensi has a fantastic ass and a nice shaved pussy that she loves to show off and she pulls up that big voluminous skirt to give you a peek at her Victorian Vagina.

Short Shorts


Nikki sims short shorts

Who wears short shorts? Nikki Sims wears short shorts, that’s who. And she looks better in them than probably 99% of women in the world, although that statistic might be a little skewed because while she’s wearing them she’s also pulling up her shirt and grabbing those huge round boobs of hers. Dirty pool, Nikki…but I’ll let it slide this time. This photoshoot is from her own website and if you like to be teased by a blonde vixen with big soft titties you’re in luck, because that’s basically her bread and butter. Now if she would just lay off the eyeshadow a little bit…dial it back, girl!

Shae Snow


Shae Snow FTV Girls

Usually when it comes FTV Girls the girl I am posting is a total first timer.  I would think that with Shae Snow here if I hadn’t seen her in a episode from Passion HD!  This will be the second scene I have a feeling this one was filmed first but FTV Girls takes a while to release all their porn.  This update form FTV Girls is actually a little short, I didn’t take note of why there is so little of Shae here but so little for FTV is a lot of any other site.  They still have her in a bunch of masturbation scenes as well and jogging naked in public.  The best part of the video is when Kenndy Leigh walks in and gives her the largest FTV Girls toy there is.  They did it just to see if it reminded Shae of a ex-boyfriend she has that she claims had the biggest dick ever.  Sure enough she saw it and started missing this guy she broke up with, I bet he got away with murder when he was dating Shae just cause she was addicted to that dick.

Nikki on blocks


Nikki Sims on Nikkis Playmates

You may have already seen Nikki Sims here and there but she’s looking mighty fine in this photoshoot for her site Nikkis Playmates…she doesn’t have a fancy backdrop or setting, she’s literally sitting on a couple of cinder blocks next to an old wooden pallet and she still looks sexy as hell. With those big round tits and a spectacular ass this girl just doesn’t stop with the hot and she sure loves showing off for the camera!

Freckly Blonde Abi


Young Busty Abi

This hot young natural blonde babe is Abi and I’ve never particularly liked freckles but man she is singlehandedly helping me turn that corner…this chick is hot as hell and has a pure, fresh natural look that just takes the breasts away. Did I say breasts? I meant breath…I guess it must be those enormous soft full titties of hers that are scrambling my brains a nipple bit! Uh…you know what I mean. I’ll be in my bunk.

Lacy Channing FTV


Lacy Channing FTV Girls

How can you not click on this to see what in the hell is going on!  This fat pussy belongs to a super petite girl that you guys all know and love her name is Lacy Channing.  The whole pussy incident happened while she was filming for FTV Girls and they didn’t stop once this medical mystery happened instead they just kept on filming!  The reason it happened according to Lacy is that she is allergic to a certain kind of soap, and well she used that to clean that nice little pussy of hers and this is what happened.  Not all the videos and pictures have this in it so if it freaks you out I understand and you won’t have to look at it don’t worry.  FTV Girls has her doing a lot of masturbation scene and other stuff before the whole soap incident happened.

Girls Who Like Girls


Girls Who Like Girls

Caprice is sure all about getting her pussy eaten in this new X Art scene called Girls Who Like Girls.  Caprice see’s her friend Izzy in the bedroom rubbing her pussy so she just walks over pulls down her panties and lets her friend take out her horniness on her pussy.  In this picture gallery it doesn’t show much of Caprice returning the favor except when they’re in the tradional 69 position then Caprice gets a couple of licks in.  X Art has a ton of different kinds of porn that was the point of showing you this lesbian gallery just so you know it’s just not all hardcore erotica they have some softer stuff too.

Anna Aj Valoro


Anna Aj Valoro

I love the face of this girl! People always ask me if I am a “ass man” or a “boob man” and I always tell them I am a face man. A girl with a pretty face is all you really need. Fortunetly for you guys though Anna not only just has a face but she has everything else to match. She has some really awesome perky tits! The gallery comes from one of the longest run teen porn sites called Met Art. They are pretty much softcore but you will not find a content archive larger then their, that I promise!

