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Random Hotel Sex


Dawn avril random hotel sex

Sometimes beautiful horny brunette Dawn Avril gets that old funny feeling and is in the mood for some random hotel sex! In this video from her own website we get to see in her in the hotel with some dude she just met, hanging out in her panties and then getting her sweet tight little pussy fingered and fucked! Dawn is hot as hell and isn’t afraid to walk on the dark side, so to speak…she’s got pentagrams around her neck and holds candlelight seances, they call her the Internet’s hottest ‘different’ girl for a reason! She’s sexy from head to toe, too…that tight firm round ass and sweet perky petite boobies (I think she’s gotten a boob job since then but I’m not sure) look great on her and of course she’s got a few piercings and tattoos to complete her edgy look. Also she looks like a lot of fun to fuck, she gets off on a one-night-stand here and this dude hit the jackpot! She rides him nice and hard, working that tight wet pussy on his cock and moaning her way to orgasm before he busted a load of cum all over her stomach!

Nicole And Veronica In Hawaii II


Nicole veronica part ii in hawaii

The girls are back in town! Beautiful bisexuals Veronica and Nicole are here in Part II of their Hawaii adventure on FTV Girls and are looking incredible…if you missed out on their first update together I’ve got you covered, check out Hawaii Part I right there! This time they’re taking Waikiki by storm as they hang out in their skimpy bikinis making out on the beach, go for a nice long hike into the jungle getting back to nature as they relax in the nude, and of course spend plenty of sexy time together in private kissing and caressing and fucking each other with their fingers and tongues and vibrator toys! These girls hadn’t really met before this Hawaii trip but it sure looks like they hit it off in a big way if you ask me…they’re both gorgeous, Veronica is a busty blonde babe with sexy hips and big juicy titties and of course Nicole is a stunning brunette with soft pouty lips, perfect breasts and an ass you’ll be dropping your jaw over. They’ve become a hell of a lesbian team and have chemistry for days…I’d be hard pressed to pick the hottest scene with these girls but I’d have to say when they’re in the middle of the forest in the nude with those perfect butts in the air would probably get my vote. I always love when FTV Girls takes the models on a trip to some exotic locale like this, it’s a nice fresh change of pace but the girls still get to masturbate to orgasm and show off their sexy bodies in public in that inimitable FTV style!

Cosima Knight


Cosima knight on ftv girls

This beautiful leggy babe you see before you is Cosima, a first timer getting her porn career started on the right foot for FTV Girls! It’s the perfect site to bring girls into the industry with fresh faces, perfect bodies and all kinds of fun while keeping a comfortable atmosphere that has the girls acting natural and relaxing and being themselves. That’s part of the allure of FTV, they get to really show the girls’ personalities as well as their beauty…and this girl Cosima has plenty of both! She starts out at a busy mall and quickly gets into some public naughtiness as she tries on some outfits and ‘accidentally’ flashes those titties at a bunch of people. FTV loves public nudity and Cosima seems to as well, doing naked cartwheels in the park and dancing around with no bra or panties…back at the house though things heat way up as Cosima explores her tight pussy, fingering herself and bringing herself to orgasm with the help of a magic wand vibrator! After a little more time to unwind she really gets into the swing of things, ending up fisting herself in public and fucking herself with a big thick cucumber, even pounding herself with the huge FTV Monster Toy! This girl is gonna be big in the porn world (she’s known as Cosima Knight now) but she’s already lighting things up in her first experiences in this red hot update from FTV Girls.

Nicole and Veronica in Hawaii


Veronica nicole hawaii part i

Your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s time once again to pack up your bags and head out to paradise with FTV Girls in a hot Hawaii shoot! This time it’s beautiful babes Nicole (also known as Teddi Rae if you keep track of that or want to see her getting into some hardcore action) and Veronica and these two are some of the hottest girls around no doubt about it. I mean personally I prefer Nicole but hey that’s just my opinion even if it happens to be a scientific fact that she is smokin-ass hot. The girls show up and immediately hit it off, wandering the beach hand-in-hand in their black bikinis before getting a little more daring and stripping down nude in public! The girls aren’t bashful or ashamed, they know they look incredible naked and nobody seems to mind too much if you know what I mean. Would you complain if two gorgeous girls got naked on the sand and walked around having fun and kissing and doing cartwheels? Me either. Back in private the girls get a lot more intimate, making out and licking pussy like lesbians and fucking each other with toys until they’ve both had an orgasmic good time! FTV Girls always brings the best video and photography around when they do shoots and this one is no exception, you’re gonna love it.

Misty Meets Janessa Brazil


Misty gates janessa brazil

Now this is what I call a dream come true…two absolute hotties here, Misty Gates and Janessa Brazil, taking turns tying each other up and stuffing panties in each others’ mouth! I don’t know if they’re just practicing or if they’re living out a lesbian fantasy they each had but man this is red hot…it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Janessa Brazil but those big tits of hers are still utter perfection if you ask me! Both of these girls are gorgeous and having them tied up and gagged like this is lookiing just incredible…especially when they lay down on the fur rug with those perfect asses pointing up at us! It’s hard to pick one girl over the other, so it’s a good thing we don’t have to since they’re both naked and horny and exploring their kinky desires in this sexy photoset. Misty looks like she’s loving every second of the fun as she licks and sucks Janessa’s nipples, slipping her hand between her thighs to make her moan right through the panties in her mouth!



Cali on ftv girls

Raven-haired Cali here is a bit of a different type of girl than FTV Girls normally features…they tend to go for a more natural non-enhanced look but Cali has lips that I am pretty damn sure are store-bought. She’s got a bit of an Angelina Jolie look to her if you ask me…at least she’s all natural in the chest area with those perky little boobies of hers! Cali loves spreading her long smooth legs to play with her pussy, fucking herself in the pussy and also in the ass with a few fun toys! She goes from an elegant vibrant blue dress to a vampire red dress in a heartbeat and looks hot as hell in each of them, hiking her hem up to spread that tight firm ass and flash her balloon knot and pussy! A personal favorite of mine on FTV Girls is when they have a girl hop into the pool in the nude and Cali does that here, getting dripping wet and walking around in the buff…check out that tight little booty of hers working as she walks! Of course you get that FTV favorite of the chick being nude in public, too…Cali goes for a jog and has those perky boobies out for other runners and passers-by to enjoy! Sexy, elegant and horny as hell, Cali makes for quite an update here in all kinds of different outfits and settings, and of course it’s all shot in the inimitable FTV style with top-shelf video quality and photography!

Shyla Is Back!


Shyla Jennings FTV Girls Returns

Shyla Jenning is looking great in her new FTV Girls scene.  If you are like “oh I have seen this before” well you’re wrong!  Because this one is brand new and you are right that she has been on the site before but this one just came out.  Shyla came into FTV sporting a nice hairy pussy of hers and she even shaves it bald for them in one of the videos.  I don’t know if you guys know this or not but anytime you see a update from FTV the video inside the members area is like 12 or 15 each update!  That shit is crazy, 12 to 15 different video nobody gives you more then that.  So in this update it seems that FTV is having Shyla doing a lot of fisting.   I don’t really get that shit at all but apparently people want to see it or something.  I just like to see Shyla’s pictures because they really do a great job with her images.  She does a lot of masturbation videos, having real orgasms she isn’t really faking any of them because FTV just won’t allow that.  Then they go out in public where at one point Shyla takes a flashlight a big one at that and put it inside of her pussy, it’s just like wow.   My favorite picture set that Shyla did is this one that I gave you a preview of it.  When she is in these glasses with her hair pulled back I just think she is looking sexy as hell!  Not usually into that nerdy shit but man Shlya is doing it for me today.

Melissa Pregnant


FTV Girls Melissa Pregnant

This is a little weird to through up on the old Imagepost but hey I’m going to do it anyways.  This is a scene from FTV Girls and it’s of a girl you guys should know well especially if you like FTV.  She has been on a bunch of times and I have 4 different galleries I have posted of Melissa you can see those here 1,2,3,4.  Alright so as you can tell Melissa here is pregnant and well she is making some more porn for FTV Girls.  She gets naked and shows off her big buffy tits.  Then she opens up her legs and uses some toys on that nice super tight pussy.  She should be worried about how that is going to work because that pussy of hers is tight!  Her nipples are also big and puffy and if you’re into prego chicks I don’t think it gets better then this.  The video doesn’t let you into any of the masturbation FTV is keeping that behind the members area.  But you get to see some of her naked body and of course her cool attitude.  I forget this girls solo site that she used to have I definitely think she quit doing that, but she loves her some FTV and came back to give them something that many people don’t get and that’s a hot pregnant girl masturbating.



Ftv girls staci blonde

Buckle up buttercups because this girl Staci is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on FTV Girls in a long damn time! And that’s saying something; they’ve got some smokin hot girls coming through…but this blonde hottie is definitely something special. She’s a first timer from North Dakota and is 21 years young, with a smokin hot body to go along with her supermodel face and fun exciting personality! It’s a killer combination and Staci shows it off in these shoots for FTV Girls, hanging out at a party with no panties on as she flashes her ass and pussy dancing around and then climbing up a rope to show off her athleticism…and since she still has no panties on, that’s certainly not all she’s showing off! Besides the public nudity this girl Staci hits all the FTV home runs, flashing her ass and perfect breasts around the joint and fucking herself with vegetables and of course going to town with some vibrators to make herself have nice big natural orgasms, with a little squirting no less. At one point she runs across this dude whose truck had broken down…she doesn’t know a damn thing about engines but she does brighten the guy’s day in a big way as she gets naked and shows off that perfect body next to his poor truck! Enjoy this hot young babe in all her natural fun beauty…there’s no better site to enjoy time with a girl like this than on FTV Girls.

Ariana Returns


Ariana returns on ftv girls

You might remember this gorgeous girl from her previous FTV Girls shoot (if not it’s right here, make sure you check it out because man this girl is a knockout) but now beautiful Ariana is back and she’s getting into some extreme hotness, pushing her limits with some huge toys like the FTV Monster and stuffing her pussy full of markers and golf balls and even getting fisted! Looking at this hottie you wouldn’t think she was into such awesome fetish extreme action but Ariana is full of surprises…she loves masturbating, loves fucking herself with huge dildos and of course loves showing off her sexy perky titties and sweet round ass in public so she fits right in at FTV Girls! The pictures are amazing, the videos are sexy as hell and Ariana has never looked hotter as she masturbates her way to orgasm for us to enjoy. Check out all the fun she has with that pussy of hers and see what you think, I wouldn’t be surprised if this hottie comes back for a round 3 on the site but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I can’t even imagine what kind of antics she’ll get up to next time she cums around…

Bailey Knox Fucking Misty Gates


Misty gates and bailey knox

You’ve seen beautiful lesbians Bailey Knox and Misty Gates playing together before like in this hot shoot but now we’ve got these hotties in some all new photos! They rented a hotel room and got together one night with some lucky photographer in tow, and apparently they coordinated beforehand because they both had their sexy red thong panties and lingerie on as they hopped in bed together to make out and play with some of their toys! These hotties have perfect breasts, perfect asses and of course perfect pussies and they brought each other to a huge shuddering orgasm as they fucked each other with vibrators and fingers and of course licked and fingered each other for these red-hot pictures! You can get the zip of this shoot without signing up for a site subscription or anything like that, you get the whole naughty scene with the girls getting completely naked and fucking each other and it’s basically a one-time purchase…shell out a few bucks and get lots of fucks!