Natalie FTV Girls


FTV Girls Natalie

Here is the new FTV Girls model her name is Natalie.  She has some awesome big natural tits, I mean they’re not huge but they’re definitely big for her body.  She is kind of a freak though because this girl just loves herself some anal!  I mean she uses a double sided dildo with one end in her ass the other in her pussy, she does anal beads so if you like a girl that likes that Natalie is your chick.  Then there is of course just the amazing masturbation videos that FTV has.  FTV is unique in the way they film their masturbation scenes because the scene will go for as long as it takes but the girl just has to have a real orgasm.  No faking here.  Natalie has a couple of really hot orgasms probably the best one is when she has one from the vibraking, something only members will know about as it’s a custom toy just for FTV Girls.

Annett A


Annett A on Met Art

Skinny hottie Annett A is obviously a dancer…you can tell by her flexibility but even before that just looking at her long lean strong legs you have a good idea I think! She’s got perky little titties, a tight shaved pussy and can do things with her flexible body that you’ve never even read about…basically a dream girl and she’s showing off in the nude in these Met Art photos after pulling off her little blue negligee!

Hitachi Wand


Catie Minx hitachi wand

Long haired cutie Catie Minx loves showing off her tight little body but whether anyone was watching or not I think she’d love grinding her pussy on this hitachi wand! She buzzes her clit with that big toy and basically loses control, forgetting anyone is watching as she masturbates to orgasm in this hot photoshoot from her own website! Did I mention she has an incredible ass?



Marica for Met Art

Marica has the kind of long you’d see in a famous quirky singer or something, but is a hell of a lot less shy about showing off her sexy nude body than most! She’s pulling off her panties in this Met Art photoshoot and is looking amazing…I happen to have a thing for long-haired brunettes who are nicely trimmed down south, so this stunner is right up my alley. Throw in the fact that she has a beautiful face and a great pair of tits and you’ve got a winner in my book.

Jasmine Rain


Ftv girls jasmine rain

Jasmine Rain looks even hotter than usual in this latest update from FTV Girls, where she goes by the name of Jazmine. Not a very good disguise if you ask me but I guess with a face and body like that it’s not like she can hide anyway…she shows off in a variety of settings in this update, from hanging out on the stairs in a skirt with her perky round titties showing to shimmying out of her jeans and giving us a glimpse or two of her spectacular ass, to just hanging out in a towel and relaxing on the bed. Besides her body which is already plenty hot enough she also has long beautiful dark hair that cascades over her shoulders and spills onto a pillow like some kind of dream…she’s just amazing.

Loretta A


Loretta for Met Art

I don’t know what it is about a woman wearing a top but no bottoms that’s so incredibly sexy, I guess it’s just so hardwired into the male brain that a woman goes topless first that when things are reversed it just fires off some message that says INSTANT BONER. This is Loretta in these Met Art photos, a hot auburn-haired beauty with great perky tits and a very nice ass, doing some glam poses and then stripping down to get naked and hopping onto a monkeyshit-brown couch to show off a sexy body.

Delilah FTV Girls


Delilah FTV Girls

Alright so FTV Girls had a little mess up with their members area and a girl that was suppose to be updated about 2 days from now is already live on the site!  It’s great timing because i have been putting of updating our site with the newest girl because well she just isn’t that awesome.  This Delilah chick though I have some stuff to say about her!  First we all notice those crazy eyes she has, They are almost to unique to be real I would say but if they’re real she gets a +1 to the beautiful grade that’s for sure.  The video I have starts off with just a quick tease of all the different videos that she did on FTV Girls and then it goes to one of my favorites.  The one I chose is of her using this huge double sided dildo on herself.  You might then she wouldn’t beable to take it that deep but Delilah has a couple of surprises for you throughout this update, you are just going to have to join up and watch them to find out for yourself.  I am not spoiling it for those who are members.

Lorena B On The Rocks


Lorena B Met Art

This is a very cute “teen” model from Met-Art her name is Lorena B.  I am saying “teen” because usually these girls are like 25 or what not but just have that forever youthful look.  The great thing about this gallery I am sending you to is that the images are like the highest quality images ever.  I have some huge monitors and they fill my entire screen.  It gives you a idea of the kind of quality you can get from some of these erotica sites.



Kimber Backroom Casting Couch

It’s not all champagne and caviar when your Rick from Backroom Casting Couch sometimes you have to do some real work and I think this week was real work.  He had a casting call with this girl named Kimber who gave him a really good massage / happy ending and he thought he would get her on his site.  Well I don’t think he talked to her much during his massage because this girl is well just dumb, no other way to explain it.  The real kicker is that she is pregnant!  I think Rick just finally gave in to those members asking him to get a pregnant girl on the couch.  One good thing about having a preggo chick is Rick comes inside of her and doesn’t even have to worry about getting her knocked up, if you watch the full video notice he doesn’t even have to ask if she is on birth control.  I am pretty sure the guy that knocked her up should have asked her that question after he came inside of her.

Faye and Alice


Faye Reagan and Alice FTV Girls

FTV Girls setup a damn hot lesbian sex session with two really hot girls.  One is a complete amateur named Alice, you might remember seeing her before because she has been on FTV Girls once before.  Then there is Faye Reagan and I am almost positive that all of you should know who that is!  Faye is kind of in charge in this video just telling Alice what to do and kind of taking charge.  She doesn’t take charge like you think by having Alice eat her out or sit on her face or something she just kind of bosses Alice around.  Faye does all the pleasuring licking Alice’s pussy as well as using a toy on her.  She is able to make her cum of course, I mean she is a professional after all.  The gallery is just a video but I have to tell you if you can find some picture from this update you might want to because Alice is just looking hotter then ever I think!

Jamie Lynn Sigler


Jamie Lynn Sigler

Jamie Lynn Sigler is knocked up!  Nobody told me that shit and I had to find out from the Drunken Stepfather.  Well now I can just clear those fantasies from the brainski.  She doesn’t look too bad for a pregnant chick but I would much rather see her back in her fighting shape.  Towards the end of the Saprano’s she was fucking so damn hot, I mean am I right or what?

Bryci Takes A Ride


Bryci Takes a ride

Bryci and her boyfriend just bought a new place and on a little whim they setup a camera and christened their new home by fucking on the couch.  Bryci just pulled down her panties and her man went to work and then she took over riding him up and down reverse cowgirl. What a video that is too because not only does Bryci have great tits but her ass is seriously out of control too!  I won’t spoil how this video ends you will just have to join and see for youself!

Nikki Sims White and Pink


Nikki Sims Sexy White and Pink Lingerie

Did you guys notice that Nikki Sims website now is just  Don’t know why that is but it sure makes it easier because let’s be honest here we were not going there for Nikki’s “Playmates” we were going for Nikki and that’s it!  Well in this gallery you’re getting all Nikki and she is looking lovely as hell in this white and pink lingerie outfit she has on.  She has fishnet stockings as well for all you stocking loves.  I like how the bra doesn’t fit all the way around her tits I always like that in my pictures.  One last thing I wanted to mention those little jewels on her stomach.  Are those actual piercing or are they just like stick on things?  I am started to think their piercing because they’ve shown up in a lot of galleries and if that’s the case I say lunacy, didn’t even know you could do that.

Angel Dark


Angel Dark for Met Art

Imagine being out on a relaxing stroll through the park on a beautiful day and running across sexy brunette Angel Dark from Met Art hanging out on the bench like this! Apart from being stunningly hot, she just so happens to be stripping out of her white bra and panties to get naked, spreading her thighs and grabbing her nice round ass to win the hearts and dicks of any lucky joggers who happened to pass by.