Ftv girls kendall blonde

Sexy blonde newcomer Kendall here has some undeniable natural gifts…she’s gorgeous for one thing with nice natural round 34D breasts and a perfect ass, and she’s putting all of the above to work in this update from FTV Girls! Kendall wanted to make the right choice in how she entered the adult industry and going through FTV Girls was a great way to go if you ask me…the girls they shoot always seem comfortable and happy and excited and of course the quality is always top shelf in terms of video and photos! Kendall pushes her boundaries of shyness a little with some public upskirts and flashing and soon she’s just flat-out jogging around completely nude enjoying the attention! She poses by a supercar, flashes that perfect butt on a tennis court and of course back in the privacy of the FTV house she stretches out with some yoga and shows off her flexibility, then masturbates to orgasm with a few of the fun toys they have kickin around there. Nice natural orgasms from a nice natural beautiful girl, that’s straight up FTV style right there!



Shea on ftv girls

Despite a couple of questionable tattoos this girl Shea is an absolute beauty and she’s having her first time experience with nude modeling here on FTV Girls! This gorgeous brunette is not only beautiful, she also has a great fun personality and is always down for some new experiences and excitement so it’s no wonder she headed to FTV…they love having women get naked and flash in public and Shea here definitely has fun with that! She flashes her perky bouncy titties, lifts up her skirt in a restaurant to show that pert little butt and even masturbates in public on a towel! She gets kinky too in some of the content sets, getting into a little anal play with her fingers and toys and of course masturbating for us in high quality video and beautiful photos. Obviously now in 2014 videos are all the rage and photos often get skipped over entirely but if you ask me they do make a huge difference if they’re well done…and FTV Girls certainly knows how to do some great photos of naked women.

Black and Red Boots


Nikki sims black and red boots

Beautiful Nikki Sims looks incredible in her black and red boots, not to mention her red bra and see-through fishnet top! When she takes off her bra and just has the fishnet thing on you can get a perfect view of those beautiful big tits of hers. Her boots go all the way up to her thighs, shiny and sleek and sexy as hell…obviously Nikki is enjoying the sensation of the latex on her legs too because she’s rolling around on the couch, teasing and flashing those big boobs as she slowly undresses! Nikki loves to show off and always looks fantastic, I don’t know how comfortable the boots are, can you imagine getting an itch on your foot while you have those bad boys on? It would take an hour to unlace them enough to get your toes out! Nikki seems like she’s getting more and more comfortable showing off her titties, maybe it’s just me but this seems more daring than she normally has done.

Bailey Rayne


Ftv girls bailee

Meet beautiful tall blonde beauty Bailee making her way into the adult industry with this hot FTV Girls update (she’s known as Bailey Rayne now)! She flew out from a little town in Indiana and man oh man I’m glad she did because this girl is seriously smokin hot from crown to toenails. She’s got that girl-next-door feel to her and is incredibly beautiful without feeling unreachable, if you know what I’m talking about. She’s also got nice big c-cup breasts and a downright perfect butt, as you can see from the thumbnail up above here! In this update Bailee gets into the idea of getting naked in public, stripping out of her dress and scampering around looking amazing and making the day of a number of people I would guess…can you imagine seeing this knockout running around naked and rubbing her pussy in public like this? Back at the house she shows off her flexibility with her heels up above her head as she fingers and gapes her pussy and nearly fists herself, masturbating to orgasm and playing with some of the toys there for us as well as experimenting with some anal fingering fun and double penetration! It’s a hell of a first time for this hottie and I can’t wait to see her making a name for herself in the industry as Bailey Rayne…just wait and see, she’ll be a hit for sure.

Schoolgirl Suck


Bryci schoolgirl suck

Beautiful Bryci loves dressing up and loves playing with herself but you know what else she loves? A Big hard cock in her mouth, that’s what! We don’t get to see it all too often but I’ve got a special treat for you today…Bryci is enjoying a treat of her own at the beginning of this update from her own website, licking and sucking on a big lollipop while wearing her sexy little schoolgirl uniform with her big tits popping right out of that little white top! She looks incredible in that tiny pleated skirt with her ass peeking out and her huge round boobs bouncing out as she pulls her panties off and gets an even better treat…I guess the lollipop got her in a sucking sort of a mood because she gives this guy an incredible blowjob, sucking him and pumping his cock with both hands before mounting up and riding him with her schoolgirl skirt still on, pulled up to her waist as she rides the guy to orgasm! I don’t know how long we can keep the video up to be honest, I really don’t think it’s supposed to be up in public but I’ll see what I can do about keeping things live.

Shyla & India


Shyla Jenning and India Summer Mommys Way

Let’s be honest have the time you guys come to this site it’s just to find out what is new so I always try to deliver.  This is a brand new site and they have a lot of content.  It’s a scene from Mommy’s Girl but you can get a mega site deal if you join Girls Way.  That’s why I am sending you guys there just because a deal is a deal right?  Mommy’s Girl is all about step daughters hooking up with their stepmoms.  So Shyla Jennings here is the step daughter as you can image and India Summer is the step mom.  She feels like a bad mother because she is always doing work.  Part of the reason she never had kids right.  Well Shyla is experimenting and she wanted to talk to India about maybe being a lesbian.  When India hears this she decides to see if her step daughter is a lesbian right then and there by having lesbian sex with her.  This MILF has been missing a tongue licking up and down her ass and pussy so what better then a hot 20 something doing it for her.