Megan Salinas on FTV


Megan Salinas FTV Girls

This picture doesn’t even do Megan Salinas justice.  I mean she looks super hot don’t get me wrong but you don’t get to see her best assist here and that’s her all natural tits.  These just are your average natural tits she is a d-cup and they’re like perfect!  Super perky, hang on her body just right you’re going to love them.  They so nice you will almost think they’re fake but I assure you they’re not.  This gallery is from FTV Girls so it’s probably the best place to find porn of Megan here because FTV is the best simple as that.  They have her doing a bunch of things in her update from masturbating, to panty stuff I mean she literally does everything.  I think the guy who runs FTV knew he had something special in Megan here.  The best video of all the videos that she did (and she did a lot) is when she takes on some of the bigger FTV toys.  The big pink toy and like the 12 inch dildo.  Her pussy isn’t that deep but she tries.  Then she takes the smaller pink dildo and rides it like a cock.  You will get a little taste of what I am talking about if you watch the video I have in this gallery.  It starts off with a trailer of what happens in all the videos but then goes to the one I talked about, my favorite if you will.

Katy in blue


Katy for Met Art

Katy from Met Art has that actual girl-next-door look…or to be more precise, the girl next door who was always so hot you couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to her but you sure as hell were into watching her sunbathe in her back yard when the weather got warm. Anyway, she’s stripping out of her flowy blue dress and showing off those round perky titties and her tight shaved pussy in this hot photoshoot, so take a peek!

Nataly Von


Nataly Von on Nubiles

Nataly Von is adorable in her pigtails, pink shirt and white stockings but quickly goes from innocent teen babysitter to horny hottie when she strips down nude and starts masturbating her tight shaved pussy in this Nubiles update! What an ass on this chick.

Briana Naked Twister


Briana Lee Extreme Naked Twister

Briana Lee Extreme is playing a little game of naked Twister.  I just love shots of that pussy of hers I think I mention how much I love it every time I post a gallery of her.  It is probably one of the best in porn, though you might say Briana Lee doesn’t exactly do porn.  She is a solo girl so she mostly just does masturbation type stuff.  She doesn’t just do the vanilla stuff though she loves anal play and if you have ever seen her masturbate you know that she almost always puts something in her butt.  It makes the orgasm feel that much more intense, or at least that’s what these porn girls say.



FTV Girls Serena

Serena is a cute girl that FTV Girls just added to their site.  I love seeing cute girls have real orgasms and that’s why I am a member of this site.  They have so many first timers I can’t even count that high.  This girl is 19 years old and she definitely has that teen look I think.  She is a bad girl for sure because she is outside flashing her tits and ass and just not giving a fuck.  The best part of her updates though are her masturbation scenes because you can just tell that she doesn’t have these kind of toys at home.  She is so attached to one she says she is going to steal it, it’s the pink one you see at the 1:20 mark of the video.  She loves the vibrator on that meaty pussy of hers and you can see it just by the way her pussy gets dripping wet from using it.

Marry Me


Caprice Marry Me X Art

This new X Art scene called Marry Me is just simply amazing!  They have Caprice dressed up like it’s her wedding day (don’t wedding dresses cost a shit ton?) and they’re giving her some wedding night sex.  These two played the part really good because their sex definitely had passion!  The video ends in a creampie of course I mean it is their wedding night after all they have to start working on getting pregnant, what better time then now!  I seem to remember that Caprice always fucked the same guy in all of her videos this is the first time it’s not that guy.  I wonder if she broke up with that guy and is now back to doing hardcore, I hope that’s the case!  Caprice pulls off that wedding dress well because she is by far the most beautiful girl I will see for the rest of the day and probably the week, simply stunning gallery well done X Art!

Loud As Fuck


Lound As Fuck

HOLY SHIT!  This is the loudest girl I have ever heard having sex.  It’s like she is getting slaughtered or something, so I warn you turn down you volume!  She is seriously 18 years old and I do not think Girls Do Porn lies about the ages of their girls they don’t give a shit.  This girl says she has only fucked 3 other guys before this day and I in fact believe her.  Once you see the fucking she takes in this video you will too.  This guy fucked the innocence right out of this 18 year old giving her sex like she never has before.  He must have been pretty stoked to fuck this girl because she has one fine looking pussy I mean it looks tight and the fact that she is 18 years old I think he was on top of his game.  He did get sick of her screaming at one point though you will see in picture 8 that he covers her mouth LOL!  I think Girls Do Porn should start carrying a ball-gag with them just in case they get another one of these girls.  If you turn down the volume though this scene is actually a really good one!