Janessa on ftv girls

Gorgeous Janessa here looks mighty happy and why shouldn’t she? She’s getting to explore her fantasies of doing an adult shoot for the first time and it’s on FTV Girls so you know you’re in for a treat and a half. In an unusual move for the site the photographer met up with Janessa at her own home, so we get to see a nice little window into her personality and this girl is just hot as hell from head to toe! Big perfect breasts, incredible ass, supermodel face, and of course since this is FTV Girls it’s all in beautiful high quality photos and video. I know in this day and age it’s all about the video but trust me, on FTV you definitely want to take a look at the photos too because this is top shelf quality and top shelf women! Janessa loves to finger her pussy so we get plenty of masturbation action, both in public and back in the privacy of her house and the FTV house. This girl is just plain stunning…I personally prefer the shots of her in her bikini but hey that’s just personal opinion, what do you guys think?

Jeri Lynn Returns


Ftv girls jeri returns

It’s been a few months since we last saw lovely Jeri Lynn on FTV Girls (her introductory update was right here if you somehow missed out) but she’s back for round two and she’s got a few naughty tricks up her sleeves! This chick looks like she’d be a bit shy and timid but man she loves to get kinky and takes it to some extreme lengths in this FTV update. Jeri gets naked in public of course, flashing those sweet titties and her nice round ass but she pushes it to the next level when she starts fisting herself in public and even fucks herself with a baseball bat! Back inside with a little more privacy and comfort she experiments with some double penetration, sliding a couple of big toys inside her cunt and even stuffing a double ended dildo in there until it completely disappeared! Pretty crazy stuff, this girl is just not afraid to push her limits from the looks of things…she’s a gamer girl too and shows off a little of her geeky side again in this update, playing with a sword that might just be Frostmourn. At least she doesn’t fuck herself with the sword, that would be just plain dangerous.

Trick Or Treat


Nikki sims halloween

It’s Halloween and Nikki Sims has outdone herself again…I’ve seen a lot of costumes in my day but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sexy Phantom of the Opera before! More like Phantom of the Hot-pera if you ask me…anyway Nikki is about to hit the streets for a little trick or treat action, and I hope she brings a few extra pillowcases because any house she shows up at is sure to just dump all the candy they have into her bag when they see this getup! Her huge tits look incredible and that beautiful face of hers is still hot even half-concealed by her mask as she plays with her lacy black parasol, spinning it around and just barely covering those big nude breasts of hers…she just looks amazing and is definitely more Treat than Trick in this hot shoot! Did I happen to mention that she has sexy thigh high nylon stockings going on that look incredible on her lovely legs?



Ftv girls sophia

I don’t think I even put it on this site but if you’ve been keeping a close eye on FTV Girls for awhile you might remember this chick from an update about a year ago when she modeled with her friend Cortney…back then this girl was known as Sophie but over the past year I guess she’s matured a bit and now she’s Sophia! She also had a kid, as amazing as that sounds when you look at that tight little teen body of hers, and she’s still lactating so if you’ve got a fetish for breast milk you’re about to lose your mind! Sophia gets into some very hot and pretty extreme situations in this new FTV shoot, she flashes in public of course (an FTV classic move) but also gets busy with some truly massive toys in private, sliding some of the biggest dildos FTV Girls has to offer into that teen hole of hers, not to mention doing some fisting and getting a hand from the lovely assistant! Cucumber stuffing, vagina gaping, this girl is red hot and the fact that she can squeeze some milk out of those perky titties is just fetish icing on the cake.

Sexy Stairway


Nikki sims sexy stairway

We’ll just never get tired of seeing those huge tits and beautiful ass of the gorgeous Nikki Sims! She shows in this photoshoot from her own website that just about anywhere is the perfect spot for getting naked as she sits on the stairway, taking off her bra and then slipping out of her little denim shorts and sexy panties! It looks like she’s been sent to the Naughty Step, and from the looks of things it’s no wonder why that happened…this girl is naughty from head to toe. Nikki makes this a mighty sexy stairway as she flashes those huge full titties, teasing and playing as she crawls her way down the stairs with her ass and pussy just peeking out of her skimpy underpants. I’m glad she keeps her boots on in these photos, otherwise she might be in danger of slipping down the stairs and nobody wants to see that go down!

Hot Housewife


Carlotta champagne hot housewife

The incredible Carlotta Champagne stars in this photoshoot called Hot Housewife from her own website, relaxing on a big black leather couch and letting her hands and mind wander over her gorgeous body…Carlotta loves her big perfect breasts almost as much as we do, and she takes her time letting them pop out of her top! She slides her hands over those big boobs as she bends over wiht her perfect round ass in the air…this girl is just a dream over every inch of her body and she gives a great guided tour of it in these hot photos. It’s hard to decide if her ass or her boobs or that drop dead gorgeous face of hers is the sexiest part of her body, so it’s mighty nice that Carlotta puts all of the above on display for us here! I’m not sure how Housewifey she looks in her little onesie but hey, I’m not one to argue when the woman is this beautiful…maybe it’s just that pearl necklace she’s got on that’s giving the impression of a bored horny housewife at home during the day!

Cassidy Klein Spinner


Cassidy Klein Tiny Spinner

This Cassidy Klein chick is really just looking hot as fuck in this new scene from Nubiles Porn.  She is driving in the car trying to masturbate and well it’s just not going well.  The guy in the car is getting a handjob while she is driving you can see here, and that too can only go so far.  They hurry up and race home where Cassidy gives him a look at her breasts and then gets to work sucking on his dick.  She has a nice petite little body and the reason Nubiles called this “Tiny Spinner” is she is able to get into all kinds of positions all while she keeps that dick in her tight little pussy.  She is quite impressive as she can deep throat this guys huge dick like it’s nothing.  You know she doesn’t exactly have a big mouth the girl can’t even weigh like 100lbs.  She also quite a nice big ass for a girl who is that petite.  The gallery is really good and I think you guys will enjoy it.  Plus this guy has like a really high quality video of it, that to me is always a plus.