Chloe Foster


Chloe Foster FTV Girls

Chloe Foster is on FTV Girls!  It’s all thanks to the one and only Kennedy Leigh who herself has been on FTV once before.  These two friends pick up right where they left off and what good friends they are!  Kennedy licks Chloe’s little pussy in one of the videos and in a lot of the other ones she gives her a helping hand.  Actually in this double penetration masturbation scene that you see pictured Kennedy grabs the toy in her pussy while Chloe takes the one in her ass during the video.  The ass toy was pretty big so big in fact that it started to hurt Chloe a little bit but she gets pleasure out of pain when it comes to anal.  She doesn’t do anal very much but when she does she throughly enjoys it.  You really need to check out FTV Girls because if you’re not a member you wouldn’t know but they have redone the whole members area!  You can now stream all the videos and it’s just a lot nicer.  Everything works on your phone and tablet now too.  So if you were a past member and thought it was wack well give it another go because it’s really just awesome now.

Red Sunglasses


Hailey Leigh red sunglasses

What’s that, you say? You want to see a gorgeous girl with perfect tits wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of sunglasses? Well my friend you must be part psychic because I’ve got a hot photoshoot featuring beautiful Hailey Leigh showing off those incredible pierced titties of hers in a gallery from her own site. I don’t know why she decided to keep her shades on for every shot but hey, with a face that pretty and a nude body that hot who’s going to argue?

Carlotta midnight snack


Carlotta Champagne snack

Plenty of people get in the mood for a midnight snack, but Carlotta Champagne takes it a step further…she wants a midnight fuck! In this solo photoshoot from her own website she is enjoying the cool radiance of the fridge as she pulls off her purple dress and shows us that incredible nude body of hers…check out her big perfect boobs and that sexy round ass as she cools off and tries to decide what she wants to have as a snack!

Bryci Enjoys Toys


Bryci Enjoys Toys

Bryci is enjoying a nice little toy here and you guys are going enjoy seeing it!  She has just the perfect little pussy you ever did see.  The great thing about Bryci is you now get to see her actually having sex which back a year ago I never could have even imagined.  Bryci has on these black stockings and these little stickies at the start she ends up taking off the stickies and keep just those stockings on as she uses this little toy to penetrate herself.  If you join Bryci’s site you don’t just get pictures because that’s probably all the stuff you find of her when you google her.  The fact is there is tons of videos but it’s strictly reserved for members only!  So if you want the real deal you need to be a member but if you can get by by just seeing her in pictures the keep on googling my friends, keep on googling.

Stacey FTV Girls


Stacey FTV Girls

I have for you the new model from FTV Girls her name is Stacey.  This is her first time on FTV Girls and her first time in general doing any of this stuff.  She has of coursed masturbated before any girl that says she hasn’t is one big fat liar.  She tries some new toys of FTV and I think they could start a second business just selling these toys to the girls after they are doing shooting their update for the site.  Stacey fell in love with a couple of vibrators the way they were able to make her cum so fast.  She is a Latin girl it looks like with a nice thick body and a set of beautiful natural teen tits is what I will call them.  She isn’t that shy of a girl even though she kind of looks like it.  Any girl that is willing to flash her tits and pussy in public is definitely not shy!

Nikky Case


Met Art Nikky Case

Nikky Case is hot as hell and has one of those rare perfect pussies, nice and tucked away and even and smooth…I mean most pussies are fine looking regardless of whether they’re innies or outies, so to speak, but Nikky’s just looks delectable. Anyway she’s showing off in the nude for Met Art, slightly pink as if she just got out of the shower and toweled off and immediately started posing for the camera, except for her makeup.