Spider Dress Blowjob


Bryci sucks a mean dick

See, the thing about Bryci here is that I’m not sure whether she’s wearing a dress that looks like spiderwebs because Halloween is just around the corner, or if she’s wearing it just because she damn well feels like it! Either way is equally likely, with this hottie you just never know. I love that Bryci is getting more and more into the hardcore side of things though, she sucks a mean dick and it’s nice that she’s willing to show her skills in photoshoots from her own website like this one! It’s a hot POV blowjob and fuck session and Bryci’s big full tits have never looked better if you ask me…in fact that girl is always stunning from head to toe! She’s got an incredible body and loves to get fucked, we get to see that perfect ass sliding up and down with a cock buried in her pussy in these shots, I just wish there was a video for us. I guess just in the members area of her site!

FTV Leyla


FTV Girls Leyla

Oh hello there Leyla, welcome to the world of being absolutely fucking incredible looking! This slim blue eyed babe has never done any adult work before in her 22 years of age but she’s making her debut here in this week’s FTV Girls update! Leyla’s got a body most girls could only dream of having, with a perfect butt and cute perky breasts that she loves to bounce around as she dances and plays and flashes and of course masturbates, including some very hot scenes with cucumbers…you’ll just have to check it out to see what I’m talking about. FTV is well known for their love of public nudity and Leyla contributes to that legacy, flashing her tits and ass and pussy in public and doing some upskirt shots and then just going all-out and getting naked on the street to run around while cars went by and honked! Back in the privacy of the house she gave us a nice closeup tour of her sweet tight pussy as she fucked herself with some toys and buzzed her clit with a vibrator until she closed her eyes and bucked her hips with a nice big natural orgasm. This girl has a smokin hot body and a great personality and she puts them both to work in her favor for this FTV Girls shoot, do yourself a favor and fall in love (or at least lust) with Leyla!

Baby Oil


Nikki baby oil

What could be hotter than Nikki Sims looking all sexy and showing off those big full titties of hers? How about if she’s doing it while pouring baby oil on her skin and getting those same tittays all shined up! In this photoshoot from her own site she’s got on a tiny little white tanktop and a pair of itty bitty pink shorts that cling to that sweet ass of hers and ride up in front til she has a nice camel toe going, but all that is forgotten when she pours the baby oil on herself and soaks her shirt to transparent and soaks her shorts at the same time! She might not be the most adept at oil-pouring in the world but Nikki Sims is looking smokin hot in this set…hopefully she doesn’t try to stand up in that tub she’s laying in or she’ll be slipping all over the damn place! With those big breasts, perfect round ass and her gorgeous face Nikki always pleases but this time she’s gone the extra mile.



Anya on ftv girls

The first thing you’ll notice about Anya here is that she’s fucking gorgeous, of course…absolutely beautiful, tall, blue-eyed babe who is doing her very first adult scene and it’s on FTV Girls so you know you’ll be getting top notch photography and video quality of the occasion! Anyway I got distracted for a second, sorry about that. Anya is gorgeous with long legs, big perfect 34D boobs and an amazing ass, but buckle up your seatbelts parters because that’s not all this girl has going on, she’s got a sexy secret tucked away that she’s about to let you in on…as it turns out, Anya is a squirter! And not just any squirter, she absolutely drenches a park bench when she masturbates in public and then gives the floor a good spraying down when she heads back inside and whips out the vibraking toy! Anya is about to blow you away, I don’t know where FTV finds all these beautiful first timers but man they just keep delivering week after week, it’s pretty amazing if you ask me. You get to see Anya flashing her big perfect tits in public, posing with a supercar, fucking herself with a cucumber, fisting, and of course squirting as she hits orgasm after orgasm in what I personally think is one of the best and hottest FTV Girls updates in a long time, and I don’t say that lightly!



Shannon for ftv girls

It’s pretty common on FTV Girls for there to be a chick who loves to masturbate at home but uses a vibrator to get off, it’s a little rarer I think to find a girl who does things the old fashioned way, using her fingers to find that perfect spot to orgasm! That’s how Shannon here loves to masturbate and we get to watch her technique as she cups and caresses those nice perky round breasts of hers before slipping her fingers into her pussy and her ass to bring herself to some nice big natural shuddering orgasms. FTV Girls loves to bring out the personality of their girls and we’re treated to one of Shannon’s talents as she strips down and starts hoop dancing! If you haven’t seen it before, it’s like combining sensual dance with hula hooping and the result is pretty amazing if the girl has a body like Shannon’s…she has a pretty incredible ass and it looks even hotter than normal while she’s gyrating and moving her hips with that hoop spinning around her, very impressive. Fingers aren’t all she likes to play with though as we’ll see, she gives a vibrator a try and has a massive orgasm so she might just switch over to the modern world when she gets home from this hot debut shoot!

Natalie Monroe


Ftv girls natalie monroe

You’ve probably seen Natalie Monroe on a few other sites since this FTV Girls update was shot but this was her introduction to the adult industry and man oh man she came in with a bang! This super cute teen with braces is fun and excited and pretty fearless when it comes to getting naked in public…for example she has no problem with flashing that perfect ass of hers as she worked out in a very public gym while guys were all around pretending not to notice! You can tell every eye was on Natalie as she got her perky breasts out and rode the exercise cycle with her round butt bouncing around. Add to that the fact that she got busy with a huge cucumber right on a golf course out in the open and you’ve got a girl who doesn’t mind being watched, that’s for sure! Natalie has a great time teasing in public but it’s her big natural real orgasms in private that really set the scene here on FTV Girls, and of course they’re all captured in super high quality photos and videos…the site photographer has a lot of skill, you might think that doesn’t make a difference until you actually compare the quality of sites like FTV with some others…it would be a crime against humanity to take crappy photos of a teen as hot as Natalie Monroe, luckily the FTV guys have the skill to show off that utter sexiness!

Vertical Orgasm


Bailey knox vertical orgasm

You know her, you love her, you want her, it’s Bailey Knox! She’s taking part in a scientific experiment for the benefit of mankind, to find out whether she can have an orgasm while remaining standing the whole time or not. Forget space exploration, forget climate change research, the public has spoken and we all want to see Bailey Knox getting her tight little pussy buzzed with a magic wand vibrator after peeling off her tights, making her quiver and shudder with longing as she tries not to just fall in a heap on the floor from the sensations…will Bailey be able to stay vertical the whole time until she cums all over the place or will her knees give way? There’s only one way to find out, and that means picking up this zip set from her site that has a bunch of super sexy photos and also video footage of the whole thing! What’s great about stuff like this is that you don’t have to worry about setting up a membership and forgetting about it or whatever, it’s a one-and-done type of thing where you just buy the zip set and that’s that.

Sex Ed Schoolgirl


Nikki sims schoolgirl lessons

I don’t remember seeing Nikki Sims with blonde hair before but I’ve gotta say I approve…especially when she’s dressed up as a horny schoolgirl like in this photoshoot from her own website! Nikki got in trouble in her Sex Ed class for sucking her classmate’s dick in the back row and had to come in after school to do a little presentation. Well, she completed the assignment but is about to blow her professor’s mind with this little instructional demo she did, stripping down to show off those big tits and her tight little ass as she made a flowchart on the blackboard to show where she prefers a guy to shoot his cum (notice that she prefers to take a load in her mouth and to stay away from the butthole)! This sexy schoolgirl is sure to get an A+ in this class now after going above and beyond the call of duty so to speak…she brought in an apple for her teacher but I get the feeling she won’t need it!

Mary and Aubrey Hawaii Part 1


Ftv girls mary aubrey hawaii

You know em, you love em, you gotta have more of em! Welcome back Mary and Aubrey as they take a trip together to paradise along with FTV Girls, heading to Hawaii to have a little fun on the beaches and just enjoying life. It’s been a little while since FTV has headed to Maui and they figured Mary and Aubrey would be perfect…a fine choice if you ask me, they’re both fucking gorgeous and have insanely hot bodies! I know it would be heartbreaking to have to pick between these two but I’ve gotta say I’m a sucker for dark hair and perfect breasts so my vote would have to go to Aubrey…check out her own update if you’d like to see more. Mary is no slouch either of course with that beautiful smile and her sexy round ass, I’ve got her first update here for you as well if you’d like to take a walk down memory lane. The two beauties have teamed up now though so let’s head to Hawaii with them in Part 1 of their adventures…the fact that they call it Part 1 implies there will be more and I think we’re all pretty stoked about that! You just can’t get enough of these two flashing their breasts in public and getting into some super hot masturbation action in private, and of course it’s all in top notch quality video and photos which is just what you come to expect with FTV Girls.

Blue Corset and Fishnets


Bryci blue corset

There’s just no way to describe how hot Bryci is…and she just somehow keeps seeming to get more and more sexy! For instance check out this photoshoot from her own website as she relaxes in her sexy blue corset and black fishnets, pulling her little panties off to get better access to her wet pussy! Bryci heats up the room as she licks her high heeled shoes and slips a couple of fingers into her pussy to masturbate for us, spreading her legs and playing with those big perfect titties just to drive us crazy. This girl is outstandingly sexy and knows how to make the most of it every single time she’s on the screen! Can you just imagine having those long gorgeous legs wrapped around you as your cock slides into that pussy? Well I hope so because that seems to be exactly what Bryci is thinking about!

Soraya and Michelle


Ftv girls soraya and michelle

Once in awhile you guys get lucky enough to receive not one but two FTV Girls updates at a time! They’re both smaller updates so they get released at the same time and that means double the fun for you guys…this time we’ve got Michelle and Soraya showing their stuff, each of them getting naked in public and masturbating those sexy pussies to orgasm. FTV Girls is all about having fun and having actual orgasms and the video and photos are always incredibly high quality so you get to enjoy every moment and every inch of these hot horny honeys! Michelle has the blonder hair and Soraya is the sexy half-Palestinian brunette…they’re both gorgeous, with Michelle having a penchant for sticking huge zucchinis in her pussy and Soraya showing off that tight pussy and her perky little boobies in public as she scampers around on some neighborhoods streets in the nude. Both of these girls are sexy as hell and look great on camera, so it’s might nice of FTV to bust them both out at the same time for us to enjoy!



Erin for ftv girls

If you’ve been paying attention to FTV Girls over the last few months you’ll probably remember the gorgeous babe Addison (and if you’ve forgotten, I’ve got her previous updates here and here for you). Well, Addison talked her best friend Erin into modeling for the site and now here she is! Erin is a little on the shy side and has some more curves going on than Addison does, including a juicy round ass that you’re going to lose your mind over, and is only 19 years old. This teen has big firm natural boobs and is doing her first adult modeling gig here…she has a great time with it too, flashing her big breasts in public and masturbating to orgasm, giving us some nice closeup views of those long labia as she spreads her pussy and buzzes her clit with a vibrator, and even gets into a little light kinky play with Addison as they lick and suck each others feet! The fact that her friend is around showing off her perfect tits as well I think made Erin more comfortable and confident, but by the end of the shoot she’s just plain having a great time and knows how sexy she’s looking…enjoy this teen first timer, she’s an FTV exclusive I think and seriously this was probably the perfect site for her to pose for, they always have great quality and the models always seem really comfortable and have fun which is always nice to see. 