Alexis Returns!


Alexis Returns To FTV Girls

I am ashamed that I didn’t make a gallery of Alexis when she first came on FTV Girls but I am making up for it now!  She is just amazing I mean look at how amazing that tight pussy is!  She not only has a perfect pussy but you have to check out these tits.  She has this awesome full perky tits that look more fake then real but I swear she is all natural.  In this update you get to see her fucking herself with a lot of different toys and food, yea food it’s a FTV Girls thing I think.  The video I have in this gallery first shows you all the different things she did in this update and then there is a extended video of her using this long pink dildo that she just loves fucking herself with.  She does it in a couple of different positions and then she gives it a little ride.

Adriana in bed


Adriana on Met Art

Adriana is just incredible gorgeous, there’s no two ways about it. In this Met Art photoshoot she’s playing around in bed, lifting the covers over her head and goofing around, looking sexy as hell. With those long perfect legs and her perky tits (not to mention a supermodel-caliber face) she is a vision of loveliness from head to toe and from the way she spreads her legs wide open I’d say she’s got a touch of the naughty in her as well! Nothing wrong with that, it gives a little spice to life if you ask me.

Blue polka dot bikini


Ivy Snow masturbating outdoors

Have you noticed any kind of pattern lately? All the girls in the adult world seem to be flocking in droves outside for the first sun of the year, dusting off their bikinis and getting ready for a hot couple of seasons by the pool! In this gallery from her own site, edgy tattooed redhead Ivy Snow is showing off her blue polka dot bikini before just stripping down nude and getting into a hot outdoor masturbation session, fingering her tight pussy and grabbing those big tits as she enjoys a nice cool breeze.

Bryci Blowjob


Bryci Blowjob

I think those of you who visit this site enough have the pulse of the porn Internet and already know about Bryci doing hardcore now.  Those of you are just finding this out by reading this blog post then you guys first and foremost need to start visiting our site more!  Second you need to check out Bryci all dressed up in red lingerie giving her boyfriend a blowjob.  She doesn’t just give him head but she also lets him bust his nut on her face / in her mouth.  If you have been wondering if Bryci is a swallower or not you can get your answer you just have to join her site and watch this video!

Callie Cyprus


Callie Cyprus Babes Network

Babes Network has came out with a very nice scene with Callie Cyprus.  She is super petite with a sexy little ass and tits.  Her boyfriend carries her to the bed and then she sucks his dick and then returns the favori by eating her out.  They start to fuck and it ends with him pulling out and dropping his cum all over this sexy little teen ass.

Gemma and her apple


Gemma apple Met Art

Sexy long-haired Gemma was planning to eat an apple but I guess the ADD is kicking in because instead, she tossed it around a little and played with it, then forgot completely about her snack and got naked instead for this Met Art shoot. She’s got an incredible body with perky little boobies and a great firm tight ass that she grabs…who needs an apple anyway? Now that I look closer though, it looks like her titties are about the same size as apples so maybe she was just using it as a measurement tool.

Madison Is Back!


Madison Chandler Is Back

FTV Girls is into some weird shit!  I don’t know if it’s the guy that shoots this site or if it’s the actual members who just love to see girls fucking a corn cobb.  They do it all the time so it’s kind of like there style and definitely not a fluke.  Here is Madison Chandler back for a second visit to FTV Girls. When Madison was first on FTV Girls she was only known as Madison to me but now that it’s been a year or two she is a full fledge pornstar and she has a last name.  It’s funny when you see so much porn you can always tell if a girl is a real amateur or it’s a porn chick just by whether the girl has a last name or not.

Briana’s Camel Toe


Hell Of A Cameltoe

Is it spelled “Camel Toe” or “Comeltoe” I would like a definitive answer on this by the end of the day!  Briana Lee Extreme is always showing off that amazing perfect pussy of hers but this picture got me!  You actually get to see her fucking it with a toy in the back of the car in this gallery, but I think this picture is the real winner.

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