Glass Toy


Bryci glass toy

I’m sure you’ve seen Bryci before, she’s been making some pretty big waves for awhile now in the adult world with those good looks and of course those huge perfect tits of hers! This girl is just sexy to the core and she loves to show off, which is a hell of a nice combination…in this photoshoot from her own website she’s hanging out nude in a hotel room rolling around on the bed, cupping and squeezing her big boobs before slipping a couple of fingers between her thighs to masturbate! Fingers aren’t going to cut the mustard here though, luckily she’s got her favorite glass toy to hold between her tits before penetrating that tight wet pussy with a moan of pleasure. Bryci loves an audience while she masturbates and has a hell of a body to draw people in!



Ftv girls sierra does hardcore

Well here’s something you definitely don’t see every day! FTV Girls always has hot chicks and they always look amazing getting naked in public and masturbating to orgasm all over the damn place and blonde spinner Sierra here definitely does that, but this time they’re getting into some hardcore action too! That’s right, this skinny hot bubbly blonde gets her tight teen pussy pounded on camera for her FTV Girls update and is looking sexy as hell…she’s got a fun attitude and a tight little body with perky petite boobies, a perfect sexy ass and a shaved pussy that looks like it’s so tight it could take an arm off, and her lucky boyfriend gets to lick and fuck it and get his cock sucked by this horny teen babe. The nice thing is that you get all this with the same top-shelf quality you’d expect from FTV Girls; their photos and videos are always really well shot and that makes a huge difference if you ask me. Nothing ever feels forced or unnatural, it’s just beautiful girls getting naked and having a good time doing whatever comes naturally and for Sierra that means fucking her boyfriend and flashing those perky cute titties in public!

Hailey Leigh


Hailey Leigh

Ahhh, Hailey Leigh. It’s been awhile since I did a gallery with this girl but man oh man she still has just a fucking perfect body. In this photoshoot from her own website she was sporting a sweater and jeans and yeah those jeans look like they could have been painted onto that perfect ass of hers! Her tits are incredible too, and to top it all off she’s smokin hot in the face with eyes that will be dancing around in your dreams tonight probably. She gets naked and shows off that entire package with her pierced nipples and pierced clit (I guess she just liked the sensation) and of course that naughty little grin of hers.

Natalie Lust


Nubilesporn natalie lust

I’ve got an update here from Nubiles Porn simply called Lust, it might be because this redhead’s name is Natalie Lust but more likely it’s just because she’s so fucking gorgeous that all you’ll be feeling is lust when you check out this hardcore scene! She starts out in her pajama bottoms rubbing her perky titties before hopping into bed iwth the luckiest guy in the world, looking up at him with those incredibly beautiful and seductive doe-eyes of hers as she sucks and pumps his cock, licking him up and down with her perfect ass in the air. Soon he’s buried balls-deep in that wet pussy of hers as she rides him, moaning and closing her eyes in pleasure as she gets pounded. If you’re not familiar with Nubiles Porn it’s basically a portalsite that gives you access to a few great sites like, nubiles casting and moms teach sex not to mention straight up Nubiles Porn itself, and if you’re not insane or blind you’ll see how fucking gorgeous girls like Natalie Lust are if that gives you any idea of what you get from the site.



Ftv girls ariana

Teen hottie Ariana is starting off her porn career on a mighty high note by doing a set on FTV Girls! She’s got some of the most seductive and beautiful eyes you’ll ever see and an infectious grin, and as it turns out she’s comfortable enough with her body to hang out nude in public, teasing with her pussy and those perfect titties of hers. The real fun is when she gets back to the house though, fingering herself and using a magic wand toy to masturbate to a shuddering gasping orgasm right in front of our faces. She gets into the classic FTV scenario of fucking herself with a cucumber too, sitting on a doctor’s exam chair with her feet in the stirrups to give plenty of opportunity to penetrate that sweet teen hole with her nice long labia. It’s surprising how much she can handle with that teen hole of hers, she even ends up fisting herself in this hot debut scene! Ariana gets nice and extreme as she pounds herself with her fist, you won’t believe how horny this not-so-innocent teen is until she shows us, exploring her incredible body and inviting us along for the fun. It’ll be fun to see what Ariana gets up to in her porn career but this will always be her first time! 

Bryci Dominates


Bryci Dominates Her Man

The beautiful Bryci is all dressed up in her leathers and getting ready to give her man a sex session he is going to want over and over again.  She has her whip so at first I think this is going to be some real freaky shit but she puts it down and gives him a lap dance instead.  She kind of just has her way with him, she lays him back and takes care of everything else.  She is so good at riding it’s not even funny, my favorite part of this video is when she is reverse cowgirl riding him, I mean the shit is amazing.  Plus the fact that she is all dressed up in these leathers, the thigh high stockings the tits hanging out of the straps, it’s just all so hot.  The video ends with her being a little more submissive.  She gets on her knees and swallows his load.  This guy needs to put a ring on it because it just doesn’t get any better this Bryci now does it?

Sheer Red Panties


Red sheer panties nikki sims

Stunning and busty hottie Nikki Sims always wows us with her photoshoots on her own website and this one is no exception! She’s got on her sheer red panties and bra and is hanging out in the bathroom, doing a little teasing before she gets naked and hops into the tub to get all wet and slippery. She crooks a finger to beckon us closer and those big full bouncy breasts of hers just pop right out of her bra, it’s like the best magic trick in the world or something! It’s obviously hot as hell to see a woman completely naked but sometimes the process of undressing can be even sexier, like when Nikki has her bra hanging over one shoulder and her panties sliding down her long legs…she knows it too, giving us a seductive sexy little grin! Check out the video too, you get to see what she likes to do once she gets into the actual tub!

Table Time


Briana lee extreme busty with a bust

Gorgeous exotic honey Briana Lee is hanging out near a statue of somebody’s head and shoulders in this photoshoot from her site Briana Lee Extreme that I like to call Busty With A Bust! See, the statue is a bust of the guy and Briana’s tits are…well, you get the idea. Actually I think on the site they call it Table Time, which is a lot less clever if you ask me…anyway she is looking fucking gorgeous in this photoset as she takes off her white top that was straining to rein in those huge boobs, showing off her lacy black bra before going all out and giving those titties some air as she bends over, letting her skirt slide up over her big round ass to show off her pussy as she gets on her hands and knees, just waiting for a big hard cock to fuck her doggystyle! Briana has a naughty streak in her a mile wide and that’s what her Extreme site is all about…if you’ve only ever seen her tamer sets you’ll be blown away when she gets going Extreme style! This one is actually quite a bit tamer than some of her other sets on the site, where she fucks herself in the ass with a dildo and things like that. It’s still hot as hell though, don’t get me wrong!

Addison Returns


Addison returns to ftv girls

If this perfect body seems a little familiar don’t worry, you’re not imagining things…well actually you probably are imagining plenty of things when you see Addison here in her return visit to FTV Girls! She set the site on fire in her first scene and is looking hotter than ever in her return visit…I was always curious about her nationality, and this time around she revealed a little more about herself, turns out she’s half Spanish and half Indian (well, Native American if you’re politically correct). I don’t know what the magic recipe is between those two but if science can perfect it we’re all in trouble because Addison is fucking incredibly gorgeous! She’s got nice big perfect tits, a perfect ass and a perfect face…in fact if I go through her entire body bit by bit I’d get tired of using the word perfect! Addison runs around naked in public, masturbates her tight pussy where all the world can see, and when she gets back in private she fucks herself with a huge cucumber! Sounds like quite a time, hopefully she’ll be back for round 3 because this girl is seriously something special.

Team Spirit


Crazy college gfs episode team spirit

Now this is what I call a tailgate party! These college kids were celebrating their team with a nice big party at the park, grilling up some food and having plenty of drinks and the girls showed off their titties to get team spirit in full effect. In the middle of the party this chick Tara snuck off with her guy pal and when some guys with a video camera headed out to see where he went they found the two out on one side of the cars with the guy balls-deep in Tara’s mouth! They recorded the blowjob and then the guy turned Tara over to fuck her from behind on the hood of a car, pounding that sweet tight amateur pussy in this Crazy College GFs episode before busting his load of cum all over her! If you’re in the mood for hot horny college girls showing off their perky tits you’re in luck because these girls love being watched and have the bodies to back it up…and if you’ve got a hankering for hot hardcore fucking and sucking action Tara took care of that for you too!

Samantha Rone


Sammy rone for ftv girls

They call her Sammy but we know her better now as the one and only Samantha Rone! She headed to FTV Girls when she was just 19 years old and made this hot update, giving us a window into that bubbly fun personality and of course her permanent horniness! She’s got a sex drive that will blow you away, she was all over the FTV Girls photographer but he kept things professional somehow. I don’t know that I’d be able to resist a girl this hot if she was being this flirty…I mean juts look at those big bouncy breasts and that perfect round ass as she gets naked in public, running around and improving the day of some random golfers as well as people on the road as she flashes that butt and does some naked cartwheels and stuff! Samantha even masturbates in public, rubbing her clit with her fingers and a toy and moaning her way to orgasm, not caring who might see or hear her. She doesn’t limit herself to just her pussy either, she fingers and penetrates her ass with a couple dildos, fantasizing about taking a big hard cock in her holes! I’ve gotta say she’s one of the sexiest girls that’s been on FTV in awhile and that’s certainly saying something, the site is chock full of incredibly hot women and it’s all in top-shelf quality photography and videography!



Violet on ftv girls

Let’s hear a nice rousing Happy Birthday for lovely Violet here! She just turned 19 and was celebrating by doing her first adult shoot at FTV Girls, joined by her best friend Holly. Holly didn’t really do any actual shooting but was around to assist, holding the camera and just sort of lending a hand whenever she needed to…it’s kind of a shame that she didn’t get more ‘involved’ so to speak because she’s got huge beautiful tits that she teases us with a little! Violet the birthday girl is the spotlight here though and she has a great time, getting naked and masturbating in public (an FTV staple) and fingering her ass in private, dancing around and shaking that tight little teen butt…she even has some ice cream at an outdoor patio type place and then sticks the ice cream spoon in her sweet little pussy, making it even sweeter! This girl is what FTV Girls is all about, she’s a hot and horny teen ready to push her boundaries a little and have a blast doing it, and it’s all brought to you in super high quality photography and videos…I know for a lot of sites it’s all about the videos now but I appreciate how much work FTV puts into the still images…I mean how are you going to print out a video and tape it to the back of the bathroom door? Not that I do that with still images either. No way.

Sexy Bedroom Selfies


Nikki sims bedroom selfies

Sometimes when you see a hottie like Nikki Sims getting naked for photos and videos online (like she does for her own website) it doesn’t feel quite real, it’s like she’s some unapproachable goddess that doesn’t even exist in the real world or something. That’s why it’s a refreshing change when she does something like this shoot, taking a bunch of selfies with her phone’s camera on a timer and showing what she’s like on a day to day basis! Her big gorgeous breasts take center stage but it’s sexy as hell when she pulls her bikini bottoms a little open to give us a peek at that sweet pussy…the photo quality isn’t quite as up to snuff as normal but that’s to be expected, this shoot was done with just her cellphone and not like a professional camera setup with studio lighting and all that. Nikki is just sexy as hell all the damn time, is what I’m trying to say here!

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